Adam Gase and the HC that Wasn’t

Hop on board the speculation train and let’s take a ride. Word is out that Adam Gase and Trent Baalke had reached a deal to name him head coach after meeting for 8 hours in Denver. He provisionally named his staff and all was approved by Baalke. That is until Trent came back to SC and Jed told Baalke that Gase would have to keep Tomsula as his DC.  This is when Gase bailed on the deal.

Huh? Sure, this follows the timeline, but there are many thing odd about this. Namely that this is being floated by one Tim Kawakami. The guy who badgered Harbaugh relentlessly over anything, and has a bug up his ass about the 49er in general, now he misses St Jim, and wants things the way they were?

The other thing is, isn’t Jed supposed to be under Baalke’s thumb? Blowing the deal up would be pretty headstrong for young Jed Tweetsalot, and at what cost? Keeping Tomsula? Why is he so important to the organization?

Ludicrous speculation has surfaced that this proves Tomsula is the infamous rat that got Singletary run out on a rail, and supposedly undermined Harbaugh to the point of his wanting to leave.

Far be it from me to prove or disprove this, but to think that Tomsula holds this much power over the team is a bit far-fetched.  To have the owner himself back you over every one of the other coaches is mind boggling to say the least.   Makes no sense on the surface of things. And, if Tomsula has this power over young Jed, why didn’t he play this card 4 years ago when he got Aluminum Mike out?

Does he know where the bodies are?

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34 Responses to Adam Gase and the HC that Wasn’t

  1. snarkk says:

    Would anybody trade the current Niner staff lock, stock and barrell for the new Raider staff? I would…

  2. snarkk says:

    The reports that Gase would have been hired only if he took on Tomsula as DC seem absurd. If true, what is it that Tomsula provides that’s so special? Reading around this morning is the speculation that Tomsula would be the “mole” for Baalke and Jed in a Gase regime, as he was in Harbaugh’s. This whole thing really stinks of amateur hour, and back to the bad ol’ days of Ericksonn, Nolan and Sing. We’ve got to wait until the team plays games to see how it turns out. But, if this thing craters with a good roster of players, it will get ugly, real ugly, again. If only Eddie D. hadn’t been a doofus and played footsy with Edwin Edwards…

  3. Nipper says:

    I don’t believe any of it. My mind is clear. It’s simple: The 49ers have to produce on the field next season. How they do it is immaterial. 10-6 at least or else.

  4. Nipper says:

    Get over Harbaugh. The sooner the better or else you will tie yourself into mental knots. He’s gone period.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    10-6 misses they playoffs nippy. 11-5 is the floor.

    Or, we’re fucked.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    10-6 misses they playoffs nippy. 11-5 is the floor.

    Or, we’re fucked.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    It bears repeating I guess. Weird shit happens in the transbay tube.

    • Nipper says:

      Playoffs! Who said anything about playoffs? This team has to try for 10. All we want after this off season debacle is a decent season. Anything more is a bonus.

  8. Nipper says:

    The dreams of Super Bowls are over. Perhaps Jed can be fooled but the rest of us know better. Perhaps if we sniffed some glue we can be more Jed like and expect more.

  9. NJ49er says:

    Then, there’s the curious case of the connections between Tomsula and NFLE.

    Dr Daddy is the NFL Owners’ International Chairman.
    UK Olympian/Discus Champion/Rugby player, NFL wannabe, DE Lawrence Okoye sticks in SF only if Tomsula remains?

    I’m thinking there’s a tone being set, between Goodell’s Boys in NYC and Dr Daddy in SF.
    I smell a business connection, between the NFL big money Owners and, future plans for American Football across the Pond.

    Tomsula has some MAJOR dirt on the York Family.

  10. Berger says:

    You people need tin foil hats. The news cycle is dead and this is great propaganda to sell ads. We were starting to go backwards with Harbaugh and the offense was always dismal. The offense was never going to be anything dynamic under Harbaugh. He runs a college offense and as NJ often said, we were playing checkers while the other team was playing chess. Maybe some of you should consider following a different team so you can stop crying and sharing the vast knowledge so many of you have shared while whining away and honing in on some kind of imaginary scheme to destroy the team.

    • NJ49er says:

      Berger I’m just a little curious about the Tomsula connections now.
      Yes, he’s a very good DL Coach.
      Yes, he’s got an uncanny resemblance to Ron Jeremy.

      Could he be the UK’s answer to a Porn Star I wonder?
      Some things just defy logic…….

      How exactly does he factor in with the York’s I wonder?

      • NJ49er says:

        Video evidence of Dr Daddy doing the Dirty Sanchez in London perhaps?
        Inquiring minds want to know……

  11. Berger says:

    NJ- I’m more curious to know if Tomsula can coach a team. All this conspiracy theory shit is propagated to sell ads and you are eating it up. I know he can’t do worse on offense than Harbaugh. I wanted Harbaugh to stay but not without a drastic change on offense, that didn’t happen so he and his Bo Schembechler college offense is in Michigan. Thank you Jed for doing the right thing.

    Harbaugh was going backwards and would probably not be in the play-offs next year with a healthy team. His offense was too reliant on big plays from Kap instead of good sound play calling. We never had a rhythm on offense until the last game. What a waste of good talent on offense and a waste of a great defense. Harby’s team reminds of the 1990’s Eagles. Thy had a great defense and a QB who could make big plays out of nothing. Randal Cunningham had to, the offensive design sucked, just like ours. And like that team we came close and never won it all even though most national experts said we had the best roster in the NFL. The best roster should come with a winning record and it should come with a Lombardi trophy. Harby had his run with the most talent in the NFL and did not get the job done. Then he defied upper management and off he went.

    My opinion is Jed and Baalke wanted some changes on offense and Harby said no. In any other business it is the same as saying “I quit” to defy an order from the top. Why is it different here? Try doing that in the military. Any corporate manager who goes against a direct request from the top is saying “fire me”. If my theory is correct and he decided to not be a part of the FO as a team and instead defy them then it was definitely a mutual parting even if Harby and the tin foil hat brigade sees it differently.

  12. Berger says:

    Harbaugh said he thought the Seattle Super Bowl losing play was a good play call. That backs what I originally said, that Carroll had a RoBaugh moment and lost the Super Bowl. It was a bit similar to how w lost the big game. I will agree that if a team is not a power run based team that was a good call and the CB just made an exceptional play. Thing is, Seattle is a power run based team which makes that call questionable at best. Having Marshawn Lynch and a defense in nickel is a perfect storm for a run play. It takes a real bonehead to throw in that spot with that offense. It would be like having John Riggins or Larry Czonka and passing instead of going with exactly what got you there, which is a running play on 2nd and goal from the one.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    Frankly it was a lousy pass. If RW puts it to Lockette’s back shoulder, he either catches it or drops it.

    Still makes me happy, though.

    As far as the rigamarole around the front office/Tomsula/Gase/Linehan/whoever, yeah, it doesn’t really matter as long as this team gets going offensively. The defense has room to lose a little dominance provided this offense gets from 20th to around 12-14th and gains some consistency.

    The problem with these stories is, like last year, they provide a big distraction to the task at hand.

    I’m sure this shit will die down, but as of now there’s going to be a whole lot of turmoil around the perception of this team. Jed needs to hunker down and let the football people do their jobs. Baalke needs to shore up the lines, and get some team speed.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Bergs, it isn’t about getting rid of Harbs. It’s about the turmoil around finding his replacement.

    They said they wanted continuity, and nearly everybody left. They wanted Gase, and the scenario above apparently happened. They wanted Chud/Shanny/Kiffin whoever, and they all bailed.

    Regardless of the fact I didn’t want ANY of them (well Chud would have been good) the front office looks like a bunch of bumbling fools right now.

    Again, it won’t mean shit if the team can rally and play some consistent offense. I have no worries about the defense, but I AM concerned about how this offense goes.

    I mean, if we try to become some sort of read-option team the way we used it previously, it’ll be a disaster. As you’ve said many times, we don’t really run it the right way.

    • Berger says:

      True that we don’t run it the right way but teams are also learning to defense it better. Seatlle understands how to set the play up, under RoBaugh, we had no clue. Counting on a WR to come across the formation and make an arc block on a LB for the play to be successful is just ignorant. The chances of a WR making that block is next to nil. Yet that was one of our play designs. Of course the LB blew that play up for a 7 yard loss. I could have predicted the outcome if you showed me the Xs and Os of it. Expecting players to make plays that are that difficult is just bad play calling.

  15. Berger says:

    One of the problems dealing with Harbaugh was giving him everything he wanted. It sounds good at first glance but he abused the situation and created an us vs them scenario. FO vs players and coaches. It is exactly what happened in Golden State last year. Lacob would have none of it and canned Mark Jackson even though he brought winning that the team hadn’t experienced in a long time.

    When Harby left, of course the loyal coaches left too. He had gotten them great contracts for loyalty and then he decided to not work with the front office that put him in that situation. It is a classic managerial situation that happens in many companies. The owner of the company has to win that battle or the long term future of said company comes into question. Jed had to win. I understand that most fans don’t understand this.

    Harbaugh is a good coach but a bad manager. When one is the head coach he must be a good manager as well as a good coach. This is just how the job works. This is one of the reasons hot shot managers get fired often and Harbaugh just found out. A good manager does not isolate the bottom from the top but that is what Harbaugh was doing, whether intentional or not. A good manager unites instead of divides. Harbaugh was quoting lines out of a book on how to effectively divide the team. When I heard that I was worried he was buying a ticket out of town and then it happened. it was no surprise to me.

    Still, I was and still am a Harbaugh fan. I like the crazy SOB! Unfortunately he learned a tough lesson about managing that he will need to improve on if he ever wants to be long term as a head coach anywhere.

    • Berger says:

      This is great stuff. I hope we utilize the concepts. It would be nice to see an offense that is used as a weapon again instead of the old “not to lose” theory.

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Well, what Harbaugh (and David Shaw) showed was that his shit works in college, until you get conservative. Shaw especially blew a lot of games by going the conservative route.

    He’s going to keep his TE heavy run packages and jumbo formations at big blue.

    • Berger says:

      I don’t mind using a lot of TEs if they are versatile. It gives a lot of options. The Jumbo is passé if a team with a couple of run stuffing DTs loads the box. When we played NO they didn’t load the box so I was all for the jumbo, until the 2nd half when they started to load the box. Our brilliant coaching staff made no adjustments and stopped scoring. It took a great play from Kap to Crabs to win the game in OT. As usual, instead of good play calling it took a big play from Kap to win a game we had in complete control of at half time. He made the plays more often than he didn’t but when he didn’t it was some fans account was that he blew and the coaching staff were perfect angels. Better play calling would have not put us in that situation so often.

  17. unca_chuck says:

    Shit, name a game where we didn’t adjust in the 2nd half. We couldn’t score vs Washington in the 2nd half. The worst defense in teh NFL. We lost 6 games where we were tied or in the lead after the 1st half.

    • Berger says:

      Don’t say that on the tin foil hat blog where conspiracies are propagated. They’ll find a way to blame it on Kap, who was hand picked by their God Harbaugh and was going to be the starter for however long Harbaugh was here. Funny stuff that they loved the coach but hated his hand picked QB.

  18. unca_chuck says:

    Yup. Already tried that and was met with blind-eyed resistance.

  19. NJ49er says:

    Berger I’m with you regarding the perceptions of Harbaugh being divisive.
    I think it came down to a philosophical agenda.
    Jim was a good locker room guy, organized and structured.
    I just don’t think he accepted anyone above him having influence on what he wanted to do?

    When all was said, and done, our Offense was lacking that extra gear.
    I am anxious to see what Steve Logan has to offer.
    I’ve been hoping for more WCO-oriented ingredients to speed up the decision making abilities for Kaep.
    Hopefully, he’ll answer that call.

  20. unca_chuck says:

    Well, the good news is Logsn is all about the WCO source think that’ll be a step in the right direction. I just have no idea what Chryst wants to do.

  21. unca_chuck says:

    I’m really going to be watching the Bears though, they have our old DC, and our near-HC.

    Problem is they have Fox and Cutler.

  22. unca_chuck says:

    WordPress is pissing me off.

  23. Berger says:

    That is better than being pissed on!

  24. unca_chuck says:

    Quit stealing my lines! Fixed the WordPress problem.

    New thread is up,. . .

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