A Rose By Any Other Name . . .

Still smells like shit . . . I’ve seen my share of ugly wins, but this last one takes the sheet cake. Sheeeit cake? Eli Manning gave us FIVE turnovers and plenty of field position, and the Niners scored a whopping 16 points. In yet another case of not being able to put away a shitty team, the defense again and again made 4th downs stands, hurried Manning all day, got 5 picks, and in the end, couldn’t score to help the woeful offense.

How awful? Well, I guess you had to see it to believe it. Kappy’s day was OK. 15-29, 193 yards and a TD. No fumbles, no picks. The Niners only gave up one sack. GOre had 95 yards on the ground, and the team had 148. Yet through all those yards, we yet again, choked, sputtered, and crapped ourselves in the red zone. 4 trips and a grand total of 9 points. One drive was killed by an inexplicable fumble by Gore. His 1st of the year. Which led to the Giants best drive of the day and their only TD. The rest were killed by more of the same crap-ass play calling that has plagued this team all season. A naked roll right was sniffed out and easily stuffed for a 7 yard loss to kill a drive. The next two drives seemed all about getting the ball to VD and Crabs at all costs, which led to two more FGs.

The 2nd half was one nice crossing route that Crabs took to the house after holding off a couple Giant DBs followed by loss on downs and 3 punts. Against arguably the worst defense in the league, the high powered 49er offense could not muster one measly FG. Eli kept getting ’em close to the end zone, and he kept throwing picks. Some amazingly nowhere NEAR a Giant WR.

I’d love to feel good about 2 road wins in 2 tough venues, but my God, this team leaves points on the field like my dogs leave turds in my back yard. Yeah, they are 6-4, and they have a chance to go 7-4 against another hapless NFC East team (and this would give them the division sweep) but unless this team pulls out of thew collective funk that the offense is in, they will be one and done in the playoffs. I wonder id it’s time to bench VD. He’s not showing any enthusiasm in his route running, and half-assed it on the balls throw his way. I’m on the fence with Crabs, but he’s at least making plays around his drops.

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  1. NJ49er says:

    Exactly Chuck.
    I’m in the same boat.
    Not fun watching this Offense sputter and stall as often as it does.

    Yeh, it’s players too but, what do they learn and, how much practice are they putting in?
    I gotta figure they aren’t learning much if the Coaches can’t polish it up by now.
    Especially if you’re practicing against your own Defense, which is top notch.
    This garbage has been going on since the SB loss.

    Love our Defense, which is the backbone of this team.

    It’s just too damn painful to watch this thing trying to evolve.

    • NJ49er says:

      5 Ints, excellent field position several times and, we produced a FG for all their hard work on D.
      Rates as hot garbage in my book.

      They’d better shellac DC this week and get something rolling for the Seattle game on the short week.

      They can’t lose focus or look past DC either.
      Curious to see if Gruden puts Colt in over RGIII seeing as he knows us much better.

  2. NJ49er says:

    Looks like we’ll catch the Seahawks with an injury to Center Max Unger too.
    Gotta get that game on Turkey Day.
    Could be an elimination game for one of us.

    Time to buckle up for the WC chase.

  3. Nipper says:

    A massive BLEEP for the last game. Pure BLEEP! Got to skin the Skins or else! Please no player mutinies this time! How ugly.

  4. Irish Kevin says:

    Listening to KNBR the Mr T and Ray Ratto, they had Brent Jones on. Brent was just trashing Brooks for sitting out the game. He said that would never happen on a Walsh team. He also paid a complement to the SF Giants. He said Brooks should take a 35 mile drive to SF to see how a “Team” plays together. Jones pointed out how a Giants player is told he will platoon with who ever and the players on the Giants are fine with it. Brent goes on to say to Brooks, “oh by the way platooning will get you a ring.” Just look at the Giants. So Crabby, V Davis, Brooks, please start thinking of the team and not just yourselves.

  5. Flavor says:

    I don’t get how these rB’s (Tate and Blount) are getting so bent. If you’re a receiver I kinda get it– you run your ass off, route after route, you don’t ever see the ball? I can see getting a little miffed. But Tate and Blount aren’t doing shit. STFU and wait. Or block. The fact they both got released made me lqtm

  6. 12th man says:

    Per ESPN Stats & Information, the 49ers posted minus-10.8 expected points added in the red zone Sunday, the fifth-worst total by any team this season. And while their red zone offensive efficiency is 30th, their TD percentage of 39.4 in the red zone ranks 31st and their red zone Total QBR of 44.2 is 24th.

  7. 12th man says:

    Kaepernick is the NFL’s 15th-ranked passer with a 92.0 passer rating with 14 touchdowns and five interceptions.

  8. Nipper says:

    Rush RG III so hard he cries out “it’s me!” Niner D plays so hard Snyder calls down from his box “we’re the Nationals!”

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Funny to see NoFear now lamenting the loss of Alex Smith. He’s getting hammered in Oaktown tonight,

  10. unca_chuck says:

    NoFear backs Alex, and he goes out and loses to the Raiders. Hah!

    The Redskins should be another pushover but until I see this coaching staff put together a complete offensive gameplan, I ain’t very optimistic with howthings are looking.

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