Slip Kid . . .

Slip kid, slip kid, slip out of trouble
Slip over here and set me free
Slip kid, slip kid, second generation
You’re slidin down the hill like me 
No easy way to be free. . .

One of my favorite obscure Who tunes. Young Sir Jed York appears to be the lead slip kid as the shitstorm seems to have subsided. Michael Rosenberg of SI wrote a piece about Jim Harbaugh, who speaks evenly and glowingly about his relationship with A) the front office, B) Trent Baalke, and C) the world in general. At least in his mind, the kids are alright, and he can see for miles the clear road ahead of him and the team as he’s gpoing mobile. No more fiddling about. Well, at least for the next 2 years. And in a bit of fortuitous timing, Anquan Boldin signed a 2 year deal to remain with the Niners, all the well knowing he would have likely gotten something better than 2/$12 mill from someone else. But he won’t get fooled again. He refuted the ‘unnamed source’ story that stated there was dissent in the locker room, and certain ‘significant players’ said Harbaugh’s antics were ‘wearing thin’ and had vexed Tim Kawakami, Ann Killion, and Cousin Kevin et al into hyperventilating yet again over unsubstantiated malarkey. You’d think they’d wonder “Is it in My Head?”

Folks such as I would never stoop so low. Just call me Happy Jack.

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  1. rtfirefly says:

    So, is the dog and pony show over? Dennis’ dog and pony both brought up the rear, no doubt.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Yes, it is. We can commence with arguing about who is more at fault with the passing game. Roman, Harbaugh,or Kaepernick.

  3. rtfirefly says:

    Seriously, Harbaugh as the HC bears the ultimate responsibility for the offensive woes. But that’s like blaming Ike for Operation Market Garden. Sure, he was SHAEF commander, but firing him would have been disastrous. Putting a muzzle on Winnie and Ol’ Monty for the rest of the war worked just fine.
    The Niners offense needs to be tweaked not overhauled, however that is accomplished.

    • Yup. And we were lucky for years with the injury bug which couldn’t last. By 2012 our luck had run out and the bug began to bite again: Culliver, Crabtree, Bowman, important players. Like to see us get a break this year. Give the O a chance to develop.

  4. Nipper says:

    Lets drink to “tweaking!” It sounds like such a mild word hardly football worthy. Usually warlike terms come to mind for football. Anyone have that comedy bit of sports terminology by ………I’m drawing a blank! Names aren’t my forte.

  5. rtfirefly says:

    There’s always this one, Andy Griffith 1953:

  6. Yeah I had the good fortune of catching Santana at Univ of Santa Clara (library) back in ’66. Place didn’t even have a gym in those days or maybe there was a basketball game that night. But come to think of it the Broncos played their home games at the San Jose Civic Auditorium so dunno. Anyway the Museum director, Lydia Vitale, a friend, put on the shew and told me to come over and check out this band nobody heard of- Santana it turns out. Wow, blown away. Crazy dancing that night. 3 years before anybody on East Coast got wise.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Yeah, my sister (8 years older than me) tells me many stories of heading out to the Haight and bumping into Janis, Jim Morrison, and Jerry Garcia among others, and seeing Zepplin when they were the 2nd act on a 5-band bill. Hendrix at the Civic for $3.50. Just kills me… She went to the Monterey Pop Festival. And Altamont.

      • Never saw Zepplin but later found out they were there at the time. Or if I saw ’em they were down on the bill and I didn’t identify at the time. Lots of Grateful Dead, Big Brother + Janis was great, missed the Doors. Went to one show at the SF Civic but damn if I can remember who was playing. There were SO MANY bands around playing great music it’s only in retrospect I recall the best of the best. Passed on Monterey, Altamont and Woodstock tho was in the vicinity- big huge crowds not my scene. ’69 was on the East Coast just back from Europe year abroad in Paris. Over there it was way behind the US/West Coast scene but did catch Brian Auger and the Trinity Express and Donovan another time. Great times.

  7. Europe was lagging the US scene? Hell yes it was/is. Even Janis Joplin, a favorite of mine, bitched about how out of it they were over there after her first European tour. Saw that on You Tube recently. Remembering the Brian Auger show- who I also saw at Winterland previously- the lead singer Julie Driscoll was in tears during a song when some French guys were heckling her for doing a ‘psychedelic dance routine’. Gallant West Coast wannabe hipster that I was at the time I called out to her “Hey Julie ignore these ignorant frogs, you’re doing great, get it on!” Frankly I was pissed at the ignorant rudeness and worse the cultural disconnect. She rallied and the show went on. The Summer of Love never made it to France.

  8. Alleykat says:

    Did get to see Led Zeppelin back in 1971 at Kezar Stadium!! One hell of a show!!!
    Never forget the opening act, an obscure band at the time, no one could give a shit about as everyone just wanted ZEP..
    So these long haired white hippies,( like all of us)started throwing drugs,and plastic bags of cocaine,or whatever from the stage into the audience as they started to get going. They yelled out hello SF…We’re “The Tubes” and this song is called “White Punks On Dope” Gotta hand it to them , they worked the sold out crowd and we’re pretty entertaining as well..😃🍻

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Saw the Tubes in 8th grade in some gymnasium at Stanford. Musta been ’75. My 3rd concert I think. When Fee Waybill came out as Quay Lewd on his 4′ high platforms, we all couldn’t stop laughing.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Saw Snack Sunday at Kezar in 1975 as well. Great show that ended with Bob Dylan coming out to play with Graham Central Station or some shit.

  11. NJ49er says:

    Hey Chuck, good Jingo duet pick on the last thread with Clapton and Santana –
    Since we’re going Crossroads…..
    Can’t go wrong with a little Joe Walsh Funk 49 (er) can we?
    Since I’m a ‘Sleep all day out all night’ guy myself 😀

  12. NJ49er says:

    Can’t go wrong with a little Savoy Brown Boogie either –

    • Savoy Brown, right the British boogie blues band. 10 Years After, John Mayall right after Clapton left – British bands coming over to play the SF/US scene = 2nd wave of the Brit invasion?

      • NJ49er says:

        Great time in music history Phil INDEED.
        British Blues Invasion

      • NJ49er says:

        Several of the guys from Savoy Brown left and launched Foghat.

        Savoy Brown – Boogie Down!

      • Right, it was so good = Bill Graham putting a lot of the old time American blues singers/bands =BBKing, Albert King, Jimmy Reed- then next night the Brits up there rockin’ our sox off w/ their take on the Blues. Mighty fine!

        BTW where was the Crossroads at? When?

      • NJ49er says:

        This clip with Joe Walsh was from ’04 I think – Dallas.
        Clapton arranges them, to benefit his drug treatment facility, The Crossroads Center in Antigua.
        They move them around, this past year was in NYC.

        You can get them on DVD too.
        Normally very outstanding gigs too, as he invites the musicians who participate.
        One helluva talented lineup normally too.

        Enjoyable shows, worth the cost of the DVDs as a reason to get together with the guys and enjoy a few cold ones too, while serving a good cause.

  13. NJ49er says:

    What the H3LL?
    Let’s make it a 2-fer from Savoy Brown?
    Get on the train…….

  14. Here’s Melissa Etheridge and Joss Stone doing a tribute to you know who. But this stuff is rare these days:

  15. snarkk says:

    No one knows what it’s like
    To be the Harbs man
    To be the bad man
    Behind crazy eyes…

  16. NJ49er says:

    Did a little research Phil –
    Crossroads Festivals were done in ’04 – Dallas
    ’07 & ’10 Bridgview IL (Chicago Area I think?)
    ’13 NYC

    Great gigs but a very tough ticket.
    Tried for NYC last year but tix were long gone when I went shopping for them.
    Got the CD set though 😀

  17. NJ49er says:

    As long as we’re dialing up some tunes –
    A little Robert Plant – Tie Dye on the Highway anyone?

  18. snarkk says:

    Scroll to 1:16.30 and start, go to 1:24. If you don’t like this, you don’t like Rock n’ Roll…

  19. Got a football item from 12: from last thread
    12th man says:
    March 4, 2014 at 5:04 pm

    “Phil I would lay money Harbaugh won’t complete his contract as is. He was in talks with Jed after his second year, confirmed by Jed not reporters, but Harbaugh broke off the talks for reasons unknown…”

    Well he’s under contract through ’15 so he may have to perform regardless. If he’s leveraging to get a raise he’ll be in a better situation to win it all right here than anywhere in next two years. I could see it happening then he’ll have max leverage to bring to table. Don’t think he’ll be able t get out w/o Balkys ok. But sure he’ll try to get a raise but I don’t have too much sympathy if the answer is “NO”. Just win will solve all this.

    So what’s the bet? He’ll try to get a raise or he’ll walk?

    • NJ49er says:

      All comes down to the leverage aspect Phil.
      As 12th suggests, he’s got a stacked roster in SF.
      If all he’s interested in is the Contract dollars, he’ll get plenty of offers elsewhere.

      I’d have to think, after reading his comments, he’s less concerned about the money?
      He’s definitely posturing though.
      If he wins the Lombardi with us, Jed will likely ante up.
      He’s competitive enough to focus on the prize.

      Tough to know right now whether he’d appreciate a lame duck year.
      It’s a high stakes game of ‘Chicken’ between he and Jed if he’s not holding the prize at the end of this season.
      Jim knows this team can get it done. Not many others out there with as much depth or talent right now that I’d consider in need of a Coaching change.

      • NJ49er says:

        I’mstill thinking Jed went to FL early, perhaps to pick Uncle Eddies’ brain, on the subject?

        Doesn’t seem quite as strained to me as it first appeared to be.
        But, with Jim, who really knows what’s going on between his ears?

      • NJ49er says:

        If he an Trent are working together peacefully, I’d be inclined to sweeten Jims’ contract for ’15 with some sort of incentive buffer added.
        Maybe an agreement, that a SB win in the next 2 years, would open the discussions for his asking price?

        Like any negotiation, both sides have to be willing to have some good faith parameters between them.

      • NJ49er says:

        For me, my view hasn’t changed much relative to the needs on Offense.
        We’ve got to improve our passing efficiency.

        Is it the young QB causing the Offense to be dumbed down or, the Offensive philosophy being too damned conservative?

        As Chuck proposed, pick the dynamic between the HC/OC/QB as to who, or why, it isn’t accomplishing better results.

      • NJ49er says:

        It’s still a major mystery to me as to why we had a roadrunner like Lockette with all sorts of expectations yet, he just doesn’t become a factor?

        Something just doesn’t add up there.
        Can’t be as simple as ‘we need a deep threat’ when someone like him, with above average speed, busts as he did.

        Smells more like a failure at the Coaching level to me.

      • NJ49er says:

        Our WR position has been one major revolving door.

        Somewhere behind the fences at 4949 Centennial Blvd there’s an answer no one is willing to share.

        Mystery central…..
        Posiiton Coach John Morton?

    • 12th man says:

      Phil, my thinking is Harbs performs this season. Depending on the outcome of the season there will likely be either a new contract/extension or Harbaugh will push hard to leave. If he wins a SB I think it’s likely he gets the biggest coach contract in the NFL, his record would be NFCCG, SB, NFCCG, SB, so unless he wants a change of scenery he will get the reward he deserves.
      If they fall short again but the team makes NFCCG he still has a valid argument to get the leagues biggest contract but I doubt the team would pay it. Other, lesser results would dictate lesser pay.
      This is his 4th season of 5. He and Jed tried to redo his contract after his second, his SB appearance season. Those talks ended. He tried to force the issue this year but got a lot of blowback and since there are no good openings that makes sense and probably because it was all a bluff to get paid he is back this year.
      Either way this comes to a head after this season. Firstly he will be entering his lame duck year, no coach wants that label attached to them because there is no doubt the team you coach does not value them sufficiently to meet contract demands for whatever reasons. It smacks of loser and usually ends that way with some notable exceptions like Coughlin in NY and fatty at the Jets, but in general teams don’t let their coach enter lame duck years, they extend before to give stability to both coach and team.
      If the sides can’t reach an agreement the team will of course shop him to get whatever picks they can for his services. A disgruntled coach does nobody any good.

      As for what Harbaugh said in the national press interview SI, I personally believe very little of the substance of it. I believe he is hiding behind words. For instance it can be true that he himself didn’t say to Jed i want more money but is that true of his agent?

      Talks were broken off in 2012 and it makes sense to me that coach wanted a big payday for getting into the SB and Jed felt he needed to win it to pay top money.

      Harbaugh has a history of being untruthful and I don’t find what he said to quiet this issue down to be very credible. Harbaugh is by everybody’s account extremely competitive as well as a thorny character, I don’t see those personality traits ending where the subject of his performance, which is unprecedented for the first 3 years of coaching, and his desire to be paid like an unprecedented coach meet.

      I understand very well your thoughts about what has transpired, ditto Spit and some others on here. These are my thoughts as clearly as I can make them.

      • Yep somehow I missed your good comments until now 12 but do agree with pretty much all you said here. Sounds reasonable viv-a-vis Harbaugh and Jedi. Jimi’s always looking fer leverage but I wouldn’t call that being untruthful, just maximizing his position. It will be interesting how this get resolved = Extension? (Just said he doesn’t want one) But if it goes that route I don’t say ‘untruthful’. We’ll see.. He denies “top dollar” and he shouldn’t get top dollar until he gets top results. No brainer, right?

        It’s not the end of the world if he ‘has to’ coach us in ’15 as a lame duck. I doubt he quits on the team even if disgruntled because he’s too invested and in my view would like nothing better than to ‘show them FO people’ how wrong they’ve been not to have already given him fat dough- by winning it all in ’15. “NOW pay up 9ers”. I could see that. Jimi always thinks he’s going to win so I could see him taking this to the limit in ’15.

        Bypassing the local Balky people in the press was well done by going national to Rosenberg @ SI to get his message out after all their muddying da waters here with their “Thin ice, rubbing wrong way, wearing thin” nonsense. Boldin scoffed at that in a good way. Coupled with Hendrix statements same day (coincidence? No…) that blew the fire out perpetrated by local media shills- right? So there is some posturing going on by both sides = Balky is going through the media to attack/hit/diminish poor old troublemaker Jim and he neutralized that with his interview in SI + some help from Anquan. Fine, draw then.

        It’s all on performance once past this mutual posturing. Win a SB in next 2 years, It all gets resolved w/ Harbs holding a new contract/extension. Otherwise it will get interesting.

  20. Yeah there’s the contract stuff with the FO and Jedi (Pronounced Jeddie- get it? Eddie II- ok I’m an optimist) and Jed did say they would talk after Draft/May. So we’ll see where that goes but agree there should be incentives built in. Awww Jedi and Jimi, that’s sweet…

    As far as “more power/input” you have to take Jimi at his word, and clever words they are, that he doesn’t want any more. Well fine. One thing to come out of this is I’m not into quoting writers who are jest speculatin’ now. We know the local ones and Mike Florio is a great speculator too- I’ve read a bunch but why play that game? We have our various opinions as to how the HC/GM dynamic is playing out as influenced by media and by both sides. I whine and bitch about Balkys evil empire but Jimi’s just shown us he’s capable of deflecting that and spinning it his way. Fine, draw. We hashed this to death here in-house and that’s good enough fer me. Rather hear it from youse all = 12, NJ, Spit, Chuck, etc.

    Far as the O woes go we need some players in WR, RB (maybe Lattimore). 2 of each, but I’m greedy. Coaching upgrade for the O of some kind. John Morton’s a bum? Well then. The point is well taken that talent alone isn’t the answer to other questions re: player development, drafting, coaching, scheme esp on O, play calling. We’ve covered these pretty well too so just waiting fer some hard news in those areas and to a lesser extent in the HC/GM angle. Like NJ I’m less concerned for the longer term specifically in that (new contract for Jimi, relations w/GM) as result of Boldin signing and Jimis stepping outside the GM/local media dynamic (trap). Give us the news, the facts we’ll never get in Wikipedia. Meanwhile…..

    I’m goin’ back to the Who concert. That’s right (happy) Jack.

    • NJ49er says:

      Something for us to chew on while we await the Draft Phil.
      Don’t expect any FA signings, other than our own so, it’s hopefully much to do about nothing I hope.

      The age old question remains, why are we so mediocre in the WR area?
      It can’t all be about personnel? Can it?
      Something isn’t right when Picks can’t get on the field, FAs don’t contribute much, other than Boldin, trades are made for guys like Baldwin and, we continue to struggle in the Red Zone.

      Agree, Jim and Trent have to work this thing out and, stay connected on what it is that needs to be corrected, in terms of personnel or scheme.

      The show will go on…….

  21. Spitblood says:

    I think the 49ers can win the Super Bowl next year even though I was saying, after the Seattle game, that our window has closed. The 49ers will get an insurgence of youth from Tank, Dial, Moody (who I think will beat-out Wilhoite (sp) for Navarro’s job for half the season), Kilgore, McDonald, maybe Lattimore, and Patton next year, and I think they can win a Super Bowl with those guys, plus a few more players in the draft. However, in order to compete for a Super Bowl ring next year the 49ers have to do a few things.

    FIrst off, the 49ers have to take some of the pressure off all members of their team by creating easy, blow-out victories. This won’t be easy in the ultra competive NFC West, but against other opponents, the 49ers can’t afford to play small ball, grinding out victories because that only prolongs player exposure to injuries, whether it be the nagging variety, miss a couple of games or the dreaded season ender. The style of offensive ball the 49ers’ play leads to injuries, and creating an offense that blows teams out, creating easy weeks for all players, would help the 49ers in the post season.

    In order to blow teams out, the 49ers must find a running game that’s more diverse. And to do this, the 49ers must draft one, maybe two running backs for the 49er backfield. Gore is done, and Marcus Lattimore is a huge question mark. If you want play action to work, get the linebackers worried about containing their lanes. They don’t have to contain lanes when Frank Gore is in the backfield because Gore can’t bounce the play to the outside. My grandma could run Frank down in her Rascal if Frank bounced it to the outside. Kendal Hunter wasn’t used enough in 2013, maybe because of his injury, maybe because Roman and Harbaugh fell too much in love with Gore when Crabtree went down. Whatever the reason, use Kendal more and bring in another back (maybe two) as insurance against Lattimore’s knee.

    In 2014 the 49ers will have a healthy Crabtree (hopefully). Patton, Boldin and McDonald will be in their second years in the system, and Kaepernick will have another year under his belt. The key to blow outs will be quick scoring drives. If the 49ers can draft a wide receiver to stretch the field (not just run decoy routes all day like Ginn and Moss), and Kaep can find the new receiver deep, the 49ers will open up their offense. But Colin Kaepernick isn’t a great deep ball thrower…. yet. He can certainly stretch the field with longer passes than Smith, but the only bomb he threw successfully all year was to Vernon Davis. He missed two more opportunities to Kyle Williams in 2013, and the 49ers pretty much stopped throwing deep after he missed Kyle. Kaep needs to work on this if his team is going to get easy wins in 2014.

    Jon Baldwin could be an X factor. 49er fans don’t think much of Baldwin, but I could see him developing into a deep threat. His hands are suspect, he’s exactly a speedster, but look at his college tape, and some the big plays he made in KC. He was, previously, more of a deep threat.

    If the 49ers can use this draft to get help at the offensive skills positions with players who contribute immediately (something offensive players did in their rookie years Harbaugh’s first year in the league), AND they use the draft to sure-up their secondary, the 49ers could create some “blow out,” wins that help them in the playoffs.

    But the 49ers will also need to get home field advantage through-out the playoffs to insure the NFC Championship goes through SF instead of Seattle. To do that, the 49ers’ offensive coaches will need to realize that Frank Gore is pretty much done. Sure, Gore can still pass block with the best of them, and Gore can exploit the smallest of cracks in the D line, but Gore is so limited that when he’s in the backfield, defenses know what’s coming and they can, in a way, “stack the box,” because the league knows what Gore can and can’t do. Harbaugh and Roman conceding this point early will keep the 49ers from losing an all important two or three games while figuring out that Gore is limited. And those two or three games could mean the difference between the playoffs on the road or the playoffs in SF.

    Colin Kaepernick will also have to mature into a pocket passer who goes through his progressions. Alex Smith and his wife, a former Raider cheerleader, hated Candlestick (at least Alex’s wife did) because Alex was treated so poorly. The same can be said about how the 49er fans treat Colin Kaepernick. Remember Smith’s first full year (his rookie year?). Smith couldn’t even hold onto the football. People were claiming Smith’s hands were too small. Now Kaep, who’s been nothing short of amazing, isn’t getting any love either, and it does affect a players’ motivation. 49er fans remind me of Philly fans regarding our qbs. Colin Kaepernick is a great, great qb talent who won’t exactly be fired up to be a better qb with the fans hating on him. Hopefully Kaep finds the inner motivation to block out the noise and he learns despite the noise to be a better pocket passer, going through his progressions quicker.

    In short, bolster the backfield with a high round running back, hope Kaep continues to mature, find a deep threat at receiver, get Harbaugh and Roman and Gore to all accept that Gore’s best days are behind him and use him accordingly, all creating a high-powered offense that can win easy games in blow-out fashion, and the 49ers will win the Super Bowl. That’s not might. If they do these things they will win the Super Bowl. The one serious threat to this plan is that Greg Roman’s offense is overly complicated and stymies big plays. He’s a college run game coordinator, and instead of Harbaugh giving Roman someone like Mangini (who’s since moved to TE coach, thank god) Harbaugh needs to give Roman some help – not figuring out how to disguise plays, but figuring out how to get quick scores in the passing attack. And hopefully the same help that Harbaugh would get Roman could also counsel Roman on how to simplify the offense so rookies to can contribute in the same fashion they did in Harbaugh’s rookie year when Roman and Harbaugh were still installing and creating the offense. Now, in year four, the offense is far too complicated for rookies to contribute…. and for what? A ground and pound attack that features Phil Dawson for the first half? I can see an overly complicated offense that’s high powered and blows opponents out. But an overly complex offensive system that relies on the defense and keeps teams in games kicking field goals is just plain stupid.

    • NJ49er says:

      We need Kaep to see things quickly Spit.
      Not radar lock himself onto primary targets.
      The thought I heard from KWarner (I think) about him throwing a flat ball answers the deep ball point you suggest too.
      That’s the reason Sherman got the play in the NFCC game, not air under that throw.

      I believe this is as much on play calling as it is on scheme too.
      I’ll assume guys like Kendall and LMJ were expected to contribute in the screen game when Baalke selected them.
      Neither guy is a bell-cow RB.
      They’re change up guys that aren’t utilized as such.

      For me, I agree with much of your opinion, we need to find something more timing based perhaps.
      Add some WCO principles and get Kaep to throw accurately from the pocket on 3 and 5 step routes.

    • An improved passing game and better offensive scheme will indeed give us more high scoring games. The tendency to jump out to a lead and sit back, put it on the D instead of keeping the gas on full- scoring more points, then more- consistently aggressive and unpredictable O can only help rest the D- and the O. And the fans. People here -Irish for one- said it all year = cannot win it all with a 23 point offense. 17 or 19 against SEA that’s suicide.

      Agree the run game must be augmented as Frank is wearing out esp late in year the way they lean on him. If not Lattimore- please God let it be Lattimore- we will need a couple additional RBs to ensure we get one stud. Use Hunter more already and LMJ out of the backfield catching passes and/or screens to vary our attack. This will allow more room for our receivers to roam as safeties move up but it wont matter if our pass scheme remains predictable and our WRs limited to Boldin & Patton. It’s a lot needs doing on O that’s why I suggest more coaching help for the O as well as players. At this point going to a SB to win it is on a much more productive offense.

      • Boldin, Patton and Crabtree but we need more speed and depth with the coaching IQ/balls to use ’em. Way too predictable passing attack.

        NJ what was the conversation at Skeebs w/Berger about 4 WR sets? I don’t get out much

      • 12th man says:

        Baldwin and Patton 40 times are almost identical, Baldwin a hair faster but both just under 4.5. Fast but not burners, VD is faster than both. Niners need a sub 4.4 burner and as Spit says they need to actually throw to that receiver sometimes not only use as a decoy.
        Niners should take a RB, 3rd round or above since they are expected to lose Dixon, Gore is slowing down and Lattimore is an unknown. Also agree Hunter needs to get in the game more.
        I feel like the O has been deliberately conservative partly because they don’t trust Kap to cut it loose too much, preferring the lower risk style of O. It has certainly yielded results so they have good reason to continue in the same vein but I wonder why, considering they have a SB quality D, that they have not been willing to let Kap wing it a bit more and rely on the D if he does turn it over. Seems to me that there would be benefits to letting Kap learn on the job a bit more so when they play the bigger games there is more confidence in the tools in the box.
        Agree with Spit that the guys drafted in 13 and essentially red shirted have a great opportunity to contribute. It will be interesting to see how the 13 draft actually turns out in the end.

  22. unca_chuck says:

    We’ve been beating this dead horse for 2 years now. Ginn comes in and catches 0 deep balls in 3 years. Moss is basically a decoy for his season. Edwards? Little, then hurt and cut. They cut Lavelle Hawkins although he looked fine. Lockette gets the heave-ho. KW? AJJ? Patton? I truly think this team doesn’t know how to throw a deep ball or develop a deep passing game. Last year was an outlier as the WR corps was decimated, but still, looking at the few guys who made big contributions, and you have an issue with the QB as well. I mean, really, A Smith never had a stable of thoroughbreds to throw to, but he would get the ball to 5 or 6 different guys in a given game. Kappy IS locking on to guys at the cost of seeing the field. This does need to get better this year.

    I do think he can get better. After all, he’s only started like 28 games.

    The run game is fine. They need to retool HOW they run. Stop packing the line and expecting guys to pop through tiny gaps. This is the Ken Willard offense a lot of the time. Run wide in 3 WR formations. I know this is Greek to some, but it really isn’t that fucking hard.

  23. unca_chuck says:

    Great musical selections by the way. Canned Heat played at the 2nd concert I ever saw. Bachmann Turner Overdrive, Canned Heat, and Flash Cadillac and his Continental Kids. At the Cow Palace . . .

  24. unca_chuck says:

    Phil, the idea to run out of 3-4 WR sets is to get the safety out of cheating on the run. When the Niners line up in their 21 or 22 package, their jumbo formation, (1 WR, 2 [even 3] TEs, 2 backs) this allows the defense to crowd the line of scrimmage. When you have teams playing press coverage with their corners, you have just about the entire defense within 1o yards of the LOS. When we run out of that we get the usual -2 to 1 yard carry.

    Putting 3 WRs (or more) forces at least one of the safeties to play deeper. 4 WRs (or a TE split wide) forces a linebacker to drop into coverage, or at least honor the pass. Less guys packing the LOS means running lanes are easier to create. Which makes it easier to get to the 2nd level.

    • Well there you go. Constructive, specific, factual, precise info on How Niners could scheme to beat the stacked box defenses we see constantly against our K Willard running attack. Also known as the 3rd and 8 attack. Yeah this horse has been dead and buried for several years but stomping on her grave is all we got until Frank retires and the O is forced- after trying uselessly to repeat the past with Lattimore and Hunter- to change the scheme. It’s like we’re dealing with 3rd graders on O after having a PhD in Walsh on board in the glory years.

      And yes I do think we need to change our approach. Ideas welcome w/ me. It beats sitting around pointing fingers and pissing and moaning at each other.

  25. unca_chuck says:

    Still waiting for Ann Killion to put up or shut up regarding the ‘face of the franchise’ player that said Harbaugh’s act was wearing thin.

    At least offer up a mea culpa.

    • snarkk says:

      Don’t hold your breath. She’ll probably double down with a new “unnamed source” that said Boldin was crossing his fingers when he said all was good in Niner land…

    • Ha, won’t happen. It would give the game away to admit “i’m a useless shill fer the Balky/maiocco Evil Empire; sorry I got caught redhanded”. But Harbs blew the little Empire out of the water by going outside their duo of GM-local writers club to give his side to Michael Rosenberg @ SI. Well done Jimi

  26. NoFear49er says:

    If this isn’t a prime example of the blind leading the blind, it’s a pretty good imitation.

    One blind idiot proclaims a hairball theory and the rest stand and cheer, “Me too! Me too!

    Gore’s stats compare to Seattle’s Lynch. They won the Super Bowl, by the way and we came one play short. And according to you and the rest of the blind mice Harbaugh, Baalke and Roman don’t know shit about what they’re doing. Makes perfect sense, in bizarro world.

    Maybe the baseballers buy the bullshit you peddle.

    • unca_chuck says:

      The end game is to win it all, not come close. Sorry you are too dense to see that the Niners can make some small chages to get better. Possibly enough to get them over the top. Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. And thankfully, I’m not a blind follower like you.

      Stats are for fantasy leaguers and teenage girls. Take Romo for example. Romo has great stats. He’s got tons of money, but little else to show for his career other than a lot of heartbreaking losses. Boo hoo. Or Peyton Manning. Great regular season QB, but when it comes to money time, he loses.

      At least I peddle something, NoFear. You merely stomp on what others write. Try being original for once in your life. Come up with something of your own rather than shitting all over someone else’s thoughts. You haven’t posted an original thought since you’ve been pestering me.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Some would say we fucked up that game by going conservative after the turnover on the 1st play of the game.

      Sorry if this is too difficult for you to understand.

      Maybe the mindless sheep buy your blather.

  27. rtfirefly says:

    Meanwhile, the Niners offense ranked 11th in the league in scoring, behind 8 other playoff teams. Some wish to continue stomping their hooves, bleating, “Being bad GOOD! Being good BAAAAAAAD!

  28. unca_chuck says:

    In other words, NoFear, you’d stay the course? What do you think they should do, skippy?

    Or do you have anything to offer here but your incessant keyboard diarrhea?

  29. rtfirefly says:

    Interesting stats here: the Niners ranked 31st in plays from scrimmage. Since they were +12 in TOs (Seahawks +20), bottom 1/3 in 3rd down % (36, Seahawks 37), yet 13th in TOP at 30:34 ( Seahawks 30:32), it paints a picture for me of a team that ran the clock down on every play but couldn’t sustain drives on a regular basis. Surprise!
    31st in plays when you allegedly run a ball control running offense is flat out embarrassing.

  30. Oh useless rehash huh? Rehash this buddy. And those Santanas…

  31. Ok back to work. Here’s Roman with a general look at the O. Nothing specific but for NJ look at the ball Kap throws to Patton @ 2:10 mark = nice arc on that one, well placed

    • @ 2:02 mark. That was the pass to Patton that beat AZ -kept the drive going fer our primary O weapon =Dawson to win it fer us. Nice pass! And great catch

  32. Spitblood says:

    I actually really like what Jim Harbaugh is doing right now, and I think, for the most part, I’ve evaluated this correctly from the start, with a few unforeseen twists. First off, let’s start with Roger Goodell and his $44 million last year. It stands to reason that if the commissioner made $44 million, the owners made substantially more. No owner is going to be looking up at his employee. I’d venture a guess the Yorks “CLEARED” 50-100 million last year, and probably more. If that’s the case, Harbaugh should be paid 10 million a year – highest paid coach in the NFL. Why? Because Jed and Dr. York don’t deserve it as much as Harbaugh. Lucky sperm and Dr Back into a Good Thing, York? They deserve to clear a 100 million a year? Does anyone remember the Nolan and Singletary years? Fans are stuck on comparables (what other coaches make) and that’s exactly what the owners want people to do. They’ve successfully suppressed coaching pay in the NFL. Calvin Johnson made 18 million last year. The owners won’t open their books and show America the ghastly amounts of money they make, so the only thing that fans can compare Harbaugh’s value to is other coaches. But if the fans saw what the owners cleared each year, 49er fans would be more on Harbaugh’s side, I promise you.

    Jed and Dr. York were getting vilified in the press prior to Harbaugh. Paying Harbaugh one fifth or one tenth of their take home is well worth the exchange for aggravation alone. But aside from the aggravation of being vilified in the press and on the blogs, Harbaugh is also the only one capable of creating a favorable legacy for Jed. If Jed loses Harbaugh for Tomsula, Norv Turner or someone like Charlie Weis, Jed probably will never win a Super Bowl because he’ll become a laughing stock. He just doesn’t get it. So Jed needs to ask himself if it’s worth paying Harbaugh twice what Harbaugh’s making currently to have a favorable reputation around the league. As a fan, if Harbaugh isn’t paid and paid well, and he takes his talents else where, I’m gonna be one pissed follower. If they ever trot out Jim Tomsula as coach, I won’t watch. I might just follow the NFL generally, but I won’t watch Tomsula coach this team.

    Ray Ratto recently wrote a smart piece about reading Harbaugh, “Between the Lines.” Ratto correctly suggested to fans that Harbaugh is orchestrating this beautifully. However, it also stands to reason that the 49ers are using CSN Bay Area to negotiate their side of the story through the press. Matt Maiocco is bought. No reason to read his articles about Harbaugh anymore, searching for objectivity. If he’s going to suggest to us that Tomsula is an adequate replacement, you’ve tipped your hand as a 49er front office mouth piece. I can’t stand Maiocco.

    The big question I have now is “Who benefited from the Browns’ story?” At first, I didn’t think Harbaugh leaked the story. But now I kind of think he did. I kind of think Harbaugh’s directly benefiting more than anyone else from this Browns story, and Ratto’s right when writing, “Harbaugh didn’t get to where he is today by not thinking these things through and creating a good exit strategy.” Ratto also writes that Harbaugh only has so much leverage, and that’s the case in any negotiation, but Ratto downplays the storm of anger that would be fired Jed’s way if he let Harbaugh get out of town for any reason – a rift, money, picks, whatever. And if Harbaugh went on to win Super Bowls else where, with Jed York hiring someone like Jim Tomsula to replace Harbaugh, I promise you I won’t be able to get my pitch fork sharp enough.

    Harbaugh’s hired the best agent in town, and they all worked together well to create a very smart Sports Illustrated article that reshapes the debate. Like Ratto said, Harbaugh did take shots at Jed for not paying Fangio more. Harbaugh looks like a crusader, trying to get his coaches paid better while Harbaugh sits back and, by the looks of things, defends himself. But make no mistake about it, Harbaugh’s in full offensive mode. I think Harbaugh’s playing his hand perfectly, and I don’t have any problem with the way he’s playing the game simply because Roger Goodell made 44 million last year. Did he put a helmet on last year and subject himself to brain damage like so many NFL players did making, in some cases, one tenth of Goodell’s payday? Hell, the owners make far too much money to squabble with Harbaugh over 3-5 million dollars per year. If Jed lets Harbaugh get out of town for any reason, Jed’s world, as the 49ers’ owner, will be turned upside down. If I’m Harbaugh, I’m asking for 10 million a year, far more than the highest paid coach in the NFL, and if Jed doesn’t pay it, I take my wears elsewhere and laugh while I build a championship contender else where. Think another team wouldn’t be glad to pay Harbaugh 10 million per year after what Harbaugh’s done in SF and at Stanford? Ironically even Richard Sherman is now helping Harbaugh get paid more. Think there’s another coach out there Jed can hired to do what Harbaugh’s done? Think again. Harbaugh’s the glue that keeps this coaching staff and team together. Lose Harbaugh and eventually you’ll lose your coaching staff, team and all 49er credibility.

    • Agree with the following exceptions:

      -Owners are entitled to make ungodly amounts of money if fans, TV are willing to pay. I’m a capitalist (with no capital) who has no problem with it. Whether the NFL “should” be tax exempt is another question.

      -Owners should negotiate best deal with coaches and vice versa. No one forced Jimi to sign fer $5 mil. He agreed. Fine, should he get more? Yes and he will here or elsewhere. Best bet is right here because we have the best team as I, NJ, Chuck and others have pointed out. Best chance to win and win it all = 9ers.

      -I don’t think Jimi leaves period. Certainly not before his contract expires even if he gets no raise- which is possible if we stink next year, however unlikely. My guess we’ll be in the playoffs and he’ll keep his leverage or it will increase. Then before expiration in 2 years he’ll get a new contract which he will again freely sign w/9ers. 12 disagrees, thinks he’ll demand more bucks or demand trade even before 2 years- if I have that right.

      Agree w/o reservations:

      – Huge fan backlash against ownership if Jim leaves. Jed knows this which is why he’s following this so closely via twitter, etc. Already said “JH is going to be the 9ers HC for a long time; we want him here; we’re going to talk in May about extending…” Won’t give top dollar w/o top results tho.

      -Jedi (rhymes with Eddie) may know this but agree local media w/ exception of Matt Barrows do not or are playing Darth Balkys game of “Hey Jimi’s a wacko, that’s the problem”. Ratto is guessing and speculatin’ but he could be right. Me after this recent manipulation contest outta Balkys camp via Maiocco and our local lap dogs I don’t give any attention to ’em. We here are fully capable of our own speculations.

      -Mike Florio floated the Browns (non)story and continues to try to keep it alive -the controversy- or to second guess Hendrix. Fine, whatever. That’s Florio. Could Mike Lombardi been behind this as a proxy fer Jimi? Yes. So it coulda been Hendrix using the Browns (innocent?) query to triangulate against the FO =
      “Hey Harbaugh’s got options, be careful with pissing off Jimi”. I doubt it tho and tend to believe Jimi when he sez he had no idea. Jed said same. This makes me think the FO/Maiocco used Florio/Browns to further their position = Jimi’s a loose cannon who should be traded by Jed. Baloney, as we have now seen them – Darths evil empire- overplay their hand with the phoney Killion story backed up by stooges @ (simply repeating AK, no sources). Poorly played = too obvious which is why I’ll not be listening seriously to this pack of goats.

      -“Ratto correctly suggested to fans that Harbaugh is orchestrating this beautifully.”
      Kawakami said something similar and only AFTER Jimi de-triangulated himself out of the axis of Balky/local press. Much to their chagrin. Yeah it was beautiful BECAUSE Jimi walked off looking like $10 million bucks and now people are looking at the local press and starting to look at who they are beholden to and asking WTF is going on? Boldin coming out same day as Jimis proclamations was not an accident. Local press /+/ GM know this= to their horror.

      -“The big question I have now is “Who benefited from the Browns’ story?” My guess is however it was intended is that Hendrix benefited because it served to expose the hidden triangle of Darth/Maioccos monkeys vs Hendrix. Subsequent events have tended to confirm this view w/Florio’s continued sniping at Jimi and the quick turn around in opinions-however grudgingly by Ratto, Kawakami- that acknowledge the “Plan” to make Jimi look like a wacko or to get revenge on Jimi fer not kissing their asses. BTW “Triangles” of this dysfunctional sort can only “work” when they remain hidden. Not any more.

      -” Ratto also writes that Harbaugh only has so much leverage, and that’s the case in any negotiation, but Ratto downplays the storm of anger that would be fired Jed’s way if he let Harbaugh get out of town for any reason – a rift, money, picks, whatever.” 100% agree.

      Okay I’ll see yer novella and raise ya one of my own Spit

      • rtfirefly says:

        All well and good, Phil, except for two things:
        1) The tax exemption you mentioned; and
        2) The anti-trust exemption. The law is not as explicitly worded as baseball’s, but it is very real.
        The NFL is a trust, or if you will, a cartel. That brand of Rockefeller/Standard Oil capitalism was supposed to end with Teddy Roosevelt. Of course Prince George and King Cheney ignored Teddy as well, in dropping the decade-in-the-making anti-trust suit against Microsoft.
        So-called capitalists constantly espouse the warm and fuzzy capitalistic utopia of their dreams, while we socialists sneer, knowing full well that the NFLs, Microsofts, and Walmarts are the rule not the exception of capitalism.

  33. unca_chuck says:

    Harbaugh’s been pushing for a restructure since the Super Bowl appearance. Harbaugh is at make or break now. Maybe not quite that dire, but Harbaugh can’t afford to backslide at all. He ain’t getting $10 mill regardless of this season. Win, he gets $8 mill. Lose the Super Bowl, he might get $6.5. Anything short, they’ll tell him around $5=$6 mill and take their chances.

    Coaches aren’t paid based on their owners’ salaries.

  34. NJ49er says:

    Phil the theory proposed about Kaep throwing a flat ball holds some water for me in so much as he’s developing.
    He’s a fast-baller.
    Sees a target and tries to hit it.
    I’ve got no problems with his potential, I’m simply in agreement with whoever posited that remark.
    I believe it was Kurt Warner?

    All it means is, Kaep has to develop pocket awareness and touch.
    I’m certain it will come over time.
    For the immediate present, it’s fair to say he’s not an elite QB just yet.

    I can live with the growing pains associated with a young QB.
    It could suggest why our Offense is mired in blandness too.

    If the Coaches have had to dumb it down for him, it might suggest the reason why we’re so heavily attached to Frank and the Defense.
    Screen passes and slants are very much touch and timing related portions of a more prolific passing attack.

    If WRs and Kaep can’t develop timing in those routes, it might answer the tireless question of why WRs aren’t hanging around or being productive thus far.

    • NJ49er says:

      Kaep has to get more proficient at reading coverages too.
      Take what a Defense is giving you.
      WRs have to run routes with timing and precision certainly but, to hear suggestions that some aren’t selling them because ‘they know’ they’re aren’t the primary target is infantile.

      Every guy has a matchup to win.
      The QB has to identify which target won their matchup and, has to be prepared to make that throw with authority.

      The infamous radar-lock on Crabtree in Seattle, left 3 other targets being useless decoys, because Kaep didn’t give any of them an option to make a play.

      I hardly think Kaep was instructed to go Crabtrees’ way as the only option.
      That was a decision he made, pre-snap, just as he did in the Big Easy vs Baltimore in repeated attempts.

      No sense having other options, if you don’t identify them or, utilize them.

      • unca_chuck says:

        Boldin didn’t look for the ball on his route. Baldwin on that one play (1st Carolina game?)was actually startled by the ball being thrown his way. Which leads me to believe they structure the fuck out of these plays. No hot reads, no improvising (unless the play completely blows up), and little option but to go where the play is designed.

      • Prior to to NFCCG I think it was Lockette said something like that but it’s hard to believe. If so then the issue is lack of coaching IQ

    • Believe it was Kurt Warner said that, yup. Kap has the potential to learn something beyond his ‘default fastball’ so I’m not worried. Be interesting to see how things progress this season with him and our use of the passing game.

  35. unca_chuck says:

    Phil, I’d really like our QB to be the driver for our success rather than the kicker. Yeah, that turnover could have been a big deal but the Niners let Seattle off the hook by not getting into the end zone.

    If this team doesn’t evolve, they will backslide. I don’t think it’ll be that hard if we get most of our guys on the field this time around. And, I think they will change. They have to. Everyone sees that in the building.

    Hence all the thrash at HQ. People ARE frustrated with not getting all the way.

    • Lol yeah the QB should be the man. Sarcasm re: Dawson but thankfully he’s been good for us.

      Frustration so thick we can feel it all the way over here. Me too

  36. unca_chuck says:

    NJ, the thing is. these guys didn’t throw slants with Alex QBing. He certainly threw those in KC. And for much success. And it’s not like he suddenly learned how. We never asked him to do that through most of his time here. Every goddamn training camp we’de hear how well Smioth was throwing deep, and poof, the regular season rolls around, and nothing. Ginn caught NO deep passes in 3 years. Moss? Did he catch one deep route? No.

    I don’t buy that this is on Kappy. Sure, they didn’t throw deep with Alex. But the bigger armed guy comes in, and they still don’t do it. And they still don’t throw timing passes or slants. Everything’s deep outs, the occasional seam routes, and a few fades.

    As I’ve been saying. it’s a very rudimentary passing game.

    • NJ49er says:

      I agree Chuck, rudimentary could also be expalined as dumbing it down too.
      This whole debate took a step into Jim vs Trent in terms of WR failures.
      What I’m suggesting is, maybe the Coaching isn’t that creative with the passing game or, Kaep isn’t seasoned enough at this point, to stand and deliver from the pocket.

      We all see the results.
      These are safe, typically outside the numbers throws with the occasional deep seam throw.
      Alex couldn’t come close to delivering the strong outside throws Kaep can make all day long.
      What Kaep lacks is, the ability to utilize all of his options, which involves touch and timing with the guys he’s got to work with.

      I’m not ready to scrap Kaep or Harbaugh.
      Simply suggesting that there’s plenty of blame to go around.
      It can’t all be laid at the feet of Baalke.
      WRs run routes and catch passes.
      If they aren’t being Coached sufficiently it might offer some explanations as to why we haven’t had more success.

      As you say, what did Moss offer?
      Did he possibly feel that his talents weren’t being utilized properly?
      We all knew going in that he was a head case with talent.
      If we didn’t devise enough diversity within our scheme, to free him up or, utilize his speed to our advantage, it just wreaks of inferior Offensive design to me.

      I’m just leaning more toward scheme being the issue, over personnel options provided to Jim and GRo.

  37. unca_chuck says:

    Kappy has hit Crabs on fades that needed to be floated in there. He can make that pass. I just wish we’d run more routes that involved a WR going deep and letting Kappy air it out.

    • NJ49er says:

      Routes have to be run in such a way as to single up a primary target or, clear areas for better matchups.
      I think we rely too heavily on one or 2 guys.

      It’s a development thing with Kaep, as much as it is a philosophy issue with the way the Offense is predicated.
      Kaep isn’t throwing much in the way of crossing routes either.
      Leading a receiver involves touch.

      He’s got the IT factor.
      He just has to hone the pocket comfort/timing aspect of the game.
      He often looks like a primary read then take off guy.

      He’s miles better then anyone we’ve had in years and, certainly lends plenty of optimism to the future of our team.

      We know running the ball has to occur, in order to be balanced.
      We just aren’t producing enough diversity with the passing attack, for it to be taken seriously.

  38. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, my problem, which I don’t lay at Baalke’s feet, is the scheme. I kinda thought I made that clear, but like I said, the fact we couldn’t figure out how to use Moss and Ginn in ANY meaningful way leads me to think it was scheme. That being said, even AJJ did some shit in KC. Minor, sure, but Ginn’s numbers as a 3 in Carolina were worlds better than anything we had here. And we were hurting at WR while he was here.

    And I seriously don’t think that Kappy can’t do better at reading his progressions better. But I also think that Smith didn’t have a lot of leeway either and that the system IS a very big part of the problem.

    • NJ49er says:

      It wasn’t your suggestion I was eluding to Chuck, just the flavor of the article revolving around Harbaugh and Baalke not agreeing on the talent selections.

      If they can’t grab at least 2 viable WRs from this Draft class in May, there’s going to be some serious questions raised.
      There’s speed, size and possession options in spades.
      Very deep class.

      Jim and Trent have to identify the type of Offense we’re working to build and, fit the talent in accordingly.
      I’m hoping for more WCO related aspects.
      Short controlled passing takes heat off the OLine and Kaep.
      I can’t believe that we’re going solely on a power running style of agenda.
      Play action, added to our proven running attack, should buy a step for quick-hitters.
      That requires the touch/timing element from Kaep.

      This team has plenty of weapons.
      Vernon is a freak, VMcD is/was more of WR at Rice too.
      He’s raw, which is to be expected.
      His hands have been less than reliable but, he’s got the tools.
      Just wasn’t utilized much in the passing portion of his Rookie year.

      QPat is very much a younger version of Mario too.
      Played well in the middle at College, not afraid to work in traffic.
      He’s more of a crossing-route weapon IMO.
      Which isn’t something we’ve seen much of.
      Again, possible indication that GRo isn’t favoring or instructing it?

      Add a burner in May, Like Cooks, Adams, Archer, Beckham whomever and, we’ll have some formidable young talent to build on.

      All for naught, if Jim and GRo aren’t open to developing more diversity though.

      • NJ49er says:

        One kid I want badly is Donte Moncrief from Ole Miss.
        He’s Boldin with speed.
        Could look for him in RD 2.

        Have to attack this Draft with the idea that Crabtree may not stick around too.
        No guarantees there.
        Draft picks are much cheaper.
        Grab a couple for development just in case.

      • We can accuse Darth Balky of being a lot of things, like being a manipulative, triangulating scheming sack of snot rags, but scheming the O passing attack isn’t one of them.

  39. For me it comes down to Kap developing which I’m not worried about- and more troublesome for the offense to become more diversified, unpredictable, wider play selection as mentioned. In the run and in the passes both. “They know what we’re going to run”? That’s coaching, scheme, play selection. Are we a feared passing team? Yes but only by the fans. Too predictable, rudimentary. It’s like we had a PhD running the O- Walsh- now it’s 3rd graders. “The Kid’s Alright” = Kap, but Jaysus get some serious HELP in scheming this O. We’re a Ferrari running on coconut oil.

    • NJ49er says:

      That’s it Phil –
      500HP stuffed under the hood of a Gremlin.
      Might look good in the 1/4 mile but, can’t take a turn without hitting the wall.

  40. Boldin signs and shuts up the peanut gallery in the local press w/ Darth Balky vs Jim Harbaugh. Same day Jimi pulls off his “de-triangulation” coup with the SI interview @ Michael Rosenberg. So Boldin what have you done fer us lately? Here’s the highlights from last yeah:

  41. NJ49er says:

    Interesting opinion from La Canfora regarding Kaep and our Cap –

  42. Generous man that Canfora = $20 mil fer starters then we negotiate? Like socialism it’s fine until you run out of others peoples money. The money of young Sir Jedi-rhymes-with Eddie. And we’re going to pay Crabtree how? What? I thought Kap was starting negotiations at @ $18 mil? Dang 12 and I we’re talking $16 M.

    La Canfora must be working fer the Seahawks. But as NJ sez = make the deal long enough to minimize yearly cap hit (the Kaep hit) and sign right here son. So much fer the home team discount. But agree with this we should pay the man whatever it takes to get a looong deal done. For Jimi, not so much.Both thse 2 guys are not goig to get any cheaper in the future barring injury or team collapse.

    • rtfirefly says:

      “Like socialism…” LOL, Phil, I didn’t know that Ronnie Raygun and George the Lesser were socialists. They both doubled the national debt, you know.
      Real socialists don’t want anything to do with those checkbookaholics. Check out Greece lately since the Socialists won the election?

      • I’m more of a libertarian anyway. F the political parties and their hypocritical ideologies. IT’s baloney. I musta lost my ‘political religion’ somewhere in here.

      • That was a Margaret Thatcher line BTW. It’s the usual MO fer “All” politicians. But my comment is J La Canfora. Where did he get that $20 mil/year #. Jaysus sounds like a negotiating #. Maybe Kap gets $18 M? Pay the man what it takes

    • NoFear49er says:

      You can only spread out the signing bonus and other bonuses treated like a signing bonus. Roster, practice and such and salary still hit the yearly cap plus an averaged hit for the signing money. As much as he runs they might want to take it easier on the guaranteed side anyway.

      • NJ49er says:

        All predicated on the guaranteed portion of the Contract too NoFear9er.

        Typically these Contracts lean toward a 50% average.
        Fluff up the deal to suggest whatever number satisfies the Agent/Player and offset whatever portion they can with up-front money.
        2 attractive factors in this negotiation.
        QBs get the heavy leverage but also get the lengthiest terms typically.
        Go long on years, short on guaranteed money?

        Hard to see $18M/ let alone 20 but?
        It’s a major game of chicken to let him sniff the mkt prices.
        Nothing wrong with your suggestion, since they can always fall back on the FTag as a last resort.
        Comes down to how flexible each side is willing to be regarding needs at other positions.
        Good faith, early bargains are our MO.
        Sign early, save money for the team.

        I’m sold that Kaep is the future for us at the QB position.
        He still has a ways to go before I’d call him elite though.
        Plenty of the IT factor, which was never the case with Alex.

  43. NoFear49er says:

    I still say let him play another year and especially at those prices, which likely are what Kaepernick will want. His body of work is still too small to warrant that much of a committment. If they can lock up a bargain it’s probably a good gamble otherwise I think it may be too soon to take that plunge.

    I recently saw a replay of the GB Wildcard game. Lots of CK7 runs and lots of CK7 mistakes. Clock management on the field and on the sidelines are a big problem as well.

    Despite the constant droning here, the passing route patterns were hardly rudimentary as almost all had receivers running routes at multiple levels INCLUDING an outlet receiver. Another pet peeve, flat out untruths get repeated and then accepted as fact.

    Passing game easier to stop than the running game regardless of formation and personnel. If you were game planning a defense against us what would you focus on stopping? “Old, tired, worn out” Gore. That’s who. No surprise the defenses key on it and still Gore gets as much per carry as Marshawn Lynch. The passing game needs better QBing and simplified plays to progress.


    Hey Spitblood, the average franchise is worth $1.2 billion. What sort of ROI do you think the owners should expect? 10%? 5%? The Niners showed $10 million operating income on $255M revenue according to Forbes. It always strikes me funny when fans talk about how much the owners deserve to make while being so free with what they should pay everyone else.

    • “When” we pay Kap, that’s another question. Sooner might be cheaper depending on what we’re offering and what he’ll accept. As a strategy I’d say pay him sooner if possible/reasonable because likely we’ll in the playoffs and stronger this year. He’ll want more as well he should. Glad we are making a public show of negotiations starting (at Combine) now. Be good to lock this man up sooner and I’m sure Niners would like it too.

      As fer Jimi well we’ve gone over this pretty well = Jedi and Jimi will talk in May. Jimi sez he doesn’t want an extention. So a new contract then? We’re just going to have to wait and see. But one thing got resolved recently = The local media hacks are exposed as FO shills and won’t have previous credibility w/ fans.

      Harbs is smelling like a rose while Maioccos monkeys are the targets of questions like WTF? Wearing Thin? Rift? Trade Hendrix?

      • NoFear49er says:

        What makes you think Jed didn’t have a conversation with Jim and strongly suggest he get to a national media-type and clear this shit up most ricky tick. If Jim was straight with the media this time it would be a first.

      • Huh didn’t think of that NF, very good. Someone advised him fer sure and damn if it didn’t quiet down pronto

      • unca_chuck says:

        Because JEd’s in Disneyland, NoFear.

    • Spitblood says:


      In 2012, the NFL made 9 BILLION dollars. Not million, BILLION. Goodell then made 25 million for the year… in salary. In ’13 he made $44 million, so it stands to reason, if Goodell’s salary went up consistently with total revenue (which I’m not sure it did), that in 2013 the NFL made somewhere between 12-15 BILLION. But let’s forget Goodell’s salary – either way it stands to reason coming out of a recession that revenue would increase from 2012 to ’13. If you give each team (32) $400 million (which you could regardless if the ’13 revenue number was $12 or 15 billion and still have plenty of operating money for the league itself), subtract $123 million for salaries, another $10 million for coaches (which is figuring high), another 10 million for stadium and incidentals and then rounding up to 150 million per year (adding another 7 million to the overhead just to be safe) the 49ers still NET $250 million dollars in 2013. That’s net. You break it down for me. Trust me, No Fear. The only reason Jed York doesn’t pay Harbaugh $10 per year is because Jed doesn’t want the other owners pissed at him. What happened with Jed paid Vernon Davis too much in his rookie contract? (I think it was Vernon). The other owners were pissed at York because they affected the rest of the league’s comparables. It’s the same right now with Harbaugh.

      • NoFear49er says:

        I don’t know about those league numbers you cite, where’d they come from?

        I’m pretty sure the reason Jed doesn’t pay Harbaugh more is because he doesn’t need to. I’m sure he can afford to if and when the time comes to re-up his services. Coaches, like players, have street value. It depends on current market and the desire of the coach to remain or relocate. A lot here right now to offset any perceived deficiency in the dollars. I can’t remember ever seeing a “high salary” column in coaches’ stats.

      • NJ49er says:

        Same philosophy applies to Contracts like Romo and Cutler got.
        Money for Nothing – Dire Straits style.

        Once a guy sets the bar, every Agent plays that as the new floor.
        Jerruh is the clueless nit-wit in that circle.
        His agenda was to roll up the bank for Romo and expect Peyton-like results from Peyton-esque Contract numbers.

        Idiots like Snyder likely forced the Rookie Cap into mainstream culture too.
        The Haynesworth deal was the high-water mark for stupidity.

        Typically the Draft slots are already defined in terms of price tags.

        It’s FA where most deviations occur.
        Another window of opportunity for Owners to collude I’m sure.
        Snyder, like Jerruh, thought this was a game of fantasy football.
        Ironic how each team got slugged in the grill for Cap manipulation offenses in the un-capped year too.
        Dumb and Dumber.

  44. Spitblood says:

    Listen my friend, No Fear. There’s a lot more to this story than just a rift between Harbaugh and Baalke. It has nothing to do with the Browns. The 49ers and Jim Harbaugh are negotiating through the media right now a contract extension. The 49ers are using CSN Bay Area, and Jim Harbaugh is using Sports Illustrated. As you and I type, things are flying over the fiber optics, and both sides are jockulating and gesticulating.

    Jim Harbaugh’s agent is a shark. His name is David Dunn. I’d be willing to bet he directed the Browns inquire about Harbaugh (an inquiry that might have gotten Lombardi fired), and I’d be willing to bet he also leaked the story about the Browns talking to Jed York. You don’t hire a shark if you just believe, “I make plenty of money.”

    Yes, Jed York could certainly sit and do nothing …. and wait. He could do that, but it would cost Jed. Ray Ratto keeps saying that even if the 49ers waited a year, Harbaugh wouldn’t gain any more leverage. This is utter stupidity on Ratto’s behalf. If Harbaugh coached the entire year in 2014 without an extention, Harbaugh would be one more year closer to hitting the open market, and there is no franchise tag for coaches. This is why Eddie D came out after the Seattle game and said, “It’s important we re-sign Harbaugh now.” This is why the 49ers are talking now. And it’s why all of this has become so public.

    I honestly look for Jim Harbaugh to become the highest paid coach in the NFL this spring. I think he’ll get paid higher than Carroll and Belichick. This spring. I’m thinking 9 million per year. And when it happens, everyone will be laughing about Harbaugh saying the 49ers didn’t court Peyton Manning, or laughing that Harbaugh once again fooled everyone saying he makes, “plenty of money.” Jim Harbaugh and his agent know what they’re doing. Jed York, even with all the help Matt Maiocco and CSN Bay Area is giving him, is still lost.

    • Spitblood says:

      And Harbaugh looks like a king to his coaching staff because Harbaugh used his negotiations and his connections to help Fangio, while also acknowledging that sometimes like isn’t fair when he said, “I don’t work 5 times harder than my coaches.” The man (Harbaugh) and his agent are playing this perfectly. And really, would you want a coach who can’t negotiate running your team?

      • NJ49er says:

        No doubt it’s a posturing shot across the bow Spit.
        I’ve got no issues paying Jim.
        My feathers got wrangled over the suggestions of discontent with Baalke.
        That was the larger concern for me as it pertains to the future of the Team.

        By all means, peace and harmony between them is the best thing Jed could hope for.
        Money is nothing on Coaches Contracts too, as you suggest.

        Keep things harmonious.
        I just wanted Jed to put the fire out.
        Apparently Jim did it on his own accord.

        And yes, Agents like Dunn float stories all the time.
        It’s business, with lots of zeroes attached.

    • If there is one thing I never want to see in public it’s “jockulating”. My God isn’t that a felony?

      • Spitblood says:

        Maybe in Arizona. But the other 49 states, more rational, have it down as a misdemeanor.

  45. Quick note to 12- just saw yer comment from this AM and answered up there as: Your 8:02 AM =

    “”Yep somehow I missed your good comments until now 12 but do agree with pretty much all you said here. Sounds reasonable viv-a-vis Harbaugh and Jedi. Jimi’s always looking fer leverage but I wouldn’t call that being untruthful, just maximizing his position. It will be interesting how this get resolved = Extension? (Just said he doesn’t want one) But if it goes that route I don’t say ‘untruthful’. We’ll see.. He denies “top dollar” and he shouldn’t get top dollar until he gets top results. No brainer, right?

    It’s not the end of the world if he ‘has to’ coach us in ’15 as a lame duck. I doubt he quits on the team even if disgruntled because he’s too invested and in my view would like nothing better than to ‘show them FO people’ how wrong they’ve been not to have already given him fat dough- by winning it all in ’15. “NOW pay up 9ers”. I could see that. Jimi always thinks he’s going to win so I could see him taking this to the limit in ’15.

    Bypassing the local Balky people in the press was well done by going national to Rosenberg @ SI to get his message out after all their muddying da waters here with their “Thin ice, rubbing wrong way, wearing thin” nonsense. Boldin scoffed at that in a good way. Coupled with Hendrix statements same day (coincidence? No…) that blew the fire out perpetrated by local media shills- right? So there is some posturing going on by both sides = Balky is going through the media to attack/hit/diminish poor old troublemaker Jim and he neutralized that with his interview in SI + some help from Anquan. Fine, draw then.

    It’s all on performance once past this mutual posturing. Win a SB in next 2 years, It all gets resolved w/ Harbs holding a new contract/extension. Otherwise it will get interesting.””

    • NJ49er says:

      They sure don’t want Jim going into a lame duck year either Phil.
      Be nice if everyone made nice before this Season is over.

      2 major settling points.
      Continuity for Jim and Trent.
      A stable foundation for Kaep.

      Very possible each point relies on the other too.

    • Spitblood says:

      Harbaugh would not be a lame duck head coach. The term “lame duck,” refers to presidents whose policies take a while to take affect. Harbaugh coaching in 2015 would still have the full attention of his players and coaches because, simply put, they’d want to win a Super Bowl, certainly if it was perceived to be Harbaugh’s last year in SF. If there was a “last year,” of Harbaugh’s contract, which I doubt Jed will let it get that far, Harbaugh would grow stronger, not weaker. He’d be a muscled up duck or human growth hormone, or duck growth hormone (the little known DGH … something Del is scared to death of). Imagine those mallards ripping sourdough out of Del’s feeble and inebriated hands.

  46. Spitblood says:

    Trust me you guys, this isn’t about the Browns or a Harbaugh / Baalke rift. It’s about Harbaugh’s contract extension, and David Dunn and Harbaugh are playing this one beautifully. They were the ones who played the Browns and Jed York…. like a fiddle.

    And NJ, if you love Baalke so much, you really don’t want Harbaugh to be the highest paid coach in the NFL. With all that money in a new contract owed Harbaugh, he could easily overpower Baalke in a dispute. Which personally I wouldn’t care about. I think Baalke needs to get a serious reality check. “It’s easier to find a suit.”

    • Peace in the FO/GM/HC relations is the goal but the tides are shifting as Hendrix keeps winning. And Balky screws up use of the local media. Hello “wearing thin” Killion.

      Had to laff: Harbaugh = “I don’t want to negotiate a contract in the media” as he proceeds to jank the rug out from under the big triangulator “in the media”. “Who ME negotiate?” Yep local yokels are getting waxed

      • Spitblood says:

        It’s not Harbaugh vs Baalke in the media. It’s Harbaugh vs the ownership – Jed and John. Baalke and Paraage are only bystanders. Jed is using his connections with Maiocco and even Ratto to smear Harbaugh. It worked initially because there was a backlash to Harbaugh and Dunn using the Browns as a leverage point. Maiocco threw everything he had at Harbaugh: suggesting Tomsula as HC and that got the fan basing thinking of other options and contemplating life after Harbaugh (creating leverage for the 49ers). Maiocco also suggested Harbaugh wasn’t well liked by Baalke. Maiocco suggested in a power struggle, Baalke wins. Then, in an effort to appear fair and balanced, Maiocco tried to say Baalke also didn’t get along with Singletary. Killion and Tim K also jumped on the bandwagon, to appear relevant. But once Boldin re-signed it showed there wasn’t much to Killion’s report. Then the pendulum started to swing in Harbaugh’s favor with ESPN reporting the 49ers need Harbaugh more, and John Madden saying it’s easier to find a suit.

        This is about Harbaugh and the ownership negotiating a contract through the media, and it’s why Jed York was so quick to point out to Grant Cohn via twitter that he wasn’t going to Miami to trade Harbaugh, because Jed feared the backlash.

        The 49ers basically attacked Harbaugh after they got suckered into the Browns’ conversation. They may have been pissed, caught off guard….. but Harbaugh was paying attention because he twitted, pretty brilliantly I might add, that he “Echoed Jed’s sentiments”…. at midnight of the day the story broke. It appeared Jed and Harbaugh were on the same page, but Harbaugh was the one pulling the strings. And he still is.

        If the 49ers don’t pay Jim Harbaugh this year, I’m betting Jim Harbaugh says, “Thanks but no thanks. I’ll coach out my contract and hit the open market and my 5 million you paid me will seem like the bargain of a lifetime.” Right now, Jim’s thinking he’s worth 9 million a year in 2014. If the 49ers don’t pay him something around there, they’d either have to pony-up in 2015 for wages lost, or they’d lose Harbaugh all together. And trust me, just because Jim’s saying, “I make plenty of money,” that doesn’t mean he won’t be looking for wages lost in 2014 if he has to coach for 5 million dollars this year. And in coaching for 5 million in 2014, there would be a ton of resentment for Harbaugh towards ownership. This is why Eddie D said, “We need to re-sign Harbaugh.” And Harbaugh hiring Dunn has made this a Micheal Crabtree-type negotiation, regardless how much Maiocco tries to muddy the water with stories not germane to the real topic.

      • No doubt about it = Balky is just a proxy fer Jedi & his Pop. And sure they are pulling strings w/media too. Balky just an obvious front man. Agreed, it’s about the Hendrix pay check so all kinds of games are afloat. Likely GM/HC rift used as cover fer the real story which “how little can we pay Hendrix?”

        I can see Mike Lombardi leaking the story about Browns asking for Harbs for revenge and to help Jimi. That makes sense, they recently fired him right? Or it could have come from Dunn/Harbs. Makes more sense than Niners going that route. Either way as Matt Barrows stated last week or more = Hendrix is the winner

        Good recap of how this has played out so far. I mostly agree.

        BTW: proxy (plural proxies)

        An agent or substitute authorized to act for another person.  
        The authority to act for another, especially when written.  

  47. NJ mentioned the article by La Canfora above. Yeah Now I see where he got that “Kap’s gonna want $20 mil fer starters.” number = obviously from one David Dunn. Dunn who? ya might ask? HE’S Harbaugh’s agent and would like nothin’ better than to see his QB making top dollar. “Hey we’re #1, pay Jimi big” sez Dunn to Paarag whose head explodes while trying to reach the phone to call Maiocco

    • NoFear49er says:

      I’ve been hearing the $20M number as the bottom, BOTTOM, that Kaepernick would take from several folks supposedly in the know about such things. And that he would rather play another year on his rookie deal than sign a new deal for less. Not being greedy, just his position on what the market price is now for him with the increased cap and the expected increase for next year.

      Personally, I have no idea but I do hate the thought of committing that much of the cap to Kaep, at least at this point.

      • I guess I haven’t been following the Kap numbers that closely with the fun and games in HC brouha = first I heard of it being that high. Thought I read $18 M recently. NJ said that but thought I read a media type saying same thing.

  48. NoFear49er says:

    Well, Harbaugh’s performed well enough to get a contract extension and a raise. But, so what? It’s not necessary to do now or this year, so why do it? He’s fine right where he is and if he’s hungry for a better contract so much the better. No harm in letting it go another year.

    If he wins a Super Bowl he may very well get top dollar, too. If not, no.

    I think that some disgruntled insider at the Browns leaked the story to make the Browns org look bad. As if it needed help. I seriously doubt it’s got anything to do with Harbaugh’s wanting a new contract. Wouldn’t put anything like that past an agent though.

    • Spitblood says:

      No offense, NoFear, but this isn’t clear thinking. There is no franchise tag for a coach. If he’s valued (which he clearly is by probably 25-30 other teams in the league), then you don’t let him get even close to hitting the open market because then the 49ers have to match the weaker teams offering ridiculous amounts for Harbaugh’s services. Hell, even right now, with Jim under contract, Jim’s agent just masterfully used the Browns as a leverage point right under our noses without us even realizing it. And that’s with Jim under contract. What do you think would happen if Jim hit the open market? How much do you think the 49ers would have to pay Jim right now? Let’s say Jim was a free agent right now. What do you think Jim’s fair market value would be? I say it’s over 10 million a year. I say the Dolphins, Browns, Raiders…. hell….. too many teams to name, would throw everything they had at Harbaugh. This the 49ers want to get into a bidding war for Harbaugh’s service? Think again. Miami flew him out before Harbaugh went to three championship games with the 49ers. They’d easily give Harbaugh 10 million a year. This is why the 49ers can’t afford to let Jim get close to hitting the open market. Every minute Jim Harbaugh gets closer to the open market he gains leverage. Ray Ratto doesn’t think so, but look who Ratto works for. There is no lame duck. It’s actually the reverse. The duck gets stonger. Why? Time value. The more Harbaugh coaches under a contract that’s beneath him, the closer he gets to a huge payday. This is why you don’t take a wait and see approach. It only gets more expensive.

      I think what’s holding this up is Jed York doesn’t want to create a new standard for coach’s pay, at least not right before the owner’s meetings. LMAO. Jed has to look his fellow owners in the eye come owner meetings, and Jed, as a young owner, could be scoffed at for costing the NFL owners millions for setting a higher coaching pay standard. And I think at those meetings, the owners are going to put pressure on York not to give Harbaugh a huge contract. But in the end, York has to do what’s best for the 49ers, and I think York now knows he’s got to pay Jim, and pay Jim big. After the owners’ meetings, Harbaugh will become the highest paid head coach in NFL history.

      • Are the Niners that desperate now? Yes his value is going up but “top dollar” today? What will Jimi accept is the question on everybodies mind. Not so sure they extend him before TC but could see it before season ends. Yes he has Niners by the short hairs and their advantage is to settle sooner rather than later.

      • unca_chuck says:

        Same goes for Kappy as well.

  49. unca_chuck says:

    Nice recap there, Spitty. We’ll never know how true it is, but it sounds good. Like I said it 2 months ago, and it’s still true now, the longer they wait with either of these guys (Harbs and Kappy) the harder it gets and the higher the price tag goes. Even moreso woth Harbaugh as he’s ‘priceless’ and thus not tied to a salary cap.

    Think Jerry Jerk-Off would blink an eye about giving Harbaugh $10 mill? $11 mill? $12? He’d do it in a New ‘York’ minute given the opportunity. Which is why they get this done before the season starts.

    Kappy I just don’t know. It would be nice to have the luxury to sign him after this season. The problem is, a good season, and his number goes up to $26 million. Franchise him, and the number goes up to $30-$32 mill for 2015. Numbers are flying around like, uh flies. I had said $18 mill was the starting point in January. After the laughter died down, well, here we are. La Canfora says $20 mill? Sure, why not? Not my momey. It’s unsubstantiated, and Kappy’s only comment is he would try to be cap-friendly, but both statements amount to the same thing. Nothing.

    The recent agent talks came up with $18.2 mill. If so, pay it. If that’s the number they set, do the deal. 5/$90, 38 guaranteed. The numbers are only going up. It’s like the Bay Area housing market. Is it a bubble? Maybe. But if you want to get in to something, the last thing you should do is wait. It’s only going to get harder and more expensive. Barring catastrophic events.

  50. Spitblood says:

    Harbaugh doesn’t have a salary cap and he can’t get franchised, so Harbaugh has a TON of leverage. Harbaugh made Kaep and you’re going to pay Harbaugh 5 million a year while Kaep makes 18? I don’t think so. My guess is that right after the owners meeting Harbaugh makes 9 million per year, maybe even 10. I hope Harbaugh threatens to leave SF and this one gets ugly. Not for the spectacle, but for the humbling of York and exposure of Maiocco. Those two little snot nosed punks couldn’t hold Harbaugh’s jock, and yet that’s who Harbaugh has to go through and deal with to get paid. But the way Harbaugh dealt with Maiocco ( who was doing York’s bidding) by not lashing out at York in the SI article, shows that Harbaugh knows he’s going to get paid somewhere. It might be somewhere else, but he’ll get paid in 2016 for sure, and by then, it’ll be well over 10 million a year. If Harbaugh had lashed out at York for having Maiocco attack Harbaugh through the media, it would have lessened Harbaugh’s value because when the poop splatters, everyone gets dirty and it would lessen Harbaugh’s value to his next employer. So that’s why Harbaugh’s interview in Sports Illustrated was so brilliant. It was calculated. Harbaugh avoided doing exactly what the NFL owners were privately hoping he’d do……. explode and retaliate towards York, lessening Harbaugh’s overall value – then other coaches and their pay stay suppressed. Dunn coached Harbaugh well, and Dunn’s earning his money.

    Harbaugh is in a position to create a much higher pay standard for coaches around the NFL. And with the NFL making 9 billion with “B” in 2012, and Goodell making 44 million a year later in 2013, you know coaches should make a ton more than they currently do. It’s all relative. If Harbaugh breaks the bank, other coaches like Sean Payton and Pete Carroll are going to love Harbaugh because their next contracts will sky rocket as well. And coaches rarely have the levarage Harbaugh has right now because Jim Tomsula is about as inspiring as Jerry Jones’ eventual hire of Dave Campo after the Johnson years. I’m dying to see Harbaugh tell York to kick rocks and make this a painful negotiation for York because York was instrumental in the firestorm CSN Bay Area has thrown at Harbaugh. Jed got blindsided by the Browns story, and then didn’t compose himself. I want to watch as York and Eddie D, maybe even Carmen scrabble like hell to both apologize, mend the fence and try and get Harbaugh back on their side. But it’s gonna cost ’em…..BIG. Especially now that Maiocco released this propaganda storm at Harbaugh on York’s behalf. Joseph Goebbels was blushing.

    If Harbaugh won’t sign in the next two years…. because York’s only offers are consistent with what other head coaches make and Harbaugh knows he’s worth a ton more than that if he were to hit the open market, what York and the rest of the NFL owners will want is for CSN Bay Area to slam Harbaugh and marginalize Harbaugh’s Bay Area popularity so if Harbaugh walks, Jed York isn’t run out of town for being too cheap to retain the best coach in SF since Bill Walsh, or being too weak – unable to upset the other owners by establishing a much higher head coach pay standard.

    Jed York’s in a real tough place…. but he’s put himself there by thoughtlessly employing Maiocco to go on the offensive. Pay Harbaugh what Harbaugh wants (probably an excess of 10 million per year) and the owners hate Jed. Don’t pay Harbaugh and the Bay Area comes unglued and the visions of Jed York and Mike Singletary come back to haunt us all and Jed York is beyond vilified. So what’s Jed’s best option? On the surface it appears he needs to fight back. Work every day with Maiocco to smear Harbaugh. Clobber Harbaugh. Make it appear as though if Harbaugh left, this organization wouldn’t skip a beat with Tomsula. Make Harbaugh out to be a malcontent. He’s too hard to work with. His players hate him. The front office hates him. So if he leaves, it’s not that big of a deal. And if Ann Killion, Ratto and Tim K have a need to be relevant and want to dump on Harbaugh, too….. fantastic. BUT!!!! the problem is, if it doesn’t work and the Bay Area is still behind Harbaugh, the price just went way up on Harbaugh and Jed pisses off his fellow colleagues even more. And this is what’s happened.

    The only mistake Jim Harbaugh made, in my opinion, was saying in his interview, “Believe me, I make plenty of money.” That’s not a lie. He does. But he wants plenty more. It wasn’t necessary to say that. If York does pay Harbaugh, people will later draw their Peyton Manning connections even though this recent claim wasn’t a lie.

    If I’m Harbaugh now, I’m vacationing with a smile on my face and not paying much attention to any of this. But when OTA’s start, if I still don’t have a new contract, I’d say one more thing to the Yorks through the media. I’d tell the Yorks that if I (Harbaugh) didn’t have a new contract in my hand by the start of the regular season, I wouldn’t negotiate another one until April of 2015, when we all know by then Harbaugh would be impossible to sign. He’d be sniffing a huge payday on the open market in 2016.

    The Yorks are in a tight place, and trust me, York attacking Harbaugh through CSN Bay Area, Maiocco and Ratto just cost York and the rest of the NFL a ton of money regarding future NFL head coach contracts. Harbaugh’s weathered the storm, and now, like a prize fighter, it’s Harbaugh’s turn to throw York and the rest of the NFL owners and their 9 Billion in 2012 into the corner and bring the pain on all of them with round-house punches to the head and stomach. Pummel York, Jim. Pummel the owners. You can do it.

    Doesn’t anyone remember the Mike Singletary years? Doesn’t anyone remember Troy Smith in London? What about Mike Singletary needing to “Check the tape,” or Singletary sticking up for Jimmy Raye saying, “That guy’s been in the league for 30 years and you think he’s incompetent? That just doesn’t make any sense to me….” Then Dennis O’Donnel gets removed from his own TV show? What about Micheal Lewis leaving the team, Coffee leaving, Kentwan Balmer leaving? What about Singletary forcing out Scot McCloughan right before the draft? Jed York was the owner, letting that circus go on and on. That was on Jed’s watch. Harbaugh is to Jed what Jimmy Johnson was to Jerry Jones. Why did Jed York hire Mike Singletary? Oh yeah, because Singletary was a “Master Motivator.” LMAO. That’s the kind of insight Jed York has when selecting head coaching candidates. The 49ers were a laughing stock. This organization, under Jed, who employed both Nolan and Singletary, was a place where we had to overpay for free agents like Nate Clements, or a place where other free agents used our front office as leverage only to get better deals with their current teams. Kurt Warner? Adalias Thomas?

    And people think if Harbaugh gets out of town that someone like Tomsula or Greg Roman could keep this team together? Seriously? People suggest our current cast of coaches would stay because, “They’re under contract.” Yeah…. they’d stay. But they wouldn’t extend and while they were here they wouldn’t put the same energy into their jobs. There would be a slow decline to the team. Walsh to Seifert to Mariucci to Erickson to Nolan to Singletary? Jimmy Johnson to Barry Switzer to Dave Campo to….. I don’t even want to go there. The problem with the above analogy is that Harbaugh has yet to build up this team to the standards of Walsh and Johnson. So, if Harbaugh left, it would all come crumbling down a lot faster. Then Harbaugh would leave and start building a winner else where while our Rome crumbled. Trust me, 49ers fans would easily be able to compare Harbaugh’s new team ascending to York’s 49ers descending. And we could all say hello to our own Jerry Jones years. Jed’s best option is to bite the bullet, pay Harbaugh and tell the rest of the NFL owners he had no choice.

  51. unca_chuck says:

    York won’t overpay because he doesn’t have to. He’ll pay what the market bears. Either now or later. Personally, I think they work out a deal between now and the opening kickoff this season.

    The good news with Harbs being, if the Niners wait and his value goes up, it won’t be a cap hit, so pay the guy. If Harbs is waiting for anything, it’s to see what Pete gets up north. He’s on his last year, so that plays into this big time. If Carroll isn’t signed buy the time the season start (highly unlikely), then Harbs likely won’t be signed either. But I see both under contract (Pete at $8.5 mill, Jim at $7 mill) by the Sept opening kickoff.
    New thread is up. Spitty, I’d copy your post over to the new thread, but I don’t want to break the internet..

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