Be Still, My Beating Heart

Draft day is here!!! Soon  ESPN can pack Mel Kiper Jr. back in his crypt til next year’s draft festivities.

Given em my druthers, here’s my draft, wishfully speaking:

1. DaVante Parker

2. Stephone Anthony

3. Alex Carter CB Stafoo

4. Trey Flowers DE Ala

After that? OT,  TE,  QB (perry?), DL, RB

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68 Responses to Be Still, My Beating Heart

  1. Nipper says:

    The Draft…….finally! ……Moooo!

  2. Irish Kevin says:

    Yahoo mock draft Niners picks at 15 are Devante Parker, Breshad Perriman, or Arik Amrstead

  3. Nipper says:

    Mock Drafts are a mockery. Can’t wait for reality.

  4. Irish Kevin says:

    every mock draft has something different Nipper!! ha ha, yes bring on the real deal

  5. Figures Chuck wants a WR with the first pick. Some people never learn. You know why this team hasn’t had any great production from the receiver position since the TO days? Because they haven’t had a QB worth a lick since Aeneas Williams (courtesy of the murderer Lawrence Phillips) knocked Steve Young into Never Never Land.

    You want better WR play? Get a better fucking quarterback.

  6. And now this Mickey Mouse organization hires a radio talk-show host to be their QB coach. But wait, it gets better. This fucking mook values a QB’s mobility > his accuracy. Let me repeat that: He prefers a QB who runs better than he throws.

    Well I’ll give the mook this. He’s come to the right fucking place.

    • Nipper says:

      Happy Hour just minutes away!

    • bakkentom says:

      Both u and berger are right on. WR1 in the 1st RD will languish with this OC Staff and jury still out on the QB. If we can find other teams to trade back and get fair value then two trade backs to give a late 1st early 2nd and net a 2nd and 3rd. So with three 2nd’s and two 3rd’s and sprinkled with Brooks and VD for:

      2nd -> CB1, ILB (Willis), big pass TE
      3rd -> Chris Conley and Marcus Hardison
      3rd/4th -> Darren Waller

      Make sure both WR’s are taken, even earlier if warranted. TJE, Patton, and Ellington may lose out to these rookies. Do we also take a Borland type to back up the Mike LB Bowman.

      • bakkentom says:

        No playoff dreams this year so judgment season for Tank, Dial, and Okoye. Play em till it hurts then play them some more. Is Derek Carrier a big WR or joker TE? Transition Boone to swing Tackle and future LT here or elsewhere. Decide whether OC and QB Coach can fix the O and get us a modern Pro offense after season over. Get rid of VD and Brooks if not gone already.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Go to Skeebs blog, Dennis.

    It’s a whiners’ paradise.

    Funny how Buwwitt takes potshots at my picks from the safety of skeeberland. Like the little bitch that he is.

  8. Kiper has the Niners taking RB Todd Gurley in his latest mock. If that comes to fruition I’ll head to 4949 Centennial Blvd. and make those Baltimore riots look like a Sunday picnic in the park.

    Fuck taking a RB in the first rd. Just as bad as nabbing a WR.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    NJs better than these clowns. Kiper especially.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    So much for mettenberger say the tits.

    Unless they are fearing up for a trade with the chipper

  11. Flavor says:

    Rams get Gurley. FanTAStic! fuck us.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    Hate being this close to Parker and losing him.

  13. The Fish just did this team the biggest favor by taking Parker off the board and eliminating any chance of Baalke fucking up another WR pick.

    And now the trade back…

  14. alleykat69 says:

    Leave it to Miami to fuck us in the ass!
    Taking Parker!
    Now the 49ers moving back 2 spots?for extra picks..

  15. unca_chuck says:

    Face it Dennis if they drafted Jerry rice jr you’d bitch and whine

  16. Flavor says:

    I’m only cool on passing on Gordon because we have so many other needs. But that dude is going to be a stud.

  17. unca_chuck says:

    Miss Alex, do you?

  18. unca_chuck says:

    I like Dupree over Armistead.

    Per roman being the sleeper.

  19. Flavor says:

    Pick Armstead please

  20. Flavor says:

    Thank you. STUD.

  21. unca_chuck says:

    There you go. Tomsula must be happy about him. Dude is freakish at 6’7″.

  22. 4 sacks in three yrs. as a Duck for Armstead. Fuck that quack!

  23. unca_chuck says:

    Like I said. You never fail to annoy, dickhead.

  24. Gruden: “You have to question how much he (Armstead) loves the game of football.”

    I think I’ll have to change my original 4-12 prediction to 3-13.

  25. How the hell does an NBA team lose a playoff game by 54 pts.? Ridiculous.

    Even more ridiculous are those new all black 49er unis. If any of you stoop to that level and buy one, I hope your first-born male child gets run over by the Powell-Hyde cable car on a 49° dreary and foggy evening in the city.

  26. Flavor says:

    Greg Cosell knows more than anyone here and he was pushing Armstead. That’s good enough for me. Dennis also hated the Aldon Smith pick but maybe he predicted all of Aldon’s future off the field problems and was against the pick because of that? lqtm

  27. bakkentom says:

    Justin can now come out of the closet and say retired. This was tomsula’s pick and his ass is now on the line and if he can’t turn promise to production in two years we get a new coach.

  28. unca_chuck says:

    I think they have a little time to make moves, Tom.

    • bakkentom says:

      Chuck, Farmstead is the American Okoye. Now we have both. Armstead has to start week 1, unless he is another Balmer. Obvious this is a going with youth season. So much training for the DLine coaches

  29. Chuck at 1:30 today over on Skeeber’s said…
    “I hear a lot of shit coming out of the woodwork that Armistead would be a bad move.”

    Ah that’s alright. Go out and buy yourself one of those new black unis. It will change your outlook. Not for the better, but it’ll change your outlook nonetheless.

  30. alleykat69 says:

    Safe pick.
    Time will tell, with extra coaching how Armstead works out. Niners were gonna need a high energy motor pass rusher, knowing Cowboy is riding into the sunset.
    Maybe raw now, but could turn into a beast in the near future.

    • Flavor says:

      Absolute beast mode in the future. Unlike Dennis’ dumbass pick of LaMIchael James. That fucking pick alone should disqualify him from any credibility. lol.

  31. Funny you should use the word “woodwork.” The Niners are going to be taken out to the woodshed on a weekly basis next season.

    • Flavor says:

      maybe I missed it but didn’t you say you were quiting the team as a fan or something? Not watching football anymore? Making us all happy? lol

  32. unca_chuck says:

    Wow, I’ll call you Bullit jr.

    Yeah he’s got some issues. You on the other hand are a fucking disaster.
    Try not to get hurt feeding the imaginary fucks.

  33. unca_chuck says:

    Ducks that is. Funny when the phone defaults to fuck.

  34. Flavor says:

    Ok, sorry for checking in and bailing, Chuck. Love the blog. Don’t like the dumbass who still feeds his ducks here…….

  35. Berger says:

    I can’t guarantee Armstead will be a difference maker but I do think he is the D-lineman in this draft with the most upside. If he realizes his upside we got a steal. I watched him disrupt the entire offense against FSU in the semi-final play-off game.

    I just read something on CSBA that explains a lot. He says he was asked to tie up blockers at Oregon so the players around him could make plays. Sounds like a perfect 5 technique to me. It’s what Justin Smith does. It also sounds like he is very coachable since he shunned the limelight at Oregon to help the team. He said he is looking forward to being able to go after the QB more here. I like this pick but he probably needs to put on about 10 to 15 pounds and develop for one year..

    • bakkentom says:

      Yeah hopefully he saved his best for last and is a work in progress. Read some bad shit on him but that could be his early stuff. Rams got the top RB in the draft. They have day 2to try and fix their OLine .

  36. Berger says:

    Dennis- Skeebs would probably love your comments these days. It’s hard to tell you two apart.

  37. Winder says:

    D-line all the way. Hope the kid makes it.

    • bakkentom says:

      He needs work. Niners know DLine. If they could fix Aaron Lynch this guy is a cinch. Picked up FA Wheeler today. All teams seem to be saving their 2nd’s and 3rd’s so ILB may be stopgap FA’s for a year. WR and CB on day 2 maybe.

      Like to think positive and D looks good. QB and OC on the other hand.

      • bakkentom says:

        Run on CB’s in the first and Stephone Anthony to Saints. Fuck me.

      • 12th man says:

        Tom, you talk negatively about Kap and the new OC and speak as though there is some consensus of opinion. There isn’t, and especially not here.

        Kap is a very good QB with a possibility of developing greatness and we know nothing yet about the OC good or bad. We will see Kap operate in a different scheme this year and hopefully it will be to his strengths, like Wilson gets at the Squawks.

        As for your meme of the Niners not making the playoffs as a near certainty, I don’t agree with that either.

        Niners went 8-8 last year with the biggest impact player, Willis, not playing anyway and Bowman not playing at all.

        I fully expect the Niners to be in the hunt for playoffs.

  38. bakkentom says:

    Day 2 strategy. We do not need to use all of the remaining picks. 5 medical redshirts/fake IR really are part of this years draft class. Brandon Thomas, Reaser, Acker, Ramsey, and Millard. Bundle picks maybe in the end all day 2 picks since 4 of last years class were day 3.

  39. Nipper says:

    Go team! Black all the way!

  40. unca_chuck says:

    Byron and Stephone both got nabbed.


  41. unca_chuck says:

    Armistead? He’s the dreaded work in progress, but I’d thinks Tomsula is the guy who can get him going.

  42. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up.

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