The Eagles Have Landed . . . in Santa Clara

Chip Kelly and his lean green machine come a’calling to the friendly confines of the Great America parking lot this weekend to try and run roughshod over our leaky and suddenly ineffective defense. A defense that is a solid 6th in yards given up per game, but 17th in scoring allowed. Not good when facing a team that is pretty much pedal-to-the-metal when it comes to how the play. Foles and Co. do a very good job of no-huddle and quick-attack plays, much like Kelly did on Oregon. They run out of multi-WR formations, but it’s mainly pass pass pass. Short quick routes that are hard to defend and hard to get pressure on. Foles himself. Weirdly though the Jacksonville Jags, of all teams, sacked Foles 5 times in their first game of the year. However, Foles hasn’t been sacked since. He is, however, questionable for Sunday’s game after getting blindsided by Washington’s Chris Baker in the 4th quarter last weekend, which led to a brawl and some ejections. That being said, Foles played after the hit, and I fully expect Foles to play. For all their success passing, LeSean McCoy, last year’s rushing leader, is off to a slow start, averaging less that 60 yards per game so far. Seeing as the Niners have struggled with the run, I’m a little worried about this. Then again, their passing game worries me as well.

So, how do  the Niners stop the attack? Well, by getting back to what they used to do. I’m still not entirely clear as to why the braintrust seems to have gone from Ground Chuck to Air Coryell in a single offseason, but the 49ers are throwing a lot more than usual. It has worked at times, and failed miserably at times (see 3 picks vs Chicago). But I would hope that some of the offense is dedicated to keeping the Philly offense on the sidelines. The 49ers have had some long impressive drives, including the 2 in the 1st half of the AZ game, and they need to keep that up for 4 quarters to pull out a win. Philly’s defense is 26th in yards given up (30th in passing yards), and 20th in points, so one would think that we could get some traction there. They also are struggling to get pressure on opposing QBs as they only have 3 sacks. Certainly something the Niners should be able to exploit. But I would not like to see this turn into a shoot-out.

Beyond that, the run game should be bolstered by the return of the Davises, Anthony and Vernon. Defensively, I just don’t know. The Niner defense is struggling wildly to get pressure, even with blitzes last week, and blitzing the Eagles is not a good idea seeing how fast they get the ball out. Not sure who they will stop the Eagles, but this is a very important early game. Lose this, and they suddenly have a lot of teams to climb over just to reach a wildcard spot.

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  1. Nipper says:

    I expect this coming game to be one loud BLEEP! Niners aren’t good enough. Perhaps the Eagles can shit in their pants but don’t bet on it. A few Eagle turnovers would sure help keep the score manageable but short of that the fans have nothing to look forward to except for the huge traffic jams after the game.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Not to re-skin a dead horse, here Bill Simmons, recently suspended writern and journalist for ESPN on Roger Goodell.

    Good stuff.

    Way to go, Business Insider.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Jesus. It’s the Nate Davis synmdrome

    Who cares if he ain’t perfect. Get him in there. Hit the QB.

  4. Did you guys see the “South Park” 18th season opener last night? Funny shit. Lampooned Goodell, the NFL and especially Dan Snyder and his Redskins. But there was one scene where Snyder was on a video conference call with all of the other NFL owners, and representing the 49ers was Gideon Yu.

    I don’t think there was an inside joke intended, they made no reference to Yu. I just think some stupid intern who was researching all the NFL owners saw Gideon’s name in the media guide and made the mistake.

    Still a tad embarrassing, however. They had all the other names of the owners correct as far as I could tell. This shit wouldn’t have happened when Eddie D. was sailing our ship. We had name recognition back then. Now? The most recognizable 49er is a psychotic Khaki’s-wearing lunatic screaming at officials on the sideline with a return ticket punched to Ann Arbor who’s thinking to himself…

    Screw you guys, I’m going home.

  5. NoFear49er says:

    Phill Simms apparently agreed to use “Washington” to describe the team playing the Giants tonight. Nantz, however seems intent on getting as many “Redskins” in the broadcast as possible. I noticed Simms even forgot himself and used the word that strikes terror into the hearts of over-sensitive do-gooders a time or two. That would be funnier to me except I can’t help but wonder how many fantasy managers are scrambling to hit the waiver wire to get rid of the guy they had to have last week for the guy on the other side tonight that nobody much wanted.

    • Spitblood says:

      Why is it exactly that the NFL has a tax exemption? I like that Senator who suggested lifting the exemption if Snyder and the NFL don’t change the name, Redskins. Nice leverage. How in the world do the American people allow the NFL to have a tax exemption after all this crap? It’s fuckin’ beyond me, but everything NFL is beyond me this year.

      And NoFear, how would you feel if the NFL created a team called the Memphis Backwards Assed Survivalist Hillbillies? “And now, starting at left guard for the Backwards Assed Survivalist Hillbillies, a black man from Detroit Michigan, Earl Lovebone.” Your people might start rioting. It might work if the GM of the Memphis Backwards Assed Survivalist Hillbillies was a KKK member and only drafted white players, but then the Backwards Assed Survivalist Hillbillies would never win a game in the NFL. If they went best white boy available in the draft, they’d have to take a kicker first overall each draft. And nobody, I mean nobody is dumb enough to take a kicker in the first round. You’d have to have shit for brains.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Your posts should come with a hazmat warning.

      • Spitblood says:

        I’m sure you’ve been wearing a hazmat suit in your bunker the last 14 years. You’re prepared for my posts. We need you on that wall.

        NoFear, I ‘ve got a good book for you called, “Wool.” It’s post apocalyptic and I can’t put the fucker down. Not sure if you like to read beyond military books but if you do check it out.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Cousins certainly looks like a lost pup. 3 picks? I stopped watching when he went 3-4 to the Giants.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Looks like Eli’s catching on to the WCO. Let’s hope our QB can grasp his new offense better as the games go on. Here’s to hoping getting AD back helps the line play in general.

  8. Nipper says:

    So much for the so-called experts, they seemed to pick Washington as the better team before the game. Man they were wrong! There’s hope for the inept Niners yet.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Simple, Spitty. Because the NFL is a religion. I’m an Ordained Minister of the Church of Monday Night football.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    The 49ers could use this guy for a pre-game speech:

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Want to see something really stupid?

    Wonderful to have our rookie WR play for the scout team instead of actually using in our OWN offense. How about we USE him like Sproles on OUR offense?

    I’m seriously getting pissed off at this entire coaching staff.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    In more good news, we get flexin’ Ed Hercules leading the ref brigade this weekend.

    He’s averaging 20 flags a game. Which is good enough for 5th highest! I’d say the last 2 crews for the Niners are leading the pack.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    And in MORE good news, Antoine Bethea hurt his ankle in practice this week, and is questionable for Sunday’s game.

    We’d better start finding some DBs and a pass rush.

    This game may be 64-58.

    • Spitblood says:

      Never fear, Baalke drafted Brandon Thomas and Marcus Lattimore instead of replacing Craig Dahl. I’m sure everything will be just fine with Dahl against Chip Kelly. Our GM is awesome!

      • Spitblood says:

        And have you guys seen our 2 million dollar backup quarterback? I’m no offensive line talent scout but I guarantee you Adam Snyder is better than Jonathan Martin. That 2 million might have come in handy. And Harbaugh’s doing everything in his power to keep JJ around because Gabbert will have a quick hook if Kaep goes down. Jonathan Martin inspires me to brush off my old bullying tactics.

        Martin, Gabbert, Brandon Thomas, Marcus Lattimore, Skuta beating out Lemonier, no depth behind our safeties, AJ Jenkins, LMJ, Vance McDonald, the entire 2012 draft class? If I was Jim Harbaugh you’d have to pay me a shitload to coach here with Baalke as the GM.

        And Unca thinks it’s the coaches. Silly Unca…

      • unca_chuck says:

        You’re not talented at anything. Except for stealing fish pics, and being an annoying jerkoff.

      • Spitblood says:

        Lol…. I’m fantastic at everything I do. Thanks for your concern.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Blah blah blah. I’m more pissed at the NFL for the stupid deactivate list.

    Spitty: “Why do only 49ers get hurt? Must be the GM!!”

    Got to get McCray out there. Anyone but Dahl.

  15. unca_chuck says:

    If you want to compare our backups with anyone else’s have at it, skippy. It’s a lesson in futility. Look at Houston and Atl last year. Decimated by injuries, they completely tanked. Manning goes down, Indy craps out. Its the nature of the NFL now. The starters get paid, and the backups hunt for scraps. Too many injuries and you ain’t gonna win.

    The Pats, for all their success, haven’t won shit in 10 years. Was Pioli an idiot? No. Belichick? Hardly. You bemoan a backup guard leaving. Fuck off.

    Get fucking real, idiot. Or just shut the fuck up about it.

    • Spitblood says:

      Silly, Unca. If you want to evaluate a GM, look at what he does with the resources afforded to him (regardless if he created some additional resources.) Here’s a crazy thought: Instead of drafting players who are injured and don’t help the team for years, guys like Lattimore, Dial, Tank, Brandon Thomas, Reaser (sp?), Ramsey and Millard – sometimes completely wasting picks and additional resources – let’s draft some healthy guys to replace Craig Dahl so when we play teams like the Eagles we don’t have to cry for weeks on end about how the 49ers are 1-3 and the season is over because Ertz and Jordan Matthews beat Craig Dahl like a red headed rental car with a mule driving. It doesn’t matter what other teams are doing. And McCray? Please, homie. Please.

  16. The Two Million Dollar Backup Quarterback. That has Lifetime movie of the week written all over it. The Two Million Dollar Backup Quarterback starring Dean Cain as Blaine Gabbert and Melissa Gilbert as his wife JoJo.

    Watch how the former first-round pick struggles on and off the field with poor quarterback play and alcoholism. Watch his wife JoJo frivolously spend all of his guaranteed two million dollars away on porcelain cat figurines and spoon collections from Eastern Europe. Watch how the backup not only battles his inner demons and third downs, but a third mortgage as well.

    Will the backup complete his Hail Mary? Will the backup go for it on fourth down? Will he finally take away his wife’s credit cards? Tune in this Sunday night on Lifetime at 9/8c to find the answers to these burning questions and much more.

    Or you can just pass out drunk like I will after we lose to the Eagles and fall to 1-3.

  17. Nipper says:

    A massive BLEEP looms for Sunday. Ouch!

  18. Nipper says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but Spit and Chuck will not be exchanging Xmas Cards this season. So many insults to be exchanged and so little time.

  19. NoFear49er says:

    Spitblood, the NFL is not tax exempt. Only the offices part, the trade association, is. All the money they make is taxed. There’s no leverage there. It’s beyond absurd that the guy who can’t make a post without insulting a dozen people and/or groups of people wants to play the PC name-sensitivity card and be taken seriously.

    I’m not a big SciFi fan but I might add that one to my reading shelf. For recreational reading I found WEB Griffin’s Brotherhood of War series pretty good. Best to start with The Lieutenants.

    Flipping through the TV channels this am I see a Brit cook tearing up the old Green Beret Club on Ft Bragg. Thing’s been there forever and used to be quite the meeting place. A shame to see all the memorabilia there gone.

    Oh, and there’s no way we will lose to the freakin’ Eagles tomorrow. NO WAY!!! We will shut down their running game and out-gun them in the air.

    • Spitblood says:

      NoFear- I take umbrage with this statement…. severe umbragement.

      “It’s beyond absurd that the guy who can’t make a post without insulting a dozen people and/or groups of people wants to play the PC name-sensitivity card and be taken seriously.”

      First of all, I don’t insult anyone who doesn’t deserve it. You know as well as I do that Chuck is a retard. Secondly, the PC name game is foolish but I’m a white boy and I’m betting you’re a white boy as well. Any white boy who claims the PC name game is foolish (like I just did) is insensitive, and there’s a chance NoFear, just a weee little chance that both you and I are a little insensitive and maybe even downright jaded regarding the “get over its” we place on people us white boys have wronged over the years. But I’m over it. They’re f’n pussies.

      I’m not really a big SciFi guy myself, but I picked up a book call “The Dog Stars” and love it and the dude at the book store told me to check out “Wool,” and now I’m hooked on these post apocalyptical books. I’ll check out “The Lietenants.” Thanks for the tip.

      The Niners are going to lose by 3 touchdowns tomorrow. The 49ers can’t pass block, stop the pass or run an effective ground and pound. Last year when the 49ers went 1-3 they went ground and pound behind Gore and a good O line to right the ship. This year, our O line with Martin stinks and Gore is a shadow of his former self. Even if Anthony Davis plays, Gore sucks. Then when Kelly drops 14 on us in the 4th quarter because Culliver, Bathea and Ward stink, Gore will just create more 3 and outs.

      56-17, Eagles. And if Craig Dahl plays, 156-17, Eagles. Craig Dahl? Hey, at least we’ve got a 2 million dollar backup quarterback.

  20. Spitblood says:

    Here’s a good article about Harbaugh and Michigan. I think Harbaugh stays in the NFL and coaches on a team that gives him more front office control. But Harbaugh will coach out his entire 2015 year in SF UNLESS the 49ers can workout a deal that’s not too expensive for Harbaugh’s new team. Case in point – if you try to leverage too much out of Harbaugh’s new team, Harbaugh can just reject it and coach one more meaningless year in SF then bolt to that team for nothing. So if York wants to get something for Harbaugh at the end of this year, he’ll need to be reasonable.

    But assuming Harbaugh stays in the NFL (something I think Grantland correctly assess Harbaugh will do because of his quest for a ring) then Jed York has a decision to make. I don’t think Harbaugh cares about money anymore. I used to. I don’t anymore. Like this article states, I think Harbaugh wants front office control. I’m a Harbaugh fan, but because I believe it’s very likely that Harbaugh will leave the 49ers because I have no faith in Jed York’s ability to retain Harbaugh, I’m not being critical of Baalke anymore because I want Harbaugh to win a Baalke / Harbaugh power stuggle. I’m being critical of Baalke because I think his drafts and decisions as our GM flat out suck. I’ve listed all of Baalke’s mistakes already, and what’s the saying? If it walks like a duck?

    Jed York has to decide between two courses of action” decide whether or not to trade Harbaugh for maybe a second round pick at the end of the year, or give Harbaugh a lot more front office control, essentially moving Baalke out completely. The last choice is the worst one – just do nothing and let Harbaugh coach out his contract. If I’m York, it’s a no-brainer. Baalke’s gone. But that won’t happen because Jed York is drinking the Trent Baalke koolaid. York take pride in the fact that he somewhat found Baalke and built him up in the media. Nevermind that in a year or two people are going to start looking at Baalke drafts with the correct perspective and see that Baalke sucks.

    There’s a distinct possibility that the worst case scenario I laid out above will play out because York won’t be able to find the right team for Harbaugh (or the right compensation), and there’s no way York is insightful enough to move out Baalke. As far as York knows, Marcus Lattimore was an awesome pick.

    The really sad figure in all of this is Colin Kaepernick. What just happened with Eli Manning? People were threatening to bench Eli. Gone were Nicks, Manningham, Smith, Bradshaw and Jacobs. Gone were Osi, Strahan, Ross and others. If you don’t have the talent around a player, people will mistakenly say the qb is bad. And guess what Colin Kaepernic? Now you’re gonna regret signing that “team friendly” deal. Because after Harbaugh leaves, 49er fans will lose faith in you and want your head. And trust me, Jed York listens to his fans. York can’t make a decision for himself. He reads the blogs and tries to figure out the fan friendly decision to make. That’s how he hired Mike Singletary. But the nice thing is Kaep’s contract is a series of one year deals, right?. So if the 49ers balk at re-signing Kaep, he can bounce someplace else. Won’t that be a Jed York legacy? The guy who had Jim Harbaugh and Colin Kaepernick and let ’em both get away. If Colin’s lucky, he’ll stay healthy while the 49er fan base turns on him. If Colin gets hurt, it’ll only extend the SF frustration and take years off his NFL career within a bad organization.

    • NJ49er says:

      If Kaep can’t stay in the pocket and beat a blitz soon, he’ll get injured simply because he’s exposing himself as a RB.
      Only a matter of time before someone gets the shot on him in the open field.

      • NJ49er says:

        Since we know Harbaugh Drafted Kaep, Baalke is off your hook too.

        If Jim can’t teach Kaep to throw from the pocket, maybe that creative Contract Baalke and Paraag constructed won’t look like such a bad idea huh?

        So far, Kaep is nothing more than an extension of Harbaugh/Romans’ running game.
        Still time to improve, year 3 and all.

  21. NJ49er says:

    Part of the reason Baalke takes a chance on injured players on Draft Day Spit is the ability to stash them on NFI.
    Sorta like a layaway program at Wal-Mart huh?

    Risky? Sure, injuries always are.
    But I’d rather take a chance on a younger College athlete, oversee his rehab and see what comes.
    No money of any consequence involved in that decision, just a Draft Pick.

    Wanna spend big bucks on an older Revis for example, after he tears an ACL?

  22. Michigan down to Minnesota 30-14 midway through the 4th Q at The Big House which is about half full at the moment. Brady Hoke is just begging to be replaced by Harbaugh.

  23. When your QB wears #98, you know you’re in a world of trouble.
    Big Blue Blows.

  24. unca_chuck says:

    Retard or not, Harbaugh is in the process of washing out as an NFL coach. This team had talent when he got here, it still has talent. Harbaugh is being outcoached more and more these days.

    Cliff notes, skippy. Fuck.

    • Spitblood says:

      Washing out as a head coach? I think not. You’re a long way from washing out after making 3 straight championship games. A long way. Maybe leaving SF. Yes. The team certainly had talent when Harbaugh got here, and he added a lot more and tweaked it just right to put together an impressive run with Nolan, McCloughan and Singletary players, and Harbaugh added some of his own (Kaep). But now Baalke has added Culliver, Brock, Bethea, Wilhoite, Skuta, Lemonier, Looney, Jonathan Martin, Vance McDonald, Cook, Cox, Jerrod Eddie, Dobbs, Ian Williams, Brandon Lloyd and Stevie Johnson and the talent level has dropped way off. You can’t win without a GM who adds talent immediately.

      The interesting thing for you, Unca, is that Harbaugh is going to coach some place else (probably) and when he does he’ll have more pieces of the puzzle in his head regarding what it takes from an organization to win a Super Bowl. Jim Harbaugh will go out and find a talent evaluator and he’ll put his team back into the playoffs routinely. And the beautiful thing will be watching you squirm as the this 49er teams sucks once again and Harbaugh dominates somewhere else because then I’ll get to remind you each and every day that you were dead wrong about Jim Harbaugh and once again playing the 49er company line. In fact, that’s all you know how to do…. play that company line, silly retarded Unca.

  25. unca_chuck says:

    His defense isn’t as big and bad with the suspensions and imjuries, therefore, he’s losing as games go on. If he doesn’t figure out counterpunching, he’s going to lose a lot of games down the stretch because his defense isn’t shutting the door like it used to..

  26. unca_chuck says:

    If Harbaugh coached like he played as a QB in the pros, he’d be fine. Unfortunately he coaches like he was coached in college. Bo Schembechler Jr.

  27. I should have had that name fucking trademarked. I gave Jimbo that name.
    It’s my fucking name! Bo Schembechler Jr.™

  28. Did you guys hear the reason why that FG was blocked last week in Arizona?
    Bo Schembechler Jr.™ said there was a fake called but it was called off because of the defense Arizona showed and only half of the ST unit knew about it.

    That’s a hell of a organization they’re running over there.

  29. Regardless of the coaching and ST unit SNAFU, Dawson’s kick was extremely low and was going to get blocked even if all eleven ST unit players didn’t know the fake was called off.

    We suck.

  30. We lose tomorrow and there’s going to be a run on pitchforks at Ace Hardware unlike none other. I’m making the torches tonight myself.

    • Spitblood says:

      We’re gonna lose tomorrow. No doubt in my mind. Go after whomever you’d like. But in the end, it’s Jed York and his decisions. Ouch.

  31. NJ49er says:

    Del I posted a piece the other night regarding that blocked FG vs AZ.

    AZ had 9 guys on Defense and we called off the fake FG play.
    According to Maiocco, some of our guys ran the fake and some didn’t, which resulted in Staley’s guy getting in to block the kick.

    Pretty sums up the storyline of what confusion looks like.
    With all the talk of playbooks being too thick, plays getting in later and later, execution/adjustment problems and penalties, this team is looking like the Bad News Bears of late.

    Fuk’n Baalke I’ll bet.

    • NJ49er says:

      Jim decided our 11 guys vs their 9 guys wasn’t advantageous enough.
      Granted it wasn’t a short 1st Down to gain.

      I’m still taking 9ers convincingly over Philly today.
      For all the accolades bestowed on the Philly Offense, their Defense can, and should be, had.

    • NoFear49er says:

      Hey NJ49er, I didn’t notice anybody looking like they were looking for a pass or blocking for a run. I did notice two of the nine defenders double-teaming Staley and pushing him back half way to the kicker while the long snapper stayed down on all fours while the defense rolled by. fuk’n frostee.

      I’d think Martin was a Harbaugh deal, too.

      • NJ49er says:

        Yeh NoFear49er, total chaos.
        Whether the fake was called off or not, their 9 outplayed our 11.

        Have to agree with you regarding JMart too. Stanford connection and all.
        We’re a befuddled team at this point.
        1st half Warriors, 2nd half Bad News Bears.

        Read somewhere that they (likely Fangio) were none to happy with Ahmad’s conditioning coming into Camp this year too.
        It’s somewhat concerning that the edges of this team are looking a little frayed.
        Gotta get things back on the rails today.

      • NJ49er says:

        Possible that Harbaugh wanted a crack at straightening out Gabbert too?

      • Spitblood says:

        Yeah…. all the poor personnel decisions are Harbaugh’s. That’s rich.

      • NJ49er says:

        If we can’t/don’t run the wheels off against a weak Philly D, we’ll seserve all the sh!t we get from everyone who suggests we’re posers.
        This Philly OLine is beat up, Foles has been planted repeatedly in recent weeks and we’re starving for an answer to Aldon and NaVorro.

        This remains as my barometer game.
        We’ll see what Jim and Co have in terms of an answer for what ails us.

  32. rtfirefly says:

    They called off the fake AFTER Arizona lined up 9??

  33. Del Mar Dennis says:
    December 13, 2012 at 12:04 am
    Our team is not set up to win Super Bowls with Harbaugh’s offensive mentality. The Niners have the second fewest pass attempts 346 (Seattle 341) for the current year. Has Jimbo not received the memo that the NFL is now, and has been for a few years, a passing league?

    Harbaugh’s idea of offensive innovation is having seven offensive lineman, not five wide receivers. This is a guy who had Andrew effing Luck as his college quarterback and he still chose to run the ball 57% of the time at Stanford. He’s Bo Schembechler Jr.

    Good night and good luck,

    Bo Schembechler Jr.™

    • Spitblood says:

      That’s fantastic, but I was calling him Bo Harbaugh / Jim Schembeckler this time last year on Skeeber’s blog. It’s okay. When you’re the greatest blogger in the history of mankind people steal your stuff. It’s like China and Apple products. Bound to happen. Just don’t lie about it like Skeebers. (and I don’t think you’re lying…. just confused).

      Me calling Harbaugh, Bo Harbaugh or Jim Schembechler was because I was the one claiming and letting everyone else know that Harbaugh hadn’t won anything at any level in his entire career – just like his mentor, Bo Schembechler. And this was when Alex Smith was our qb. I was pissed that Harbaugh wasn’t moving Smith out sooner, then attacking Harbaugh for this serious transgression, which, after he moved Smith out, made Harbaugh in my eyes the greatest head coach in the history of football. Still is. Asshole on the sidelines be damned. He got rid of Alex Smith. My hero. No exceptions.

  34. NoFear49er says:

    So does Harbaguh revert to the familiar run-first offense against these up-tempo Eagles? Or try to out-shoot them? Does it matter if Vernon is back in the game?

    I think it’s do or die for Kaepernick making the transition to pocket passer and we’ll keep up the passing game. I also think we’ll try everything in the bag to get pressure on Foles. How about Ian and/or Tank on some inside pressures against the Eagles banged o-line?

    Whatever we scheme we need to take care of the ball better and play with some better discipline. The funny thing about this matchup is we’ve tended to start out fast and fall apart late and the Eagles start out in the hole and finish strong. Should be a good one and a chance to get back some winning attitude.

    • NJ49er says:

      All of the above NoFear49er.
      Spread them, gash them, go over the top, down the seam, you name it.

      Inside pressure is my recipe too.
      Rookie Center, Molk, making his 1st start.

      No cheap TDs by our Secondary either.
      Live by the blitz, die by the blitz.
      Foles can kill from the pocket. And apparently, Stanton can too.
      Fangio needs to disguise things and take measured shots.

      I’m with you on Kaep too.
      He’s running too much instead of standing tall and finding a hot read.
      Hoping this is the game they all click.
      For 60 minutes.

      Philly’s D should be beaten. Repeatedly.
      Grind them down, beat them deep.

    • Spitblood says:

      Well, a big surprise to this game could be both Anthony Davis and Carlos Hyde. You get Davis back and give Hyde some more plays and we could start doing the old ground and pound that got us out of the hole last year. AND, and it’s a big AND, if Anthony Davis does come back, it could mean that Kaep has longer than 3 seconds to throw and maybe Roman will have some depth variance to his routes. It would be crazy to see a deep ball.

      On defense, I don’t think we blitz. I think we blitzed the Cardinals and our blitzes didn’t get home. I’m fairly certain Chip Kelly watched the tape on that (sarcasm) and knows how to pickup our blitzes. If it’s me, I bring in Nick Moody just to blitz for this game only. You can’t do that for multiple games because it tips your hand pre-snap if a guy’s just good at blitzing. But this a must win game and Nick Moody can blitz a lot better than Wilhoite. All that said, if it’s not Moody, I don’t blitz at all and play the old bend but don’t break defense, trying to at least slow down the Eagles offense. Carlos Rogers could blitz from the slot, but Jimmy Ward? A mosquito could swat Ward out of the way. Darren Sproles would knock Ward into Tuesday. But watch out for Jordan Matthews dominating Jimmy “too small for the NFL” Ward. Thanks Baalke for another great first round pick.

      Keys to the game will be Anthony Davis replacing the shittiest O lineman ever, Jonathan Rachal Martin. Baalke either not blitzing or blitzing different guys because the ones he blitzed against the Cards sucked. Jimmy Ward picking up his game and starting play like a first round draft choice, and Carlos Hyde starting to get more touches that aren’t just read options plays.

      And hey, how the fuck about a little play action? How ’bout just running some basic run plays with Carlos Hyde, then going play action? How tough is that?

      I just think the 49er have too many bad players still at crucial positions and that Chip Kelly is smart enough to exploit those bad backups. I’m sticking with my initial call 56-17, and 156-17 if Bethea goes down and Craig Dahl replaces him. But at least we have a 2 million dollar backup qb.

      • Spitblood says:

        I mean Fangio blitzing, not Baalke. It’s late.

      • NJ49er says:

        I’m definitely predicting a Frank/Carlos grind it up Offense today.
        Philly doesn’t score while Foles is watching from the sideline.
        Philly doesn’t have the LBs to hide from either.
        Agree about play action too.
        Once you sell the run, it’s a no-brainer IMO.
        Get them to defend the run, take a shot over the top.
        If you can’t get Kaep to stand in the pocket, design some rollouts.
        I’d guess we do more of what we did vs Dallas, week one.
        Cover 1st, dare them to run.
        No big plays is the Flavor of the Day.

        Jimmy on Matthews isn’t the same as Jimmy on Brandon Marshall.
        Rookie on Rookie works for me.
        Our personnel has to deliver.

      • NJ49er says:

        Whoever Fangio assigns to Maclin better deliver today too.
        Philly does a good job of getting people in space.
        Something I’d like to see us do successfully too.

      • NJ49er says:

        What’s missing from Kaeps’ game right now is the quick hitters.
        You don’t get sacked when the ball comes out quickly on time.
        Again, it’s all about finding a rhythm.
        Keep a Defense on it’s heels and things get much easier to execute.
        Good spot to do what we did to AZ early too.
        Run the no huddle, wear them down early.

        All about ball control and keeping our Defense fresh.
        For a change.

  35. NoFear49er says:

    I guess Willis will play first man out of the backfield on runs and cover Ertz unless they stick Ertz in the slot to play against Ward.

    The safeties won’t have the communication problems they had last week so that should help the out of position TDs we let the rookie get on us last week.

    You’d think running is the way to keep the defense fresh but the Eagles will be taking that away as much as possible anyway and daring us to beat them in the air. I think we accept that challenge.

    • NJ49er says:

      NoFear49er we’ve shown some interesting wrinkles thus far.
      What’s missing is the thread to stitch it all together.
      Philly can be run on.

      We have to show it, and stick with it, until it opens up the passing game.
      Our personnel trump theirs.

      We just haven’t found any rhythm or balance to keep it in motion for 60 minutes.
      Has to come together today.
      Good spot to employ multiple TE sets too.
      Show a run heavy formation and mix in the passing game perhaps?
      Hoping the quick hitters work with VMcD and Carrier.
      Vernon isn’t your typical snatch catcher as is Crabtree.
      If we could get Kaep to hit on 3 step drops we wouldn’t be watching him running for his life back there.

      Composure and execution are in high demand, along with keeping our Defense off the field, while grinding theirs down.

      • NJ49er says:

        They’re OLine is depleted, no LB Mychal Kendricks in the middle either.
        They can rush and apply pressure.
        Ball out quick, no worries about Cole or Barwin.
        Chip obviously has weapons.
        But, he’s missing some valuable pieces right now.

      • NJ49er says:

        You know Frank is licking his chops for some meaningful carries.
        Get him and Carlos going and this should be a successful afternoon.

      • NJ49er says:

        If they continue to get behind early, they’ll have to throw.
        Should help to neutralize Shady somewhat.
        As we did with Dallas, let them run between the 20s and chew clock.
        Just take away the easy scores, which we didn’t do vs AZ.

  36. Spitblood says:

    NoFear – “The Safeties won’t have the communication problems.” How do you know it wasn’t just sucking? I saw Ward pointing to his supposed help (I think it was Reid), but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a communication problem. Ward could have just gotten beat….. because, er… he’s been beat a lot this year already. Could have been him just no longer wanting to own up that he’s been sucking for three games straight.

    I don’t know if the Eagles will take away our run. I think the Eagles will spy Kaep, rush 4 and make Kaep make throws. They’ll sprinkle in some blitzes and then Kaep has to show what he’s got. I’d love to see Hyde run the ball more and have Harbaugh, Roman and Solari challenge the O line to compete. Personally, I think that’s our only change…. with Hyde. But the kid’s young and doesn’t know the entire playbook.

    Run the ball with Hyde and play bend but don’t break D without blitzing unless you blitz Moody. That’s our only chance.

    • Spitblood says:


    • NJ49er says:

      Hyde is very adept at catching his share of passes too Spit.
      Use him as a receiver too.
      I’d prefer a heavy dose of clock management today.
      Let Foles watch from the bench.
      However that is accomplished is fine by me. Just execute and keep our Defense fresh.

      • NJ49er says:

        Eagles 40-8.
        Charlie Garner couldn’t be stopped.
        Be nice to have Carlos unload on them in the same fashion.

  37. Nipper says:

    Keep the score close and run the ball! For the coach’s sanity, they better win. Dennis will not last this game. He’ll be flat on his back rolling around on a sawdust floor cursing Harbaugh in the darkness of his cellar.

  38. unca_chuck says:

    Game day thread is up.

  39. Hey, Spit. They resurrected your boy Charlie Whitehurst. Jesus is starting for the Titans today. The Son of God is going to have to pull off every miracle from his little bag of tricks to even have a chance today. Andrew Luck has been paid in full thirty pieces of silver and is going to have Whitehurst crucified.

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