Forget the Titans . . .

Talk about enigmatic. The Titans were a team at the start of the year that was destined for greatness. Yes, they have played well, very well at times, but they have also stank pretty bad as well. This is a team that beat the Seahawks and Jaguars, but lost to the Raiders, Miami,  and stunningly to the Texans 57- 14. AZ just beat them as well.

Still and all they are 8-5 and in the playoff chase. Mainly from beating the dregs of the NFL. They barely beat the Browns 12-9, the Colts 20-16, and got their revenge on the Texans 24-13. Marcus Mariota has been less than consistent, what with 10 TDs and 14 picks. He’s either hot or cold. The run game is solid with DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry putting up decent numbers. Ex-Niner Delanie Walker is still playing well despite his usual issue of the all-important drop at the worst possible time.  Rookie speedster Corey davis has gotten off to a slow start, but he’s a dangerous WR that we need to track.

Us? Well, we are on the ‘up’ escalator finally so there is reason to think we can pullthis off for an unprecedented 3 game winning streak. That is provided we get our CBs in order (sorry Dontae), and keep up with the pressure. The 49ers did a good job harassing Long Tom Savage in the 1st half, but the 2nd half of Rowdy Yates saw less pressure as Houston adjusted. Still and all, we won that game on the back of Jimmy Garoppolo and his accurate passing.

I would be thrilled to see the run game get going as this would lessen the amount of shots that Jimmy G is taking. He stood tall under a lot of pressure and a lot of hits this last game. Hopefully we get Trent Brown back as he and Joe Staley set the edges and keep Garoppolo upright. Beadles shifting to tackle is painful to watch. The shuffling that goes with it leads to stretches of false starts, holding calls, and general suckitude. Most of the team’s penalties stem from bad line play. Straighten that out, and we’ve solved a big problem.

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  1. Winder says:

    The Titans are a good overall team and we are gonna have a fight on our hands. I hope the fans finally show up and make some noise. I don’t think the stadium has been close to being full this year. We really need to start playing better at home and with JG we should be on the way to do just that,

  2. Winder says:

    From last thread. Nip, it is sad about what is going on with the A’s. I love the Giants but I have always enjoyed going to A’s games too. I especially liked the Billy Ball years, they were fun to watch. I have always thought that Ricky Henderson was one of the best all around left fielders ever. The A’s have been mismanaged for years. I think the world is moving to fast for a lot of the younger generation to appreciate the game of baseball and that is really-really sad because it is such a great game.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    It depends on which Mariota we get. Good Marcus or bad Marcus.

    I’ve seen like 4 A’s games over the decades I’ve lived here. Once to see Ted Williams when he managed the Senators, once to see Hacman when he played for the Mariners, once with my crazy brother in law in ’73, and once in the bash bros era.

    The crowds are soooo quiet, it was eerie. The loudest cheers were for the dot racing.

    • Winder says:

      I never was an A’s fan especially during the bash broes era. I hated both A’s pitchers Welch and Stewart as far back as their Dodger days. I think the whole team was sterioded to the max. But I used to love going to their games and I remember them being quite rowdy at times. They used to run out dollar days every once in awhile and those were great

  4. unca_chuck says:

    The few I’ve been to were boring for the most part. One was the bash bros vs Boston, and the crowd was so quiet. It was actually a pretty good game but the 35,000 didn’t seem to care. 8,000 at the stick were louder than these guys.

    • Nipper says:

      I actually stood outside in the parking lot to get a ticket in the Finley days. The A’s operated their ticket dept. out of shoe box in those days and there was just a few ticket windows on game day. Finley had a dirt cheap operation and the fans suffered for it.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up.

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