Game Day # 5 – Beeffalo, the Other Dead Meat

This one appears to be another game that could be seen as a look-thru deal. The Niners have the Giants next week, and have to be gearing up for that one. I’m not really saying they looked past Minnesota, that was more of a scheme problem, but this one has the makings of a sleeper game that might sneak up on them. Ryan Fitzpatrick has done well at times, and has looked bad at times. Same with CJ Spiller and the running game. If you look at their opponents, though, you get a better idea. They’ve beaten bad teams (Cleve, Miami), and lost to NE (good) and the Jets (bad).

I don’t think Buffalo is that good, but Ryan is a good QB if you give him time as his league-leading 12 TDs attest. Pressure him and he throws picks, as his league-leading 7 picks shows. This game follows the formula of the Niners basic script. Stop the run, force the pass, pressure the QB, get some picks. Buff’s defense doesn’t appear to be all that. 100 points by the Jets and NE proves that. NE got 45 points in the 2nd half last week. I think tthe Niners won;t make the mistake of the Minn game, and come out focussing a little more on the run, and the mid range passing game as they did last week.

Still saying 28-10 Niners.

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224 Responses to Game Day # 5 – Beeffalo, the Other Dead Meat

  1. Grumpy Guy says:

    Tackle by Darcell McBath right after Tremaine Brock. Officially garbage time – but still we got a three-and-out.

  2. Alleykat says:

    72-3 last 2 weeks,after the Vikings embarassment.Could throw in another score are FG as well,but Harbaugh will just throttle it down now.

  3. Grumpy Guy says:

    Terrific run … We are now at 598 total offense for the day.

  4. Grumpy Guy says:

    That makes 600.

  5. Grumpy Guy says:

    310 yards passing.

    299 yards rushing.

    About 60 lost to penalties.

    Holy shit.

  6. Grumpy Guy says:

    And that makes 300-300!

  7. Grumpy Guy says:

    Dixon: :GET OUT MAH WAY!!!”

  8. philippinefan says:

    Flavor aces it at this point with his 35 point spread…dixon scores but Flav still the closest by a country mile. Good Call. wow

  9. Grumpy Guy says:

    This is utterly surreal. Like watching a major university playing a high school. Utter domination.

  10. Grumpy Guy says:

    How’s this for balanced offense?

    310 yards passing.

    311 yards rushing.

    621 total offense.

  11. Del Mar Dennis says:

    “Denny, why don’t we all just acknowledge that Denver and SF both (chose) the right QB?

    Not on you life, pal. You always take the filet mignon (Manning) over the chuck steak (Smith) regardless of who’s cooking, and where it’s going to be served.

    You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

  12. Grumpy Guy says:

    Manning played a hell of a game today, too. Bet he wishes he had Frank Gore and this defense to help him, though.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Tell me with a straight face that this team has a better chance of winning the SB this yr with Alex instead of Peyton, and I’ll lose all respect for you.

      • Grumpy Guy says:

        THIS year, I’m not seeing that much difference between them, Dennis. Now maybe at some point Manning’s experience will help him – but so far, Alex seems to be doing a pretty damned good job. How would Manning have done any better today?

        And then you have to worry about Manning’s neck. Either guy could go down – but if there was abetting line on that, you know Manning’s odds are higher.

        I’d still take Rodgers or Brees or a few other guys in a straight up deal. But if Alex keeps kicking ass like he did today, that list is going to keep getting shorter.

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        That’s a specious fucking answer, Grump. Who would give this team the better chance at winning the SB this year?

        A) Alex
        B) Peyton

      • Grumpy Guy says:

        Then I have to take Smith – because with Manning, I do not believe we could have signed all of our defense players to come back. And if Manning came here, he would have had to accept playing the exact same offense Harbaugh has Alex running. So, same results with Alex, lower price.

    • philippinefan says:

      11 games to go until the playoffs. Would Manning help us wid a busted neck?

  13. Del Mar Dennis says:

    This just in: Cam Newton is a fucking fraud. Stop with your Superman shit.
    It makes you look more foolish than even your play this year.

  14. philippinefan says:

    Our 1-2 punch of Alex and Kap make the need for Manning irrelevant. With those two we don’t need anyone else

  15. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Alex Smith is going to get X-Rays on his (non throwing) hand as we speak.
    Keep talking about Manning’s neck. As I said, Alex will hit the IR before Peyton this year.

    • twinfan1 says:

      Absolutely pathetic responses, Menace. And now you’e rooting for an injury to Smith. Take the Ledger and don’t make a mess for the nurses..

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        You’re pathetic period. And so is Bruce Bochy and his decision to have Huff and 12 pitchers on his roster vs the Reds. Those moves are so asinine that it almost makes me want to root for the black man in charge.

        Ask me that same question come the first Tuesday in November, and my response will be the complete opposite of my feelings for Eli Whiteside… NO Blacky!!!

  16. Winder says:

    Well, i got everything I asked and more in this game. Our OL is the Bomb, Alex is the Bomb and our running game is a huge Bomb and it just keeps getting better. I am so happy for this organization. Bring on the fucking NY Giants, a trifecta is in order.

  17. twinfan1 says:

    LOL: Maybe Denver didn’t get the right man..
    Denver under Manning 2-3
    Denver under T-Blow 7-4

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Sure you’re right…Alex has now FINALLY cracked the .500 mark and is 36-35 (51%) as a starter. Manning even with his loss still stands at 143-70 (67%) throughout his career. Not to mention his SB win, MVPs, yada, yada, yada the HOF awaits…

      If Peyton would have signed on the dotted line, Alex would be enjoying the Miami night life as we speak. And you know it. The 49ers were ready to kick his ass to the fucking curb if Peyton would have chosen to come here. Alex is like the bad mother-in-law who comes to visit you for the weekend, packs her bags, but never leaves.

      That’s why they did holes in the Vegas desert. Better yet, please come to my barn. I have plenty of shit that needs to be shoveled and put in the hole.

  18. twinfan1 says:

    Only one “fan” could be bitter after the greatest offensive game by yardage in the history of the franchise.

    • Flavor says:

      110% agree. Dennis, you are just an embarrassment to yourself. I’d say you’re an embarrassment to NIner fans but you aren’t one. All you care about is your stupid, mindless blog mantra of hating Alex Smith. It’s become your personality.
      Now STFU about all the years you’ve been a Niner fan, on the field for this and that, etc. We are ALL fucking NINER fans.
      But like your mom, you’ve become obsessed with the QB and it’s all you think about, it’s consumed you. And you’ve exposed yourself as a total fraud tonight with you’re inability to honor this win and the man who dominated it……
      And to answer your stupid fucking question, I’d take Alex Smith in a heartbeat over Peyton Manning. Besides being a hit away from paralysis, Manning couldn’t fit into this system in a million years. He doesn’t want to do anything but pass the ball in the no huddle. Do you see a lot of that going on in SF? Smith is the perfect QB for the Niners.
      We have a balanced team. I know you don’t understand balance, you’re one of those dipship parents from the movie Hoosiers who just wants the players to jack up mindless 3’s everytime down the court.
      All you want is for the QB to pass the ball. We get it. You want Alex to fail and, consequently, you don’t care how the Niners do. You’re actually a product of the blog world: a guy who started off right and then got lost in the darkness and the anonymity of the internet. Now you’ve got this *screen name* thing that’s given some meaning in your life. Now you matter a little. But it is all based on hate and stupidity and it has zero to do with being a Niner fan. ‘m sure you THINK you’re still a NIner fan. But you have turned into something else, much weirder and a fucking country mile away from a Niner fan.
      Don’t believe me? You’ve blathered out “Heee!!!!!” a shit load of times this year. How many of those “Heeee’s” were for Niner TD’s?
      Exactly, they were ALL for Peyton Manning TD tosses. Pathetic……

      • Flavor says:

        and don’t wate your time responding to this post, you couldn’t come up with a cogent argument to any of this and we’ve all read your blather a million times so just go suck down another beer, stick more pins in your Alex Smith doll and hate your life a little harder. That’s been working so far for you, right?

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      You can question my stats and my theories on how to play football, but don’t you goddamn even think about questioning my “fanhood.” I’m not some fucking transplant from Pittspuke like yourself who acquired this team via trade. I was fucking drafted a San Francisco Forty Niner in 1973 when I watched John Brodie trot himself out onto the ‘Stick for the final time vs “Pittspuke” of all people when I was just 7-years-old.

      Everyone bleeds red, well, I bleed red and gold. STFU.

      • Flavor says:

        you’re too wasted to even read my posts, that’s hilarious……

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        I made my last response before I even had the chance to read yours…Aubrey Huff being on the playoff roster, now that’s hilarious!

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        Who’s scheduled to throw out the first pitch tonight, Steve Spurrier?
        Another POS who wore #11…

  19. Grumpy Guy says:

    Not just this franchise, Twin.

    Any franchise.

    According to Eric Branch this was the first game in the history of the NFL that a team had 300 or more yards passing AND 300 or more yards rushing on offense.

    This was a game for the ages.

  20. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Flav, bring up my Mom one more time and you’ll be sorry. Just don’t.

    • Flavor says:

      there are lots of things to regret in the blog world Denny. We all bring shit up. I asked you very respectfully about your mom a year ago and you very respectfully answered. But you have broken many rules, including those related to human decency (you are an obvious racist based on you posts), fantasy baseball etiquette (I had to ban you from the Stable because of your vile, unpredictable posts) and while you haven’t broken an actual rule about Alex Smith you have absolutely broken a fucking record. This blog has put up with your constant drivel for 2+ years. And it’s always the same stupid shit. And according to you, it’s the same approach your mom took to hating the Niner QB. So congrats on keeping that bizarre legacy going.

  21. Flavor says:

    Dennis is still spewing hate. Not at all surprising. Hey dipshit, we’ve won our last 2 games by a combined score of 79-3. I guessed both games would be a combined 82-12. I don’t know what your guesses were but I’m pretty sure I beat you.
    And even going 79-3 I haven’t heard a peep of happiness out of you, not one *heeeee* during either game. You are content to keep sticking the pins in your Alex doll, in the darkness of your apartment….
    But Manning throwing td’s??? Lot’s of *heeeeee’s!* for that. Dennis opens the shades and lets the light in when fucking Peyton Manning throws a td pass for the Denver fucking Bronco’s. Do you just yell *Heeeee!!!” or are you actually masturbating when you type it?
    Are you the last one in the world to recognize that you’re no longer a Niner fan?
    Seriously, what genuine fan could possibly concern himself more with praying for the failure of the QB over the team winning the game? It’s a sickness……

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Flav, you are the goddamn worst at playing “Amateur Psychologist” on the blog. A few years up at your little liberal arts school in the northwest, and you think you’re the second coming of Sigmund Freud.

      You don’t know shit from Shinola when it comes to interpreting the human mind and its cause and effects.

      PS. You are a goddamn shitty fantasy baseball commissioner. Period.

  22. Del Mar Dennis says:

    1-0 Reds. Fuck you and Bochy! We deserve to lose this shit.

  23. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Look up the word, “racism” you fucking mook. I don’t single out one regardless of their religion, color or creed. I hate EVERYONE. That’s not racism, that’s my take on today’s society.

    Like it or lump it.

  24. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Excuse me? Maybe I’m missing something, but when and where did I say I wanted “Katie dead?”

  25. unca_chuck says:

    SHit. What is it when I leave? Bye Dennis.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      WTF do you mean by “Bye Dennis?” You banning me? I started off this morning by wishing you and your new pup greetings and salutations. Flav started with the Mom BS. You can’t expect just to sit there and lie like a dog…

  26. unca_chuck says:

    You were fine this morning. Now? Same fucking Alex shit with some baitng and racism thrown in to boot. You and flav got a problem? Take it offline.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Chuck, are far as I’m concerned with, it’s over and done with. I’m watching SD/NO and our SF Giants getting their hat handed to them.

      It’s all Alex Smith’s fault.

  27. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Now it’s 2-0 Reds. Must be Mom’s fault…

  28. 12th man says:

    Dennis, not to pile on, but seriously, what can you possibly be unhappy about in today’s win? Smith was accurate, deep ball was good, he threw before the receivers were open, we ran for over 300 yds, kap got in the mix more. Honestly, it was a beat down on every front, including the play of Alex Smith right?

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Today’s game? Can’t be unhappy about much. Team played great with Alex leading the way. The offense played near perfect if not for the incessant penalties on offense. The OL played great. Vernon played great. The WRs played great. And yes, I must be honest, Alex played great.

      “I cannot tell a lie.”

      Did you know…George Washington (1789–1797) is currently the only president to have been elected without any official endorsement by a political party.

      But I’m pretty sure George had himself a legitimate birth certificate. 😀

      • 12th man says:

        Another Alex had a monster game, Alex Boone. Making a name for himself, you know how I know? You never hear the dummy analysts use his name. He is playing at a high level.

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        Good call, 12th. Boone has made the transition from tackle to guard seamlessly. Props to Baalke and our scouting dept. They have been spot on with their OL choices the past few years. Our OL dominated the LOS today. Hats off to Baalke and Harbaugh for their OL knowledge…

  29. unca_chuck says:

    Dennis is a baby. He’s a whining pussy who can’t be happy. He’s on record as wanting the Niners not to reach the playoffs last year. If the Niners won the Super Bowl, he’d bitch that they didn’t win 2. He’s getting to be V . . .

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Chuck, you know goddamn well that statement is NOT true. I’m a Sinatra guy as it’s well been documented. “All or Nothing at All.” Win the Super Bowl or go 0-16. Anything in between is immaterial…

    • Flavor says:

      absofuckinglutely true, Chuck.
      How ’bout another *HEEEEEE!!!!!!” for your betrothed, Peyton Manning.

  30. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Bronson Arroyo is rendering the G-Men’s bats null and void.
    What to do? I know. Let’s have Alex Smith come out and sing “God Bless America” during the 7th inning stretch.

    Fucking Bad Luck Schleprock.has struck once again.

  31. unca_chuck says:

    The only bad luck around here is you, Dennis. If you would shut up, the Giants might start doing better.

  32. Flavor says:

    I am going to respect Chuck’s call of taking this dispute offline but I will never apologize publicly for anything I said to your dumb, racist, anti-semitic ass.
    I’m just glad you don’t post anywhere near my blog or another giants blog. We don’t want *your kind*…….

  33. Del Mar Dennis says:

    They called offensive PI on Gates? HORRIBLE call.

  34. Del Mar Dennis says:

    SF Giants down 4-0 here in the T8. Did Alex Smith wear a Giants cap during the postgame interview? I’d take off his cap and beat him with a switch. Alex is “The Cooler,” just like Bernie Lootz. in the aforementioned movie.

    I know you guys laugh, but there are some things you just don’t fuck with along the way…

    TD Reds!!! It’s now 6-0 Cincinnati. It’s all Alex Smith’s fucking fault.

  35. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Flav, looks like you banned me from the Flap. No surprise. But Bozo left me a comment/question that I would like to respond to in kind. He and I go way back to the SF Gate and the Splash. And I’m pretty sure that you know that I was the one who got the “FUCK YOU, BOZO!!!” comment going in the comedic circle. I swear to Christ I best get paid for my material. Good luck with that shit, Dennis. As my “Grams” used to say, “Your ass is sucking wind thru a tin horn.”

    Thanks, Gram. I appreciate the encouragement.

    But Grams did get me into Bullwinkle’s school, so all was not lost…

  36. unca_chuck says:

    Keep this up, Dennis, and you’ll get banned here, too. Last warning. I told you to take it offline with Flav.

    This blog is nominally about the 49ers, not your race baiting bullshit.

  37. Irish Kevin says:

    So Dennis, are you on the Alex Smith Train yet, is 300 yards of passing offense good enough for you?? Anyway, IMHFO, the Niners did not like getting a major beat down from MInnn!! To bad for the Jetssssss and the Bills!!

  38. 12th man says:

    Looking forward to the Giants game, Bills were pretty bad second half so I take that into account a little. Can we lay the wood on the Giants? They are a sound team and well coached, Niners are a 7 pointer for this game. I looked around the blogosphere and except for Niner writers its close to crickets. 621 of O and not much written anywhere nationally. The next big step is to beat down a nationally recognized very good team and the Giants are batter up.


      Could care less what the national media thinks. Prefer to fly under the radar and kick ass playoff time and win the prize. Not into bragging rights,

  39. Winder says:

    Yeah, I just looked at something Fox sports put out this morning called “Studs and Duds” and nowhere was Alex Smith even mentioned. How fucking crazy is that. The NY Giants know not to underestimate us and they will be coming with their A Game. I think we take em. I think this game will have to be won at the line of scrimmage and especially with our OL because take away that fierce pass rush and we should move the ball pretty freely.

  40. unca_chuck says:

    New post is up . . .

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