Meanwhile Back in the Year One . . .

Reports are flying around about the disappointment in the CEO of the 49ers, one Sir Jed Hides-a-lot, is getting his once-shiny, and now mangled and tattered, toy taken away from him. Jason La Canfora, and now Ted Robinson, have come out and stated that Jed will be de-frocked a la Game of Thrones, and lose his title of CEO as the team hires a real live football guy to take over.

No insight here other than it only took Dr. Kedorkian 7 years to take unadulterated shit flung at him by an angry fan base to move his fledgling stooge into his spot as lead crap-catcher. Well, 9 years of varying levels of a short amount of success followed by a dismantling of any and all talent and a revolving door coaching staff has led to 1-12.

Hmm. Maybe it’s time to hire people that now and understand the game. Not projectionists and contract massagers. The talk is our once and future OC, Kinda Milquetoast Mad Mike Shananahan will come on as Exec of football ops, and his son Krazy Kyle will fill the GM role or some shit.

Can’t say I’m enamored with the prospect, but Jesus Christ, this would be worlds better than the shitshow we are currently participating in . . .

Stay tuned . . .

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75 Responses to Meanwhile Back in the Year One . . .

  1. unca_chuck says:

    Is it a new day??

  2. rtfirefly says:

    I think Kyle’s 37 and he’s the OC of the league’s leading offense. He’d be HC. I’m not a Shanny-in-control guy, but I’d still be ecstatic. I want to see Paraag walk the plank. I remember him showing Walsh and McVay the door. Niner fans have long memories you MBA Football Moron!

    I still think it’s a pipe dream, though. Gamble for Baalke, that’s it. At least I’ll have my revenge for Baalke’s role, active or passive, in getting rid of the greatest Niner coach since St. Bill (please don’t say Seifert with the help he got from the FO, like Neon Deion for the SB Champs).

  3. rtfirefly says:

    I don’t know anything about Watson’s football skills, but ESPN lionized him today. It seems he’s passionate about football and is a completely safe character guy. I’d be good with trading up into the 1st for him if he’s got the football stuff.

    For the #2, though, if Garrett isn’t available, see what you can get in trade unless somebody like Allen catches your eye (better against the run than Garrett?) I’d rather spend a #2 on an ILB than an edge guy but I don’t see anybody on just perusing. NOT my field.

    • 12th Man says:

      NJ is the man for that!

      • NJ49er says:

        I’m passing on a QB with Pick #1 12th.
        Don’t see any of them as being worthy at this point.
        This Draft Class is LOADED with Defensive talent.
        If Garrett goes to Cleveland and, we remain at #2, I’d consider JPeppers to replace EReid or, deal down a few slots and grab RFoster the ILB from ‘Bama.
        2 guys I want badly this year.
        ILB RFoster and WR Corey Davis.
        Wouldn’t argue with Jon Allen the DE/DT from ‘Bama either.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Kyle as HC? Sure. I’m at the point where anything looks better than where we are and what we got.

    I mean shit, look at Prince Valiant across the bay. Reundead Al ridiculed and badgered the shit out of his son, but he’s doing worlds better than the reincarnated corpse did for the past 15 years.

  5. NJ49er says:

    Would Parcells have interest in running the show for us?
    Might be a position that he could easily handle, while not having to live in the West Coast full time.
    Always wished we could have married a Pittsburgh Defensive Scheme with a WCO too.
    Cowher ready to scowl on the sidelines again?
    Parcells and Cowher?
    HELLZ Yeh!

    • 12th Man says:

      Im with RT, no Parcells. Rams and Niners built their O around a running back and not much else, with all the rule changes it just doesn’t work. You have to have more passing than running in todays game. No old guys for me, Mike Shanny, Parcells, Holmgren, Cowher none of that era.

  6. rtfirefly says:

    No, no, no to more Parcells.
    Go WCO again with modern deep balls, intermediate Bellicheat routes, and read option. No Parcells.
    Dreams, only dreams

    • NJ49er says:

      Be nice if we could pull Garropolo from the Pats.
      Is Josh McDaniel ready for another shot at HC?
      He and Jimmy could hit the ground running for us too.
      Problem there is, who the eff wants to work for the Dysfunction that resides in Yorkville?

      • 12th Man says:

        My guess is the Browns will trade for Garropolo, they have all the high picks to bargain with.

      • NJ49er says:

        As we’ve seen from the York tenure, we sure won’t be a destination for many qualified applicants anyway,
        Short of the Yorks giving up all sorts of control to lure them here in the first place.

      • 12th Man says:

        I think a lot depends on what they are offering to an A list GM. There are still only 32 jobs to be had.

      • NJ49er says:

        There are qualified applicants out there for sure 12th.
        It’s the ‘York Factor’ that determines who will be willing to put up with the circus once they consider entering the Big Tent.
        Can’t continue having the influence from the likes of Jed and Paraag in matters of football Ops.
        It’s been nothing short of disastrous.

  7. Nipper says:

    Dubs win…….Dubs win……Dubs win …….in NO.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    The only reason I like Shanny as the EFO or whatever the fuck you want to call it is because he DOES have cred. Parcells is too old. At least as the top dog Shanny would be able to get folks to come when called. The rest of the guys don’t have to follow his philosophy, and he doesn’t have to shove it down his GM’s throat. I just want a guy who can build a staff that makes sense.

  9. Nipper says:

    Wanted a new manager for a west coast NFL team in California. Must have the ability to organize and delegate duties to others. Must have experience in football talent evaluation. Must get along with others. Must have media experience and the ability to sell an NFL program. Executive experience is required. Must be willing to work long, long hours and come back for more. Must have a thick, thick skin to criticism from the media and maintain a positive attitude. Apply to Jed York at his cabana in Los Altos Hills.

    • Nipper says:

      Hopefully Kap will be playing for someone else’s team next season if at all. Who would want the baggage?

    • Nipper says:

      Atlanta creamed the Rams and probably will do the same to the Niners. This pathetic season can’t end soon enough. One big OUCH!

  10. Nipper says:

    Kap available to all comers. Sold his mansion and ready and able to move on to greener pastures. Has a nice hair dew and likes to kneel frequently before playing. Experience includes playing in a Super Bowl. Likes to donate his salary for social causes. Call 1-800-KAP@@#*.

  11. Irish Kevin says:

    First off you need a good team around your QB, I think I posted that the Dallas QB was taken in the 5th round. So to say there are no worthy QB’s in the draft is just wrong, the problem with the Niners is they have so many holes to fill that yes the QB’s in this years draft will not help the Niners. So the Niners need to build a O line and get some good defenders first, and please get some O linemen that can Pass block. Otherwise you will never get a great QB to play here. IMO Ponder is going to be the starter next year, to be a place holder till a quality QB is available, oh and there are no quality QB’s in the FA list!! Let’s not forget Troy Aikman was on a bad Dallas team the first 2 years he was there, they went 2-14 for the first 2 years, he was a great QB who Dallas built a team around.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    Dak was a 4th round pick. My thought is grow the team with the QB. Go with Watson and get some fucking scrub like Tyrod Taylor for a year at least.

    Cousins will be retained, and I don’t give a shit. Other than he and Garoppolo, no one on that list is worth anything but a bag of balls.

    Other than that, I’m very happy to see the newly minted LA Rams sucking hard and long. I predicted the demise of both AZ and LA. Seattle is doing better than I thought, but they are on shakey ground now after their shellacking at the hands of the wobbly Pack.

    • Irish Kevin says:

      4th 5th, my point was a 1st round QB in the draft is not a guarantee Joe Montana. See The Raiders draft picks for QB’s

  13. Nipper says:

    The man is already on the roster. His name is Kap and he’s ready to leave. He can’t play a lick but who cares? Jed is too busy trying to decide what to do. His parents did the unkind thing of giving him a position he’s ill suited for. Now there’s a mess but no one knows how to clean it up. Who do you fire? Who do you hire? Who do you trust? A whole lot to ponder.

  14. Winder says:

    At this time all I hope for is some kind of word out of 4949. It’s way past the ridiculous stage and is into the unbelievable relm. Jed has shown himself to be very immature and not in control. Not a good sign. Until we get a qualified GM it doesn’t matter who we pick in any round. I would go all offense in this draft. We have enough young defensive players. Maybe we will get lucky.

  15. 12th Man says:

    Ponder finally getting some practice snaps, lets hope he kills it in practice and forces an opportunity for himself.

    • Nipper says:

      That’s worth a ponder. The Chipper probably doesn’t have much use for the guy. He loves the Kap. Man did you see that pathetic QB for the Rams last night? He runs like a stupid fool on the freeway. Rams are pathetic too.

  16. rtfirefly says:

    17 days from right now, this nonsense will be over and we can get back to music.

    I haven’t heard it in a long time. Plus I’ll feel like I made it to heaven when this season’s over.

  17. rtfirefly says:

    This is my favorite guitar solo ever. Old well known old dittys I know, but I needed some guitar. Will the Niners lose by 25 or 6? “Wonderin’ how much I can take…”

  18. rtfirefly says:

    Watching the Seahawks, in the most hideous uniforms ever invented, puke lime green, winning big on the way to the division crown and possible first round bye…

    Chuck, you wanted Harbaugh gone. I didn’t. You were wrong.

  19. rtfirefly says:

    This is where I’m going right now after watching the Seahawks winning the NFC West.

  20. Nipper says:

    At least we get music on this blog. On the “other” blog you get Bullit and Bakkentom and Spit!

  21. unca_chuck says:

    Harbaugh wanted Harbaugh gone, RTF. He saw the writing on the wall with the impending talent drain, and the continuing draft failures of Baalke. Beyond that, what I think doesn’t really matter. Harbaugh wouldn’t have won with the team in the shape it is in now so the point is moot. He wanted Michigan over every other HC job in the world.

  22. unca_chuck says:

    Harbaugh went 8-8 with a much more talented team that as constituted now. Do you think he’d be winning with this team?

    Other than that, the only other alternative out of this is Jed firing Baalke 3 years ago and hiring another GM. The future could have been different. But who knows? Better? Sure. Good enough? We’ll never know.

  23. unca_chuck says:

    Seattle doesn’t worry me at all. They are going to crater in the playoffs.

  24. unca_chuck says:

    Saw Chicago in 1975 at Day on the Green #1. Great show.

  25. unca_chuck says:

    Mainly because the option would have been Tom Gamble. Better I’m sure, but Super Bowl worthy? Hard to say.

  26. Nipper says:

    It’s December 17th and my heater doesn’t work and it’s cold! 38 degrees outside but the sun is coming up strong. Baalke still sucks and Jed for sure must go! What a sorry pair.

  27. Nipper says:

    Bring on the music videos. This game is a joke. Jed should fire the whole team in Atlanta and declare the season is OVER!

    • ewisco says:

      i liked steve young’s comment about sending every single person out to the parking lot and the only ones to come back in are the ones that are part of the solution. except getting 48 more people in the draft and FA is kinda hard.

  28. Irish Kevin says:

    I had absolutely no expectations for this game, it was an automatic loss. Right now I would say the team is just going through the motions. The team is just like everyone else waiting for the end of the season to see who gets fired, demoted, or just flat out leaves.

  29. Winder says:

    It’s good to see that we all found something better to do than watch 49er football today. Once again it was a waste of time. Thanks Jed.

  30. alleykat69 says:

    And to keep the agony going,John Dork just said: Its all false reporting that Jed is being stripped of power!
    So the hits just keep on coming from the once proud franchise.

  31. Nipper says:

    As of the 18th of December, “Jed must go” and “Baalke sucks” is as apt as ever.

  32. unca_chuck says:

    The fact that there isn’t more anger at home is bothersome to me.

  33. unca_chuck says:

    It isn’t that they aren’t giving it their all, they are severely outmanned. And out coached. And out front officed.

    • NJ49er says:

      It’s also looking rather obvious that Chip needs a QB to make this Offense go.
      It is literally killing the Defense that this stooge can’t get first downs.
      Hard to say at this point if Kaep gets Chip fired or not.
      As was beaten to death on the game call, Defenses sit on the short stuff and stop it all day.
      It’s beyond pathetic at this point.
      2 weeks until judgement day at least.
      Can hardly wait for another Jed-licious presser to warm our Faithful cockles.
      No fun, or heightened intrigue from Dr Daddy either.
      Jed appears safe. (For what Godforsaken reason I can’t understand).
      They’ll jettison Baalke.
      Bringing it back to square one.
      16 years and counting, of business minded, penny-pinching stooges, trying to run a football franchise.
      I’m numb.

    • Nipper says:

      A whole lot of “outs.”

  34. NJ49er says:

    The glorious FO Triumvirate of PB&J will likely be reduced to P&J in short order.
    Yet another predictable 180° turn in the circular firing squad of Head Football Coaches/GMs, being discarded in favor of nepotism and, the almighty bottom line of the Corporate Ledger.
    “We thank Trent for all his hard work and dedication, yada, yada,yada”
    Gotta stock up on cold beer and munchies, oughta be a hoot of yet another meeting of the minds on the SF dais.

  35. NJ49er says:

    Be nice, if some of the Faithful could crash the event, and erect a Cabana in front the dais, to block the Boy King from view quite frankly.
    Clueless minion of the Penny Pinching Emperor behind the curtain.

  36. Grumpy Guy says:

    Fuck Jed York sideways with a rusty chainsaw. [End of Message]

  37. Nipper says:

    Jed at his presser will probably want to discuss his cabana in Los Altos Hills that uppity community in the foothills above the bay. “I got mine, fellas. Where’s yours?”

  38. unca_chuck says:

    NJ, this isn’t about Kaepernick. This is about Baalke. Baalke is the coach killer. The roster starts and ends with him. It’s about Jed York not doing anything about his dysfunctional front office year after year.

    Chip Kelly is playing a short hand every game. I’m not sold on him, but again, it’s hard to determine what he could do with better players. He did OK in Philly till he ruined that roster.

    • Nipper says:

      Query: Are they tarping sections of the upper deck at Levi’s?

    • NJ49er says:

      He recruited Harbaugh Chuck. They won plenty in that arrangement too.
      How I see it is, Paraag carried way too much influence on the way the team was financially structured.
      Harbaugh wanted to pay Vets. Paraag wanted to control costs.Perfect ingredients for a dispute? How does your Cap Mgr even play into that relationship otherwise? Or, have media leaks assigned to his position to undermine the HC?

      How do you explain the efforts to recruit Gase, and the reason why it didn’t happen?
      Baalke sought ways to improve the football product while the Yorks sought ways to improve the bottom line.
      Indeed, Baalke came up way short on the Offensive side of the equation and has sought guys like Gase and Chip to improve it.
      Reports from Day 1 also suggest that Harbaugh chose Kaep.
      I’d also suggest that Kaep’s development issues fell more on the Coaches than the GM.
      Miss on the QB, not much happens on the Offense.

      All things considered, we’re 9er fans and want to see improvement.
      I want football guys to run the football ops.
      Until the York’s step out of that dynamic, we’re destined to see more of the same.

  39. ewisco says:

    i was all for giving kelly a break but then i saw that he doesn’t want to play Ponder because “This isn’t open tryouts right now”. really? what the f is it then? it’s not winning football. it’s not going to BE winning football, so what the f do you have to lose? freaking baffling. and my favorite CK, “We have to create a culture of winning by any means. Right now our culture isn’t that.” you’ve been the STARTING QB for years now. who the f is to blame for not having the right culture if not for your lack of credible leadership. but go on, take a freaking knee. Maybe someone else will solve the leadership void that you’re partly responsible for.

  40. ewisco says:

    btw, just now had time to listen to “skating away . . .”. Great track. the JT live album was incredible. when it came out in the late 70’s, my guy i studied with and i would have it on when we were doing electrical engineering homework. neither of us could make hide nor hair out of it until we put the tape (yes, tape. I bootlegged it off of a NY radio station). then it all made sense. extremely weird but that’s a true story. alas, they didn’t allow us to blast JT during the tests. needless to say, i took my D and moved on.

  41. unca_chuck says:

    Bursting out is great. I saw a few shows around that time.

  42. unca_chuck says:

  43. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. Say what you will about Cam Newton, but Roger Goodell hates him. DB leads with his helmet and Newton takes a shot to the head, and gets called for taunting.

    Wisco, I didn’t see the Ponder comments by Chipper. Ludicrous. He’s coaching like he won’t be here next season. Another coach getting fat and happy off of Jed York and Trent Baalks’s incompetence.

    • ewisco says:

      it was in the chron today. a sort of sidebar. made me a crazy person. what the f are you doing if you’re not looking at who can help next season. see steve young’s comments: “everyone out to the parking lot . . .”

  44. Grumpy Guy says:

    Kelly has no fire. The guy is just going about his business like everything is fine; we’re losing by 20 or 30 points every week but no biggie.

    I hate Chip.

    Winners are not comfortable with losing. Kelly has already shown me he is. As far as I am concerned, he’s just wasting our time here until he gets fired.

    • NJ49er says:

      Add to that sentiment too Grump, he knows the York’s are paying another dismissed HC to fish.
      He, (Chip) knows full well he’s going to get paid to lose, or to fish.
      Win/Win for the Chipster.
      Baalke will be sacrificed as this year’s Annual Offering, to mask the inept practices of the York Empire.

      • NJ49er says:

        I’m just praying that they don’t reach for a QB in April with Pick 1, simply because Chip is likely going to have his legacy attached to the position.
        If I were a Kamikaze-minded individual, I’d target the Owners’ Box with said winged projectile and spare the legacy attached to all of us, who are suffering with this clown show.

  45. unca_chuck says:

    Well we have reached the point wheee no one survives this. Kelly’s action speaks that he ain’t coming back. Good to see you Eric.

  46. unca_chuck says:

    I’d sell tge stadium to Prince Valiant at 50 on the dollar and go back to Hunters Point in my dream scenario.

  47. Nipper says:

    Okay the season is over. The coaches know it. Playing Ponder is fruitless. The next coach can worry about who plays what position. Kelly probably knows his fate and Baalke knows the drill too. You lose bad things happen. As bad as Kap is that’s all the Niners really have at the position of QB. With all the injuries perhaps another two losses are in the works anyway. It’s too late to get worked up over this season. The players have quit not because of the coach but they know most of their fates lie elsewhere. The fans have quit for sure by the empty seats.

  48. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up . . .

    And there was much rejoicing

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