(Preseason) Game Day! Go Ask Allas

Preseason game #2 on the docket today. The Dallas Cowboys roll into town, and this team should provide a little better benchmark on how our team looks. Speaking of Dockett we still won’t see him or Navorro Bowman play. But the line play without him was pretty good last week. Keep an eye peeled for Mike Purcell, as he had a very solid game last week.

Also, since this is the home opener, let’s all see if the turf holds up. I mean really, replacing the sod every 3 weeks doesn’t seem to give the grass a chance to root itself, but what do I know about lawns? I’ve only been mowing them for 48 years.

Keith Reaser is getting the start at CB, so take a look at him. He’s not huge at 5’10” and 190, but he ran a 4.32 40. Had he done that in the combine, he would only have trailed Dri Archer. He also did 22 reps at 225 lb so he’s strong. Looking forward to seeing him in game time action.

As for the rest? Well, I’d sure like to see much more of Kappy. He needs to get into the rhythm and flow of the game for a few series to heed his lessons. Hitting a play to Torrey Smith would be cool as well. Frankly, seeing the WRs get 5 catches with Kappy would be a good thing. Would love to see hyde break off some nice runs as well.

As far as the timing issues go, still a wait-and-see deal. It sure looks a lot better than the last 8 years of running the play clock to 0.5 or worse. . .

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  1. unca_chuck says:

    I’d still like to see Hunter stay. Surely there’s a 4th string LB that we can lose in his place.

    Mainly because I hate being misrepresented, 12th. At least NoFear pokes his head in here to stir the shit. Like those fucking numbers of his that are bogus. He’s like Fox News. He reports the lies, and passes on the corrections.

    Bullit is too chickenshit to engage me in debate. Even when i was allowed to post there, he’d lie and talk shit and troll. Endlessly. I mean, he’s been a pain in the ass since the Niner Insider days. Trolling, baiting, and lying. Then he gets all bent when called on his bullshit. I mean, who else digs up 6 year old posts to scrutinize?

    • 12th Man says:

      The “Man?” has mental issues Chuck, seriously, you are arguing with someone who is mentally ill. No one in his right mind goes searching back through years of archives to find a gotcha moment. Who cares enough when we are talking about a football blog?
      How can that be important enough to do for any rational person? I was there for quite a while but that crap is just too draining as is the never ending quasi rebuttal of anything anyone wrote that contradicted his POV, skewed as it was.
      It comes down to needing the last word, like kids do to each other. It makes no difference the validity or otherwise of the argument, it is the last word that counts.

      Skeebs had a fairly decent blog going but he allowed his pet Bullit to dominate it in ways that caused a cancer to use Berger’s analogy. Skeebs also went off the deepen when his fav Alex Smith lost the starting position. The next day he wrote what read like an obituary. I wrote that at the time.
      From that point on for as long as I read it he ran a negative Niner blog. Every move is negative. Who the fuck wants to keep reading about the “downfall” of their football team from supposed fans? It’s not necessary to just cheer everything. It’s also not necessary to slam everything and everyone in the org. To what end? If the team ends up with less than 8 wins they get to say “I told you so”? Big fucking deal. If the team ends up with less than a SB win the will say the same. It’s a near certainty that the Niners won’t win the SB as it is for every other team in the league. Hardly makes them Nostrafuckingdamus does it? Way to stick your necks out guys, very brave.

      It’s chickenshit, pure and simple.

      Apparently losing Harbaugh sent them into a complete depression and as we all know, misery likes company. I can’t say for certain that is the case as I haven’t read anything on there since long before Harbaugh got canned, but judging by you and Berger’s tidbits it seems to be the case.

      NF has always been a contrarian to the accepted positions but he does it from his own POV which I can respect, and mostly disagree with.

      Phil lost his mind, just gibberish from his keyboard.

      Spit and V, no words.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Hah! OK, I’m done. For the most part anyway.

    New thread is up.

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