Game 10 – Nick at Night

Big Day Nick now becomes Nick at Night as the 49ers continue their sojourn through the drags of the NFL with their 3rd game in a row against a one-win opponent. Their stellar record is 1-1. They lost to the hapless Cardinals, who were thusly dispatched by the KC Chiefs, and the happlesser Raiders were thoroughly pounded by Philip Rivers and the LA Clippers.

Tonight of course is our 2nd national game in a row, against the one-win New York football Giants, and our 2nd game with the well-endowed one, Nick Mullens.  The Giants seem to be following our footsteps of playing well enough to be in games, but not good enough to win them. Eli Manning is dodging more bullets than the Beater was, and Saquon Barkley is running against stacked lines and 9 in the box.

The Giants? Man, what a shit show. They are 22nd in yardage given up, and 22nd in points allowed.  25th against the run, 23rd against the pass. Their offense is as equally bad. 21st in yards per game, 27th in points per game, 9th in passing yards (!), and 31st in rushing. Even with Saquon.

Not that we are any great shakes in any of these categories,

  • D: 12th yds given up; 26th in points given up; 19th passing,; 13th rushing
  • O: 20th yards; 18th points; 23rd passing, 4th rushing

But that is why they play the game. Even if all it does is solidify someone’s abjectly shitty season. My only solace is to see if BDN shrivels up under the scrutiny. I think he keeps it going, and the defense feasts on another shitty team.

28-13 Niners.

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77 Responses to Game 10 – Nick at Night

  1. Winder says:

    I guess we stay with the short passing game and hope someone breaks one off. If Nick can get the ball out early I think we will also. I would like to see our defense do what it did last week but the Giants should be better than the Raiders so we will just have to see. Have no clue about the score but I think we win this one.

  2. DieHardNinerFaithfulSince2011 says:

    Porn Star #2 aka the next Steve Young is going to have a career night. Jimmy the next Joe Montana Porn Star #1 will be looking over his shoulder from now on. We have TWO franchise QBs that are going to lead us to the promised land of .500 football!

  3. Flavor says:

    28-13? Wow I think it’s gonna be a lot closer than that. Big Dick Nick got lucky as fuck vs the Raiders. The TD to Garcon was blown coverage and the pass to Kittle was complete luck that could just as easily have been picked off. I don’t even know for certain that he was throwing to Kittle there was another dude there. Regardless, fantastic catch and run by Kittle.
    I see Manning checking down to Barkley all game. If Mullens doesn’t throw a pick 6 or 2 maybe we win on the strength of Brieda? Is his healthy yet? Niners 17-14

    • unca_chuck says:

      He was worlds better than the Beater. He read coverages much faster and got the ball out much quicker. Sure, it was the Raiders, but he still made the throws he needed to.

      As far as our defense goes, yeah, we need to stop the short passing game. It has been giving Saleh fits all season. We got a little better.

      The good news is Manning has been sacked more than Derek Carr, (31 to 28) even with our 8 sacks last week. Which is hard to believe. So the defense can pin their ears back again.

      The Giants are also at the bottom of the league in sacks (10), so that would be nice to keep Mullens clean.

      As usual, with us it comes down to ball security. No turnovers and we should be fine. Games like this should be easy, if this team really has aspirations of being better than their record indicates.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    The Giants may or may not be in tank mode as well. They are shooting for Justin Herbert, and with the Raiders taking Baby Bosa, they’ll get their QB of the future if they draft 1 or 2.

    • rtfirefly says:

      Herbert’s the front runner but no lock. They already have this year’s 4th rounder Lauletta. The reason could be their OL. I could see a trade down so as to use a lower 1st on an OT and gain one or more other high picks in the deal.

      • rtfirefly says:

        Their OL is hideous. Eli’s concrete galoshes magnify that. (Their pass rush is also subpar btw. It’s a team with a lot of holes.)

  5. unca_chuck says:

    And we still get our pass rusher in Quinnen Williams from ALA, or Oliver from Hou or Derrick Brown from Auburn.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    This is a strong draft for pass rushers so I’m glad about that. Mullens keeps it up, we can trade the Beater for a 6th round pick or something.

    Yeah we have a long way to go with BDN, but it would be nice to not need another QB for a year or 2.

  7. rtfirefly says:

    Foster and Tartt out, Taylor inactive

  8. alleykat69 says:

    What I think a lot of coaches around the league are bitchin about is why they have 53 man rosters but are only allowed to dress 46 for game day.With most all teams banged up with injuries especially at the midway point of the season, they should change the rule going forward to dress additional players..

  9. Irish Kevin says:

    Not liking the play calling…screens not working

  10. DieHardNinerFaithfulSince2011 says:

    We are crushing this game against a powerful NY Giants team. Their defense is a brick wall but we’ve already scored ten whole points against them! And to hold their epic offense with the mighty Eli Manning (who has actually won a Super Bowl this century) to only ten points is a HUGE statement by our D.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Not crazy about the time management to close out the half, but getting points was nice.

    Got to get the WRs involved.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    Hey! Nice read there. Like that call.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    So much for this defense. No pass rush at all. We aren’t blitzing. Stupid. Eli is a fucking statue.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Jesus. Where’s the coverage? WE should have 3 guys on Beckham. Saleh is retarded.

  15. alleykat69 says:

    I’ll take a TD pass for Bredia anytime.Great call lining him in the slot and just getting lost in the traffic on the cross route!
    Something about Mullen and his pocket presence is impressive,he does remind me of Bret Farve on his release, obviously not a cannon arm Brett has but just similar instincts on his throws..

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Jimmy Ward sniffing glue out there,

  17. unca_chuck says:

    Oh well. The defense better do something. Wow. Fuck that shit.

  18. unca_chuck says:

    And the mistakes. . . .

  19. alleykat69 says:

    Gotta love that hit by Moore on the punt coverage! Even if it was a fraction early and he got the penalty my TV 📺 was shaking!!

  20. DieHardNinerFaithfulSince2011 says:

    I’m lonely!!

  21. unca_chuck says:

    Goodwin fucked Mullens there.

  22. unca_chuck says:

    One of these days we’ll get someone near Eli.

  23. unca_chuck says:

    Eli with the duck.

  24. unca_chuck says:

    DSouble move here would work with Bourne.

  25. Irish Kevin says:

    Running the ball because of a couple of INT’s,. Playing not to lose, instead of playing to win!!

  26. unca_chuck says:

    Goodwin was open. Shit..

  27. Irish Kevin says:

    Now Kyle is relying on his D to stop Eli and Odell

  28. Irish Kevin says:

    Yep, no 6 sacks like the Raider game

  29. unca_chuck says:

    Unreal. How do we just let guys run free so often?

  30. alleykat69 says:

    Just total shit coverage by Smith!!

  31. unca_chuck says:

    Exum let him go for no reason.

  32. alleykat69 says:

    Nice stick by Sherman..

  33. unca_chuck says:

    Sherman has made a lot of nice one-on-one tackles on Barkley.

  34. Irish Kevin says:

    If they lose this game it will because Kyle did not believe Mullen could throw the ball to win.

  35. Irish Kevin says:

    Giants offense 3 passes 1 run

  36. alleykat69 says:

    Hell of another doofus play Smith!!
    You suck!!

  37. unca_chuck says:

    That’s a terrible call.

  38. alleykat69 says:

    Fuckin BS penalty!!!
    Latest fuckin flag I’ve ever witnessed after a play!!!

  39. unca_chuck says:

    Get a goddamn sack for God’s sake. 32 fucking sacks they’ve given up.

  40. Irish Kevin says:

    If Engram catches that ball game over.

  41. unca_chuck says:

    Jesus. We can rush 7 and no one gets close,

  42. Irish Kevin says:

    Can someone tell me why running the ball is better than the pass??

  43. unca_chuck says:

    Shanny can’t close a game to save his life.

  44. Winder says:

    Fuck me. I guess the Giants are not tanking

  45. unca_chuck says:

    Making all these other teams look good. Except for the Raiders.

  46. Irish Kevin says:

    Like I said, I will let a team run up and down the field, who can’t score, but I will pass the ball to win!

  47. alleykat69 says:

    Guess we’re gonna pass now Kevin.Too little to late of course..

  48. alleykat69 says:

    That’s another thing that pisses me off, they burned a TO 50 seconds into the 2nd half?? For what??

  49. unca_chuck says:

    Well, this is kinda fun anyway.

  50. Irish Kevin says:

    If they had called these plays on the last set of downs they might have gotten a TD instead of a FG

  51. unca_chuck says:

    Shanahan does nothing to dissuade me from my thought that he struggles closing games. Yet another 4th quarter loss. That’s at least 5 this season.

  52. unca_chuck says:

    Right. Playing it safe on the FG drive was playing not to lose. Bad shit.

  53. Irish Kevin says:

    This is the thing, Kyle knows the Niners aren’t going to the playoff, he has a rookie QB. What did he think Mullen’s was going to go his whole career without an interceptions? Kyle should have mixed in some passes instead of running g Breida the previous series. Manning and the Giants, pass, and pass some more. Pass and pass till the D stops it. The way the rules are in today’s game defenses have a hard time stopping the pass, the last call on the Niners that gave the Giants a first down on the 20? Is a prime example.

  54. rtfirefly says:

    Creative Tanking 101

  55. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah that’s all true but the defense sucks ass. All these high picks are no-shows, I don’t know if it is scheme or bad players, but how many times do we let guys simply run free on pass routes? How many times can guys be out of position? Malcolm Smith was supposed to anchor the linebackers. He’s useless. As is Nkomadi or whatever his name is.

    Eli is a statue and we got to him once. They give up 4 sacks a game and we didn’t touch him.

    There’s nothing wrong with running the ball, but you go play-action on 1st down when you are in the red zone, That is when you take shots. Not pay it safe.

  56. DieHardNinerFaithfulSince2011 says:

    There’s no shame In losing to a juggernaut of a team like the New York Giants. I just wish they didn’t make our 49ers look like absolute dipshits every time we play them. But they are a contending team this year with big wins over the Texans, the Niners, and…hmmm. Oh well, bad night at Overpriced Denim Stadium.

  57. NJ49er says:

    I’ll watch the replay later in the week.
    Actually had planned a night off with my NYG Buddies to watch this one months ago, until the stink-fest showed up, and everyone lost interest.
    Given the current state of our record, (and theirs), it’s a leg up on a Draft slot, so I’m not disappointed.
    NYG are apparently Scouting Oregon QB JHerbert already from what’s being reported here.
    No need for us to be in the QB Mkt in April so……Pick positioning works.

  58. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I might be jumping the gun with Justin, but if the Giants aren’t looking for a quarterback, what are they looking for?

    • rtfirefly says:

      Get Carr for a song from the Raiders and use that top draft choice to get multiple picks to fix that OL, fix that D line including getting a pass rush, getting a second WR…

      I know it didn’t look like the Giants are pathetic last night. But I’ve seen them multiple times this season, and they have multiple holes which the draft could help.

      Herbert’s still the front runner, though, no doubt.

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