What Have We Learned So Far?

The most obvious lesson we learned so far is that we share the same issue that most every other team has, and that is if your starting QB goes down, you have little chance of getting anywhere. Sure, the Iggles won with their backup Fick Noles, but that is the outlier. The only situation that bears a similar resemblance was in 2012 when we had Young Sir Alex backing up Colin Kaepernick. Even with that, the Eagles are now struggling with their starter, Carson Wentz, so make of that what you will. But last year the Packers lost Rodgers, and missed the playoffs. Any number of teams would suffer the same fate.

We also found out that Matt Brieda is a pretty damn good player, as long as he keeps his ankles from snapping. We got a solid TE in George Kittle, who seems to have overcome his dropsies, and has shown power and speed in his route running and catching. That being said, Kittle may be the only piece of that first Lynch draft that has a meaningful career as Reuben Foster has dumbed himself off the team, Salomon Thomas has become a part-time option, Joe Williams is already gone, Ahkello Witherspoon is a work in progress, and the rest are hangers-on.

As great as that first draft was on paper, it has turned into a disaster with Foster’s release yesterday.  This year’s draft, with McGlinchey and Warner leading the way, looks good. Pettis showed some flashes yesterday of why he was traded up for, but he needs a better O line to let him become an option, but he certainly doesn’t solve our need for a true #1 wide receiver. M Harris has played a little coming off the IR, and Rick James has done fine as a KR/PR, but again a lot depends on how the injury picks come out of their season off.

Speaking of which, T. Moore and K. Street are red-shirt freshmen, so we still have a chance they are impact players. Sorta like extra picks, but we have only 6 picks this next year, and we’d better hit at least 4 of them.

FB Juzchyzpiuy was a good pickup as a FA signing, but Garcon has been a bust. Sherman has been top-notch, irregardless of his getting burnt yesterday. But all that does is focus the opposing offense on Ahkello. He either needs more help, or more work to get better. Richberg has been fair to middling, but better than Kilgore I suppose. Malcolm Smith has been less than nothing.

So, yeah, we suck. We have little depth, and we need a healthy Jimmy Garoppolo to even be close to competing. The new front office has been fairly decent, but nothing more, in their drafting and free agent signings. This next draft is crucial to the team’s improvement. Tighten up the line play on both sides of the ball, and get some playmakers.

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  1. Soph’s Main Squeeze says:

    I don’t know about the Niners but I learned a lot from my Bryn Mawr boo and all I can tell you is that the 49er are totally doomed for the foreseeable future. We need to put CJ in back as QB because Mullens hasn’t proved anything except that he can shred one team that’s tanking. We need a competent head coach so why not go and get Harbs back from Michigan? Have the Giants signed Bryce Harper yet? It ain’t easy being a Swarthmore Swinger but Soph has settled me down, even though she has one fuck of a hairy back.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Nope. But you know it’s some fat sweaty dude living in his mom’s basement.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    We had a boatload of dildos on the old Insider. Soph, SOAD, and Flying V being the biggest ass-clowns.

  4. Spitblood says:

    What we’ve learned so far is that you guys are idiots for following this team.

    • Soph’s Main Squeeze says:

      I’ve learned that my beauty from Bryn Mawr is more of a man than you’ll ever be.

    • unca_chuck says:

      And you are a bigger idiot for trolling a 49er blog. Too bad your plastic fish melted on your barbeque. Good eatin’!

      May the ghost of Twinfan haunt both your dreams.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Point being we need players. the front office has been a mixed bag so far, and the coaching has been less than stellar.

    A lot of this will sort itself out with better players, in my opinion. I’m not crazy how we’ve closed these games and some of the play calling has been suspect, but again, if you have better players, you should get better outcomes.

    We were a little early on the bandwagon, and the hope now is we keep our QB healthy next year to see how far we’ve really come. Without Jimmy G, we are not playoff caliber. but that can be said for about 95% of the other NFL teams.

  6. alleykat69 says:

    Agree about the QB position Chuck, most teams are screwed if the #1 goes down.
    If Brady goes down does anyone believe Hoyer takes them to a SB?lol Same with Goff,Brees,Rape in Berger,Mahomes,(who has been unreal) Rivers,and others it’s a SB Killer for many teams..
    To me Lynch should be on the hot seat 💺 for his drafts so far just not impressed at all except McGlitchey.Blew it with Thomas( playing him inside is probably his strength instead of outside)Foster red flags 🚩now gone, Witherspoon meh,Williams cut,I’m missing more Garnett?anyway a lot of bad picks, maybe open up a role for a talent evaluator only position, sure that would piss off Lynch but so what he’s clueless drafting talent..

  7. unca_chuck says:

    2drafts are not enough to start another rejiggering of the front office. I think most of the problems are Sale’s inexperience. I get the offense struggling but not the D. We have too much talent for this terrible play.

  8. Winder says:

    I hate thinking about the draft this time of year. I think our D is just gonna have to get bigger and stronger. Speed is good but if you are out of position or getting knocked around it doesn’t mean shit. I think our offense will be ok but we do truly need better pass protection. Get a couple of muscle head guards and we should be ok.

  9. NJ49er says:

    Chuck a good reason for Philly’s current situation is the loss of Frank Reich and John DeFilippo.
    Reich has turned Andrew Luck into his ‘old self’ too.
    Couple young OL-men, including Quenton Nelson and, they’re making noise again.
    Coaching is just as important as talent. I’m thinking Saleh is in over his head trying to get this system to gel.
    He’s obviously relying on Smith and Sherman to get this going but guess what? No one has come close to filling in for Earl Thomas.
    Watch them have a bidding war for Earl after the season.

  10. NJ49er says:

    Take a few minutes and read this piece Peter King did a week ago – Quite informative and enlightening IMO – Payton and Brees are playing chess while so many others in this game are struggling with checkers –


    A snip from within the piece is likely something Paraag could provide if he was so inclined?

    “We want to put the game on [Eagles quarterback Carson] Wentz,” Payton said. Payton likes Wentz as a player, but his player-personnel analyst, Ryan Herman, gives him trends and numbers every week, and Payton tells the group two interesting ones about Wentz, from Herman: The Eagles are 1-11 when Wentz plays and they allow more than 26 points. And he’s 0-9 when he passes for between 308 and 364 yards, the point being if he does that, the Eagles likely won’t be running the ball well, and the Saints feel they can beat a one-dimensional offense.”

    Given the losses this year of Reich and DeFilippo it could suggest why Wentz/Eagles aren’t going anywhere thus far? It further might suggest, just how important a long term relationship is worth, between QB and HC too?

    Good read from King if you have a few minutes to burn 😀

  11. unca_chuck says:

    What does Paraag have to do with this, NJ? These articles emphasize the relationship between the head coach and the quarterback. Payton and Brees, and Reich and Luck. Brady and Belichick. Reich and Luck have half a season under their collective belts and are doing great now that they are healthy.

    Can Shanahan and Garoppolo develop this kind of chemistry? Sure. But Jimmy has to be on the field. So they need a better line, and they need more playmakers around this offense. The team was iffy WITH Jimmy G at the start of the season. My giddiness notwithstanding. Without Jimmy, we are toast. As would most any team. We saw Indy without Luck, and if Brees goes down, so do the Saints. But this team needs more options than a gimpy Garcon, an inconsistent Pettis, and Goodwin, who is doing about as well as possible. Will McKinnon help next year? I hope so. But I also this he’s an injury machine who will probably end up like Malcolm Smith and play very little. Brieda is the same. If they can stay on the field, I think we have a good chance at spreading the ball around to a lot of different guys. Now that Mullens has crashed back to Earth, I wonder what they do going forward. They have to develop ONE decent backup from these two guys.

    As I’ve said repeatedly though, I’m much more disappointed with the defense. They HAVE players. They just aren’t being used right. The schemes are all off, and no one on the field knows how to cover a basic screen pass, let alone a double move to the corner.

    And here we are, yet again drafting for the D line. Saleh needs to go. Shit, I’d take Jack Del Rio at this point. We need someone to kick these guys’ asses.

  12. 12th Man says:

    Redskins claimed Foster

  13. unca_chuck says:

    No shit. That was quick. Foster is looking at a 6-9 game suspension next season.

    new thread is up.

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