From the Big Easy to the Big Apple

Shadoobie. Shattered, shattered.

The 49ers are once again road warriors as they forgo Youngstown and instead roll home from NO, and then back across the country to the Jersey Shores. I’m hoping to get pictures, and an in-person report of this game from our intrepid Jerseyite, NJ49er. I hope he’s going.

Seeing as the New York Football Giants seem to have fallen on tough times, this game scares the shit out of me. The Giants started out slow as they tried to integrate their new west coast offense into place under Big Ben McAdoo. They lost 2 out of the gate, but seemed to hit their stride and reeled off 3 straight wins as their offense started clicking.  However, they’ve lost 4 in a row2 to drop to 3-6. The last loss a galling road massacre at the hands of the Seahawks that saw Seattle put up 350 yards on the ground in a game that wasn’t nearly as close as the 38-17 score indicates.

What does this mean for our plucky bunch? Hard to say. This team has won some very tough games against very good teams (Dallas, Philly, KC, NO) but lost some games to shitty teams (Chi-town and StL). More galling was the fact that the Chicago and StL losses were at our new home. Hence my worry. This team has an annoying habit of playing to the opponent’s talent level. Only the Denver roadie got out of hand early. But this team has a big problem putting games away and scoring in the 2nd half.

We are 10 weeks into the season, and this team still struggles in the red zone and still struggles to build a consistent offense. What really irks me is the fact that despite all the pressure that Colin Kaepernick faces, the braintrust does not implement ways to consistently beat the constant blitzes teams dial up against us.  We threw a couple misdirection passes vs the Rams, and never used it again. We used no-huddle to great effect to start the AZ game, and never went back to it as the game slipped away. We find shit that works, and then stop doing it. NOT because teams adjust, but because we move on to other things. The only thing we consistently do too much of is run up the middle vs a stacked D line.

The good news is the return of Aldon Smith. He of the no-break 9 game suspension. Kind of a pisser since some ESPN wonks talked of a 2-game reduction in his suspension that never occurred. The bad of course is the fact Patrick Willis is lost for the season with a toe injury. For all our early pass rushing woes, the 49ers are tied for 2nd in the league with 31 sacks. Adding Aldon to the mix, with Aaron Lynch opposite him should be a fun thing to see. Hopefully we can make Eli pay for the shellacking Peyton laid on us.

Anyhow, I hope the 49ers come out and exploit a very soft Giants defense. They are 25th in pass defense, and 32nd in run D. We SHOULD be able to win this one going away.

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  1. Nipper says:

    Harbaugh looked weird after this win when facing the media. His eyes were glassy and he was very defensive. He knew the offense stunk it up big time.

    • 12th man says:

      Harbaugh keeps saying they are going to do something about it. Here’s a few clues, put Carrier in for Davis, Johnson to start over Crabs and demote Roman now. That would be doing something.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    I thought the Rams game was the low point for this offense. I was wrong. 2.5 quarters to ice the game with a FG and they fail repeatedly. The play calling just keeps getting worse and worse. Down and distance considerations are not accounted for. No play action on 1st down. Only when is it an obvious passing down do they go play action, which does nothing. Kaepernick made a few bad throws, but he’s rarely put into situations to succeed.

    • snarkk says:

      I think today they did a play action on first down once. I can’t say it did or didn’t happen any other time on first down. They do run play action on 2nd and 3rd with long to go, which makes no sense to me, since Kap has to turn his back to the coverage to do that, and he’s hard pressed to read coverage from the shotgun. Not to mention the D just ignores play action from this team on those 2nd/3rd down/distance combos. I’d just toss the entire offense in the dustbin, make up about 15-20 plays that are simple to run and simple to call, and go with that. At least they had, I think, just one TO call today to save a delay of game penalty. At least, I’m aware of just one…

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Kappy rolling right was covered EVERY time yet we kept going back to it. Once for a sack.

  4. 12th man says:

    Not sure how long Jed York sits back and watches these high priced O players flounder week after week. Today was abject failure again in the second half. Owners also have some responsibility to pressure coaches to perform and/or make personnel changes.

    There is little doubt that unless some bigger changes happen on O that this team as is, will not contend for the SB.

    Baalke and York need to make something happen on the coaching front. To me at least it is apparent that the OC is just not able to devise game plans and/or inspire the players to execute them. Honestly it makes no difference if the game plan is awesome, if the players don’t buy in and execute it.

    It was clear that Kap tried to force the ball to Crabme to make him happy. It was also clear that Crabme threw Kap under the bus for an errant throw. Crabme tried to make up for it later in the game by owning up to his poor play, too late asshole.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Crabs needs to sit. VD is ha’f-assing it as well, now the Brooks deal, its fairly easy to see who the malcontents are. Gore trying to fire up Crabs after the TD was telling.

    That being said, Roman is flat not getting it done. The red zone offense is beyond awful.

    • NJ49er says:

      CAD/CAM vs Crayolas Chuck.
      Our Offense belongs in College.
      Pathetic that we can’t run circles around Defenses like the NYG.

      No creativity.
      Same nonsense game after game.

  6. Harbaugh to the Raiders? Since when have you known a Davis, dead or alive, to pay top dollar for a HC? Don’t think Jimbo’s gonna move across the bay to take a pay cut. And his wife won’t let him move the family back to Michigan? Not only is Harbaugh a self-righteous pious lying sack of shit Big Game losing A #1 asshole. But he’s a pussy whipped one at that.

    Worst. Coach. In. 49ers. History.

  7. NJ49er says:

    Harbaugh may just go for the control he isn’t getting in SF Del.
    I’d take a Draft Pick or 2 from them to do that deal.
    Maybe even pick up 1/2 of his final year’s salary.

    Word has it Mrs Jim doesn’t want to relo.

    • NJ49er says:

      Just what we need 12th, more drama.
      Geez what a malcontent.

      It seems to me Crabtree and Vernon are none too happy and mailing it in too.

  8. Nipper says:

    Something has to blow wide open soon. Harbaugh looks shell shocked. He knows he has grave problems.

    • NJ49er says:

      I agree Nipper.
      His unwillingness to admit he’s too conservative and, over matched on Offense will meet reality soon.
      He obviously won’t part with Roman either.
      The passing game isn’t going to materialize on a whim either.

      We won’t win kicking FGs and running into 8-9 man fronts for much longer.
      We’ll go as far as the Defense carries us.

      I think the matchups with Pete will dictate the outcome.
      DC scored 7 points today.
      The NYG Defense has been in the cellar for weeks and we managed to score 16 on them.

      Big eff’n whoop.

  9. NJ49er says:

    Belichick takes a no name RB and schemes him into the game tonight and basically throws Indy into a funk with a guy no one knows or prepared for.
    Jonas Gray? Where did he come from?

    Our brain trusts keep playing the same tired song week after week and expect to surprise an opponent?

    Harbaugh and Roman don’t know what that means.

  10. Irish Kevin says:

    LIke I said earlier Harbaugh/Roman offense is worse than Singletary’s. Just plain awful

  11. Winder says:

    Never once did it occur to me that we would flat out suck on offense this year. Our Oline is not one of he best any longer and things don’t look like they’re gonna get better any time soon. I figured with the new stadium and all the whole organization would be fired up but it seems that it’s just the opposite. With all the potential we had coming into the season it’s hard to understand whats happened. What ever it is i think it’s time to focus on the future because even if we luck out and get a playoff spot( which i doubt we do and really don’t deserve) we won’t go far. I understand that we had some major injuries to key players but most were on defense and that unit is really the only one to shine so far. I have never been sold on our scouting dept. to find good WR’s in the draft but we will need them to make some solid picks this year. Ellington might stick but Patton is hurt all the time and that is never a good sign. We need Oline players that know how to pass block. Hopefully, we get rid of all the dead weight and malcontents and move into a rebuilding year. It can’t be any worse than watching the fucking product we’ve put on the field so far.

    • NJ49er says:

      That’s the rub Winder.
      We get production from the Defense, even the Rookies.
      What’s missing, and has been missing, are contributions from the Offense, specifically the WRs.

      For me, it’s about the scheme and the lack of a passing attack.
      To teach a WR you need to have successful Coaches IMO.
      Harbaugh/Roman are run heavy obviously.

      I think it’s as simple as finding an OC that has a resume that can find better balance.
      Kaep can’t improve if the Coaches can’t instruct.

      It can’t be as simple as poor Scouting or Drafting when you select players that knew how to produce in College.
      That talent has to be cultivated at the Pro level.

      Harbaugh is obviously attached to Roman, which I can understand.
      Loyalty is an admirable commodity.
      However, this is business and, the collective results have remained stagnant.

  12. Irish Kevin says:

    Jed York, Get me Mike Martz on the line, Get me Chip Kelly!!

  13. unca_chuck says:


    New thread is up.

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