Head East . . .

Flat as a Pancacke. Gonna have to dig out a track from that album. A band I discovered in 7th grade. The scheduling mavens in the NFL thought it would be a good idea to have the 49ers open their season on a Monday night, and then travel across the country on a short week (5 days off) to play a team that opened their season 4 days earlier (9 days off) in a ‘road’ game in their time zone. I guess respect is a fleeting thing in the NFL, but as Goodie Goodell has shown, he doesn’t give a shit about the players. Just about the TV money for Thursday night games.

Anyhow, the stage is ripe for a setback as the Niners face a highly regarded team in the Steelers, and the aforementioned short-week-travel double whammy.

Well, fuck that. Pittsburgh’s defense looked absolutely lost vs Brady, Gronk, Dion Lewis, and Edelman. They accounted for 260 of the 360 yards gained by NE. Sure, Pittsburgh gained 464 yards, DeAngleo Williams gained 127, and the uncoverable Antonio Brown had 9 for 133, and Heath Miller had 8 for 84, and hey, DHB had 5 for 58 . . . uh, shit. This may not be as easy as I thought. Pittsburgh, for all its vaunted this and that, still has Rothlisberger and a damn good offense.

So, what are we going to do? Well, as we saw last week, Eric Mangini is much more of a risk-taker than his predecessor. It worked to great advantage last week as 5 guys contributed a sack. Which tells me Mangini likes to disguise who’s coming from where. The DBs played solid in run support, and defending the pass. o, what happens? Well, I think we’ll bottle up Williams better than NE did. The worry IS Pittsburgh’s passing game. Brown is the hottest thing since hot things were invented. I’d imagine some bracketing thrown his way. Which means a lot of nickel D, which means a steady dose of Pitts trying to run through that. Jimmie Ward needs to pull up his pants as he’ll be the guy covering DHB one-on-one most likely.

Pressure is paramount. Rothlisberger isn’t the quickest guy out there, but he stands tall in the pocket and avoids hits better than just about anyone else. When they get to him, they need to stay on him and get him down. Broken plays are his specialty and they get a lot of yards off Worthelssberger buying time and finding the open guy.

Kappy is coming of a strong game vs Minn, a team with a good defensive backfield, of at least proving to the naysayers (you know who you are) that he can step up his game. He bought time well, and went through his progressions and avoided the one-done-and-run days of seasons past. Sure, it’s only one game, but it’s a start. 95% of the national prognosticators had Minnesota winning handily. Problem is, they like shiny things and sound bites. All they look at is St, Jim leaving and the retirements. They happened to overlook the talent that is ON the team and instead focussed on the players that left.

Since no one once again is giving the Niners a shot, I’ll go with 28-20 Niners.

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  1. unca_chuck says:

    Way to go, Skeebs!!!! Never heard more excuses for a win since the Lakota smoked Custer.

    Keep the despair alive!

  2. Nipper says:

    Apparently Skeebers is ready for defeat to revive his pathetic blog. “We need a loss……we need a loss….. please we need a loss…..oh dear God.” Another victory and his crew will be heading toward the nearest bridge where of course he will have to be the one to jump first.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    BTW, NJ and Bergs (and Winder for that matter), you might be interested to learn I saw Gary Clark Jr the other day. Great show. He opened for the Foo Fighters at the Shoreline.

    Would love to see Clark in a smaller environment. Great sho, tho.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. Bullitt continues his pussy-ass sniping from behind Skeebie’s apron.

    When spotty gets tired of your shtick, the you know you’ve sunken to new lows.

    And for bakkenBullitt, this game is another test of some sort. Last weeks game was a testament to how Norc Turner would rip us a new one and the vastly improved Minn defense would kick our ass.

    Yet again they don’t get that this team has talent and a solid coaching staff.

    But the whining hitches can only see St Jim. And hey, if the Noners lose it was a short week and a trip across the country. Since the cocksuckers in skabieland are all about excuses, I’ll join the fray.

    28-20 Niners.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Citing Dennia for Niner information , Bullitt is like citing Hitler for international relations.

    Good luck with that, dillweed. Hyuk!

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Good stuff Winder. I haven’t heard the original in quite a while.

  7. Nipper says:

    On the pathetic blog, the Siamese twins Bakkentom-Bullit are roasting Chuck again. It must be their favorite sport.

  8. rob says:

    OMG lol
    Watch out BULLITT has proclaimed it’s just one game and it’s a 16 game season by God
    His take …
    “Payback is a bitch
    You have been warned lol
    You can’t make this shit up

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Between Phil saying he refuses to be sad over the win, and BakkenBullitSpitty running over from themselves backpedalling so hard, it’s high comedy.

    Skeebs is just praying for suck. He has spent months predicting this opening day loss, going to the length of calling this a must-win game, and now that they won, it’s no big deal. They have plenty of more chances to lose. His screed about Harbaugh winning all his opening season games carried big weight with him. Until of course, Tomsula does just that.

    Fucking idiots of the highest order. “Please, whay can’t we suck? St Jim, where are you?”

    I’ve never seen a bunch so in love with a coach. One who was so spectacularly obstinate and stubborn.

    I will give NoFear the props that he actually believed his eyes during the Minn game. The rest of them, who called Minnesota a superior team now say it was a fluke., Kappy still sucked, the defense got lucky, blah blah blah. Treuth is the Niners played like dogshit the first half and still won handily.

    Did you notice that we scored more in the 2nd half? Something that NEVER happened last year.

  10. rtfirefly says:

    I don’t believe the Niners are playoff contenders; I believe I should have upped my prediction to 7-9 after seeing their preseason D perform. However, I decided early in the Vikings game that I can’t enjoy the game while rooting for my prediction to be wrong.
    However, I’ve had a conference with myselves and decided I would root every game for my prediction to be wrong, but it doesn’t mean we’re actually optimistic when I think about it.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    You need to quit arguing with yourself and just watch this play out, RTF. Don’t miss the fun for all the bullshit.

    I’m optimistic now. I was optimistic before the season started. I knew we had a defense full of players. We have a very strong RB. We have a deep threat. We have a QB just itching for a breakout year. We assembled a very good coaching staff on the defensive side of the ball.

    My issues were with Chryst as a coordinator and the offensive line. I figured they couldn’t be as terrible as Harbaugh/Roman and there would be enough improvement to win 3 more games than last year.

    I said 11-5 three months ago. Will it come to pass? Maybe not, but there are people inching my way rather than the other way.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    After the Niners beat Pittsburgh, you’ll see more inching. And more excuses from the Banana Republic of blogs.

    Here a shoutout till the little chickens who lurk.

    Hey NoFear, ask Fidel Skeebies why he banned Dennis. Or me for that matter.

  13. rtfirefly says:

    Interesting stat: only twice since the realignment in 2002 has an entire division gone 1-0 after Week 1. Welcome to the new and improved AFC East. Good for us – the Eagles, Giants, and Cowpukes have to play them.

  14. rtfirefly says:

    Jonny FootEightball officially the starter for Cleveland Sunday. Beginning of an era, or another horse in the Browns QB merry-go-round?

  15. NJ49er says:

    Chuck Gary Clark Jr is a real Blues guy.
    Good stuff!

  16. NJ49er says:

    I like our chances vs Pittsburgh if, IF, we can throw.
    It’s on Kaep IMO.
    Predicting a close loss for us but, their Secondary isn’t very good at the moment.

  17. unca_chuck says:

    I think Kappy showed improved pocket presence. But yes, we =need to get the WRs involved more.

    The moving the chains bit was nice to see.

  18. unca_chuck says:

    W an with or run game these past few years we rarely won the TOP battle

  19. rtfirefly says:

    Someday NF will admit he’s tilting at windmills. I’m not holding my breath.

  20. rtfirefly says:

    – Felix Chavira, 32 and a resident of Hollister
    – Juan Arias, 33 and a resident of Hollister
    – Eric Martinez, 30 and a resident of San Jose
    – a 17-year-old woman whom police did not name because she is a juvenile

    The four now arrested suspects in the beating at Levi’s. That answered my question.

  21. Nipper says:

    The “other” blog is still crying about Harbaugh. You would think they’re on his payroll. So much angst!

  22. unca_chuck says:

    Glad they caught those guys. The fucking stompings are getting out of hand.

  23. 12th Man says:

    Not surprised they waived Hunter. I’ve never seen a running back come back from an achilles injury. I know he has a knee injury as well but he never got back that burst he had before.
    Ellington worries me too, he is hurt yet again. I think they need to look to other players for the 3rd WR role until Ellington can show he can stay healthy.

    • Winder says:

      Me either and that is really a tough loss. Hunter was a very good RB.

      • 12th Man says:

        Yeah he was, looked like he would take over from Frank, just turned out not to be durable enough. You and I talked about it last year Winder.
        I really like Tomsula’s approach to keeping his guys healthy first and foremost. Harbaugh ground the players very hard to toughen them up but that’s a double edged sword.

  24. Nipper says:

    Sir Spit is now ranking QBs based upon his whims! He admits to it.

  25. Winder says:

    chuck – that’s is the first time I ever heard Gary Clark Jr. Pretty good stuff and if you did get to see him in a smaller venue he probably would rock the place.

    We will get to see what we are made of this week.

  26. Nipper says:

    One thing for certain the Giants are DONE. May as well play the minor league guys. ATT looks empty except for the seats down low.

  27. unca_chuck says:

    RTF the main reason you never see a division win every game is there is usually a division game every week. My math might be fuzzy, but I think more often than not, that’s the case.

    Yeah, Hunter I thought was going to be an excellent change of pace from Frank. It almost worked. DeAndrew White will liekly be the #3 pretty soon. Simpson can fight for time when he comes back.

    They need to get WR production tomorrow.

  28. Nipper says:

    Prediction: Absolutely worthless I must admit……Niners 20-17 in a nail biter. Skeebs will suffer in silence or will be crowing from the rooftops.

  29. unca_chuck says:

    Bakker vullitsputty, after disawcring 500 ways how Minn would beat the Niners, proceeds to give us 1,000 way that Pittsburgh will. 257-0 indeed.

  30. Winder says:

    31-17 Niners

  31. snarkk says:

    24-20 Niners fall short…

  32. rtfirefly says:

    We picked the Niner to lose at Pitt in the season overview. However, I picked the Niners to win the game on Skeebers. I and we will be rooting for the Niners to win, and damn the preseason prediction.

  33. NJ49er says:

    I always prefer a 9ers win.
    I just picked them to lose a close one this week, due to the short week and travel.
    Pittsburgh has had 10 days to work out the kinks and get prepared.
    We drew a sh!tstick from the schedule makers on this one.
    Certainly won’t be disappointed to be wrong 😀

  34. NJ49er says:

    RT I see that one of the perps involved with the assault at Levis Stadium Monday night was a season ticket holder.
    Looks like the team revoked his privileges following the arrests.
    Good on Jed & Co.

  35. NJ49er says:

    Looks like Carlos Hyde got fined for taunting on Monday night.


  36. unca_chuck says:

    I didn’t notice that until after the game. He pointed at the DB as he ran in. Ooooooh. Then again he got horse-collared in front of a red and they missed that.

    Another case of perception vs safety.

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