From the Big Easy to the Big Apple

Shadoobie. Shattered, shattered.

The 49ers are once again road warriors as they forgo Youngstown and instead roll home from NO, and then back across the country to the Jersey Shores. I’m hoping to get pictures, and an in-person report of this game from our intrepid Jerseyite, NJ49er. I hope he’s going.

Seeing as the New York Football Giants seem to have fallen on tough times, this game scares the shit out of me. The Giants started out slow as they tried to integrate their new west coast offense into place under Big Ben McAdoo. They lost 2 out of the gate, but seemed to hit their stride and reeled off 3 straight wins as their offense started clicking.  However, they’ve lost 4 in a row2 to drop to 3-6. The last loss a galling road massacre at the hands of the Seahawks that saw Seattle put up 350 yards on the ground in a game that wasn’t nearly as close as the 38-17 score indicates.

What does this mean for our plucky bunch? Hard to say. This team has won some very tough games against very good teams (Dallas, Philly, KC, NO) but lost some games to shitty teams (Chi-town and StL). More galling was the fact that the Chicago and StL losses were at our new home. Hence my worry. This team has an annoying habit of playing to the opponent’s talent level. Only the Denver roadie got out of hand early. But this team has a big problem putting games away and scoring in the 2nd half.

We are 10 weeks into the season, and this team still struggles in the red zone and still struggles to build a consistent offense. What really irks me is the fact that despite all the pressure that Colin Kaepernick faces, the braintrust does not implement ways to consistently beat the constant blitzes teams dial up against us.  We threw a couple misdirection passes vs the Rams, and never used it again. We used no-huddle to great effect to start the AZ game, and never went back to it as the game slipped away. We find shit that works, and then stop doing it. NOT because teams adjust, but because we move on to other things. The only thing we consistently do too much of is run up the middle vs a stacked D line.

The good news is the return of Aldon Smith. He of the no-break 9 game suspension. Kind of a pisser since some ESPN wonks talked of a 2-game reduction in his suspension that never occurred. The bad of course is the fact Patrick Willis is lost for the season with a toe injury. For all our early pass rushing woes, the 49ers are tied for 2nd in the league with 31 sacks. Adding Aldon to the mix, with Aaron Lynch opposite him should be a fun thing to see. Hopefully we can make Eli pay for the shellacking Peyton laid on us.

Anyhow, I hope the 49ers come out and exploit a very soft Giants defense. They are 25th in pass defense, and 32nd in run D. We SHOULD be able to win this one going away.

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  1. unca_chuck says:

    Interesting article, and interesting commentary about sack, the causes, and the fallout.

    The gist of it being this:

    All in all I thought the 49ers blocked poorly in this (NO) game, and Kaepernick was under pressure a lot more than you’ll see in these four sacks. But he also had a poor game on his own, and I still think the 49ers need to do something about these receiver routes taking so long to develop.

    I’m not really on board with this guy saying Kappy had a bad game. Especially when you take into account that he was on the road in a tough place to play and his pass-catchers dropped 7 passes. 21-32 looks a lot better than 14-32. He lost out on about 130 yards as well.

    Yeah, I was pissed that Kappy took a couple unnecessary sacks. Esp. the jailbreak blitz in OT. Per that comment above though, the Niners just don’t have plays at times that develop fast enough. He’s back to pass, with protection, and the WRs are covered, yet do nothing to break off their routes. Sure, he should throw it away to avoid the sack, but the alternative is what git Brees into trouble, and that’s throwing a pick.

    Where is a back/TE chipping on an all-out blitz and sitting in the vacated area? I get the feeling that the QBcoahc and Harbaugh said to Kappy ‘look, we don’t want checkdown Charlie anymore. We want big plays from you.’ He seems to ALWAYS look for the big play at the cost of dumping it off. There are times he’s not seen someone like Hyde short for a 8-12 yard gain at the cost of throwing a high-risk pass. Again, though, this is on the coaches to bang this shit into his head. Look for the short read if the defense shows jailbreak.

  2. “Harbaugh said to Kappy ‘look, we don’t want checkdown Charlie anymore. ”

    Yet Harbaugh chose Checkdown Charlie > Peyton Manning.
    And you were all for it.

    You people make me sick.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    You make me laugh, Dumbass. Sorry you are so fucking stupid as to not understand what went down. There is no way Manning would have worked for Harbaugh. Do you get that? Manning went to Fox because Fox allowed Manning to be the OC on the field. Harbaugh would NEVER allow that to happen under his watch. See? It’s not about Harbaugh not wanting him. It’s about <Manning not wanting to come here. See? Now you can shut your stupid piehole you ignorant slut.

    And, BTW, how many rings has Peyton won in Denver, Dennis? At least Kappy didn't fold up like a pussy in his Super Bowl appearance.

    Shit, in the last 8 seasons, Manning has had more neck surgeries than playoff wins. Since 2007, Peyton’s won 4 playoff games. In his 2 years as the QB, Kappy has won 4. PM has EIGHT one-and-dones in the playoffs. yay! Let's sign the old feeb. Manning is the Clayton Kershaw of the NFL.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Regular season standout, playoff failure . . .

      • You’re missing my point again. Of course Harbaugh was the reason Manning didn’t come here. I’ve said that from the beginning. Harbaugh’s ego is the reason why Peyton plays for the ponies. So in that regard, Harbaugh chose Alex > Manning. He’d rather run the show and have Alex than give up the reigns and let Peyton do his thing. We should have fucking fired Harbaugh right then and there.

        Talking to you about missing out Manning is depressing me. I’m gonna go put up more Christmas lights.

      • Nipper says:

        Whatever happened to Thanksgiving?

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Again, Dennis, where has Peyton gotten Denver? It was 3 fucking years ago. Let it go.

  5. Irish Kevin says:

    So this will be a big test for the niners. IMO. Prior to last weekend the Niners had been trying to become a passing team. Leaning heavily on the Pass. The O line failed miserably in pass protection. The NO game they went back to what the O line does best or can only do, is run block. And yet the Niners still struggled to win that game. Will the Giants load the box and dare the Nineres to Pass?? Inquirying minds want to know.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    If I’m any team facing us, I’m blitzing early and often until we figure out how to stop it.

  7. If I’m any team facing us, I’m on my hands and knees thanking Christ that they haven’t signed Peyton Manning yet.

  8. NJ49er says:

    Chuck I’m going to leave the game photography to my Daughter this time around.
    Scored 2 tix from a friend who holds NYG Season tickets.
    Turning them over to her and her BF.

    She hasn’t ever been to a live 9er game so, this time around, she’s going to go with her BF instead of her Dad.

    Her BF is a suffering NYJ Fan.
    He deserves to see a real game with a real 9er Fan 😀

    I’m sure she’ll take pix as she’s likely going to be there for the tailgate.
    She owns a Vernon jersey, which I’m hoping won’t be a jinx for us.
    He’d better show up and give her, (and us), something to cheer about.
    Dude has been sleepwalking his way through the season thus far.

    I’ll share what I can if she comes through with the gameday pix.

    Hate facing a team like the NYG, in their building, after an extended losing streak too.

    Our Boys had better be focused for this one like they were in NOLA.
    Eli has weapons and, our Secondary is banged up.
    Harass Eli and things go our way I think.

  9. snarkk says:

    Jimmie Ward out for the season — broken foot (same one that was broken before the Combine)…

    • NJ49er says:

      Seems a little fishy to me Snarkk.
      At least he got his chance to play as a Rookie.
      Like Borland, it’ll probably pay dividends down the road.
      For now, Aldon for Jimmie is a no-brainer.

      • snarkk says:

        Balke likes to play injury roulette in the draft. This one bites, along with Lattimore. And Thomas the OLman is rehabbing after being picked despite an ACL. Not sure if this is working out too well. Latimore had a near $2million insurance policy he can collect on, so at least he’s got that. Feel sorry for the kid otherwise…

      • NJ49er says:

        Agreed Snarkk.
        Lattimore gave it a go.
        Pretty severe injury he endured.
        Class kid all the way.
        Thankfully he was smart enough to insure his future.

        When I see guys like AP recover, Revis too, I think the younger guys stand a better chance in that regard.
        Risk/Reward, as are most Draft Picks.

      • NJ49er says:

        For that matter, Crabtree was in the same boat.
        He’s been in and out of TC since he arrived with foot issues.
        Compounded with the achilles injury too of course.

  10. 12th man says:

    Not sure how many more hits this defense can take and still perform at a high level. Its been amazing to see so far, lets hope Fangio has another rabbit to pull tomorrow..

    • NJ49er says:

      12th the NYG are a wounded group.
      Can’t take them lightly.
      Need a big game from the DLine in order to contain Jennings and get Eli rattled.

      Give him time to throw and it could be a long afternoon for us.
      Odell, TE Donnell and others can make plays if we’re not careful.

      No time for our Offense to take another nap like they did with StL.
      Be nice to utilize our TEs in this one, as we’ll likely show a heavy run game approach.
      Get VMcD and Carrier involved, if Vernon isn’t planning on showing up, as he has in recent weeks.

      Giants know how to win when the chips are down.

      • 12th man says:

        NJ I hope to see a blow out but agree with you they are a dangerous team at times, especially with all the DB injuries the Niners have. I hope the team comes out the gate ready to play tomorrow.

      • NJ49er says:

        It has always been a tough matchup for us in NJ 12th.

        We’re on the outside looking in for a WC slot right now.
        If this team has any heart, they can’t let down the rest of the way.

        We’ll see what they’re made of.
        Our Playoffs started last week.
        At least we’ve got something to fight for in November.
        Offense needs to hit 2nd gear already.
        Start quick, pick up the momentum.

      • 12th man says:

        I’m hoping they beat the Giants ass and keep it going when i’m at Levi next week for the Skins, 7-4 has a nice ring to it.

      • NJ49er says:

        Nice 12th –
        1st visit to Levi’s Stadium?

      • 12th man says:


  11. NJ49er says:

    Well, given the fact that I never made it to the ‘Stick, my bucket list venue will now include Levi’s Stadium.
    One of these days……..:-D

  12. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, roadie or not, we HAVE to take this one. Dropping easy ones makes everything harder down the line. Sorry you never made it to the Stick, NJ. It was a glorious holy ground of a decrepit dump. But it was OUR dump.

    Levi’s looks like it’ll take a little time to become a visitor’s nightmare. They’ve dropped a couple awful games there. Maybe Irish can fill us in on how loud it gets.

    Yeah, if you are ever out this way, NJ, we’ll have to do at least a drive-by of the Stick. Before they tear it down. They can’t blow it up since its sitting on toxic soil. From the Naval Shipyard next door.

    Part of the original problem of building a new stadium there in the 1st place.

  13. Crabtree already bitching on the sideline. The game has officially begun.

  14. IH1960 says:

    What a fuck up

  15. Did we sign Eli Manning yet? Nice pass D.

  16. IH1960 says:

    Already playing like a bunch of sntaches

  17. Enough of this zone read shit. This is the NFL. Not college.

  18. IH1960 says:

    Fucking terrible series on 1st and goal. Roman has his thumb up his pussy

  19. 12th man says:

    Lousy throw from Kap

  20. IH1960 says:

    What in the fuck are they waiting for to play 99? Stupid.

  21. Two RZ opportunities and just 3 pts. Swiss timing has nothing on us.

  22. 12th man says:

    Good series on D that time, nice field position for the O, let’s go!

  23. 12th man says:

    Looks like bombs away is the Giants strategy, need more pass rush, it’s Aldon time right?!?

  24. IH1960 says:

    Another fucked up series. Bouldin was wide open and Kaperdick forces it into 3 defenders

  25. 12th man says:

    Borland again!

  26. RG Knee and his Skins just ran 6 plays inside the RZ (got to the 6) and came away with nada.
    I don’t feel so bad now.

  27. IH1960 says:

    Kaperdick is making some putrid throws today.

  28. 12th man says:

    Crabtree is gone next year

  29. 12th man says:

    Aldon Smith makes his mark

  30. 12th man says:

    Wow nice D again saving the Niners butts

  31. 12th man says:

    Crabtree and Davis should ask Wilhoite for tips on catching a ball thrown behind you.

  32. 12th man says:

    Crabtree whines last week and Kap is forcing it to him

  33. IH1960 says:

    That was a fucking terrible call on 3rd down.

  34. IH1960 says:

    Johnson and Lloyd need a shot ahead of crabfuck for awhile

  35. snarkk says:

    Niners should beat this Giants team by 2 or 3 TDs. That is, if the offense doesn’t grip inside the 20. Red Zone Niner offense is just atrocious in play calling and execution. Why does Roman call a play action on 2nd and long after Gore gets stuffed on a first down up the gut run? When Gore is in on first down, isn’t that when you play action fake to him? That’s what Manning does. Just inexplicable play calls. And Kap is just hit and miss. Sorry to say, but Dennis Erickson could and did call better offensive games than this…

  36. That PF on McLeod on the Rams vs Sanders of the Broncos is why I won’t be watching the NFL next year. He led with his shoulder as the WR was going for the ball. Defenseless? Try not seeing another cent of my money Goodell. Fuck you and what you’ve turned this game into.

  37. 12th man says:

    Crabme for the TD.

  38. Irish Kevin says:

    Only took 4 quarters to get 1 TD!! About fucking time!!

  39. snarkk says:

    A passing TD? Must be a mirage…

  40. 12th man says:

    Borland is unbelievable, he is EVERYWHERE

  41. IH1960 says:

    Nice catch Crabs! But tuck your fucking jersey in you derelict

  42. 12th man says:

    Lynch and the Smith twins are a force

  43. 12th man says:

    he was down

  44. IH1960 says:

    Johnson is much better than crabcock, Harbaugh pulling a Bochy by playing a shitty vet so he doesn’t offend him..The RZ fuck ups come back to haunt if this isn’t overturned.

  45. 12th man says:

    Manning under pressure……INT

  46. If the scores hold, Atlanta and New Orleans would be tied atop the NFC South at 4-6.
    And one of those teams will get to host a playoff game.

    You’d never know it, but Eli has won one more SB than his brother.
    Funny game this football.

  47. snarkk says:

    No clue how Ventrone was not deemed to be down with possession of that ball on the onside kick. The NFL rules and officiating are making this game a crapshoot — there might as well not be any rules sometimes…

  48. 12th man says:


  49. IH1960 says:

    Wow. Fucking up on their primary scoring method.

  50. 12th man says:

    Leaving another weaker team hanging around again. What the hell is going on in the RZ over and over and over.

  51. Special teams not so special today…

  52. snarkk says:

    Niners doing what Chuck predicted, playing down to the competition. No way Niners are now a playoff team. Even if they squeak in, without Bowman and Willis, I can’t see how they’d go very far. On that third down play, all the pass routes were downfield, long time developing. And covered. Kap had no place to throw. Where are the slants and digs?

  53. snarkk says:

    You have to just dial up pressure Eli on pass downs. The guy can’t move, and throws things up for grabs. Blitz him…

  54. 12th man says:

    Way short

  55. IH1960 says:

    Nice line D!! Save this game from the offense

  56. snarkk says:

    Have no clue what the referee just explained. The NFL is turning into watching a bunch of guys debate and interpret rules. Screw Mike Perreira — I don’t want to watch a guy on TV explaining the rules interpretation on every third play. Ridiculous. I’m trying to imaging watching an SF Giants game, and the ump breaks play every other minute to explain why he called a ball a ball or a strike a strike. This is a real problem with the NFL game. No such problem in college ball…

  57. 12th man says:

    Go Chiefs!

  58. 12th man says:

    Not even going to try to catch it Davis? Not an easy one but nothing?

  59. IH1960 says:

    No one will accuse Kaperdick of being a great touch passer

  60. snarkk says:

    I simply just do not understand these play calls on down and distance. At all. Two downs to get 5 or 6 yards, and you call plays that send guys long. That third down, the right side slot guy was the only one doing an in, but the play rolled left away from him, so Kap had no chance to even see the guy. His only chance to throw was the deep ball left to Lloyd, who was blanketed. There was no short receiver in Kap’s vision on the left side as he rolled that way…

  61. IH1960 says:

    Cox got his balls handed to him on that one

  62. IH1960 says:

    Pass rush saves the day

  63. snarkk says:

    As I said, you pressure this Manning, it’s pick time…

  64. Irish Kevin says:

    If the Niners don’t start figuring out how to score in the red zone the will be 1 and done in the playoffs. If they even get to the playoffs. 4 INT’s and you only lead by 6 points??? That is just plain awfull!!

    • snarkk says:

      I thought the same. You get 4 turnovers, you have to win a game, going away, really. The defense has done its job when it has 4 takeaways, essentially. This Niner offense stinks on ice…

  65. IH1960 says:

    Crabs: you fuck. Like with LMJ and Hunter, anytime Hyde lines up in the backfield, the D knows what’s coming.

  66. snarkk says:

    Crabby needs to shut his piehole.
    Kap puts it on his numbers for the first down, he muffs the catch. I won’t be missing Crabby next year…

  67. Irish Kevin says:

    For some better news NCAA basketball, Duke has dominated their first two games. Maybe the Niners should talk to Coach K about how to score.

  68. Irish Kevin says:

    As usuall the D is winning the game for the Niners

  69. Nipper says:

    This game is a disaster! Where’s the offense? Damn what a bunch of shits on Offense!

  70. 12th man says:

    Frustrating second half O yet again. Have to fix this. All these turnovers and in real danger of losing is crazy. This coaching on O is horrible.

  71. 12th man says:

    Wow what a catch, amazing. What the hell is Harbaugh throwing the flag for? Idiot

  72. 12th man says:

    Squawks still down by 4 against the Chiefs.

  73. IH1960 says:

    Harbaugh is the worst with the red flag.

  74. 12th man says:

    No flag for holding on them?

  75. 12th man says:

    4th down

  76. 12th man says:

    this is game

  77. 12th man says:


  78. IH1960 says:

    D saves the game, again

  79. snarkk says:

    Helluva job by the defense.
    If the Niners go on to lose today, the fans will be clamoring for Roman’s head. And, Harbaugh’s. This game is now on the offense…

  80. 12th man says:

    Props to Johnson for the tip, great play

  81. IH1960 says:

    Why do they keep doing it? They sub a back for Gore and the D knows he’s getting the ball, so fucking stupid!

  82. rikers says:

    The 49er defense has been decimated by injuries yet it’s the offense that is not performing. Head scratcher.

  83. 12th man says:

    WOW stupid or what

  84. IH1960 says:

    That is just an idiotic play call. The Giants have had the Kaperdick run sniffed all day long.

  85. snarkk says:

    Harbaugh refuses to take a chance in these situations to make a pass to get the first down and ice the game. No confidence in the QB, or play calls…

  86. 12th man says:

    Borland, holy shit he is good

  87. rikers says:

    Pick 6?

  88. 12th man says:

    Squawks lost

  89. rikers says:

    One butt uggla win

  90. 12th man says:

    Jesus fucking Christ another heart attack game.

  91. Irish Kevin says:

    This offense is quite possibly worst than Singletary’s!!

  92. snarkk says:

    How was that not a sack by Aldon — Manning throws it away while he’s going down…

  93. Nipper says:

    Bravo for the Defense! The Offense should be condemned! BOO HISS!

    • snarkk says:

      Doesn’t take an insider to guess that Harbs to Oakland would be a no-brainer in many ways. Harbaugh would says thanks to Mark Davis, and tell him to just get out of the way. Harbs would be GM and HC, that’s what he’d want. If he does, fine. Take Roman, take the special teams guy. Fangio and the rest stay behind. I’d take Fangio as HC…

  94. snarkk says:

    Giants are awful. Just plain awful.
    Niners defense did its job, and more.
    I would fire Roman on the plane ride home. Put Rathman in the OC’s chair, somebody. Anybody else. The play calling is just inexplicable, and ultimately rests with Harbaugh. Inability to score in the red zone is a clear function of the horrendous play calling approach. You’ve got Boldin, Crabby, Johnson, and VD. Yet, none making catches consistently. Mind bogglingly bad offense with, on paper, good players…

  95. snarkk says:

    Earlier this season I was ready to blame Kap for just about all of the offensive woes. He’s part of it, sure. But, when I actually watch most of a game, it’s changed my mind. The play calling often put Kap in a hard spot. Down and distance don’t fit the play calls. No element of surprise in most of the calls. The D knows the type of play that’s coming. And, when it’s 2nd or 3rd and you only need 5 or less, the pass plays called take way too long to develop — there’s often not a short route available for Kap to throw to. It’s a mess, and it’s definitely not all Kap’s fault. Time for a new face in the OC chair. I guess that’s going to happen in the off season since everybody figures Harbs is gone. Sheezus, give Sonny Dykes a week to take over this offense and Kap would be moving this thing up and down the field…

  96. rikers says:

    Go Lions

  97. zumiee says:

    Pretty much the classic type of win during the Harbaugh era. A win is a win, and I don’t mean to lessen that, I guess, but it can be hard to watch. Good defense and a bunch of field goals, with the wins being usually close games. We’re playing Saints football, but I mean the Saints of the ’80s, with Morton Anderson kicking a lot of field goals. At no point in the ’80s did Niner fans wish the Niners were more like the Saints, even though the Saints had a good winning percentage, too. But, hey, it’s a lot better now than during the Erickson/Nolan/Singletary era. There’s that.

  98. zumiee says:

    “The NFL is turning into watching a bunch of guys debate and interpret rules. Screw Mike Perreira — I don’t want to watch a guy on TV explaining the rules interpretation on every third play. ”

    Yeah, Snarkk, it’s amazing (or not amazing) how much litigating goes on in an NFL game nowadays. When did the sport get so litigious? Pretty soon each side could have on-field lawyers representing their side.

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