Grump’s Guide to Gridiron Greatness

Per Grump, here’s what the Niners have done so far this young 2013 NFL season:

Free Agents Signed:

3/13 – DT Glenn Dorsey, Kansas City
3/14- LB Dan Skuta, Cincinnati
3/16 – S Craig Dahl, St. Louis Rams
3/19 – K Phil Dawson, Cleveland
3/19 – WR Marlon Moore, Miami
4/2 – CB Nnamdi Asomugha, Philadelphia
4/18 – TE Cameron Morrah, Seattle

Free Agents Lost:

3/12 – NT Isaac Sopoaga, Philadelphia
3/12 – TE Delanie Walker, Tennessee
3/13 – S Dashon Goldson, Tampa Bay
3/14 – DT Ricky-Jean Francois, Indianapolis
3/22 – WR-KR Ted Ginn Jr, Carolina


3/11 – 49ers’ 2013 No. 6 (199) draft choice to Baltimore Ravens for WR Anquan Boldin.
3/12 – QB Alex Smith to Kansas City for 2013 No. 2 (34) draft choice and conditional 2014 pick.
4/1 – 49ers’ No. 5 (164) and Bengals’ No. 7 (227) draft choices to Cleveland for QB Colt McCoy and Eagles’ No. 6 (173) choice.
4/25 – 49ers’ 2013 No. 1 (31) and Panthers’ No. 3 (74) draft choices to Dallas for Cowboys’ 2013 No. 1 choice (18, S Eric Reid).
4/26 – Chiefs’ 2013 No. 2 draft choice (34, obtained for Alex Smith) traded to Tennessee for Titans’ No. 2 (40, DE Tank Carradine), No. 7 (216, see below) and 2014 No. 3 choice.
4/26 – 49ers’ 2013 No. 2 (63) and Eagles’ 6 (173) draft choices to Green Bay for Packers’ No. 2 (55, TE Vance McDonald).
4/26 – 49ers’ 2013 No. 3 (93) and Titans’ No. 7 (216) choices to Green Bay for Packers’ No. 3 choice (88, DE Corey Lemonier).


1 – 18 – (18) – Eric Reid – LSU – S *Choice from Dallas
2 – 8 – (40) – Cornelius “Tank” Carradine – Florida State – DE *Choice from Tennessee
2 – 23 – (55) – Vance McDonald – Rice – TE *Choice from Green Bay
3 – 26 – (88) – Corey Lemonier – Auburn – DE-OLB *Choice from Green Bay
4 – 31 – (128) – Quinton Patton – Louisiana Tech – WR
4 – 34 – (131) – Marcus Lattimore – South Carolina – RB #Compensatory Selection
5 – 24 – (157) – Quinton Dial – Alabama – DE *Choice from Indianapolis
6 – 12 – (180) – Nick Moody – OLB – Florida *Choice from Miami
7 – 31 – (237) – B. J. Daniels – South Florida – QB
7 – 40 – (246) – Carter Bykowski – Iowa State – OT #Compensatory Selection
7 – 46 – (252) – Marcus Cooper – Rutgers – CB #Compensatory Selection

Undrafted Free Agents Signed:

4/27 – Lawrence Okoye – (Great Britain) – DE
4/27 – Luke Marquardt – Azusa Pacific – OT
4/27 – MarQueis Gray – Minnesota – QB
4/27 – Alex Debniak – Stanford – FB
4/27 – Chuck Jacobs, Utah State – WR
4/27 – Patrick Omameh – Michigan – G
4/27 – Sherman Carter – Tennessee State – C
4/27 – Darryl Morris – Texas State – CB
4/27 – Kevin McDermott – UCLA – LS
4/27 – Mike Purcell – Wyoming – DT
4/27 – D.J. Harper – Boise State – RB

David Akers is MIA on the list but I’ll forgive Grump that oversight. I kid, I kid.

In general, they accomplished what they set out for. Get a safety, a TE, and D line depth in the draft. They picked up a couple of FAs to round out the line and TE as well. They also replaced their kicker. Huzzah!

Hard to start thinking about the cut-down list, but we got us a shitload of players right now and a shitload of time to go over this. So, what the hell?

Figure 3 FAs signed don’t make the grade. 4 draft choices don’t make the grade. And 2 UDFAs stick around. Either by making the grade or repopulating the practice squad. I stil think Parys CB? Culliver’s stupid mouth notwithstanding, he’s safe. Cox could be out. The rest? Who knows? A couple LBs and DLs need to hit the road with these additions.

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24 Responses to Grump’s Guide to Gridiron Greatness

  1. Nipper says:

    Chuck concludes without a loud BLEEP!

  2. Winder says:

    When you look at it like that we did have a lot of player movement this year. Since I didn’t know of any player we took in the draft they probably will turn out to be pretty good.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, seeing that the 5 lost to free agency were starters, or at least logging serious playing time, the team will look different. Especially defensively.

    And with Moss, Ginn, and Walker gone, Kappy needs to build a rapport with a bunch of new pass catchers.

    Speaking of Kappy, he’s the new spokesman for Jaguar.—-and-arms—-for-jaguar.html

    • snarkk says:

      As long as doesn’t hurt himself in the offseason, I don’t care what he sells to the public. His agents should definitely be out there getting him some extra cash before the Niners have to pony up the big contract. But, a Jag? I was thinking a ‘vette would be more like it…

  4. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Happy Kentucky Oaks Day ladies. I take it you’re all donning your big and pretty hats, no? Hopefully you didn’t burn the MIDNIGHT oil studying the racing form drinking Budweiser till the cows came home and are feeling LUCKY today. If so, and your hubby gave you an UNLIMITED BUDGET to bet on the Oaks. Try an exacta box or two. Remember, it’s only money.

    Best of luck

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      It’s only money. It’s only money. It’s only money. They’ll come a day when there’s no more money. Sooner rather than later. And I’ll embrace that day like no other. I’ll be goddamn if I leave this world with a dime in my pocket.

      Fuck you

  5. NoFear49er says:

    Sometimes those car “gifts” are simply one-year executive leases, with a helluva resale value for the company depending on whose ass was in the driver’s seat for that year. Even so, if you’re attracted to those new Jag F-types, the V8-S is the one to drive. Buckle up.

  6. rtfirefly2 says:

    Sometimes those high mileage cars are a charm, NoFear.
    Another guy came by yesterday to buy the ’66. SHE IS NOT FOR SALE!
    Said she would sell for $1 mil in his town in Enid, a couple hundred miles up the road.
    I take everything I hear or read with a grain of salt. Sometimes two or three.

  7. rtfirefly2 says:

    I’m going to have to put a tarp over her or something. But she’s too well known in town.
    ’66 Mercedes 230S with a rebuilt tranny and engine and really needs work.
    Some guys just like to throw their money away.
    Is Jerry is town? I know he lives a few hours drive from here.

  8. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Who’s the probable favorite tomorrow that has been lighting up the Churchill Downs’ backstretch like it was a 40 ft. Christmas tree? Might be best to ask “TheTall Man,” Angus Scrimm. He knows a thing or two about an ORB…

  9. unca_chuck says:

    My favorite B flick of all time, Dennis. They had it at Fry’s for $3.99.

    Here’s the quote yer looking for

  10. Del Mar Dennis says:

    My Old Kentucky Home…

  11. Del Mar Dennis says:

    “So let it be written. So it shall be done.”

    Win: ORB

    Good luck!

  12. unca_chuck says:

    Orb $12.80, $7.40 and $5.40
    Golden Soul $38.60 and $19.40
    Revolutionary $5.40
    Normandy Invasion

  13. Del Mar Dennis says:

    I had Revolutionary and Normandy Invasion in my trifecta, but not Golden Soul. Anyone who says they had the 4 horse is either clairvoyant or totally full of shit. I’m betting on the latter.

    They just ran the 34th running of the Mervyn LeRoy Handicap at Hollywood Park. If you don’t know who Mervyn Leroy is, I really can’t help ya. But if you’re a fan of Hollywood such as I am, you appreciate his contributions to the American film industry. Anywho, Mervyn was a huge racing fan and founder of Hollywood Park. Hence they named this race in his honor. Check out who won the 1994 edition of the Mervyn LeRoy Handicap. Ever heard of that guy?

  14. unca_chuck says:

    When I was a boy, a crack salesman was a good thing.

  15. unca_chuck says:

    New Thread is up. Your favorite topic and mine . . .

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