Buffalo Gal, Won’t You Come Out Tonight?

Buffalo vs the 49ers. This used to be a very popular Super Bowl pick back in the day. It never happened, but one of these two teams WAS in the Super Bowl for 8 of 11 Super Bowls from 1984 to 1994, even if they never did play each other. Not much history between these 2 teams. Historically they are 5-5 vs each other dating back to 1972, when Dennis Shaw (8-20, 105 yds) outdueled Steve Spurrier (10-25, 171 yds) 27-20.  Oh, yeah. O.J.SImpsonm had 138 yards rushing. The last time they met was 2008, an epic 10-3 Niner win when Shaun Hill beat out the two-headed QB of JP Lohsman and Trent Edwards.

Sunday? Well, on paper this is one of those games that you’d think the Niners would crush Buffalo. Buffalo lost to a Jets team that dropped 48 points on them. The same Jets that never got into the red zone vs SF. And Buffalo’s so-called revamped defense gave up 45 points to NE. In the 2nd HALF. They did manage to beat the Chefs and the Browns, 2 teams hardly mistaken for anything resembling competent, but as the Niners showed against Minnesota, bad schemes can lead to bad games. Still and all, I think this is another tune-up game that shouldn’t be too difficult. Buffalo doesn’t defend the run or pass particlularly well, and thier offense goes through CJ Spiller. A little guy who uis dinnged up, and shouldn’t be too hard to stop. If they go with Minnesota’s strategy of short passes and WRs going deep, the Niners NEED to bring the pressure. The 49ers let Ponder off the hook by not pressuring him enough, and he picked the Niners apart with the underneath stuff. Pressure Fitzpatrick, and he’ll throw picks. He’s got 7 already.

I’m thinking 28-10, Niners.

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38 Responses to Buffalo Gal, Won’t You Come Out Tonight?

  1. philippinefan says:

    Is that a new addition in yer icon Chuck?

  2. barleyfreak says:

    27-16, Niners.

    Speaking of predictions, here’s mine from before last weekend’s games:

    “I think we roll all over the Jetsons. I think our D really has their A game on. A couple of picks (one for a TD), 4 sacks, nothing in their run game, and a coast to a 34-6 thriller. Meanwhile, in the Karma Bowl, the Rams beat Seattle at home on a last minute Hail Mary. Correctly called. AZ beats MIA and goes 4-0 and SB is the talk of Phoenix…until they lose the following TH night against those upstart Lambs. We beat BUFF, SEA is “upset” in CAR, and then lo! after week 5 it stands Niners & AZ 4-1, STL 3-2, SEA 2-3.”

    Pretty spot on, so far. What remains is beating the Bills and CAR beating SEA and it all comes to pass.

    • 12th man says:

      Did you parlay the $10 though?

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      I forgot to thank you for keeping CJ2K and McGahee on your bench last week. Starting the “Thomas Bros.” at RB didn’t work out so well. How many beers had you engulfed when you came up with that bright idea? 😀

      • barleyfreak says:

        I honestly don’t know what I was thinking. Or if I was thinking. I probably was drinking.

    • philippinefan says:

      Great calls barley. Thinking the Bills will go our way and will be following the Sea-Car with interest.

  3. Del Mar Dennis says:

    I had to switch back to the regular Budweiser today. I got sick and goddamn tired of looking at that Raider insignia and stupid eye patch on my Bud Light cans. Their pirate needs to put a patch on his other eye. Who in the hell wants to watch that wretched team try and play.

  4. Winder says:

    Pretty cool lookin pup ya got there Chuck. One more friend for life. Our two dogs are gettin pretty old now and I don’t think we will get anymore after that. This game is a hard one to call, in my heart I know Harbaugh isn’t gonna air it out if he doesn’t have too and add to the fact that Jacobs is back and Hunter had such a good day we might not throw the ball at all. Niners 30-13

    • phil fan says:

      Winder check this:

      Apparently your pooch sends not-so-subtle signals about your potential as a mate. Poodle? High maintenance. Labrador? Happy and easy going. (Ed note: dats our man Chuck!) Chihuahua? Nervous and neurotic. Ladies should get big dogs to attract men; men should get little biddy dogs to attract women. Go figure.


      Chuck’s not ‘trying to attract suitors’ hell he’s stuck with alla us…

      da poor bastid…

  5. philippinefan says:

    It’s a tribute to our dedicated blogsters with these long threads this keeps getting lost. Updating Scoring Challenge this week VS Buffalo Bills at the start of this thread:

    Chuck: 28-10 Niners. In their two losses to their AFC East rival Jets and Pats, they’ve given up 100 points. Does that mean we walk all over them? One would think. But then
    again, we should have beaten the Vikings. Bring me the head of Buffalo Bill.

    Flavor: 41-6 Niners. “Buffalo is terrible. Niners 41 buffalo 6″

    rtfirefly: 17-6 Niners. Phil: “Ya think RT’s gonna stick with 17-6?” RT: ” Yep. I roll with a winner… I almost had the first half score nailed again. Three games out of four”. phil fan says: There’s some logic buried in here somewhere!

    Grumpy Guy: 24-20 Niners. Buffalo is terrible. Yes. But we’ll have a little letdown after last week. Not enough to lose, but it’ll be closer than we expect. 24-20, 49ers. Then Mad Scientist Jimbo pulls out all the stops for the Gigantes.

    twin fan: 31-17 Niners. Buffalo is bad but they better get after Fitzpatrick.

    Winder: 30-13 Niners. I love our running game but I would like to see more of an aerial attack. I guess I really want to see Alex smoke em through the air. I know Harbaugh isn’t gonna air it out if he doesn’t have too and add to the fact that Jacobs is back and Hunter had such a good day we might not throw the ball at all.

    12th man: I’m feeling 24-10 Niners, saving something in the gas tank for the Giants.

    Phil: 27-14 Niners. Moss gets his 2nd TD along with Hunter and Manningham. Akers X2. D comes to play again. The head of Fitzpatrick is delivered to Herod on a silver platter.

    Chico: 30-10 Niners. Our defense remains really good – The passing game improves and we stick with smash mouth football as we run for over 150 yards. Aldon gets 2 sacks

    barleyfreak: 27-16, Niners.

    As usual Del Mar is dragging up the rear so we’ll jest have to be patient. Gotta call fer us DM?

  6. Del Mar Dennis says:

    When did the NFL replacement refs start umpiring baseball games?

    The Braves got royally fucked in the ass and didn’t even get the common courtesy of a reach around on that infield fly rule call.

    And it’s only going to be fitting that Chipper Jones makes the final out. He started their downfall by throwing a sure 5-4-3 around the horn DP ball into RF. Fuck Larry.

  7. Del Mar Dennis says:

    And now the 1B ump just blew the call and allowed Chipper to reach first.
    This is a sad indictment on officiating throughout the sports world.
    From what rocks to they find these umpires underneath?

  8. unca_chuck says:

    I missed the IF deal. Eck was trying to explain what happened but I got lost in his wavy hair. When did Eck have a sex change operation?

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, I hate hate HATE the fucking Cards. May Jose Okendo rot in hell. Ozzie as well.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Just the sight of “Eck” makes me sick. His hair and stache have not changed one iota since the ’89 World Series. Listening to him trying to explain the infield fly rule today just made me want to punch him in the goddamn throat all the more.

      Eck royally pisses me off.

  10. Winder says:

    Thanks Phil for the effort on predicitions, sometimes I forget and make some totally different ones down the road. No injuries this week, play some good ball and go home happy.

  11. Del Mar Dennis says:

    There’s been more than one or two posts from our regulars asking for “no injuries” this week vs the Bills. You know what that means…Someone is getting injured. I dare not name any names, but I foresee the headlines reading…”Niners win, but lose _______ _______ for the season to injury. Frank and I are still crunching the numbers for this Sunday vs Buffalo. Phil, don’t you worry. We’ll get our prediction down before the gates open. No need to be hasty. You guys remind me of my pals at the track who bet a horse early with 20 mins. left to post at 10-1 only to get 7/2 when it’s post time.

    “You don’t bet the favorite, you make the favorite.” Or as the late great Joe E. Lewis (played expertly by Frank Sinatra) used to say…It is now post time!”

  12. phil fan says:

    Yer right of course Del and I never doubt yer betting prowess (except regarding your pal Alex) but shit man I gotta do my part around here, right? Even if that means dumping on youse, dude. It’s just too quiet out here in my shack in da sticks…

  13. Nipper says:

    Niners should crush the Bills. Should score at least 30 if they half try.

  14. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Chuck, I really like your new Labrador retriever. But please tell me you didn’t name the dog Pussycats. Otherwise you’d have Josie and the Pussycats.

  15. twinfan1 says:

    Zeke is a Yellow Lab. Like nearly all Labs, service is in his blood. Even without training, they are excellent dogs for children, the elderly, and the ill. And just great pets in general.. Chuck and his family will love their new puppy.

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Yup, Maggie’s smart and cute and all that puppy stuff.

    New thread is up

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