Meanwhile, Back in the Officials Booth . . .

Interestingly, Cary Williams will be neither fined nor suspended (and he wasn’t penalized) for his two-handed shove of an official during the 2nd quarter of the Super Bowl. While this should have been an instant ejection, it elicited no response from anyone on the field or in the booth.  Even more interestingly, Frank Gore two weeks earlier in the NFL Championship game, was fined $10,500 for his egregious flashing of his calves. I’m surprised Gore isn’t being forced to go to fashion rehab.

I wonder what kind of message this sends to the players. Well, I don’t. What it says is we already know that there are plays that are too close to call, or in too big a situation to call, but this is a real conundrum. It wasn’t a case of mistaken identity. Williams knew he was shoving a referee. The NFL decides to turn a blind eye to it. No harm, no foul. Right? Well . . .

To me this means, the bigger the game, the more one can get away with. Did Navorro Bowman impede Julio Jones in the NFC Championship game, thus saving our season for one more game? Could be. Did Bruce Miller get held on the KO return? By TWO Ravens? Well, yes. Crabs? Well, debatable, but it sure looked like shit that gets called all the time. The Niners got a call here and there, but the overwhelming tilt was to the Ravens side in my opinion. Much like the Seattle/Pittsburgh Super Bowl of a few years ago, this one sure had the smack of the refs giving some help. To what end? I don’t know. I didn’t give a shit about the Sea/Pitt Super Bowl, but Pittsburgh got a ton of calls go their way. Enough to tilt the game? Sure. This one? You betcha.

Hey, it’s 2 months til anything to write about. This is all I got. I just think it’s hysterical that Gore gets a $10,500 fine for his socks being too low, but a ref gets shoved by a clearly pissed off player, and nothing happens. I guess the league is still pissed off at the refs . . .

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  1. Grumpy Guy says:

    Latest crazy ass Goodell idea: make the field 35 feet wider, which *somehow* will make players safer.–nfl.html

  2. NJ49er says:

    Chuck, think of the almighty dollar.
    Vegas + Superbowl + Officiating = $$$$$$

    We got punked more than Baltimore did for sure.
    I’m most annoyed at the Bruce hijacking.
    Might be the new S-Teams technique of choice in the future?
    2 guys playing ‘forklift’ under the opponents arms.

    Lifted him off the turf.
    How is that done without holding?
    Maybe David Blaine was wearing a Raven uni?

  3. NJ49er says:

    Picked this up online, being credited to the Jim Rome Show –

    Terrell Suggs says he believed Colin Kaepernick was “all hype” before Super Bowl XLVII, but emerged from the game believing Kaepernick is “the truth.”
    “That kid’s the truth,” said Suggs.
    “Going into the game, I thought it was all hype. …
    I hate quarterbacks, but that kid is the truth and I have the utmost respect for him.
    I don’t think he needs to hold his head down at all because he’s going to play in a few [Super Bowls].”

  4. NJ49er says:

    The more I dig into this Harvin scenario in MN, the more I’m interested about the possibility of considering a deal for him.
    They need an improvement at the QB position, we need someone to replace Randy/Mario.

    He’s clearly a talent, though sometimes abrasive apparently.
    He’s still young, totally underpaid for his production and, languishing in an environment with no QB production.

    He’s someone to consider.
    Him and Crabtree would make a pretty formidable tandem.
    Harvin offers PR ability to cover the loss of Ginn too.

    LaCanfora put this piece out on the subject. I’m certainly interested at the right price.

    • 12th man says:

      3 concerns are diva, frequently injured and cost after the first year. Talent this kid has in spades.

    • NJ49er says:

      All true 12th.
      I simply would explore the cost as Harvin is likely not going to afford MN anything close to market value due to the circumstances surrounding him there.

      From what I’ve read, he became disconcerted with the IR situation and lack of appreciation during a declining stretch of Offensive improvement.

      If, big IF, we could steal him at the right cost, he could improve our Offense.
      Ginn was obtained on the cheap but, provided next to nothing as a WR.
      Since Harvin has proven reliability there, I see his ability to cover PR duties as a big upside.
      LMJ could also improve the PR situation with another Camp under his belt.

      As with AJ, WRs are slow to produce as Drafted players.
      AJ and Kaep need plenty of work together this off Season, something that appears to already be in the plans.
      Mario? How long might we be able to wait on his recovery?

      Wallace makes sense too.
      He is proven and would also provide instant returns as the field stretcher we also need.

      I’m not onboard for Bowe. His hands are suspect.

  5. Nipper says:

    Why not flag football? That way everyone can be SAFE!

    • NJ49er says:

      Michelin Man Puffy Suits.
      Just need a way to stop the players from bouncing into the stands after a high speed collision.

  6. Alleykat says:

    The Gore fine was hilarious,but one better was Ex Niner Eric Davis.He was in the Pro-Bowl one year wearing a West jersey that was made by the NFL,that was to small for him and the league fined him 10,500 after.the game,for jerseys they provided,till this day he’s still steamed about that.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    35′ wider? Wow. Then they’d have to move the hash marks wider, Bring back the power sweep. Seriously, is Goodie high?

  8. snarkk says:

    Does the CFL have fewer concussions?

  9. unca_chuck says:

    They have lesser talent. Do they emphasize speed? I think they do. If everything is spread wide, then you’d think the linemen would need to be smaller and quicker. Would that mean fewer concussions? Not really.

  10. Spitblood says:

    Percy Harvin – We don’t need anymore small, fast guys on offense. We have Hunter, Kyle, James and Jenkins. The thought of Harvin gives me a headache. I want Bowe and Cook to challenge defenders with their size, not their speed.

    Crying about the officiating isn’t going to change the outcome. I’d rather talk second amendment than have a blog full of babies questioning what if.

    New stadium, new quarterback, head coach who needs to chillax, and room under the cap for more talent….. with a GM who can draft. Life’s good. Don’t cry.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Right. We should draft 14 QBs . . .

      • Spitblood says:

        So we should bring in a retread who’s more expensive (vet minimum), with baggage? Good idea.

      • unca_chuck says:

        Laugh away, skippy. It’s likely going to happen. You were the one trading Tolzein for a 1st rounder.

      • Spitblood says:

        Give me a break. I read Bullit (you) trying to make the claim on 49erOutsider the 49ers needed to find a qb with similiar Kaep skill sets. I wonder, Chuck, where you got that idea from? Be a man. Admit you’re building on my ideas. Problem is, you suggested Vince Young. What a joke. Matt Scott from Arizona is projected as a 7th round pick, has a lot of the same attributes as Kaep, and as a 5-7th round pick he’d be a hell of a lot cheaper than Vince Young. Vince Young? Meds?

        The way I see it falling is the 49ers are actually able to get something for Smith. Tolzien slides to number 2, then the 49ers (with all their thousands of picks) draft someone like Matt Scott to be their number 3. Eventually, though, they trade Tolzien because, like you tried to build on over on the 49ersOutsider under the guise of Bullit, Tolzien doesn’t have Kaep’s skill set. But all of this will take time. It’ll take Baalke and Harbaugh time to convince the NFL they’ll keep Smith therefore creating the leverage to trade him. It’ll take time to show the NFL Tolzien is good enough to be a starter in this league alla Kevin Kolb, and it’ll take time for Harbaugh to coach up a guy like Matt Scott. And for the record, I think Tolzien will be worth a second or a third. A first would be great, but a second or a third is more likely. Now if you take Matt Scott and coach him up for three or four years, then I think Harbaugh could turn Scott into a first rounder…. eventually. I really believe the 49ers can make a lot of money (or create higher future picks) by continuing to use Harbaugh and develop qbs through Harbaugh’s experience. Look at Smith, Kaep, Luck and JJ. He’s already doing it. Get more guys in the pipeline. Retreads are more expensive, and they have baggage….. none greater that Vince Young.

  11. dirtnrocksnomo says:

    Isn’t Pllian one of the NFL people on board with the idea of a wider field? Seeing as he is one of the smartest dudes in football and has been successfully involved in both the CFL and NFL the idea should at least be given thoughtful consideration.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    I have no idea. But I don’t really see how making the field wider makes hits any softer.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. Dream away, Spitty. I guess the voices in your head aren’t too loud today. I wouldn’t touch Vince Young with a 30′ pole. What I find funny is you posting shit I said last week and calling it your own this week.

  14. Spitblood says:

    I wonder if Dorner had automatic weapons? Probably not. He probably declared war on the LA police with a pee shooter.

  15. NJ49er says:

    Spit I peeked at the numbers on your QB Scott.
    I’ll buy your debate about grabbing a QB late.
    It makes sense for the cost factor certainly.
    The concern is the immediate insurance if Kaep goes down

    VY could be an option simply for his familiarity with the Option.
    We could do worse. The future for us and Kaep is that he continues to improve as a true pocket
    That is something Tolzien certainly can handle.

    We’ll be in good hands regarding the future at the QB position because of Harbaugh.
    Like Reid, when other Teams deem our development as a top notch system, Trades become more imminent, value increases.

    One thing that could hurt us regarding Alex is the lack of interest last year when he could have been acquired on the open market.
    The marketing now is wholly dependent on perception, as Harbaugh polished him up further during his time as a starter this past Season.

    We have to hold onto as many Draft Picks as we can and, hope to obtain SOMETHING for Alex.

    • 12th man says:

      With Vick signed in Philly Smith is the best available QB, if he is available. I think he is worth a 2 now, I had said a 3 before.

      • NJ49er says:

        I’ve always cited the Shaub deal as my barometer 12th.
        Atlanta landed 2 2’s after they acquired Matt Ryan.

        I’d be a dancing fool if Alex returned at least a 2 this year, maybe a 3 next.
        KC? Cleveland?
        Since Cleveland burned their 2013 2 in the Supplemental Draft, we’d obviously be better with KC.
        Let’s hope.

      • Spitblood says:

        I still think the best trading partner for Smith is the New York Jets. I believe Reed and Arians will draft a qb, and I believe the Browns like Weeden. Norv can work with Weeden. I really don’t believe there’s much of a market for Alex Smith, but the way the 49ers are talking they want something for Smith. Like you wrote, NJ, there wasn’t much interest in Smith last year when he hit the open market. Miami didn’t even give Smith an offer, and look at what Miami did. In fact, Miami is a perfect example of what the Cardinals, Browns and Chiefs can and probably will do – draft their own rookie and start him. Tannehill (sp?) wasn’t exactly a sure-fired bet, but he did well under Philbin’s tutelage. But the Jets only have Rex. The Jets lost Brian Schottendinger who did help limit Sanchez’s butt fumbles. So it’s not like the Jets now have a guy who can teach their young rookie qb immediately. And the Jets can’t sell the butt fumbler, or Tebow. They need something to get the fans excited. I don’t think Smith is the answer there because I remember who Smith was under a defensive coordinator turned head coach. But the Jets’ owner only cares about making a stir he can sell to put butts in the seats. I believe Woody and Rex need Alex Smith. I don’t believe Alex will help them, but I think they’ll be hot for a Smith deal.

      • NJ49er says:

        The Jets have issues with the guaranteed Contract to Sanchez though Spit.
        Not that they couldn’t bite the bullet and make an offer for Alex.
        Jets fans are sick and tired of Sanchez.
        Woody Johnson just might be ready to make a splash with a Trade for Alex just to show that he is trying to fix the problem.
        Only caveat there is, new GM Idzik is a Seattle guy.
        Matt Flynn and a deal with Seattle makes more sense.
        Why would Idzik want to help us?

        Tannehill worked out because he came into the system with his ex College coach Mike Sherman.
        The System never changed for him, package deal.
        Miami is GB of the AFC now with Philbin, Sherman and possibly, Greg Jennings as a FA.

        The saving grace for Alex and us is, none of the Qbs coming out in April are instant starter material.
        Norv is in Cleveland of course but, Weeden is still a project and is the same age Alex.
        Alex working with Norv again is instant Offense in that regard.
        They could afford to have Alex hold the spot, while they either choose another QB to develop or, just give Weeden time to grow under Norv.
        A plus for us in Cleveland beside Norv is new GM Michael Lombardi.
        He’s an old front office guy from SF of course.
        Might stand a better chance with him as a ‘ 49er family’ friend than Idzik.

        I’ll take anything that returns a Pick or 2 for Alex.
        Just don’t want to see him walk for nothing.

      • NJ49er says:

        Don’t rule out Romans’ old College Buddy Caldwell in Jacksonville either.
        Same scenario down there.
        Poor QB production, new HC and an owner that wants to show good faith to the dwindling Fan base.

        They too appear willing to Deal for the right pieces.

      • Spitblood says:

        Good insight, NJ. I agree with you about Sanchez and the Seattle connection. Jacksonville might have some potential, but then again, their head coach used to defend Smith in Seattle so he might know Smith’s weaknesses and not be interested.

      • NJ49er says:

        It’s all about timing and lots of good luck Spit.

        To an extent, the Rookie Cap does help a bit with the possibility of paying Alex.
        Just need an interested party.

        In a perfect world, we unload his Contact, retain some of our own FAs and, add an extra Pick or 2.

      • NJ49er says:

        If we could pry away Clevelands’ 3 this year and a 2 next it would provide us with 3 3’s.
        Plenty of ammunition for coveted pieces, either in Trade Up scenarios or, quality youth Picks at positions in need of rotational depth.

        1 month from now, we should have the answer.
        No doubt in my mind that we’d pay Alex the $1Mil Roster bonus on March 12 for a pending Trade just to get something in return.

        A parting gift for services rendered.

    • 12th man says:

      I thought Cleveland before Norv went there and it became a fashionable pick for Smith. Having Norv is a plus. I originally thought a 3 and a 5 but I think it may be a bit better than that now. Jets, no. KC or Jacksonville could be.

  16. NJ49er says:

    Take a look at OT Menelik Watson from FSU.

    We could be looking for a Swing Tackle as depth insurance.
    This dude is a project right now but is a Freak Athlete.

    Played hoops for Marist, Rugby and Boxed.
    6’6″ 320, ran in the 4.7s.

    He may not fly under the radar for long but, what a beast of a human being.

  17. NJ49er says:

    Another WR for you to check out Spit –

    Brandon Kaufman E Washington -6’5″ 215
    He’s a Combine invite – I’ll try to see how he looks in the drills.
    Kid put up 33 TDs and 3700+ yds with almost 17YPC avg.
    The 40 time (4.6) looks very sluggish to me.
    Combine will clear that up.

  18. barleyfreak says:

    “Jacksonville might have some potential, but then again, their head coach used to defend Smith in Seattle so he might know Smith’s weaknesses and not be interested.”

    Ironically enough, during Smith’s 7 year reign of error, didn’t he play some of his “best” against SEA? I could be off — much of my memory of that time has been deliberately blurred.

  19. unca_chuck says:

    I still think it’s down to KC and Cleve. The Jets would have to be some kind of multi-team deal with another team looking for a QB. It rarely happens in the NFL but it does happen. Say the Niners send Smith to the Jets, and the Jets somehow get Jax to bite on Sanchize. Jax eats some salary and so do the Jets.

    Possible? Sure. Probable? No, but hey, weirder shit has happened.

  20. Spitblood says:

    The more I look at it the more I think the 49ers probably won’t be able to get anything for Smith. Remember, the Colts couldn’t get anything for Peyton Manning. I’m positive Harbaalke want to put themselves in position to be compensated, but wanting and getting are two different things. If the 49ers don’t get anything for Smith, they’d be foolish to keep him and pay a backup 8 million to hold a clipboard with a 3rd stringer who can do basically the same things as Smith.

    Eagles – Vick
    Chiefs – Barkley
    Arizona – Flynn
    Browns – Weeden
    Jacksonville – Gabbert / Henne
    Jets – Possible Revis / Smith trade
    49ers – Bluffing

    • Spitblood says:

      The 49ers would cut their nose off to spite their face if they kept Smith on the roster.

    • NJ49er says:

      2 things Spit.
      1- Keeping Alex extends our ability to control a future deal.
      Not likely but, possible.

      2- MN.
      They need improved play at the QB position too.
      With Mario on the mend, Kyle too, Harvin in a deal for Smith wouldn’t be a shocker.
      Maybe you only rent Harvin for under 3Mil or, hammer out a pre-trade extension plan.
      Read that Moss and Harvin were pretty tight while Moss was there too.
      Granted, Moss may not be the smartest option for us next year but, he could be a factor at less than going rate for a WR while we await Mario and Kyle to get healthy.

  21. unca_chuck says:

    Manning was coming off his 5th surgery, a missed season, and he was 36. Smith is young and strong, and was at the top of his game. I’d think he’d garner interest.

    And, as I’ve said since last year, I feel there will be interest due to the lack of any bona fine starters coming out of college, and the dearth of FAs.

    • Spitblood says:

      I’d rather have Manning with 27 neck surgeries, planters fasciidis, gondaherpesciphilaids, a triple sports hernia, four circumcisions, two concussions, an ingrown toenail, gout, colon cancer, MS, a wandering eye, turrets and trench foot.

  22. twinfan1 says:

    Holy shit-at least Spit got Chuck off of the Whine Fest.
    “I’d rather have Manning with 27 neck surgeries, planters fasciidis, gondaherpesciphilaids, a triple sports hernia, four circumcisions, two concussions, an ingrown toenail, gout, colon cancer, MS, a wandering eye, turrets and trench foot.”
    I’d go with that except for gondaherpesciphilaids. Gondaherpesciphilaids is a little known affliction that turns people INTO Alex Smith. God knows I love me some Alex, but not with just one leg, cancer, an ouchy on his toe.
    OK, back to your regularly scheduled show: ” Housewive’s Guide to Proper Disposal of the Bushmaster Carbon 15 After You Done Killed the Paperboy”…
    Here “Amanda” works at killing gophers in their holes…

    • Spitblood says:

      If I had a daughter, and it’s a big IF because Jesus wouldn’t allow it, but IF I had a daughter she sure as hell wouldn’t be shooting off semi automatic guns with her hillbilly family cheering her on while consuming copious amounts of Stroh’s complete with beer koozies and lawn chairs or from some old Feiro that will eventually sit in the driveway hopefully one day being used for parts. Honestly….. beer koozies?…….. I can one hundred percent guarantee every single member of this blog at one point in time or another had a beer koozie, except me. Unca – check. Twin – discount double check. NoFear – check. 12th – check. Grumpy – no check. Dennis – no check. Barley – I’m goin’ with a check, but it’s debatable (he won’t admit it). Reno – probably used to sell koozies at some lake. Phil – koozie with tropical flowers. Rob – koozie for his Zima. Flavor – serious check. Me – no check. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever drank a beer from a koozie. That makes me proud.

  23. Spitblood says:

    In the interesting of betting (I know we all are going through betting detox right now) I think we should bet on how long it will be before Aldon Smith gets arrested. Actually, it doesn’t have to be an arrest. All it has to be is an altercation that makes the headlines. I give it one month. I’m going to say Aldon makes the headlines by 3-15. Closest one wins Chuck’s Alex Smith jersey. (Anyone remember that Office Space scene where they smash the printer?).

  24. NJ49er says:

    Any chance we had a handshake deal with Philly to allow Tom Gamble to join their Staff?
    Seems pretty curious that we let our top Personnel guy change sides right before the Combine.

    • 12th man says:

      I felt bad for the guy, he was swinging in the wind for a GM position. This move is odd though since it appears on the surface to be a lateral move. Why would the Niners agree to it? Seems fishy.

    • Spitblood says:

      I thought Gamble was responsible for scouting current NFL players?

    • NJ49er says:

      Very curious timing to me.
      He knows our Personnel and was Baalkes’ right hand man.
      Gotta figure our Draft Board has some structure to it already, even though the Combines haven’t started yet.

      See whether Philly throws us a bone on Draft Day.
      Hoping there was some sort of handshake agreement made prior to letting the guy walk out the door for what amounts to the same title.

  25. 12th man says:

    Spit my understanding is Gamble was heavily involved with college as well as pro. Like NJ says, Niners probly have some kind of draft outline up already. Strange move and strange timing.

    • NJ49er says:

      Have to see how old Howie Roseman is in Philly 12th.
      Gotta be older than Baalke I’d guess?

      Maybe Gamble sees an opportunity to succeed Roseman as ‘GM in waiting’?

    • NJ49er says:

      Nope, screw that idea, Roseman is 37

    • NJ49er says:

      He’s a Jersey guy with roots in the Philly Organization.
      Guess it’s just a matter of wanting the gig?
      I’d charge Philly for some sort of compensation.

      But, I’m biased.

  26. Spitblood says:

    Singletary forced McCloughan out like two weeks before the draft. We got Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati…. oh, and Taylor Mays. I don’t know that Gamble leaving will make that big of a deal. I could be wrong. Let’s hope Baalke’s the geneous and not Gamble.

    • NJ49er says:

      True Spit, I’m not worried so much as I am curious about the timing.
      No big deal I’m sure, since he was on the GM tour for awhile.

      Looks like he simply wanted an out and the 9ers obliged.

      Have to figure Baalke has the upper hand anyway.

  27. NoFear49er says:

    What’s a beer koozie? I think that’s what they called the girls on Tu Do street who kept the beers coming as long as the piasters held out. Never could afford one of my own.

    • NJ49er says:

      Those neoprene/foam insulator sleeves you drop your beer can/bottle into.

      I’m guilty as charged.

      Never drink a beer without my ‘SF’ can cooler.
      It’s how I pick mine out of the crowd.

  28. Alleykat says:

    Had Matt Scott on my radar as well,would be a nice project to develop,speed,arm,size.Another.QB,but.would.probably converted into a reciever/slot guy and could be a steal as 7th round F/A pickup is Denard Robinson QB Michigan,fast as hell.

  29. unca_chuck says:

    Yup, had a Niner koozie/cozy/whateverthefuck for 3 years. Oce I lost that one, I never went back.

    Singletary didn’t do shit with Scotty. That came from on high.

    I thought there was some sort of comp rule for lateral FO moves. Shit, I don’t know.

  30. Spitblood says:

    My perfect 49ers’ off season:

    If things were to fall just right in Spitblood Land, the 49ers would simply release Alex Smith. No games, no looking for compensation, just a release. I don’t think there’s a market for the guy at 8 million, I really don’t. I’ve said it time and time again….. the rookie salary cap is driving the price of mediocre qb play through the floor boards. Smith is really just a qb who knows defenses and doesn’t turn the ball over. Norv can teach that to Weeden. Philbin did with Tannehill, etc, etc, etc. And really, I’m confident Harbaugh has done that with Tolzien. The more time the 49ers waste on trying to trade Smith, the more time and money they lose on other projects.

    In my perfect world, Jim Harbaugh gets a visit from the Dahli Lama…. third son of the Lama….. the flowing robes, the grace…… striking. They play 18 holes and the Dali gives Jim “a little sumtin…. you know, for the effort.” Jim then finds that his anger is tied to his own sense of self importance, and Jim fixes the problem, insuring career longevity. Jim starts to give his brother John credit for being a better man, like John gives Jim credit for being “the best head coach in football.” Jim treats the media and refs with respect and control his emotions.

    With free agency, the 49ers make a big push for Jared Cook, they get him, and then they work exclusively on Cook’s attitude and down field blocking. After acquiring Cook, the 49ers trade Delanie Walker to create more cap space. I’d also love to see the 49ers go out and get a situational pass rusher. Dwight Freeney could be the Chris Doleman or the Kevin Green of the last 49er championship. He doesn’t have to play every down, and he doesn’t have to drop into coverage – just attack the qb. I’d also love to see the 49ers go after a guy like Bowe, but I don’t want to see the 49ers mortgage their future for one big 2013 push to win it all.

    In the draft, the 49er focus on defense. I’d be all in favor of the 49ers pulling a Julio Jones-type trade to move up and get a guy like Utah’s NT Star Lotulelei. He’s a top five pick, and it’s definitely risky, but that dude will command a constant double team his entire career. And you ask Justin Smith to mentor Star and there’s your Justin Smith replacement for years to come. It’s not as risky with the rookie salary cap. The question just becomes how many picks would the 49ers have to give up?

    With their remaining picks, the 49ers draft Fresno State free safety Phillip Thomas, and Arizona qb Matt Scott….. and maybe a kicker.

    If the 49ers dumped Alex Smith and traded Delanie Walker, and they picked up Star Lotulelei, Jared Cook, Dwight Freeney, Matt Scott and Phillip Thomas, while Jim Harbaugh met with the Dahli Lama…… look out NFL for the next ten years.


      Delanie Walker is an unrestricted free agent.
      Good luck in trading him and it shows exactly how in tune you are to all things relevant.
      Titans are going to slap Cook with franchise tag. Cook wants 7 million a year long term.
      Why would we pay Cook more than Vernon Davis?
      You haven’t thought this through, have you?

      • Spitblood says:

        Well Charles….. Double TE is a huge threat, and we somewhat have that with Walker but there’s only one problem….. dude can’t catch. Vernon can’t catch either unless it’s right in the bread basket. The Patriots have Gronk and Hernandez and they destroy the league and their really weak division yearly with that dual threat. Cook can want 7 million all he wants, but that doesn’t mean that’s his fair market value. I want 10 million to blog here. I could see the Titans franchise tagging Cook, but I’d be willing to bet with Williams there now the Titans go defense and create a power run game to protect Locker. If I was the Titans I’d keep Cook forever, I think he’s that good. But I could see the Titans going in another direction and not franchising Cook.

        Regarding Delanie Walker being an unrestricted free agent, you got me there. I knew Delanie was a free agent, but forgot we probably won’t get anything for him if he leaves. I’d just let him leave. What does the word receiver mean? If you can’t catch, goodbye.

      • TOUCHDOWN TOMMY says:

        Free agency means going to the team that pays you most.
        You think that we can get Cook for 3 million a year?
        Got to lay off the crack because it’s rotting your pea sized brain something fierce.

      • Grumpy Guy says:

        So what’s YOUR excuse, Sybil?

      • Spitblood says:

        I don’t pretend to know what Cook’s fair market value is….. but I doubt it’s above 5. If he’s not franchised, I could see him doing something around 3-4 base with incentives. Look Chuck….. you don’t know. Last year in our fantasy football league you dropped Jermicheal Finley. You didn’t even know who the guy was. If you don’t know who Finley was, you’re not going to know about a lesser tight end in Cook. I doubt you’ve ever watched him play. Take your “Delanie is a free agent,” victory and walk away from this one…… it’s no good for you.

      • 12th man says:

        Cook is due 6, PFF thinks it’s about right as they have it as a toss up whether to franchise him or not.

  31. Alleykat says:

    Here is a few more tasty treats i like.
    Besides Matt Elam S Florida.
    Jonthan Cyprien S.Florida Intrenational,like him now more then Elam,had a monster game at the.Senior Bowl,alittle.bigger,faster,taller,both those 2 are very agressive and lay the wood.
    William Golston DE Michigan St
    Alex Oakafer DE/OLB Texas
    Jonathan Jenkins NT Georgia Tech (Massive with quickness,dude’s a Beast!!

    Truifant(Sp?) CB Washington
    Arron Dobson WR MarshallS

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