Silence of the Yorks . . .

The latest slasher pic coming to a theater near you . . .

And bleeding is exactly what the fans are doing these days. As the Niners play out the string of another lost season, the ownership group hides in the cozy confines of 4949 Centennial Blvd, Santa Clara, CA safe in the knowledge that they built a stadium at the cost of the team that is supposed to fill it up. Jed hasn’t said or released anything publicly since September 8th when he, at the behest of Colin Kaepernick, donated $1 million to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

Yay. Good job, Jed. Since then however, your team has lost 10 games in a row, and there is deafening silence coming from the front office. The last time he spoke, near as I can tell, was before training camp broke on August 1st. Through the slide into oblivion we get nothing. The tiny bits of light are swallowed whole by mounting losses and growing uncertainty.

I’m sure Chip Kelly feels good as he either collects a paycheck alongside the rail with Jimmy T, or gets another shot with a team full of 2nd stringers. A no-lose situation despite all the losses. As bad as the team has looked, it’s kinda hard to pin this on him as there has been nothing of substance added to the team for 5 drafts. Say what you will about the coaching changes, the biggest problem is the fact that Trent Baalke is batting .096 in his last 5 drafts. He needs to go. Period.

If Jed has any balls, he’ll hire a GM and give him carte blanche to build the team from the GM down. Impose restrictions on what the Gm can do and you lose any decent candidate. Chip would be on the block, but not necessarily. Jed has to make a choice and sit back. Not diddle around and push pieces around the checker board.

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  1. Winder says:

    chuck- the silence is what is so disturbing. The way our FO is acting is that nothing is wrong. I know we are very disfuntional but I didn’t know we were delusional also. It is way past the point of being anything close to rational. I can’t wait to actually hear what Jed has to say because there is no way he can side step this one.

  2. Nipper says:

    Jed is too busy building his cabana in Los Altos Hills and fighting in court to worry about the Niners. The Niners can eat cake!

  3. Winder says:

    Anyone know if Christian Mccaffery is gonna be draft eligible this year? If he is that is who I want even with a 1st rounder

  4. Nipper says:

    Today is Dec. 1st and Trent is still on the job. When will Jed crawl out of his cabana and make a decision? Oh he’s going to wait until the end of this sorry-ass season to make any decision at all. How nice. Procrastination is a Jed specialty. Yes, Trent still SUCKS as GM.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Did I post this? It’s me (Jed Must Go), Irish Kevin, and my son (Baalke Sucks).

    Funny thing is, this is half time. The stands are deserted.

    • Nipper says:

      Nice pic. Nice day and empty stands. Levi’s is a disaster with the current roster. Yes those bags never looked better.

  6. Nipper says:

    Last night on Comcast, Maiocco even admitted changes are sure to be made and more than likely Trent will have to walk the plank.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Nip, that means the next exhaustive search will net Tom Gamble as the new GM because Jed wil say he has to keep the Chipster. They will couch it in, ‘we worked well together in Philly’ bullshit, and maybe it’s true, but it allows Jed to dodge the bullet of paying 3 head coaches . . .

    • Nipper says:

      It seems it always comes down to money. Looks like the changes will be in-house. No one good will come from outside and not be able to pick a new coach.

  8. Nipper says:

    The latest from KNBR……..KAP’s selling his San Jose Mansion. Make of it what you will.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    I don;t think he’s getting traded. Unless the Bears trade for him. Then he beats us.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    How would that be for irony? Fucking Skeebers little pinhead would explode.

    And what is NoFear’s problem with the Bureau of Land Management? He’s always going on about them.

    It must be his love of the Bundy brothers and welfare grazing/farming.

    I kid, I kid.

  11. Nipper says:

    Hark! Another 49er game is coming up. More entertainment to be had!

  12. Winder says:

    With the rule changes and officiating the NFL has really gone downhill this year. i know it has been trending in this direction for quite awhile now but the parody and mass of un-interesting games seem to be more prevalent. I am not saying this because our 49ers suck wind and are the most boring/untalented team in sports I am saying this because the overall product is terrible.The fucking Raiders and Cowboys are the only two good teams this year and really they are not that great. Maybe I am getting old and just don’t care any longer, I dunno. I do know that I hope the Fucking Rams hammer us the next time we play and that in itself is saying volumes about this 49er fan

  13. unca_chuck says:

    It is getting shitty out there. I don’t think I’ve seen a Thursday game as I don’t even know who’s playing, and by the time I them them on, it’s Houston 28, SD 3 or some other shitty score.

    I thought basketball was different till I watched the Warrior game last night. The first half saw like 40 fouls called. Steph got 2 fouls in 3 seconds guarding Harden that were complete mysteries. Steph got shoved in the chest by Anderson on a drive when Steph had position and got called. Naturally he fouled out in OT.

    40% of calls in the NBA are based on the talent of the player.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Unless you are AI or Steph Curry.

  15. Nipper says:

    It’s December 3rd and Baalke still sucks and Jed is still building or thinking about his cabana in the Hills of Los Altos, a suburb of the rich and shameless. They think nothing of grabbing your wallet and kicking you in the groin all the way to the bank. LOL Pay up SUCKERS!

    • 12th Man says:

      Maiocco sais he thinks Baalke will be fired at the end of the season. Lets hope he is still “insider Matt Maiocco”.

  16. 12th Man says:

    Some people respect Cosell and others decry him but I like the guy. He studies a ton of film and I think he is objective in his analysis. His opinion on Kap is not to go into next season handing him the starting job. Kap is a highlight reel guy with splash plays but inconsistent and fairly inaccurate.

    His piece:

    • Nipper says:

      Kap will be leaving town if somebody out there wants him. He’s not too happy as a Niner. Of course, he can always change his mind.

  17. Nipper says:

    It’s 2:11 and Trent is still calling the shots. Jed is hiding in his cabana and the earth is still round. And we’re all still breathing I think. Just another day of being a Niner follower. They’re still selling Niner stuff at Safeway and at full retail at that! Jed is a demanding dude. He wants your money!

  18. Nipper says:

    THE BEARS ……..10 AM. Wake up Chuck……

  19. unca_chuck says:

    Given the choices, 12th, I’m not clear on who they give the job to. Culter? Romo? Fitzpatrick? There’s no one out there better.

  20. Winder says:

    Personally I don’t see how we can lose this one, but I’m sure we’ll find a way. As long as Baalky is still here draft position doesn’t mean squat.

  21. 12th Man says:

    Im taking the niners by 7

  22. Winder says:

    Time to play ponder

  23. Irish Kevin says:

    Nice weather in Chicago

  24. Winder says:

    Hard to believe this is the nfl

  25. Irish Kevin says:

    The NFL got what they wanted, parity heaven! Other than NE is there another Dynasty team. In the 80’s and 90’s, you had the Niners, Cowboys, Bears, Giants, GB,. In the AFC, Denver, Pitts, Miami, Bengals,. Now all you have are watered down talent.

  26. Nipper says:

    A field goal ……3-0 for the Niners!

  27. Irish Kevin says:

    The No Fun League at its best, a peanalty for excessive celebrating.

  28. 12th man says:

    2 trips deep in the red zone, turnover and TOP all Niners. This game shouldn’t be close but it’s a 1 score game, crazy.

  29. Nipper says:

    Ouch! Chicago TD

  30. NoFear49er says:

    Agree they should allow celebrations or not, they don’t allow excessive and that is the rule currently and every player knows it. Intentionally drawing the fifteen yard penalty just shows you don’t give a shit for your team and in this case probably cost them a TD in a game that they are pretty scarce so far. If the Niners lose by four points or less it could have cost them the game. Just selfish and stupid in my view.

    • Irish Kevin says:

      That is the very reason the players and the fans have started calling it the NFL…the No Fun League!! You are going to penalize teams because a player or owner or Coach is crying on the sideline because you just scored or got a sack or interception?? F that!!

      • NoFear49er says:

        Not sure I understand your argument there but whether they should allow it or not wasn’t my point.

        Whose fault is it if you break the rules and get flagged for it?

        Personally I think it’s poor sportsmanship and trying to take personal glory for what is almost always a team accomplishment. Play like a team or for some other team.

      • Irish Kevin says:

        So what you are saying is that the NFL should have taken the celebrating of TD’s or what ever a long time a go. All the celebrating that Jerry Rice did should have been penalized??

      • NoFear49er says:

        Not really, I don’t like it, personally. If the league allows it I’ll live with it.

        Are you a fan of cut blocks then? Bobb McKittrick / Walsh coached it in those days.

      • Irish Kevin says:

        That is a stupid question, how can you compare a celebration with trying to intentionally hurting someone! Seriously that was a stupid question.

      • NoFear49er says:

        The same way you compare ancient rules with today’s.

        Having refused to address (or maybe understand) my original point in all your replies, maybe you’re not the best judge of stupid.

  31. 12th man says:

    And there it is with a little help from the zebra’s.

    Barkley can pass but Kap cant?

  32. alleykat69 says:

    Terrible pass interference call in the end zone gave the Bears a gift TD..

  33. Irish Kevin says:

    If the Niners don’t come out throwing the ball, this will be another loss

  34. Irish Kevin says:

    Ineptitude at its best

  35. Irish Kevin says:

    Making this QB look like Joe Montana!!

  36. 12th man says:

    Brock and Ward both look like shit and Kap can’t throw in the snow. Barkley looks like an all pro. This back 4 having a terriblemail game.

  37. Winder says:

    This really is ridiculous.

  38. Irish Kevin says:

    No this does not fall on Kelly, no talent on the field is the problem, and that falls squarely on Balke

    • 12th man says:

      Not excusing Baalke Kevin, but Chip took no shots in the air when it was still a guessing game, he went run up the gut play after play and became one dimensional intentionally.
      Poor coaches decision IMO.

      Now Gabbert.

      • Irish Kevin says:

        Yeah, but that has been the SOP for the Niners over the last 10 years, no passing game till absolutely necessary

    • Winder says:

      Not buying it Kevin. Granted our team has very little talent. But play calling has been suspect for many weeks now. Chip isn’t fooling anyone, not even second and third stringers

      • 12th man says:

        I really feel they need to elevate Ponder to see what they have. Gabbert undertaken every pass attempt and Kap was atrocious today.

        What’should to lose? The Bears are starting Matt “hot tub” Barkley for Fuchs sake and look at him today, Dan freakin Marino!

      • 12th man says:


  39. Irish Kevin says:

    Yeah, now for the musical QB chair

  40. Irish Kevin says:

    Why not Ponder?

  41. Flavor says:

    this is the first game of the year where I feel like they’ve given up….

  42. 12th man says:

    Barkley’s first career win, of course.

  43. Nipper says:

    Damn this game sucks! Oh well this too will pass………….

  44. Nipper says:

    Wake Jed up and insist he fire someone …..anyone…..NOW!

  45. 12th man says:


    Heads must roll.

  46. Grumpy Guy says:

    Six yards net passing. We did not finish negative ONLY thanks to Gabbert. Bears had six sacks.

    This team needs an enema.

  47. NJ49er says:

    Don’t look now, but we could be trading in Baalke for Kaep next year.
    We’re an eff’n joke.
    The 2nd coming of Daniel Snyder.
    Create a revolving door of scapegoats and look like you know what you’re doing as an Owner.
    Feckless, futile, fuk’n nimrods.
    Can’t show Chip the door, without paying yet another HC to fish.
    Thanks to Fangio at least., for showing just how devoid of talent Kaep is, when he can’t run from pressure.
    I’m a NYJ Fan next week too.
    No reason to trot Ponder out there at this point either IMO.
    We already know he can play from the Pocket.
    See if he’s willing to re-up next year, after the anticipated departure of Kaep.

  48. NJ49er says:

    I’m most concerned that, in a deep class of Defensive talent next Spring, they’ll opt to take a QB in the Top 5 that doesn’t deserve to be selected there.

  49. NJ49er says:

    Perhaps we have some explanation on Chip’s rough afternoon?

  50. unca_chuck says:

    Jesus. This goes down as one of the worst losses in team history. Desultory bland lackadaisical boring. Block a punt and get penalized for excessive? Really? 1-10 and you are going to act like you saved the season on that play? I didn’t even see what Robinson did. I don’t like the rules one bit, Jerry Glanville was right, but every fucking player knows them.

    Also, on a punt, Kerley caught the ball on the 22, and when they came back from commercial, the ball was on the 12. No penalty was explained or noted. Or called.

  51. unca_chuck says:

    There are no QBs of note that I’d draft in the 1st. So naturally Baalke will draft some QB in a coma.

    • NJ49er says:

      If Baalke stays on Chuck he’s gotta be drooling over the Defensive talent slated to come out in April.
      Was reading that a snow angel penalty was called in the GB game today as well.
      I suspect Baalke will be shown the door in favor of retaining Gamble and Chip.
      Irony in all it’s glory?
      Fire the HC that took them to the Playoffs several times (and lost a SB), after an 8-8 season, while being stuck with Chip and his current 1 Win season, because they couldn’t bring themselves to keep Fangio in favor of Gase?
      Tomsula will do huh Jed?
      All comes down to impatient Ownership, that meddles too close the core, seeking recognition for something they think just happens in the NFL, like it did for Uncle Eddie.

  52. NJ49er says:

    In typical York fashion, they’ll look for a splash Pick in April, assuming Kaep bolts.
    I preferred Dak last year as what I assumed would have been a good fit for what Chip runs.
    I’m afraid he’ll reach for Watson from Clemson should Cleveland pass.
    Stay tuned I guess?
    This circus won’t end until Ownership stays out of the Locker Room, and anything related to football Ops.

  53. NJ49er says:

    SEC Player of the Week
    Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama: Foster was an animal in Alabama’s 54-16 SEC Championship Game win over Florida with 11 tackles, nine of which he recorded solo. He also had a pair of sacks and displayed the type of versatile playmaking ability that makes this Crimson Tide defense so hard to defend. Whether he’s being disruptive in the backfield or the open field, Foster is an every-down player who dominates.

    Put this kid on our Draft Board as a potential 1st Pick –

  54. NJ49er says:

    To correct an earlier comment Chuck – Seems Randall Cobb’s snow angel was allowed, going unpunished in GB –
    I guess it’s all part of the Officiating ‘human-factors’ in the NFL?
    Homer remains a fellow in good standing for a reason I suppose?

  55. NJ49er says:

    Safe to assume Carolina and the Camster are frauds too?
    He managed to get himself benched for some disciplinary reason as the Leader of the team?
    This League is beginning to resemble the WWE.
    Find some cockamamie reason or another to tilt a game?
    If not Officiating it’s something homegrown, like a late scratch, or in Cam’s case a benching for some unknown disciplinary action?

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