Chi-Town Meltdown

Wow. In a display of ineptitude that brings to mind the singing quarterback Scott Bull and the 2-14 year of 1978, this team played like they know they suck hard and have nothing left to do. Sure it was snowing and the weather was bad, but that didn’t stop Chicago from trying. Neither team completed a pass till the 2 min warning. Of course we had the ball for 20 of the first 30 mins and still managed to fall behind 7-6 because Shaun Draughns blocked a punt and Rashard Robinson stepped OB and celebrated too much. when we went down 1 point at the half my thought was it is a hill too far.

Of course they got 19 and we got 0. ZZZZzzzzzzzzz…………..

Kappy was a stellar 1-5 for 4 yards and 6 sacks. So he threw for a net -29 yards.

Gabby took the yoke of backup off and went off in an incendiary performance and was 4-10 and 35 yards. Well, compared to Kappy.

Not much to say. Not much to hope for. Baalke is still here. Jed is still pussing out by remaining silent, and the team might as well forfeit the rest of their games. They have given up.

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101 Responses to Chi-Town Meltdown

  1. Nipper says:

    Hark! They suck!

  2. 12th Man says:

    What maybe the Grandaddy of second half ineptitude, the Niners didn’t get nearer than 65 yds to the end zone.

    In more heartening news there is this:

  3. 12th Man says:

    Baalke is not a scapegoat NJ, he is the root cause. Not Jed or Paraag or snowy the owl, Trent Baalke. He has had absolute free reign and has used it to the ruin of this team. He says himself “put it on my shoulders”. Okay……

  4. Flavor says:

    Kaep embarrassed himself today. He was sitting in a clean pocket, had McDonald completely wide open, and he missed him by a solid 20 feet high. You can’t blame that shit on the weather. And if he can’t throw the ball in a little snow then he shouldn’t be playing pro football. They don’t play this game in the summer time. Fucking shitty Barkley outplayed him. Kaep has lost, what, like 12 games in a row? I’m not sure that’s the number but he is awful and sucks and he’s dumb as fuck anyway and needs to GO. No MORE KAEP. I don’t care who plays, I just want him gone…….

  5. Irish Kevin says:

    Alright so, I am not a scout so I know zero about drafting players, Dak Prescott 4th round, 37th pick, 135th pick around. James Garoppolo 2nd round pick, so what I want to know is how do they determine that there are no quality QB’s in this years draft?? Jerry Rice 1st round 16th pick. If teams knew what Jerry would become he would have been the number 1 draft pick. The NFL draft is truly a crap shoot, you just don’t know what you will get!

  6. Irish Kevin says:

    I am not saying the Niners should draft a QB in the first round of this years draft, but I see no reason not to draft a QB in one of the rounds.

    • 12th Man says:

      Baalke drafted a QB, WR and RB all after the 6th round this year and then didn’t protect the QB he drafted and Cincy took him off the Niners PS, he then cut the RB and the WR has done nothing at all.

      He puts little to no emphasis on the skill positions and when he does he mostly blows it.

      That an top of yet another DB with an ACL injury taken in the third round who is on IR was the last straw for me.

      Baalke stinks.

  7. 12th Man says:

    Jay Glazer said in the pre-game show that it doesn’t matter what happens over the last 5 games, Chip Kelly will be back next year. Given the epic collapse of the Niners, now at 11 losing games in a row, clearly someone won’t be back. My money is on Baalke and O’Neil getting pinks.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Kaepernick played in Reno so snow isn’t an issue. He may be sucking but who would help? Ponder? I suppose we’ll see him at some point but we have no QBs signed for next year so it fairly safe to say 2 of the 3 if not all of them are gone. Plus the GM and possibly the coach. So yeah let’s get Fitzpatrick from he Jets. Or Romo. Oh he’s hurt again. Think Osweiler is working out? There are a league full of shitty QBs urgently playing in the NFL now. There’s no one coming in the draft that wouldn’t be a sleeper.

    Baalke had better be gone because he has neglected the offense at the cost of drafting for the defense for 5 years and the defense is not good. We have no pass rush and we give up 3rd downs at an alarming rate. We fall behind and can’t catch up or we just fade to nothing. The team needs 2 solid drafts and some free agents to get decent. So 2019 is the new future.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    I guaranteed it would be Gamble because Jed will tell him he has to keep Chip.

    Tom will gladly take the job with the muzzle placed on him.

  10. Nipper says:

    So far Trent’s still on the job and Jed is trying to build a cabana. 49ers are at the bottom with the Browns. Sucking at something has never looked worse.

    • Nipper says:

      The BEARS looked like the ole Monsters of the Midway playing against the Niners. Damn that was a beating. Kap better be shown the door soon. He sucks for sure.

  11. Winder says:

    IMO only way things might change is through a total housecleaning. I honestly don’t think Chipski is up to being a HC in the NFL. I think he is a good college coach but the pro game is too much for him. We have a better O-line this year than we had last year but our offense is terrible. Even Gabbert was better last year. I think if the Chipster stays we will be stuck in a mire for even longer than if we just dump him.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    Read that article 12th and yeah, Florio is saying what I said. The transition will be to Gamble for continuity reasons and to keep Kelly here.

    Not like it’s an earthshaking thing, but really, they have to make a change at the GM spot. The talent drain was apparent before Harbaugh left and I’m sure had something to do with his departure.

    • 12th Man says:

      Mike Nolan says although he thinks Baalke is a good talent guy he carries the blame for Tomsula and Kelly hires and insinuates Baalke is probably getting fired.

      He also says the roster isn’t as bad as people think and that obviously they need a QB and could be a .500 team in short order.

      Most of that is jabs at Kelly’s coaching (He mentions needing good coordinators, O’Neil?) and a complete dismissal of the QB’s on roster.

      I think the same as you Chuck, they will promote Tom Gamble who does have a strong rep around the league as a good talent evaluator.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    Teflon Mike offering advice is like having Jack the Ripper as your surgeon.

    Not knowing how to use his talent was a hallmark of the Nolan era

    NoFear Just blew A load though.

    • Nipper says:

      Jack the Ripper? Hello I’m your heart surgeon. “Shortly you will be put under and hopefully after my procedure you will emerge alive and well.” lol

    • 12th man says:

      Maybe so but he concedes Baalke is likely gone and takes a shot at Kelly and his coordinators.
      He also leaves no doubt Kap and Gabbery are not the guy.
      Plenty of peoplearning agree with that.

      I’m not sure about Kelly but the team looked like they had given up in Chicago and that’s not a good look for any coach.

      I would like to see some emotion from him after these bad losses and reading about players laughing it up in the food line after the game stinks too.

      Staley said “play for pride”. Sounds lacking for some of his team mates.

  14. Irish Kevin says:

    Yeah Balke has to go, no excuse from Jed on why they should keep him.

  15. rob says:

    How the fuck did they do this. 6 sacks ? 6 pts ? Wtf maybe it’s true could Baalke be the anti Christ

  16. Nipper says:

    HELP WANTED NOW………GM position open ……call JED at the Los Altos Hills Cabana.

  17. unca_chuck says:

    Cabana boy better get his shit together. No heart, no passion, no touchdowns. Bad bad bad shit.

  18. 12th Man says:

    Jason Cole says Niners coaches not sold on Kap (no shit) and that his future with the team got more doubtful after his benching.

    My 2 cents is Kap is running through the motions and is just as, if not more interested, in his politics. His play on the field is all over the place and Fangio knew just how to expose him.

    The team needs a QB, DC and GM at a minimum.

    My money is on Gamble and Kelly next year. With an estimated $60 million to spend and another buttload of picks this team could be respectable quickly if the new GM will spend in free agency. They do have some solid pieces just not enough right now.

    Next question is can Kelly pull it off? Sounds like he gets another year to show he can.

    As for which QB, have to wait to see who becomes available and what comes of the draft but the idea that there are no NFL quality QB’s in the draft this year is absurd. Kap is not the answer.

  19. NJ49er says:

    12th too bad you and I couldn’t sit down for a few cold ones and talk 9er football.
    Like everyone that got bounced since the York regime took control, Baalke will become yet another scapegoat for their meddlesome ineptitude.

    For a GM to be successful he’s got to have continuity with the Coaches, support and patience from Ownership, a budget to operate with.
    For all the changes at the HC level comes changes in the personnel that came before him.
    I don’t dispute ‘The ACL Guys’ for example. Reaches all.
    My simply philosophy in the Baalke saga is what went on around him since he took the reigns.
    He delivered Harbaugh, fortunes turned, team won, internal disputes still arose with the FO.
    Kaep was a Harbaugh ‘Draft want’ that flamed out. Miss on the QB, set your Franchise clock back 5yrs.
    Granted, GM turns in the Pick. Owns the results in the end.
    Harbaugh’s firing created a mass exodus in talent behind it, GM stuck in a H3LL Hole.
    I don’t buy Nolan’s suggestion that Tomsula was Baalke’s ‘hire’ so much, since he spent plenty of energy recruiting Gase. Certainly plausible I suppose but, I think Jed/Paraag wanted a clean sweep of the Harbaugh regime. Open to speculation of course.

  20. NJ49er says:

    Baalke is a self proclaimed ‘Draft for development’ guy.
    Add players, change HCs, create some square pegs for the round holes.
    Harbaugh/Tomsula guys no longer fit the Chip model as originally intended.
    Harbaugh wanted his TEs to block, Chip wants them to catch.
    VD had his receiving career derailed pretty much by Harbaugh, while VMcD never learned to catch much during his ‘development’ period either.
    Plenty to debate on this subject beyond guys Baalke Drafted that aren’t in the Pro Bowl.
    It is and always has been, a crapshoot.
    Our Ownership sucks nuts, runs off HCs, leaves a scorched earth policy behind for everyone else to work though.
    IMO, Baalke should be kicked up to some new position that would kick Paraag further away from the action.
    If Baalke goes, he goes. Not going to cause so much as a hiccup in my life.
    I simply feel he got more sh!t than he deserved with this York ‘business’ model.
    My final 2¢ –
    Baalke and Gamble worked together prior to him taking the Philly job, and (IMO) should be given a chance to work this Draft, with Chip, to find the QB/WRs etc, needed to make this system of his productive, if that’s even possible.
    If Baalke can stick to the Defense, Chip the Offense, maybe the 2 halves can make it whole?

    • 12th Man says:

      NJ, in a nutshell I feel you keep giving Baalke excuses and the benefit of the doubt and I can’t for the life of me understand why you think Baalke has done anything to deserve another crack at it. There is a ton of evidence he has drafted poorly and he does nothing in free agency which given this roster is an absolute must, the Niners don’t have 3 years in the cellar waiting to see if Baalke’s new picks will pan out.

      It’s time.

      • NJ49er says:

        I simply don’t see how he, or anyone working for the Yorks, can have success 12th.
        He’ll get his share of blame for the results as the GM, no question.
        They just seem clueless to the results they’ve produced with all the drama.

        As I’ve attempted to convey low these many months, he’s in a similar situation that our old pal Vinny Cerrato was in with Snyder in DC, or Parcells ended up with in Dallas.
        When Ownership feels compelled to ‘tinker or meddle’ in the football Ops, GMs are simply puppets.
        Picks are typically specific to the HC/GM/Staff making them in a given year.
        I don’t feel Baalke is flying recklessly on his own when each Draft Board is assembled.
        He’s getting input and preferences from the Staff he’s working with.
        We’re a clusterfuk of dysfunction under the Yorks.
        McCloughan, Mooch, Nolan, and on down the line.
        Nothing is consistent in SF but the revolving door or regime changes.
        Give me a patient Owner and a stable staff for a few years and see what can develop?
        Until they hit on a QB, which I’m hoping Chip can find, we’re simply better served to play Defense IMO.

  21. Winder says:

    I could be mistaking but I think yesterday’s 49er ‘s play was the worst in NFL history. i am all for shitcanning Baalky and have been for quite awhile but there is no way Chipper gets a free pass. He should get the Axe right along with the DC and OC. He is a fucking terrible HC without a doubt. No one can overlook our glorious losing streak. Kelly is almost just as much to blame as Baalky. I don’t see how anyone can give a break, he does’t deserve one.

    • Winder says:

      Also, i doubt anyone will be fooled by Jed’s bullshit if he comes out with Gamble and Kelly. This is straight horseshit( can we say Mike Singletary one more time). I don’t have anything against Gamble, unless he gets the GM job and keeps Kelly. The only HC on the planet that couldn’t keep up with Tomsula. We need to clean the fucking house.

      • NJ49er says:

        Nothing changes until the Yorks leave the eff’n stage (house) Winder.
        We’re right in the same sentence with Cleveland now.
        Loyal fan bases being sh!t on by clueless Ownership.
        Job applicants know coming in that there’s no loyalty or support.
        It’s just a change for the sake of change.
        There’s no immediate gratification in this game.
        Takes time, patience and stability.

      • Winder says:

        The problem with that is Jed’s not going anywhere. He has to get a GM that has a plan, knows the game, and can put quality people in the right positions. Jed just has to be invisible. To dick around with Kelly wouldn’t be productive and probably set us back a couple more years. The man is a loser.

  22. NJ49er says:

    I too find Cosell to be pretty insightful with his analysis 12th.
    A short time back he did a podcast with Maiocco wherein he suggested we make an offer to Belichick to obtain Garrapolo.
    I would do that deal in a heartbeat if the cost was within reason.
    Good relationships exist between Chip/Baalke and Belichick.
    Having respected the Parcell’s Coaching Tree as I have, I simply think losing Trent removes the last decent option we’d have as a ‘football guy’ with connections.
    Granted Gamble could provide experience but, I’d put Baalke somewhere in the FO if it meant pushing Paraag out further.
    I have always advocated for football guys working together to build football rosters.
    Jed/Paraag/Yorks of any combination don’t fit my schematic.

  23. NJ49er says:

    Looks as though we’ll be facing Bryce Petty next week when the NYJ come to town.
    Fitzy got benched and is probably done in NJ.
    Buh-bye Kaep. Potential job opening of your dreams could be there for the taking in the Spring.
    Should be a real barn-burner in SF next Sunday in terms of QB play.
    Either way, I’m a NYJ fan for this one.
    Eff YOU Jed.

  24. unca_chuck says:

    Well, having Trent has give us what exactly? Zip. 3 of Baalke’s drafts were with Harbaugh. No continuity loss there and the drafts weren’t good.

    Scott and Nolan worked well drafting but the coaching sucked. Yes you need both to succeed but we have neither right now.

    • NJ49er says:

      Trent/Scot and Gamble were all involved along that path Chuck.
      With the York’s removing all those ingredients around Baalke would you expect much success?
      He’s sought Offensive improvements but, missing on QBs is the key ingredient in that recipe.
      He’s had reasonably good success Defensively, which is where I think his strengths are.
      The Parcell’s Model is very predictable. Run, play Defense.
      The Harbaugh overhaul set this team back several years due to change of scheme and loss of talent that wasn’t planned for.
      As I’ve beaten to death, the common denominator is impatient, meddling Ownership.
      Can’t develop much when Staffs are constantly being overhauled.

  25. unca_chuck says:

    We made the Bears look great, why not NYJ?

    • NJ49er says:

      Just watched the game today Chuck.
      Same issues still plague Kaep.
      Flat throws, off target, no touch.
      He misses some very manageable throws all too often.
      2 or 3 can change a game.
      When he isn’t afforded an escape route, which Fangio closed off pretty consistently, he’s damn near worthless.
      He looked like ‘the Kaep of old’ in Miami for one simple reason, he ran alot.
      I also seem to recall a Playoff game in GB where he ran wild in the cold.
      Don’t think it snowed in that matchup but, without lots of green space in front of him he panics and takes sacks.
      Counting down the games until they part ways with him.

      • NJ49er says:

        The game is just too fast for his mental processing capacity perhaps?
        Doesn’t digest information quickly and doesn’t show any anticipation for what his Receivers are expecting to do.
        He simply looks for a target and whistles it in there.
        Can’t survive this game with that sort of approach.

  26. NJ49er says:

    One play caught my attention involving VMcD too.
    After Gabbert replaced Kaep late, he threw to VMcD who again dropped the pass.
    Sort of looked to me that he was a click off with the speed difference between Kaep and Gabbert.
    That’s the sort of timing and familiarity that costs a team over time.
    No chemistry develops between QB and Receiver.
    We’ve just been spinning wheels with all the constant changes.

  27. Nipper says:

    HELP WANTED…….QB with large hands and a smart brain. Must have a good arm and be able to follow instructions from a guy named Chip. Apply at the 49ers front desk in Santa Clara. We are an equal opportunity employer.

  28. Winder says:

    The question I have is why would anyone want to keep Kelly for another year? His players revolted against him in Philly, he was the architect of some really bad trade decisions, and he is
    1-11 here. The only reason we won the first game is because we played the rams and they were obviously not prepared. It looks a lot like our players just give up on plays and I don’t see a bit of fire in him. Why would anyone think that by keeping him for another year things would be different? Most owners would have shitcanned him already. He has to be held accountable.

  29. unca_chuck says:

    It’s about the money, Winder. Jed doesn’t want to be paying Jimmy T, Chipper, and whoever the new coach would be. That’s like $60 mill in coaching fees depending on who they get.

    Kelly was 20-12 to start his time in Philly, but he had players. The talent drain hit him there as well, either by his or others’ doing.

    • 12th Man says:

      Its why I think they will go with Gamble, he will be OK with Kelly whereas an outside GM would likely want his own coach. Gives ownership a way to test the waters with Kelly for a second year as well make a change at GM.

  30. Nipper says:

    That’s the big downside in the NFL……… loss of talent. Teams can not keep everyone who wants big money but football needs a lot of bodies with all the injuries. Plus the FAs do not want to sign with teams that lose frequently like the Browns and the Niners. Who would? Coaches do not want to sign here either. Who wants to lose and get blamed for it? Keep firing people is not the answer either. The more successful franchises keep their people longer. Turnover in personnel is a problem.

  31. rtfirefly says:

    Hey! I got through! New anti-malware found something. Does that mean I’ll be able to get through again? I’ve got so much crap on this PC with scripts running in the background and more, it could be anything.

    1) I’m assuming for the following that we’re going to lose @Atl and vs. Sea. Seems to me like a safe assumption.
    2) I’m assuming Cle will go 0-16 but might sneak one win at most in, at best 1-15. Heck, pigs might fly and they finish 2-14.
    3) Strength of Schedule is king in draft position. Should we catch Chi at 3-13, our loss to them would help us only if we wind up tied in SOS. We would lose out on draft position to them based on current SOS.
    4) We rule on SOS vs. Cle and Jax and are slightly behind Chi.


    We will finish 1st-4th.
    Should we lose vs. NYJ OR @LA, we are guaranteed 2nd at worst.
    Should we beat NYJ AND @LA is where it gets interesting. We would drop to 4th at current opponents’ win totals and overall SOS. A win by the Bears would give us the draft victory over them and guarantee 3rd at worst. A win by the Jags would give us the draft victory over them and guarantee 3rd at worst.

    So, there it is. Go Jets! A loss this weekend would guarantee the 2nd overall at worst.

  32. rtfirefly says:

    Given this team’s talent level, I’m torn between Garrett, someone like the SEC ILB New Jersey pointed out, or a Carson Wentz/Julio Jones deal. That latter depends on with whom we trade. The incoming picks would need to be middle 1st rounders, no lower.

  33. unca_chuck says:

    RTF< clear your cache as well. This can cause log in problems.

    • rtfirefly says:

      Shit, I’ve tried everything. It was a conflict between WP and something. That something is the unknown.

      I’m still pissed. I posted “Grandma got run over by a reindeer” anticipating our first and very late snow. Missed us in from the north and south both. I was going to post a slew of Christmas music. I’ll have to find some good desert stuff instead.

  34. Winder says:

    chuck- Not buying the money angle, dead cash is part of the nfl. I think it would cost jed a lot more in the long-run if he keeps pear-boy. I would fire him just for the Chicago game alone. Believe me when I say if he keeps Kelly the stands will be empty again. I can’t imagine anyone thinking that Kelly would even be remotely successful at this point. He came into the league and had a pretty good 1st year. The league has caught up with him and next year will be the same if we keep him.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Dr. York took away free water bottles for the players when he took over. You think paying 3 coaches at the same time isn’t a big concern of his?

      As we have pretty much determined by their actions, they don’t give one fuck about the fans. Or attendance. They want to diddle around and pretend they are trying so they can collect their share of the collective loot.

  35. Winder says:

    This one always makes me feel better

  36. 12th Man says:

    Kap to start against the Jets

  37. NJ49er says:

    Trying Ponder might improve our odds of winning.
    Leaving Kaep in the starter role, improves our chances for better Draft position.
    Good chance we’ll win this battle of inept Offensives but, at least the NYJ can think Kaep is worth a Contract in NJ next year, if Petty blows chunks in his 4 game audition.
    House for sale in SJ, property purchased in NYC. It’s looking like the departure plan is already heading East.
    Money to spend next year should include his restructured, yet bloated, current Contract.
    Good move might include keeping Gabbert and Ponder on new FA deals and, going for a developmental QB in April.
    My favored QB will be throwing to my highly favored WR in the Cotton Bowl.
    Zach Terrell and Corey Davis from WMU.
    Get a look and share some feedback if you can.

  38. Nipper says:

    Today is a day that lives on in infamy. No Jed hasn’t left town and Trent is still on the job. Kap is still the QB and kneeling at the anthem. A lot of us are driving Hondas and Toyotas. GO TEAM!

  39. Nipper says:

    Remember Bill King? Apparently he finally made the Hall of Fame for broadcasters. KNBR is remembering him on the Gary Radnich show.

    • Winder says:

      I loved listening to Bill King, what a great broadcaster.
      Our current 49ers are a rudderless ship and our captain pear-boy is kicking back on the deck with a cocktail and a fatty just watching the fucking clouds roll by.

  40. 12th Man says:

    A bit more from Cosell on Kap in Chicago:
    “Looking at the sacks, there were opportunities for tighter window, but NFL throws — and first of all, I don’t think Kaepernick is that guy under normal circumstances — and my sense is, he didn’t feel comfortable in this weather,” Cosell added. “He certainly wasn’t gonna cut it loose on those kinds of throws in this weather.

    “Maybe Chip knew that, maybe he didn’t. But to me, as I said, it’s more fascinating that he didn’t have him throw the ball at all.”

    Best phrase “but NFL throws” saying Kap can’t make those throws.

    Modkins was asked about Ponder, he side stepped it but didn’t close the door on it. Chip was asked about it too and he sidestepped it as well, but no change for this week, its Kap and Gabbert again.

    • Winder says:

      This whole year has been nothing but a clown show. i don’t get it. Nowhere is the remotest glimpse of professionalism. The wheels fell off miles ago but no one in the FO seems to notice. Unfuckingbelievable. I didn’t think I would let myself get mad this year but I am.

      • 12th Man says:

        O’Neil isn’t up to it and that’s plain as day. Kap is a ticking bomb, Gabbert is a back up at best, Ponder is an unknown quantity, the only guy to show any pass rush skill this year at any time is Marcus Rush who is still on the PS, the QB they drafted got picked from the PS and a ton of other problems yet nothing pro active is being done. Games go by and they just keep trotting out the same thing.

        With nothing left to lose in the season I can’t think of a less adventurous coaching staff and they have the built in excuse of Baalke built it yet they still do just about nothing.

        Mind numbing.

  41. Nipper says:

    Please someone send Jed a memo ……..his football team stinks. Dear Jed ……You are an inept dope……please leave town …….your former fans.

    • rob says:

      Torrey Smith says the players love Chip Kelley and want him to stay.
      Chip’s father was buried in his 49er gear!

      • Nipper says:

        I guess Chip is staying put for better or worse. That DC might have to walk the plank. Maybe a few turf guys and the hot dog vendor too just to show Jed means business! Somebody has to pay for this crappy season.

  42. Nipper says:

    Memo to Trent ……….”Your services are no longer required. Please leave now.” from Fans who want a new direction.

  43. unca_chuck says:

    Even playing Ponder would show that they are at least open to different ideas once in a while. Rush still on the ps is beyond baffling as well. Our 7th round QB won’t do anything anywhere but waiting that long to draft a QB is a problem. As is yet another 3rd round ACL guy who didn’t play.

    • Winder says:

      It is pretty obvious that Baalky is a terrible decision maker. He may have a long football history but he’s not cut out to be a GM. Just like Kelly is not cut out to be an NFL HC.

    • Nipper says:

      Chip has probably seen enough of Ponder and looks to him as strictly a backup.

      • 12th Man says:

        Could be Nipper but Chip himself says you can’t really tell until they are in a game and I agree with that. Kurt Warner was a terrible practice guy.

  44. rtfirefly says:

    I’ve been remiss in not praising Klay Thompson for his game for the ages Monday night. 60 points in 29 minutes on the court is spectacular enough. Klay possessed the ball for 88 seconds. 60 points in 88 seconds???? LOL – and there’s this: he dribbled all of 11 times!

  45. Nipper says:

    Anyone out there thinks the 49ers can beat the Jets? I’m hopeful that Kap will find his game finally.

  46. Winder says:

    It does look like the Chipper is gonna get a free pass out of this shitmire. I will always be a Niner fan but it is really hard to understand the stupidity which to me will just prolong the agony.

  47. rtfirefly says:

    Only 24 more shopping days till Black Monday.

    On a side note, have you seen how dominant Alex’ offense has been in the last two games, the Chiefs’ two most important games of the year? 2 TDs per game – 14 points. What an offense! If not for a bonehead play call in the Falcons game, and a worse 2 pt. conversion INT by Matt Ryan, the Chiefs would have lost that one. Last night Carr had one of the worst games of his career and the Raiders were still in it till the end.

    Alex is the luckiest man on the planet. When you can count on your D and ST for 16 pts against Atlanta (more than your own offense) and 7 against the Raiders, and it’s a regular thing…

  48. unca_chuck says:

    Young Sir Alex has like a 74% winning %age since joining KC. It ain’t ALL luck but a good defense helps.

    Till they get further than one and done in the playoffs though, the Chiefs are what they are. Meh.

  49. unca_chuck says:

    KC has always been one of my favorite teams from the AFL days of Lenny Dawson, Otis Taylor, and Hank Stram.

    Maybe this is the year they finally get through a couple playoff games,

    New thread is up.

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