Life During Quarantine

Cue David Byrne. Say what you will about sports being cancelled, the NFL is chugging along with a very active free agency period. Beyond our own trade of DeFo for the 13th overall pick in the draft (a necessary evil in today’s NFL), the Tampa Bay Buccos signed 43 year old Tom Brady to a $30 million deal, the Colts signed 38 year old Philip Rivers to a 1 years $25 mill deal, and Drew Brees gets $50 mill for 2 years to stay with the Saints. The Bears get Nick Foles from the Jags for a 4th round (hah!) comp pick. His stock has dropped dramatically, and the Jags will stick with Mustache Minshew. Foles gets a new start for a team that hasn’t had a bona fide QB since the mid 80s. Trubisky is a man without a team, and he likely goes to the Saints as a backup? The Panthers have moved on from Cam Newton by signing Teddy Bridgewater to a 3 year/$63 million deal. Teddy parlayed his stunning subbing into a starting role as Drew Brees was on the mend last year.

Beyond that, the dumbest team in the NFL (hello Bill O’Brien), the Houston Texans, traded DeAndre Hopkins for a worn out David Johnson of the AZ Cardinals. O’Brien went so far as to compare Hopkins to Aaron Hernandez because Hopkins liked to have his kids around the facility. This could very well cost him his job, except that the owner of the Texans, the dead Bob McNair famously said that his fellow NFL owners “can’t have the inmates running the prison.” The Buffalo Bills gave Minnesota a 1st, 5th, and 6th pick in the 2020 draft, and a 4th in 2021, for disgruntled WR Stefon Diggs. Quite a haul for the Vikes.

As for our DT search, Linval Joseph is off the table. He signed a 2 year $17 mill deal with the Chargers.

So, we all may be sequestered in our houses, but at least there’s some actual sports news out there.

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  1. unca_chuck says:

    Sad news. Our old DC and assistant coach Bill McPherson passed away at age 88. He was one of the few coaches to be part of the team for all 5 rings.

  2. Winder says:

    Lot’s of old Niners biting the dust. RIP coach.
    Right now both Seattle and AZ are tearing it up in FA. Hopefully, Clowny goes to the Giants.

  3. unka_chuck says:

    My family has ordered me to shelter in place in our bathroom because my beer farts have gotten way out of hand and they’re highly contagious.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    It warms my heart to see what gets caught in the filter, skippy. Just to know you have to create yet another email, write shit down, watch it crash and burn, and do it all over again, is such fun.

    Carry on fucktard.

  5. NJ49er says:

    Berger my Top Fat Man in the Middle this year is from Utah –
    Leki Fotu – (6’4″/330) (5.15/40) (1.80 Split)
    No clue where he might be slotted but….He’s a bona-fide NT IMO

    I’ll assume that Derrick Brown will go Top 10, along with Javon Kinlaw.
    Then I would look to steal Leki somewhere down the line.

    Here’s the rest of my DT wish list – (The Davis’ are twins)

    NE DT Khalil Davis (6’2″/308) (4.75)
    NE DT Carlos Davis (6’2″/313) (4.82)
    OK DT Neville Gallimore (6’2″/304) (4.79)
    Tx A&M DT Justin Madubuike (6’3″/293) (4.83)
    PSU DT Rob Windsor (6’4″/290) (4.90)

  6. NJ49er says:

    think I’ll live with this Group of DBs also –

    UF CB C.J. Henderson (6’1″/204) (4.39) (6 Ints)
    La Tech CB L’Jarius Sneed (6’0″/192) (4.37) (8 Ints)
    Utah CB Julian Blackmon (6’0″/187) (9 Ints)
    Clemson CB A.J. Terrell (6’1″/190) (4.42) (6 Ints)
    Iowa CB Michael Ojemudia (6’1″/200 (4.45) (6 Ints)

    Lenoir-Rhyne FS Kyle Dugger (6’1″/217) (4.49)
    Cal FS Ashtyn Davis (6’1″/202) (4.39) (7 ints)
    SIU S Jeremy Chinn (6’3″/221) (4.45)
    Clemson S Tanner Muse (6’2″/227) (4.41) (7 Ints)
    CO LB (SS) Davion Taylor (6’1″/228) (4.49)
    Cal SS Jaylinn Hawkins (6’1″/208) (10 Ints)

  7. 12th man says:

    G Mike Person released saving 3m in cap room

  8. 12th man says:

    Person was the weak link on the line IMO.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, and we signed Garland to a one-year $2.25 mill deal. He struggled at first but did well in Richburg’s absence. He also played some guard.

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