It Was the Best of Times . . .

It was the worst of times. Got nothing but there appears to be some issues with WordPress. Checking right now.


Ahh, everything’s fine.


In the ‘Strange but True’ file I bring you this. The 49ers currently have the longest week 1 winning streak in the league, dating back to Jim Harbaugh’s 2011 debut (6 years) vs Seattle. Denver is 2nd at 5 years.


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  1. unca_chuck says:

    Is there anybody out there?

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Hmmm. Comments went away but now they are back . . .

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Carolina is a big mystery at this point. It could happen. I’d be pleasantly surprised, but it could happen.

  4. Berger says:

    If our defensive line is as good as I think it is, be prepared for a fun ride!

    • 12th Man says:

      How they talk about Bowman is interesting. He is moving around well and impressing them, however, he has to play in pre-season games and keep impressing them to earn a starting spot. Sounds like it’s no done deal he will start, a surprise even considering his recent injuries.
      On paper the front 7, even minus Bowman, is a strength but that’s why they play the games.

      • NJ49er says:

        12th I’m beginning to think Bowman is carrying too much in the way of Cap space, given his recent injury history.
        Wouldn’t shock me to see Lynch make an effort to deal him in the Pre-Season.
        Hate to see that happen but….I don’t think it isn’t a possibility either, given the scheme/regime change and all.
        Time will tell.

      • 12th Man says:

        I thought that when they said he must play in pre-seasonn, showing what he can do?

    • rob says:

      great font 7 . D in great shae IMO .

  5. unca_chuck says:

    I think Bowman either plays here or retires. Hard to say mainly because Achilles usually take 18 months. In other words, I’d think they’d IR him before they trade/cut him.

    • NJ49er says:

      Hate to see that happen after all the work he’s put in to return from 2 pretty severe injuries.
      The guy is a Warrior if nothing else.
      Given that Malcolm Smith and Saleh have some history together by way of the Seattle System, it sounds somewhat odd that Bowman needs to ‘show’ something in Pre-Season.
      We’ll see how it goes soon enough.
      They paid a ton of money to Garcon and Bowman isn’t coming cheap either.
      Business being what it is in the NFL, Injuries/Age/Cap allowances become major factors on who stays and, who goes.

      Also looks like they’re adding some competition in the RB ranks as well –

  6. NJ49er says:

    Here’s the breakdown of the Cap with Staley at #1, Bowman at #2, Garcon #3 –
    Garcon nudges out Brooks by a hair but…Bowman has a huge Dead Cap number if he were to go.
    Brooks, by the Cap comparisons, would also seem to be a logical candidate to part with, at a very minimal impact to the budget.
    Quite the financial mine field this Cap-O-Nomics nonsense.

  7. Winder says:

    The only reason they would let Bowman go at this point is if he can’t play up to the system change or is physically unable to do the things they want. If it was money they would have already let him walk

    • 12th Man says:

      I don’t think its money either. They say he will be dropping into coverage more in this scheme, maybe they are worried he doesn’t have the wheels anymore for that role?

      • Winder says:

        12th- I think Bowman will do fine for the most part. There are a whole lot of tough LB’s in this league that have trouble keeping up with WR’s and TE’s. I still think he’s the heart of the D. But, we will see pretty soon.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Brooks doesn’t make the cut. Unless he really finally tries to come to camp ready and in shape.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Eli Harold is also a big enigma at this point. Lots of bodies at OLB. This doesn’t even include Aaron Lynch.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Kappy did what he did and is paying the consequences, right or wrong. If a team is desperate enough they’ll sign him. And they’ll be pleasantly surprised if they have some talent. He IS better than more than half of the 96 QBs in the league, at the least.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Cohn is a hyperventilating weenie. I mean “I’m not saying the 49ers will make the playoffs next season. I’m not saying they won’t, either.” Well, that just about covers all the options there, dipshit. In other words, Lowell is not saying anything. Per usual.

    But it is true. We have better players and better coaching, and a better front office finally. Unless we get devastated by injuries, I still think 8 wins is doable.

    • Nipper says:

      At least we all have hope for a better outcome. Before we had banners flying overhead and people wearing bags to games.

    • 12th Man says:

      Cohn is a weenie and writes for blog hits first and foremost, not my fav writer, but in this desolate winter of dis-content any content is better than no content.

      I wrote last year that Kap may well be out of football this year because of his declining skills and his actions. It turns out to be true barring an injury. Lots of people make light of what he did, “big deal” is what that amounted to, but to lots of people it is a big deal as Kaptain Injustice is finding out.
      Makes no difference if he is better than some other clip board holders or not, he isn’t worth the headache.

  12. rob says:

    font a shea all the way guys lol

  13. 12th Man says:

    This should make Berger laugh, PFF ranks the Niners front 7 dead last in the league.

    • Berger says:

      Our GM drafts athletic play making D-linemen 2 years in a row. Our coach uses them to read and react (2 gap). Add to that our LBs were mostly hurt. We had a combination of the GM not communicating with the coach, bad coaching, players being used improperly and a lack of players. That is a bad combo.

      PFF only looks at stats and not the intangibles. Analytics have their place but they get too much pub by people who don’t have much feel for how the game is actually played. You are correct 12th, this was good for a laugh!

      • 12th Man says:

        Yeah I don’t see the sense in that ranking at all. I figure it will be above average as the players don’t need to spend much time reading before reacting.

      • Berger says:

        I don’t have a problem with two gapping but if that is what you want to do get those types of players. Mike Nolan did the same thing, he two gapped with one gap personnel.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    This ranking is hilarious. They might as well just say we can’t discern anything from the moves any of the teams made. This is strictly based on last year’s stats. Granted they get their ranking by playing, but these guys can’t even postulate that the line will be a little better?

    I guess the standings this year will be exactly the same as last year.

    • Winder says:

      Barring injuries our defense should be somewhat dynamic If I am understanding Saleh’s scheme. Anytime a defense attacks things happen. I am still down for a 4 win season but I bet we will be in most of the games until the end. Our offense just needs to stay on the field.

      • 12th Man says:

        I read somewhere the Niners were within one score in 12 games at the start of the 4th qtr last year Winder.

        I figure 6 to 8 wins based on nothing but hype so far. I will re-evaluate after the TC and the pre-season.

  15. Nipper says:

    Meanwhile…….Bakkentom has taken over at Skeebs blog chasing everyone to the showers except for Grumpy Guy’s one posting……..ouch!

    • 12th Man says:

      Bullit is a dumbass who owns (or maybe is) Skeebs.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Hah! Love all the pseudonyms Bullitt came up with to try and infiltrate this blog. Problem was, he’d bring up old shit from the Niner Insider by post 3, thus blowing his cover. He did it like 3 times. Funny shit.

  16. NJ49er says:

    I’ll propose another scenario regarding Bowman.
    Native of Maryland.
    I’ll go out on my Jr GM limb, and suggest, a potential offering of his services to the ‘Skins.
    Call it a peace offering, (of sorts), toward what should be our acquisition of Cousins down the road?
    Something just makes me scratch my head with his Pre-Season audition being suggested already.

  17. Winder says:

    NJ- There is no way we give our best veteran defensive presence away as a peace offering. And anyway, fuck Washington, we don’t owe those assholes nothing. We need some good leadership for our younger players and I can’t think of a better player for that than Bowman.

    • NJ49er says:

      Winder I agree in principle to his leadership qualities 100%
      No complaints on my part for what he has meant to this Defense overall.

      My concerns have more to do with his Cap number and the reports that suggest he needs to show something in the Pre-Season.
      Given the scheme/regime changes, and the injuries he’s suffered, I simply have a gut feeling that there isn’t any allegiance to him under the new regime.

      From a purely financial perspective, Brooks makes less of an impact too.
      We’re in great shape from a Cap perspective, and DC can’t afford to retain Cousins.
      Taking Bowman’s Contract off the books and, perhaps applying it toward Cousins, might be an option.
      We still have to factor in Foster somehow as well.
      Curious to see how they play it is all.

  18. unca_chuck says:

    I’m with Winder, no way we give Snyder shit. Bowman is much more important to us than them.

    I’d be extremely pissed if we did that.

  19. rob says:

    yup exactly CHUCK ! as long as Bullit doesn’t “infiltrate” this blog we’ll all be ok !

  20. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up, ROB!!!!!!!!

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