Free Agency Frenzy

Well, not really. This played out pretty much like some of us thought it would. They would target depth at the defensive line (Glenn Dorsey), wide receiver (traded for Antuan Bouldin), defensive backfield (the much-maligned Craig Dahl and Nnamdhi Asumouaga), and quaerterback (traded for Colt McCoy). Splashy? No. Well, the trade was a pretty big deal. Needed? Most definitely.

I’ve gone over how Seattle has done well this offseason. AZ? Well, hitching their cart to one Casron Palmer looks to be a disaster in the making. He’s as mobile as a tree, and looks to fall down like one about 60 times this year. Timberrrrrrrrrr! So far they’ve cut Kevin Kolb, Adrian Wilson, Beanie Wells, William Gay, Early Doucet and Kerry Rhodes. They’v signed Rashard Mendenhall, QB Drew Stanton, CBs Jerraud Powers and Antoine Cason, LB Lorenzo Alexander, and DE Matt Shaughnessy. In other words, no line hellp for a line that has been aten in recent years like a red-headed, uh, Cardinal. I guess they will draft help up front and pray it works.

The Rams? The team with the best divisional record last year? Well, they’ve lost perennial thorns in the Niners side in Stephen Jackson and Danny Amendola. Jackson was hurt too much, and was going to be ($7 mill) costly. Amendola got a deal and split for NE. Craig Dahl, Mr. Super Safety, came west to SF. They did sign OT Jake Long, TE Jared Cook, CB Courtland Finnegan, and a few others, but they look to improve in the draft as well. I think overall they hurt themselves, butr they had little choice with Jackson and Amendola.

As it stands, the Niners still have 13 picks in the draft, so to even try to guess how the draft goes would be next to impossible. I seriously don’t think the Niners draft more than 8 guys, so there looks to be a boatload of wheeling and dealing on Trent’s part.

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  1. Spitblood says:

    The Rams are looking hard at Alabama RB Lacy…. and that makes a ton of sense. Fisher loves his backs. Polian said Lacey is the real deal. Polian knows his backs. With two picks in the first round, the Rams could grab Lacey and a stud WR like Tavon Austin. That would hurt. Put those two together with TE Jared Cook and you’ve got instant offense. It’s a long shot that Fisher would do that (go offense twice in the first round), but he has the draft picks – and the position. Austin and Lacy would be huge upgrades over Jackson and Amendola.

    • unca_chuck says:

      To think they’ll mesh successfully from the get-go is a bit far-fetched, but it could happen. For whatever reason, the Rams play the NFC West well, but nowhere else. I mean really. The Jets, Dolphins and Bears, (oh my) beat them. Yeah, they’ll improve under Fisher, but I think they have at best a 9-7 season. Maaaaaaaaybe 10-6 if they get some breaks.

      AZ is still the odd team out. Palmer? No chance.

      • Spitblood says:

        I think the Rams are more like an 8-8 team this year, but if they do go grab both Lacy and Austin, watch out. I think the Rams could grab Vacarro with their first in the first, and Lacy with their second in the first. Either way, the Rams will improve. Fisher is a good coach….. so is Arians.


      Huge upgrades?
      Steven Jackson in the last four years has had 1738 ,1624 ,1478 and 1363 yards of total offense.
      The Rams drafted 2 running backs last year spending a second round pick of Pead who gained a whopping 54 yards in his rookie season.
      My usual question to you. Do you know what the fuck your talking about?
      Lacy would have to play 4 games against two of the stoutest run stuffing defenses every year in San Francisco and Seattle.

  2. Spitblood says:

    NJ –

    Creating a board is a shit ton of work, but an awesome project for you and your son. I try to look at each position and find players of value that aren’t hyped (the gems) – or players I could see the 49ers drafting. Then I like to try to guess where they’ll be drafted.

    Here’s my list ( I still need to look at DE/OLB, RB and TE). I’m not looking at inside linebackers or offensive linemen this year, and I’m not going to spend much time on qbs now that we have Colt.

    DT – Kawaan Short and John Jenkins. Short is a solid first rounder. Hope Short falls to us at 31. The Patriots are rumored to like him. Jenkins is huge fat body. He might, though, be too slim to play 3rd base for the Giants. I also love Floyd and Star, but both will be gone top ten. They aren’t hidden gems. I”m going to spend some more time looking at DTs.

    CB – Darius Slay, Logan Ryan and Tharold Simon. Slay and Ryan are 2nd or 3rd rounders. Simon is a 5th or 6th round project.

    Safety – Reid, Cyprien, Vacarro, Thomas. I’ve since cooled on Phillip Thomas. He looks way too slow to me and bites on fakes. Can’t do both. If you’re slow, you better have great instincts. Be interesting to see who he becomes at the next level. Don’t like Tim McDonald’s son at all. I guarantee we won’t draft Elam – not with Donte back there already.

    WR – Da’Rick Rogers (3rd rounder), Aaron Dobson (2nd Rounder), Ace Sanders (3rd rounder – props to NJ for finding this gem), Marquise Wilson (Washington State – ranked as a late round pick, I could see him going in the 3rd). Marquise Wilson is a great sleeper.

    TE – Dion Sims. Haven’t finishing looking at the TEs.

    RB – Haven’t looked at the RBs

    QB – Matt Scott (5th round) Doubt we take a qb now that we picked up Colt.

    DE/OLB – Haven’t looked at ‘em.

    Before the draft I’ll spend some more time looking at CB, TE, RB, DT and DE/OLB.

    • phil fan says:

      I applaud the likes of Spitwad and NJ who actually go to the trouble of evaluating the talent available and how the 9ers might go for those. Waay beyond my talents.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    TT, why don’t you give it a goddamn rest? Your mission in life seems to be responding to every post Spitty makes. I don;t mind the back and forth, but you only post to antagonize him.

    Get a room. Or a van . . .

  4. RTFirefly says:

    With 21 days until the start of the 2013 NFL draft, and 157 days until the San Francisco 49ers open their season, it is time for RT’s prognostications:
    Niner record: 12-4 losses to Indianapolis, @New Orleans, @Washington, @Seattle
    (playoffs to be divined later)
    (1) 31. San Francisco 49ers – Dustin Hopkins, Florida State
    (2) 34. San Francisco 49ers (from Kansas City Chiefs) – Caleb Sturgis, Florida
    (2) 61. San Francisco 49ers – Brett Maher, Nebraska
    (3) 74. San Francisco 49ers (from Carolina Panthers) – Brandon McManus, Temple
    (3) 93. San Francisco 49ers – Anthony Cantele, Kansas State
    (4) 128. San Francisco 49ers – Brett Baer, Lousiana Lafayette
    (4) 131. San Francisco 49ers (compensatory selection) – Dan Conroy, Michigan State
    (5) 157. San Francisco 49ers (from Indianapolis Colts) – Tyler Bitancurt, West Virginia
    (6) 175. San Francisco 49ers (from Cleveland Browns) – Zach Brown, Portland State
    (6) 180. San Francisco 49ers (from Miami Dolphins) – Jeremy Shelley, Alabama
    (7) 227. San Francisco 49ers (from Cincinnati Bengals) – Drew Alleman, LSU
    (7) 246. San Francisco 49ers (compensatory selection) – Matt Weller, Ohio
    (7) 252. San Francisco 49ers (compensatory selection) – Casey Barth, North Carolina

  5. unca_chuck says:

    The more I think about it, the more I’m thinking the Niners go big in the 1st round. They have 2 picks in the 3rd, 4th, and 6th rounds. Package one of each to jump to say, 15.They could get either Vaccaro or Xavier Rhodes. Rhodes is intriguing mainly because he’s a tweener like so many other Niners DBs. Big and fast.

    But. the point being, if either guy is on the board at around the 15th pick, I do it. mainly because the Rams are sure to take whoever’s left. They have no one in their secondary as of now.


    Running backs in this draft are as thin as the quarterbacks.
    There are no difference makers and definitely no sure fire prospect.
    Don’t see a Doug Martin in the group but if you more similar to Beanie Wells and Mark Ingram for their impact on teams that pick them.

  7. Del Mar Dennis says:

    I’m going to steal another George Costanza line that he left on Jerry’s answering machine:

    Hi, this is Dennis. I’ve got nothing to say.

  8. Del Mar Dennis says:

    That’s not entirely true. I’m watching the Giants home opener vs the Cardinals and drinking Bud Light. Like you couldn’t have figured that out on your own already.

  9. Spitblood says:

    I know this sounds insane, but I don’t care. I’ve been harpin’ and preachin’ this for awhile now.

    I think I would have rather seen the 49ers work to retain their own by putting available money towards guys like Crabtree, then I would them trading for a guy like Bouldin. I know there are open holes now on this team, but that’s what you have 13 picks for. Bouldin’s spot on the roster could have been for a guy like WR Aaron Dobson. Here’s where it’s insane – this team is in the middle of a legit Super Bowl run. They have a window. Some could argue you don’t win Super Bowls with rookies, but I’ve made the case that Harbaugh’s first year he did start rookies, and has shown he can win with them. In 2012 I believe, despite one glaring weakness at qb, the 49ers were the best team in football and they were starting or giving significant playing time to rookies Aldon, Bruce, Chris and Kendal. They also started second year player Bowman and incorporated several free agents during a strike shortened off season. I think with these 13 draft choices the 49ers could have brought in a lot of guys and coached them up on the cheap. If they did that, they could be restructuring guys like Crabtree, Iupati and more. I love that they just extended Anthony Davis.

    And I’m not saying I don’t like the additions of Boldin, Colt, Nnamdi and more. I do. But the more rookies who make the team this year, the more players we resign later.

    I also really like the addition of Colt McCoy, but I still think the 49ers needed to find another potential franchise qb behind Kaep. That might be Colt, but Colt, I doubt, will ever be the guy who throws deep outs effectively. I would have liked to see the 49ers go out and draft another qb gem with one of their 13 picks. Colt and Scott are very similar.

    You never want to put yourself in a position to be second-guessed. So much in football is all about leverage. If Baalke didn’t go out and trade for or acquire depth, he’d be in a bad position of need come draft day. Then if you don’t find gems on draft day, you’re second guessed. Or maybe the rookie who has potential isn’t ready just yet and you’re forced to start him anyway because of need. Certainly the 49ers under Harbaugh and Baalke don’t operate this way.

    However, the draft seems to have a lot of talent in the middle rounds this year. I’ve read over and over again there aren’t many huge difference makers in this year’s draft, but there are a ton of excellent starting quality players at every position. I read some suggest on this blog we move up into an earlier pick in the first round, but I don’t think that’s the move. I think the 49ers should work to acquire more picks in rounds 2-4. Package up 227, 180, 175 and 157 for another top one hundred pick. 8 picks in the top 135 might be better than another first round pick – especially in this draft. If the 49ers can find 8 quality players who make the roster (not tucked away on the practice squad), it means those 8 will be cheap, and cheap means eventually the 49ers will be able to extend their own. That’s what the rookie salary cap was intended for. The more rookies you turn into starters, the more money you have for your veterans.

    I know I’ve recently written I love what Baalke has done this year, and I do. But I’m hoping the 49ers can really do a great job in the draft this year so we can resign guys like Crabtree, Iupati and maybe even start working towards a smart Colin Kaepernick deal. If Baalke falters, and has another 2012 mediocre draft, the 49ers will lose significant competitive advantage because they won’t be able to re-sign their veterans.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      The 2012 draft was mediocre? As we stand now, it’s an EPIC FAIL.

      • Spitblood says:

        I don’t buy that Jenkins is a bust. When you have Moss, Manningham, Kyle Williams and Crabtree….. how are you going to get any playing time? Oh…. and a much, much needed QB change to boot? You gonna shine in that situation? People loved making Alexuses…. where’s the excuse love for Jenkins? 2013 will be a telling year for Jenkins. LaMichael is clearly a keeper. The O linemen were also brought in for depth. Who knows if Cam Johnson will do anything? He did get some snaps. Trenton Robinson stinks on ice. To me that equals mediocre.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    So, you were against adding free agencts til you were for it and now yer against it again.

    OK, I think we got it this time.


    What I think they do is what I said. If they are in love with Vaccaro, say, they can get him at 15. There is no way on earth they can draft 13 guys. They can trade 4 picks for one an still have 10 picks. The risk is minimal if they feel they can get who they want.

    And it won’t take 4 picks to move into 15. 3 should be enough.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Chuck, as I’ve stated before picks 31 and 34 *could* move us up all the way to 13 overall according to the “Draft Value Chart.” But as we all know, it’s only a guideline. Lots of teams in the mid-teens, Saints, Rams and ‘Boys included could be targeting Vaccaro.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    I’d get this if you were getting paid by the word, Spitty.

  12. Del Mar Dennis says:

    If only I got paid by the sip…

  13. NoFear49er says:

    Don’t sell McCoy short. Colt tamed the West once already.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah,. but that was 130 years ago . . .

    In other news, the Nines sgned Anthony Davis to a 5 year, $37 million extension, with $17 million guaranteed. He’s played 3 years, and asn’t missed a start. You have to wonder if Iupati gets a deal within the next year.

    • NoFear49er says:

      I think Davis hit the cap pretty hard this year. I’d bet his new deal saves some cap room this year. Iupati may not be that big of a savings opportunity. Iupati will get his if he stays healthy.

      • Spitblood says:

        I’d let Iupati walk. I’ve never liked his game. I like the shorter, more compact guys as offensive linemen.

      • Spitblood says:

        I’d put my money at the tackles and I’d continue to develop guards. Guards grow on trees, tackles don’t. Iupati is good at a position that isn’t as much of an impact as needs be for someone commanding the money he’ll ask for.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Seriously? McCloughan had that philosophy about guards, too. And the O-line didn’t get fixed until we put some 1st rounders on it.

        When you have the best offensive line in the game, and it’s a young line to boot, you must try to keep it together as long as possible. Sooner or later the salary cap will break it up but as long as it doesn’t break the bank you keep it.

      • Spitblood says:

        I don’t know that that was McCloughan’s strategy. McCloughan and Nolan did bring in Larry Allen. You’d have a hard time convincing me to put a high financial priority on a guard who isn’t as mobile as I’d like. I like my guards short, squatty, mobile with a bad temper. The line is finally awesome, but that doesn’t mean you cut off your nose to spite your face keeping it together. There are other priorities, and we could plug in Kilgore on the cheap. I’m betting he’s much more mobile.

      • Spitblood says:

        And McCloughan did use a second round pick on a guard in Chilo. McCloughan just got the wrong guard. It’s not that he didn’t put a priority on guards, it’s that McCloughan couldn’t spot talent in a titty bar.

      • NoFear49er says:

        You may not know it, but McCloughan said it of himself many times.

        Not many short guys with long enough reach. Iupati’s fast enough to pull on the power runs, strong enough to collapse the entire D-line, gets to the LBs, and a very good pass blocker.

        He’s not Steve Hutchinson but he’s pretty damned good and lets Staley be pretty damned good, too. If you want to plug in cheap, right guard would be the spot that you can give help on the pass blocking and doesn’t need to pull so much , but then it didn’t work too well for Chilo.

        Seems to me Hutchinson was about six and half feet tall and 325. You wouldn’t have given him a shot? What’s Iupati? Hell, Allen must be close to that tall, too.

      • Spitblood says:

        Actions speak louder than words. McCloughan was partly responsible for Allen and he used a high second round draft pick on OG Chilo Rachal. That’s making it a priority. You give me a second round draft pick to use on a guard and I’ll find you an excellent short one.

        Your argument is all wrong. You’re saying because I don’t put as much value on a guard, then I’m going to advocate playing bad guards. The reality is, I want great guards playing for cheap, and I don’t think it’s that hard to do. Just because McCloughan and Singletary bumblefucked it up for years doesn’t mean that’s the way Harbaugh would do it. If a guard like Iupati grows beyond the team’s slotted amount for guards, I’d develop new ones every four years or so. And you’re right – short guards don’t have long arms. So? That’s why a short guard needs good technique. That’s Solari’s job.

        Right now the team has Kilgore and Looney. I really hope they’re utilized and Iupati is allowed to walk if Iupati is after a big pay day. The Niners were right to extend Anthony Davis and not Iupati…….

      • NoFear49er says:

        I’d guess McCloughan was little more than a rubber stamp in the Allen and Rachal acquisitions. There’s no set price on good guards or good players in any position for their first contract. That lasts four years nowadays, then player payday comes.

        You prefer playing rookies and would do away with tight ends and linebackers. I would expect paying the price for veterans that have proven their abilities would rub you the wrong way.

        We had the most expensive defense in the league last year. No team can afford that for long, some have to go elsewhere to get paid. Proven players usually get their money playing for you or against you. And you’re dead wrong about Iupati. We’ll keep him, too.

      • Spitblood says:

        Where in the Christmas do you come up with the following sentence: ” You prefer rookies and would do away with TEs and linebackers.” For the most part I enjoy a good debate with you…. until you drop that kinda stuff on me. Do you write for FOX News? In the history of Spitblood there’s no evidence to support I’d do away with TEs and linebackers. I was the one advocating we try to sign TE Jared Cook before the Rams snatched him up. You’ll see why twice a year for a while now. I also hope the 49ers draft Michigan State TE, Dion Sims in the later rounds to replace Delanie Walker. And I do prefer rookies – if sprinkled in appropriately to the stating lineup because that, coupled with the rookie salary cap, helps us keep guys like Iupati. I’d love to see, in 2013, a rookie start at safety, and others get significant time at CB, DT, TE and WR – maybe even get into the OLB rotation on passing downs.

        It was McCloughan’s first draft when he was handed, “the trigger,” by Mike Nolan that McCloughan drafted Chilo Rachal. If memory serves correctly, Chilo was a high second round pick. My memory definitely serves me correctly that it was McCloughan’s call to draft Rachal.

        If Iupati continues to make Pro Bowls, he might price himself right off the 49ers’ roster. I appreciate Iupati’s game, but the NFL is all about prioritizing players and creating value with starters. Look at Goldson. He was franchised, made the Pro Bowl and the All Pro rosters, then was too expensive for the 49ers to re-sign. The 49ers didn’t want to make him a priority – especially because this year’s draft is deep at safety. The same thing could happen to Mike Iupati, and I have faith Baalke, Harbaugh and Solari have a contingency plan. Kilgore? Looney? Another draft choice? Only time will tell… But if you’re right, and Iupati is resigned, it’ll be because this year’s draft saw the 49ers start rookies, find value in those rookies, creating extra cap space for good veterans like Iupati. But again, I wouldn’t pay top dollar for a guard. I’d put the money towards Kaep, Crabtree and others while developing another cheaper guard to replace Iupati.

      • NoFear49er says:

        LOL, You’re always pushing the play the rookies angle but the doing away with TEs and LBs are from the old days at the Insider where you came up with a new plan for the future of pro football every week. It was more of a bad joke than a criticism.

        I have to admit your memory is better than mine about drafting Rachal though. I was thinking of him in the first Singletary draft. I forgot about him being drafted behind Balmer. I also forgot about our intentions for him at RT. I don’t think McCloughan paid him much though.

        Still the point is the same. Keep the best-in-the-league O-line together if at all possible. The offense depends on it. The first position I’d look at putting in a replacement is center. With solid guards and tackles it would be a good time to get younger there if anywhere.

        Don’t start agreeing with me. It makes me nervous.

      • Spitblood says:

        Typical. You concede points and then say I’m agreeing with you. You’re really spectacular at debate. I don’t remember writing on the Insider we should get rid of the linebackers and the TEs, but if I did it was to protest the direct the league was headed in a sarcastic way. Or maybe it was a fit or bout of insanity because McCloughan, York and Singletary were so freakin’ stupid. But I truly don’t remember writing it.

    • NJ49er says:

      I think this move means we’re settled at OT for the foreseeable future.
      There’s a good crop of project-type OTs that could be added late to have around for development.

      Now Baalke can concentrate on getting the Interior of the OL set.
      Just in case Iupati can’t be retained due to budget concerns.

      I’d consider a C in this Class, if Kilgore isn’t the heir apparent already.

      I foresee Boone being the designated Swing Man still.

  15. RTFirefly says:

    Kiss the Lions’ season goodbye. Damn shame the Niners don’t play them this year; all they’d have to do is get in a field goal duel.

    • NoFear49er says:

      I guess it depends on how Akers heals up, RT. He was a great addition for us until he got hurt. But it looks like Detroit is ready to come out shooting and maybe looking for a little comeback from Reggie. They may be better off going for it on some of those longer tries anyway.

      • rtfirefly2 says:

        Hey NoFear! Thanks for welcoming me back… I saw Jimmy Johnson awhile back saying (paraphrasing) that with other players, a choke would still grant a second chance (you hear that, Roger Craig?), but with a kicker he would have others in for tryouts the next day. Guess I belong to that school.

      • NoFear49er says:

        RT! Good to see your posts again after surviving the NM winter.

        Yeah, I think some coaches hate kickers anyway. “When they still call you by your number after three years you know you’d better make that kick.”

      • RTFirefly says:

        Just found other things to do in the offseason. Surprising amount in New Mexico once you open your eyes and look around, especially for a guy like me interested in history and archaeology… Still wearing my Niner baseball cap around, though!
        P.S. For the record, then I’ll drop the subject till next season – just to explain why I’m still chuckling. The UFO Coyotes were 5-7 and in 7th place out of 8. They won their last two regular season games by a combined FF total of 1 point, then squeaked into the last playoff spot (4th place) by about a half point. They were unstoppable in the postseason, though! If I didn’t hate the NY Giants so much, I would’ve renamed them that.
        Roadrunners next year…

    • Yeah I hate winter too. Damn if we didn’t have a couple days when the temperature plunged to 70. Cold snap!

      • RTFirefly says:

        Pffffft! It was really mild, Phil. Only snowed a half dozen times. That’s what I get for moving and dropping 2000 ft. Even so, we’re still in a drought and long overdue for a Donner Party experience (hmmm, must be dinnertime)…

      • Spitblood says:

        I just watched a documentary on those poor bastards. If this blog was stuck in a snow storm for as long as those poor bastards, we’d have an ace in the hole – Del’s liver. We could cut him open, cut off half, sew him back up, and live off half of Del’s liver for years. If we caught Del on a good bender, he wouldn’t even know what happened. He’d be drinkin’ Bud in a snow cave, eating his own liver for months. Bitchin’ there weren’t any mallards around….

  16. Spitblood says:

    Considering the draft, it’s important to at least guestimate what will go down at 32 and 33 (assuming we don’t trade 31 and 34). Unfortunately for Trent Baalke, the Ravens and Jaguars need just about everything. Under normal circumstances the Super Bowl winner is stacked, but not this year. The Ravens could be looking to replace Ed Reed. They also lost Pollard but replaced one of the two with Huff. The Ravens, and Ozzie Newsome, could be sneaky enough to jump ahead of the 49ers to pick a safety (knowing we lost Goldson) if they feel there’s a big difference between say Reed and Cyprens. If the Jaguars go with Shariff Floyd, like some mocks project, they won’t be interested in Kawaan Short (DT from Purdue) at 33. That could make the Niners go Reed at 31, Short at 34, even if Baalke has those two inverted regarding value on draft day.

  17. NJ49er says:

    I’m thinking Reid early too Spit, just for the fact that I value him higher in our scheme.
    There is good depth of course so, if he does come off the Board prior to 31 things could swing to another position of need.
    Datone Jones could make it to us at 31. Lots of talent to digest.

    I also wouldn’t put a Trade back option out of the equation.
    Still think our plan is grabbing Value.
    If Teams in the Top 10 want a QB, (NYJ?) we could easily entertain grabbing something into next year along with sliding back into Rd 2 this year. QBs should start making a lot of sense in Rd 2.
    Gonna be fun to see what Baalke has planned.

    BTW, good Group of Picks you’ve proposed. You’ve got several WRs listed that I like.
    Here’s my breakdown – I’ve done them as Slot and Outside options –

    WR – Slot
    Quinton Patton
    Markus Wheaton
    Josh Boyce

    WR Outside
    Justin Hunter
    Marquess Wilson
    Robert Woods


    Let Iupati walk? Mike Iupati is the Forty Niner’s best offensive lineman.
    Someone needs to get their head out of their ass making stupid remarks like this.
    The Forty Niner offensive line is condisered the best in the NFL and someone wants to let the main cog go.
    There are no short guards in the NFL anymore. They are all 6 foot 2 inches or taller.

    • Spitblood says:

      That’s why Baalke extended Anthony and not Mike…. ’cause Baalke’s dumb. Good argument. You must hate Baalke. Sucks to be a Niner hater.

      • TOUCHDOWN TOMMY says:

        OK Idiot Spitblood, name 3 current offensive guards in the NFL who are shorter than 6 foot 2.
        They no longer exist or are playing Arena Football.
        You like them short and stumpy but the question wasn’t about your taste in women.

      • Spitblood says:

        Not the argument…. and really not your debate. Go play with yourself. Let Unca use his right, Bullit use his left, and Tommy can flick his bean.



      Not my debate? You are a typical loser. When you can’t handle it you quit and take the ball home with you declaring game over. Story of your life?
      Funny as hell preferring short offensive guards when they don’t exist. It’s fantasy football for you. Hint, the tallest player on the Forty Niner Offensive line is GUARD Alex Boone at 6 foot 8.
      How’s that working out for you and your chump weakass theory?

  19. When’s the draft starting?

  20. NJ49er says:

    Here’s another guy to add to the ever popular ‘Sleeper List’

    British Discus Thrower Lawrence Okoye
    What a FREAK.

    • Spitblood says:

      What’s that guy gonna do in the NFL? Pass rush? I don’t see it.

      • NJ49er says:

        At best, he’s an extremely raw DE.
        Can’t teach athleticism.
        You can teach technique, if you care to be patient.
        It’s all about his desire to succeed.
        We have a guy like Tomsula who coached across the Pond too.

        Hey, Dr York is on the committee with Roger to sell NFLE.
        2 guys that will spearhead that effort are Margus Hunt and perhaps Okoye.

        Guy ran better 40 at 304 than guys 30Lbs lighter.
        It’s a reach.
        One never knows.

      • NJ49er says:

        We’ll be playing Jacksonville over there this Season.
        Stranger things have happened.
        This is where you use those Comp Picks, with guys you want to take a chance on.

      • NJ49er says:

        DE Bjoern Werner from FSU is another player from Europe that will have some immediate recognition.
        He’s flying below the radar on a lot of Draft Mocks.
        Crazy thing is, many people rate him at the Top of the DE spot.

        He’s hardly getting any Press?

  21. NJ49er says:

    Here’s my final choices for the NT position too –

    NT –
    John Jenkins – UGA
    Montori Hughes – TN Martin
    Brandon Williams – MO Southern St

  22. NJ49er says:

    I’m going to make an official addition to my earlier ‘Sleeper Picks’ too.

    Check out the DT from New Hampshire, Jared Smith.

    I’ve seen conflicting info on his measureables. 6’3″ 292 and 6’4″ 302
    Either way, small school guy of course, held his own with the bigger program guys.
    He’s in the mix with 129 Tackles 25.5 TFL and 12.5 Sacks.

    He’s worth consideration in the later rounds IMO.

  23. Nipper says:

    This place is getting too serious, too tame. Where’s all the BLEEPS? If this keeps up you’re going to be as boring as Flavor’s blog where everyone is trying to cure cancer.

  24. We need another joke or two from Del Mar. Meanwhile sending the son off to airport in AM back to LA after 3 great weeks over here.

    Will football ever be the cure fer cancer? Bleep that

    • RTFirefly says:

      I’m guessing that trading the Phillipines for LA is no upgrade. I’d love to go to the Phillipines, but LA? I’ve chockful of relatives there and been forced there to visit more times than I could count. Bleep! Now I have the New Mexico it’s too far and I’m too old excuse…

      • phil fan says:

        Yeah he thought he died and went to heaven when he got here March 19. I met him in Manila and flew back down here same day. Went to wife’s island (Camiguin) for 10 days. He was a pig in slop, a hog in heaven, newly in love, alice in wonderland. Sooo going back to LA / Orange county today was hard for him, no upgrade fer sure. LA? Fuck I’d take stinky, crowded Manila over the LA wasteland any day and so would he the poor bastid.

        (Wait, I Married his mother…)

        Yep totally understand yer aversion to LA. After all the hated Rams and Raiders once darkened those parts. Add congestion, air like Mordor, a drilled out landscape lookin’ like a Tiajuana root canal why RT despite my pack of retarded relatives in the area I swear on Del Mar’s gigantic stack on Bud Lite empties I will NEVER set foot in the “City of Angels” AGAIN in my expected life span of 25 years.

  25. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up . . .

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