One for the Ages

Well, that was one of the craziest games I’ve ever seen. Saw a game years ago when it was Joe Montana vs Dan Fouts at the Stick years ago. Both teams went up and down the field all day. Defenses left gasping for air as 2 high-powered offenses had their way. San Diego had the ball last, and thus won 41-38. Fantastic game even if it wasn’t a Niner win.

Yesterday’s game? Even more wild. The difference being this game was a  tale of 2 halfs. In the 1st half, the Niners played well, but wasted a bunch of scoring opportunities and still went into the locker room with a 17-3 lead. The 2nd half saw the Niners strike quick;y for 14 more points, then Tom Brady led a ferocious comeback a 31-3 deficit to tie the game late in the 4th quarter, only to lose in the end.

The 1st drive was an impressive march down the field in 6 plays, capped by a 24 yard strike to Randy Moss. The D played outstanding in the 1st half (1 first down, 113 yards for NE). Carlos Rogers picked Brady on a deep ball, and nearly scored, only to have Walker fumble away the opportunity. Next drive, on 4th and 10, Goldson took the snap on a fake punt for a 31 yard gain, only to see David (sayonara) Akers miss a 39 yard FG. Another turnover (a Bowman strip) deep in NE territory was followed by a botched snap (one of 5) on 4th and 1 from the NE 25. Kappy then led the Niners on 2 scoring drives to close out the half. A deep sideline route to Walker for a 34 yard score, and a 6 minute drive ending in a FG to close the half. A great job of keeping Brady on the sideline, but the Niners left at least 20 points off the board.

3rd quarter? The Niners came out very aggressive again, as Kappy took a deep shot to Moss that was picked off. He didn’t see the weak-side safety, and he took a real deep drop. The pass was short and easily picked. On the ensuing drive, Donte Whitner laid the wood on Steven Ridley, and the fumble was returned by Goldson to the 6. On another botched exchange by Goodwin and Kappy, Gore picked up the fumble and ran it in for a 24-7 lead. Aldon Smith (who was in Brady’s face all 1st half) intercepted a tipped pass, and Kappy took advantage on the next play, throwing a strike down the middle, splitting 2 defenders for a 27 yard Crabman TD. The route was on. 31-7.

Then it wasn’t. No gory details, but the Niners went into deep shell mode, and the offense went a little conservative. It took the Pats 4 drives (35 plays for 320 yards for NE compared to 10 plays/20 yards for the Niners) to tie the score. trhen came the biggest play of the game. LMJ, who had a good day spelling Gore, returned the ensuing kickoff 62 yards to the NE 38. It took one play, an allouit blitz by NE that Kappy read, and found his secondary reciever, Crabs, who stepped around the corner and YACed his was to the go-ahead TD. Even though the drive took tllittle time and gave the defense little rest, it really pumped up the team, and the defense did enough to slow the Brady onslaught. The Niners forced a turnover on downs as NE went for it on 4th and 1 on their own 12. A strange call as NE had 2 timeouts and the 2 minute warning.  This led to a chip-shit FG. NE added a FG of their own as Delanie Walker recovered the onsides kick with little problem.

Say what you will about the NE comeback and stagnation of the offense for those 3 drives, this is a huge win for the Forty Niners. NE hadn’t lost a December game at home in years, and they were the hottest team in the league. The Niners overcame their own mistakes and the ferocious comeback by future Hall of Famer Tom Brady to win on the road in the freezing rain against the defending AFC champions. Kappy’s numbers look small when compared to Brady’s, but Tom Terrific threw 2 picks to one TD on 36 of 65 for a whopping 443 yards, as NE outgained SF 520 to 383. Kappy threw 4 TDs and 1 pick on 14 for 25, 216 yards.

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  1. Alleykat says:

    LMJ kickoff return saved the Niners bacon.That was huge,the turning point and death knell for the Pats.He doesnt make that play and their back on the 20 or less.They would have been screwed.NE had all the momentum after tying it up.LMJ,CRABS,AND KAP made them pay!!!!

  2. twinfan1 says:

    I’ll try to make this clear: how they do in the postseason is the ONLY benchmark for the switch, It’s the reason for it- period. There’s no question they’ve considered Kap the future QB but Harbaugh made the switch for the now- and failure in the playoffs while the veteran and #3 rated QB sits on the bench makes the switch a total failure.
    “While the win reaffirmed the 49ers’ status as a Super Bowl front-runner, this debate won’t be completely resolved until the ball is snapped in January.” THAT is the end of the discussion, my friends.

    • twinfan1 says:

      “And for this team, success is defined as a trip to the Super Bowl, at the very least.”
      “Harbaugh’s wild gamble could cost the franchise its best shot at a Super Bowl in decades.Which all circles back to this: Harbaugh didn’t have to switch QBs, but he did it, anyway.”
      “The coach went all in when he didnt have to. He could have checked, even check-raised, but he pushed all his chips in because despite the fact that he didnt have to do it, he did it anyway”
      There are scores more- but the bottom line is the same and will remain the bottom line until the last snap of the postseason and our fate is decided. Kap has been spectactular often- and he’s also made errors that for the grace of Lombo, the God of the Pigskin, would have cost two games besides the one we lost to the Rams.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Keep hoping, Mike.

    PS. You are full of shit.

    • twinfan1 says:

      I think you’ve been imbibing some of Philco’s drippings.
      I’m not hoping for anything but a Super Bowl, and Harbaugh’s decision likely will cost us the shot.
      Outside of thge Bay Area blogs, the consensus is clear- the wisdom of the decision rides our playoff success or lack thereof. Maybe you’re too stupid to get this but if you really think Harbaugh won’t face serious second guessing if Smith sits while the team loses. you’re fucking delusional. How Alex performed in last year’s postseason is totally valid in the decsion and is why the decision is wrongo.

    • I believe these are twin drippings

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Twin, you absolve the entire team and coaching staff of having any impact on the playoff games at the imperative to pin whatever happens on Colin Kaepernick. You are as looney as Dennis on this point. So, you blame the 4-1 record on Kappy? Fine.

    HE beat Chicago at home, and the Pats and NO on the road. No mean feat.

    If they stumble in the playoffs with Kappy throwing 5 picks and losing 2 fumbles, so be it. It doesn’t change the fact that Kappy is winning big games in hostile conditions.

    Alex Smith didn’t lose the NFC Championship game last year. The team did. Did hs play his part? Sure. But so did KW, Anthony Dixon, and everyone else.

  5. Spitblood says:

    Last night was a lot of fun to watch. This weekend, when I was in Reno, I placed a wager on the 49ers to win the Super Bowl. $50 to win $150. I wouldn’t have done that without Kaep at the helm.

    Several things occurred to me last night. First and foremost, I think now, with Kaep, the 49ers can pass to set up the run. When they do that with Kaep defenses BELIEVE them. It’s one thing to come out throwing with a lesser qb, it’s another thing entirely to actually have the defense on its heals with the defensive coordinator scrambling to defend the pass. Now, if we face the Giants, Perry Fewell will actually have to defend the pass, taking one or even two guys out of the box to defend the pass. I’m not sure that I like the Pistol, two back formation, though. I understand that Kaep will need some time to get comfortable under center, and I don’t think that’s a quick fix. I think Kaep needs to work on taking snaps from under center this off season. So, until then, Roman, Harbaugh and especially Fangio are trying to find a way to win with Kaep from the gun, and I think that’s why the 49ers are running the Pistol with two backs. It’s interesting. In a perfect world, Kaep would run more of the offense under center – calling running plays and more conventional passing plays off play action. But because Kaep can’t make that adjustment this season, we get the pistol, and it does take a little away from our offense. Can you imagine Kaep under center, with all the running plays Smith had at his disposal the last year and a half? Sweeps? Guards and even tackles pulling? Then play action? The 49ers’ offense would dominate, scoring 40 pts per game.

    Next year the 49ers need to either draft another wide receiver in the first round, or then need to find another corner. Culliver, Brown and Rogers are good, but they aren’t great. Give this team a shut down qb, and the 49ers are unstoppable. And who knows about Jenkins next year?

    I didn’t like the 49ers going zone and running the ball in the 3rd and 4th quarters. I understand it. You have a young qb with a three or even four score lead and you want to run out the clock, but hopefully Harbaugh, Roman and Fangio learning something with Kaep in big games. Sure, Kaep can score quickly, but maybe the trio can actually trust Kaep to keep the pedal to the metal in the third and fourth quarters. The Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl by getting the lead and then mercilessly going after Brady. I didn’t see that killer instinct with Harbaugh last night, but then again, Kaep isn’t Eli…….. yet.

    The 49ers can win the Super Bowl with Kaep as long as they stay healthy. Next man up is a great thing. Ricky filled in for Justin. Leonard for Iupati. But if players like Justin, Kaep, Willis, Goldson, Whitner, Aldon, Gore or Rogers go down, the Super Bowl run is in jeopardy.

    Here’s to hoping the 49ers stay healthy, and Harbaugh continues to learn what Kaep can and can’t do. And when they assess what Kaep can’t do, here’s to hoping they continue to stay aggressive and creative.

    I’m not worried about the second seed. The 49ers are going to the playoffs, and they can beat anyone. And the most important thing – Kaep has played well consistently. He’s beaten the Dolphins, Bears, Patriots and played well against the Rams. Kaep can and will play great in the playoffs…. consistently.

  6. Irish Kevin says:

    alright then, lets hope the Niners don’t go into run mode against Seattle. with that said on ESPN, Mike and Mike chose Denver as going to the SB for the AFC and they were torn between Green Bay and SF from the NFC. this was based solely on yeasterdays performance. I am thinking Atlanta is looking pretty good too. Still a long road to the SB. don’t go concervative now, air it out, often!! use the run sparingly.

  7. Flavor says:

    I was fairly surprised to the Chron grade out Niner coaching with the pic of the guy clapping and falling out of his chair. What game was that guy watching?
    The flip side is the growing number of dunderheads at this blog who seem to think Harbaugh is a terrible coach and responsible for all of these losses. Except wait a minute, they aren’t losses they are WINS–on the road against arguably the best team in the AFC.
    JH is obviously far from perfect but it’s surprising that he receives so much vitriol from a fan base that claims to have been starved all these post-Montana/Young years for winning football….

  8. Grumpy Guy says:

    The 49ers could have probably gone conservative on EITHER offense or defense and won comfortably last night.

    By doing BOTH, at the same time, they enabled a total momentum shift with something like 25 minutes left in the game. As they learned, that is not wise against a QB of Brady’s caliber.

    We were lucky as Alley said to get that timely KO return from James. Without that play, and the subsequent TD catch and run from Kap to Crabs, the blogosphere would be looking a lot different this morning.

    Jimbo: This ain’t the Big Ten, and you ain’t Bo Schembechler. This is the NFL, and you go for the throat until the other team physically has insufficient time and no hope.

  9. twinfan1 says:

    This sudden blame on game coaching coincides with the QB switch. We WERE lucky, as spectacular as he’s been at times, for the second time the team survived a Kap error that that would have resulted in a loss but for good fortune.

  10. rtfirefly says:

    ‘as San Francisco guard Alex Boone said: “Am I worried about him in those situations? Not anymore.” ‘
    You’ll jump on, too, sooner or later Twin.

  11. rtfirefly says:

    “He was poised, nothing fazed him, and the guys on their team rally around him,” Patriots Pro Bowl nose tackle Vince Wilfork said. “He’s a good leader … a good leader.”
    Earth to Twin…

  12. twinfan1 says:

    Try to pay attention: Smith was 39-50 5 TD 1 Int when he “lost” his job. Kap has NOT been better. He’s been very good, I’ve only posted that a few dozen times. Of course the team is backing Kap, they fucking should back him. Just as they’d back Tolzien or anybody else. Just as they backed Alex. They fucking better back the QB or find work elsewhere. Now make notes this time: IT’S ABOUT THE PLAYOFFS. THIS YEAR.
    Earth to RT: call home.

  13. rtfirefly says:

    We all know $400K minimum salary athletes in one of the most competitive sports in the world always back their coaches and QBs.
    When they are winning and the winning formula involves a hot young QB you can bet your ass they do.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    And yes, Harbaugh made the switch because he thinks Kappy offers the team a better chance in the playoffs. He has to live with that call, right or wrong.

    But if you lay a loss at the feet of Kaepernick should they lose, then you need to blame Alex Smith for losing the NFC Championship game last year. He and only he was the reason the Niners didn’t move on to the Super Bowl.

    • twinfan1 says:

      You really haven’t paying attention as I instructed you to, Chuckles- it’s been very specifically said that Smith’s play against the NYG is what prompted the move. Others- including many of your crew, are among those who have blamed him for that loss, global warming, the fiscal crisis, and last night’s dinner. So fuck off with the BS that *I* have to blame him.
      What I *do* say is that Jimbo is the one blaming Smith, so Jimbo’s guy has to do better. Got it ?

  15. rtfirefly says:

    You do know that an Alex led NFL team has never scored 40 points on the road. Kap’s team has done that twice in 5 games.

    • twinfan1 says:

      RT: you have be the most fact challenged guy here. The Niners have done that once in Kap’s 5 games.
      But I like the idea- make up facts. You have more?

  16. unca_chuck says:

    In case you didn’t notice, Twin, when the offense stalled, it wasn’t because of Kappy’s mistakes, it was because the Niners played it very safe with the football. Sure, his mistakes could have been costly, but they weren’t. Woulda coulda shoulda. Wah wah wah.

    Again, how do you compare how Smith would have done in a hostile environment in the rain? Maybe Mr. Tiny Hands fumbles 8 times and throws 3 picks.

    I’ve called out the coaching for, oh, about 46 years now. I won’t stop now. They treaded a dangerous line going that soft after scoring the 31st point. Especially on defense. That is a bigger concern, because NE had done NOTHING up to that decision to play the deep shell defense. 4 NE drives, and 320 yards later, we were tied.

    • twinfan1 says:

      You’re a hoot. Smith is 19-5 in games he started and finished yet you act like, gosh, we have just *no* idea how he might do.
      Kap did make errors that led to the comeback- three straight drives at the end of the 3rd and beginning of the 4th quarter- 3 and out, 4 and out, 3 and out. He went back to pass SIX times on those :”drives”. That’s conservative? He took a terrible sack (-13) and completed 2 two passes for 12 yards, neither for a first down.
      Plus he fumbled 4 times that Harbaugh acknowledged were his fault, and the the the pick in the end zone. You can say none of this hurt us but only a moron or Denny (same thing ) could say that his mistakes shouldn’t be a HUGE concern looking to the postseason.

  17. snarkk says:

    More attention should be paid to the Belicheat decision to go for it on his own 12 with 2+ minutes to go and some timeouts in hand, in fumblicious conditions, and an SF offense that was in 3 and out mode. I get both sides of the argument. It was a curious decision, but ballsy. Which is a characteristic most NFL coaches lack…

  18. unca_chuck says:

    Twin, I don’t care what others say here. That’s their prerogative.

    Quantify ‘better.’ What metrics do you prefer?

    QBR – 104.1 to 101.4 to Smith
    ESPN’s QBR – 79.47 to 70.07 Kappy

    Guess that’s a wash.

  19. rtfirefly says:

    You are right and I am wrong, Twin. Kappy’s only done it once.
    You are think I care? Yeah, but I’ve been wrong before.
    Have you been watching the film? This team is fired up.
    If Frank is healthy, it’s him in Seattle (oops I gave away the gameplan).

  20. unca_chuck says:

    Snarkk, I thought it was dumb at the time, and I thought it was dumb this morning when I wrote my thread. I wonder what they are saying in Boston?

  21. rtfirefly says:

    Making up facts, Twin? You are a riot. How many NFL teams has Alex led to the Vince Lombardi Trophy? How many years was he a starting QB? How many top 5 defenses did he play with in that time?
    You’re so good with facts, answer.

  22. rtfirefly says:

    There is a 30 page book for coaches on odds for down, distance, score, and time remaining. That’s the short version. He was playing the odds.

    • unca_chuck says:

      It was gutsy but stupid. On your own 12 you are giving away points. Their D had been doing a great job of stopping us. They had 2 timeouts and the 2 minute warning. I know Belichick has confidence in his offense, but that one was way too risky.

      • twinfan1 says:

        As I posted before the game- count on a stupid Bellyache game decision. “And take advantage of the inevitable fuck up from Bellyache.”. In fact, I pretty much nailed it all. Again.

  23. unca_chuck says:

    Truth is, Twin, I think the team and the fans have passed the point of giving a shit about Alex Smith. Right or wrong, they mainly think that Kappy gets them farther than Smith ever could, so if we lose with Kappy, then so be it. The prevailing sentiment being Kappy is better than Smith right now.

    I wasn’t down with the switch mainly because it gave Harbaugh no outs had he stuck with Smith. But, he made the call, and Kappy is holding up his end of the deal thus far. You can bemoan the growing pains, but the team is winning tough games in hostile environments.

    Or are you going to complain about a win in New England in December?

  24. snarkk says:

    Kap obviously makes throws Alex never could, never will. That is why Harbs bailed on him.
    That catch that Crabby caught late, and turned into the game winning TD, was a low laser that Alex never, never makes. Maybe Kap won’t get past the first playoff game, I dunno. But, he’s the future franchise QB, and he has to start sometime. That time is now. If he gets hurt this season, Alex will be a very capable backup. Crabby will need to thank Kap for his next contract…

    • twinfan1 says:

      Crabtree caught 43 passes in the first 8 1/4 games for 4 TD from Smith. He’s caught 30 in 5 and 3/4 with 3 TD in games from Kap. He’s been almost equally successful with both. ..The game winner last night was in fact a throw Smith has made many times and been knocked for because it was mostly YAC.

  25. twinfan1 says:

    Jesus H. Christ-I KNOW he’s going with Kap, fuckhead. Since when does that deny me or anybody else to right to disagree with it? it’s not “so be it:” if Kap fucks the doggie in the playoffs, it’s “dumb move, Jimbo”.
    Of course I’m not complaining about the fucking fact, they achieved it offensively like I thought they would. What I’m pointing out to you is that the move is not a success for getting to the playoffs, it’s in succeeding there. If you want to pretend they weren’t going there with Smith, be an idiot, you have plenty of experience.

    • rtfirefly says:

      You sound awful sad the day after the Pats lost at home in December for the first time since 2002.
      Seattle, HO-O.

      • twinfan1 says:

        I was delighted that Colin’s 5 unforced errors didn’t end up hurting us. But this is about New Orleans in February. We can’t count on surviving his mistakes forever.

      • snarkk says:

        “I was delighted that Colin’s 5 unforced errors didn’t end up hurting us.”
        So delighted that you had to point it out?…

      • twinfan1 says:

        Hmmmm. how is it that suddenly the QB is immune to criticism? Of course his mistakes should be pointed out. As I’ve said, he’s been spectacular at times but he’s also made mistakes that could have cost us two more losses. The fact that they didn’t doesn’t make it less of a concern.

  26. unca_chuck says:

    The goal doesn’t change with either guy. Neither will the blame should it come to pass. Harbaugh will catch heat, but know what? He won’t care. I don’t fucking care.

    Kappy, for his growing pains, is better right now. He’s more explosive, he adds the ability to change games with his legs, and he gives the team a better shot to win in the playoffs. You don’t have to like or agree, but I think Kappy gives them a better shot going forward than Smith does.

  27. NoFear49er says:

    Monday Morning HCs are out in force, as it should be I guess. Every fan is smarter than every coach AFTER the game’s been played. Hindsight makes us all geniuses.

    It’s funny how much effort is expended trying to convince one hardheaded guy that Kaep is better than Alex Smith. I’d say the rest of the team and those guys in NE are believers today.

    Kaep kept his head in the game after making some costly errors and is humble praising only the other players after a huge win and test for him. That’s leadership. That gives the team a chance to win. Kaep threw 4 TDs against the hottest team in the league at home in bad conditions. I’d guess we’d never hear the end of it if Alex had done that.

  28. Spitblood says:

    Harbaugh, Fangio and Roman are learning how to win with Kaep. It’s the same thing they did with Smith when Harbaugh and company took over for Singleturkey. They learned how to use Smith: What Smith was good at and how to coach the rest of the team around Smith. The wheel route? Harbaugh and Roman didn’t know until the Cowboys game that Smith loved the wheel route. Harbaugh and his coaching staff are learning how to use Kaep and coach the rest of the team around Kaep. And this is why I was advocating Kaep earlier. It takes time to get ready for the playoffs. Kaep is learning important things right now he can’t learn as the backup. Two bad passes to Moss? Throw ’em higher. Even Moss was pointing up after a near INT. And the one that WAS picked….. Kaep didn’t see the safety and just tried to lead Moss. Kaep is learning important things right now that you can’t learn without being the guy. And that’s why I was so pissed this off season when the 49ers re-signed Smith. Dalton, Russell Wilson, Cousins, RGIII? But Kaep, “Isn’t ready?” That didn’t make sense to me. Sure, Kaep has a very real issue with the snap, and Harbaugh is coaching a team that’s Super Bowl ready. But there’s only one place you can truly learn how to play qb in the NFL – as the starter. Kaep is learning and he looks cool under pressure. The playoffs are going to be fun this year provided Harbaugh, Roman and Fangio can let it all hang out. Harbaugh clearly made the right decision to dump Smith and start Kaep. Clearly.

  29. snarkk says:

    I feel good that we have a QB now for at least the next half decade, hopefully more, that looks like he has a shot at being a real difference maker. Kap can only get better, has a high ceiling. As a former QB, Harbaugh sees that, that’s why he gave up picks to move up and draft him. That’s why he made the change now. I’m not going to shed a tear for Alex. It’s unfortunate he lost his job from getting hurt, but that’s the way of the NFL. Production. Higher ceiling over a known ceiling. Harbaugh resurrected Alex’s reputation, and he’ll do well getting a contract with somebody else next season. Arizona would seem a likely spot, as I think Chuck has said. His brand of low risk QBing might even do well over there, although without an O-line upgrade, he might be in for some trouble. Anyway, a top drawer difference maker QB is something the Niners have lacked ever since Garcia got dumped. The early road may be a bit bumpy, Kap looks like a high risk, high reward guy. But, more game experience will turn that ratio more in favor of the high reward. He’s got tools we’ve waited to see for over a decade…

    • rtfirefly says:

      The money Alex has made in the NFL, he could buy a whole city out here in NM. I hope he picks a good franchise to whom to go. KC and he could be the starter in 2 games against Peyton. He has worked damned hard. Just doesn’t have IT.

      • snarkk says:

        I think Ariz would be a better place for Alex. Indoors, good weather. No high expectations for the QB after the disasters they’ve had since Warner. And a fan base that really doesn’t give a crap. Low pressure situation. In KC, the fans are rabid, they’re hungry for a winner, and they won’t be patient; so if Alex plays his brand of ball, they’ll be on his ass quickly, and way more than here…

  30. twinfan1 says:

    Boys, everybody, including me, agrees that Kap is the QB of the future. But it’s hardly a given that he’s the better choice to QB the team for the playoffs this year. You can say “clearly”, “end of discussion”, whatever- but it’s yet to be determined. Tell you what- you’ve all been around through Smith’s years here,, you’ve all championed the other QBs who have come and gone- some of those guys are tending bar.Tell me, who of them have justified your faith? Been to even one playoff game with anybody since Smith got here? Where’s your boy Shaun Hill, Fear? Nate was a flavor de jour. JTO. Some of you smoked Troy Smith’s pole. I could go on. But here’s your bottom lne- there is exactly one person here to to trust on QBs- me. Live with it.

    • rtfirefly says:

      The Niners never drafted one of my choices. Except one. I wrote that the Niners might spend a 2nd day pick on Nate Davis.
      You have to draft a QB or 2 and teach them and let them make mistakes before you can have a real discussion.
      Who are the Redskins’ QBs?

    • unca_chuck says:

      Keep thinking things like this, Twin, if it keeps you warm at night. You wear arrogant pomposity like a snuggie. The truth of the matter is, this team usually doesn’t live or die by the QB play. And if it does, the advantage will always be with Kappy. Deal with it, skippy.

      Truth is, there was never an in-house option other than Alex til now. Dilfer? JTO? Hill? T Smith? They all had their moments of semi-consciousness among the other dreck they signed or drafted.

    • Spitblood says:

      Isn’t Alex Smith an NFL backup now?

  31. twinfan1 says:

    Try to stay focused RT. Hey, would you like it if I call you call you RTIII ? That would be cool, wouldn’t it?

    • rtfirefly says:

      Yeah that would be cool. RGIII is a future HOF if he can stay healthy.
      Niners 27-16 over the Broncos in New Orleans. If the Niners can get by the Skins in the NFC Champ Game. That will be a good one.

  32. NoFear49er says:

    Thanks for the accolades fan1.

    It’s about time you dropped that pretense of insisting your adopted son is the best ever.

    He’s been the biggest reason we’ve had to lean on a running offense since his #1 overall miss on a high draft pick. He’s made every coach since turn away from relying on a passing game. Finally, that era of misery is at an end, thanks to Harbaugh’s knowledge of QBs and Kaepernick.

    • twinfan1 says:

      That’s interesting. Niners passed 26 times per game in Smith’s 8 full games, 25.6 in Kap’s 5 games. Kap’s averaged 216.6 yards per game. Smith 207.4. I don’t see this sea change that you Smaters fabricate. The same with the fabrication that Crabtree didn’t produce until Kap got the nod. You’ve already had to back off blaming Smith for keeping Davis handcuffed. You need to get your facts straight first, open pie hole later.

      • twinfan1 says:

        More specifically- we run 56 percent of the time with Kap, 53 when Alex was the QB.Those damn facts. As Chuck says :”Fuck the numbers”. Or is there a “sniff test” that 12 falls back on when the numbers lay an argument to ruin?

      • 12th man says:

        Keep depending on those stats while I watch the better QB play Twin, can you smell that?

  33. Spitblood says:

    I loved what Fangio did doubling Welker and focusing on Hernandez. Hernandez looked intimidated. Alligator arms that resulted in an Aldon INT and other dropped passes? Even though Roger Goodell wants to take defensive intimidation out of the NFL, the 49ers still intimidated Hernandez. And doubling Welker is something I’ve always thought teams should do regardless if it opened up more for the other Patriot receivers. If the 49ers face the Patriots in the Super Bowl with the Gronker, they should still double Welker. My only concern is Whitner guarding the Gronker. If you stacked one Whitner on top of another Whitner, the double Whitnre still couldn’t guard the Gronk.

    I was also puzzled by Aldon’s pass rushes. I know Josh McDaniels put a receiver in the slot to Aldon’s side to manipulate Aldon’s rush (making Aldon drop), and that McDaniels chipped Aldon a lot, and I’m sure the faster Brady tempo put Aldon on his heals, but I never saw Aldon try to use his speed rush. Aldon only tried to overpower his man. There was no swim, bull, club, speed or stunt, and I think that’s because Fangio wanted Aldon to hold his lane. But if the 49ers do face the Patriots in the Super Bowl, Aldon needs to use all of his tricks. The Giants beat the Patriots because Tuck, Osi and JPP got after Brady. In my mind, that’s 50% of it, and the other 50% was because of Eli throwing dimes. But if the 49ers do face the Patriots in the Super Bowl, Aldon Smith needs to use all his pass rushing tricks. I loved that Ray McDonald got in on it, and that Ricky was a factor backing up Justin, but that may not be enough if we face the Patriots with a healthy Gronker. That said, we did just go into Foxborough and kick the sheat outta the Patriots. The Super Bowl won’t be in Foxborough.

    • Grumpy Guy says:

      Goldson is going to get fined by GoodieBoy for that hit on Hernandez.

      I bet he thinks it was worth it though. Hernandez was not the same player for much of the second half after that hit. He was hearing the Footsteps of Lott. Which is far worse than the footsteps of doom.

  34. unca_chuck says:

    From the FWIW department:

    Jim Harbaugh said Justin Smith will be assessed throughout the week. Said injury is not long term like Parys Haralson’s triceps where he was lost for the year.

    Losing J Smith would be rough, so the hope is he gets back out there. He tried to get back in last night as they fully taped his arm, but then shut him down.

    RJF and co did a decent job of covering for his absence, but Justin’s a guy that we’ll need in the playoffs. Wonder if they give him the next couple games off.

  35. Grumpy Guy says:

    And I also still say that there should have been a personal foul on Tom Brady for spiking the ball in the field of play, in frustration when the 49ers called timeout. If Colin had done that, it would have been 15 yards. Why wasn’t there a flag? Because he is Tom Brady. The league’s golden boy.

  36. rtfirefly says:

    Somebody wrote that Crabs would be a great #2. I don’t know who that was.

  37. unca_chuck says:

    Well, this was the year for Crabs to either shit or go blind. He finally got one out.

    • snarkk says:

      He was doing somewhat better with Alex, but with Kap, his yards per catch is up. Kap gets the ball faster to him on a rope. It’s a big difference, it allows Crabby to get more YAC because his man is still off him a bit when he catches Kap’s ball…

  38. rtfirefly says:

    “The leadership is what makes the difference.”
    He was speaking about the Niner QB Controversy, Twin.
    Mike Ditka 10 minutes ago.
    Fucking go for it.

  39. Winder says:

    Confidence is the key to all this shit. Cappy keeps his and Alex has his moments. Also, Cappy is a much better runner and passer than Alex. I feel like we have far more chances to make plays with Cappy back there. Whether we win a SB or not usually depends on quite a few variables.

  40. unca_chuck says:

    It doesn’t have to be a sea change, Twin. Better is measured by whatever metric du jour you can dig up. Like I did earlier. . .

    Their passing numbers are very similar. However, look at the yards rushing. That is an entirely different dimension that Smith doesn’t bring. In 4 less games, Kappy has 3 x the yards (379 to 134) and 5 TDs to zilch.

    • twinfan1 says:

      I tire of having to tell you to pay attention: Fear made a completelly false statement about the offense changing with Smith out That is totally untrue.

    • twinfan1 says:

      None of you will win a argument with me based on fact. That’s why we get sniff tests, unsupportable clams about passes Alex can’t make, untrue allegations about Harbaugh changing the offense for Kap- Jimbo even said it was the same as before.

      • unca_chuck says:

        Well, the offense IS changing, Twin. Do you think the Niners would be running all this read-option with Smith in there? Uh, no.

        You can’t win either, numb-nuts. This hasn’t played out yet. So shut the fuck up about being right. You haven’t proven anything.

        I don’t give a flying fuck what NoFear said. He’s entitled to what he says here, just as you are. Pooh-poohing Kappys scramble yards is what? Sour grapes? Yup. Kappy is getting better. He may not win the super bowl this year, or ever for that matter (much to your delight), but Alex hasn’t, and he won’t get to take his shot here.

        The facts are Kappy and Smith are fairly equal passing. So Far. Kappy is the much more effective scrambler.

        BTW, the numbers bear out how this is going. So far, 4-1. That’s the facts, Jack.

    • philippinefan says:

      “Kaepernick tossed four scoring passes in only his fifth NFL start. Former starter Alex Smith never threw more than three touchdown passes in 79 regular-season games and two playoff games. Kaepernick is one of 44 quarterbacks to do it during the regular season since 2005. Twenty-two of the 44 have done it more than once.

      That Kaepernick would do it in his fifth start, at New England, with a playoff berth on the line, with a game-winning touchdown pass to foil an all-time great Tom Brady comeback? Yeah, the 49ers will take that.”

      Facts from Mike Sando

  41. rtfirefly says:
    Have fun with your fantasies while the Niners win Super Bowl #6.

  42. 12th man says:

    Seems to me that 4 TD games have been few and far between. How does that metric figure?
    Niners now have consistant quick strike ability, major read option ability too. Look around the league, the good young guns mostly have that in common.
    Twin considers himself “The” qb authority based on Harbaugh taking a near bust and creating a system to make him serviceable. I doubt the market for Alex will be hot or that his contract will be a blockbuster befitting a guy who is statistically top 5 this year, much as his Niner contract was lowball for a starting qb with his win/loss record and NFCCG record from the year before.

    Alex has never had any serious competition for the starting role and still managed to lose the starting job several times. Even lousy coaches will play the best guy. Now a quality coaching staff has chosen Kap over Alex and Twin in his QB guruness says the Niners have to make the SB or the QB choice was the wrong one. Alex is a QB and Kap is a QB, that is the be all and end all of relevant comparisons, trying to make it about how far the team goes into the post season is beyond dumb.

    Alex has never won in NO, or beaten the Pats, would the Niners even be in the playoffs if Alex was starting? Ridiculous questions I know but no more stupid than pointing to last years record and Alex’s overall win/loss record this year and “projecting” the likelyhood of what he would have acheived since he lost the job and how far he would have gotten the team in the future games as yet unplayed.

    It’s over Twin and not because I say so but because the HC says so. Waiting for Kap to lay an egg so you can make some lame “I told you so” proclamation is pathetic. Kap is better regardless of your penchant for statistics, open your biased eyes.

    • philippinefan says:

      Well said Man.

      BTW see my 5:27pm re: 4 TD games

      • 12th man says:

        Gotcha, I didn’t know the actual stats but didn’t remember Alex ever throwing 4 TD’s. I don’t mean to come off as knocking Alex so much as celebrating Kap. Alex did good things for this last season and a half and helped bring the team back to relevance, but you have to love the intangibles Kap has brought to the team. I wish Alex the best, he has made the most of his talentband webmay yet need him before all is said and done this year.

    • twinfan1 says:

      More pathetic is claiming I want the the team to lose because I disagree with who should be starting. That says every fucking one of you has rooted against the team for years.
      Alex actually got better as a QB every year that he wasn’t injured- 70+ in 2006, 80+ plus in 2009, 80+ in 2010 until Rayes was fired, 90+ after that in 2010, 90 last year, 100+ this year. Being in the minority doesn’t make me wrong-and Harbaugh is not God- he’s not right because he made this decision. But the main problem in arguing this with any of you,besides your total disregard for fact as demonstrated by Fears completely false statement about the offense, is that you don’t give a shit how Kap does the rest ot the way or if he takes a crap in the playoffs..
      And since when don’t all websites and experts make prognostications based on previous record, this year’s record, etc.? That’s the dumbest thing you’ve said since your last post. That’s exactly how anyone makes a call on what might happen going forward.

      • 12th man says:

        So that makes you God and right Twin? Get a grip, your armchair is just as comfy as mine and everybody elses. Where do you get off looking down on everybody elses opinion just because Harbaugh rescued Alex’s career such as it was? Proclaim yourself the source of QB knowledge based on what, Alex beating out the likes of Nate Davis? Kap is Alex’s first serious rival and he beat out Alex during his most productive period in his career. You don’t agree with the decision cool, that’s your perogative, but don’t presume you know more than others about football and QB play. If you want to play that game I was right all the way along in this QB change and you was wrong. I said after The Rams Kap would start Chicago before the concussion diagnosis was known. I said after Chicago the die was cast and Kap was the new starter and each subsequent game I said there is no doubt and why. Where was your huge knowledge during this time?

        You are using a possible future outcome as justification for your brilliance? Laughable, you don’t see the wood for the trees buddy. It doesn’t fit your desired outcome. The games are being played right now with the other guy for a damned good reason so say the experts that no doubt should listen to you on the matter.

        Bleating that the Niners must reach the SB to justify changing QB is infantile and that is your entire argument, what a joke.

      • 12th man says:

        Prognostications sure, those are projections, hoped for results, but not as a yardstick to beat a single player over the head with, good grief man.
        If prognostications had any real meaning why even play the games? X QB with Y WR and Z running back equals a SB win right. Good lard tunderin jayzus. I tell you what, you keep eating those sour grapes and get back to me when you’ve eaten the whole bunch and your bellyaching has passed.

      • twinfan1 says:

        What I posted last night to lead to this bullshit:
        That we’d win by going deep, by keeping Brady’s receivers in front of us, and Bellyfuck making a critical game decision
        After the Moss TD- Deep is the way to bet them. Fine drive.
        After the Walker TD I said it was a vet move to look off the DB
        Then I had things I had to do here for awhile
        Fear then said the QB switch was now justified, or words to that effect. I said the playoffs would determine that. Then the jackals emerged but their lairs again.
        So eat it, the whole lot of you.

      • 12th man says:

        Well here’s a little stat nugget to chew on whilst you demand Kap gets to the SB or it’s a failure. A team that goes 13-3 on average goes 9-7 the following year regardless of QB.

  43. 12th man says:

    Phil, apologies for not joining the fray during the game, I went to my fav sports bar and forgot my phone that I usually blog from. Very exciting game like a crazy rollercoaster ride. Left a lot of points on the field too.

  44. unca_chuck says:

    I’ll ask that one again, Twin. so you think Harbaugh would be running all this read-option bug-eye backfield with Smith in there?

    Uh, no.

    • twinfan1 says:

      Smith is 19-5 in regular season games he started and finished in the “Jimbo Era”, 4-1 is a whisker better but not nearly enough sample size to be significant, Chuckles.Chuck- you will shut the fuck up claiming I want the team to fail with Kap. Got that? Period. And tell your drip pals to knock it off as well.

      • NoFear49er says:

        That’s hysterical that you equate a win against say any team in our division last year with some of the wins Kaep has in his short tenure.

        Your name-calling hissy fits paint you as your jack crabby avatar sitting in a sandbox pounding his fists and turning purple. Pretty damned funny.

  45. 12th man says:

    Chuck, nice write up. Going into NE and coming out with the win was season defining. How confident is this team now to beat maybe the best team in football at home with their record?
    Getting hot at the right time is key, if they can pull off a win next week I like the chances of a SB appearance.
    Just hope the injury bug don’t bite too deep.

  46. rtfirefly says:

    I disagree, Chuck. Alex can read defenses far better than Kappy. He couldn’t before his injuries but he is way above average now.
    Kappy throws rifle shots like a young Peyton Manning.
    Defenses around the league are already looking at film.

  47. NoFear49er says:

    Braylon Edwards sucks at catching balls. I think that partial season he spent with Smith starting made him forget the job of wide receivers is catching passes not just downfield blocking.

    btw fan1, what is this false statement you keep screeching about?

    • twinfan1 says:

      You said the team turned away from the pass because of Smith and that was finally over now, Actually they throw almost the same and run a bit more.

      • NoFear49er says:

        I think I said the era is over. Look it up. That doesn’t mean changing the offense over night. Give it an off-season and a camp.

        For a guy that pretends he insists on facts you play pretty loose with them and evidently don’t mind twisting a few words for better effect. Here’s actually what I wrote: ” Finally, that era of misery is at an end, thanks to Harbaugh’s knowledge of QBs and Kaepernick.”

        You pitch such a fit when you think someone has misquoted you I’m surprised you take that tack yourself. Not.

      • twinfan1 says:

        What you wrote and how i Interpreted it are the same..

  48. Alleykat says:

    God,just cut Alex already Jimbo,so we don’t have to listen to Twin’s dementia love-fest over a BACKUP QB the coach could give a shit about,who throws a noodle ball and checks down on any slight pressure,or gets Sacked,cause he can’t scramble and let a play develop when flushed out of the pocket. He is at best a Poor man’s version of Jim don’t call me Chrissy) Everett player!
    Alex can take his act to the Lingerie Football League Backing Up Rypien’s daughter for all I care.

  49. Flavor says:

    Why in the fucking hell would we cut Smith? I’m assuming that’s a joke. We have the best back up QB in all of football. Who wouldn’t want that? Alex Smith is a top 8 or so QB in the league as a starter. JH feels Kap is better than that. But they are both valuable to us………

    • rtfirefly says:

      $6 mil or now. I haven’t checked since he became the second stringer.

    • rtfirefly says:

      Top 8 is really, really reaching.
      I don’t care, 6-0 in on the way.

      • Flavor says:

        top 8 is reaching?
        Ok, here goes: I’d say that Rodgers, Bobby Griffin, Luck, Brady, Brees and Peyton Manning (as long as he’s alive and can feel his throwing hand) and maybe Eli Manning are better QB’s. That’s it in terms of who I’d want QBing my team.
        Look, I;m fine with the switch and I like Kap but it’s ludicrous to think that JH made this call because of Smith’s play. He was playing at an elite level when he went down.
        JH thinks Kap is better. That’s cool, he might be right. But 4 fumbles and a pick to go along with at least 3 complete misfires to open receivers doesn’t cement him as shit in my book……….

      • Flavor says:

        and as I said earlier, it’s a GOOD thing to have 2 stud QB’s on your team. In the NFL, your favorite team is often a hit or two away from going from a winner to a loser. If Kap goes down, fuck it, bring in the next elite QB (who will make far fewer mistakes and also win games at the highest of percentages)……..

      • rtfirefly says:

        Andrew Luck, RGIII, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady. Oops, I wasn’t paying attention.
        Want a dozen more?

      • NoFear49er says:

        Maybe Eli? Wow that’s quite a list.

        Romo, Cutler, Rivers, Schaub, Newton, Flacco are all better QBs than Alex Smith.

        Bradford, Tannehill, Dalton, Fitzpatrick, Freeman may be as well but I’d put Alex in this group somewhere.

        He would make a fine back up but he won’t stay. He’s been humiliated and can probably start for some dead end squad next year.

      • NoFear49er says:

        I thought I had Roethlisberger and Wilson on that ‘better than’ list. They should be.

      • twinfan1 says:

        Well, top 3 in QB rating was misleading so there was Total QBR, Oops, 7th. I guess we’ll go with the, uh, the, er, we’ll go with, I KNOW! We’ll go with that scienfific Snot, I mean, Sniff Test. You all know that one, the one to go with when absolutely nothing to, well, nothing to go on.

      • NoFear49er says:

        How about just going with how many teams wanted him when he was a FA? That’s a lot of coaching and GM talent looking past the guy.

  50. Winder says:

    I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. I’m trying to remember the last person I called a twat. Great stuff.

  51. unca_chuck says:

    Shits and giggle here in the fucking insane asylum.

    Flav, in case you ddn’t notice, the only reason AK wants Smith gone is so Twin will STFU about him.

  52. unca_chuck says:

    And besides, Smith s gone after this season. Scott Tolzein, come on down . . .

    • twinfan1 says:

      Unlike last year there are several teams who would pay him some nice bucks after this year. That’s why it’s funny you think I’m bemoaning his fate. He’ll make out from Jimbo’s blunder. I fear the 49ers won’t and if Kap doesn’t work out, it’s another ice age.

  53. unca_chuck says:

    Twin you are the one who said the Niners didn’t change their offense with the QB switch. They did.

  54. rtfirefly says:

    I think Twinnie is just baiting us all. That’s OK by me because Pete has never been stomped by horses, but he will soon remember his lessions.

  55. twinfan1 says:

    Chuckles. there’s as much chance of me shutting up about Alex as there is of the Bondo holding up on your last job…
    As to the offense not changing- Harbaugfh said it, pal.
    And you guys bitched about it over and over.Different formations don’t change the fact they don’t pass more than before or run less.

  56. rtfirefly says:

    Why are you writing about a 2nd string QB after the Niners just made the playoffs?
    Sometimes you are great fun debating with. N0t t0night, y0u are being flat out stupid.
    I think I have work to do. And it has nothing to do with you Twinnie.

    • twinfan1 says:

      Why in the sorld would I think you having work to do would have anything to do with me, Ruffie ? If you have trouble take your stool softener tonight.,

  57. Flavor says:

    “NoFear49er says:
    December 17, 2012 at 7:14 pm
    Maybe Eli? Wow that’s quite a list.

    Romo, Cutler, Rivers, Schaub, Newton, Flacco are all better QBs than Alex Smith.”

    You opinion, but I think your opinion is utter bullshit. You didn’t even know Bobby Griffin is black (or so you say). You did, however, notice how well spoken he is. Interesting.

    You d-bags who think JH replaced Smith because of performance just don’t understand anything. But I’ve gotten used to that with bloggers…….

    • 12th man says:

      Err, your a blogger.
      Smith got hurt and then got beat out for performance. I wear my D-bag badge of honor proudly. Do you think he got beat out because Kap has better hair?, cooler tats? It’s not just about potential because they are winning games in the hardest places and conditions with the kid who has a handful of games under his belt not 8 years of incremental improvement and a system that limits opportunities whilst maximizing the possibility of mistake free football. Does Alex win that shootout on Sunday? It’s possible, Kap did and emphatically so. In fact they should have scored mid 50’s based on Kap’s play but lets talk about mishandled snaps in the sleet in a loud east coast time stadium where the home team last lost in December 2002.

  58. Flavor says:

    And Twin you have ZERO idea about Smith’s worth on the open market. You said the same shit last year and he had to crawl back to the Niners. His worth is established when a team signs him, not when you say he’s gonna score big in the upcoming free agent market.
    I like Smith a lot and I do think he’ll get an offer or two to be a starting QB but he’s not going to be some sought-after guy. His rep will always depress his market value. I’m not saying that’s fair but it’s true. Look at all the idiots here who think he was replaced for performance. And GM’s aren’t that much smarter than dumbass bloggers…….

    • twinfan1 says:

      I guess you didn’t pay attention to what went down in Miami. He jilted THEM. But whatever, I’m going by the interest already being shown.I didn’t give a figure but it will beat the hell out of what he was to get here. Do what what you like to do- bookmark this. What a crock, I say “nice bucks” and you act like I’m saying 20 mill a year.

      • Flavor says:

        He jilted them? So he could come back to SF with his tail between his legs after JH’s supposed public disrespect with the Manning hunt?
        He jilted WHAT exactly? He got a shit deal with the Niners this year based off what he did last year. So you’re telling us he turned down a much bigger offer from Miami? In full *jilting* fashion? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense……

      • 12th man says:

        8 mil was on the table from Niners. Miami offered 8 mil also. Niners added a mil to make it 9 after Manning turned them down as a peace offering to Alex. There is a reason Alex only got offered 8 mil from 2 teams following a 13-3 season and appearance in the NFCCG. You may not like it or agree, but the coaches and GM’s in the league know Alex is a limited system QB who has been coached around. His natural QB talent is not that great. A few rare exception games doesn’t cut it in the NFL. The winning team record has more to do with a great running game, defense and special teams play than Alex’s talent level.

        IMO Alex is around 12/13 as a QB in the league. Decent but not great.

        I doubt he goes to Arizona. Wizz should be gone, a new coach or Wizz will draft a QB high because the kids drafted lately have had instant success. The O line is probably the worst in football, Alex would have a very short career there, just look at how often the existing QB’s get hurt.

        Alex will definately get offers, he may be limited but he is better than roughly half the starters in the league. I doubt he gets better than 10 mil a year in real money and 2 years guaranteed.

      • twinfan1 says:

        Where he stands among QBs is obviously a matter of opinion. I totally understand why there was only mild interest last year, but it’s a totally different scenario this year. There were far more good QBs in the draft, and he did have a bad rep. But perhaps 12 is forgetting that even with the same system, many picked Smith to go totally feet up this year, No one thought his numbers would be even bettter., I’ve put him in a second tier of QBs that 12 actually agreed with until he decided to be head dickhead. Flavor’s 8 is about right. Remember we’re talking NOW, OK? Next person who mentions a Tannehill sits in the corner and gets whacked with Fear’s wienie for three hours. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. Smith should get 11 to 12 per, won’t get a long term. Unfortunately some of what should have been good years were thrown away. But a lot of what he’s been through will become an advantage- his knowledge of several systems, his toughness, his stick-to-it mentality, AND his talent. Some people actually appreciate those traits. He’s been looked at as an immediate upgrade by several teams, there wasn’t near that kind of talk last year.

      • 12th man says:

        I have never ranked Alex top 10, I rank him a little above average and that has been consistant from me. I think he is second tier talent, decent but not great.

  59. unca_chuck says:

    Romo? No. Cutler? No. Flacco? Hardly. Newton? Based on what? W-L? His commercial endorsements? Alex is in the top 10. He’ll get a lot of interest next year. He won’t get Flynn money, but he’ll get something decent. I hope he goes to AZ just for the hilarity that will ensue.

    Sanchez is an absolute idiot. Throwing into triple coverage to seal the loss and dash the Jets slim playoff hopes. 4 picks. Way to sack up, Sanchize.

  60. 12th man says:

    JETS, done!

  61. Gropo says:

    Does he give us a better shot at the SB? Who can say positively? Does his inexperience outweigh his strength of arm and foot speed? Well, Harbaugh obviously liked Alex a great deal as a player and a person, invested a lot in him, so to fuck him over and make this move, I’d say he’d have to feel pretty fucking good about Kap or he doesn’t do that. And with his track record I’m not going to argue.

    • twinfan1 says:

      “Well, Harbaugh obviously liked Alex a great deal as a player and a person, invested a lot in him, so to fuck him over and make this move, I’d say he’d have to feel pretty fucking good about Kap or he doesn’t do that.” Yes, and if anyone who thinks that Harbaugh’s word is worth a nickel to anybody on the team, is seriously delusional. This isn’t just about replacing a player, it’s about a cruel charade and it’s NOT how things are done in any business. Not by men of honor. Even the pad pounding is rubbing it Smith’s face. And for what? Here’s where “man up” should apply. To go from “He’s the starting QB” to “oh, he’s one of our guys”: is chickenshit crapola. If you’re going to bench a man- be a man about it, Jimbo. As Kornheiser, I believe, said, Alex must want to choke that pencil neck dweeb.. well, I added the dweeb… abd I’ll tell you this- forget the support for Kap, the clubhouse is united crap- Alex would get a standing O. Jimbo’s creditabity is shot forever.

      • unca_chuck says:

        Bullshit. Utter bullshit. You have no idea how this went down in the locker room. Don’t pretend to know anything, Twin, Alex can be as pissed as he wants. Or not. In the end, it was Harbaugh’s call to make. Yeah, it could blow up in jis face. But as of now, it’s working.

        All your whining about how bad they are winning is very reminiscent of how Smioth used to catch shit for his wins.

      • twinfan1 says:

        Fuck off, weasel.

    • Agree, that sums it up for me

  62. unca_chuck says:

    When Spitblood’s the voice of reason, y’all are fucked. I deleted 20 odd posts.

    I’ll keep going if you’d like.

    I’d rather not, so shut the fuck up.

  63. twinfan1 says:

    When you welcome back Spit, THAT’S fucked.

    • unca_chuck says:

      Let it go, Twin IT was 3 years ago.

    • unca_chuck says:

      I didn’t welcome him back, jackoff. He sneaks in every few months.

      • twinfan1 says:

        Right. You were never happier than when Spit and Puddinghead ruled. Disagree with a coaches decision? Call out to your jackals. A physical threat, a racist comment? No prob with THAT. Look, you didn’t even back me with RT when he called me a liar about my cancers and you KNOW it’s true. I’ll never forgive you for that, it was truly chicken shit. As I’ve said before, I’m truly sorry that I ever talked about it, originally I was soliciting funds for the Vietnamese, who have never been compensated for what we did to them. (Not solicting through me but directly to a desiugnated bank in Vietnam, a fund set up for that purpose). But anyway, I’m sorry I ever brought it up. But I would never have thought you’d let it stay out there that I would lie about such a thing. Good luck to you

  64. NoFear49er says:

    Why would you delete what I posted, Chuck? You have fan1 and his idiot sycophant hurling ‘dumbfucks’ and ‘racists’ at anyone who doesn’t share their stupid opinion and you won’t allow a response? Maybe you are Skeebers at that. Grow a pair and smack down the instigators if you don’t want the flame wars.

  65. twinfan1 says:

    Flavor, RT, and Fear were the combatants on that one.

    • NoFear49er says:

      Where were you? Fanning the flames of the firestorm you lit. At least pretend to be man enough to say so.

    • twinfan1 says:

      I didn;t have shit to to do that 3-way idiocy. It wasn’t possible to know what any of you were even talking about.. “Bobby”? Racist? You all sounded like crackheads.

    • NoFear49er says:

      No, you were the first one with the racist and birther shit. You always are. Your sycophant was just repeating it like a deranged parrot. You can feed Chuck all the shit you want. It doesn’t fly so easy with most people.

      • twinfan1 says:

        Why are you running away from what you believe, Fear? Stand up for your beliefs.

      • NoFear49er says:

        I’m always ready to stand up for my beliefs. Those attributed to me by your libelous insults, not likely. Maybe you should deal with that since Chuck refuses to muzzle you.

  66. barleyfreak says:

    “THAT is the end of the discussion, my friends.”


  67. rtfirefly says:

    Liar, Twinnie now that hurt. Cancer didn’t but your words did.

  68. 12th man says:


  69. Spitblood says:

    The best thing about Kaep is Crabtree’s emergence. Crabtree had two amazing touchdowns. His first one was an absolute laser from Kaep that split the safeties. Gruden clocked Kaep’s pass at 60 mph and talked about Kaep being recruited by the Cubs. But lost in the throw was Crabtree’s amazing grab in traffic, over the middle. Just catching that ball is hard to do, but Crabs caught in traffic, over the middle. Another, lesser receiver,would get alligator arms. Then, to ice the game, Kaep called an audible and quickly threw to Crabtree so Crabs could be in position to beat his man. To set Crabs up with a chance to beat his man with a throw underneath, Kaep had to identify the “casino blitz,” then quickly set his feet and throw a low laser to Crabs. If Kaep was any slower in his identification, setting his feet or didn’t have enough mustard on the throw, Crabtree’s defender would have had more time to get up on Crabtree and tackle him. Smith couldn’t have made the throw earlier to split the Patriot safeties, and Smith couldn’t have identified the “casino blitz,” and made a quick enough throw to Crabtree to enable Crabs to ditch his defender. Right now, Kaep is getting the attention, and rightly so. But people are going to start seeing that Crabtree has some game, and if things keep progressing between Kaep and Crabtree, Crabtree could become a legitimate number one receiver. Crabtree has hands and moves and his route running is superb.

    And that’s why Kaep is so important to the 49ers. Instead of holding receivers back like Kaep’s predecessor, Kaep delivers the ball quicker and more accurately and that allows his receivers to be in better positions to make plays. This is why, like Walsh once said, “The qb is the catalyst for the team.” The qb’s ability greatly affects his wide receivers’ productivity. If the qb can put the ball on the money, scramble, or whatever to make things happen, the offense will score. Remember “intangibles?” Walsh used to always talk about them. Kaep clearly has the intangibles. Smith has a clipboard, and rightly so. I look for further Moss, Manningham and Crabtree statistical improvement. Vernon Davis is kind of a mystery. But I believe the drop off is because the rest of the league knows how the 49ers like to use Vernon and they take that away. But if Kaep can keep hitting deeper throws to outside receivers, eventually the safeties will have to stay closer to the sidelines. It’s just a matter of time before Vernon starts seeing his receiving numbers improve as well.

    Harbaugh is also doing something smart with Kaep, giving Kaep run options to help take some pressure off. Personally, I hate the run option because I want Kaep to be forced to sit in the pocket, only running when it’s absolutely necessary. But look at the Patriots’ game. Harbaugh did call the read option, but almost every time Kaep handed the ball off to Gore because Belicheck’s defense is smart. His ends didn’t crash and made the middle linebackers tackle Gore. So, in a sense, the ends took away the read option and Kaep still played great. To me, that must means the read option isn’t necessary unless the ends are always crashing. The read option now becomes a curve ball in the dirt on an 0-2 count. If Kaep always hands the ball off to the RB on the read option, it keeps the DE or OLB honest. Kaep and Harbaugh need to continue to just have Kaep hand the ball off no matter what for a while. Why? If Kaep runs the ball, there’s a chance he could get hurt, and despite much already being made of Kaep’s running ability, you don’t want your qb running a lot. Ask Andy Reid. Ask Mike Vick what area code he’s currently living in. If Kaep gets hurt, Smith isn’t winning the Super Bowl. So the read option has to be a bluff for the rest of the season. Then teams will start crashing their DEs again and If, in the playoffs, a team like the Packers or Falcons does this the QB run is worth it. But not for the rest of the season – not against the ‘Hawks and Cardinals. Even though we just saw Russell Wilson run the read option well on Sunday, I doubt the Niner / Seahawk game will display much read option with the qb keeping the ball. Both Russell and Kaep are too valuable. Was it any coincidence Kaep only ran once against the Patriots? You don’t win football games against GOOD teams with your qb running all over Christmas. You win against good teams with your qb staying in the pocket and throwing dimes. That’s the future of Harbaugh and Kaep, and that future, despite some denying it, is already here. Kaep only ran once, and he’s already making Crabtree a better receiver.

    Isn’t Alex Smith an NFL backup? Why bless my soul … he is. And now, once again, after years of torture (but not the good kind of SF Giants’ torture), the 49ers have a real qb. Thank Jehovah.

    • twinfan1 says:

      OMG. It’s really back.

    • barleyfreak says:

      Despite your proclivity to piss people off on the blogs, you really can make some excellent points. I especially agree with the “running qb” part, in that, I don’t want my qb to run, unless it’s to escape pressure or take what a D gives (hole up the middle, etc.) I’m a broken record on this subject, but I want our qb to beat them with his arm. CK is blazing fast and there will be times when he gets substantial yardage on non designed plays, but the more JH dials up (designed) the greater chance of injury. Injury bad. Healthy good.

      I have also been greatly impressed with his movement in the pocket, with eyes downfield. It was, alas, one of Alex’s biggest faults. And if he continues to improve in other areas, pre-snap reads (he already goes through his progressions pretty fast), then the temptation to use his legs more than his arms should be kept at bay. And BTW, I SINCERELY hope that the coaching staff is drilling into him that he better slide before — getting drilled.

      • Spitblood says:

        I agree, Barley. I don’t want to see Kaep run the ball once for the rest of the regular season. Harbaugh and Kaep should keep Kaep handing the ball off to the running back on the read option for the next two weeks. QB run in the playoffs if you’re down or it’s a close game. But don’t run in the regular season when you have a playoff spot wrapped up. I like the 49ers’ chances with Kaep and a wildcard spot better than I like the 49ers’ chances with Smith and the second seed. We saw how that worked out last year. The 49ers need to protect Kaep at all cost for the next two games. Seattle will be looking to take Kaep’s head off if he keeps the ball on the read option next weekend. And thanks for the compliment. I don’t think I’ll be pissing people off as much anymore with Smith holding a clipboard. Those who are still hanging onto Smith as the 49er starter are just showing how wrong they’ve been for a long, long time. It’s sad really. Protect Kaep at all costs. Kaep’s health is more important than the second seed. I’d rather lose to the Seahawks and have Kaep healthy then beat the ‘Hawks and have Kaep injured. PROTECT KAEP!!!!

  70. twinfan1 says:

    All the crackheads are back. It’s just what you wanted for Christmas, Chuckles.

  71. Grumpy Guy says:

    And now, for the next installment in our eternal tale, As The Quarterback Turns, Part Seventeen Thousand, five hundred and eighty-two. We join our show in progress….


    “Racist swine!”

    *Insert Obma joke*

    “BIgger F-bomb!”


    *Grumpy makes popcorn.

    “”Nuclear F-bomb!”

    And so it goes…

    • Alleykat says:

      LMFAO..Grumpy so true..As Alex slowly roast on the Rotissiere (like the one you see in the window at Harry’s Hofbrau) as Kappy is seen opening the little door and adding more sauce to Alex’s over cooked done carcas.

  72. Irish Kevin says:

    ha ha, this stuff should be on TV. I am thinking Ed Asner can play twin. Charlie Sheen is spit, Tom Berenger will play Chuck,
    I will get to the rest of you clowns later

  73. unca_chuck says:

    Sorry 12th. i meant RTF.

    RTF, I know Flav isn’t racist. Trust me, I do. he was making a joke. Much like Roberto Clemente, early in his career, was called Bob by the press. Roberto being too ethnic I suppose.

    • Flavor says:

      I call him Bobby Griffin for one reason: I think his self-given nickname is dumb and overused by the media. In their Bowl Game last year vs Washington the announcers couldn’t go 10 seconds, literally, without saying “RG3”. It’s an annoying, self centered nickname.
      So me calling him Bobby Griffin is my little protest of his over-the-top nickname. It’s no big deal and it has nothing to do with racism or stereotypes or anything else.

  74. Spitblood says:

    In life you are defended by your enemies. My enemies are Alex Smith lovers……. and I’m okay with that. Smith’s legacy is that of a good guy who bridged the gap from terrible football from Nolan into the golden Harbaugh years. Smith will now move on next year and play for the Jets, Cardinals (if there is a Jesus), and he’ll start for a while then move to the bench where he may never see the field as a starter again. I think even though Smith is young he’ll probably be out of the league in five years. However, guys like David Carr and Jason Campbell are still in the league so you never know about the life of an NFL backup.

    People will say, “Naw, Smith will play until he’s 40 in the NFL as a backup.” But Smith’s career was resurrected by Harbaugh. Know Harbaugh, know success. No Harbaugh, no success. If Smith goes to the Chief and Romeo’s inevitable replacement (someone like Bruce Arians (sp?)), can’t do for Smith what Harbaugh did, Smith will hit the pine quickly…. then it’s a hard, uphill battle for Smith to get another starting job in the NFL. After last year’s great season, Smith didn’t even get an offer from the Miami Dolphins when Smith was available in free agency.

    What’s lost in all of this dumpfest on Smith is that Smith is an excellent human being. “Top notch! Top Notch!” But unfortunately, being humanitarian of the year doesn’t get the groceries delivered on game day. Smith’s legacy: A good man who got paid very well to be the 49er bridge from Nolan era uncertainty to Harbaugh dominance. Nothing wrong with that except for the sixty years he took off my life playing horrible football.

  75. 12th man says:

    Why are we talking about banning? Is that really deserved Chuck? Twin is monotone about Alex but does that surprise anyone? Speaking for myself he makes me smile with his stuff. I like all the posters here, except for the obvious fraud. Got a bit out of hand with a couple of guys trying to out un-racist each other based on calling RGIII Bobby. Didn’t really get why that should spark a race debate but you handled it.
    Just my 2c today.

  76. 12th man says:

    Need a new thread stat!

  77. Irish Kevin says:

    I will use the Movie Barbershop quote and change a few things

    Wait, hold on here. Is this aBlogg? Is this a Blogg? If we can’t talk straight on a blogg, then where can we talk straight? We can’t talk straight nowhere else. You know, this ain’t nothin’ but healthy conversation, that’s all.

  78. Irish Kevin says:

    Chuck, this thread is all fucked up!! not posting, posting 10-15 mins later. get a new thread or something

  79. dirtnrocksnomo says:

    So what are the odds that JH starts Smith after the west is wrapped up with a win over Seattle? I actually could see that happening with JH’s reasoning being that it saves Kaepernick and let’s Smith get some game time reps. The fact that it is just more humiliation for Smith is just gravy for JH.

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