The Calm Before the Storm

Literally and figuratively. The rain is finally supposed to return to Northern CA after a long absence, and the football teams involved in the NFC Championship game this weekend (well, one of them) have stopped yapping and appear to be actually focussing on the game. Chances are it rains off and on through the game on Sunday.

I guess we’ll see what happens. Slowing the game down would in all likelihood favor the 49ers, as they have a better run game, and more experience playing  on that quagmire they call Bill Walsh field. It’ll be high tide as well at 4:22 pm (+4.1′), so that will add to the squishiness. After the NFC Championship game in 1994, they let the fans on the field, and the corners of the field (especially the southwest corner) were about 6″ of muck. The middle of the field was OK, but the closer you got to the sidelines and endzones, it got thicker and muddier.

I’m sure the drainiage is better now, so it should be somewhat better, but still, the Stick is the Stick, and it looks to be a mess by the end of the game.


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  1. Kevin says: has rain in the evening around 7:00PM. With almost 2 inches on Saturday. If the weather pattern holds with those predictions then it might not me bad. sloppy field but the QBs, RBs, WRs should be able to hang on to the ball.

  2. Alleykat says:

    Fran Gore is a great mudder.Weather won’t affect him.Niners have a HUGE advantage in the kicking game with All PROS Lee and Akers.Lee is fantastic at pinning team deep forcing a long field.,Akers with plenty of playoff experience and Money all year another huge advantage.Field postion will be key Sunday and.the Niners should prevail with that.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    For all the talk of Eli and NY’s passing attack, the Niners just beat a VERY good passing team in the Saints. I think the Niners hang with them better than last week. I just wish someone would tell Chris Culliver to get his hands up. His coverage has been solid, but on a few occasions, he hasn’t gotten his hands up to try and block passes.

  4. twinfan1 says:

    Chuck, you don’t seem to have the option to add a new page like Flavor does.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Maybe you need more than author status.

    Lemme upgrade you.

  6. NinerDog says:

    Alls I heard last week was the Saints passing attack, how great it was……Drew Brees and the Saints offense….and in truth it was a juggernaut! That Saints offense was probably the hottest, most audasious offense in the league….but the 49ers tamed it…subdued it enough to win the game.
    Now to hear all the “espn barf” on all the major networks, you would think the 49ers had never dealt with anybody WITH an offense. The 49ers just beat a “FERRARI”! The NY Giants are more like an F-150 ! Yes with all the bells and whistles on it but come on! They are not nearly as potent as that Saints offense.
    To be sure they are a real and dangerous threat, but they are not going to threaten to break off 40 points like the Saints were.
    That NY offense beat a GB team that just played like crap and made them look good.
    The 49ers offense have also faced defenses better than the Giants and whipped’em.
    I personally don’t care about who gets press but I think it is just wierd that the writers who are professionals; by and large don’t know squat about the 49ers.

    Half of them are still talking about Tebow, or the Eagles “Dream Team” which is so irrelevant it feels like “Ground Hog Day”!…The big story is how the little ‘ole 49ers stopped a Saints offense that set scoring records that may never be broken again.

  7. Flavor says:

    If the weather is bad I don’t know how that favors us. We haven’t played in a single bad weather gm all year. I could see a wet football be tricky for both Alex and the receivers not to mention the poor footing and slipping….

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Most of the team has played through rain and wind here in the past. Then again so have the Giants. It’s still home field advantage. The Niners are a better running team, they;ll do better in bad weather.

  9. Flavor says:

    sure, if they can run the ball all game, I agree. But if we get behind do you really want our receivers who haven’t run on shitty ground for WAY over a year have to do it on Sun? Not me. And Alex throwing a slick ball is not something I’m looking forward to……..

  10. Flavor says:

    But whatever, I hope I’m wrong. It’s just something in worried about

  11. Kevin says:

    Well, if you go with Ronnie Lott, and he should know, wet muddy field favors the offense, the WR’s know where they want to go so they can plant their feet better for cuts. Where the SS and CB they start to go one way and then on a dime change direction, more chance of slipping. As far as the running game, I think sweeps would be better than up the middle. Same reason as above.

  12. Nipper says:

    The field doesn’t matter……just the will and skill will get it done. Niners win big!

    • TedSpe says:

      You tell’em, nip. It’s the team that wants it more!
      They have to play ball-control offense !
      They have to establish their running game. !
      They have to stop the big play !
      They need to dominate the line of scrimmage!
      They have to pound it out on the ground !
      They have to open up the passing lanes !
      They have to take care of the football !
      They have to just go out and execute !
      They have to make plays on both sides of the ball !
      The Niners should just play San Francisco football !
      They have to stick to their game plan ! or…

      They should throw their game plan out the window !

  13. TedSpe says:

    Hey chuck, I notice you highlight The Catch, The Catch II and The Catch III. There’s an article in today’s Chronicle that supports John Taylor’s touchdown catch in the 1989 Superbowl to be considered one of “The Catch”es. The arguements against being 1) It wasn’t a difficult catch, 2) It wasn’t as close to the final gun as the others and 3) It wasn’t at Candlestick. It than proceeds to dismiss these arguments. Your take?

  14. unca_chuck says:

    I’ve never heard a nickname for that catch. I always called it the John Candy drive . . .

    Actually, there was more time left after The Catch than there was after the Taylor play. 55 secs to 39 . . .

  15. snarkk says:

    I agree that I don’t see how wet grounds favor the Niners. Giants have better WRs; that puts our D backfield more on the defensive with slippery footing. I think it does help SF’s OL, bad footing may help neutralize the vaunted NYG outside pass rush. Whatever. I’m going with the WTF Not the Niners mindset. Brett Swain with a TD catch? Niners 34-20….

  16. TedSpe says:

    BTW, these generically assigned avatars are pretty damn funny

  17. phil fan says:

    Niners vs Giants Scoring Calls:

    31-24 NIners Phil
    30-17 Niners twinfan
    31-20 Niners Chuck
    27-17 Niners Snarkk
    34-20 Niners barleyfreak

    • phil fan says:

      Correction it’s actually

      27-17 Niners barleyfreak
      34-20 Niners Snarkk

    • phil fan says:

      34-17 Niners Kevin continues the trend of calls for a big win

    • phil fan says:

      23-13 NINERS Alleykat “I fuckin Hate every thing about NY,from the Dickhead Media all picking NY in a romp,to all their STUPID NASAL Talking Fans”
      30-16 Niners Flavor “…keys to this game will be our special teams making PLAYS and Frank Gore”

      Alleykat going with New England over the Ravens…..27-16
      New England wins 31-10. FLAVOR

      (sorry double posted below)

  18. unca_chuck says:

    Swett Brain to the rescue!

    Rain or no, Harbaugh sure was excited about the lousy weather this morning.

    Interesting that no one thinks it’ll be a nail-biter.

    • barleyfreak says:

      I sure f*cking hope it’s not. I’m not sure I can take it. I was a freaking basket case last Saturday. But whatever — as long as we win I’ll take 10 lead changes in the last 10 minutes.

      • phil fan says:

        How was yer BP and blood al-q-hol levels? BTW I checked with our distinguished panel of judges (me) and forgot to mention your comment last week WON the grand prize for funniest comment in the Scoring contest. Congratulations and good luck collecting from chuck…

    • phil fan says:

      Well I’m pretty nervous right now thinking about Manning torching us with the long pass, something Brees came so close to doing if not for the heroics of Alex and Vernon. X 2. I’m figuring we will wear them down as the game progresses. If they have an early lead we catch them and pull away later on turnovers and running game. Man I forgot how nerve wracking the playoff are…

  19. unca_chuck says:

    Thanks, Phil . . .

  20. unca_chuck says:

    FYI< Hakeem Nicks rolled his right ankle in practice today, but said it was 'no concern.' Says he rolls it all the time.

  21. unca_chuck says:

    TE Jake Ballard retweaked his knee, and is likely out.

    Apparently Eli gave about 6 guys the barfs . . . including David Baas.

  22. NinerDog says:

    I’m thinking the offensive line will handle the rush of New Yuck. Unless they Blitz, then Alex Smith will handle it.
    New York will have a hard time covering backs coming out of the backfield. I think the Giant linebackers will be targeted by the offense because of the weather and they are not a premier group. Plus I think the 49ers will audible to running plays when the Giants have their “pass rush” guys in the game…Osi Eenymeenymineymo only has 16 tackles this season…9 of those were sacks. Not all the time but I think they can get big chunks of yards on the ground in passing situations.
    On Defense, Eli, not known for his running will not have the time he needs to get the ball to the “third receiver” guy. Baas has been a bust in New York, the 49ers little gift to the Giants. Look for Aldon Smith to twist and go up the middle to meet Mr. Manning. Sopoaga will dominate the middle of the line. Same old thing, the Giants will HAVE to pass but will not have all the time they need.

    Look for special teams to scoop up a slippery football or two. Andy Lee will keep the Giants buried in their own territory, which gives the defense a lot of shots to take at Manning.
    I don’t think Ginn will be returning kicks tomorrow so I hope Williams can deal with it error free.
    Akers will be worth his weight in Red and Gold again.

  23. unca_chuck says:

    One thing lost in the NY victory over GB was the fact that GB ran for 148 yards on the Giants. I think the Niners should be able to hang 180 on them . . .

    Apropos of nothing, I was looking up the Niners record in championship games, and we’re 5-7. In fact the Niners have lost the most NFC Championship games since they started in 1970.

    Never knew . . .

    7 – SF
    6 – LA Rams, Dallas
    5 – Vikings
    4 – Iggles
    3 – Chicago
    2 – GB, TB, Carol
    1 – Atl, Det, No, Wash

    We’d better win . . .

    • phil fan says:

      Amen to that. Any truth to the rumor I read somewhere we have only won one NFC Championship on the road? Nice to have the game @ The Fortress then.

      • Alleykat says:

        Thats right Phil…Back in 89 The Niners kicked ass on Mikey Dikta’s Bears 28-3.As of course every freakin east coaster was predicting a Bear romp.But Joe Cool was even cooler in the snowy weather shredding the Bears secondary with 3 TD passes.

      • phil fan says:

        And a glorious win it was, Dynasty 1 at its peak. Good stuff thanks

  24. shaman138 says:

    Hahaha…gotta love my new “avatar”. It could be described as the look of the perpetually dismayed Raider fan…

  25. Kevin says:

    My prediction for the game will be
    Niners 34 – Giants 17
    I think Gore and Kendall have huge games

  26. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Good news for me: the people at the home let me out for the weekend so I could watch the game.
    Bad news for you: the people at the home let me out for the weekend so I could watch the game.

  27. Alleykat says:

    Listen up…I fuckin Hate every thing about NY,from the Dickhead Media all picking NY in a romp,to all their STUPID NASAL Talking Fans,who really talks like that?Iom a New Yoorker get some speech lessons you Morons!!!il And that “Fucking RETARD Phil Simms.”Geez I don’t think Andrew Luck is gonna be that good.SIMMS you are just DOG SHIT that needs to be scraped up and shoved down your.throat.

    Now that i’m done with my ” Rant”, Here is Kat’s solid lock predictions….NINERS 23-13 Over the Pathetic NY Bias Giants
    And I am going with New England over the Ravens…..27-16….To Much firepower with Brady and p2great TE in the G boys plus Welker etc.Ravens are gettin ol

    • phil fan says:

      Got ’em. Will update ya’ll @ game time. Kat ya know it was a close thing between you and barley last week for best comment and your’s right now are in the freakin’ lead. I’d change last weeks to make ya a co-winner but I’m confident Chuck has already bestowed the case of the good stuff on old barley. Uh huh, sure he has…

  28. Flavor says:

    I feel pretty good about this game. I think the keys to this game will be our special teams making PLAYS and Frank Gore. We have home field plus superior coaching. I’m going with 30-16 Niners win……..
    I think Baltimore is not playing at their peak right now. I think their defense is now overrated and their offense sucks. Even against New England I think they’ll have trouble scoring. New England wins 31-10.
    I really am not sweating the Niner game too much. I feel like we’re playing with house money, if we lose this was still a magical season. Alex Smith’s redemption is over with, he doesn’t have to win another game this year to prove anything to anyone. But I do feel like we got this. If not, we have a coach and a team that is a receiver or two away from being a mini-dynasty………

  29. Flavor says:

    Just went through some of Chuck’s old threads from October/November. They’re funny. Twin, Chuck and I (oh no! The 3 that are IN ON IT ALL!) were seeing January playoff games (in October). I’ve got a SB prediction on October 17th and don’t think I’m not re-posting that bad boy after we win on Sun……..
    And then there are all of Denny’s posts…….

    • twinfan1 says:

      I’ll take peek a at my page “B” post on how far we thought they’d go- I know Flavor and I picked them to win the SB, that was on 12/21.

    • phil fan says:

      23-13 NINERS Alleykat “I fuckin Hate every thing about NY,from the Dickhead Media all picking NY in a romp,to all their STUPID NASAL Talking Fans”
      30-16 Niners Flavor “…keys to this game will be our special teams making PLAYS and Frank Gore”

      Alleykat going with New England over the Ravens…..27-16
      New England wins 31-10. FLAVOR

    • phil fan says:

      Sorry Flav. Naw you guys were pretty good being ‘in on it all’ and all. Yeah I thought about da Supa Bowl…for about 15 seconds, then I had another drink truth be told…and fear took over, facing our recent history, etc…Never had the stones to put that in writing! Good fucking job ya’ll!!

      Flav about “the 3 of us” it’s a long story and old chuck deleted the explanation which was really a private message to him posted very early AM: It was a bad joke about one of us really being Chuck’s “darkside” (not youse) and we 3 (chuck/darkside +me) would supposedly meet and get this shit straightened out. Joke was (bad I agree) only two of us would be meeting since “darkside’ was really chuck’s “alter ego” = submerged negative

      Hey at the moment I wrote that shit it seemed hilarious. Now maybe not so much.

      Conclusion: Smack da Gigantes like we know how, all this shit gonna be OVAH!

      Cheers man

  30. Alleykat says:

    Just wondering, don’t we need The Catch names for Joe Staley and Issac Sopogaga?

    • Flavor says:

      no. that’d be too many *catch* games. KNBR is calling it “The Vernon Post” and I actually love that.
      As much as I went bezerko over The Catch 2, it now seems oddly out of place in the history of the Niners since they lost the next game.
      Shit, what are people calling Tai Streets catch from Garcia in the game against the Giants (where chaos ensued with the missed kick/interference/illegal man down field game)? It gets no name and no mention AT ALL from Niner historians……..
      Plus, calling something _____2 is just boring and unimaginative….
      I’m diggin’ The Vernon Post…….

  31. twinfan1 says:

    As promised, checked the predictions from 12/21- Flavor and myself picked them to win the SB. No one else on that blog.

    • Nipper says:

      You guys are so smart!

    • shaman138 says:

      I’d say there’s no doubt about your pick for them to go all the way at this point. First of all, they’re clearly the best remaining team out of the four teams, and after that win against the Saints, they look to be pretty much unstoppable. Of course, I picked the Raiders to go all the way as I do every year at the beginning of the season, but after the clusterfuck in Buffalo I had to rethink that prediction….

  32. twinfan1 says:

    Well, I thought they’d meet the Steelers.And of course, they’re not there yet. But we won’t be seeing a Pizza Boy/T-Blow SB..

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Tony’s paired with “your boy” Tiger at Pebble in a few weeks. It’s going to be goddamn downright embarrassing when Romo shoots 68 while Tiger spends his day on the beach looking for his balls amongst the seashells.

    • shaman138 says:

      Him and the asshole Cowfuckers were made for each other. What a douchebag!

  33. Del Mar Dennis says:

    WTF is the deal with that “stop censorship” banner in the upper right-hand corner? It’s pissing me off. Censorship pissed off another man whose movie I just watched again this morning: “The People vs Larry Flynt.” Replace that banner with one of Larry’s girls. I’d even settle for a Courtney Love pic. Say what you will about that troubled girl, but she’s got a great rack.

  34. Kevin says:

    Peter King of SI says Jim Harbaugh wins coach of the year hands down. Opinions?? I agree completely!
    Unfortunately for the Ravens, they are going to get their asses handed to them, Pats 38-Ravens 17

  35. snarkk says:

    Any twit can see Harbaugh is coach of the year.
    And Peter King certainly qualifies…

  36. Flavor says:

    Yeah, why are they even having a vote? Go 6-10 and then 14-3 on the brink of the SB? No one else should even get a vote…
    Ps– just saw Roger Craig at lunch (with a hottie and they were sitting under his framed jersey which I though was a little lame). Anyway, I’ve taken this RC sighting as a hugely positive sign for tomorrow

  37. twinfan1 says:

    John is not the offensive mind that his brother is. I think Flacco’s problems are as much with the coaching staff as they are with Joe. He is definitely capable of beating NE’s shit defense. He’s no
    T-Blow.His last outing against the Pats he was 27-35 2 TD 285 YD 119.3 QBR. They lost in OT at NE but he clearly outplayed Brady.
    24-20 Ravens

  38. Del Mar Dennis says:

    So are you guys praying for an off track tomorrow at the ‘Stick? I know the vast majority of horse players don’t like ’em at the track. Uneven surface, unknown variables, biases, races coming off the turf to the dirt and tons of scratches to deal with throughout the day.

    I think the game will start off “fast and firm,” but I could see Bill Walsh Field being labeled as “muddy” come the second half. Looks like Ginn will be a no-go for tomorrow, so I’ll take “my boy” Kyle Williams as the “pick to click.” 6/66/1 and a couple of nice ST returns will work for me.

  39. NinerDog says:

    I picked ’em to beat beat New Orleans and head to the Super Bowl on 12/20 lol! Just sayin….
    After watching them play ferocious at that Steeler game…one play at a time…wow.
    If they play like that with NY in the house, there is no way NY has a chance.

  40. Flavor says:

    At this point, there is very little *analysis* of each team’s season that will lead to anything conclusive about who will win tomorrow. It’s all coming down to who will make more plays at the right time than. Both of these teams have proven to be a legit *team*, otherwise they wouldn’t have gotten this far. They both deserve to be here and a win by either wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.
    I still say Niners win this one fairly easily, 30-16……

    • unca_chuck says:

      The reason I’m optimistic is the Niners have won the field position battle with their superior kicking game. Opponents will drive 60 yards and get 0 points, while the Niners drive 30 and get 3. Things like this never seem to show up in statistics other than the final score. Playing on a short field often leads to quick scoring drives, and not long drawn out possessions. So, like last week, the niners lost the yardage battle, the TOP battle, but won the game. There are probably at least 8 other games that followed that pattern.

  41. unca_chuck says:

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