Much Ado About Something?

As the trainwreck of this offseason unwinds, the fate of the team, it’s direction, who their QB is, and many other burning questions, still remain in the dark. And anything likely won’t come to light any time soon. However, the upcoming combine should provide a whole new plethora of innuendo and rumor. Gather enough football people together in the same location, and you guarantee a whirlwind of unsubstantiated truthisms flying around. I’m sure the Kappy trade talk will get bandied about out in strip clubs and bars all over Indianapolis. Wherever the team execs, scouts, and agents hang out.

In the 49ers case, the frenzy revolves around our once and future quarterback. As I said even before Chip was hired that it would be interesting to see what Kaepernick and hip could do together, it just may happen. The Colin camp has already leaked out the fact that he would like to go to the Jets. However, the Jets are likely going with Fitzpatrick, and have to account for Mo Wilkerson’s $$$. So that’s probably a non-starter. There are a ton of team that need QBs, and certainly ones that need a guy who could step right in, but the truth remains, his best shot at being successful is likely to be right here with Chip.

The best bet for a trade would seem to be Houston. They managed to get into the playoffs with a strong defense and a weak-ass division. Any kind of consistency from the QB position would help them immensely. Throw in the fact that they wont be getting a Goff type guy since their draft position is low, they can take a mid-round QB and hand the job to Kaepernick.

An interesting destination that I thought of would be Chicago. The Bears HAVE to be frustrated with the inconsistency that is Jay Cutler. Plus he’s not getting any younger, so at least giving Kappy a shot to displace the mistake at the bottom of the lake is a possibility. Other than that, lots of unknown guys will get their chance to shine, and a lot of studs will blow this combine off. Seeing as we need help just about everywhere, I’m sure the ‘brain(fart)trust’ will keep their eyes peeled.

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  1. Winder says:

    As of right now I am more interested in Baseball as the Giants look to be better this year. However, I will surely get sucked into all the bullshit and smoke at some point. My life is that boring.

  2. Nipper says:

    NFL blowhards on the National level say Kap is as good as gone. If true than the Niners have to look for another QB besides Mr. Gabbert. Apparently the Kap people are sick of the 49er “leak machine” about him. They want out at all costs.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I have no confidence in these clowns to do the right thing. We already know that Paraag isn’t the leak as they are still happening. This team is run like a 5th grade girls glee club.

    I won;t feel any confidence till Jed gets rid of Baalke and hires a football GM. And he cleans house.

  4. NJ49er says:

    I’ve speculated at length that Paraag has been, and likely still is, the man behind the curtain, for Dr Daddy.
    Jed is simply the puppet.
    Paraag has had issues with both Kaep and Harbaugh, according to numerous suggestions via the media.
    I also believe he had influence over Baalke in terms of ‘value’ in the Draft slotting.
    Too much of the ‘Money Ball’ practices seemed to have occurred, with Paraag being the guy Dr Daddy used as his business-model mouthpiece.

    If Chip and Baalke can agree on what the roster should like it, the Offensive Chip, and Defensive Baalke, can probably coexist.
    If Paraag continues to ‘budget’ the roster spending, I don’t see much improvement in the near future.

  5. Winder says:

    NJ- You could possibly be right about some of that stuff and all the meddling. But the bottom line is that Baalke is responsible for our roster. You keep saying that he is good at drafting defense but to me he is mediocre at best. With all the 1st rd picks he’s had and used on defense I don’t see that many really good players. His overall drafts have been very subpar. I think he’s the reason we are in such a deep hole with so many glaring needs.With this years draft he’s bound to get lucky with at least one pick but that isn’t gonna cut it.

    • NJ49er says:

      Winder he’s had his flops, without question.
      However, seeing the Draft for what it is, a roll of the dice in any given year, risks are always there.
      From what I’ve learned of his methods, he’s a guy that shops 3+ years ahead of need.
      After Playoff/SB finishes, late RD guys are even more risky.
      He’s done well to put a DLine together with basically a bunch of nobody’s as well.
      (Credit to Tomsula for that)

      • NJ49er says:

        I just hope he and Chip can agree on balance in this Draft.
        Each guy sticking to what he does best.
        Kaep is probably the biggest concern due to the Contract he’s carrying.
        I also think Kaep’s development issues were a major bone of contention between Harbaugh and Baalke too.
        Chip will likely have carte blanche to start over hopefully.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    This still doesn’t explain the Gase situation, NJ. Paraag told Jed he should force Tomsula on Gase at the cost of the entire deal? That does not make sense.

    That is the biggest thing I can’t wrap my head around. The leaks, the innuendo, and the bullshit all resonate as some kind of bullshit psychology fuckarow that someone in the front office is playing, but nothing points to Gase getting tossed after nearly being hired than Jed himself.

    If that is the case, then everything else is on the table.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Tell ya one thing though, I’ve never seen a set of mock drafts so all over the place. There are mocks out there that have Wentz going to the Browns as they are ‘in love’ with him, and looking to jettison Johnny Screwdriver. Certainly in the realm of happening, but it wasn’t long ago that Wentz was a low 2nd rounder. Goff? Here? Could happen I guess. Can Chip win with him with his crazy offense?

    I’m completely baffled. This whole deal is a clusterfuck nightmare.

  8. NJ49er says:

    Chuck I’ve scratched my head with the Tomsula over Gase deal since it was reported.
    How does Baalke spend a marathon effort to recruit him, only to have Tomsula thrown into the mix?
    This is where I began to think seriously that Baalke isn’t being permitted to run the GM position unimpeded.

  9. Winder says:

    It’s a little long but by far the best version. Perfect for a slow day.

  10. NJ49er says:

    Winder here’s some theory behind the Draft process from GBN…

    • Winder says:

      Thanks for that NJ. I understand the draft process and the idea of building for the future and I understand how difficult that is with all the variables and obstacles. All I am saying is that I don’t think Baalke’s the guy to do it. This last year our team was run like a circus and I know Jed is the
      ring master but Baalke is the head clown. WTF was he trying to prove by coaching the players during practice, he has no business doing crap like that.I guess I am just pissed and the truth is I don’t trust what he says and I think he is incompetent at his job. In other words I just don’t like the guy.

      • NJ49er says:

        Quite alright Winder.
        I understand the frustration.
        I’m simply a believer in letting the guys with titles do the job they were hired to do.
        I find it hard to believe that Baalke is actually in charge when I read reports of his efforts being squeezed by Bean Counters.
        I couldn’t imagine working for Jed, as an experienced football guy, is anything but an exercise in A$$ kissing.
        Reminds me of the guys that worked as ‘GMs’ under Dan Snyder.

      • NJ49er says:

        I’m just a Draft Geek and try to understand what guys like Trent are trying to do, and how.
        No, it ain’t easy but, I try to understand the process and how he goes about slotting the guys he prioritizes.
        He needed a guy like Gase to fix the Offense.
        He now has Chip.
        I just hope they find a way to coexist, which obviously didn’t materialize with Harbaugh.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    NJ, I don’t know who is doing what in the building. I don’t think anyone else does either. Jed and Baalke. Baalke and Jed. It’s a match made in the 7 circles of hell.

    Word is the Niner brass is meeting with Colin Kaepernick, Alex Boone, Anquan Boldin, among a few others to discuss their future with the team during the combine.

    Funny, Grant Conjob is espousing keeping Kaepernick. I think it’s the first time he’s agreed with me.

    • rob says:

      I’m liking NJ49ers’ thinking here. I think the problem here has been Dr john . Paraag has done a good job with the numbers but he shouldn’t have any sway in personnel decisions etc.

      • rob says:

        Thank God for the upcoming Superbowl money. It’s probably the only way Jed got Dr. John to OK paying off Tomsula and ponying up to get Kelley.

      • NJ49er says:

        Rob this whole Harbaugh/Jed/Baalke circle jerk centers around Dr Daddy’s Whiz Kid Paraag having issues with Harbaugh and Kaep IMO.

        Jed has been the defacto ‘Owner’ in front of the curtain.
        Daddy & Paraag were behind said curtain manipulating the budget and, likely the media leaks.

        Said it many times.
        I believe Tomsula was a prop toward Dr Daddy’s NFLE expansion efforts for Roger and the Billionaire Boy’s Club.
        Daddy heads that committee for the League.
        Connect the dollar signs.

        SF = Dysfunction Junction

  12. Nipper says:

    Problems? What problems? It’s sunny outside and the Niners just can’t lose no matter how hard they try. I’m just waiting for Chuck to give out a mighty BLEEP!

  13. NJ49er says:

    What if Paraag and Daddy played the Money Ball game relative to when/where a specific player were slotted on the Draft Board due to position cost?
    Paraag is Daddy’s finance arm.
    With reported aspirations leaning toward GM duties.
    Smells of meddling at the ultimate level of competitive endeavors for any GM.
    ‘Sorry Trent, the numbers say there’s more value Drafting OL in the later RDs or, we need to wait for so and so to hit FA so we can roll money elsewhere’?

    Don’t get me wrong, Paraag has done a masterful job bringing the Cap to order but, what if…?

  14. Nipper says:

    When it comes to money the owner and his minions will always trump a GM who likes to spend. Let’s face it ……the bottom line is everything in sports. Make money at all costs.

  15. rob says:

    I have a theory that Harbaugh wanted an extension and more money after three straight NFC title games. My guess is dr John balked at going over the 5 mil Harbaugh was already getting . Jed probably had to drop his drawers just to get that out of the holder of the purse strings

    • rob says:

      That puts an interesting light on Harbaughs’
      ” men only ”
      comment to jed
      Wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t an open secret between them that dr John wouldn’t pony up

    • unca_chuck says:

      Harbaugh was angling for an extension after his first season. And his second. And his third. And his fourth. I’m of a mind that Harbaugh wasn’t thinking of the Niners as his dream destination. It was a means to an end of being in place till the Michigan job came available.

  16. Nipper says:

    Damn……..just noticed I’m eating a YORK sugar free peppermint patty!

  17. Nipper says:

    The moon is out …….anyone howling?

  18. rob says:

    Reports say Map is ” more than open ” to returning to the team

  19. Winder says:

    rob- I don’t think you can believe anything that’s written about Kappy unless he says it himself. Lots of bullshit floating around out there. There is also some pretty negative stuff about Chipper out there which I really hope is not true. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it was. Another Baalke escaped goat?

  20. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, no one can even confirm that Chip Kelly said he wanted to trade for Kaepernick last year as a member of the Eagles, as was reported. The paranoia surrounding anything NFL is looney.

    We certainly will know by April 1 what our plans are. I think they will try to give Kappy a shot. Restructure a deal and go from there. And draft Paxton in the 2nd round.

    They should trade down and get Ole Miss WR Laquon Treadwell. Big guy, not burning speed but he can go get the ball at any level. 6-2, 230. Put it up there, he’ll get it. I’m sick of the small WRs we’ve been drafting.

  21. Nipper says:

    BLEEP! …….I finished my YORK mints ……now what?

  22. rob says:

    I hear some things about Chip as well I hope aren’t true. Not least of which is the racial thing. We’ll see on this one I tend to very much doubt it’s true.

  23. rob says:

    PFT says Baalke told reporters at the combine we’re keeping Kap

  24. rob says:

    ESPN confirms

  25. rob says:

    remain on the roster.25 mins ago – Twitter

    NFL on ESPN

    Twitter › ESPNNFL49ers GM says Colin Kaepernick will be on the roster on April 1 when he’s guaranteed $11.9 million.

  26. unca_chuck says:

    Sounds great, but all it means is nothing, really. If we are going to trade him, we need to pay him first.

    I didn’t really think we’d just cut him loose.

    • rob says:

      Good move either way Chuck. That being said I want him back big time
      Bad news is Chicago seems determined to re-sign Jefferey. Maybe we should take a look at rishard Mathews from Miami.

  27. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I’d like to see Kappy come back for one more shot. He gives the Niners the best shot at being relevant this year. If he fails, then we know where we stand. If we draft a QB and force him to start, we are in the same boat anyway. Rebuild. Gabbert won’t do a damn thing good for the team. He’s a perennial backup.

  28. Winder says:

    chuck- I am a Kappy fan too. But after last year it’s hard to believe that he will progress much. As of now it’s seeing is believing for me. Maybe he was hurt bad enough to really affect what he was able to do on the field. I don’t know, all I do know is that if he plays like he did last year we don’t need him.

  29. unca_chuck says:

    Tomsula/Chyst did Kaepernick no favors, Winder. The line was awful. Look at Cam in the Super Bowl. When you have no blocking, you look like a shitty QB. As did Brady. Not comparing them, but you get the idea. Going with Gabbert or a rookie will be a transition year. Going with Kap may be as well, but hes better than the immediate alternatives. Including RGIII.

    Fucking Kelly might be a placeholder. There are no guarantees for any of this. But he likely gets more rope than his players.

  30. NJ49er says:

    To cut Kaep before April 1 stills leaves a Cap hit and, nothing in return.
    He gets to work with Chip on April 4th.
    That still leaves 3+ weeks until the Draft to show potential suitors he’s healthy.
    Kaep can start for Cleveland, (as an example), and they can absorb his Contract while they groom another option they are likely to select.
    In return, Baalke avoids a Cap hit and, can get something in return.
    Teams need to see that he’s healthy enough to play before any scenario can be assumed IMO.

    • 12th Man says:

      Agree that’s the strictly business end of the equation NJ, but tell me what they lose keeping Kap through TC and if that shows he is not a good fit for Kelly trading him then? His cap hit is middle of the road at 11.9 and he has won at the highest levels of the game. Granted with an amazing supporting cast but Kap on the Denver squad for instance is likely an improvement over Osweiler.

      I doubt they cut or trade him before pre-season. Kelly needs a chance to figure out what he can do to maximize Kap’s considerable talents.

      • NJ49er says:

        That’s the bare minimum view for me 12Th.
        They need to see him with Chip, certainly.
        I use the minimalist example due to reports of Kaep’s interest in NYJ as one example.

        If Kaep can’t handle competition for his job here, send him to NJ to play for the Jets and, give me Mo in return.

      • NJ49er says:

        I simply don’t think Kaep is serious about competing to stay.
        I question his commitment to the position too.
        His decision making and accuracy are not easy to fix if he’s not prepared to invest here.
        Gabbert can handle that challenge.
        Will Kaep?

      • 12th Man says:

        Intersting point about his accuracy. Before the draft Kap took part in a TV event showing accuracy and speed of the ball etc. He won it easily, so clearly he is physically able to throw the ball accurately. Hard to say what causes him to be less accurate in a live game but I would guess quite a combo of things.

        Commitment to the position. He doesn’t strike me as a quitter. I think he had great success early on and thought he could thrive mostly on talent. Reading some comments from former players his film study needed more attention and he only sought QB mechanics help once I know of.

        Gabbert had his slice of humble pie early on and had to ride the pine for a few years so he is eager to start again. I read an article from LoCo Jr that basically showed that although Kap and Gabbert had similar stats, Gabbert threw short of the sticks on 3rd and 4th down far more than Kap, giving Gabbert nice completion stats but not trying to move the chains the same way Kap was. That is what I saw too.

        Kap is more talented than Gabbert but was misused IMO both by Harbaugh in his last year and by Tomfoola, and he played behind a worse line than Gabbert. I think Kap lost his confidence somewhat as well as was carrying 3 injuries.

        I’d like to see what Chip has in mind for him.

  31. unca_chuck says:

    I read that article too. It was Grant Conjob, 12th. And I agree. What good is a 5 yard completion on 3rd and 7?

    Gabbert hasn’t shown anything but that he can hit the dump off guy. Take a look at the Minnesota game. Kappy was moving well and going through his progressions. We played tough teams after that and the wheels came off. For the whole team.

    • 12th man says:

      Completely agree Chuck. I’d be surprised if they cut/traded Kap before the end of training camp. No gain and they don’t need the cap space.

  32. Nipper says:

    In conclusion: What will be will be. One thing for certain the ride will be a rough one.

  33. NJ49er says:

    12th I go back to the SB with Kaep.
    That game was won had he been able to throw a face.
    Granted, big stage, huge pressure.
    Humbled is an understatement.
    Is he a future star?
    Doubtful IMO.
    Difference between he and Kaep?
    Gabbert shows determination to prove he wants it.
    “I got benched. I want out”?
    I don’t see the ‘leader’ factor, especially in light of the Nessa situation and, the fact that he doesn’t see the Defense as he should.

    • 12th Man says:

      He missed the fade by inches NJ, pretty harsh judgement there IMO.

      I haven’t read anything from Kap about wanting out. I read a rumor about the Jets that was refuted by everyone.

      The story below has Kelly saying in conversations with Kap that he is excited to stay and get going. Could be putting a brave face on it but I think of Kap as a competitor who was put in a tough situation he wasn’t ready for. Like a lot of QB’s it can take time to develop other areas of their game. Lots of examples of that happening.

      Hard to say if he is reading D correctly or not since we don’t know what scheme and call is down by down. I agree he needs to add a few techniques, pump fake, looking off the safety more deliberately and not to throw the shallow out route so often but again was that the call he was given? We don’t know.

      Just my opinion but I feel you are writing the guy off too soon NJ. He is a Niner and will be this years QB most likely.

      • NJ49er says:

        He also had several chances to do it.
        That’s where he lost Crabtree IMO.
        Water over the dam at this point.
        Has he improved?
        Not IMO.

    • NJ49er says:

      That is the fine line for me 12th.
      Is Kaep willing to fight for his job or, did his benching suggest he’s a quitter?
      I always thought his ceiling was higher than his floor.
      Given his background as a runner, Harbaugh did little to improve his pocket awareness.
      If Chip can get into his head, teach him timing and, fit him into his Offense, I’m all for it.
      If Kaep has quit, give me a better option.
      Dak Presscot impresses me more, right now, as a guy that fits better for what Chip does.

  34. 12th Man says:

    Another Kap report from Rapoport:

    On Monday, NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport appeared on NFL Total Access and stated that Kaepernick would be open to playing in San Francisco during the 2016 season. “I’m told he certainly is more than open to returning to San Francisco,” said Rapoport. “Also, he’s set to make $12 million. Might make more in San Francisco than anywhere else.” – See more at:

    • NJ49er says:

      He’s being PC IMO 12th
      I believe his Agents are at the core of this nonsense.
      I want to see, and hear, from Kaep.
      I realize most of what gets distributed via media is nonsense.
      If he wants to get his Contract paid, he needs to do what Steve Young suggested.
      Go to Chip and say I’m your guy, no matter what it takes.

      • NJ49er says:

        We’re waiting to see who wants to run Chip’s Offense more than who Chip wants to run5 his Offense perhaps?
        Still think Chip wants the clean slate.

  35. NJ49er says:

    Kaep’s Agents reported to request permission for a trade.
    Adios Kaep.
    As I suggested, he has poor representatives.

  36. 12th Man says:


    • NJ49er says:

      All fluff but…
      There seems to be an inference to the NYJ which was likely floated by his Agents.
      Given that motive, I feel Kaep and his reps have already mailed it in with Chip.
      No leverage.

      Baalke –
      “We love Kaep”
      As article suggests, trade value.
      His Agents are clowns.

  37. Nipper says:

    Kap is gone if the Chipper doesn’t want to use him. Period. What Kap wants means little.

  38. Nipper says:

    Okay Kap has the arm BUT does he have the head to go with it? Will he study the playbook? Will a leopard change his spots? Will Chipper use him? Will the OL be beefed up? Will the Niners have an effective running game? Will there be effective receivers? Will Bullwinkle lose his antlers? Will Rocky quit flying? Stay tuned for as the turf changes or when can we win again?

  39. unca_chuck says:

    These questions, and more . . . As the Stomach Turns . . .

    The whole point to this is, if we are going with a new QB that we will be drafting, the idea is to ease that guy in, not throw him to the wolves behind a shitty line. The line won;t be fixed immediately, so we might as well go with the best guy suited to winning now. Which certainly isn’t Gaine Blabbert.

    It’s fucking lunacy that this is even in the playbook. Gabbert can say all the right things and pretend he’s doing good, but he isn’t. And he won’t. Unless a steady diet of 4 yard passes floats your boat. Kappy may not be Mr. Right. But he is Mr. Right Now.

    Ooooh. Buwwtt went all ALL CAPS on Skeebies site. What a chickenshit fucktard.
    25 years of mindlessly following the herd. Now he’s all crazy and shit. Oooh. Stamp your little feet, skippy. You look so tough.

  40. Winder says:

    All this bullshit is just a game for leverage. Until Kappy actually says something it’a all crap. And, I agree Gabbert might be a better game manager but Kap can do more things that can change the game. I still think we should draft ‘tiny hands Goff’ at #7 and go from there. If Kap really doesn’t want to be here then we have to let him go, no matter what chipper says.

  41. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, the thing is though, as noted, Kappy doesn’t have a shitload of leverage. Mainly because of the contract he signed. Even dumping him outright doesn’t hurt the Niners all that much. Thing is, I think we try to squeeze out something going the trade route. Shit, we got a 2 and a 4 for Young Sir Alex, so we should be able to get a3 and 6 or some shit. All keeping him after 4/1 means is that he’s now on the block.

    There’s too much talent untapped to just toss him.

  42. unca_chuck says:

    Hey, he very well could stay. But again, this is playing out just like Harbaugh. Bullshit and lies spread by the team until all bridges are napalmed.

  43. Winder says:

    yeah, I figure he’s gone but it would be nice to get something for him. I guess if we don’t cut him that’s still possible. There is way to much drama for a club that is in such mess. Business as usual for a Baalke run team. I think Chip is just a figure head.

  44. unca_chuck says:

    As mediocre as Baalje has been in the draft, I keep coming back to the Gase deal. Jed is the ONLY one In position to kill year deal.

    Which is very disheartening

  45. unca_chuck says:

    So refreshing to see Buwwitt talking to himself in Skeebieland.


    • Nipper says:

      Bullit must talk to himself constantly and probably answers back with “Yes dear.”

      • unca_chuck says:

        Between Buwwittbakken talking to himself and his constant lying and crying, its laughable.

        What happened to ‘support your team no matter what’? Only heard that for 10 years from dillweed.

  46. Nipper says:

    His latest fresh from the “other” blog. “Lots of crow has been consumed in the barnyard. Chuckles just can’t get his fill of crow. Hyuk!”

  47. Winder says:

    Well, it’s kind of a dead time and the bullit/chuck long distance bickering is at least somewhat entertaining.

  48. unca_chuck says:

    Dubs finishing a brutal road trip. If they pull this one out, it’ll be epic.

  49. unca_chuck says:

    Holy shit. Golden state is relentless.

  50. Nipper says:

    Even the national guys are praising the Warriors. Everyone loves a winner. Only the former players are not convinced.

  51. Nipper says:

    Latest from Bullit. ……..Baalke is stupid for not drafting a QB and Chuck is a doofus.

  52. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, when I was saying we should draft a QB in 2013, 2014, and 2015, where was he? Sucking NoFear’s dick and tickling Skeebies balls while getting rimmed from Bakken.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  53. Winder says:

    We have to take a QB 1st or 2nd this year or we are just blowing smoke. Whether they pan out or not is not really relevant at this point. There is at least a 50% chance of failure for any position we pick in those slots. QB is still the most important position and we just have to take that chance.

  54. unca_chuck says:

    I feel the same way about WR, Winder. We’ve missed out on about 15 guys who could have immensely helped these last 3 drafts. Instead we get injured 4th round prayers.

    I’ve been saying to draft a QB for a while now. We NEED one this draft. Paxton would scare the shit out of me, but at this point I don;t give a shit. At least it means they are trying to get somewhere with someone who could make a big impact.

  55. unca_chuck says:

    Hey Phil, I didn’t go all schitzo here. You did. I didn’t ban you, block you, or provoke you. You did that all by yourself. And no one is stopping you from posting here. Unlike Skeebs and his little coven of scared kittens. Don’t cry foul and act like a chickenshit like Buwwitt. I have no problem with dissenting opinions. I have a problem with getting bashed for my opinions from a place where I’ve been banned. Reactionary? You suck up to the closest clown next to you. If you have a problem, bring it here. Otherwise, shut the fuck up about it.

    Or act the scared kitten like the rest.

  56. Nipper says:

    Blast away Chuck and sound a loud BLEEP YOU while you’re at it.

  57. unca_chuck says:

    You got it, Nipper.

  58. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up . ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

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