Championship Weekend

I think  now we have separated the wheat from the chaff. Pretenders like Houston, Detroit, and Miama have been dispatched with ease and alacrity. The remaining teams are the real deal.

The NFC matchup looks to be a high-flying offensive bonanza as Aaron (All Word) Rodgers faces off against Matty Ice. A fairly underappreciated QB who is having a phenomenal (MVP-worthy) year. Hard to go against Rodgers though as the MVP as he has the strongest will of any player in the NFL. He by the force of his personality and guts has won probably 5 games on his own that GB should have lost. It is very hard to bet against him, but I will:

Atl 38 – Green Bay 33

The AFC? Meh. NE at Pittsburgh looks to be a bit of a slog. Pittsburgh’s defense will slow down Tom Terrific, but not enough to win. I think Big Ben comes up small and throws a couple picks. Brady and co will do enough to take this.

NE 27 – Pitts 20

What do you think?

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60 Responses to Championship Weekend

  1. Winder says:

    I’m going Atl and NE also. Don’t have a clue about the score. I kinda hope Atlanta loses but I think the mojo is with them and I wouldn’t be surprised to see em win it all.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Atlanta is killing it now. Green Bay is not getting it done.

  3. Irish Kevin says:

    Looks like Atlanta wants it more

  4. unca_chuck says:

    I’ve always hated that saying. I don’t think Green Bay wants it any less. They are just getting their ass kicked.

  5. Winder says:

    It’s enjoyable watching GB get hammered.

  6. 12th Man says:

    Shanny the Younger putting on an O clinic so far. Can’t discount Rodgers but doesn’t look good for them today.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Well, Kevin, now you might be right. GB is intent on dropping every pass before they get hit.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    The problem with Shanny winning today is it’ll be 2 more weeks of opportunity for this front office to fuck up the hire.

  9. Irish Kevin says:

    About time GB got it together

  10. unca_chuck says:

    I tell ya, one thing I’ve really enjoyed about this game is neither team is taunting or overreacting to their plays. Something to be said for the coaching staffs on both sides.

  11. Irish Kevin says:

    Joe Schmuck makes it sound like Shanahan is going to stay.

  12. Nipper says:

    So far Pitt looks like a dud. But hey, I don’t bet on this stuff. I know better.

  13. Irish Kevin says:

    Where is NoFear, he was was trashing me for saying the Niners need to get away from the running game. Well Atlantas QB 392 yards passing, when was the last time a Niner QB had over 300yards Passing? Like it has been forever??

    • NoFear says:

      No one was “trashing” you. You asked for a debate and I offered a counter point to your bold and ridiculous assertion.

      What you said was, “Get rid of the running game!!”
      “…anyone want to debate this is a passing league and the good teams only run when they have to!! ”

      The Falcons pass game was, and is, helped greatly by their ability to run the ball. And maybe you noticed them closing out the game and keeping the ball from Aaron Rodgers as winning teams must have the ability to do. Atlanta took four minutes off the clock and forced GB to exhaust all their TOs at the end of the fourth quarter in their last possession, all runs.

      The Steelers couldn’t run after Bell was injured on their first possession and that made them one dimensional and easier to defeat.

      It’s pretty basic offensive football.

      And quit being such a baby, crying worse than those freakin’ Hillary losers about a debate you asked for.

      You don’t need to reply with more of your snarky bullshit, Chuck will change the blog and bury this asap for you.

      • Irish Kevin says:

        Ha ha, see Chucks stats below and then defend the run, the run is not the major part of any teams game plan, if it is they end up losing and losing badly, see the 49ers for an example, with Frank Gore.

  14. 12th Man says:

    I agree Kevin,
    Patriots rushed 27 times for a total of 56.7 yds and 8 first downs passing was 17 1st downs
    Steelers rushed 20 times for a total of 54 yds and 3 first downs passing was 18 first downs
    Falcons rushed 30 times for a total of 102 yds and 6 first downs passing was 22 first downs
    Packers rushed 17 times for a total of 98.6 yds and 5 first downs passing was18 first downs

    Nobody is saying that running the ball isn’t a key component of an offense, but only 1 team went over 100 yds today and that team also had the most passing yds today too (Falcons).
    Clearly running the ball has taken a back seat role to the passing game in the final 4 teams playbook and the league has been steadily changing the rules to increase the passing game attack.
    The Niners need to do the same, no question.

  15. unca_chuck says:

    Chris Hogan. Who here knew he was originally signed by the 49ers?

  16. Nipper says:

    I just hope whoever takes charge of the Niners football operations gets a QB and WRs that can work effectively together. The Niners need a better offense that stays on the field making 3rd down plays. Last season was a disaster all the way around. Baalke and the players he obtained sucked no question. He and Kelly were not made for each other and the results were predictable.

  17. unca_chuck says:

    I see NoFear enjoys alternate facts as well. You think I bury your posts? What a paranoid thing to think. Then again, that’s you NoFear. Jumping at shadows that aren’t there. Both of you are right in your own ways.

    Teams like NE and GB HAVE been successful with little to no run game, even with fair to middling defenses. Thing is, they have outstanding QBs to pick up the slack. Most teams don’t have that luxury, so it doesn’t work. See Kansas City. They have a decent QB, but not enough firepower to overcome their offensive limitations. Pittsburgh in that game would have been well served to run more as they were pushing the KC D line around but instead threw on the goal line. No TDs but they won that game.

    They weren’t so lucky yesterday.

  18. unca_chuck says:

    NoFear, it is so enjoyable to read your posts in the playpen as you never offer solutions, but you gladly shoot down everyone else’s. Who among the given available coaches do you think would fit the bill? And since Skeebers is a chickenshit sheep-shearing pussy, I have to communicate with you this way. Dig up Bill’s DNA and wait 35 years? I mean really. Kyle obviosuly has a pretty good offensive mind. Something this team hasn’t has since Mooch. Who SHOULD we hire? I mean besides Teflon Mike Nolan?

    Say we get Kurt Cousins and Shanahan. You’d likely shit on that. I’m not really sold on Cousins as he’s super inconsistent and would cost a fortune (Hoyer is the same guy at less than half the price), but gimme something concrete instead of your high-chair pontificating.

  19. unca_chuck says:

    Since there were very few options available, NoFear, I’m curious to see who you think would be good. As far as pontificating goes, my prognostication is getting better.

    NE 36 – Pitts 17
    (NE 27 – Pitts 20)

    Atl 44 – GB 21
    (Atl 38 – GB 33)

    Hit all 4 WC games, 3 of 4 last week, and 2 for 2 this week.

    Damn. Should have bet.

    Super Bowl? We’ll see when time goes by.

  20. Nipper says:

    How goes Skeeber’s Asylum? Must be very dull if FEARman is appearing over here.

  21. unca_chuck says:

    Crickets from the lurking dead man. You need to grow a sense of humor no fear. Trashing the National Anthem? Really?

  22. Nipper says:

    Lets pray to the heavens that Jed gets some smarts and picks a decent GM and coach. Dear Lord … the man out…..amen.

  23. unca_chuck says:

  24. NoFear says:

    Chuck, all you’ve proven, once again, is you don’t know shit about football. You do work overtime at being a troll though, so congratulations on that, I guess.

    You might want to look at Blount’s contribution to the Patriots’ game before you make such stupid observations. Roethlisberger threw for over 300 yards in the loss and the Pats had more rushing plays than the Steelers. Green Bay couldn’t run and they lost. So what was your point there, again?

    Random stats that don’t mean a thing without context.

    You like the jazz sax guy playing the National Anthem? That figures. Bring back Walsh from the dead? They should bring back Boots Randolph to blast Yakety Sax to start every Niners game or the TV cameras get a shot of any of the FO or one of the Yorkies.

  25. unca_chuck says:

    As usual, you offer nothing but bullshit. Who should the coach be? Who should the coach be?

    NE ran when the game was out of hand, you ninny. How many TDs did those 300 yards get Pittsburgh in the KC game? Again, you miss so many points that you sure aren’t General Custer. God you are ignorant.

    Tell ya, it is fun to continually prove you wrong.

    And criticizing the black guy is right in your wheelhouse. Betcha would have loved Ted Nugent.

    • Nipper says:

      Chuck and Fear get along so well they may as well do lunch sometime. For dessert, you both can order complete pies and throw it at each in the parking lot of your choice.

  26. Nipper says:

    Niners freeze ticket prices for those that attend the games. At least that’s nice. Perhaps they’ll screw you in parking.

  27. NoFear says:

    Typical libtard with “the everyone who disagrees with me is a racist” programmed reply. Talking donkey or just an ordinary jackass?

    I couldn’t give a shit who the coach is. Until the Niners put fans, who pay 100% of the freight, and fielding a team who at least tries to win somewhere nearer the top of priorities than the bottom, I couldn’t care less what stupidity they feed you.

    You already forgot the original topic dumbass, or are you just changing the argument as per usual?

    You said NE has “little to no run game”, genius. It was like hours ago. I think Blount had a record year in that “little to no run game” this year. This tactic of yours and your pal Kevin to make dumbass statements and then argue something else as if to prove your point is laughable nonsense.

    Do you really think no one can see through your pile of horseshit just because you pile it so high? Put down that worn out shovel,you’re gonna need a Cat D5.

    • Irish Kevin says:

      You should give up your trolling rants, they just prove you know nothing about “today’s” NFL!! Please stop trolling this blog!!

  28. Berger says:

    A D5 is a dozer. A dozer is for pushing dirt. If you want to dig try an excavator. A Cat C18 is a nice big one. I’ve rented a lot of equipment out to construction sites.

    • NoFear says:

      Nope, most slingers of the horseshit pile it up in mountains. See plenty of examples posted here under “unca_chucks says:” I was being kind with the D5.

  29. unca_chuck says:

    Jeez, NoFear can’t even get his put-downs right. He doesn’t know a tractor from a hole in the ground. Are you a whining pussy much? Let me be clear. OVER THE YEARS, GB and NE have been pretty much passing teams. Only you would argue this point. Like Buwwitt you are clouded by a need for my attention and an unrequited love for me. Sorry, I don’t swing that way.

    Look back at Brady’s tenure and they’ve never been a top 5 running team, and been a top 10 rushing team for 4 of his 16 years as the starter. Is that a running team? This year? 7th. Last year? 30th. Jesus. 2 years ago? 18th. 3 years ago? 9th. Thing is, the running they do do is when they get ahead. Remember Bill Walsh? Do you need a map to find your rock to crawl under?

    Green Bay is tilted even harder toward the pass. Which you conveniently ignored. One season in the top 10 with Eddie Lacy’s big year back in 2013. The rest is strictly passing.

    Are your poor wittle feewings less hurt now, snowflake? Gawd, what a bitch. Next you’ll be complaining about crowd size.

    • NoFear says:

      You are one delusional stupid motherfucker.

      I’ll try not to pick on you poor souls so challenged by reality.

  30. unca_chuck says:

    The old ‘I’m rubber, you’re glue’ reply. Well played. Not. So you are telling me that GB and NE have been predominantly running teams these past 12 years?

    Got it.

    When have you ever replied with facts? It’s all the usual yuge bullshit.

  31. Nipper says:

    I guess that lunch is out of the question now. It would have been nice if Bullit paid for it.

  32. Nipper says:

    Well at least Baalke is gone. Jed is still around unfortunately. Damn he’s a weak leader. How are the Niners going to survive his stewardship? Any ideas?

  33. Winder says:

    Nip- the Niners are gonna survive in spite of Jed. It is just gonna take longer than hoped for. Eventually (a very broad term) all the bullshit coming out of the FO will be brought to light. Probably then Jed will be forced into changing the FO dynamic. The 49ers will be here but until some positive changes are made the fan base and media will be on Jed’s ass and that will be a good thing since I don’t think he can take the pressure. I haven’t given up on the yet and probably never will.

  34. unca_chuck says:

    Phil, you’d better get some 3,000 SPF sun screen. Kim Jong Orange is rattling his sabre over the South China Sea. But he’s MAGA . . .

  35. Nipper says:

    Jed is still on the throne in Santa Clara. When will Mama York finally take over? She’s apparently conducting the interviews on the phone while Jed is sucking his thumb somewhere.

  36. Nipper says:

    Food fight! A luncheon between Chuck and No Fear would be a sight for the ages. After the insults are exchanged…….. a dramatic food fight would be the next logical progression. Splat!

  37. Irish Kevin says:

    I will just call him TrollingFear!!

  38. Winder says:

    I know it’s disco but it is Friday night, and a little dancing might just liven things up.

  39. Winder says:

    ok, last one

  40. Winder says:

    ok, last one for sure

  41. Nipper says:

    Jed is still in power and the Niners still don’t have a QB, HC, GM, hot dog vendors, parking attendants, ball boys or etc. Jed is in hiding promising to come out after Mama York decides who does what.

  42. Nipper says:

    As for music anyone have an idea what type of music NO FEAR likes that is besides rubbing two rusty nails together?

  43. Winder says:

    I don’t know about Nofear but I love pretty much the whole Johnny Horton catalog.

  44. Winder says:

    My all time favorite Horton

  45. Nipper says:

    What about Mel Brook’s “Springtime for Hitler play?” “The Producers” was the film.

  46. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up.

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