The $18 Million Man (updated)

Well, it looks like my estimates of $18-20 mill for Kappy were right on. Our QB for the future is getting a 6 year, $126 millon extension from the 49ers. With a whopping $61 mill guaranteed.

UPDATE: The details are the guaranteed money is paid out on a rolling basis and has some pretty hard incentives to meet. 80% of the offensive plays, 1st team pro bowler, super bowl victory and such. And the guaranteed money is only in case of injury. Plus, Kappy needs to take out his own $20 mill insurance policy.

This puts to rest the thought of waiting out his final season and franchising him. Which I thought would have been a fool’s errand, but the bed is made, and the team is his for the foreseeable future. Or 2020. Whichever comes first. Waiting on this season to pass would have sealed his departure as someone else would have backed the truck or just gieven him a blank check to fill in the zeros.

Whether he can buck the trend of these mega deals never living up to their lofty asprations remains to be seen, but as we know now, Kappy is a hard working guy who at least appears to be driven to reach his and the team’s goals. We can talk about how the offense will progress at a later time, but for now, Kappy is among the highest paid players in the NFL.

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  1. Irish Kevin says:

    Crap shoot, and the pressure will be on him to win a SB. if you let him go and he wins a SB with another team….well you know what happens then. fans screaming at the top of their lungs why didn’t the niners sign him.

  2. Alleykat says:

    Well you had to sign him long term, WTF does anyone think we’re winning a SB with Blaine Gabbert?
    Let’s see what Seahawks fork out for Wilson now, this rivalry is really gone heat up now..

  3. Winder says:

    I think it’s a good move for everyone involved. It’s a little below market value considering some of the more recent extensions. He is the field general and should be paid for it. The funny thing is he will probably make just as much with outside sponsors over that period of time. I am glad we did it.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I don’t know thee exact numbers, but since it’s an extension, it may work out to $18 mill. Whatever. The deal needed to get done.

  5. Spitblood says:

    WOW!! But never trust the numbers that come out right after a big signing. Always wait a while to hear how it all really shakes out. Glad we have him signed to a six year deal.

    If you thought our O line was underpaid now, just wait until the 49ers start consistently writing one big check to Kaep. Goodbye Iupati. With Kaep’s new deal, coaches are going to have to get more out of players in their rookie contracts than ever before. Solari will need to get more out of Martin and Thomas (and I know Thomas is injured). If those guys are ready to start (because Solari coached ’em up) then Baalke can get guys like Boone, Davis and Staley to take less.

    The age of red shirting rookies in favor of playing veterans in their second contracts (most expensive) is over. And I’m not that bummed about it because I love watching rookies develop on the field. This Kaep signing means Donatell, Solari, Tomsula, Rathman, Magnini (lol) and others will now really have to earn their keep.

    • 12th man says:

      I read its $61 mil guaranteed with 4 years locked in, that’s a little over $15 mil per if its true and is actually less than I figured at $16 mil per. Will have to wait for the real details to emerge.

      • Spitblood says:

        If it’s 15 or 16 per year, that’s awesome. Thing about a super star qb….. he’ll obviously be around for the duration of the contract, so while the guaranteed money is normally the most important part for players who probably won’t play out the entire contract, there’s more to consider for Kaep’s contract. He’ll play out the entire deal, and unless he gets worse, and regresses, the money that isn’t guaranteed will still count in a big way.

      • 12th man says:

        That’s one way to look at it. Another is exactly how much are they on the hook for today, money and years? Career ending Injuries, new coaching staff, play regression, finding Jesus, who knows what the future holds?

        I have held that position all along, I want to know how much is the real actual dollars and length of contract he signs for. Future stuff is just that, future.

        Too early to tell since we only have headlines but we will know soon enough.

  6. Spitblood says:

    ESPN is saying roughly what Chuck’s saying – 18 million…. in the Jay Cutler, Tony Romo range, which in my opinion is a bargain because when was the last time those two mooks brought their teams to a championship game?

    ESPN is also imply the 49ers got a deal because they heavily increased the guaranteed money. If I was Kaep, with those long-ass goofy giraffe legs, I’d choose more guaranteed too.

    • 12th man says:

      Easy math for ESPN, $121 mil / 7 years give or take plus some bonus stuff. Trouble is that is only the headline deal, not the real deal. I am interested to see just how well the FO really did it’s job though.

  7. 12th man says:

    Very happy to see him for the long haul. I think Kap is a rare talent that has the potential to eclipse everyone before and that is saying something. I hope like Chuck says that the new contract gives him the on field muscle to change shit up by himself he he hates the call. There was a few signs of that last year.

  8. Spitblood says:

    Yeah, I’m happy as well. I love Kaep. Me have Kaep crush. Me crush on Kaep. Me love Kaep long ti. The big guaranteed portion of the contract means less money per year. At first blush, you’d think it’s risky for the 49ers to put that much money in guarantees in a contract for Kaep but (and I say this knocking on wood before and after I write this…) when was the last time a qb was injured for two consecutive years in a row? Brady and Manning both only sat out one year with different injuries over long careers. And the Colts and Patriots still had to pay them not only their guarantees but the other stuff (not performance based). And with the rules making it impossible to give a qb even a cross look, nevermind a cross hook, more guaranteed and less overall means more competitive edge for the Niners. Me likey that too, if I’m readin’ the leaves correctly.

  9. 12th man says:

    One thing this does is put the Squawks in a world of hurt. Wilson is on deck and he will obviously expect more because he actually did win a SB. The Squawks already have the highest payroll in the NFL and have just done a trio of very large deals for their legion of dumb. Something will have to give for them. Their cap situation will definitely hurt them next year. They sold out for one more swing at bat this year.

    • Spitblood says:

      I don’t agree that Russell Wilson will want more. I think Russell Wilson is very aware of what he is and what he isn’t. I think he knows he’s not as talented at Kaep. But I also think he’ll want to be paid in line with other guys like Cutler and Romo, which is where Kaep appears to have been paid. I expect Seattle to pay Wilson a very similar deal to what the 49ers have now paid Kaep. I also expect Harbaugh to make more money than Pete Carroll. We’ll see.

      Next contract move for the 49ers isn’t Boone or Vernon…… it’s Harbaugh.

      • 12th man says:

        Next year there will be another $10 mil added to the cap and Cam Newtons deal is due. Wilson will want more, bank on it. Even at the same level of pay as Kap the Squawks will have a tough time cap and payroll wise. With some restructuring they may make one more year without serious cutting but each year bought costs them 2 in rebuild.

      • Spitblood says:

        I think both Cam Newton and Russell Wilson know that Colin Kaepernick is better than they are…. I don’t think either qb will get paid more than Kaep regardless of increases to the cap. I think the Seahawks will remain competitive for a long, long time. Ravens vs Steelers with Cower, Tomlin, Stewart, Maddox, Roethlisberger, Billick, Dilfer, Flacco and more just got a lot more simplified with four guys competing for a long, long time against each other (Harbaugh, Carroll, Kaep and Wilson). Right now the legacy and score is Seahawks, 1, 49ers 0. But it looks to be a marathon, not a sprint.

  10. Nipper says:

    I BLEEPING concur with this signing. BLEEP IT!

  11. Winder says:

    The Niners have secured the face of the franchise. He is charismatic with an appeal to a wide range of people. In fact the only people who openly hate him are mostly Seattle fans, and that’s a good thing. I agree with whoever said earlier that Kap’s potential is off the charts. And, even though I am in some ways very sad the team is leaving the City, I am totally stoked about our new digs and what they will mean to the franchise.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, this is all going to be nuts this season. Can’t wait for this season to start. Tickets are going to be astronomical.

    The hope is they do open things up and this team scorches the shit out of the rest of the league. Seattle has regressed. So have we, but I think we have the potential to be MUCH better offensively than we were last year.

    Pretty classy of Colin to thank Alex Smith for helping his transition into the NFL. especially after how things went down.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    I think R Wilson is going to stay right in the neighborhood of Kappy. He doesn’t seem to have any big swinging dick issues. I don;t think Colin does either, but someone had to set the bar for CK, RW, and Cam going forward.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Kappy apparently gets a relatively low $12 million signing bonus, which gives the team cap flexibility. At least near term.

    Per Adam Schefter:

    When signing the contract, Kaepernick specifically requested that it allow the 49ers the flexibility to negotiate extensions with other players such as wide receiver Michael Crabtree. According to one source, Kaepernick specifically asked, “So this structure gives us room to try extensions with my teammates, right?” He was told yes.

    Sounds like he lived up to his talk of not wanting to overwhelm the team with his deal, astronomical as it is.

    • Spitblood says:

      A lot of people still don’t realize or have taken it for granted that Kaep’s still a very young qb. I remember when Alex Smith was drafted by the 49ers. I went to a game back in ’06 with my then 22 year old girlfriend (shouldn’t have let her get away). I was drunk by kickoff giving everyone in the stands a mouthful even though we were all on the same team. I bumped into a college friend at the game and he told Alex Smith had radar lock the likes of which he’d never seen before. Until then, I hadn’t noticed. I watched as the years went on and Smith continued to have problems with radar lock. Now Smith has become a qb who will lock onto his read, then either run or look for the check down. In SF he took a lot of sack because his decision making process took too long. Smith will also from time-to-time throw it away. But Smith has huge problems with his vision still and can rarely get to his third or fourth option. It took Smith six or seven years to be able to effectively get off his first option and then check it down or throw it away. For me, you have to be able to get through your progressions – options 3 and 4 and then deliver it to option 3 or 4 with split second decision making coupled with accuracy.

      You know who does this better than anyone in the league in my humble opinion? Eli Manning. Aaron Roger and Drew Brees can get through their progressions, but Eli can read the defense and deliver better than anyone. You might think Peyton is better at reading the defense and going through his progessions, but I disagree. I think Peyton is better at creating a matchup he loves at the line, then not looking at the receiver until the last possible minute, keeping the safety guessing. But Eli, again in my humble opinion, can scan the field better than anyone, with Aaron Rogers a close second.

      Colin Kaepernick needs to work on two things….. his deep ball and going through his progressions better, and I think this year Roman will install new offensive plays that require Kaep to read the field more. Last year was Kaep’s first year, and Kaep and Roman were limited by offensive personnel that Roman has taken a beating for incorrectly on the blogs. Young qb, limited offensive personnel means conservative play calling. But now Roman needs to give Kaep passing plays where Kaep has three or four options to read and then sling it.

      The art of going through your progessions is interesting, and it’s why I love Eli. Tonight I watched Kaep on television throwing to his receivers while ESPN debated various components of Kaep’s deals. I watched as Kaep watched his receiver running a route, then pulled the trigger at the right time, delivering a well-thrown ball. But Kaep watched the receiver the entire time during those warm-up tosses so his mind’s eye could judge how fast the receiver was running and he could time his pass. Kaep would take three or four seconds (and mind you, these were warm ups) to judge the receiver’s speed, but Eli Manning needs about a half a second in big situations to judge how fast a receiver is running and then deliver a very accurately thrown ball in clutch, clutch situations. For all the shit Eli Manning gets, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a qb go through his progressions better than Eli Manning. If I was Roman and Harbaugh, this year would be the year I’d work tirelessly with Kaep on getting through his progressions to find the open receiver. Because with Stevie, Crabs, Boldin, Vernon, McDonald, Ellington, Patton, Hyde, Hunter and Lattimore….. that’s a lot of mouths to feed. A lot of those guys are going to want the football. They’re going to want their stats. If Kaep wants to lead those guys, he’s going to need forget his own stats (running) and create opportunities for them all in the passing game.

  15. 12th man says:

    If Maiocco and PFT has it right what Kap has actually signed is a 1 year $13.073 million deal. That being the only fully guaranteed portion of his contract. The $61 mil figure is guaranteed for injury only and Kap has to take out a $20 mil insurance policy with the Niners as beneficiary Meaning the guaranteed value for injury id $41 mil.
    It’s still early to know if these are the real facts but if so, or even close to so, Kap needs new agents.

  16. 12th man says:

    Lost in yesterdays big Kap news was that VD has said he wants an extension:

    Mangini is also reported to have told the rest of the TE group that they will have an extended opportunity to prove themselves.

    VD says in the article above that he wants to play till his toes fall off, hopefully for the Niners.

    Don’t know about you guys but I don’t see him getting an extension this year even with the dumb contract Kap appears to have signed.

  17. 12th man says:

    Another tidbit about Kaps contract if true. He loses $2 mil per year unless he takes 80% of the snaps AND plays in a SB or makes 1st or 2nd team All-Pro. He has to do that for every year he plays or he losses $2 mil that year.

    He also losses $125,000 for every game he does not suit up, meaning if he has an injury and can’t play he losses $125,000. Willis lost $100,000 for missing 2 games last season with his injury, this is more than double that.

    This is not a good contract for Kap but worse than that it has the key ingredients to make him a disgruntled player. Can you imagine playing 80% of the snaps winning 10 games and going to the NFCCG and losing $2 mil if not chosen to be an All-Pro that year?

    How about missing 4 games for an ankle sprain and losing $500,000?

    The Niners FO should all wear a mask cause this is highway robbery.

  18. 12th man says:

    A few reasons why Wilson will get more money than Kap:

  19. unca_chuck says:

    Crazy that the agent went for all these de-escalators in the deal. This is baiscally the Alex Smith deal times 3 where they have control to cut him at any time and not be on the hook for very much money.

    • 12th man says:

      Crazy deal that he signed. Malpractice by his agents is not too strong a word. I guessed at $16 mil and it turns out I way overestimated. I guessed at $12 mil for Alex Smith but Kap is the one in that ballpark.

  20. 12th man says:

    Some more Kap contract details via PFT:

    At a time when the top QB’s are actually receiving $20 mil +- in cash per year this is what Kap will be getting:
    2014 $13 mil
    If still on the team in each of the following years:
    2015 max $14.8 mil but min $10.4 mil
    2016 max $16.3 mil but min $11.9 mil
    2017 max $18.9 mil but min $$14.5 mil
    2017 is the last year of the guaranteed portion of his contract, even for injury, although there is some small money due in 2018

    This is Alex Smith money.

    Again, this is early in the details game but damn!!!

  21. Spitblood says:

    If these numbers are right, two things come to mind: First off, two years ago people were reporting that Kaep was the kind of guy who wanted to go after Super Bowls instead of big pay days. This may not be a mistake by Kaep’s agent but more of a Kaep directive. He was adamant after the season was over that we had enough money to sign guys like Whitner. And really…. 13 million a year is plenty. Like Harbaugh said, “It’s more than enough….” If Kaep went this way intentionally, and 12th is right about these numbers, instead of us belittling Kaep’s agents, we should be praising Kaep for signing this deal. He knew what he was doing …… again, if the numbers 12th is reporting are correct.

    But the other thing that comes to mind is that the Florida incident may have influenced Kaep’s decision to sign. You never know. Florida sounds innocuous enough, but ya just never know…

    My personal feeling is I’d much rather be paid less but beloved by a city for winning multiple Super Bowls. Think guys like Roger Craig, Ronnie Lott, Montana and Jerry Rice lose sleep at night over contracts not signed? Hell no. They lose sleep at night over Roger Craig’s fumble….. the bastard. Point is…. I’d rather take less, be loved by my community, win multiple Super Bowls, and retire in a community that loves me for giving them multiple Super Bowls. Maybe Kaep, growing up in Turlock, knows what this is all about… but obviously on a much bigger scale in the Bay Area.

    • 12th man says:

      Just to clarify before we pin the tail on the Donkey, 12th is reporting the reported numbers, and offering an opinion based on those reported numbers and repeatedly cautioning that it is early to be sure these numbers are real. They are not my numbers, they are the reported numbers.
      Kap’s agents have no history of signing mega contracts and if these numbers are true they will not do so again.

      I don’t buy that Kap is the “Mother Theresa” of football for a second. If the contract is accurate he and his agents got schooled.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Well, there’s setting one up with incentives, and just taking hit after hit if you don’t reach near-perfection. If it helps the team, all is good, though. This may mean we can keep Crabs, but we’ll see what he gets.

      VD? Wait til next year.

  22. unca_chuck says:

    Thing is, it matters now, but once camp opens and shit gets real, it won’t really matter what the details are. We kick ass, every=thing gets taken care of.

    And I think Harbaugh understands that the offense has to be opened up for the team to succeed in the future. And the future is NOW.

  23. snarkk says:

    Niners had to get Kap under wraps. They did. I’m not going to fuss about the contract details, but it looks like Kap will be well compensated, with plenty of guaranteed dough so he won’t be afraid to put his butt on the line when playing. Niners apparently got some protection from contract disaster if Kap turns into the Barry Zito of quarterbacks. Everybody wins…

  24. Winder says:

    Kap is gonna make a lot of money outside of football. I truly think he is gonna be somewhat of a media star. hopefully, none of that will detract from his game.

  25. NoFear49er says:

    Sounds like a good contract to me. Nothing wrong with a contract that keeps the team in business if the star QB fails or gets sidelined with serious injury and allows him to get rich if he plays like everyone hopes he can.

    Niners structured to give CK7 the numbers for him and his agent to feel good without mortgaging the team’s future on a guy who probably should have shown more before landing such a deal.

    I like it, smart finances, and I think other teams will use the model.

    I don’t know if the recent brouhaha forced Kaepernick’s hand but I’ll bet it made him realize how things can go to shit overnight for a big money pro football player.

    Kudos to Kaep, and the Niners contract boys.

    • 12th man says:

      Fantastic team contract if it’s as reported. Shitty Kap contract but he signed. Like Chuck says, if all goes well for him he will be happy.
      Don’t see experienced agents agreeing to this model as an example to follow although im sure teams will try.

  26. unca_chuck says:

    I’m sure Miami played into both sides of the negotiating table, NoFear.

    For all the shit I used to give the boys upstairs, they seem to be very good at dealing with players, contracts, and not overcommitting to anyone.

    Just waiting for Gore to restructure, but it ain’t a big concern. This is his last hurrah. Might as well send him out on a high note. With a Super Bowl trophy at the end of it all.

  27. Spitblood says:

    12th – You’re not on the hook for anything. Your reputation is impeccable. I do, however, buy that Kaep, if these numbers are correct, was generous. Players know. And furthermore, contracts aren’t as difficult to figure out as the media wants to make them out to be. The “Kaep got fleeced,” angle isn’t gonna work.

    • unca_chuck says:

      That being said, he gets dinged pretty good for not making fairly hard incentives.

      Not that he’s crying pauper, but I’m real curious to see how RW’s contract goes. I don’t think he gets near this many incentive clauses. Talk is perception around the league, and some ARE saying this is a totally ridiculous deal that favors the team inordinately heavily.

      • Spitblood says:

        Think about this….. The day the deal is signed Kaep is spinning. What does that tell you? The day the deal is sign, in his press conference, Kaep comes out and says, “I wanted a deal that allows the team to re-sign guys like Crabtree.” What does that tell you? HE’S DOING THAT ON THE DAY OF THE SIGNING. Kaep knows what he signed. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look at comparables. Not in any job – real estate, the car industry, salaries for CEOs. Comparables (Cutler and Romo deals) are easy to figure out, and Kaep isn’t stupid. If the deal is what the deal is, we should be celebrating Kaep all that much more, not trying to crucify his agent. Like Jim Harbaugh said, “I get paid more than enough…..more than enough” 13 million? At 23? And Kaep could honestly play for 15 years. Think about that…..

        I think Kaep said, if the deal 12th is reporting is correct ( lol ), ” I’m 23. I’m on a team of veterans who came long before me and built this while I was in college, and some… when I was in high school. If I leverage my way into a 18 million per year deal, we won’t be able to re-sign guys like Vernon and Boone… again, guys who came before me. And where would I be if those guys weren’t here before me?” In addition, I’m at the beginning of my earning window…. not at the end.”

        If the deal 12th is reporting is true (and 12th is reporting this with his credentials on the line) than we should be rejoicing Colin Kaepernick, not hating on his agent.

        And thought I heard that Colin Kaepernick and Jim Harbaugh both have the same agent. Can anyone confirm that?

    • 12th man says:

      Thanks Spit, your reputation is…Oh well never mind.

  28. 12th man says:

    Year to year high dollar contracts are not new. Peyton Manning, Darrell Revis etc. The difference here is twofold. Firstly, an average of $13 mil a year which is the mid point +- between max and min per year on his contract, is low by any measure for this kid and likely $3 mil per year low. Secondly, those other high dollar year to year contracts were drawn up on players near the end of their careers where both sides understand the risk so they trade a high annual amount for insecurity.

    This Kap contract is neither high dollar, comparatively speaking, nor does it contain much security and this is for a young player in the early stages of what has already been a phenomenal first year and a half. Very unusual.

    However, it’s a done deal and on the surface at least it’s great for the team which is the most important thing as far as I’m concerned.

    • Spitblood says:

      60 plus million guaranteed against injury isn’t much security? Horse cookies. That’s a ton of security. Kaep’s basically saying he can play, he knows it, and he’s not worried about wins, stats or escalators. But I agree…. the deal’s done and it’s a good one for Kaep. My take? Kaep’s one of the first few NFL qbs to get it right – being loved by your town is the formula for a lifetime of happiness.

      • Spitblood says:

        I meant to write….. “Deal is done and it’s a good one for the 49ers….”

        The more I read about this, the more my man crush on Colin Kaepernick grows. He gives me wood.

      • 12th man says:

        It’s $41 mil for injury not $61 mil, which is great if injury is how you go out. What about a down year? What about a disasterous year? Throwing a ton of interceptions? A four game win season based on terrible QB play? Being gun shy after taking some major hits whilst scampering around the field. Initially that loses him $2 mil for the year. If it continued it costs him his job and contract and he gets $13 mil.

        How about he finds God in a bigger way and calls it quits to go preach in Venezuela? He gets $13 mil. How about he gets an illness? Is that in the injury settlement? How about a mental breakdown or manic depression? Or a dozen other scenarios that make is plain stupid to not do a contract that pays him, up front, to his actual value.

        Not one single player on that team would have complained about a $16 mil contract solid for 3 years. That would have been a team friendly deal taking considerably less than Romo, Cutler etc. The deal his agents negotiated is weak for their client, no two ways about it.

        Feel free to not agree.

      • Spitblood says:

        “Feel free not to disagree?” I still can’t figure that one out. Listen, Little Boy Blue… you and Henny Penny can tell us all the sky is falling and that Kaep’s not going to make it in the NFL, but if you were a betting man, what would you bet? I’d go all in on Kaep. And Kaep just went all in on Kaep, which …. gives me wood.

  29. 12th man says:

    I’m his biggest fan, absolutely love the kid, was first to shout about him following his Bears debut and got shouted down for it. His contract makes very little sense, like you most of the time.
    I wrote “feel free not to agree” but reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit so no biggie.

    The point is, life happens and he controls not very much of it so the prudent thing to do is CYA. In any event I hope it all works out for him and the team.

    The bigger intrigue for me now is can Alex Smith do better? The plot thickens.

  30. 12th man says:

    While your getting giddy about how clever you are maybe you can tell me how the $2 mil per year de-escalators factor in to Kap making cap room available for his buddies? It has no effect on the cap in terms of negotiating deals with other players since nobody knows beforehand if that money will be earned or not, it just’s hurts him personally and the conditions for him to keep his $2 mil are set at an unbelievable threshold.

    His agents suck.

    • Spitblood says:

      I can’t tell you. I don’t think you understand it though either.

      • 12th man says:

        My theory is Kap gave instructions to do a team friendly deal and his inexperienced agents who have never done a large contract got gang raped.

        Or we can go with your theory of Kap the philanthropist who just for shits and giggles decided to set himself the additional challenge of beating the $2 mil a year impossible de-escalators. By the way, who was the last QB to make All-Pro 7 years in a row?

  31. Spitblood says:

    Kaep knew exactly what he was doing. His agents did too. Kaep gives me wood.

  32. Spitblood says:

    Kaep’s agent is smart. And finally…. a guy gets it. Look at Cutler and RGIII last year. They got their asses handed to them because their O lines sucked. So Kaep takes 3- 5 million less per year but can then play for 3 or 4 more years because his body isn’t destroyed like RGIII’s or Cutler’s. That’s brilliant. It’s not, as 12th would say, a mistake. The money Kaep leaves on the table goes to Boone and Crabtree. And you want hate on Kaep’s agent, 12th? This deal opens up so many opportunities for Kaep outside the lines. Rings, endorsements, records because he’s got more guys around him. What did Jim Harbaugh say? “I make plenty of money…..” I bet Harbaugh had a lot of influence over Kaep’s thinking.

    What would you rather have? A ring or boat load of money. Jim Harbaugh would rather have a ring…. and that’s why Kaep just signed this deal. And in all honestly, provided we do go on to win multiple Super Bowls with Kaep, losing the Super Bowl in 2012 might have been the best thing to ever happen to the 49er organization. If Kaep already had a ring, and his players, his teammates had one too, they’re all making a money grab like the Seattle players a few months ago. With a ring, I doubt Kaep signs this deal for his teammates. With a ring, Kaep makes 20 million and say hello to Green Bay, playoff mediocrity.

    • 12th man says:

      Your funny. Offer me a rational explanation for why Kap’s smart agents accepted a hereto unheard of $2,000,000 per year de-escalator clause in his brilliant contract and I’ll join you in happy happy land marveling at rainbows and riding Unicorns together.

      Moving on.

      • Spitblood says:

        “Your funny” what? Your funny donkey? Oh… I see…. “You’re” funny. Are you trying to screw with my reading comprehension skills? I blog with Chuck. Don’t do those things to me.

        I don’t….. I hesitate… this isn’t wise…… okay…… I’ll let Cohn speak for me regarding the 2 million per year de-escalator. But it’s against my better judgement. But I agree with Cohn. There, I said it….

  33. Spitblood says:

    In other news, Vernon Davis: LMAO. Talk about bad timing to be holding out for more. It’s one thing to be Alex Boone, sworn protector of the franchise (Colin Kaepernick) making very little money and rightfully asking for his fair share. It’s something else entirely in the shadow of this…. how’d 12th put it?…. “Kap the philanthropist” deal to be Vernon Davis, holding out for more money while being the 3rd highest paid TE in the league, offering personal player stock (and being the first player to do it) and doing commercials in front of his Jamba Juice. Vernon Davis now looks like an asshole. And I was just starting to like the guy…. finally. You fooled me, Vernon. Kick rocks. Go Old McDonald…. On a side note, I hope at games when Vance catches a pass the crowd goes “E I E I O.” I think it’ll catch on. Like Kuhn in Green Bay? No?

    I would let Vernon Davis rot at his Jamba Juice drinking wheat grass while working on his portfolio. F that doucheknuckle.

    • Spitblood says:

      E I E I O would be great marketing with Levi’s….. although I’m sure Old McDonald wore Osh Gosh Bgosh…. or farmed naked.

  34. 12th man says:

    Well I did say moving on but this is priceless.

    When you said you agree with Cohn I at least expected Lowell, but Grant?

    I read his insightful in-depth and truly well thought out article but for some unknown reason I don’t see where having a $2 mil penalty for not being damn near perfect 7 years in a row was good for Kap in his piece?

    It says Kap can earn as much as $39 mil over the next 3 years, that’s $13 mil a year to you or I, and as little as $11 mil a year. $13 mil is a heck of a gift for Kap to bestow upon his fellow players, throw in the fact that that’s not even guaranteed and it verges on holy and then the icing on the cake is he may not even earn this stratospheric figure because of his de-escalator of $2 mil per year

    Reading comprehension is still your failing since I clearly asked for a rational explanation and you offer this tripe from Grant Cohn.

    Barrel meet bottom.

    • Spitblood says:

      I know…. I know…. I was reluctant. It hurt me personally if that makes you feel any better to quote Grant Cohn.

      This is like Sadomasochism because I now have to quote him again….. but read this, 12th… and everyone else with their popcorn. This is what my new found boy, Cohn, says……. mercy.

      “Until Kaepernick makes another Super Bowl appearance or a first-team or second-team All-Pro selection, the 49ers will penalize him $2 million annually. When he meets one of those two requirements, the 49ers will stop penalizing him.”

      What not to love about this? It’s like Cohn says…. Kaep is betting on himself. And I totally agree with it. Look up above. I even used a Texas Hold ‘Em analogy myself before reading Cohn’s piece. Kaep’s betting on himself. It’s freakin’ awesome, 12th.

      Only you could claim Kaep’s agent was an idiot.

      • 12th man says:

        Spit its over, you ran out of ammo a while ago. You have no rationale except you like it. Betting on yourself is one thing but betting against yourself with massive de-escalators and having you paid professional allowing it is moronic. End of story.

      • Spitblood says:

        Run out of ammo? I’ve been on the same side of this argument the entire time saying Kaep’s agent and Kaep were very smart to do this deal. You, however, tried to creep on over to my side of the argument (and I wouldn’t let you…. for your own self respect). Your post at 3:44…. “My theory is Kaep instructed his agent to do a friendly deal….then his inexperienced agents….. ” Nice attempt at a straddle. Get back on your side of the fence, lambasting Kaep’s agents.

        Who needs ammo when you’re on the right side of the argument? You, however, again find yourself on the wrong side of the argument going up against the mighty Spitblood. There ain’t much future going up against the likes of me while on the wrong side of the argument. Just FYI. It don’t take much ammo to defend the high ground.

      • 12th man says:

        Delusional much? You have no argument and need to look up the difference between argument and argumentative, you are the latter if you weren’t sure BTW.

      • Spitblood says:

        Are we in love? Call me….

      • 12th man says:

        It’s a love hate relationship.

  35. unca_chuck says:

    Hey, you can feel free to not disagree as well. It is a fairly unprecedented deal, that’s for sure. Kappy is betting on himself, yes. But the Niners are sure hedging their bet as to how good he will be in the future. They can prety much cut him loose and not be on the hook for very much. Just like the Alex Smith deal.

    I’ll bet you RW’s deal looks nothing like this. Unless Kappy is a trend-setter in self-immolating contracts.

    • Spitblood says:

      I do feel free to not disagree. I just don’t know where that leaves me.

      I read that Kaep signed the first deal put in front of him. I don’t know if that’s true, but if it is, it’s an obvious indicator of a below fair market deal with no negotiation being done. Obviously, also, intentionally.

      If you compare Kaep without a ring and just now signing a below fair market deal, to Wilson, I think it’s fair to say Wilson’s deal will look a lot different because he’s got a ring. I put Kaep’s fair market at 18, and Wilson’s at 15. But Kaep just signed for 13? Wilson will still get his 15.

      That said…. I bet you Seattle fans eventually start calling for Russell Wilson to sign a deal similar to Kaep’s.

      ~ Kaep gives me wood ~

    • 12th man says:

      RG3wins, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton are all up shortly for new contracts. That doofus red headed step child Andy Dalton is too. I will say right now with some certainty they will all get more actual money and tenure guaranteed except maybe Dalton. A young dynamic QB signing a year to year contract is foolhardy.

      Spit began the day telling me Wilson will get parity or less than Kap and now thinks he will get more than Kap based on his slowing understanding the terms of Kap’s contract. No shit Sherlock.

      My guess figure per year was maybe one of the lowest here with I think NF being less and it turned out to be way high. Thoughts of $20 mil are nearly double the min per year for Kap.

      My hope is things work out because I want Kap and more importantly the Niners to get that 6th Lombardi this year and I really believe he is good enough. I hope the coaching improves in play calling just enough because as others have said, this O will probably need to score more points per game to win.

  36. Spitblood says:

    Vernon Davis is quickly becoming the world’s biggest idiot. His PR guys are the ones who are really f ‘n up. 12th thinks Kaep’s agents are fools. I think Vernon Davis’ agent and his PR team are complete morons. In light of what Kaep just did, Vernon is politicking for more money right now? In the history of SF holdouts, and jockeying for more money, this could go down as the dumbest, most ill-advised campaign for more money.

    Fuck Vernon Davis.

    • 12th man says:

      I would put the Crabtree holdout as equally absurd. His “pay me like I was drafted earlier because I deserved to be” ploy sank like a lead balloon. VD is equally in no position to bargain. I presume it’s all noise for his shareholders to believe he is trying to do his best for them.

      • Spitblood says:

        Vernon Davis is an idiot.

      • 12th man says:

        Yup, not smart and that selling stock BS can blow up in his face if he pisses off the FO and they make him play out the full contract without another contract or extension and commensurate signing bonus. He would have been better off not taking the upfront stock money. It’s a gamble but he is an aging TE. Making public pronouncements that he wants to play till his toes drop off is for idiot shareholders.

  37. 12th man says:

    I would pay Boone and maybe Dorsey. Iupati, VD and Crabs I would not right now.
    VD says he wanted a contract extension last year, WTF?

  38. Nipper says:

    Contracts are such a bore when it’s someone else’s money.

  39. 12th man says:

    Current QB pay scale from ESPN
    Matt Ryan $22.9M
    Aaron Rodgers $22.7M
    Joe Flacco $20.7M
    Drew Brees $20.3M
    Peyton Manning $19.3M
    Tony Romo $18.0M
    Jay Cutler $18.0M
    Matthew Stafford $17.7M
    Ben Roethlisberger $17.6M
    Eli Manning $17.0M
    Philip Rivers $16.8M
    Colin Kaepernick $14.7M

    Kap is 12th on the list IF he misses no games and meets the de-escalator clause threshold in his contract. If he misses 8 games over 3 years it will cost him $1 mil. If he misses All-Pro 3 years and the team isn’t in the Superbowl he losses $6 mil.

    Many of those other QB’s above him on the list have already made a shit ton of money, Roethlisberger for instance has received over $70 mil in cash so far in his career.

    These terms are unprecedented in scale. The Niner FO is a powerhouse at doing these contracts which is probably why Crabs and Iupati will go elsewhere because dollars to donuts another team will pay them more than the Niners.

    Crabs is a good not great WR but Iupati, when healthy, is a great LG in the mold of a Larry Allen.
    I don’t think losing Crabs will hurt too much now the team has other good contributers. Not so sure that losing Iupati will be so easy.

    VD is one of the best TE in the league no doubt. Nobody currently on roster is close to him although I guess we all hope McD surprises us this year. VD is getting up there though and his petulant demands for a new deal starting last season from reports is way premature. If his production stays at a high level this season I would think the team will do another deal, possibly a 3 year with the third year being a team option year.

    The reports of Frank Gores demise have been coming for 2 years so far and in each of those years he has topped 1,000 yards. Hard for the team to dismiss that kind of production and the protection he provides for the anointed one. His contract ends this year and I have to believe that is it for him. He gets his 10 years, probably his 10,000 yds and an outside shot at the Hall, but the young studs have to push the old man out and so far no one has been able to.

  40. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up . . .

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