The Harbaugh Dilemma

I’m sure you are all as thrilled as I am over the machinations that are occurring behind the scenes of the San Francisco 49ers front office as they wrestle with the idea of giving Jim Harbaugh a contract extension. Gladly for the sake of the team, the players, and the fans, they decided, amicably, to postpone contract extension talks til after this season.

The thing is, Harbaugh will immediately get the lame-duck designation after this season, depending on how things work out. The team could be at a very very important juncture in their desire to reach the promised land if this team falls short of its goal to win Super Bowl 49.

Harbaugh is currently on his original 5 year contract. One that is set to expire after the 2015 season. Due to his wildly successful start as a head coach here, the flag was raised by Jimbo after 2 season to ask for an extension. Things cooled a bit when they lost the Super Bowl, and then lost in the NFCCG last year. It got to the point of a nonsensical yet partially valid trade offer from the Cleveland Browns that was maybe taken semi-seriously  by the team.

Harbaugh certainly has ruffled the feathers of those in the front office. In what ways, us on the outside don’t really know, short of his professions to want to keep certain guys that fall out of favor with the front office, or his maniacal sense of importance to the team.

Certainly, Harbaugh has done an outstanding job as head coach, no one is denying that, but what happens going forward? This is really Jimbo’s contract push. Getting so close so fast has really put him in a shitty position. He set the bar to ‘impossibly high’ in two short years. All the front office has to do is point at the trophy case and say, in their best Judge Smails voice ”Well? We’re waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiting!”

Yes, Bill Walsh turned around a much shittier team in three years. Yes, Walsh is an impossibly high standard to live up to, but Jim put himself in this position, and seems to be driving wedges between he and the front office by hammering this contract thing. He’s backed off, but if he doesn’t win the Super Bowl this year, and say the offense looks a bit ragged, what should the team do?

  • Would you give Jim Harbaugh $10 mill a year for not winning it all?
  • Would you lame-duck his ass and say win or take your khakis elsewhere?
  • Would you say ~$8 mill, take it or leave it?

If we don’t win it all, I’m going with #3.

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220 Responses to The Harbaugh Dilemma

  1. Spitblood says:

    This is a stupid debate. Who would even consider talking about this….. endlessly?

    • Nipper says:

      I concur. Who gives a damn? Contracts are for lawyers to hammer out. No one is indispensable.

  2. NoFear49er says:

    It doesn’t matter what Jed pays Harbaugh. If we win the SB this year Harbaugh can write his own check at half the teams in the league. Can’t pay him enough if he wants to go. What matters is how long Harbaugh wants to coach here. Jed or Jim should both be happy for him to stay here as long as he’s getting us into the championships. I think Harbaugh wants Parcells-type pelts to hang on his wall regardless of what he makes doing it.

    Harbaugh has benefitted greatly from the players he inherited and the team building/management of Baalke. Moving on to a true turn-around situation he may well fall on his face. He hasn’t had too many tough hills to climb here yet. Aside from winning with Alex, that is. But he did have the running game and defense to pull it off.

    Jed would be foolish to present an ultimatum such as win the trophy or move on. Waaaay too many variables out of the control of the head coach for that. I don’t know what Jed’s number is for Harbaugh but finding the right head coach is not just a matter of paying him enough. If Harbaugh is tops in the league in wins why shouldn’t he expect to paid like it? What? Jed wants a bargain and he’s starting with the head coach of a winning team? I doubt that’s the hang up.

  3. Spitblood says:

    When Harbaugh left Stanford he told a Stanford player his entire reason for leaving the college ranks was to go after the ultimate championship. At first blush you might think Harbaugh won’t leave the 49ers because they give him his best shot at winning a Super Bowl. However, it didn’t take Harbaugh very long at all to find Kaep, go to Reno, throw the ball around with him, draft him and develop him. What did Mike Singletary say at the combine after he was fired? “You gotta have a qb.” Harbaugh can find ’em. Josh Johnson, Andrew Luck, Colin Kaepernick. The beauty of Harbaugh, and the reason he’s worth more than Bill Parcels is because Harbaugh can find you and develop you a franchise qb. He can weather qb controversies because he knows them. He can build up your qb’s confidence. He knows how to slowly coach-up a young qb while he’s on the field. It’s for this reason and this reason alone that Jim Harbaugh is worth more than ANY OTHER HC IN THE NFL. But then, like NoFear said, you throw in that Harbaugh’s got the best record in the NFL over the last three years and making Jim, regardless of this year’s outcome, the highest paid HC in the NFL is a no brainer. Because if Jed doesn’t, I guarantee you someone else will.

    • Nipper says:


    • Can Harbaugh find a QB? Check.
      Can Harbaugh develop that QB? Check.
      Can Harbaugh weather a QB controversy? Check.
      Can Harbaugh build up a QB’s confidence? Check.

      But what does Jimbo do next? He fucking relegates the most important, most influential and in most cases, unless your name is Alex D. Smith, the best player on your team to just another guy.

      Harbaugh had the best college QB in Andrew Luck since that horse-faced blondie from the same school,and what did Jimbo do? That’s right. He had the best fucking QB hand off the ball 54% of the time. Not that Andrew really cared, because that’s not in his makeup, but Harbaugh cost him two Heisman Trophies.

      And now he has *his* guy in Kap, and what does he do? We attempt the second fewest amount of passes last year. Why? That’s who he is. He’s Bo motherfucking Schembechler Jr. He did the same thing with Alex. And you people all thought our passing offense was going to open up once we ditched the “game manager.” Think again.

      We all know why we didn’t sign Peyton Manning. Same fucking reason why we’ve lost two NFCCGs and a Super Bowl in the last three years.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    You think Singletary would know what to do with a QB?

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Well, NoFear, do you think the Niners should pay Harbaugh $10 mill if he doesn’t win the SB?

  6. NoFear49er says:

    The notion that a coach wins the Super Bowl is a red herring. The coaches teach players and put them in a position to make plays and win games. Harbaugh’s already done that much.

    Take “the catch” play that started the dynasty years, did Walsh make the throw or the catch? No. Hell, he’d given up on the play by the time the throw was made as he told Montana to do if Freddie Solomon wasn’t open.

    Contrast the play that put Seattle in the Super Bowl instead of us. You want to put that on the coach because he didn’t run out on the field and hold Kaepernick’s hand through the play? There’s some crazy logic to see that as a coaching or play calling failure.

    According to Boldin, Harbaugh’s putting the offense in Kaepernick’s hands this year, or intending to. If Kaepernick doesn’t take the reins and start making better decisions I’d guess Harbaugh is back to an offense that goes through Frank Gore. You’d see that as a coaching failure I suppose and want him fired for it. I don’t care what he pays Harbaugh. The idea of what he’s worth depends on what somebody’s willing to pay and what a replacement of equal quality will cost. Do you want to see Jed replace him to save some money? Or just another coach as long as the next guy has four verticals out on every down?

  7. Bottom line: Jim Harbaugh doesn’t *deserve* to be the highest paid coach in the NFL. He hasn’t won shit. And I’m sick and goddamn tired of you people telling me how much Jimbo’s “won” in his first three years.

    I thought we were all San Francisco Forty Niner fans here. We have but one, and only one measuring stick — winning Lombardi Trophies. Nothing else matters. Nothing.

  8. And another goddamn thing: I’m really sick and goddamn tired of people either getting shit they don’t deserve, or what really chaps my hide, people *not* getting what they deserve. Thank you criminal justice system. You’re a bigger goddamn joke then Harbaugh’s record in big games.

    • Nipper says:

      Yeah I got a seat belt violation from a cop on foot! Cost me a 120 bucks even after going to court!

  9. 12th man says:

    It’s funny to me. If there is criticism of the coaching for being too conservative that somehow translates to an expressed desire for 4 WR on go routes every down. Is this kindergarten? Niners need and have needed to be more creative in the passing game, every single statistic over the last 3 years of Harbaughs tenure has screamed that fact loud and clear regardless of players in each year.

    Niners have consistently been last or close to it in O production from the QB position over the 3 years Harbaugh has been HC, attempts, yards, TD’s. This is not because of players etc, it is by design pure and simple. That design, whether people like it of not, has not produced the 6th Lombardi. In fact one could make the case that nothing has been more consistent over the last 3 years than the team choking away the opportunity when it really counted.

    If that is not coaching I don’t know what is. Why the heck weren’t the Niners up by 20 going into the 4th qtr in Seattle? They were so damn conservative that’s why, so afraid not to lose or make a mistake that they took little to no risks until they were forced to at the end again casting Kap as the goat.

    How is this not obvious? Semantic arguments about how close they got is nonsense, they managed to get that close off the back of Kaps mad skills despite bozo the clown calling the same old tired plays against the leagues elite defenses in the playoffs. Kap almost single handidly kept the team in games that were beyond redemption. The truth is sooner or later, expecting a young QB to be superman against the very best will invariably catch up to you and it did, 2 years in a frickin row.

    Now this genious (nod to Spit) offensive coaching staff have decided the scheme was too complicated, NO SHIT!!! And who’s fault has that been, the players again? Any buffoon with half a brain has seen the utter confusion at the LOS game after game. Good Lord Tunderin Jayzeez people is this rocket science?

    This team has been successful IN SPITE of the offensive scheme, not because of it. The D and special teams have mostly carried it to the playoffs, Fangio should have been coach of the year. The offense has done just enough, and that largely on the aging back of Frank Gore. That game plan is over, no way Frank is seen as the guy to carry this team as he did for the last decade. It simply wasn’t enough when it mattered most against the best there is. Kaps heroics were not enough because the scheme constricted the passing O and Alex freakin Smith said the same damn thing and the run game with an old Frank Gore couldn’t make it go against the best defenses. A team should not end up relying on it’s QB to wing it to get to or win a SB. It should be deeper than that and it just hasn’t been. The players have been good enough, the coaching has let them down at the end when it really mattered most.

    • NoFear49er says:

      It’s not kindergarten, it’s an opinion expressed here quite often. Spread ’em out! Get three or four receivers in there, not TEs! Why are we running again?

      Kaep’s heroics are the only reason we were in the game? Who the hell else was playing at QB? He’s supposed to make plays and he supposed to make plays for sixty minutes not forty-five or fifty. You want to back up the Brinks truck for a guy who doesn’t make plays? We just got rid of one of those. And he’s a little punk-ass bitch to complain about anything that happened to him here after he leaves. Why can’t he nail down a contract with the new iteration of HIS TEAM that plays the game his way? He sucks! And nobody is happier to have him under center than Jamaal Charles and his fantasy owners. Alex makes dump off targets and RBs the best receiver on any team. So his complaints ring a little hollow to me.

      To accept your opinion one must accept the notion that the coaches don’t really want to win, don’t sacrifice their private lives and spend twenty hour days evaluating every player on every play and figuring out which plays the players can run, the QB likes and stand a decent chance of gaining ground against a particular defense and are so football stupid they just hold the players back from any chance they have of winning. Think that idea would fly in the locker room amongst the guys that are supposedly being held back? Or just the frustrated relatively ignorant fans?

      You’re certainly entitled to your opinion but nobody’s making up the fact that most fans and many here just want to see the ball put in the air on nearly every play and absolutely hate to see a run lining up anytime.

      • 12th man says:

        NF you are exaggerating what people are asking for greatly. Yes Kap’s heroics. This coaching staff has done very little with the passing game over 3 years and 2 QB. Granted Smith has his limitations as does Kap as a green horn, however, since this staff has basically employed the same style of offense they ran in college, 2 TE sets, run heavy, it seems safe to conclude they are the limiting factors on the passing game which is consistently at or near bottom each year, fair comment?

        Kap is put under pressure to produce amazing results to overcome poor scheme from time to time. This is the same Kap that you use the argument for limiting the O because he is a young QB but its all good to expect extraordinary play when the game has gotten away from them? Clearly this kid is more capable than they have allowed him to be. They have preferred to stay conservative until they have no choice then put it on Kap to pull a rabbit out of a hat. The problem with that is there is not much game time practice because that style of play is rarely used and the play calling for the passing O has been largely less effective as most throws are contested throws, rarely do we see an open receiver.

        All this comes down to for me is their O scheme is a bit out of balance. They agree and are trying to change that this year.

        One would not have to assume coaches want to lose, that is asinine. What one does have to assume is that the faith the coaches have placed in their overall scheme has proven to be a bit flawed. Not devastatingly flawed, not lets go out and wing it flawed, just a bit flawed, and this year they agree.

        Personally I like nothing more than watching the run game pound it down their throats, but that won’t work for every team and in particular against teams built the same way and I want to see more variation in playcalling, more options and some more spacing on occasions. This play it close to the vest, very conservative offense, rely on D approach has been very successful until it hasn’t and it hasn’t 3 years in a row against teams built in similar fashion. I can think of only 2 teams that have won in that fashion, Squawks and Ravens and both of those teams had more passing attack than the Niners.

        In Kap they have the horses to do more, something Flacco did in the SB for instance, using the same receiver the Niners now have in Boldin. You are entitled to your opinion too and although the approach up to now has yielded the most wins over the last 3 years it hasn’t yielded the trophy and IMO it could have twice if they were a bit more aggressive in the early part of those games.

        That is all.

  10. Spitblood says:

    Levi Stadium is the house that Harbaugh built. There’s absolutely no way that stadium got built without Harbaugh choosing SF. I was writing this when Jed York was courting Harbaugh: “No Harbaugh, No Stadium. Know Harbaugh, Know Stadium.” Sound familiar? That stadium was dead in the water with investors hiding their pocketbooks with thoughts of Mike Singletary dropping his drawers at the podium. “Uh, no thanks, Jed. I’ve got my money tied up in… uh…. mutual funds.” But then Jed got his guy in Harbaugh and investors were lining up. And don’t try to revise history. That stadium was dead in the water until Harbaugh joined up.

    So Harbaugh’s the one who gets investors to have confidence in the Yorks, AND Harbaugh finds the Yorks a franchise qb who could play qb at a high level for 15 plus years, and you guys don’t think Harbaugh’s worth 15 million per year? How much do you think the value of the 49er franchise increased with Harbaugh’s presence insuring a new stadium and his tutelage of Kaep? Couple hundred million? Harbaugh doesn’t get any of that? He just gets paid to coach? Bullshit. If I was Harbaugh I’d want a ton of that and if I didn’t get any I’d feel disrespected and I’d go coach somewhere else for a team that needed a new stadium and a new qb – but I’d make sure this time I got paid.

    I cringe at the thought of Jim Harbaugh coaching the Raiders, but I tell you what – They need a new stadium and a franchise qb. And Mark Davis is dumb enough to defy the other owners and pay Harbaugh way outside his comparables to develop a new qb and get either a new stadium done, OR relocate.

    If I was Harbaugh, I’d make it be know that if the Yorks wanted to trade me in my last year of my contract (to try and get something for me) I would not do a sign and trade… meaning Harbaugh controls where he goes when his initial five year contract is up. Then I’d drop some heavy hints I was interested in the Raiders’ job. Jed York would shit brinks. Trust me, York’s got some investors to pay off. The Raiders are big time Harbaugh leverage because they need a stadium and a qb. The Bay Area would line up to create a another stadium for the Raiders and Harbaugh already likes it here. And unlike NFL players, owners don’t have nearly as much control over where coaches go. Owners can blackball players, but they can’t blackball coaches as easily. If I’m Harbaugh, the Raiders are my ace up my sleeve, and I wouldn’t be bluffing. I’d be happy to turn the Raiders around, promising up front to develop a franchise qb AND give new investors the confidence to help fund a new stadium. For a price.

    And back in the day when the 49ers were so bad and we all used to blog on the SF Chron, I’d troll crying, “GO RAIDERS” with my 49er logo upside down signaling franchise distress. But if Harbaugh goes to the Raiders and we’re left with Jed York and Jim Tomsula, I’m a Raider fan.


  11. Spitblood says:

    Actually… I shouldn’t say Mark Davis is “dumb enough” because that implies paying Harbaugh 15 million per year is a dumb move. It’s not. I should have written, “Mark Davis is renegade and desperate enough to pay Harbaugh 15 million per year to get a new stadium and franchise qb.” Paying Harbaugh 15 million per year is peanuts compared to what Mark Davis would make with a new stadium in say Berkeley with the next latest and greatest Harbaugh franchise qb at the helm for fifteen years. Five years, 75 million in trade for a new stadium, franchise qb and consistent playoff contender? Mark Davis would make 50 X that in 5 years. He’d jump all over that and wouldn’t care at all what the rest of the NFL owners thought.

  12. rtfirefly says:

    The Raiders had no need for Greg Papa tonight against the Chiefs.

    • Spitblood says:

      Are you smoking sherm? The Raiders (my new team when Harbaugh leaves to coach them) play the Lions tomorrow night.

      • rtfirefly says:

        If I were smoking, I would’ve got it right. The Raiders had no need for Greg Papa last week against the Vikings.
        Seriously I thought I saw the score of a KC-Oak game while surfing. I mean, I wasn’t going to drop anything to watch the Raiders or even care about their schedule.

      • rtfirefly says:

        Baseball, LOL. Funny thing is, the A’s-Royals score today wasn’t that much different than the Vikings-Raiders.

  13. rtfirefly says:

    I liked very much the offense on Kappy’s drive – up until the run into the line with Hunter. The sweep looked like a good call. When your tackle decides during the middle of the play to start counting grass blades with his nose, you’re gonna have a problem no matter.
    The Hunter dive is what concerns me. It looked like Same Ol’, Same Ol’. Why not Hyde there? Why not Hyde left, where he’d already had success? Not Monday Morning QBing, that’s what I thought they should do at the time.
    I’m still in wait and see mode. Talking about offensive reform and doing it are two entirely different beasties.

  14. rtfirefly says:

    I could see Harbaugh wanting to find out if Martin could block inside any better than he could lead a sweep, but 3rd and goal on Kappy’s last play seems a funny way to do it.

  15. 12th man says:

    In other news a $1.3 Billion dollar stadium deal came together today following the announcement of the hiring of an untested college coach….What a tool.

    • Spitblood says:

      You must not have a good memory…. or prefer revisionist history.

      • 12th man says:

        Neither one, I don’t subscribe to your theory that the stadium financing had a damned thing to do with who coaches the team. Think Steve Balmer gives a shit who his coach is before plonking down $2 Billion ?

        It may work this way in your head and therefore strengthen you argumentative opinion but not in board rooms where the banksters live. They don’t give a flying fornication who the coach is and even less for a guy with no championship credentials.

      • Spitblood says:

        Purchasing a franchise is very different than financing a stadium. Try not to confuse yourself. Have you ever tried to get anything funded? Worked a prospectus? Of course you haven’t. Here’s a challenge for the uninformed (you, no offense). You go out and raise money for a new stadium with Mike Singletary or nobody as the 49ers head coach (just a history of Singletary, Nolan and Erickson), and I’ll go out and raise money for the same stadium dropping the name of Jim Harbaugh who just won the Orange Bowl in college and is the mostly highly sought after NFL head coaching candidate since I don’t know who. Who do you think raises money faster? That’s not rhetoric. Who do you think raises money faster?

      • 12th man says:

        Spit no offense but your an absolute no nothing idiot. This pie in the sky claptrap you keep regurgitating is meaningless. Nobody, absolutely nobody in the banking industry decides to invest these sums of money based on hiring a college coach. The coach is just the cherry on the top of the cake, they invest on the cake, not the cherry, regardless of how you think it should be.

  16. Spitblood says:

    Don’t you mean “know” nothing? Irony. You didn’t answer my not so rhetorical question.

    Coaching is absolutely everything in the NFL. Everything.

    • 12th man says:

      Your “question” is a joke. You concoct a half assed scenario with no real world application and I’m supposed to dignify it? There is no question, only your fantasy of how financing a stadium is done and it sure as shit ain’t about coaching, god what a moron.

  17. 12th man says:

    This bromance you have cultivated for Harbaugh turning him into a god like figure now worth almost double any other coach in the league $15 m in your estimation, not to mention the apparent ability to make hardened bean counters suddenly whip out their checkbooks for this untested college coach of which legions have failed before him is a funny as hell.

    One word. Naive.

  18. Spitblood says:

    So instead of answering the question that isn’t too difficult to answer, you want to attack both the question and the person asking it. You must watch Fox News.

    • 12th man says:

      Irony, Spit whining about being attacked.

      Let me clue you in.
      How many stadium seats were sold under Ericksons tenure? How about Nolan?, Singletary? Bill Walsh? Jim Harbaugh? Get the point yet or shall I bring crayons?
      It makes zero difference to the 49ers stadium facility whether they win, lose or draw season after season. It makes zero difference who coaches them either, zero. The stadium is sold out game after game, year after year.

      Fans are happier under one coach or another but it makes zero difference to the stadiums bottom line and that’s all the bean counters look at. ROI on a stadium is about bums in seats and that has been guaranteed for 30 years already.

      • Spitblood says:

        Oh really? I didn’t realize you had a degree in finance. This is excellent. I’m learning so much. Thank god you’re here, 12th. Answer me this. If a large portion of the stadium is privately funded, and the team has a policy of buying unsold tickets to avoid blackouts, is that a good investment? LMAO (at you). Under Erickson, Nolan and Singletary the Yorks couldn’t fill Candlestick, and we’re talking about America’s game.

        I have another question for you, 12th. How many time, with Jim Harbaugh as their head coach, did the York family have to buy tickets to avoid a blackout? That one, buddy, is rhetorical. Just for you.

        If we’re talking about return on your investment, would you look at the Yorks as a smart investment if they can’t even fill a stadium that’s apart of America’s game? LMAO. I mean you’re the finance guy here.

        So the head coach isn’t apart of the financial prospectus to private investors? That just seems so hard to believe but I’ll take your word for it because you’re the finance guru.

      • 12th man says:

        I think your a bit slow Spitty. The Niners have sold out their season tix for over 30 years. A half empty stadium on T.V. makes no difference, they got the money anyway. We are not talking about the Raiders or the Chargers who don’t sell out their season tix, this is the 49ers and they do. I hope you are following me on this one. Fingers crossed.

      • Spitblood says:

        Lol.. Obviously you don’t know the truth about 49er sellouts. You should go educate yourself about this before popping off about how the coach doesn’t matter regarding stadium financing deals. The Yorks had to buy tickets to avoid blackouts quite a bit before Harbaugh got here. Google search “Yorks buy 49er tickets at candlestick to avoid blackouts.” Then shut your mouth for the evening…. humbled.

      • 12th man says:

        Good grief you are slower than I thought. Season tix is what bean counters base their projections on. Not game day tix which can fluctuate wildly by weather or opponent. It’s called the base line, it’s what the investors can see as a sure return, game day tix are projections, gravy. Niners consistently have sold out their season tix regardless of circumstance, meaning that is a solid baseline to calculate ROI for a new stadium on.

      • Spitblood says:

        Anything you say, brother.

  19. Spitblood says:

    12th –
    How about instead of getting irrational and personal you produce some actual evidence that the stadium deal was well on its way to being funded before Harbaugh got there. Don’t answer my question, just go do that. If you can’t do either, you’re pissin’ in the wind.

    • 12th man says:

      I’m pissing in the wind? You decide the stadium deal only got done with Harbaugh being hired and I need to bring you evidence? You are one funny guy. You not only have no “evidence”, you made up the whole idea of it in the first place. It’s your theory, see what I’m saying?

      • Spitblood says:

        Not really. You’re the one with the problem with my thesis. Disprove it. “You don’t tug on Superman’s cap… you don’t piss into the wind….”

      • 12th man says:

        I think I need to borrow your decoder ring. I have nothing to prove, you made the assertion that the stadium only happened because Harbaugh got hired. I say bullshit. Now its up to you to prove your assertion, that’s how this works, get it?

      • Spitblood says:

        So you can’t disprove any of my theories but you take umbrage with them? Considering your track record on issues around here…. I’m okay with that.

      • 12th man says:

        UMM, no I can’t disprove one of your made up, unsupported theories presented with absolutely zero evidence other than you think that’s what happened.

        Dude a 15 watt light bulb is brighter than you, seriously.

        Here’s your track record BTW: I think this is what happened and so in conclusion it did, the end. P.S. your all idiots.

        Your like a little kid.

      • Spitblood says:

        This has been fun, 12th. To summarize – Harbaugh got the stadium built. The Yorks used to have to buy season tickets for Candlestick to avoid blackouts – for America’s game, and the best damn leverage Jim Harbaugh has is Mark Davis. If Mark can’t find a suitable stadium location, and still doesn’t have a franchise qb in two years, Jim Harbaugh should start negotiating with Mark Davis and watch how fast Jed York’s asshole puckers and caves in. “Please don’t leave and build up my competition across the Bay, Jim. Do you want 12 million per year?”

      • 12th man says:

        It has been fun but your full of shit. Yorks don’t buy season tix, see above. What Harbaugh got was hired. Do you know what an environmental impact study is? Do you know how expensive they are? do you know how long they take to come to a conclusion and report? Do you know how many City and State agencies get to review it? Do you have any clue of the time it takes to get to the point that financing can even be discussed? Here’s a hint, it was more than a couple of weeks before Harbaugh was hired. Ergo the prep and planning and first round of financing was in the bag waaaaay before Harbaugh was even a possibility.

        Not sure why I’m bothering to tell you all this as it makes no difference. Harbaugh had jack shit to do with obtaining financing for the stadium except in your wet dreams.

  20. unca_chuck says:

    The vote (June 2010), EIR, and all the other logistical shit happened before Harbaugh got here. The stadium financing money came during and after. Levi’s threw down their $220 mill 11 months after Harbs’ arrival.

    It certainly helped that Harbaugh made the team relevant in a hurry.

    See? wasn’t that easy?

    • 12th man says:

      Yeah its even easier, Levis naming rights is paid over 11 years, think that first $20 mil tipped the scale on a $1.3 Billion project?

      Team relevancy and Harbaugh has a negligible effect if any. All the hay was in the barn before Harbaugh was even available.

  21. unca_chuck says:

    To say Harbaugh got the stadium built is wrong. But he helped pay it off faster.

    • 12th man says:

      If you are looking for any one person who got the stadium built it’s Gideon Yu. He had the credentials and the cajones to pull off the $850 Million construction loan, the largest if NFL stadium history.

  22. Irish Kevin says:

    From Fox Sports article on HC in the NFL who are on the hot seat

    San Francisco has been the best team to not win a Super Bowl the past three seasons, losing to the eventual Lombardi Champ each time. That’s a lot of winning, so Harbaugh wants to get paid, and it’s created a rift with management. If he doesn’t climb the mountain in 2014, he may be coaching else where in 2015

  23. 12th man says:

    To answer the question you pose in the heading Chuck, my best guess is if they again fall short they offer $7 million. If they do win it they offer $8.5 Million. Both of those offers are top dollar contracts today depending on if you are a SB winning coach or not, and yes it makes a difference.

  24. unca_chuck says:

    Seeing as they haven’t disclosed how much Carroll got, it’s hard to say what ‘top dollar’ is, but I think Harbaugh pushes this regardless.

    My concern is was and will be, are they going to do what they’ve preached in the preseason, and that’s to not be so goddamned predictable?

    Shit, all he has to do is win the whole enchilada and the rest falls into place.

    • 12th man says:

      From the info available on the net there are only 2 NFL coaches getting $7 million + who haven’t won a SB, Jeff Fisher and Andy Reid, so if my guess is right, that is top dollar. Carroll is reported as $7 mill + with 4 years left on his current contract. I looked at several sources such as this:

      Nothing is definitive so we go with what we know. It seems reasonable to assume $8.5 million will be top dollar. Looking at numbers like $12 million, $15 million seems a wee bit overpriced IMO.

      Jim has done better than his $5 million according to fair market, I’m guessing Jim values himself higher than the team does so far in his coaching career or an extension would be done. Where the wheels fall off for me is Jim began complaining after year 2 of a 5 year contract. That is disingenuous to me, no player on the team will even try that crap so for the HC to do it is not cool. After year 3 I figure he has a point, up to a point. As you say, as of right now Jim will be a lame duck HC going into year 5, something will change one way or another.

      I think he is a very good coach who is fine tuning his philosophy as an NFL coach. Baalke has 21 guys from 2013 and 2014 on roster according to Skeebers, that is some fine reloading of relatively cheap players so IMO both from a personnel perspective and a coaching perspective Jim has all the tools he needs to make another run at it.

      It doesn’t all rest on him of course but he has the largest effect on what happens when game day rolls around and he is getting paid to carry the can if it falls short again. Like you i am encouraged by the talk of opening it up a bit and also like you I will believe it when i see it.

  25. unca_chuck says:

    Kevin, sent ya an email.

  26. Spitblood says:

    I guess you don’t remember the stadium deal being pretty much dead in the water. Harbaugh came on board and things got rolling again. We all have our opinions. Harbaugh’s relationship with Mark Davis will be telling. If Harbaugh uses the Raiders as leverage, which Harbaugh should, and the 49ers don’t want Harbaugh pushing a new stadium through in the Bay Area for the Raiders, Harbaugh can leverage Jed York over 10 million per year. Harbaugh will have Jed over a barrel. Especially if Mark Davis want to stick it up the 49ers’ ass. If I was Harbaugh, I’d crush Jed York. The Raiders give Harbaugh a ton of leverage. Jed York will look like an idiot if he lets Harbaugh get out of town. I can’t wait for the showdown!

  27. unca_chuck says:

    No. The stadium vote was passed. That was the biggest hurdle. They did all the EIRs and shit in 2009 and earlier. Shit was going according to schedule once the vote passed. It wasn’t dead.

    Sorry if the facts refute your opinions, as these aren’t debatable points.

    Yes, the winning helped. Leave it at that, skippy.

    • 12th man says:

      Actually the winning hadn’t even started when the funding was in the bank. Not only was there no winning, there wasn’t even a training camp before the project was fully funded.

      Now I know Harbaugh isn’t exactly Nick Saban with all the cache such a winning college coach has which makes Banksters feel confident that the college coach will obviously work out….Oh wait…never mind. I’m sure those $200 million dollar checks were written based on this guy Jim Harbaugh, due to his lengthy trophy winning college career which as the Saban experiment shows means exactly nothing in the NFL.

      You can have your opinion Spitty no problem, just stop being so amazed when others laugh at it.

    • Spitblood says:

      No… not even close. The stadium vote wasn’t the biggest hurdle. Of course Santa Clara wanted the 49ers. That’s a no brainer. And even EPA reports weren’t the biggest hurdle. The biggest hurdle was the private funding, and that, like I said a few times now, was dead in the water pre – Harbaugh.

      • 12th man says:

        Yawn, your ignorance is showing again (EIP not EPA). Give it up, your just being argumentative now. Nobody wins them all Spitty, not even the venerable you and in this instance you just don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Stick with saying how much Harbaugh will get paid for his next contract, that’s far more realistic, your high water mark so far is $15 million a year.

      • 12th man says:

        Dammit you got me at it now EIR

  28. unca_chuck says:

    The Raiders will be in LA by 2016. On that you can book.

    • 12th man says:

      Not sure LA wants then after the last time Chuck. I know I don’t but they do still have a strong following down here even if a lot of it is the gang/thug element. I would rather have the bills or rams personally.

      • rtfirefly says:

        The problem with LA, 12th, is and always has been a stadium. They either build one out of the valley in the sticks, like out towards Riverside or San Berdoo, which defeats the whole purpose, tear down the Colisseum and rebuild it, and who in their right mind would invest that much money in that part of town?, or suck it up and live with tens of thousands of empty seats and no local TV – ever.
        They’ve been trying to puzzle out that conundrum for a very, very long time. That’s not to say that the Raiders aren’t stupid enough to try.

      • 12th man says:

        Hey RT. They have 2 stadium deals more or less ready to go. One in downtown near Staples Center, that one even has a naming rights deal in place “Farmers Field” and another that is actually shovel ready near Carson IIRC. The sticking point so far is how much of the stadium pie the NFL is demanding and having a team ready to move there.

        I would put my money on the Charges returning to LA where they began in 1960. They have no new stadium deal and no substantive talks about getting one. I don’t think the Spanos family want to move them but they badly need a better stadium and the Chargers fans there don’t show up enough so they black out or buy gameday tix a lot even during good seasons.

        Something has to change.

      • rtfirefly says:

        Thank for the info, 12th, I didn’t know all that. That’s too bad about the Chargers. I suppose since I saw the ’81 All-Star Game at Jack Murphy (Rod Carew had two triples which rolled to the base of the center field wall, just below where my brother and I were), and they’re still playing NFL football there, that it’s time has come.

      • 12th man says:

        Its archaic RT. I go down there most years to watch the Niners/Chargers pre-season game that the Niners invariably lose. It’s about on par with the old stick.

  29. rtfirefly says:

    The Raiders should go to San Antone. SA wants ’em. SA can convince the sheep to build them a state of the art stadium, fill it and keep it filled. The Raiders already have a friendship/rivalry going with the Cowpatties.
    But, they’re the Raiders. They’ll either take a big bribe from Oakland/Alameda County to stay again, or take a big bribe to go back to the Colisseum where they’ll they’ll stay in the black hole of local TV for ever and ever.
    Or finally fill in that gravel pit in Irwindale.
    I can see Harbs going to a lot of teams; the Raiders ain’t one of ’em. Maybe in San Antone, but personally you couldn’t pay me enough to move to Texass.

    • 12th man says:

      I like San Antonio, love the river walk area. I have been in the old Alamo Dome for a 3 day martial arts tournament, that place sure as shit won’t cut it for the NFL these days buy I don’t think there would be too much difficulty raising the funding to build a new stadium. I just think the Raiders are using it as a bargaining chip for leverage. How many teams can Texas support? I guess they could do one more.

      • rtfirefly says:

        A Raider team in SA would draw fans for hundreds of miles in all directions – at least until they started losing. At 85 mph, 150 miles isn’t that far to drive for a game and people in this part of the world would just consider it a ROAD TRIP!

  30. Irish Kevin says:

    This is the problem with putting a an NFL team in So Cal, unless you have a winning team NO ONE shows up. look at the Rams. The whole reason they moved was no one came to the games. Look you have the Dodgers who have a long history of being consistently good, the Lakers same thing. LA people have too many options to choose from to. Why spend $$$$ to watch a losing team year in and year out.

    • 12th man says:

      Yeah you make a good point. The Clippers struggled for years with attendance because they sucked. LA has a ton of choices for entertainment but with the newer franchise business models I think that gameday attendance will have a smaller proportion of relevance to the finance side of things. Executive boxes, astronomical PSL licences for season tix holders in effect making season tix a business inside of itself etc have changed the financing dynamic considerably since the rams and raiders days of old.

      I don’t think it would be too hard to make a financial case to bring a team in. How good that team is over the long haul could definitely have an effect though.

  31. unca_chuck says:

    Georgia moved the team because she couldn’t get a stadium. Like all these other carpetbagging owners. St Louis threw themselves all over Georgia and the Rams.

    • 12th man says:

      The public funding of stadiums is B.S. I think that ship has largely sailed since the economy tanked. The Niners have shown private investment along with a sizeable NFL loan and their own funds can make it work. The Niners are a bit of a special case in as much as they had one of the most loyal season tix base with a waiting list for dead mans shoes. Not as much a GB but plenty solid. But it proves the business case.

      Georgia was an asshole. I miss going down there to watch the Niners kick butt. Weird how Niners often won there and the Rams at the Stick, at least every time I went.

  32. unca_chuck says:

    Truth is, the fricking RAMS could come back. Stop me if you’ve heard this. They want a new stadium and the city isn’t very aamenable to that fact.

    Demo Hollywood Park and use the land the owner just bought . . .

    The NFL is DYING to get a team back to LA.

  33. Spitblood says:

    The very best place for the Oakland Raiders is in Oakland. Period. Problem is the Raiders are a Mickey Mouse organization with a Jr. for an owner, no franchise qb and no stadium. DOES THAT REMIND YOU OF ANYONE? This was the 49ers three years ago.

    The only time the Raiders have been relevant in the last twenty years is when they had a coach. Coaching is everything in the NFL. And Al Davis was stupid enough to alienate himself from Gruden and then trade him. What have the Raiders done since? That’s the problem with these dumb owners like Al Davis with Gruden or Jones with Jimmy…. maybe now Jed with Harbaugh – These owners don’t want to recognize the importance or value of good coaching. They get their egos involved and think it’s their moves, not the coach’s that are important. There’s no doubt in my mind there’s some of that right now with Jed York. And he, like Al and Jerry, will be victim to the old saying, “The pride before the fall.”

    If Mark Davis wants a new stadium in Oakland all he has to do is pay Jim Harbaugh 15 million per year to coach his team. The first move Harbaugh would make as the HC of the Raiders would be to find a franchise qb (and he’ll find a good one). Then he’d assemble a great coaching staff. McKenzie can draft. Then it’s about winning. And Harbaugh’s proven he can put all of these places together quickly. Once these pieces are in place, a new stadium in Oakland or nearby is a lot easier to accomplish. With Harbaugh that’s easier than you think…. and Harbaugh’s already proved this.

    The above paragraph isn’t far off, and it’s a nightmare scenario for Jed York. I love it.

    • Spitblood says:

      all of these “pieces together” not places….

      • 12th man says:

        You probably don’t agree Spit but Harbaugh walked into a far better starting position than he would if he did go to the Raiders. Not even close.

      • Spitblood says:

        I totally agree with that, but I also have faith in two things: Reggie McKenzie, and John Madden’s statement that it’s easier to find a coach than a suit. McKenzie’s already doing a good job of the building the team. I think Harbaugh could put the Raiders in the playoffs with the team they have now. Championship game year one like he did with the Niners? No way. Not enough talent.

      • 12th man says:

        I agree about McKenzie, he did what had to be done and has started putting some better pieces in place. I’m a bit surprised Al Jr has given him the time to do it and won’t be surprised if he cans him if the season sucks again but he deserves more time IMO.

        Playoffs this season? Highly doubtful given the division right now. Another solid draft and maybe.

        Harbaugh won’t be going there however. My bet is he stays with the Niners, if not then he would look for a team that is close to ready as the last thing his career needs is a semi-shitty team to try to continue his success with. He will get paid from a shitty team or a competitive one so if I am him I go to the better team.

      • 12th man says:

        I think you meant Madden said harder to find a coach than a suit. In his day the suit was a small part of an organization. That has not been the case for many years and the excesses of the first half of the Nineties clearly demonstrate that with the advent of the salary cap. The suits are now highly paid, powerful pieces of an organization and having a bad one (Dallas) will hamstring the organization every bit as much as having a bad coach.

        Madden is a product of his time but the NFL is far removed from his era.

        The Niners has one of the very best front offices in the game with Baalke and Marathe. Harbaugh is fortunate to have them building his roster and the organization is fortunate to have Harbaugh coach it.

      • Spitblood says:

        You’re full of shit. I’ve already debated this topic with NJ… and won. I listed all the potential good GMs and he listed all the good, potential HC. My list dominated his. Madden said it recently… and he’s correct.

  34. 12th man says:

    Chuck I think this post deserves consideration for POTD or week or month:

    Here’s your track record BTW: I think this is what happened and so in conclusion it did, the end. P.S. your all idiots.


  35. NoFear49er says:

    Paying off a loan at $30M/yr for forty years is hardly based on the faith of a new rookie head coach for the team on either side of the equation.

    If so many folks are willing to pay $50+ just to park and $15 for a beer I’m looking to put together a deal for my new Gladiator Stadium.

    • 12th man says:

      Nicely done.

    • Spitblood says:

      I don’t know about paying off, but when investing you take a hard look at all the variables. And the head coach is a huge issue.

      • 12th man says:

        Investing is all about returns. You can’t get a return until the payments each year are made (costs) leaving whatever profit is left (ROI) so a rookie coach is simply a non factor in the equation of whether or not to make the deal and at best is only a small portion of the loan length of time, again a non-factor. It just has no bearing on the deal, none.On this one you are just wrong.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Point is what mattered was not putting the taxpayers of SC on the hook for the stadium costs, building, or operating. The Niners found a way to cover over-runs and operating costs themselves or with new and increased fees. Corporate sponsors, season ticket holders and fan loyalty has not been a problem for this team. Who the current coach is going to be never came up! Lots of players and coaches come and go in forty years.

        I read somewhere that the sales of seat licenses, luxury boxes and such have been coming in much faster than anticipated allowing the Niners to pay down the debt considerably over what they figured to be in for at this point in time. I think the team riding high has been a big reason for that and Harbaugh gets some of the credit for that.

      • unca_chuck says:

        Right. The process was underway when Harbaugh came aboard. He certainly helped by making them relevant.

        People love to vilify Barry Bonds, but without him, there’s no AT&T Park.

      • Spitblood says:

        You guys are idiots. The process was definitely underway. Nobody is denying that. The process was dead in the water is what I said when this debate started and if you’d like I can dig up some evidence to this point.

    • 12th man says:

      Spot on, nicely done again.

      • 12th man says:

        That’s to NF, not you Spitty.

        What you said Spitty is this deal gone done because they hired Harbaugh, ummm no. This deal got done because all the hurdles were cleared and Gideon Yu had the ability to pull off the huge loan. It just happened at about the time the hired Harbaugh and you are unsophisticated enough to think Harbaugh was why they got the funding.

      • Spitblood says:

        Thank you, I know. I was spot on. Appreciated.

  36. 12th man says:

    Levi stadium having traffic control problems?

    Let’s hope the get if figured out.

  37. unca_chuck says:

    Good, bad, or indifferent, I’m taking my son to the game. Got a neighbor with season tix who didn’t want ’em (they went to some tour thing last night), and figured, why not?

    Went to the last (flag) football game at the stick. Might as well see the 1st one at the Zip.

    Can’t wait to see how this shit goes down.

  38. 12th man says:

    Looks like Johnny football will get a shot at starting after all:

  39. unca_chuck says:

    12th. no he’ll be there Sunday as well.

    Gonna meet up and grab a $40.00 beer. . . .

    • 12th man says:

      Ah cool, good to hook up with blog members! Enjoy the single beer you guys will split between you!

  40. Spitblood says:

    Here’s the beginning of what I’m talking about…. you need to go back to 2010, before Harbaugh was even here. I’ll find more for you jackasses.

    • 12th man says:

      15 watts may have been too high.

      This article says the various people think it would be hard to get financing in place, so?

      2 words GIDEON YU, know who he is even? CFO of Facebook, CFO of Youtube, Treasurer and Senior Vice President of Yahoo those were just some of his former positions. When he left Facebook he left with $500 million in stock alone. He is one of Silicon Valleys major hitters. They made him Team President initially and then a co-owner of the team after he delivered the financing package. A package of this size and scope had never been done before, hence all the various people saying how hard it would be.

      At this point I am giving up on you, rave on McDuff. Its become boring.

      • Spitblood says:

        What’s becoming boring? That Levi Stadium is the house Harbaugh built? And that he’ll build a stadium for the Raiders in Oakland as well…. if they pay him. I hope for your sake it’s not boring because that’s the game on this blog for the next two years…. when things are slow at least.

  41. unca_chuck says:

    Don’t bogart that joint, my friend. Pass it over to me . . .

  42. rtfirefly says:

    This is nutso. There is a flag on every play in NE-Phil. Seattle’s finishing 3rd this year. But it’s more than that in this game. They have extra refs so they’re calling everything on offense and defense. Pretty sure I’ve already seen a personal foul nose-picking and intentional butt-wiping.

  43. rtfirefly says:

    NE looks damn good. Brady’s pick 6 was the receiver’s fault – wrong route, otherwise it’s been allllll Pats.

  44. rtfirefly says:

    Swithing gears to see the first teams of NO-Tenn, the Saints are the Saints – good. But Locker is surprising; he’s looking great. But………inside slant to Delanie Walker…….oops Saints ball.
    Now where have I seen THAT before?

  45. rtfirefly says:

    Delanie dodged a bullet. They overruled and called it incomplete. Either way,he dropped it.

  46. rtfirefly says:

    Tenn might have something in Whisenhunt. They don’t look like a doormat. KC is really going to miss Dexter McCluster.

  47. rtfirefly says:

    I hate the flippen Seahawks. Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. There, I feel better.

  48. rtfirefly says:

    Chargers get 2 PIs called that give the Hawks 7. 3rd down PI not called on Seattle to stop good Charger drive. Did I mention I hate the Seahawks? That goes double for their fans and triple for the refs who are intimidated by them.
    Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

  49. rtfirefly says:

    Oh well, 2nd teamers in now.

  50. rtfirefly says:

    The Raiders SUCK. They don’t need Harbaugh or San Antone, they need defibrillation. They’re a corpse. DOA. Done. Dead.

    • Some really great shots of the SF landscape in “D.O.A.” (1950). I especially enjoyed the street-level views that accentuated the city’s slopes. First-time visitors to SF are always surprised just how hilly the city truly is.

      And, yes, the Raiders are dead. That’s what happens when you hitch your wagon to Matt Schaub. There’s no antidote to cure that poison.

      • rtfirefly says:

        Edmund O’Brien. Good flick, saw it again a couple months ago.
        Hey Dennis, are you going to rearrange your ESPN league? Spitty wants out and I’d prefer not having a co-owner.

  51. rtfirefly says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha! 104 yd pick 6 by the Crows negated by cheating. Got caught finally. I feel much much better now.

  52. unca_chuck says:

    The refs always call preseason a little tight to try and impose the fact that they could call a penalty every Goddamn play.

    If they call PI s like they say they will, every pass play will draw a flag. Ludicrous.

    • rtfirefly says:

      Chargers just ran a beautiful play against the Seattle backups from the Seattle 3 or so. Faked the dive into the line and had both receivers left side open for the TD. Pick one – TD!

  53. Nipper says:

    I’m staying home and drinking my dollar a bottle beer Dos Equis! So wet so good! The Niners will look good on my flat screen. Damn these screens were made for FOOTBALL. One thing is for certain the Giants are dead meat. Baseball is dead especially when a team can’t win at home.

  54. rtfirefly says:

    I think I OD’ed on football yesterday; I’m having serious trouble getting so motivated today.
    Dennis is right. Rodgers should just take a vacation, maybe a trip ’round the world, then just show up Week 1. Did I really pick the Lions in the NFC North? Just shoot me now. After today’s game I’d pick The Pack to be one of the top contenders for the SB.

  55. rtfirefly says:

    Romo muffed handoff, Ravens fumble return 6 LOL! At least his earlier pass to Dez was great – his health looks fine.
    I just had to see Romo before I call it an early football day.

  56. rtfirefly says:

    Romo to Dez TD. Dez is still way better than any Niner receiver. I hope Stevie can challenge that.

  57. rtfirefly says:

    Dez creamed his guy deep sideline, then when Romo underthrew it, perhaps intentionally, Dez then came back and creamed his guy short, too. Ravens D. I wish I could see our receivers making plays that good.

  58. rtfirefly says:

    Just 1 last. Flacco coming on with 3:25 left 1st qtr!! Cowboys drive, fumble return, Cowboys drive TD, Ravens 108 yd KO return TD, Cowboys drive stalled…
    So rumors that Baltimore has an offensive team are true!

  59. NJ49er says:

    Jim could conceivably get a sustantial bump in revenue from endorsements too Spit.
    It’s been happening already with the Pee-Wee football commercials (Visa?).

    If Jim wants to move on he’ll do so, not because of Jed being leveraged out of the discussion.

    What do you think it would take for Levi Strauss to have Jim endorse Dockers?
    It’s a lay-up.
    Might already be written into the naming rights deal now, who knows?

    There are past ties to Oakland for Jim but, that was with Al, not Mark.
    Again, no matter what, you’re anti-Jed, anti-Baalke, I get it.

    From a business perspective, SF and Levi Strauss are a Marketing marriage for brand recognition.
    I think there are plenty of perks for Jim to stay, if he truly wants to.

  60. Nipper says:

    What will be will be. I don’t give a damn who stays and who goes. Just keep the young talent coming. Also have plenty of parking, and traffic control. The Niners have a good revenue stream flowing.

  61. Spitblood says:

    Hour and a half away from the first game ever being played at “The House that Jim Harbaugh Built.” Let’s go, Raiders!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Spitblood says:

    The only issue / weakness the 49ers will have this year is stopping the run right up the gut. And the Broncos aren’t going to challenge that in this game. Should be an easy game for the 49ers to win, but I hope they don’t. An old adage Steelhead fishing – never catch a fish on the first cast or in the first run. If you catch a fish right off, you’re in trouble. If the 49er lose this game, I’ll take it as a great omen for the new stadium that Jim Harbaugh built.

    Things and players I will be paying attention to.

    1.) Blaine Gabbert vs JJ
    2.) Baby Huey – Joe Looney
    3.) QB / center exchange, snaps from Kilgore
    4.) Bethea (probably won’t see him much)
    5.) ILB battle between Wilhoite, Borland, Moody

    • Niners should win the game easy but you hope they don’t. That’s such a fucking cop out. You can’t have it both ways. If Manning shreds our 1st-team d on his opening drive the game is a LOSS.

      • Spitblood says:

        That’s not a cop out. You know as well I do the pre season games are won and lost by 3rd stringers in the 4th quarter. Manning will have little to do with it… and you know it.

  63. Spit, Frank Gore said he’s going to “get off” during today’s game.
    Are you acting as his fluffer?

  64. NJ49er says:

    Looking forward to our Secondary in general going against Peyton.
    Jimmie Ward vs Wes Welker anyone?

    Trial by fire.

  65. I must say, Levi’s Stadium is aesthetically easy on the eyes. The turf (Bermuda Bandera grass) is really cropped and looks to play fast. Much faster then the old sod at the ‘Stick anyway.

  66. Still haven’t seen Kap’s ability to throw a good changeup. Everything is fastball, fastball, fastball.

  67. Spitblood says:

    Keap’s pumped. Needs to settle down. Niners look like shit.

  68. Spitblood says:

    Wilhoite looks like shit… Borland plays too soft. He can dart and make a tackle but he gives up too much initially.

  69. Spitblood says:

    Please, someone cut Craig Dahl.

  70. Gabbert tripped on his own feet on that last play. But he made up for it by throwing it high and wide. No-heart pussy pathetic piece of shit.

  71. Spitblood says:

    Gabbert and Kaep are both too pumped up, throwing fastballs. The head coach needs to calm his quarterbacks down. Oh, wait. Harbaugh doesn’t know how to do that. This entire team looks like shit, but there’s a ton of second stringers starting.

  72. rtfirefly says:

    C’mon JJ! This game could be your shot!

  73. NJ49er says:

    Looks like Phil Dawson needs to knock a little rust off too?

  74. Spitblood says:

    Wilhoite looks like a pile of shit. It’s between Moody and Borland. Hope Moody gets some time with the first teamers soon.

  75. Spitblood says:

    First run, first fish, first game…. this is a good omen. Whenever my clients would catch fish on the first run or the first cast, we’d be screwed for the rest of the trip. This is a great opening game for the 49ers because THEY LOOK LIKE SHIT.

  76. What were you saying about Moody being able to cover just fine for a ILB?
    He was lost on that play in coverage.

    • Spitblood says:

      I didn’t see the play, but Moody’s far better than Wilhoite… I’ll tell you that much. Wilhoite sucks.

  77. rtfirefly says:

    Gabbert completed a pass!!!!!

  78. rtfirefly says:

    That’s it, it’s the end of the world, hell hath frozen over.

  79. And, Spit. Kap is still young when it comes to learning to throw with touch. Very young in fact. But he has a former QB as his HC. A QB guru who could even make Alex play somewhat respectable football. I expect better and quicker results from Harbaugh’s tutelage. Hell. Jimbo built Levi’s Stadium. The least he could do is teach his QB a little finesse.

    • Spitblood says:

      Well, you got me there. He did build Levi’s stadium. Lol. And Jewel Hampton just picked up a nice first down. Now let’s hear from NJ telling us Jewel will make the roster. On second thought…. let’s not.

      • NJ49er says:

        Jewel could stick on the PS Spit.
        He’s not ready for Primetime –

        All I said a ways back was he’s being helped by injuries to Kendall and LMJ.

  80. rtfirefly says:

    C’mon, JJ Time!

  81. And right on cue…Gabbert throws a pick.

    Let me ask you people a question. What’s your prediction for this yr with Kap starting all 16 games? Sake of argument, let’s say 12-4. What would your prediction be if you knew Gabbert had to start all 16 games?

    My answer? The 49ers are now on the clock…

  82. Spitblood says:

    Horrible pass by Gabbert… with radar lock. Time to see my boy who I secretly loved all along, Josh Johnson. Lol.

  83. Spitblood says:

    Who got beat for that touchdown? Anyone see?

  84. rtfirefly says:


  85. Spitblood says:

    Josh Johnson has to be smiling inside with how bad Gabbert just looked. If he’s relaxed and makes throws, he’ll get second team reps next week.

  86. Josh Johnson — way to come in and assert yourself as the #2 QB.
    My Lord.

  87. rtfirefly says:

    Not after that play. Eek, just backup QB eek.

  88. If this team had to play an entire season w/o Kap at QB, they wouldn’t even sniff .500

  89. rtfirefly says:

    Calling Tim Tebow…

  90. Spitblood says:

    Jesus… Josh Johnson…. all you had to do was be average….fumble? The 49ers in general just look like shit from top to bottom…. which is a Harbaugh trait in preseason but still. 3 points in two games? Makes me nervous.

  91. Spitblood says:

    Anyone hear what’s up with Bethea? Cause Spillman and Dahl give me Diarrhea.

  92. Spitblood says:

    Jesus… that’s not what we need. Reid’s already concussion prone and Jimmy Ward looks like he should be playing Pee Wee football.

  93. rtfirefly says:

    No roster trimming for 2 weeks but some dudes lost their jobs today.

  94. rtfirefly says:

    I wouldn’t want to be in the film room this week.

  95. rtfirefly says:

    Paging Tim Tebow…

    • Don’t think the 49ers are making that call. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a push for a trade. Christian Ponder from the Vikes? He’ll be of no use to them as soon as they start. Teddy B.

      But like I’ve said. If a team’s b/u QB has to play more than a game or two their season is over. As well it should be. If an NFL team could still make the playoffs using their b/u for the entire year, they should demand a new starter. Because he wasn’t any good to begin with in the first place.

      • Spitblood says:

        If you compare how the Niners have played in this preseason to both the Cardinals and Seahawks – if preseason’s an indication – the 49ers aren’t making the playoffs.

        Going back to the Jim Harbaugh debate, I don’t think the 49ers are going to be able to trade Jim Harbaugh to avoid a lame duck year. If Harbaugh wants more money, and a lot more, he’ll have to hit the open market. If the 49ers want to trade Jim with a year left on his contract, that assumes Jim will, like a player, sign a contract with the next team. But Jim won’t. If Jim gets traded to the New York Giants, the Giants give up picks for Jim and that hurts Jim’s chances to compete. In addition, Jim doesn’t have to worry about a franchise tag being put on him so he can completely work an open market bidding war. The only way a sign and trade would work would be if the team agreed to make Jim the highest paid HC in the NFL while the 49ers were also realistic about not getting much for the trade – something like a 5th round draft choice and not the bounty the Bucs got for Gruden. There are no completely stacked teams in the NFL right now that are just a coach away like that Bucs team was.

        The best thing for Jim Harbaugh is to coach out his contract and announce to the league he won’t be accepting a new contract with the team he’s traded to… if he’s traded to avoid a lame duck year. If he does that, and the Raiders are stuck in the mud (which they will be if they don’t switch to Carr soon because Schaub, like a pitcher, has lost a ton of arm speed), the Raiders will give Jed York fits. If Jim plays his cards right, he could force Jed to pay him not big but huge money.

        However, this 49er team is transitioning from a Super Bowl contender to a lot of guys retiring or going else where to play. And I don’t think much of Trent Baalke’s drafts. It’s possible Harbaugh leaves this Mickey Mouse organization for greener pastures when the 2015 season is over. And then the darkness will once again enshroud the Niner organization with plenty of fans on these blogs realizing way too late they were kidding themselves about Jed Yorks’ ability to run the team without Harbaugh.

      • Spitblood says:

        Another thing that might be an issue that isn’t being discussed is “final say.” It’s obvious Harbaugh doesn’t want to be the GM, but he may want final say regarding contracts and even draft choices if he has an opinion. This isn’t Jim wanting to be the GM. This Jim wanting it his way if he has an opinion on a matter. If this is a sticking point, this organization is screwed.

      • NJ49er says:

        What makes you so sure Jim wants to break the bank Spit?
        You’re making a lot of assumptions about Contract demands when he’s already been put on record, saying he’s very comfortable financially.

        Personally, I think they’ll get things done.
        This could be more about his assistants than himself for all we know.

        Try this on for size –
        Roman was taking heat for the less than productive passing game.
        Jim suggests it’s on him, not Greg.
        He wants to prove that he’s not simply a run-oriented HC and vows to prove it this year.
        Talks are tabled until after the season.

        We obviously don’t know, what we don’t know.
        I don’t expect Jed to be dumb enough to think he’ll low-ball Jim.

        I’m convinced Jed is doing his due diligence to make a qualified offer.
        Agree or disagree, it’s a 2-way street.

        Brother John in Baltimore won a SB and took an extension through 2016, paying him an avg of $7M/yr.
        Last year he got another year added, for missing the Playoffs, still reported as $7M/yr.

        Sean Payton is listed as the top HC at $8M/yr from info I’ve been able to find online.

        Jed need only think in terms of bumping Jim into the $7-8M/yr range to stay committed to Jim.
        Not too ridiculous to me for Jed to go there, without offending Jim in the process.

        I can’t see Jim asking to surpass his Brother unless, and until, he’s handing Jed Lombardi #6.

  96. Spitblood says:

    I hope Ken Acker beats out Donte Johnson. I can’t stand Johnson, Borland and Lynch… and Ward better beef-up and prove to be tough enough to stay off the injured reserve.

    • NJ49er says:

      I think both Acker and Johnson will stick.
      I don’t think either is starter worthy, as Rookies, but they could be protected, because teams like the NYJ are starving for CBs.
      We’ll see…….

      Baalke could even consider making some Coin for the Draft next year too, with a Trade.
      Put your GM hat on and put away the pitchfork.

  97. Grumpy Guy says:

    Man, our backup QBs suck. Think Nate Davis still has his 49er coloring book? LOL

  98. Nipper says:

    Damn the backup QB find another if he’s a loser. Anyway the Niners weren’t interested from the start in this game. It was pure shit. Pre-season is a complete waste except to see guys who will be cut.

  99. unca_chuck says:

    Gorgeous stadium, very warm out there. Looks like the team went to the wrong stadium though. The highlight of the day was the near TD to Brandon Lloyd. After that, not so much to look at. the 1st string (and 2nd string for that matter) got no pressure on anyone. The underneath converge was nonexistent no matter who was out there.

    Sure it’s preseason, but I’m not very thrilled about the offense at this point. Gabbert will be lucky to make the squad. Ellington looked shakey as well. JJ? We lit after the fumble in the 3rd. Found free parking close by. ATT beer prices….

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