And the Beat Goes On . . .

No, no. Not posting any Sonny and Cher here, but, Jesus Christ on a bicycle, what in the wide wide world of sports is going on here? 49ers are getting arrested at the rate of once a week these days. Are these you father’s Cincinnati Bengals? Or maybe your father’s Jail Blazers? Your brother’s Seahawks? Well, we had 2 ‘suspicious’es last week. Not quite an arrest, but an investigation. Culliver? Yeah. Anyhow, Aldon Smith is again under the microscope for uttering those verboten word in an airport, ‘la bomba!’

He was promptly detained by LAPD and posted his $20,000 bail. He now has a very busy schedule keeping all these court dates straightened out on his calendar. If it’s Tuesday, it must be the weapons charge case. Or is it the DUI? Uh, reckless endangerment? Now all the hooraw will swirl around the type of team this is. Why are they drafting all these criminals? Well, as good a question as that may be, no one so far as I can tell can see into the future to determine the future actions of any of these draft choices. I mean, Rae Carruth was a troubled guy, but I don’t think anyone saw him trying to kill his pregnant girlfriend when he was drafted. Aaron Hernandez may have had a checkered past, as do a lot of these players, but rarely does it get to the point of mayhem. DUI, aggro assault, or otherwise.

But where does the blame lie? Who knows? Is Aldon going to get preferential treatment by the team because he’s such a talented player? Did he already get it last year? You can say the Niners were trying to help the guy out. Or they merely put him out there and said ‘kill kill kill!’ 2 days after his DUI arrest. Even Aldon seemed to be doing well after his stint in rehab. But therein lies the problem. These guys are grown-ass men. They have personal lives outside the game. They are people like you and me (if you happen to be 6’3″ 275, and faster than a f*cking gazelle). They get into normal human trouble. Alarmingly so, at times.  Plus, you know Seahwak fans are already roasting Harbaugh over last year’s comments regarding the Seahawks and all their drug/PED-rel;ated issues these past couple years. My thought has always been, let sleeping dogs lie. No reason to stir the shit unabated. That shit usually comes back to bite you squarely in the ass. Little breezy in the khakis all of a sufdden, Jimbo?

Should they merely cut Smith and let him fend for himself? Doubtful given the money they’ve already invested in him. And the talent he carries around with him. But it sure makes the contract negotiation parameters a little better for SF here. Lost in this arrest was the fact that there was no test done for alcohol. This is something the 49ers would like to know, but now that isn’t going to happen. The LAPD said he was drunk earlier but it wasn’t an issue at the time of arrest. Unfortunately they didn’t specify a time frame. How’s that for prognosticating? They could have been referring to him drinking 6 months ago. Smith was acting hung over? Or was Smith just pissed off at the TSA for being weenies? WTF does that even mean? Yet another tid-bit fo squirrely info to file away for the upcoming back-and-forth.

As usual, the instant news cycle gives us the news before the squad cars even leave the airport. I mean really, TMZ has people that just hang out at the airport waiting for shit to happen.  Surprise, surprise, it did. Within 15 minutes of his arrest, the video was posted of him being led away in cuffs. At some point in our self-saturated lives, everyone will walk around with GoPros strapped to their heads. All thewnews will soon be coming from live feeds from witnesses (and victims). And even perps.

Let the spin cycle begin. Again. And so it goes, Tralfamadorians . . .

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  1. unca_chuck says:

    As Sonny and Cher songs go, though, that one is listenable.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    And, for those of you keeping score, at least eight other 49ers have been subjected to police investigations since 2012. This includes quarterback Colin Kaepernick and wide receiver Quinton Patton regarding an incident with a woman April 1 in Miami and cornerback Chris Culliver, who pled not guilty Friday to misdemeanor hit-and-run and felony possession of brass knuckles in Santa Clara County Superior Court, stemming from a March 28 incident in San Jose.

    Other 49ers who’ve had police encounters are linebacker Ahmad Brooks (no assault charges filed after a June 2013 creative bottle opening incident); offensive lineman Daniel Kilgore (arrested in January and charged with public intoxication); wide receiver Michael Crabtree (not charged with sexual assault in January 2013 after a police investigation); offensive linemen Al Netter (suspicion of drunken driving, February 2013); and defensive lineman Demarcus Dobbs (suspicion of driving under the influence, November 2012).

    All these guys lawyered their way out of serious trouble. Although Kilgore Trout’s (really Theodore Sturgeon) drunk in public may have stemmed from an unexpected return from Tralfamadore.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Is this you, 12th? If so, too funny!

    @PatrickWillis52 the intimidation factor you bring to our D is incomparable! You even got drivers flinching daily!

    • 12th man says:

      No not me Chuck. In fact I wasn’t aware of another “12th Man”, but glad someone else wasn’t willing to concede the fan support moniker to the Squawks.

      Funny shit too.

  4. Those Fathead decals shouldn’t be allowed on cars. It’s a total distraction, safety hazard and accident waiting to happen. And motorists who fall prey to thinking Patrick Willis is chasing them down the freeway and go slamming into a wall, well, you guessed it. They *deserve* it.

  5. Chico says:

    I’m starting to think that Aldon Smith has some mental issues. Substance abuse and mental issues aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive, either. His actions seem very bipolar-ish.

    • Yeah a few more facts to put further distance between reality and Headline = “Kaepernick Investigated For Sexual Assault” bullshit.

    • snarkk says:

      I don’t quite follow that article, because it doesn’t follow. The woman “refused to leave” the place — why? Because she was passed out? Because she wanted to get paid? What’s the context of all that? A woman apparently hangs voluntarily with a few guys in a hotel room, a woman they actually know from Kap’s past or present, then the dudes ask her to hit the bricks and she refuses? Everybody, even the woman says she did not get it on with anybody, yet she’s naked on the bed. Something is missing here…

  6. Nipper says:


  7. unca_chuck says:

    Well, at least one of these cases appears unfounded.

  8. Spitblood says:

    Kaep gets a pass because he’s out fuckin’. I say go forth and fornicate with multiple women until you no longer have the desire or the sex appeal. He’ll learn to cool the bitches off better over time. They all do. Frank Gore has 7 kids from 9 different wives because the mass orgy confused blood lines. If you’re a football player, or a pro athlete for that matter, and you’re not out fuckin’, I don’t want you on my football team. Actually, I don’t want Darren Sharper on my team but you get my point.

    Now Aldon and Chris Culliver are different stories. Both are dumber than a bag of hammers, and to me it’s a wonder how the 49ers were even going to compete with both fucktards on the same side of the football. If Aldon dropped back into zone coverage, at some point his responsibilities might overlap with Cullivers’ and when they did the world might experience some kind of sporting Oppenheimer moment of supreme stupidity that lead to quite possibly an enormous mushroom cloud of confusion and total bewilderment. That’s the bomb Aldon was referring to at LAX. Aldon knew if he had to coordinate with Culliver in game that at some point people might die due to supreme stupidity the world to date has not experienced. Aldon was only doing NFL fans a favor. He could have just told us the bomb was a mental meltdown of proportions we’d never experienced, but then again, only me and my black helicopter brigade would have believed Aldon. One thing’s for certain – Fangio deserves his raise. He should have been given another raise immediately after the news of Aldon’s LAX bombing. Fangio is probably at home right now sitting in his recliner with his head buried in his hands with his two favorite dogs afraid to approach him and his wife making Vic his favorite meal in hopes of returning Vic to his happy place. I love that crusty old fucker. You know he has a cheap-ass recliner, too.

    Now Chris Culliver? He’s different. He’s special. Aldon is troubled and honestly, Aldon might be showing signs of brain trauma, and I’m not joking. But I doubt Culliver is in the same boat. DBs don’t get as much contact as D linemen. I just think Culliver is a special kind of stupid reserved only for deep, deep Southerns who never really get out of the Ozarks. Somehow Culliver got out of the Ozarks. Who makes gay remarks during Super Bowl media week? I can still see the collect 49er front office and coaching staff hanging their heads after that one. You know how many times the 49ers probably coached the players about what to say and how the media would bait these guys? And then, my personal favorite – brass knuckles? Let’s think this one through for a second. Someone needs to. You’re an NFL football player. You better be able to beat just about anyone’s ass on the streets. If you’re in hand-to-hand combat, and things escalate to grabbing for weapons, you don’t pull out brass knuckles to put the guy away. You pull out a gun. You don’t bring a knife to a gun fight, and you don’t bring brass knuckles to a fist fight if you’re an NFL player. Now, in this digital day in age, Chris Culliver is pleading not guilty to charges of hit and run. Only with America’s justice system will Culliver be acquitted. Why? Because he has the money. But I don’t care how you cut it – Chris Culliver is my new favorite 49er. I’m honestly thinking of getting his jersey. I might go as Culliver to Halloween parties. I’ll wear a knee brace, my Culliver jersey, brass knuckles and I’ll hit and run every girl at the party and deny, deny, deny…. Too bad I ain’t rich, bitch.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    There goes 3 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.

  10. snarkk says:

    NFL has to do a way way better job of educating these guys about staying out of trouble. As in continuing education or something. For most of ’em, they’ve lived off scraps most of their lives, then all of a sudden somebody hands them gobs of cash for tackling or blocking people — the same thing they did in college in exchange for free tats at the local Paint Pavillion. So, they go nuts. The rookie seminar thing — I think PacMan Jones was a star speaker last season, how great is that — apparently doesn’t cut it. And, the agents apparently aren’t too keen on always helping steer the client in the right direction. Yeah, they’re adults. But, they’re generally pretty far down the Wonderlic list of smarts, so a dimwit with cash is still a dimwit…

    • unca_chuck says:

      Can’t fix stupid? The NFL can do all they want. It’ll pass like shit through a goose. These guys think they are invincible. Look at Kappy. Great student. 4.0 in high school and college. Seems level-headed. Seemingly smart enough to know better, but here you go.

      And he’s on the right side of the bell curve. A guy like Culliver thinks he can do whatever he wants. Smith? Same thing. Then again, you see Ray Lewis buy his way out of a murder rap and that adds fuel to the fire. Yeah, there are guys in the locker room that can try to straighten these guys out, but as we’ve seen it’s a loooong offseason.

      • snarkk says:

        In the old days when guys didn’t make millions, they had to keep themselves in a job in the offseason to pay the rent. Now, with hundreds of thousands or millions to squander and thus all to do in the offseason is “work out”, there’s more opportunity to screw up…

  11. unca_chuck says:

    In an attempt to join the SF Giants and sign anyone named Brandon, the 49ers signed ex one-time 49er Brandon Lloyd. He of the one-year vacation. I guess he’s tanned, rested, and ready. Lloyd was of course a 4th round pick by the Niners back in 20 aught 3. Way back when Jerry Jeff Garcia was getting drunk with high school chicks at Taco Bell (and our QB), and Dennis Erickson was on his way to Palookaville.

    A little weird given the talent that was available a couple weeks ago, but hey we’ll see. He’s our can opener?

    • snarkk says:

      Light a fire under Patton? Or, is he too busy “working out” in Miami hotel rooms?…

      • snarkk says:

        Signing Lloyd is basically training camp padding. He might not even make the roster — if he does, that’s probably a bad sign of the quality of the WR corps. Regardless, they need to draft at least another WR. He did OK in NE in 2012, but NE actually has a pass offense with a pretty fair QB…

  12. Lloyd needed to be equipped with a rear view mirror on his helmet.
    WARNING: Footballs in flight are closer then they appear.

    • Lol good one. I liked Joshua Morgan a whole lot better but we wasted him in an early Hendrix game sending him out to score when we were leading by 38 points. First great move by the current regime w/ our WRS.

      Everything else has improved so maybe our passing games time? Or more train wreck? We shall see

  13. unca_chuck says:

    Well, he’s apparently lighting fires anyway. The whole story seems pretty contrived. Look at Brandon (hey) Browner. He keeps getting busted for pot. Of all the drugs out there, pot is the least of the NFL’s worries, but it is also the hardest to get out of your system. If these guys are sparking up this close to the start of the season, they run the risk of testing positive. I think she’s full of shit. Especially since she was belligerent and didn’t want to go.

    Guess they are loading up on Gold Seal tea.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Oh, I’d be surprised if it was only one WR. He’s with Jon Martin on the I-hope-I-make-the-cut list. With all those late round picks, we may take 3.

  15. philippinefan says:

    We’ll see if Jimi and Co. are smart enough to actually evolve in pass dept. If so we have a chance to actually win it all in post-season. If not then please see Neanderthals and dinosaurs for other types whom evolution passed by. Our Div is already improving and evolving so will we be new improved Homo Sapiens? Or Piltdown Man?

  16. I think it was NoFear who said Kawakami is a shit disturber of long standing and from what I see in headlines he’s upholding his rep. Along with several other Merc writer -Mark Purdy- who are wringing their hands over the horrors! of our supposed choir boys. Bitching about cutting Alldumb and whining about Jed ‘needing to do something’. For fucks sake you bitches STFU before you make any more of us into ex-readers. We already have a Mother Superior = Dennis so that job is taken already. Ann Killion, Kawakami, Maiocco, Ratto headline the list of morons I don’t waste my time on.

    • Mother Superior does agree with one thing, Jed *needs* to say something. He needs to tell his fan base that he’s sorry and embarrassed by this recent behavior. Baalke and Jimbo sure the hell won’t. Nor do I expect or demand from them. Not exactly in their job purview. But Jed needs to send the message that these recent developments are not representative of this franchise and will not be tolerated. Not only not tolerated, but dealt with harshly. They screwed the pooch last time and allowed Aldon to play in that Indy game. Can’t make that mistake twice.

      Aldon can not and must not play this year. Period. Final.

      • philippinefan says:

        Naw actions not words from the Niners. Best action would be to get Alldumb the help he needs to perform on field and in life as an adult. If he won’t learn and grow up other authorities- NFL, courts- are and will be available to ensure appropriate consequences. Jed should provide services/support fer these bozos and keep his mouth shut. We have enough mother superiors to whine to the public and advise benching good players out of some supposed shame. Everyone knows who the Niner haters are.

      • Bullshit. He needs to talk. This franchise has become an embarrassment with all these recent off the field activities. And the support and services provided to Aldon last time were an epic fail. He didn’t learn and the behavior continued. Punish his ass and bring back some respect and goddamn dignity to this team.

  17. So Brandon Lloyd gave up football last year to pursue a career in acting. i.e., no NFL team wanted to sign him so he had no alternative. He gave it all up to “star” in the direct-to-Walmart DVD zombie classic, “After Effect.” Brandon played Sgt. Chuck Lloyd, a zombie’s worst
    nightmare. Copies are still available at a Walmart near you. But you better hurry.

    I dug a little deeper and researched Brandon’s Top 10 all time favorite movies. After watching that gif of Brandon ducking the football, I couldn’t resist. If you pay close enough attention, you just might find a common theme. Without any further ado…

    10. The Mighty Ducks
    9. Down and Dirty Duck
    8. Sitting Ducks
    7. Howard the Duck
    6. Quick to Duck
    5. Lord Love a Duck
    4. Duck Soup
    3. Duck Dodgers in the 24 ½ Century
    2. Duck! (A Duckumentary)
    And Brandon Lloyd’s No. 1 all time favorite movie is the 1971 Sergio Leone cult classic — Duck, You Sucker

    I think Daniel Day-Lewis will have a hard time winning another Oscar with performances like these…

  18. Barrows seems the most ‘fair and balanced’ of local beat writers = refraining from calling for players to be dumped immediately or whining FO/owners needs to do something to preserve our saintly image (Del Mar dept). Matt B is with the SacBee and as a long time (former) resident over there I can say the atmosphere is ‘better’ than Bay Area IMHO. Bee-rows seems to reflect that.

  19. Actions not words from the Niners. Jed can beat his breast and snivel platitudes that “Of course you don’t know I know this but this ain’t the Niners way, so now you know I know I’m sorry”. Baloney, he would be a fool to act like this is not already understood and is unacceptable behavior. Next time (next week) some Niner bozo pulls this crap he would be a double fool: “Now I’m really really sorry. Yep I’m a sorry son of a bitch”. “Apologies” are irrelevant. This is NOT about ‘Perceptions’ mother superior. Nor is it about guilt by others for someone elses dumb behavior. Apologies, guilt = irrelevant bullcrap. Guilt trip much mother? Useless.

    THIS IS about addiction, immaturity, piss poor decisions and logical consequences fer same. Alldumb is in line for some consequences I imagine. Legal and/or NFL consequences, fine. But cut him, suspend him out of some moral outrage due to perceptions? More knee jerk, self-defeating reactions that will not work. But those suffering from guilt over perceptions will feel better…for a few minutes. Meanwhile the team continues to disintegrate.

  20. NJ49er says:

    We’ll know a lot more regarding the Aldon Influence come May 3.
    If his option is picked up or not.

    For all the embarrassment he’s created, he needs help.
    Beyond that, he’s still a valuable commodity with the pads on.

    No harm in picking up the option, simply as insurance, because they keep his price tag affordable.
    Should he become a model citizen, SF is covered.

    If he fails the test, he’s a future Comp Pick or, a Trade option, to someone who believes he can be productive and rehabilitated.

    • NJ49er says:

      A future Contract, if offered, will certainly contain behavioral language that provides protection too, I’d guess.

      He’s a talented kid, with what appears to be, a major problem when not engaged with the rigors and involvement with the team activities.

      Too many guys in his situation, rich and unsupervised, find time to get involved with ridiculous, if not illegal, activities.

      Idle hands…..

    • Yessir NJ, agree.

  21. NJ49er says:

    A kid I’d consider, as a possible Pick to compete as an Aldon replacement is, Kareem Martin from UNC.
    6’6″ 272
    He’s going to fly under the radar in comparison to some better known guys like Jeffcoat and Ealy but, he’s got the long arms, (35″) that Baalke seems to shop for and, the size to play on the edge.

    This Draft is going to be important to our future depth anyway, with or without Aldon.

    • NJ49er says:

      I like the measurables that DE Larry Webster from Bloomsburg possesses too.
      6’6″ 252, 4.58 40 and a 36.5″ vertical.
      Good size to add some weight to also.

      He’s been more of a Basketball player in College then Football but, he got after the QB pretty well, 26 Sacks in 24 games.
      He’s also the Son of former Miami Dolphin DE Larry Webster, so we know he’s got some familiarity with the position.

      I’m actually penciling him in as a TE conversion on my Wish List, simply because I’d expect him to have the good hands and athleticism needed to succeed on the Court.

      Could find him after RD4?

    • philippinefan says:

      A good/great draft will make a lot of this angst survivable so thanks for keeping us abreast of who is out there for us to possibly pick

  22. Alleykat says:

    Sure don’t need Dick head Brandon Lloyd to add more cancer to the clubhouse!!
    Oh Brandon Lloyd same college as our other WR Bust AJ Jenkins.. Illinois Nuff said!!!

  23. Nipper says:

    Lets hear it for metal detectors. Man how did we exist before these things came online?

  24. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, NJ, I have Kareem Martin on my radar as well. Great looking kid. The draft is still weeks away. Fucking Rockettes.

  25. 12th man says:

    LMJ on the trading block according to Barrows.

    • So 12 is Baalke a ‘Liar’ because he recently said James is ‘a Niner and will stay a Niner’? How about Baalkes denial of Niner interest in DSJ? Is there a different criteria for Baalke vs Jimi? What’s the diff? Personally I don’t see either as being ‘liars’- each just trying to explain an always evolving process of fielding best possible team.

      “Asked in February if he was shopping James, 49ers general manager Trent Baalke said, “No discussions. LaMichael is a 49er. He’ll continue to be a 49er.”

      • 12th man says:

        From what I read LMJ has demanded a bigger role in the backfield. Since it is patently clear this scheme does not have a place for LMJ’s skillset they are likely to trade him rather than keep a disgruntled return guy on the roster.

        Don’t see what any of that has to do with Baalke lying or Harbaugh. Frankly I don’t blame LMJ for wanting playing time or being traded, the best years of his playing career are being wasted.

      • You have stated several times “Harbaugh is a liar”

    • 12th man says:

      Don’t understand what your driving at Phil? Is your point that the GM and HC don’t tell Joe public the real deal? I would have thought that was obvious. Not a single GM in this league is honest about their intentions with players and drafting, not one.

      A month ago Baalke wanted to keep LMJ on roster, I think he would still like to but in light of LMJ’s demand for playing time, something Baalke has no control over, I presume he figures to try to get something out of a bad situation and that’s his job.

      Some HC are more open and forthright than others IMO. Harbaugh is not one of them.

  26. Spitblood says:

    Brandon Lloyd’s the first guy I’ve really disagreed with the 49ers bringing in. Eric Wright, Perrish Cox and drafting Lattimore were risky, but Lloyd is a different kind of risk Baalke and Harbaugh haven’t flirted with yet. Hopefully they figure out their mistake within a week or two of him being in camp and cut him. The longer he’s with the team, the more he destroys the team.

    And Barrows reporting LMJ is on the block is no surprise. Trent Baalke came out and used CSN Bay Area to refute claims, but nobody believes any ultra spin CSN Bay Area reports. We all look there from time to time, but it’s not like we trust Maiocco. Maiocco is more bought than Congress, and so is CSN Bay Area. You need damage control? CSN Bay Area is there for the taking.

    LMJ is another high pick Baalke whiffed on recently.

    • 12th man says:

      My take on that is LMJ is a decent player that Baalke thinks should have more playing time but the coaches haven’t played him much. Philosophical difference of opinion between GM and HC. Happens all the time.

    • You knew it was true Niners were very interested in DSJ when Maiocco and Lynch, TK (I believe) said ‘there was no way they are, would be, could be’. Slam. Dunk. Maiocco snarks “No way” = hell yeah Niners are interested. Proven fact.


      • 12th man says:

        Baalke denied interest in DSJ when asked at the league meetings. As I said at the time, of course he denies it, it would be tampering to admit it, no brainer.

      • Point here is the lap dogs in the local press are his mouthpiece not to be taken as “independent, objective sources” in most cases.

  27. I confess I took a look at Kawakamis article on Niner FO exasperation with Alldumb and also saw it on Barrows blog. Yep I can imagine Niners have drawn a line with Mr Smith = “No more bozo; you deal with this yer own self. We’re done standing with you”. But cutting him is out IMO. Extending him and trading him I could see. Fact that Culliver, another problem child, was with Alldumb at airport does nothing to make situation better for either. Timing piss poor with star Kap in a caper in Miamah so do believe Smith has pushed too far to be in good standing until (if ever) he proves he’s a changed man. Ball in his court but doesn’t look like he’s playing same game. Also the article mention some “other incidents” regarding Alldumb we haven’t heard about but team is well aware of = pattern of behavior detrimental to team and this guy.

    They will not cut him. Baalke’s way will be to maximize the value of the player and score a bunch of draft picks. Dennis (and Tim K) may be right he will not play for Niners again pending 1) Court hearings 2) NFL consequences 3) Smiths own behavior.

    • 12th man says:

      Could be Phil but I doubt it. Aldon is one of the premier pass rushers ever. They can pick up his 5th year option that costs nothing until 2015 and is voidable at any time between now and then. They lock him up to the team at no risk, except it is guaranteed for injury.
      I presume he will face some league discipline of some sort but will be available at some point this season. My best guess is he gets a slap on the wrist and plays for the Niners this year. With Bowman out for half the season losing Aldon too would be a big blow to the overall D.

      I don’t like his behavior and have no idea if he can get on the straight and narrow or not but I remember Eddie regretting letting the last great pass rusher Haley go for also being crazy.

      • Hope you’re right. I’m just relaying what Kawakami said and DM seconded: ” He may not play for Niners again”. Also talked about cutting him which is just nuts. Oh and Jed needs to make a public apology. Jaysus that’s nuts too, lol. IF Niners were to go so far as dumping Alldumb I believe it will be a trade after extending him.

      • 12th man says:

        Jed has nothing to apologize for. I agree they don’t just cut him, even with his rap sheet he has big value. Bigger people than me get paid to make these decisions but I don’t see the sense in cutting ties with him now or giving up on him either. Too talented. There is obviously a limit but I doubt they have reached it yet.

        Same with Cully, he stays.

  28. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah all the tizzy around Smith is just that. He’s possibly under contract for two years. It behooves them to take the high road, and also the one that keeps him here for the time being. If he hits the straight and narrow they look good and keep the premier guy he is.

    Jed? Shit, it’s April. He don’t need to say shit. Except to cheer that Kilgore Trout was exonerated in the Tralfamadorian courts recently

  29. unca_chuck says:

    LMJ just isn’t a good fit here. Which means he’s as good as a bust. Somewhere, wires were crossed for that pick But, they may be able to get what, a 6 for him? He hasn’t shown or done much, but a lot of that isn’t his doing . . .

  30. NoFear49er says:

    Coffee looked good in TC, too. Coaches know why he doesn’t get on the field and they ain’t talking. But you can bet there’s something he does/doesn’t do that keeps him off the field and expendable. A change of scenery/scheme may help or not.

    I still haven’t heard exactly what Aldon did that has him suspended and/or cut by so many. Got pissed off at his treatment by the clowns at TSA pushing their weight around? BFD. Lots of good people are guilty of that. I haven’t heard of him being charged with anything criminal from this ‘incident’.

    At least he didn’t go all stupid like his pal “knuckles”.

    • philippinefan says:

      Who (Culliver) was in attendance at the incident. Bad company for both. I think it’s the straw that has the Niner brass saying “Enough! Alldumb, jackass, deal with it on yer own son”. Like when yer supposed best friend finally goes too far-again- but for the last time. He is alleged to have been drinking. Niners also have info on his poor behavior it is said in press that we the public are not privy to. Apparently an uninterrupted history of poor decisions and piss poor behavior. With no sign of improvement or desire to improve. Not good for this guy. Alldumb has a court date regarding the weapons charge(s) and I won’t be surprised if 49ers fail to plea for him with the court or with the NFL.

      He is dragging the Niners through his own personal pig pen and they are now angry at one Aldon Smith for his ongoing behavior from what I gather.

  31. Well who is left from the ’12 draft if LMJ be gone? Looney. Anybody else? The ’11 was good minus recent screw ups- which we hope subside. The ’13 could be good too if Lattimore, Carradine, Dial contribute. If so then the 2012 is survivable with a good draft next month. We can’t afford busts, injured redshirts, non-functional draftees. The looming draft is going to be crucial. Then our prize winning coaches will have to develop these guys AND figure out effective ways (schemes) to use the talent. Hello LMJ.

    Nothing new pending draft

  32. unca_chuck says:

    Far as I know, LAPD isn’t charging him with anything. And won’t. Thing is, Goodie Goodell is judge, jury, and head-chopper in the NFL. His rule of law supersedes that of the real world. In other words, he can suspend Smith even thought the airport incident won’t amount to anything that he is charged with.

    It’s good to be da king.

  33. Spitblood says:

    I think what killed LMJ was his fumble in the Super Bowl. Remember… for those remembering impaired due to toxic toxicology reports…. James was called upon to be the change of pace answer in the Super Bowl to Frank Gore when Kendal Hunter went down with his Achilles injury. LMJ got quite a few carries in the Falcons’ game and the Super Bowl, until James fumbled. From there on out, James has been a non-factor. Coincidence? And I don’t think for a second it’s a GM / Head coach disagreement. I think Harbaugh completely was on board with the pick, might have even asked for James. But I think the fumble in the Super Bowl for whatever reason made the 49er coaching staff feel that LMJ couldn’t hold onto the ball because of his size. If it were me, I’d have given James a lot more opportunities in 2013, along with Hunter, and that way James would have more value. But Roman and Harbaugh fell in love with Gore last season, probably to protect Kaep.

    The best case scenario for the 49ers would be to trade James on draft day. Package LMJ up with a pick and move up to draft another head case. We don’t have enough on this team. Unca!!! That’s quote of the day material right now. I’m going to start writing with POTD in mind just so I can get post of the day. It means that much to me. My people demand my greatness is recognized by all.

  34. It’s purdy good but ya know Chuck rules this place like he’s the king which he is. POTD will arrive when you least expect it . Be pithy. Be patient. Tell yer people to bag it

  35. NJ49er says:

    Just my opinion Spit but, the LMJ SB fumble is likely about Rathman too, as much as anyone.

    Bill Walsh called Tommie out as a Rook for losing the handle too.
    I recall him being very conscious about keeping his job by hanging onto the pigskin.
    Walsh had zero tolerance for turnovers so, I agree with your SB fumble-itis take.
    Tommie demonstrating his inner Walshian teachings.

    Add to that, LMJ isn’t much in terms of size, and blocking capabilities.
    So, you have the necessary ingredients to bypass him as an option, especially when our scheme doesn’t involve the screen game and quick hitters commonly associated with a more WCO oriented attack.

    We’re saddled with a QB that isn’t polished as a pocker passer and, isn’t ready to carve up a Defense with his eyes/mind yet either.

    This smacks of a lack of Coaching creativity and, when it comes to attacking with a passing game, we aren’t there by any stretch of the imagination right now.

    Our OLine is about mauling on the ground before Pass Pro.
    What I wouldn’t give to see Kaep develop some touch in the Screen game and, quicken the pace with his intended targets.

    • NJ49er says:

      The fact that there’s been a noticeably publicized interest in RBs, is also sending a message that will diminish LMJs Trade value.
      Would’ve been better to keep these visits quiet but, the Press is in limbo for something to pounce on this time of year.

      Makes a ton of sense to me to look for a RB with some quicks that can handle Blitz Pick Up duties.
      Several guys will be there after RD2 that could fill the bill.

      I’d prefer to see the Top 6 Picks address DL, WR, DB and interior OL.
      No guarantees of retaining Iupati and, I think we could steal a top tier Center too.

      Plenty of value in the Top 3 RDs.
      With depth at the back end to develop down the road.

      Baalke has plenty of ways to attack this Draft Board.

  36. Nipper says:

    I’m still waiting for a big scandal not this knucklehead stuff by dumb jocks. It doesn’t impress me at all! …….BLEEP!

    • I can’t help you with any major scandals. Not from me, no way. I lead a pure life, almost saintly so I’m out. Give us an example of a big scandal. Then maybe we can come up with a few.

  37. Is there life on Mars? Dunno. How ’bout life after Alldumb? Yeah could be sez this feller:

  38. unca_chuck says:

    NJ, they’ve talked about all this already regarding the pass plays. My concern is getting the plays TO Kappy faster. The fact it takes the entire play clock to get the plays off plays a part in how teams can attack us defensively. We never get the jump on teams since we take so long getting plays off. Throw in the no quick hitters.

  39. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up…..

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