Peyton’s Place – Is It Here?

Ha ha. No way. Word is (thanks, Dennis) is that Peyton Manning had an additional undisclosed surgery on his neck, and that there are apparently bone spurs in his previously fused portion of the neck vertebrae, which would neccessitate an additional (5th) surgery. Yikes. Despite all the national blather regarding Peyton being a great fit here, this was always a non-starter. I find it hard to believe that Jim Harbaugh, after coaxing what by all means was a spectacular season out of Alex Smith, would all of a sudden decide to abandon the progress made with him, and go with Manning. I don’t see Harbaugh doing anything regarding the QB position this season. No Matt Flynn, no Manning, no Drew Brees, or any other QB flavor of the day. Cappy is the back up. Tolzein is the 3rd string guy.

A couple other things to note. Trent Baalke was given a contract extention through the 2016 season as GM, and all the players who were on the IR (Joshua Morgan, Tukuafu, Holcolm, and a WR whose name eludes me) are all healthy. Morgan is a FA who will hopefully be taken care of. He was off to a good start last season.

The groundbreaking for the new stadium in Santa Clara is set at ‘springtime,’ although the first sign of the new stadium appears to be the removal Aluminum Mike Singletary’s Mt. Pain, the big hill he had built at the practice facility for the more intrepid guys to scale during practice. This anachronism (along with the nutcracker) has gone the way of the dodo, but it was also supposedly in the way of building an access road to get to the stadium site.

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  1. Kevin says:

    This is the most boring time of the year, No football and no baseball. I watch basketball but with the strike and all it just does not hold much appeal this year. And I am only into my team, the Sacto Kings who play the Knicks tonight? and the new sports media darling Lin something or other. Anyway is there a way to speed up the baseball clock??

  2. snarkk says:

    As I predicted, this Manning thing is the new “:Favre-watch”. It will be endless on ESPN until resolved, meaning when he enters somebody’s camp, whether it’s the Colts or not. Then, it will be hourly breathless reports on arm strength, range of motion, etc. Bleh. Not interested. Bringing Manning to SF was the product of the national media looking to extend this story. Harbaugh would never bring a guy like that in here — he’s a coach on the field — the possibility for endless clashes between QB and coach egos would be near 100%. Not to mention the high risk of re-injury. Why Manning doesn’t just retire into an Indy hero’s Valhalla is beyond me. He’s sitting on over $100M and has nothing to prove, yet he literally wants to risk his neck? For what? It’s stupid, IMO…

  3. Kevin says:

    Easy money for him!!

    • unca_chuck says:

      Yeah, I guess ESPN needs something to hyperventilate over for the next few months of down time. Next we’ll hear of Manning’s clandestine trips to the Far East to get operations that weren’t known about. Cloak and dagger shit.

  4. phil fan says:

    Media and a few misguided fans’ hysteria about Manning coming here (realistically anywhere) is pure nonsense. Yeah it could happen if Harbaugh had Singletary’s brain and heart transplanted. If Baalke had McMoron’s switched in there. And if Jed had the same swapped with Jerry Jones. Not gonna happen.

    Fact is that’s re-dick-less X3. Sorry I got better things to do like watch paint dry or waiting eagerly for my buddy Del Mar’s next post.

  5. phil fan says:

    Kinda reminds me of when I saw my first pro football game: Raiders @ Chargers, 1969. Chargers just got the soon to be washed up Johnny Unitas. Dumped by Colts after losing to Jets. I think. It didn’t work. Unitas wasn’t the answer and he soon retired.

    Same here with Manning. Not. Going. To. Happen.

    • Alleykat says:

      Yeah Phil, it’s just tragic watching these QB keep trying to go when they should hang em up.Fucking watching Broadway Joe Namath’s last year with the Rams ( think 74)and his gimpy knees getting pounded on was just hard to watch.But these QB’s are all the same, it’the rush,adrelaine,maybe even the unknown future after their career ends that keep them out there.
      Damm even Steve Young would have kept going if he could of found a doctor to clear him after all his concussions.

    • phil fan says:

      Great song on this theme by John Gorka: “Dream Street”. It’s about boxers but same idea:

      I saw the champ running down by the river
      With his trainer and his stretch limousine
      I don’t recall the year but it was late in his career
      When he was featured in those glove magazines

      They never leave the ring before it’s too late
      They never seem to quit in their prime
      I guess you take it as a given that a champion is driven
      So he can always win one more time


      So there’s a new reservation on Dream Street
      With a room with no view of before
      It takes years for some to check in
      But Dream Street will beckon
      Till they’re mumbling their names at the door

      Some do it out of pride, some do it for the dough
      Some do cause it’s the only thing they’re ever gonna know
      “promoters take the money, the fighters take the pain”*
      They find a new sucker, and they’ll do it again

      From the time before he won the title
      Till the referee stopped his last fight
      Oh I swear there was greatness there
      Till those younger guys put out the light

      So now he’s in his ever after
      With money to last all of his days
      Oh but the price makes you shiver, fate’s an Indian giver
      She giveth and she taketh away

  6. phil fan says:

    If I weren’t so dumb I would know how to post a YouTube vid of this but we’re kinda slow out here in coconut land.

    Well the Manning idea is moronic and is only gonna interest a desperate team

  7. Nipper says:


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