Still raining, still dreaming

In the words of Jini Hendrix. At this point in the coaching hire process, normally I’d be worried, but seeing as no one has inked a coach yet, we aren’t behind the 8 ball. Yet. I foresee a flurry of signings within the next week, though. And, Jed, if you are reading this, DON’T LOOK BACWARDS!

Holmgren and Shanny are not the answer. Unless the question is, Alex, who are two old 49ers OCs that are happily retired?

Fangio is still the best option for continuity’s sake. The defense is a well oiled machine that he built. Give him a solid OC like Carmichael, or find someone who can get this offense going. It ahouldnt be that hard to improve on 20th in scoring and 22nd in yards. And 31st in passing.

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  1. Berger says:

    Kaepernick is going to work with Kurt Warner this off season. Warner might be the perfect match. He was one of the great pocket passers in NFL history. He also was called washed up when he went to the NY Giants and had an O-line that was getting him banged up. They said he held the ball too long, missed open receivers and had lost his accuracy. Funny how pressure does that to all QBs. It is why I say championships are won by D-lines. See Brady, Tom and his undefeated season come crashing down to earth because the Giants had a great pass rush. Did Brady choke or did the D-line win a championship form the Giants. I think Brady played well under the heat he was under but it caused him to be inaccurate and miss seeing open receivers for that game. Funny how that happens when the pressure comes.

    Many fans rely on guys like Greg Cosell and Football Focus to tell them how to think about the QB position. Not Warner, he’ll get to the nitty-gritty. He has not only seen it all but felt it all. After playing with the Giants and being told he was washed up and should retire he went to the Cards and ended up in the Super Bowl. With a little time to set up and throw he was all of a sudden a great QB again. He’ll be able to see an know exactly what Kap was going through an sort it out. I’m sure some is Kap needs to grow, some was bad line play and some was bad play calling. Warner will know the difference, he’s been through it all.

  2. snarkk says:

    Totally agree, Chuck. Let bowlcut Davis hire Shanny just to piss off dear ol’ Dad’s memory. Get Fangio, promote Tomsula to DC, and get an OC that can get Kap to actually complete a pass now and then. It really can’t be that hard…

  3. robbiedeluca says:


  4. unca_chuck says:

    Exactly, Snark. It shouldn’t be hat hard to improve the offense enough to make a strong playoff run.

  5. Berger says:

    I will agree that I am not too excited about hiring Shannahan. I’m leaning toward Fangio but I’ll support anybody we do hire, including Shanny. At least Shanny should be able to design an offense where the players aren’t looking confused on half the plays.

  6. NJ49er says:

    Now that McCloughan has been officially announced as GM in DC, it’s time to test a possible trade for VD.
    Vernon back to his hometown to the guy that Drafted him?

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Not a bad thought. DAJ can come home as well.

  8. The Divisional Playoff Round. The best weekend of NFL football bar none.
    Do our Niners play today or tomorrow? I can’t remember which. I don’t wanna miss those khakis on the sideline getting caught up in a bunch over a blown call. Priceless TV. Right after that Harbaugh can go lose another challenge, waste another TO, miss a play he should have challenged, continue his misuse of clock management in general and muck up second-half strategy and adjustments, or lack thereof, that have led to little or no production in the last thirty minutes of each and every goddamn game this year.

    Who’s got it better than us?

  9. Oh. BTW, Chuck. I got this message for the first time while trying to sign in to your blog via Twitter:

    Your connection is not private.

    Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).

    Someone might be trying to steal my shit? I’m knee-deep in shit. I’m shoveling shit here every goddamn day. You want my shit? Have at it. Take this shit off my hands.

  10. The Redskins are going to interview Eric Mangini early next week for their DC job.
    How will Vernon Davis be able to duplicate his 26 receptions, 245 yds and 2 TDs without his TE coach?

    “God dang, now we are in trouble.”

  11. I wonder if George Zimmerman has any college eligibility left?
    Harbaugh can recruit him at Michigan. Help fill up his police blotter.

  12. Berger says:

    I love watching the Warriors play. Their plight is so similar to the 49ers recent history it gives me great hope for what is going on in Ninerland. The Warriors were out of the play-offs for 5 years but worse than that, they had one play-off appearance in 18 years. Enter Mark Jackson who made the play-offs 2 straight years and was wildly popular because of the numbers he posted. His offense had many weapons but was lethargic and didn’t adjust to the trap very well. Too much isolation and they did not spread the floor out very well. The star point guard, Curry, was a turnover machine because of the coaching on offense. The coach also had an us against them attitude with the front office when speaking to the press. The owner fired him and the fans went crazy, led by Ann Killion.

    Does this story sound familiar?

    I’m not saying it will work out in Ninerland like it has so far in Warriorland but I like an owner who plays ‘to win’ instead ‘not to lose’. Joe Lacob and Jed York do share this trait. Part of the reason the Warriors are successful now is from the contributions made by Mark Jackson but it was time to move on. Harbaugh has made great contributions but his offense is not good and never does make in game adjustments very well, and he has an us vs them attitude with the front offense. His time management techniques are some of the worst we’ve seen and he challenges the oddest plays. Another thing is, one thing Harbaugh needs to learn about life is you never win a power struggle with the owner if the owner knows what he is doing. Owners who lose power struggles with employees are not owners for long. All of these issues made It time to move on from Harbaugh. Too bad, like Mark Jackson, I like Jim Harbaugh.

    Here’s to hoping the 49ers make the right moves going forward. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And remember, the meek will never inherit the Lombardi Trophy.

  13. The Patriots win the opening coin toss and Bill Belichick, just like Jimbo was wont to do, deferred. And what happened? Joe fucking Flacco takes the Ravens 71 yds for an opening score. Belichick has the goddamn future president of the United States as his QB and he defers.

    How the fuck that hooded mook win three Super Bowl rings is a mystery.

  14. Alleykat says:

    Because he has Tom Brady who wins 3 Super Bowls, not Peyton Manning who lucked out to even win 1.

    • So I can surmise that puts you in “Chuck’s Camp” where the thinking was we were better off with Alex Smith.

      Please. Do the world a favor. Do not procreate and produce any progeny.
      The “3rd Rock from the Sun” has too many mooks while it rotates and revolves as it is.

  15. Ever since Jimbo lost to Joe fucking Flacco in the SB. That loss engineered the boost of confidence that has given Flacco the impetus to become the most prolific playoff QB in history.

    At least Harbaugh can hang his 49er hat on something.

    Joe fucking Flacco. I would have fired Harbaugh right after our SB loss.
    Fuck him.

  16. Flacco, Brady, Manning, Luck, Rodgers and Romo.

    That’s 6 of the remaining 8 QBs in the playoffs. You see a pattern? Does Kap fit that pattern? I didn’t think so. And don’t give me the Russell Wilson retort (Cam doesn’t even deserve a nod). There’s exceptions to every rule, and RW is that exception.

    But having said that doesn’t change the fact: we need a new goddamn QB.

    • Alleykat says:

      Does Luck, Romo, Newton fit a pattern as well as Kap?yeah no SB Rings, so what?And they have been playing longer as starters then Kap, so they all suck worse and should just retire huh Dennis.

  17. Up to the minute stats: Joe Flacco: 22/29 for 231 and 4 TDs.

    Thank you Jim Harbaugh.

  18. Hey, Nipper! What’s on your dinner menu for tonight? Bet’cha I got’cha beat.
    It’s the 22nd annual Pinole Senior Center Crab Feed. Dungeness crab, pasta, garlic bread, salad and dessert.

    My only complaint? It’s a No Host Bar! The very idea.

    • There’s even great raffle prizes to boot. The top prize? A two week all-expense-paid vacation to….? You guessed it…Pinole! But if you’re really lucky they’ll setup a date for you to watch Gino Torretta polish his Heisman Trophy at the Antler’s.

      That’s as far as drowning your complete sorrows in alcoholism as it gets.

      • Alleykat says:

        If they throw in unlimited bowling at Pinole lanes after Antler’s dining experience with free beer I’m in! Do they really have Gino’s Heisman Trophy in there Dennis or OJ’s?

  19. robbiedeluca says:

    Shanny quinn fangio

  20. zumiee says:

    Flacco just made a horrible pass into double coverage for an interception, and the Ravens lose.
    How did he do in the playoffs last season? Oh, that’s right, the Ravens didn’t make the playoffs last season.

  21. Alleykat says:

    Very impressive drive for Carolina 14 plays 79 yards and an in your face TD pass to Kevin Benjamin!
    Eat shit 12th man, way to silence them!

  22. NJ49er says:

    Anyone catch Goodell sitting (freezing) amongst the commoners in Foxboro today?
    How is it he can’t inside the Owners’ Box for such an important venue?

    Guess he needs to be a Politician perhaps?

  23. You guys are not going to believe this shit. But I kid you not, it’s no bullshit. I didn’t win the two week all-expense-paid trip to Pinole, but I did win an autographed Matt Cain picture AND a limited edition (434/500) 5x Super Bowl Champs autographed Navarro Bowman 49er football.


  24. “You have to run the ball and stop the run to win in the NFL. Especially come playoff time.”

    No you fucking don’t! NE ran the ball 13 times for a grand total of 14 yds while yielding 136 yds to the Ravens at nearly 5 yds a clip today. But the Patriots still managed to win. How in the wide, wide, world of sports did they do that?

    They have the future president of the United States and a future NFL HOFer at QB.
    Our QB will never be either. We need a new fucking QB.
    It’s that fucking simple.

  25. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up.

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