17 Days til the Draft. Let the Speculation Begin

Well, this is down time. Unless you enjoyed A) the Giants getting their World Series Championship rings, raise the chamipnship banner, and see Buster get his hardware (NL MVP and Silver Sluggger awards (yay!)), and then B) watching St Louis crush them 14-3 on their way to taking 2 of 3 in the Giants home-opening series (ha ha, StL still blew the NLCS. Giants are the defending champs!).

Anyhow, most of the free agants have ben unfreed, moves have been moved, the player shuffles have been shuffled, and new coaching staffs have conveniently installed their scapegoats for the upcoming season. The draft is the next big event on the horizon. As usual, the consensus is that there’s no consensus regarding the 49ers. People have the Niners trading up for a bona fide safety lock in Brenda Vaccaro, trading up for a stud DT in say, Sheldon Richardson or Sylvester Williams; trading out of the 1st round (not sure why unless we get players); or merely waiting to see who’s left as the draft progresses, and still pick up guys like DT Margus Hunt and S Jonathan Cyprien. Dark horses like WR Keenan Allen from Cal get bandied about, as well as TEs like Zach Ertz and Tyler Eifert. The Niners ertainly have flexibility with these 2 picks so close to eachother, and teams despeate for someone could easily give the Niners an additional pick close to their spot anyway, and get their guy plus a pick. Curiouser and curiouser.

Frankly, I have no clue. I’ve been fairly good at figuring out needs at least, but I sure didn’t pick the last 2 first rounders in Aldon Smith and AJ Jenkins. 2010 was easy as the Niners NEEDED O line help at all costs, and drafted 2 guys (almost) back to back in Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati. I think trading back is out (5% chance), trading up is about a 20% chance, and standing pat to wait and see what is available is likely (75%) their strategy. Who they get at 31 and 34 is a mystery as well, but those 2 I mention above are likely. If not those guys, then guys that are in those positions. The farther down we go, the harder it gets to even guess as to what they do.

That all being said, I think the Niners go:

31 – S (Cyprien) – Big guy, hybrid like Baalke digs
34 – DL (Magnus Von Magnus) – Big, fast, physical, 26 tho
63 – CB (Blidi Wreh-Wilson) – Tall tough corner. Fast.
74 – WR (Da’Rick Rogers) – Big, strong, hard to tackle
93 – DE (Cornelius Washington) – Long lanky under-the-radar guy. Sound familiar?
128 – C (Brian Schwenke) – Schwing! Cal guy. Center.
131 – S (Honey Badger) – If he’s here, he’s worth the risk.
157 – RB (Lattimore) – Why not? Much like Frank Gore, a health risk that paid off greatly. He can wait on the bench a season.

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  1. unca_chuck says:

    That all being said, I think the Niners go:

    31 – S (Cyprien) – Big guy hybrid like Baalke digs
    34 – DL (Magnus Von Magnus) – Big, fast, physical, 26 tho
    63 – CB (Blidi Wreh-Wilson) – MOVED THIS TO MAIN THREAD ^^^^^^^^^>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>^^^^^^^^^
    74 – WR (Da’Rick Rogers)
    93 – DE (Cornelius Washington)
    128 – C (Brian Schwenke)
    131 – S (Honey Badger)
    157 – RB (Lattimore)

  2. JDR says:

    It seems with the Niners every year we can pick the positions they address early, but the players themselves sort of come out of left field. So that means they’re probably not as high on Cyprien and Hunt as people think, and my (entirely uneducated and ignorant) guess for the first two picks are: Datone Jones, DE, UCLA and Phillip Thomas, S, Fresno State. Could also see them taking Ertz with the 31 if they’re sure their defensive guy will be on the board at 34.

    As for the Giants, I’d be more worried if they didn’t start out a bit slow. They always seem to stumble a bit out of the gate. Besides, they’re just one Cain nightmare inning away from being 4-2.

  3. Spitblood says:

    Last year Baalke did tip his hand by drafting guys he brought into Santa Clara prior to the draft. Teams are allowed to bring in up to 30 college players pre-draft, and Baalke did draft some of the 30 guys he brought into Santa Clara – AJ Jenkins being one of them. So, Baalke might not be so unpredictable.

    Regarding all of our picks (and some claim we have too many) what about trading with the Oakland Raiders? The Raiders, next year, have like 87 million in cap room, and John Clayton reports they’ll only have 21 guys on their roster. This year they have 8 million left in cap room. That spells immediate rookie need, and a need for draft picks. McKenzie is gutting the team, and the team needs players. Could mean a great trading partnership between McKenzie and Baalke if they see eye to eye on value – and McKenzie accepts that Baalke has the leverage. McKenzie will want to move back to create more picks, Baalke might want to move up to create few picks but more quality. McKenzie = quantity, Baalke = quality.

    And what about the Carson Palmer deal to the Cardinals compared to the Alex Smith deal to the Chiefs? Forget about the 49ers and Raiders. When you think about the Chiefs and the Cardinals, who’d you rather be? Would you rather have Carson Palmer for peanuts, or Alex Smith for two second rounders? I’d rather have Carson Palmer for peanuts regardless if Palmer throws the occasional “flat pass,” because neither guy is winning you a Super Bowl. But I’m sure some on this blog (Alex Smith lovers) will see this as an abomination. Good for you. ABAS is live an kickin’ from this side of the fence, while I’m sure the Alexcuses will continue in Kansas City. What’ll it be? Bad KC line? Bad receivers? Andy Reid doesn’t know how to use Smith? I’m sure Skeebers and Reno are already planning their Alexcuses. I’m in a pickle – I want Smith to do well enough to bring us another second instead of a third or whatever, but I don’t want Smith to prove my geneous wrong by have a great year throwing the football. (I’m not worried). Carson can throw for 4,000 yards even with a bad wing. Can Smith?

  4. unca_chuck says:

    If Dildo can win a Super Bowl, Alex can. As far as the rest of your post goes, the only reason I want Alex to do well (I mean besides making you look foolish yet again) would be to get the favorable draft pick. He outduels Peyton Manning for the AFC Championship? Great.

    I mean how crazy would a KC/SF Super Bowl be??? Mentor and star pupil on opposite sides of the field? Young upstart QB vs cagey vet? It’s just like the Young/Montana Super Bowl that almost came to pass back in the day.

    Gold, I tell ya. Palmer will get maybe 3 games before he’s in the hospital with a ruptured body. I’m sure KC is doing backflips having Smith rather than Palmer.

    And Spitty, don’t be surprised to see an incendiary TT post heading your way.

    • Spitblood says:

      Oh no! …. please don’t sick that sicko on me. TT is the scourge of my geneousness.
      Fact is, the Cardinals are in a tougher position. Tougher division. No running game unless (and Arians most certainly will) the Cardinals draft a rookie running back. The Chiefs’ offensive line is better (with or without Joeckel), and the Chiefs have higher draft choices. We all….. everyone of us….. predict a big turn around for the Chiefs because they have been injured (Moaki, Berry, Charles and others) over the last two years, and Romeo Crenell is the Mike Singletary of the AFC. So if we’re linin’ up a for a wager between who will fair better between Smith and Carson, this needs to be factored in.

      The Chiefs have Bowe, and the Cardinals have Fitz. Advantage Palmer. Both have new head coaches, and I’d say that’s a wash although I prefer my boy Arians in Arizona over Andy in KC.

      The Cardinals (I think) were 5-10, the Chiefs were 2-14. I think the Chiefs will beat the Raiders twice (gutted), the Chargers twice (stink), and either lose twice to the Broncos or at least split with them. So inside the division, I say the Chiefs go 5-1.

      The Cardinals will lose to the 49ers and Seahawks twice, and they’ll lose to the Rams once, going 1-5. If you agree with this, ask yourself this important question: Would the outcomes be different if you switched qbs? Would the Chiefs go 3-3 with Palmer? Would the Cardinals go 3-3 with Smith? I say no. I say the landscapes of each division are already predetermined the regardless of qb.

      • philippinefan says:

        TT is takin’ notes and salivating at the thought of proving you wrong wrong wrongo. While I the humble (for good reason) Philmeister salute yer stones for making clear, concise perdictions about the fate of teams in our division. TT may have a photographic memory like a 50 TeraByte hard drive while I have merely 50 San Miguel Lites on hand. Still I’m hoping yer right on all those. Best thing is we’re all free to speculate about the future, right?

      • Spitblood says:

        I’m starting to like TT.

  5. snarkk says:

    If the Niners could get Keenan Allen I’d either get a hard on or a mild heart attack, or both…

  6. rtfirefly2 says:

    Who was it said about 100 years ago that Alex would be a great fit in Kansas City? Long before last season ended?
    Alex WILL be a great fit in KC. I followed the Chefs closely last year, and they were the best NFL team playing without a QB I’d seen in recent memory (admittedly, that’s not very long).
    Consider RT’s prognostication skills resurrected by the spirit of the San Antonio Talons, Nate Davis’ new Arena Football League team.

  7. RTFirefly says:

    P.S. The Niners will spend one of those 13 picks on one Nate Montana. You heard it here first…

  8. Spitblood says:

    Almost time for one of my favorite sporting events in America – The Masters. ” A Tradition Like No Other.” Who’s your horse? I like the South African – Charles “May the Schwartz be with you,” Schwartzel.


  9. philippinefan says:

    In the dead season of the off season I repost some recent chatter with RT:

    philippinefan says: … Meanwhile sending the son off to airport in AM back to LA after 3 great weeks over here.

    RTFirefly says: I’m guessing that trading the Phillipines for LA is no upgrade. I’d love to go to the Phillipines, but LA? I’ve chockful of relatives there and been forced there to visit more times than I could count. Bleep! Now I have the New Mexico it’s too far and I’m too old excuse…

    phil fan says: Yeah he thought he died and went to heaven when he got here March 19. I met him in Manila and flew back down here same day. Went to wife’s island (Camiguin) for 10 days. He was a pig in slop, a hog in heaven, newly in love, alice in wonderland. Sooo going back to LA / Orange county today was hard for him, no upgrade fer sure. LA? Fuck I’d take stinky, crowded Manila over the LA wasteland any day and so would he the poor bastid.

    (Wait, I Married His Mother…)

    Yep totally understand yer aversion to LA. After all the hated Rams and Raiders once darkened those parts. Add congestion, air like Mordor, a drilled out landscape lookin’ like a Tiajuana root canal why RT despite my pack of retarded relatives in the area I swear on Del Mar’s gigantic stack on Bud Lite empties I will NEVER set foot in the “City of Angels” AGAIN in my expected future life span of 25 years.

  10. NJ49er says:

    Get a look at SS Cooper Taylor from Richmond-
    Kid is close to 6’5″ 230+ ran in the 4.5s and is very physical. (240 tackles in 39 games)

    Had a medical condition (heart) which is apparently cleaned up now.

    A most curious option for me in the later Rds.

    • NJ49er says:

      04/08/2013 – 2013 Richmond Pro Day: Scouts brave the cold at Richmond Pro Day…The weather was crisp – about 35 degrees – for Richmond’s outdoor pro day on March 19. Scouts from 20 NFL teams braved the cold to watch seven players work out. Nobody there that had gone to combine, but there were three players of note: Cooper Taylor S (6-4??”, 228 pounds) – Taylor ran 4.58 and 4.49, did 36??” in the vertical, 10-foot-7 in the broad jump, 4.29 in the short-shuttle, 6.96 in the three-cone and 23 reps on the bench press. The coaches worked Taylor out as a linebacker. His official position will be strong safety, but he’s one of those guys who could possibly bulk up and play outside linebacker. Reminiscent of Kam Chancellor of the Seattle Seahawks. – Gil Brandt, NFL.com

  11. Nipper says:

    Isn’t anyone up? It’s getting cold in the van. Where’s the angst? No feuds? Come on Chuck fire the troops up! BLEEP YOU! Niners will ace this draft.


    Alex Smith just can’t escape the disdain and acrimony of his critics even in far off Missouri.
    What Alex Smith critics point out, that Jim Harbaugh made Alex into a good quarterback directly contradicts the constant offensive coordinator and coaching changes as a major factor in stifling his growth.
    Couple that with the fact that the Forty Niners were the worst team in football which accounts for their having the first pick of the draft means the team was clearly lacking in talent.
    So if Alex Smith had had Jim Harbaugh as his head coach from day one,Smith would have matured and grown as a quarterback much faster and be a more accomplished, polished passer.
    Calling hard core facts excuses shows the mind set of the critic.


    Spitblood just runs his mouth and keeps spewing bullshit comments which remarkably always turn out to be incorrect.
    From a few weeks ago
    “My perfect 49ers’ off season:
    If things were to fall just right in Spitblood Land, the 49ers would simply release Alex Smith. No games, no looking for compensation, just a release. I don’t think there’s a market for the guy at 8 million, I really don’t. I’ve said it time and time again….. the rookie salary cap is driving the price of mediocre qb play through the floor boards. Smith is really just a qb who knows defenses and doesn’t turn the ball over.”
    To not appreciate what Alex Smith has contributed to the Forty Niner resurgence shows a hater especially when he’s trumpeting Raider Carson Palmer as a better quarterback.

  14. NoFear49er says:

    I know he made it take a helluva lot longer than it should have. And was largely due to dumbing down the offense and his part in it. He was so freakin’ important the coach responsible gave him a one year, don’t cry deal and then showed him the door. Otherwise known as taking out the trash.


    Hard for you to sell the point of “dumbing down” an offense when your whole team is learning a new offense in a strike shortened pre-season and your quarterback is there at the inception.
    This season all the teams with new head coaches are getting a 2 week jump on other teams where things are status quo.
    Please give me other than a financial reason why Alex Smith is not on this team?

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      Because Kaepernick beat him out, mostly. When you have limited space in the garage, and you buy a Ferrari, you are not keeping your old Ford pickup that cannot get into 4th gear any more.

  16. NoFear49er says:

    It isn’t hard to sell, it’s common knowledge. It’s hard to buy if your mindset prevents processing anything from casting a negative shadow on your hero. A reason other than financial? Alex sucks at QB.

    If two weeks of classroom makes the difference Alex had the advantage of getting Harbaugh’s playbook before the lockout. Whatsup?

    And Carson Palmer is twice the QB Alex Smith is. Pro Bowls? Stats? Die-hard sympathy fans? Where you going with this argument?


      Twice the Quarterback? Carson Palmer?
      The Raiders traded him for a 7th round pick and a almost dry loogie.
      Time to open your eyes if you’re able.
      The facts are Carson Palmer quit on his last two teams.
      Nothing worse than your QB going AWOL on the team.
      Trade value is the currency of the NFL.
      Shall I explain that to you?

      • Spitblood says:

        But that’s the point, Chuck: The Cardinals got Carson for a song, so they’re better off. The Chiefs paid top dollar for Smith (2 high picks). Why’d the Chiefs do that? One reason is because Andy Reed is getting Dumb and Dumber. He allowed the Chiefs to try and make a splash in KC like he recently tried to do with “The Dream Team” in Philly. Harbaugh rehabilitated Smith and it was easier to sell Smith to KC fans. That’s why Harbaugh tried to make headlines saying, “We have the best qb situation in football here in SF!” Harbaugh, unlike all the other HCs we’ve had forever, recognizes the PR game outside the lines. But what if Andy isn’t the same coach as Harbaugh on the field? If you think Harbaugh > Reed (appetite not considered), than you recognize Smith’s play next year could decline. Even with the Chiefs’ deflated record that isn’t reality because Romeo Crenell stinks as a head coach, the Chiefs certainly aren’t the 49ers. So Smith won’t have the same support from his team (quality of players) AND he won’t have the same support from his coaching staff either. At least it’s a possibility that Smith’s play declines. If it does, were the two picks the Chiefs gave up worth it? Particularly when it was obvious the 49ers were going to have to part ways with Alex Smith when his roster bonus was due?

        I say the Cardinals made the smarter acquisition. But it’ll be hard to quantify that next year – regardless what happens.

      • TOUCHDOWN TOMMY says:

        You have no point.
        Just talking around in circles with mind numbing bullshit.
        Last 2 seasons Alex Smith was 19-5-1 as a starting quarterback.
        PR? That’s reality son. 90.7 and 104.1 Quarterback rating.
        I can quantify all those numbers for you if you’d like.

  17. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Keenan Allen just ran a 4.71 and 4.75 at his pro day. Are people sure he isn’t white?
    2/1 says he related to Craig Dahl.

  18. Spitblood says:


    Something relevant to what we’ve been talking about here on this blog. I disagree, but it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. Maybe I’m in the minority, but, as you may guess, I’m comfortable with that…


      That’s because you’re an idiot. They have 2 years to sign Mike Iupati.
      Iupati isn’t going anywhere but you act like the sky is falling because they signed Davis first.
      There is no rush or urgency here and therefore nothing to any story.
      You made way too much when they signed Anthony Davis.
      But you always have your head up your ass..

    • 12th man says:

      Spit I have to say you do argue all sides against the middle and proclaim yourself Nostradamus when you are inevitably correct on something. Having said that, not everything you write is total shit as Bullit claims. Some of your conclusions and thoughts are cogent with nuggets of wisdom hidden (deeply) inside the diatribe you call arguments.
      Speaking personally I am grateful you tone down the B.S. postings and take the abuse with good grace.
      Just wanted to say that out loud.

      • Spitblood says:

        Diatribe? That’s wrong. I practice brevity. I’m succinct with my words. I don’t preach. I let my vision germinate with gentle readers. I don’t try to hit them over the head. We’re all humans here. You can’t rule the world with insane visions of glory. It’s the meek who inherit Jessica Alba’s dirty underwear. That’s me. No diabetes.

      • NJ49er says:

        It also comes into the Contract Extension discussion, whether the guys want to play here Spit.
        I’m in for Aldon and Iupati in your scenario.
        Games are won in the trenches.
        Keep the Lines intact, if at all possible, IMO.

        If Crabtree wants too much money, ala Revis, the Market dictates his value.
        Baalke has been outstanding at tagging his guys at the right time and, not overspending.

        As we all know, Crabtree is coming to light now that Kaep is pulling the trigger.
        That chemistry never developed with Alex.
        Many of us called that into question from the start.

        When it comes to Crabtree and his potential extension, he’ll make the decision to stay or walk.
        We all know he’s a TX kid, Jerruh would love to take him from us I’m sure.
        Problem there is, Jerruh can’t manage a Cap.

        Fewer and fewer GMs are spending lavishly in FA when Rookies are at bargain prices.
        The good Teams will Draft well and keep their own.

      • I used to play off Del Mar but he’s quiet now. So it’s Spitwad now who was actually one of the few contributors here early on. He’s vastly calmed down to point of normality. No probs there long time despite Chuck’s pissing on him recently. Used to be Chuck would ignore the Del Mar / Spitwad crap and go over to Skeewads. And this place was dead except fer Nip and me chirping in once in awhile. ….but I still liked it better than the Skeewad joint….

        One question remains: Who the fuck is TD Tommy? Waz his connection to Bullit AKA skeewad? To chuckles? Fuck it’s the blogwoild so we’ll prolly never know. Ok that’s 3 questions. “Fuck You”, he concluded…

        TT is nothing but a troll until proven otherwise.

      • Spitblood says:

        Philippinefan – UncaChuck is Tommy Touchdown. UncaChuck is also Bullit over on Skeeber’s blog. Personally, I don’t think many people think the gig is all that clever. I think Chuck just doesn’t want people to know he’s home blogging all the live long day. The reality is Chuck could have a nice blog if he stopped pissing on it. Far superior to Skeeber’s blog.

      • phil fan says:

        Spit sez:

        “Philippinefan – UncaChuck is Tommy Touchdown. UncaChuck is also Bullit over on Skeeber’s blog….. The reality is Chuck could have a nice blog if he stopped pissing on it. Far superior to Skeeber’s blog.”

        I know that’s yer theory Spit and I agree we all should just stick to one ID and live with it but maybe this is amusing or drives up traffic? But for all the weirdness here it’s far superior to Skeebs shithole. Mainly the chief shit hole Skeeber. The Blindsider, the cold- cocker par excellence. The moron in chief. But I digress…

        For better or worse I’m sticking with youse guys over here. Glad some have migrated over here too

    • NJ49er says:

      Spit I think the reason Anthony got extended first is due to the Draft considerations.
      By wrapping up Anthony now, they likely take the OT considerations out of the equation.

      This Draft Class has excellent OT depth and, by knowing AD is onboard now, could make the position less important in the earlier Rds.

      Just my opinion of course…..

      Iupati is a mauler. The Larry Allen kind of guy you want in a Power Run game.
      Both AD and Iupati have had issues in Pass Pro but are getting better with time.
      Once we sure up the C position with a younger option, our OL could easily be considered one of the best in the League.

      Me likee Schwenke from Cal to fit that projection if Kilgore isn’t already our answer.

      • 12th man says:

        Iupati is a monster, probably the best LG in football today. The argument that guards are 10 a penny is all well and good but guards like Iupati, Larry Allen etc are rare and very few and far between. Guaranteed Baalke tries his utmost to extend him. Iupati is more valuable than Joe Staley to the line. Boone played LT in relief very well BTW, I expect Boone to take over that spot in due course.

      • Spitblood says:

        Let’s take Aldon, Crabtree and Iupati. Let’s assume you can’t have ’em all. I re-sign Aldon and Crabtree long before I re-sign Iupati because it’s easier to replace a guard. We struggle as an organization to find receivers. We all know it. We also haven’t had a pass rusher on the team since ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..still thinking……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Chris Doleman? Andre Carter? It’s about potential replacement. The replacement doesn’t have to play at the same level, mind you. He just has to play at a level that sees the team, or unit he’s apart of, function. Crabtree gets replaced by Ricardo Lockette and the passing game doesn’t function nearly as well. Aldon gets replaced by Cam Johnson and the pass rush and pass defense takes a huge hit. But what if Looney or Kilgore replace Iupati? I think the team and offense still function better than those other alternatives. Can we run power left as well? No, but as a whole, the offense or team functions better with Kilgore or Looney at guard than it does with Lockette at WR or Cam Johnson at OLB. Just my opinion.

        Aldon, Iupati and Crabtree will all want big money. Can’t have ’em all, and it’s about replacements.

      • Spitblood says:

        Actually, to be fair…. Lockette wouldnt be the replacement, it would be Jenkins. And Cam wouldn’t replace Aldon, it would be Parys. But the argument remains..

      • 12th man says:

        I understand your argument Spit, but the premise is flawed. The Niners will keep the outstanding players on the team with few exceptions. The new rookie wage scale allows them the latitude to do it as does being a Superbowl caliber team players will take a discount to play for. Granted Aldon, Iupati, Crabs, Kap are all looking for the big payday but the Niners don’t overpay anybody, at least they don’t anymore and with 2 years to spread out the deals it can be done.

        Some decent players, let’s call them the B team, will leave for free agency to cash in and good luck to them. They can be replaced through the draft or inexpensive FA acquisition with little to no drop off. The A team is a small number of extremely hard to replace players made affordable, at least in salary cap terms, due to the low cost of B team players and the now affordable rookie cost. You have been making the argument that the team can replace just about anybody with cheap rookies. That’s wrong. The A team players can not be easily replaced by inexperienced cheap rookies without substantial drop off. But the paradigm shift the rookie pay scale has ushered in and the commensurate lowering of FA signing deals makes keeping a larger number of star players a viable solution.

        At least that’s my take on it.

      • Spitblood says:

        It won’t be an issue of overpaying for Aldon, Iupati or Crabtree. They’ll all get fair market, and with the salary cap so low, we can’t afford all three of them.

        Let’s say for argument sake I’m right that we won’t be able to afford all three. Who’s your odd man out? Mine is Iupati. We now have Colin Kaepernick. Alex Smith is gone. If Alex Smith was our qb, Crabtree would be my odd man out. But Kaep can sling it, so that makes Crabtree that much more valuable to our offense. AND Kaep is elusive and Roman is creative. Iupati is better at run blocking than he is pass blocking. It’s easier to replace Iupati with Kilgore or Looney than it is replacing Crabtree with Jenkins, or Aldon with Parys.

        I’d rather have Aldon and Crabtree. Aldon might be the single greatest pass defender on the team. Justin is getting older. And Aldon’s future will only get brighter as he matures. Iupati, I doubt, will get better at pass pro. Crabtree is just now starting to blossom.

        I respect everyone’s views on this. I just think Aldon and Crabtree will be made more of a priority than Iupati.

      • JDR says:

        That’s the thing with Iupati- decent guards aren’t a huge value, but in the Niner offense a guard who can pull out and lead block the way Iupati does is arguably second only to the LT in terms of value. If they keep Iupati, they could actually look to save cash on running backs, letting Gore play out his last couple years and then staying with the cheaper interchangeable-type guys who will look better due to the blocking scheme (think early-oughts Denver with a different OL style)

  19. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Chuck with a Brenda Vaccaro reference. Not too shabby. She of course starred in “Midnight Cowboy” (1969) which as most know has the distinction of being the only X-Rated film to win the Best Picture Oscar.

    We used to call me younger brother “Rizzo” when he was kid. Now of course Rizzo plays 1B for the Cubbies.

  20. NJ49er says:

    Spit the trick for Baalke and Paraag is to identify the talent that they plan to retain.
    Parys is done after this year, he could get bounced after Camp.
    Guys like Cam and Darius could be the guys to do it.

    We’re at a point now that is enviable to many other Teams in the League.
    We’re young, we’re winning and we’re retaining talent.

    As you suggest, decisions have to be made and they’re always tough.
    Look at Jerruh, the dumba$$ is paying Doug Free $10Mil at RT.
    Now he needs players and can’t find money to pay them.

    The Cap management piece of this League is HUGE.
    Good Teams survive, the free spenders get pummeled eventually.

    Chicago held onto to Urlacher WAY too long.
    Good GMs have to see those issues coming, have them covered with younger depth, and manage to pay the right guy at the right time.

    Would you take on Revis for example? ACL just repaired, huge Contract attached, and he’s in the Final year of his deal.
    Spells disaster to me. TB is nuts to take on that gamble IMO.
    I’d let the NYJ keep him and see what he can do while he’s on their Roster this year.
    If he’s healthy, pursue him in FA next year.

    • NJ49er says:

      Do you think Anthony Davis is better than Doug Free?
      He just signed an extension for less than $10Mil/yr.
      He obviously wants to be here.
      Goldson left for money elsewhere.
      It’s always a 2-way street when you negotiate Contracts in this game.
      You hope the guys you want to keep also want to stay.

      Jerruh is a clown, he extended Romo to find Cap relief first and foremost.
      He’s all about splash. Always has been.
      Very successful businessman somehow though.
      He’s clueless as a GM.

      Top 10 reasons the Cowboys are dysfunctional, it starts and ends with Jerry Jones.

      • phil fan says:

        Yes it does. The shit starts at the top and flows on down. When Niners ownership turned to shit -Eddie/Carmen = our cake was baked fer the next 10 fuckin’ years


    Brooks, Staley, Vernon Davis and Rogers will have to renegotiate the back end of their deals or be cut loose.
    They will all be in their 30’s and that’s where you find the money to sign the younger stars..
    Letting Mike Iupati go in his prime is sheer stupidity. You at least slap a franchise tag on him.
    All Pro Guards do not grow on trees. Unfortunately that was a foolish observation with little merit.

    • NJ49er says:

      I’m curious to see how Carlos fairs with Nnamdi on the Roster now Tommy.
      I’m not ruling out the possibility that Carlos is either restructured or, flat out released if Nnamdi provides enough of an argument to take his spot on the Roster.

      We’ll get younger in the Secondary after Draft weekend concludes.
      We just need to develop them while the Vets hold down the positions.

    • philippinefan says:

      Yeah good point = let’s keep Iupati fer sure

  22. NJ49er says:

    With money saved on Goldson, and Alex Smith, Baalke was able to add depth and move some of that savings toward Anthony Davis.

    Paraag gets a lot of credit in this process as well.
    We are fast becoming a Model Franchise because, the Front Office is making smart business decisions on players that deserve to be paid.
    The contingency is always to have depth, in case you can’t retain the guys you want to keep.


    Just a few years ago both fans and local media were mocking Paraag Mareth.
    Turns out to be a very smart guy with multiple degrees and a guy that understands contracts and the salary cap.
    Just like these so called fans were laughing at Trent Baalke’s name equating him to a character on the show “Perfect Strangers”. Ignorant people can be foolish judging anyone by their name and just because you are not familiar with his resume and accomplishments.
    People that mocked Baalke like the Terry Donahue and the Joe Thomas names because they are apple pie and safe never mind they were incompetent. Ignorance goes hand in hand with intolerance.

  24. RTFirefly says:

    Jaysus Chuck-
    This Elmer Gantryish holier-than-you hypocrisy from quarters that have always maintained that Alex Smith has always been a good-to-great starting QB in the NFL is making your blog funnier and more ironic than The Daily Show…

  25. NoFear49er says:

    The stark hypocrisy is what makes it so funny from the guy of a thousand screen names who mocks everyone and every opinion not in line with his.

    IIRC people were irritated with Marathe’s (not Mareth) seat in the booth and mic to the coach and mostly his spread-sheet method of drafting players.

    Take your trolling bullshit back home to the protection of your defend-Alex-at-all-costs homies, homie.



      Everything you accuse me of you yourself are guilty of , but you’ve always lived the double standard with postings festooned with hypocrisy.
      Look in the mirror before you start casting stones .
      Make it your life’s mission to follow Alex Smith around the NFL and bash him.
      I supported Alex Smith when he was the starting quarterback of the Forty Niners and they were winning. Something you couldn’t do and you disappeared from the Forty Niner blogosphere for almost the entire season and it was so obvious.
      So where were you when the team went 13-3 and defeated the New Orleans Saints in the Playoffs? Can’t handle the truth and deal with what’s real?

      • NoFear49er says:

        How is it you know anything about such history anyway? I thought your story was you were new here.

        Your reality is anything but real and truth. Stick with what you know and you won’t sound so stupid. Understand that will necessitate taking your act to the ‘idiotic clown’ blogs.

      • Spitblood says:

        It’s not clever or strength of any kind for the blog host to have two different screen names. Nobody is falling for Unca Chuck as Touchdown Tommy. The reality is Chuck’s voice is convoluted because he takes different positions with both screen names. In my opinion it just hurt Chuck’s blog.

  26. unca_chuck says:

    Well, thank God we have you to keep score, RedBullittDog TT. You’ve catalogued and tracked every post made by everyone on this blog and Skeebers for 3 years running. Bully. When the team sucks, they catch heat, eh? I dogged Marathe mainly beause he was Nolan’s eye-in-the-sky where it came to the red flag back in the day. When Nolan challenged the FG with a red flag that was not a flaggable situation, he looked like an idiot. Like I said earlier, when the team wins, they all look like geniuses. Lose and they don’t. I’ve gone over this before. The only diff between 2010 and 2011 was Harbaugh. Granted, the team drafted well sporadically in the late 2000s, but when Singletary was shown the door, NO ONE thought the Niner front office was anything but a disaster. Too many chiefs, no communication, major clusterfuck. To look back now and say we were stupid for questioning the FO is laughable. If you had said after Sing was shown the door that the Niners would be instant Super Bowl contenders, I’d take that 6:34 post a little more seriously.

    We’ll all see this year, RTF. With Alex gone, I seriously don’;t give a rat’s ass, other than the fact that if Alex does well we get a 2nd rounder. KC is a decent team that had squadoosh at QB last year. Granted, they’ll get better than 2-14 because they play in a weak-assed division, but how much better remains to be seen. If he falls on his face, will I cry? No, but I think he’ll do well enough to get KC into playoff contention. I just glad the Niners got what they got for him. For all the pissing and moaning around Alex all these years, I nailed the call that he’d get traded, and what they got for him.

    Elmer Gantry? Please. Since we’re all speculating here, it’s comments like that which make me think you are TT. My take on Alex is was and will be that he was misused/fucked over by Nolan/Sing, and finally had decent coaching in 2011-2012. He took advantage of it, but was outshined by Kappy. He ain;t Jesus, or the 2nd coming of Joe, but he ain’t Tebow either.

  27. RTFirefly says:

    Me as TT? Now THAT’S funny, Chuck.
    Lest you forget, I picked Alex to go the Chiefs first. In the nation as I recall, since I found other references to such a move anywhere but in my typed words…
    And in Tim Tebow’s last chance as a starting QB (in only his second year in the league no less), he led a team which hadn’t made the playoffs in years, was 1-5, and proceeded to pave the way to be able to throw for over 300 yards in a big upset (I predicted) over the defending AFC Champions IN THE PLAYOFFS.
    When did Alex ever lead a team comeback like that in the NFL?
    You as Skip Bayless perhaps.

  28. RTFirefly says:

    *no* other references – my editing error

  29. RTFirefly says:

    Ahhh, it’s good to be back LOL. Has the season started yet?

  30. unca_chuck says:

    Hmmm, how about 2 TDs in the final 2 minutes vs NO? How quickly you forget. Where is ol’ Timmy these days? Trying to catch on as a punt returner?

    I don;t think you are TT, RTF. He’s his own special brand of looney. But since everyone seems to enjoy accusing others of being still other others, when in Rome . . .

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      We are all Spartacus.

      • philippinefan says:

        Funny I’m reading (audiobook actually) The Peloponnesian War by Thucydides, Spartans vs Athenians. Spartacus came later in the Roman Republic but like us he fought a hopeless and losing war. Luckily for him it wasn’t against nameless foes in the blogosphere.

        (Was that yer point GG?)

  31. unca_chuck says:

    Look, is Timmy T-bow suffering the safe fate as Alex? I don’t really buy that, as he’s been around the NFL for quite a while now, and he rarely seems to be thought of as a viable NFL QB. During the grind of preseason, practices, the regular season, and all that, i don’t think the coaches are saying “Yeah, he’s good, but the whole God thing turns me off.” Coaches are about results, and he doesn’t get much praise for his accuracy, his footwork, or his mechanics.

    The hooraw around his faith is a red herring. it has nothing to do wth his aility. NFL coaches don’t care. Woody was a fool for gettng him from Denver, as it was strictly a PR stunt that backfired. Look at Smith. Lousy coaching, lousy results. Good coach, good results. Would Tebow do better in a system built around him? Possibly, but his flaws follow him wherever he goes. Smith always had at least the ability, mechanics, and footwork, flawed as it may be, to be at least a viable NFL QB.

    Shit, can’t get away from Alex . . . even after he’s gone.

    • JDR says:

      If Tebow were a red-headed Lutheran from Ohio he’d be selling cars for a living right now. The only reason he ever even sniffed an NFL roster, let alone the first round of the draft, is the huge bucks he brings from the God Squad.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Really? What’s the “God Squad” and what’s your source on that claim?

      • unca_chuck says:

        You need a source, NoFear? Look at all the lunatics levelling death threats at John Elway for daring to question Tebow’s ability. Or the uproar around this season in Denver where fans were (seriously) questioning whether getting Manning over Tebow was the correct move.

      • JDR says:

        The church groups who raised money to put a billboard on I-25 asking Broncos management to start Tebow? The fans who made his jersey one of the top selling in the league when he was drafted by Denver and again when he was traded to the Jets?

        Maybe… just maybe… THAT “God Squad”?

      • NoFear49er says:

        Not very definitive is it. Sounds like a convenient term for disparaging the guy along with his fans and faith all at once. Luckily for his in-your-face critics he’s not muslim.

    • JDR says:

      It’s incredibly definitive. He has a group of ardent supporters who will back him on every team he goes to because he is an evangelical Christian. If you really think his faith has been anything but a huge boost to his popularity and NFL career you’re a fucking idiot.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Well, that wasn’t the question was it. I asked what you meant by ‘God Squad’ and what you used to base your claim that it was the only reason he was in the NFL. Disregarding his Heisman, college championships and other outstanding accomplishments to bash his faith makes you the fucking idiot as well as an intolerant asshole.

        Do you think Reggie White couldn’t play football either?

      • JDR says:

        Reggie White is the all-time NFL sack leader. Tim Tebow can’t throw a goddam spiral fifteen yards down the field. The guy is a good athlete and a very good college player, but it’s been proven beyond even the slightest doubt that he is not a good NFL quarterback. Virtually everyone who has watched him and isn’t blindly advocating for him because they want to see an outspoken Evangelical Christian as a star NFL QB knows this.

        And if not liking the Evangelical platform of denying others civil rights based on where they want to put their genitals makes me ‘intolerant’ than yes, I guess I’m not a very tolerant person when it comes to ignorance and hate.

      • NoFear49er says:

        JDR, plenty of great college players have a rough time making the transition to the pros. It seems your problem with Tebow lies elsewhere. We put up with Alex Smith since ’05.

        As far as your perception of the ‘Evangelical platform’, everyone has some problem with who does what with/to whom. It’s merely a matter of where the line is drawn. A difference of opinion does not always equate to hate and ignorance.

  32. Grumpy Guy says:

    Chuckle. Something in my last post triggered Chuck’s Spam Filter. Maybe the name, “Chilo Rachal?”


    Let’s clear some things up on the red flag challenge myths. Nolan did allow Marathe to sit with the coaches as an extra set of eyes but the big myth was Marathe was the decision maker on when to throw the challenge flag. That is absolutely false and everyone started hating Paraag and got their knickers in a twist because they believed this and it was never explained fully.
    Singletary changed things when he become the full time head coach. He hired ex NFL referee the retired Ron Blum to review plays. In hindsight this was a shrewd and smart move.
    Currently Harbaugh relies on the coaches in the booth specifically Fangio and Roman and the other coaches in the booth. He also hold them accountable.

  34. RTFirefly says:

    Wow. Alex, backed up by the league’s best defense and best offensive line, managed a couple minutes of highlights in his 18th year. I’m impressed.
    That was Tebow’s FIRST extended tryout as a starter coming in his 2nd season. On a team that was in tatters when he took over. Hmmm, how did Alex hold up emotionally and on the scoreboard on a moribund team? Ahet, ahem.
    As far as the Jets’ judgement qualifying as an indictment of Tebow,

    • unca_chuck says:

      Denver’s defense was hurt when Orton was pulled. And they were hardly in tatters. They were a middle-of the-road team in the weakest division in football. Their defense improved as the season went along. And they won 1 of 5 to steam into the playoffs. The only reason they MADE the playoffs was because the Raiders cratered nearly as bad, and the Chargers couldn’t overome their 6 game losing streak.

      The big question is, why isn’t Tebow playing QB anywhere? The Jets may be stupid, but no one is throwing a 2 and a 4 (or even a bag of footballs) athe Jets for his services. To say it’s his faith is to ignore the reality that there are a growing number of coaches who have seen his practices to understand that he’s a liability at QB. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • RTFirefly says:

        Yes, I’d say 1-5 (4-12 in 2010) in the weakest division in football qualifies as “middle-of-the-road”. In Not Dead Long Enough Al’s universe perhaps.
        After all, before Tim Tebow arrived, the Broncs steamrolled their way into the playoffs.
        In 2005.
        Face it, Chuck, you have no facts, zero, zip, nada, based on Tim Tebow’s career record as a starter to criticize him, criticism which only conceivably makes sense if you’re just a Woody/RexMark Sanchez sycophant.

  35. unca_chuck says:

    Well, NoFear, the reality of the situation is, for all the poeple that say Tebow isn’t being given a fair chance because of his outspoken faithiness, there are some who think the only reason he IS getting more than enough chances is BECAUSE of his outspoken-ness regarding his faith.

    There are plenty of heismann winning QBs who weren’t worth 2 turds in the NFL, but few have garnered the roiling animosity that Tebow has.

  36. RTFirefly says:

    New York is the bastion of clean-living Christianity. That makes Tebow a natural fan favorite there. Look how the fans there deified Joe Namath.

    • JDR says:

      No, seriously… are you actually trying to make this argument?
      I can appreciate a good troll. But you can’t really be this stupid, can you?

      • RTFirefly says:

        Huh? If you want to talk really stupid, read my above post and let me have at you, too, after you criticize Tebow after reviewing his NFL career record as a starter.
        I’m waiting.

      • JDR says:

        So you’re going to forgo individual metrics which may actually reflect on a player’s performance and rely on collective team stats? Ok. Going on that, Tim Tebow is still a terrible QB. Peyton Manning dwarfed his stats with the same team.

  37. Nip is smiling somewhere in his van.

  38. unca_chuck says:

    Whatever, RTF. Again, if he’s so good, why isn’t anyone tryng to get him?

    8-6 as a starter. 17 TDs, 9 picks, 6 rushing TDs, and 15 fumbles. 173 for 361, an abysmal 47.8 completion %age.

    1-1 in the playoffs.

    Be still my heart.

    NFL QBR?
    2010 – 82.1
    2011 – 72.9

    2010 – 58.5
    2-11 – 29.9

    None of these numbers put him anywhere but in the bottom 5 in the NFL.

    1-1 playoff record? His playoff legacy is a 12 yard slant that was taken to the house in OT. Huzzah.

    Hey, Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl. No one equates him with anything resembling a good QB.

  39. unca_chuck says:

    In other words if Tebow qualified in 2010, he would have been 20th in QBR. He was 28th in 2011.

  40. Spitblood says:

    Sweet Christmas, you guys are talking Tebow a few weeks before the draft?

    I have one question for everyone on this blog: If you had to chose two out of three, but couldn’t have all three, who would you chose between Crabtree, Iupati and Aldon?

    • phil fan says:

      A headache inducing question that we won’t have to face. Hopefully.

      However I will always choose Benmore and San Miguel Pilsen over Red Horse.

  41. NoFear49er says:

    Spitblood, Tommy Touchdown is your nemisis, Bullit. He’s here dogging you. No one left at Skeebers’ place to antagonize I suppose.

    And the walrus is Paul. Coo coo ca-choo.



      Nemisis? Bullit? Are you sure or just fishing? I’ve been accused of being everyone on this blog on a daily basis. Nice try but I am Touchdown Tommy.
      Don’t be jealous that nobody is confusing you with anyone else.
      That’s a neat magic trick when you disappear for 80% of a season when Alex Smith was doing well in 2011.
      Very funny when you use the quitter Carson Palmer as your idea of a decent quarterback.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Pathetic basement dweller. Same writing style. Same wordings. Same wake up time. Same beddy bye. Same biases and issues. Same sniping at the same posters. It’s not rocket surgery. The intel is a solid 5×5. Everyone knows it, except Spitblood and Chuck.

    • Spitblood says:


      Bullit = UncaChuck = Tommy Touchdown, and he really doesn’t bother me….
      Unca also used to blog as DirtDiver on the Chronicle…. I called him PenisDiver. Unca knows a good time when he hears one.

      • NoFear49er says:

        DirtDiver was another of bullit’s many aliases. Ask him.

      • TOUCHDOWN TOMMY says:


        Funny how when you can’t handle the debate you resort to labeling posters and personal attacks. Smear the poster and assassinate and impugn his name to avoid answering tough questions.
        See through your chickenshit tactics shifting the focus off the topic that you can’t seem to handle..
        You’re a regular Sherlock Holmes and it’s laughable citing sleep patterns and writing style.
        I post when I can but never thought it would ever be part of a wacko conspiracy theory investigation by the likes of you.
        Want to count the peanuts in my stool?
        I applaud and salute this guy Bullit because he really has gotten under your skin and it is amusing to see you squirm. I would give him more accolades but that would result in more innuendo games from you.
        NoFear seems to be misnomer and you might consider substituting intelligence.
        Don’t want to take away from your fun and adventure trying to “out” me.
        Just call me Touchdown Tommy.

      • TOUCHDOWN TOMMY says:


        Tell me more about how Carson Palmer excels as a superior Quarterback in your mind when he has quit on his last two teams with the intention of screwing them?
        Any correlation to disappearing for almost an entire season when an Alex Smith led Forty Niner team make it to the NFC Championship? They say actions speak louder than words.

  42. NJ49er says:

    What I’d like to know, prior to the Draft is, how tall is Elam and what was the 40 time for Cyprien?
    Numbers on both seem to be varied or in Combine terms, DNP.
    Elam at 6’+ would be excellent. I’ve seen him described more often as 5’9″.
    I’d be VERY suspect of another short SS. He does play like a monster however.
    If Cyprien ran 4.4-4.5, I’m in. He’s a tackling machine.

    Either way, If there’s a Deal in the works to Trade up in Rd 1, go get Star, only if he eludes the Top 10.
    Vacarro ran in the 4.6 range from numbers I was able to obtain. Very pedestrian.
    Cyprien, DNP in the 40 in Indy.’

    I’ll be happy at 31 with Eric Reid, Datone Jones or another gem on the DLine that might slide.
    Could see Margus Hunt at 34. Reid and Hunt 1,2 wouldn’t bother me a bit.

    My plan of attack, to compete with Russell Wilson is, SPEED.
    Collapse the pocket on him, contain him, take away his targets in the Secondary with faster taller DBs.
    Can’t wait for the Draft action.

    • NJ49er says:

      I just feel that Baalke is going to target the FS ahead of the SS since Whitner is still in the mix.
      A guy like CB Jonathan Banks is interesting too. He could be on the Board at 31.
      My feeling is that we should target the FS at 31, since Baltimore is likely looking to replace Ed Reed right behind us.

      One thing about the Rookie Cap, it promotes lots of Trades because the money isn’t prohibitive any longer.
      We have plenty of Picks to play with so, that plays to our advantage.

      I’m also in favor of grabbing a CB like David Amerson and converting him to the FS position as well.
      I like TJ McDonalds’ size and speed, but I’d convert him from FS to SS.
      He doesn’t cover very well but, he’s probably a major improvement on Whitner, who can’t cover at all.

    • NJ49er says:

      Might be pretty enjoyable watching Russell Wilson trying to throw over Margus Hunt.
      The DE from SCAR, Devin Taylor is another tall option in the Mid Rd area.
      He’s listed at 6’7″.
      He’s very young and still needs to develop though.
      He’s more of developmental option at this point.

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        Speaking of the Gamecocks, I like their FS, D.J. Swearinger. He’s moving up a lot of draft boards. Not sure he’s quite worthy of a selection at 31 or 34, but don’t think he’ll be around at 63 either. That entire South Carolina defense was very stout. Leave it to Spurrier of all people to be now known for his defense.

      • NJ49er says:

        Yes Swearinger is in the conversation Del.
        He’d fit what we do but, I’ve migrated to other options with better speed.
        Kid is a hitter.

        We’ll find out what Baalke has up his sleeve in 2 weeks.

      • JDR says:

        Hunt is developmental as well, dude is from Estonia and only picked up the game a few years ago. He’s also 26 years old.

  43. Del Mar Dennis says:

    I have to stop reading that goddamn Bleacher Report. There’s all kind of talk over there of moving UP to draft Tavon Austin. Jesus H. Christ Almighty. If that happens this headcase is going to blow one humongous head gasket.

    • NJ49er says:

      I’d love to have Austin Del.
      Kid is electric.
      He’s Percy Harvin without the headaches, pun intended.

      I’d hoped early on that he’d get into the lower end of Rd1 where we’d have a shot at him.
      Now he’s looking like a Top 15 Pick.

      We might very well obtain similar production from LMJ.
      But, trust me, Tavon Austin is a bonafide weapon.

      I just hope we don’t have to defend him in St Louis.

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        We cannot, I repeat, CANNOT draft another WR in the first round. We drafted our Tavon Austin in the first rd last year. We cannot compound that mistake with another right on top of it. And we’re going to have problems covering the Rams’ wideouts no matter who they have. As long as we start Dahl and Whitner at safety we’re just going to have problems. Period.

      • NJ49er says:

        We’ll likely go for a WR in Rd 2 or 3.
        Maybe seek a pair from this Class?
        I’d look to get an outside threat and a Slot guy.

        Ricardo Lockette could be ready to contribute for us this Season too.
        He’s a missile.

  44. NJ49er says:

    Dahl is a stop gap while we groom the Draft Pick IMO.
    Austin is sort of Jack of all Trades.
    Excellent in the kicking game too.
    he’s a converted RB with excellent speed and catches very well.
    Speed kills in this era of the NFL where less and less contact is being permitted.
    We should seek speed first and foremost in the Secondary choices this year.

    If Baalke feels comfortable with Tyrann Mathieu, we’ll get a good slot CB in him along with PR ability.

    If not, Robert Alford could help there too.
    Plenty of other options to choose from too.
    This Draft Class is loaded with WRs and DBs.
    We’ll get younger and faster from this Draft for sure.

    Lest we forget, Jerry Rice had a pretty pedestrian Rookie year too.
    They just went to him more back then.
    AJ has great hands, at least he showed them in College.
    We’ll see how he progresses.
    Fortunately, we don’t need to rely on him very heavily right now.

  45. unca_chuck says:

    I really don’t see a WR in the first. Or 2nd round. And I certainly don’t see them trading up to get one. I’m fairly sure they go safety, DT. at 31 and 34. Everyone’s picking Magnus von Magnusson at 34 so it probably doesn’t happen.

    Thanks for your concern about my blog, Spitty.Can you feel the sarcasm?

    TT, you can change your name, but you can’t change your stripes.

    • NJ49er says:

      Trade ups are easier and much less expensive outside of Rd 1 of course too, Chuck.
      If we hit on Pick 31, Hunt might not automatically be considered a lock at 34.
      Jesse might be graded higher than Margus.

      As always, the Board dictates the action.
      Might have the ability to slide back into Rd 2 or 3 and still land guys Baalke has targeted.

      I’m hoping Star slides a little but, I’m highly doubting it.
      We could take a shot into the Top 15.
      Grabbing a guy before the Rams would be a major motivation.

  46. unca_chuck says:

    NJ, I like Blindi over Alford, but we’ll see. Alford needs to mature some to be able to play consistently. Although Blindi isn’t really a great name for a CB.

    • NJ49er says:

      Blidi is on my list too Chuck.
      I’m thinking a tall guy and a slot guy at the CB position.
      The beauty of this Draft for us is, we don’t need immediate starters and, we’ve got a ton of Picks to play with.
      These Picks are more about getting depth and youth in areas of need.

      Since you mention it, here’s my CB list.

      CB –
      Jonathan Banks
      Robert Alford
      Blidi Wreh-Wilson

      Since we’ve got the ammo to use, we could go shopping for the CBs in Rd 3.
      My 2 main targets from this Class are Eric Reid and OLB Jamie Collins.
      There a numerous other options in areas we need that could be had in the mid to later Rds.

      Check the DT from UNH, Jared Smith.
      He could be Justin-light for the future.

    • NJ49er says:

      Whether it’s Margus or Datone, Jenkins or another DT, we’ll find the necessary additions I’m sure.
      Slotting is the key.
      Just have to hope the Board aligns for us with the targeted Players.

  47. NJ49er says:

    Our team speed needs to improve in the Secondary and, we need to pressure the QB.
    After that, it’s all about depth for me.

    Here’s the OLB group I’ve arrived at.

    OLB –
    Jamie Collins
    Corey Lemonier
    Zaviar Gooden

    We have to plan for replacing Brooks and Parys.
    Parys is on a 1 year Deal, if he survives the Camp competition.

    Collins and Gooden are tackling machines.
    Lemonier, an excellent edge rusher.
    Looking forward to the process.
    Our 9ers are going to be a formidable Team for the immediate future.

  48. NJ49er says:

    Our ST Unit needs to improve as well.
    With this Draft Class, that’s where they’ll cut their teeth.

    I’d like to see an immediate contributor in the PR dept though.
    Maybe that’s Ace Sanders.

  49. NJ49er says:

    One guy that I’m figuring Harbaugh will migrate to is Denard Robinson from Michigan.

    Being a UM Alum, Harbaugh could easily utilize him as a Scout Team Russell Wilson while possibly grooming him for some of our gadget options.
    Robinson is very athletic, he just doesn’t project as a QB at the NFL level.

    Perhaps he can learn to handle P/KR duties or, contribute some WR packages.

  50. Spitblood says:

    I used to think there was a possibility we went WR in the first round if one fell to us, but that’s before Goldson left town. Del’s humorous concerns about Dahl underscore our obvious need for a safety with our 31st pick. I’ve read there are four or five starting caliber safeties in this draft. Could be why Baalke let Goldson walk. I’m certain Baalke has his eye on a safety early. I also think the Ravens will go safety in the first round. The Ravens might even be looking to jump ahead of Baalke in the draft to grab the same safety the 49ers want. John calls Jim everyday to see if Jim will tip his hand. The Ravens lost Reid and Pollard and replaced them with Huff….. Whoops! They need a safety, and the only real question is whether or not other teams pick a safety in the first round after Vacarro is gone.

    Here’s a scenario I could see play out – Both the 49ers and Ravens watch carefully where Vacarro goes (anticipating him going to the Rams), and then both the Ravens and 49ers look to move up to grab their safety…. jockeying for position to insure they fill their secondary gaps, competing with one another. But if there’s four or five starting safeties out there, I think the 49ers would be okay staying put and picking best available at 31. We don’t, however, want Elam. His brother from another mother’s a kicker for god sakes. For my money, I think Eric Reid (LSU Safety) is a great potential pick for the 49ers. I don’t think there’s that much difference between Reid and Vacarro. Vacarro is a bigger hitter, but Reid hits too and Reid can play the ball in the air better (from what I’ve seen).

    If the 49ers go WR in the 1st, like Del, I’ll be disappointed. I think there are far too many good 2nd and 3rd round receivers in this draft, and like Jenkins next year, with Boldin, Crabtree, Kyle Williams and Mario already on the team, any Niner receiver won’t get a whole lot of playing time in 2013. A 2nd or 3rd round receiver makes too much sense. I like both Aaron Dobson and Ace Sanders. Dobson is fast (recently ran a 4.2), and Dobson is big – 6’3″. I think he’s moving up into the 34th overall discussion, but that might be too early for the 49ers to grab a receiver. They do need DT help, and Kawaan Short may be there. Ace Sanders in the third round could be great as a return specialist, and like Grumpy wrote, Ace could be used like I see the Seahawks using Percy Harvin – around the line of scrimmage as a gadget play guy.

    My draft — provided we don’t trade early, but do start making trades in the 2nd and 3rd rounds is 31 – Eric Reid (safety LSU)
    34 – Kawaan Short (DT Purdue)
    63 – Aaron Dobson (WR Marshal) – I could see the 49ers starting to make trades here to move up into the second round to grab Dobson. I could see the 49ers starting to make trades here with teams like the Raiders who need players – meaning the Raiders would create more picks by moving back while the 49ers moved up.
    74 – CB – Darius Slay – Not a very physical corner and that could scare off Baalke, but a guy who can definitely cover and could learn to be more physical out of necessity.
    93 – Ace Sanders (WR/PR) Ace is the place for ass rockets.

    I don’t think the 49ers move up to get more or earlier picks in the first round. But I do think the 49ers will move up into the second and third rounds to acquire more pick there. I think the 49ers and Raiders can both strengthen their teams trading together during the 2013 draft.

    • NJ49er says:

      I agree completely Spit.
      Target the FS or DE early.
      Could get Ace even later than 3 I think.

      Height and speed for me in this Class. Our Secondary has Whitner and Carlos in need of youthful replacements.
      Our DLine has to have replacements ready for Justin and McDonald too.
      Dorsey is inked for 2 years, which tells me we’re getting the next wave ready.

      Jesse or Brandon Williams would be nice DLine fits IMO.
      If we miss on them, there’s depth aplenty to shop from.
      Kawann isn’t bad, hard to figure if he’d fit our scheme though.
      He’s a little light for the interior and, he didn’t lift at the Combine so, I’m not sure how strong he is.
      We’ll see.

      AJ could be seen as an insurance option in case Crabtree departs too.
      We’re going along with WRs on a year to year basis right now, much like the Pats have always done.
      Need to keep the Lines stocked and work on the Secondary.

    • NJ49er says:

      Kawann is good against the run however.
      I really think Dorsey was signed for that purpose. More of an interior guy that can be moved around some.
      If Short offers that sort of flexibility, he’d be a good fit.

      I went with Jon Jenkins strictly on size and strength.
      We need our interior guys to hold up to double teams, which is where those bench rep numbers come in.

    • NJ49er says:

      I’d just love to see Star drop out of the Top 10.
      That’s a guy I’d make a splash jump up for if we could swing a Trade partner.
      Maybe SD or Miami?

    • NJ49er says:

      Could even consider the NYJ if they obtain Pick 13 from TB for Revis

      • NJ49er says:

        Might even be able to entice Idzik to take fewer Picks by using Tolzien as compensation.
        Harbaugh has the midas touch with QBs now.

  51. unca_chuck says:

    I’m wondering about ILB with Grant not signed. Cornelius Washington can play inside. He’s my late 3rd guy. Manti Te’o? Spit’s imagniary girlfriend wouldn’t take him. Other than that, I got nothing.

    • NJ49er says:

      I think we’re set at ILB for the foreseeable future Chuck.
      Te’o is way too slow for me anyway.
      Collins and Gooden are extremely fast and could easily cover the ILB duties if needed.
      All guesswork for us as fans anyway.
      Just happy to have a Team that’s being chased again instead of being a laughing stock.

      We could be the NYJ, where every headline is a punchline.

    • NJ49er says:

      Cornelius Washington is actually listed at DE.
      He’s a good choice however, he’s coming off an injury and could be a bargain for someone.

    • NJ49er says:

      My mistake, I’m thinking of Cornelius ‘Tank’ Carradine coming off the injury.

    • NJ49er says:

      The ILB Group is probably one of the few soft spots in this Class anyway.

    • Spitblood says:

      Chuck – my ex girlfriend was a catchfish….

  52. NJ49er says:

    Not sure if I posted this here Spit –


  53. NJ49er says:

    Just for fun I looked up the info on Kawann Short and Glenn Dorsey.

    Short – 6’3″ 299
    Dorsey – 6’1″ 297

    Very comparable.

    Dorsey has the experience certainly. A former Top 5 Pick

    • NJ49er says:

      I’d go shopping for a 330Lb+ space eater.

      • NJ49er says:

        Jesse Williams is in that 325 range. Close enough

      • Spitblood says:

        I don’t want a DT who’s a space eater. I want a DT that with pass rushing ability. John Jenkins is definitely a space eater with limited pas rush ability. This is why I like Kawaan Short. He can get after the qb while also maintaining his gap responsibilities. It’s a difference in philosophies. The New York Giants are all about pass rushers. I think it’s the direction Baalke will go – especially with our faster linebackers. Best in the business.

  54. philippinefan says:

    For a lazy guy like me this bleg is a goldmine of info. I appreciate that

  55. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Just two weeks until the draft. I’m getting excited and thrilled just like when I receive a bouquet of flowers. http://tinyurl.com/bro2cu5

  56. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Who the fuck is Marc Leishman and why is he leading The Masters?

  57. unca_chuck says:

    Bleg. The sound you make reading some of these posts . . .

  58. Del Mar Dennis says:

    This is an old Tiger joke, but since today is the opening round of The Masters and with the recent happenings in the Vatican, I thought I’d share it…

    The Pope and Tiger Woods died on the same day and because of an administrative mix up the Pope went to hell and Tiger Woods went to heaven. The Pope explains the situation to the administrative clerk in hell, and after checking the paperwork admits that there is an error.

    “However”, the clerk explains, “it would be 24 hours before it can be rectified”. The next day the Pope is called and Hell’s staff bids him farewell. On the way up, the Pope meets Tiger Woods coming down from heaven and they stop to have a chat.

    “Sorry about the mix up”, apologizes the Pope.

    “No problem” replied Tiger Woods.

    Pope: “I am really anxious to get to heaven.”

    Tiger: “Why is that?”

    Pope: “All my life I have wanted to meet the Virgin Mary.”

    Tiger: “You’re a day late.”

  59. NoFear49er says:

    Hey Phil, if you can get through the ancient writing style, Thucydides’ younger fellow soldier and Greek historian, Xenophon’s Anabasis is pretty good, too.

    • Nipper says:

      What? Who?

    • phil fan says:

      Yep I got old Xeno on tape too (too lazy to read anymore). It will take until next off season to wade through. Someone needs to make a new translation please. I’;ll pay closer attention tho

      I put 4 GB on a flash drive of these two, RL Stevenson, Raphael Sabatini’s Captain Blood, Jack London, Alexander the Great (Jacob Abbott’s), Julius Caesar, Hannibal, Art of War, Lao Tzu, Marcus Aurelius, Lewis and Clark for the son to beef up his Classical education. And mine while awaiting the coming seasonal clashes of our own gladiators.

      Librivox.com a goldmine of free audios for the book weary.

      • NoFear49er says:

        Thx for the link, Phil (had to go to .org). Gonna give a couple of those a look, er a listen and figure out how to do three or four things at once.

  60. Nipper says:

    “Frankly I have no clue” …..thank you Chuck for such honesty! BRAVO!

  61. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up up and away.

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