Tony Romo Gets an Extension?

Is s a bad dream? A nightmare? A huge cosmic joke? Yeah, I’ll take that one. A couple days ago, Tony Romo became the 4th highest player in the NFL by signing a 6 year, $108 million contract. Here are the (*hyuk*) details:

The deal contains $55 million in guarantees, including a $25 million signing bonus. Romo’s $1.5 million 2013 base salary and $13.5 million 2014 base salary are fully guaranteed. $15 million of his $17 million 2015 base salary is guaranteed for injury. $7.5 million becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the 2014 league year (mid-March 2014). The remaining $7.5 million of the injury guaranteed $15 million is fully guaranteed on the third day of the 2015 league year (mid-March 2015). He has unguaranteed $8.5 million, $14 million, $19.5 million and $20.5 million base salaries in his 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 contract years.

Uh, seriously? Romo has ‘led’ the vastly talented Cowboys to the playoffs 3 times in his 8 seasons at the helm of Good Ship Nose Candy-land. Of those trips, he’s gone 1-3. Stellar. Sure, you can’t solely blame the Cowboys travails on one guy, but he so effortlessly plants the target squarely on his ass by dating celebrities, donning them in pink Romo jersies, and choking down the stretch of so many games, and so many seasons.

In other words, he’s Mr. September. To whit:

  • In 2005, Dallas started 7-3 on a playoff roll. They finished the season 2-4 and missed the playoffs.
  • In 2006, huzzah! Playoff! Dallas cemented their spot in the post season by going 1-3 after their 8-4 start, thus losing homefield advantage, and eventually Tony’s first playoff game in Seattle when he muffed the snap on a chip shot field goal, then came up juuuuuuuuuuuuuust short on trying to advance his screw-up.
  • 2007? 12-1 start, 1-2 finish. This time with home field advantage on their side, they fought the NY Giants tough, and had a 1st down at the Giants 25 with  0:31 left in the game, down 21-17. Money time? Uh, choke time. Ex-49er RW McQuarters picked him off to end the game.
  • 2008? Despite missing 3 games, he led the Cowboys to a 7-3 record (they went 1-2 under Rob Johnson) only to crash and burn their way out of the playoffs by going 1-3. Particularly funny was the ‘must win’ game vs the Eagles to close the season. Win, and they are in. Lose, and they are again labelled chokers. Well, a 44-6 loss labelled them something else. Gutless, heartless, and vain. Basically a fantasy team.
  • 2009, their best year, and Romo’s as well, saw Dallas go 11-5 and hit the playoffs on a roll, closing the season winning 3 straight. And, huzzah, a playoff win over those pesky Eagles, 34-14. Unfortunately, Romo ran into Brett Favre. He also stumbled, fumbled, and crumbled his way to a 34-3 loss.
  • 2010 was as hard a fall as Romo’s had, and frankly I thought was the end of his tenure in Dallas. After going 1-5 to start the season, Romo went down with a broken collarbone. Per usual, he put up great numbers, but killed chances late in games by throwing costly interceptions.
  • 2011? 7-4 to start,  1-4 to worm themselves out of the playoffs.
  • 2012? 8-6 to start the season. 0-2 to once again watch the playoffs from the comfort of Valley Ranch, TX.

All the while, Jerry Jenius has built a zillion dollar boondoggle stadium, hired and fired all number of players, coaches, assistants, waterboys, gurus, consultants, and soothsayers, all for naught.  That is, except for Tomy Romo. Or his inestimable GM, one Jerry Jerkoff. These guys are tied to the hip, much  like the 49ers were inexorably tied to Alex Smith. The funny thing is, Alex looks to become something of a savior in KC. After both came into the league in 2005, Romo has done much less with a ton more talent and coaching than Alex Smith ever had. Shit, Smith is 1-1 in the playoffs. Romo looks to be the latest in a long line of headline grabbing, self-promoting, but eventually vacuous Dallas ‘talents’ that  falls short. Hello, T.O.!!

So, yeah, extend him for 6 years. Brilliant. Solidify Dallas’ status as a flashy yet in the end gutless, heartless team full of headline-grabbing chracters keep the grist mill turning.

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  1. I’ll be interested to heah wut Del Mar has to say about this one… Also to the question “Is Colt McCoy the new Alex Smythe?” Could CMc ever rise to that level of, uh, performance?

    Me I think not but the long layoff after the SuperBowl and island hopping in the tropics has addled my dubious brain. Just curious

    • Spitblood says:

      McCoy will be better than Alex Smith. Here’s why: Colt can throw on the run which Alex never could do. They both will never be any good throwing outside the numbers. But Colt can elude the rush. AND – Colt never had a separated shoulder that affected his throwing motion, making balls sail five yards out of bounds. So, Colt is more accurate. Put all that together and you’ve got a better Alex Smith.

  2. NoFear49er says:

    Romo is a top tier QB as far as skills go, despite the fact that he’s employed by the enemy. Fact is there’s no one better on the horizon or otherwise available to Jones to take his job. Nothing wrong with this move. It’s all the other moves by the self-promoting Owner/GM that’s the big problem in Dallas. Where in the hell are all the pro-bowlers/star players he’s drafted in the last five years?

  3. Spitblood says:

    So if I’m reading this right….. Nnamdi gets 4 million this year from the Eagles, and 2 from us with the potential for another in incentives? HAHAHAHAHAAH. HEY: THANKS AGAIN ANDY REID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chico says:

      If true, another steal!

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      Nnamdi signs for 1.35 Million base, possible 3M total for one year – but NO guaranteed money, per MM.

      I can live with that. Hell, that’s downright cheap.

      So Reid gives us Nnamdi cheap and takes Alex off our hands, and gives us two picks. Harbs needs to send him a Xmas card this year. And a little something nice while he’s at it.

  4. Spitblood says:

    What I’ve read, Nnamdi isn’t the same player as he was in Oakland. But he’s depth none-the-less. And if he can unseat Brown or Rogers, all the better. Hopefully Nnamdi comes in motivated to help our rookie safety get on the same page with the rest of the veterans. Eric Reid just got that much better.


    Yesterday some idiot said this “Nnamdi? Fuck no”
    Now it’s never mind.

    • Spitblood says:

      A week ago some idiot said the 49ers were done signing free agents. If the guy’s cheap and he’s fighting for a starting job, what the problem? The problem is Chuck, Bullit and Tommy are a retard show and not one of them has comprehension skills…. because of the drugs….

  6. RTfirefly says:

    Dennis has got the be feeling his oats on this mudder of a deal. Tony will show he’s really in place to payoff for himself, but will finish out of the money once again.
    And I will be laughing my Cowboy off every time I see another ubiquitous Texass license plate.
    Sincerely yours,
    Owner/GM of the 2012 Niner Insider World Champion UFO Coyotes (Jerry could take lessions)

    • RT you were gone longer from here than I was. Welcome back man

      • NoFear49er says:

        You were gone?

        Never know if you’re in Manila huntin’ down terrorists or the commie bastids have your internet access throttled down.

      • Lol, commie bastids active down here few months ago looking fer “revolutionary taxes” (extortion) from Del Monte. No need for Manila but I was there for a day to pick up the son at the airport for a day. No use for Manila

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Funny, Spit, you are the one posting as multiple people, not me.

    And, again, I’m no geneous, but I’ve been right about most things Niners these past few years. So, just bow down and accept that I’m right and you live under a rock.

    I told you we’d still sign another DB. Bam. Nnamdi. I wasn’t too high on Nnamdi, mainly because I thought his price tag would be too high. I told you we’d sign another backup QB. Poof, Colt McCoy. I told you we’d trade Alex Smith for a 2 and a 4. We got more than that, after hearing ad nauseum that the Niners wouldn’t get shit for him.

    You are officially my bitch. Bwahahahahaha!

    As far as Romo goes, Jerry Jerkoff could have done a lot of things. He’s as stubborn as they get (remember his monkey/Switzer comments?). Same deal. He wants to prove to the world he can win with Romo. He will slowly fade away to the bottom of the NFC East with him.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Where you been, RTF? Long time.

    • rtfirefly2 says:

      Heya Chuck – Just kickin’ it in the Land of Enchantment (and taking heavy meds to try to make me forget a certain ex-Niner PK – oops toilet time again, thinking of the &^%#@!* does that).

  9. unca_chuck says:

    NoFear, Romo is a good QB, but he has faltered under pressure much more often than not. Over and over he’s failed in the intensity of a playoff push. 6 years is a good move?

    Uh, no. Jerry could have drafted many different guys, or taken shots at many other FA QBs. Like said, he’s tied his horse to Romo and will fade away into the dust with him.


    Matt Flynn looked good because he was on a team with a Super Bowl challenging offense.
    He’s going to get his ass handed to him in Oakland.
    Don’t worry Mr Flynn, Spitblood is back on your bandwagon.

  11. Del Mar Dennis says:

    I don’t care what the price was for Nnamdi, he coulda paid us to play for all I care.
    That doesn’t change the fact that he SUCKS now. QBs had a 122 PR vs Nnamdi last year. He was the second worst rated DB of the ENTIRE NFL last year.

    Nnamdi, Whitner and Craig “The Alex Smith of Safeties” all in the same secondary.
    That’s one helluva day late Aprils Fools joke. Funny thing is though, joke’s on us.

  12. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Fuck this. I’m upset. I best go feed my Mallards and try to relax.
    I’m nicknaming our new secondary The Mallard Club. It’s for the fucking birds.

  13. Winder says:

    Lol, I guess this means Dallas will suck for at least 6 more years. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving organization. Dallas has pretty much been irrelevant for quite sometime now and it looks like it will continue. I get the feeling J. Jones went to the Al Davis school of whatever.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Yeah, Spitty’s right about one thing. Reggie McKenzie is burning the fucker into the ground. Flynn and the gang will have a bad year, but Oakland may strt getting good in a couple years. Dallas will continue to be mediocre to showing flashes of good. You know, teasing the shit out of their fans, only to crash and burn yet again.

      God, I love it.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Yer in mid-season whine, Dennis. Pace yourself. Better yet get yourself to the Club Mallard and shoot some pool.


    The Oakland Raiders are caught up in this vortex of losing.
    They need to give their General Manager and head coach more than 2 years to fix things.
    If there is a four year plan then give them the full four years.
    The Raider Nation will become impatient but as long as you are improving you bite the bullet and stick with the schedule and not play musical chairs with coaches and quarterbacks.
    They might as well tank this coming season to get either Clowney or Johnny Football in the 2014 season’s draft

  16. NoFear49er says:

    Chuck, as per the contract details you posted, it looks like they can get out from under in year three if need be. Who would be better than Romo in years one and two?

    Asomugha might be alright since we’ve gone to more man on the corners. He can’t play zone worth a shit though. Too many keys and ‘if-then-else’ decisions I suppose, requiring study and discipline.

    Pat, good to see you back.

  17. Spitblood says:

    I’m likin’ Sando more and more now that he’s no longer swingin’ from Alex Smith teets. Teets.. that’s a word that can cheer anyone up. Do mallards have teets?

  18. Spitblood says:

    Magic Johnson’s son is gay. Magic has been cured of AIDs. There’s got to be a tasteful joke there somewhere that’s not completely offensive…… but alla…… that ain’t my bag, baby.


    For 20 years since 1992 the Dallas Cowboys have only drafted 2 quarterbacks.
    Quincy Carter was a bust as a second round pick and Stephen McGee not a very highly regarded college quarterback and was lost when he got to Dallas and never developed.
    They have created an atmosphere of comfort for Tony Romo.
    That’s why he’s a scratch golfer and doesn’t work on winning football games.
    As long as they don’t draft a quarterback to challenge Romo he will remain mediocre.
    Likelytoo late as they ship has sailed after 10 years in the league.

  20. unca_chuck says:

    Who better than Romo? How about all the folks you touted for the Niners instead of Smith?

    How many QBs have been drafted since 2010 even? They could have traded up for Luck or RGIII. They could have signed Peyton Manning. Shit, they could have taken Kappy in 2011. Or any number of FAs. Shit, they could have gotten Carson Palmer. He’s the same fucking guy. Matt Flynn. Kolb.

  21. NoFear49er says:

    I can’t believe you even buy your own argument.

    Romo’s good at making some bad decisions at critical times and he’s not in the argument for top 5 but just look at his numbers and his ability to make the throws. He’s a world better than those guys, at least at this point, and any of those guys’ teams would jump at the chance to replace any of them with Romo.

    Who do think you’re kidding with that tripe anyway? “Hey Cowboy fans, our troubles are over. We just signed Carson Palmer/Matt Flynn/Kevin Kolb for the next six years!”

  22. Grumpy Guy says:

    The Dallas dysfunction starts with Jerry. If they had a real GM, and Jerry tied up and gagged in an undisclosed location, they’d be better off. Fortunately they don’t, so I get to enjoy the sweet, sweet schadenfreude. Romo is a choker in big games, but Jerry is a damned fool all the time.


    With Al Davis gone Jerry Jones has assumed the mantle of the NFL’s Resident Crazy Eccentric Owner and has a firm grasp on it.
    Daniel Snyder was a contender and then toned it down by making some sensible football hires.
    The new challenger is the New York Jets Woody Johnson who thinks his team is a tinker toy and has made it a hot mess.

  24. unca_chuck says:

    Romo’s worlds better than Andrew Luck? RG III? Or even Peyton? Seriously NoFear? All those guys were in play. I’m sure if Alex Smith was more outspoken or controversial, he would have landed squarely on Jerry’s radar. Why? Because that’s how Jerry rolls. Besides, Alex Smith is better than Romo. At least he doesn’t turn the rock over like a drunken sailor. Dallas is at the point where they need to move on. Get a stop-gap and draft someone to build on. Frigging Oakland is hitchng their wagon to Matt Flynn. At least it’s a start. What has Jerry gotten from Romo? Fantasy numbers, and not much else. 3 more years of Romo? Great idea. Dallas is guaranteed to be mediocre. They’ll beat lousy teams, but falter against good ones. As has been the pattern for 10 years now.

    Granted, this all leads back to Jerry and his inability to build a well-rounded team, but ANY QB who throws 45-50 time a game will put up numbers. But Romo also throws picks and fumbles a lot and makes bad decisions. Jason Garrett, Jerry’s latest crash test dummy. will be the next to go amid Jerry’s failure in the draft and FA periods.

  25. unca_chuck says:

    The reason it’s so funny, NoFear, is during you constant lambasting of Alex Smith over lo these many years, amid charges of no competition for his starting job, on and on, Romo gets the same treatment and it’s fine for him, but not for Alex. Romo gets 10 miles of rope and he still hangs himself.

    So, again, you don’t think any better QBs were available for Dallas through the draft or free agency these last 3 years? Got it.

  26. NoFear49er says:

    Chuck, you love to change the argument when the crumbling sand upon which you’ve based your “I know everything about everything” stance falls away.

    Alex Smith is better than Romo? Your drunken fantasies are getting the better of you now.

    Go back and read what I wrote that you took issue with and try again. None of those guys you’re pulling out of your ass were available when Jerry wrote the check.

    So again, you think Jerry has a time machine to go back and make choices in the past? Got it.

  27. Spitblood says:

    I love the moves the 49ers have made this off season, and I think their moves are far superior to any other team’s moves out there. That includes the moves Seattle has made.

    The Niners have started to rebuild or repair their coverage units by bringing in Dahl and Skuta. I think we all can agree that was necessary. The Niner replaced David Akers with Phil Dawson. One thing about the Niners bringing in older kickers – they get hurt. Double hysterectomy for Akers, calcified mass…. However, the special teams are closer to being solid.

    On defense the 49ers lost Goldson, but with Goldson’s Tampa Bay contract the 49ers could have brought in five other guys. It’s good for both teams. TB needs an impact guy to set the tone, SF needs the cap space and to develop another safety – and we have the picks to do so. With Goldson’s contract no longer an issue, the 49ers could afford Nnamdi, Glenn Dorsey, Colt McCoy, and Dahl. I liked Goldson, and know he’ll be missed, but I’m excited about the other, new 49ers.

    I think Colt McCoy is exactly what I’ve been preaching about regarding QBs my entire blogging life: QBs must have good coaches surrounding them in the NFL if they want to succeed. Colt was a winner in Texas. He went something like 45-6. He set the record for most wins by a Division I qb. Then he goes to the Browns who throw him under the bus after James Harrison knocks Colt into February. If a baseball player can have five tools, a qb can also have five tools (smarts, accuracy, arm strength, escapability, and an ability to throw a receiver open). Colt is a FOUR tool qb. The only thing he lacks is arm strength. Alex Smith, in my opinion (and this isn’t ABAS talking), only had one tool (smarts), and look what Harbaugh and Roman were able to do with that one tool? Colt is a great acquisition and he’ll win a lot of guys over – some right here on this blog.

    The secondary is still a huge question mark. Donte is a leader and a run stopper, but not a defender in space. Rogers and Brown are average. Nnamid, for that price, is an excellent backup plan in case of injury. And maybe be’s both hungry and thankful like Colt. The key to this year’s secondary, however, will be Trent Baalke finding us a FS early. Vacarro? Reid? Cyphrens? They’re all possibilities. I think the 49ers need a big hitter back there like Goldson was to set the tone and make receivers afraid. It’s a different day and age in the NFL, but Goldson still was intimidating back there. Vacarro, Reid and Cyphrens can all hit. They all have attitudes. I read somewhere that this year’s class of safeties has five starters in it. A good, rookie safety will go a long ways towards solidifying our backfield. Give me one with attitude.

    The D line? I like the addition of Glenn Dorsey, but I’ll say one thing – the dude is soft spoken. I don’t like that quality in a D line. I want a bruiser. I want someone who makes women and children shudder in their homes half a world away. I hope Glenn can find the beast within. I also think the 49ers will draft Kawaan Short (DT) out of Purdue with their first second round pick. The D Line should be fine in 2013.

    The passing game through Kaep still remains a mystery only because three key weapons from last year are hurt. Who knows the progress Kyle, Mario and Kendal are making. You can and should say anything to the media…. Kaep running the read option with Gore and James? That card has been played. I look for the 49ers to attack teams with more conventional plays in 2013. Boldin, Vernon Davis, Crabtree, Gore, James and Kaep will be the 49ers’ staple in 2013, and really that’s enough to win football games with until the other offensive players and drafted rookies come on.

    Baalke has upgraded this team while other teams have lost their shorts. The Packers? Ravens? The 49ers have gotten better in free agency – AND THEY HAVE FIVE PICKS IN THE TOP 100 THIS YEAR!!!!!!

    31 – Kawaan Short (DT)
    34- Eric Reid (S)
    63- Aaron Dobson (WR)
    74- Darius Slay (CB)
    93- Ace Sanders (WR / PR)

    In my opinion, this team is the best team in football.

  28. unca_chuck says:

    You act like Jerry didn’t have a choice but to play Romo all these years. They have, and had, plenty of options over the years.

    Your argument is who would be better now. Alex Smith wold be better now for Dallas. Why? He’s younger, he’s much better protectng the football, and doesn’t make idiotic game-losing mistakes. You can keep your fantasy football numbers. My argument is that Dallas could have cut their losses and done something about the QB spot rather than lay it at the feet of Romo thesepast few years. He was under contract for 2013 anyway. Was Jerry afraid someone would outbid him at the end of the season for Tony’s services? a 34 year old guy (in 2014) with a mediocre big game record? Suuuure. Jerry’s a fool. This decision will come back to haunt him. Or he’ll merely cut him loose anyway.

    • philippinefan says:

      He’s a fool fer sure BUT he’s a rich fool. Gigantic egos never won any football games anyway

  29. Del Mar Dennis says:

    The Cowboys would be better off with Alex Smith? You couldn’t even sell that BS down at the Club Mallard. Yes, it’s still there. Smack dab in “beautiful” downtown Albany. Well, at least it had some beauty when I lived there. I’m sure I told the story before about the night I got 86’d from the Mallard, so I’ll keep it brief.

    It was about 15 years ago, and I remember having a bad day over at GGF. So I was drinking more than usual. After hitting the Ivy, Alaska and every other watering hole in Albany, my buddy and I stopped by the Mallard to play some pool. We’re downstairs and when I get good and sauced, i like to play the jukebox — a lot. I usually load it up with all Frank songs, but people get mad so I *try* and mix in some other artists. It’s still mostly Sinatra. Anywho, I played Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London” and did my best Tom Cruise impersonation from “the Color of Money.” I was swinging and waving the cue stick around like I was Luke fucking Skywalker. Needless to say I’m no Jedi. There was some “friendly fire” and a few feathers were ruffled. The bouncers showed me the door. I got Maxwell Smart’d.

  30. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, great bar. Been a while . . . Glad its still hanging in there.

  31. Spitblood says:

    I’m reading that the Patriots are targeting Kawaan Short with their first overall pick. That would suck.

  32. Spitblood says:

    Look how fat Panda is rounding the bases…. he’s exhausted. He better start wearing an EKG machine….

    • unca_chuck says:

      He can go 300 he keeps jacking them.

      • Spitblood says:

        He won’t last very long. Longevity is in the healthy body. That’s why you sign Posey to big money and a long contract and not Panda. Posey’s the heart…. Panda’s the cholesterol. Didn’t we have this debate after the Giants won their first Boche World Series?

  33. unca_chuck says:

    Poseys deal wasn’t all that brilliant. They had 4more arb years. He’s a shitty 1st baseman, and he’s another collision from the retirement line. I don’t begrudge him hard balling the Giants, but if this deal works, it’ll be the first mega deal that does.

    • Spitblood says:

      I’m not claiming Posey’s deal was brilliant. I’m saying if you’re going to chose between Posey, Cain or Pablo for big deal like that, it’s Posey all the way. The only reason he needs to play 1st is because Tim needs a sports psychologist. Posey’s a catcher, and a good one. And just about anyone is one good collision away from retirement – catcher or not. Even if there is a bad collision, odds are it won’t tweek his leg the way his first one did. That’s a freak accident. The heart and soul of that team is Buster Posey. Not that I don’t love Pablo, but he can’t be that fat playing the hot corner for long. I could see him moving to first if he can’t put down the burritos. He’ll have the range of a rose bush in no time, and health issues. He’s already conceded he needs to lose weight.

  34. unca_chuck says:

    Tony Gwynn lasted ril his late 30s, as did Kirby Puckett. Prince fielder, boog Powell, David wells, the game is littered with fat guys.

  35. NJ49er says:

    Romo either gives Jerruh plenty of back rubs or, he and Mrs Jones ‘got somethin’ going on.’

    My hope is that Jerruh ignores the OLine in this Draft and caters to splash Picks elsewhere, like he’s been notoriously consistent at doing.

    It’s the Defense that let them down after all.
    Monte will fix it.
    Jerruh and the Puppet Show are always in the know.
    They do everything BIG in Big Duh.

    Who can wait for all those Live TV shots of the Most OVER Publicized Draft War Room in the NFL?
    We’re all DYING to see what Jerruh will spin into gold on Draft weekend, Live and, in Pasty White Color.

    Tony Promo.
    The VP of Advertising for Mexico’s Team.

    Romo’s extension was a glaring NEED move for Jerruh.
    No FA money to spend, because of Cap infraction penalties and, misappropriation to other loser Contracts.
    Carry On Jerruh, the world awaits your next Super Deal.

    Not sure which dysfunctional Team is more entertaining for me, the NYJ or the Dallas ClownBoys.
    Romo or Sanchez, Rex or Jerruh.
    Tough call.

    One thing is for sure, the ClownBoys will get all sorts of Primetime Coverage I’m sure.
    Perennial Winners that they are.
    Goodell has to keep Jerruh covered in TV Revenue.
    Can’t imagine what it costs just to light the lavish Cow Patty Palace.
    Times Square probably uses less energy then those Rushmore sized video boards I’d guess?
    Wonder how many Season ticket holders in Dallas will go blind from sitting in that stadium over the coming years? Skin cancer?
    Might be safer to stare at the sun.
    Might want to commission a health study on that, to prepare for the Class Action Law Suit that’s bound to come.


  36. NoFear49er says:

    Hey NJ49er, if I didn’t know better I might think the Jerry Jones Show World’s Finest Dallas Football Cowboys aren’t your favorite team.

  37. NJ49er says:

    Spit I’m ready to reveal my List of players for the Draft.
    I don’t do the Mock style as you do since it’s way too hard to predict.
    I’ve always done the Board Stack with my Son over the years.
    Just a Group of Players at each position I’d like to see us get.

    Here’s the Sleeper Section – I’ll provide the rest as we get closer to Draft Weekend.

    Sleeper Picks –
    OG Earl Watford / James Madison
    OG Blaize Foltz / TCU
    WR Chris Harper / K-State
    H-Back-TE / WR Mark Harrison / Rutgers – I see him as a replacement option for Delanie
    DT Chris Jones / Bowling Green
    DT Nick Williams / Samford
    DE Quanterus Smith / W. Kentucky
    OLB/DE Ty Powell / Harding
    OLB/DE David Bass / MO Western St

    • NJ49er says:

      What the heck, I’ll give you my Risk/Reward Group too.

      RB Marcus Lattimore
      CB Tyrann Mathieu
      WR Da’Rick Rogers

      • Spitblood says:

        Don’t forget Jarvis Jones. I don’t think Star’s a risk, but I think Jones is. I think Jones will drop and we’ll see a star on the rise.

    • Spitblood says:

      There’s no easy way for a fan to completely enjoy the NFL draft. Creating a board is a shit ton of work, but an awesome project for you and your son. I try to look at each position and find players of value that aren’t hyped (the gems) – or players I could see the 49ers drafting. Then I like to try to guess where they’ll be drafted.

      Here’s my list. I still need to look at DE/OLB, RB and TE. I’m not looking at inside linebackers or offensive linemen this year, and I’m not going to spend much time on qbs now that we have Colt.

      DT – Kawaan Short and John Jenkins. Short is a solid first rounder. Hope Short falls to us at 31. The Patriots are rumored to like him. Jenkins is huge fat body. He might, though, be too slim to play 3rd base for the Giants. I also love Floyd and Star, but both will be gone top ten. They aren’t hidden gems. I”m going to spend some more time looking at DTs.

      CB – Darius Slay, Logan Ryan and Tharold Simon. Slay and Ryan are 2nd or 3rd rounders. Simon is a 5th or 6th project.

      Safety – Reid, Cyprien, Vacarro, Thomas. I’ve since cooled on Phillip Thomas. He looks way too slow to me. Be interesting to see who he becomes at the next level. Don’t like Tim McDonald’s son at all. I’ll be pissed if we draft Elam.

      WR – Da’Rick Rogers (3rd rounder), Aaron Dobson (2nd Rounder), Ace Sanders (3rd rounder – props to NJ for finding this gem), Marquise Wilson (Washington State – ranked as a late round pick, I could see him going in the 3rd). Marquise Wilson is a great sleeper.

      TE – Dion Sims. Haven’t finishing looking at the TEs.

      RB – Haven’t looked at the RBs

      QB – Matt Scott (5th round) Doubt we take a qb now that we picked up Colt.

      DE/OLB – Haven’t looked at ’em.

      Before the draft I’ll spend so more time looking at CB, TE, RB, DT and DE/OLB.

  38. Nipper says:

    No fights? No feuds? No insults? What a disappointment!

  39. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up . . .

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