Game Day – Happy New Year!

Woo hoo!  Time to clinch the # 2 seed.


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  1. unca_chuck says:

    For all the shit Romo gets, and he deserves a lot of it, Romo passing all the time vs Detroit in the 4th quarter with a 13 point lead is on the coaching staff. Much like Martz did against the Iggles a few years ago. That’s about the only big Romo fail I saw. The 1st Giants game? Romo missed a couple passes, but the defense failed epically. Coaching. Same thing yesterday. On some of those runs, there were no LBs in sight once NY got past the line, they were free and clear. Rob Ryan, for all his bluster, is doing a bad job with a good defense.

  2. Del Mar Dennis says:

    I hope Buffalo HC Chan Gailey has a shitty New Year. He benched Stevie Johnson after his first-quarter TD celebration. Stevie was already well on his way to having a monster game vs that pathetic NE secondary. I had Johnson in my pay FF league. It’s bad enough that I lost money on the Cowboys last night, now the Bills are stealing from me.

  3. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Houston’s case Keenum has 380 yds passing vs Penn St at the HALF.
    Where’s that Jerry Sandusky defense when ya need it?

    When you Google “Jerry,” his name appears first. Right above Rice, Brown and Lewis.

    “Only in America!” — Don King.

  4. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Now I know why Tebow sucked so bad yesterday. God was too busy working on that Hail Mary from Steve Spurrier and his Gamecocks to end the first half. Helluva play.

  5. twinfan1 says:

    I told you, DTD- kill T-Blow and he becomes a martyr and your name will live forever.

  6. twinfan1 says:

    This was Denny’s “joke” about the murder of Obama- he was emboldened because a court ruled it “free speech”..

  7. grumpyguy says:

    There’s only one asshole on this blog. And his name is not Dennis.

  8. twinfan1 says:

    I do apologize for the photo- I thought it was Romo fucking up a pizza delivery..actually it was the aftermath of one of Death Threat’s murder attempts..
    And I I told you, GrumpyBoy- don’t be so hard on yourself..

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Now you’re accusing me of attempted murder? That’s pushing the envelope a little even for you. Lucky for you that I have a jolly disposition and take it all in good fun. How jolly? I’ve even been called Santa a time or two. Or was is Satan? I can’t remember if I have auditory dyslexia or not.

      • twinfan1 says:

        Just suggesting you might do what you repeatedly threaten to do.

      • twinfan1 says:

        Yeah..Spitfuck, Death Threat, and GrumpFuck were sure right about about the team and Smith—and I was sooooo wrong

      • grumpyguy says:

        “Pushing the envelope” is all he does. Can you say, “troll”?

        Spitblood at least had an occasional rational point, even if he was a psychotic juvenile delinquent. Twinfuck is Spitty without the limited reasoning ability. Or the sense of humor.

      • twinfan1 says:

        You loved Spitfuck-well before I ever posted on that retarded blog. Fact is, GG, Spitfuck, and Death Threat considered it their personal blog, and drove any reasonable posters away.

  9. twinfan1 says:

    Yeah, just as Spitfuck and his threats were welcome here, a sicko who “jokingly” threatens the lives of Jed York, Smith, and most seriously the President, is a welcome poster. Standing up for that is as sick he is…

    • phil fan says:

      Never heard it for past year reading this blog. You fixated on hot air -again. Long time ago bullshit never dies with TF. It’s the Lazarus condition: “Watch me, I’m raising the dead again being the true Son ya know”

      Fact “Lazarus” is a damn good name for TF the chronic dead raiser. Broken record Son.

  10. grumpyguy says:

    Twin, if you were only to donate the stick up your ass to those in need; we could build homes for all the poor people in America with that redwood tree.

  11. twinfan1 says:

    With the exception of Flavor, every poster here was a fan of the “Spitfuck” days when even a post supporting Smith brought a physical threat. You were one of the worst GrumpyFuck, even mocking effects of Agent Orange on me. I could never wish my last few years on anybody, but you come mighty close..

  12. grumpyguy says:

    Mike, the sad thing is, you were actually an okay guy once upon a time, back on the old Insider. Or maybe we just did not know you as you really are.

    In any event, you’re truly a venomous little asshole. And I really don’t know or care about your health issues. Nor am I going to excuse your assholery here because of them.

    Wish all you like, trollboy, you know the saying, hope and shit. But my advice to you as it pertains to the afterlife is, Bring Marshmallows.

    Frankly, you’re a waste of time and I’ve had enough of you. Happy Trails, Dipshit.

    • twinfan1 says:

      I don’t expect anyone to “excuse” me for shit because of health issues- but you’re one of two who have mocked them. You are scum.
      People like you and Death Threat don’t deserve to live in a country where your rights have been secured by those you mock.

  13. twinfan1 says:

    I have a feeling you’ll beat me there, GrumpyFuck. You do do exhibit many of the signs of Wernicke–Korsakoff , do you have alcoholic neural difficulties, like Dennis, yet? If not you may have time to at least recover some problems with balance and walking problems, if you can stop drinking..

    • phil fan says:

      Above is a clinical note from Dr. Lazarus who is well known in these parts for his unique ability to raise the fucking dead, over n over n over. CF: “Death Threat Denny”. Various comments of grumpyguy over the years. And yes he whines over and fucking over about some delusion that the US Coast Guard gives a rats ass about some brainfart he had like in 1997. Like they give a fuck what some dumbshit blowhard is spewing on the GD internet who has NO plan, NO means and NOOOO intent to do anything but JACK OFF forever, Fascinating. Right Lazarus we don’t give a shit. Nor does the US Gummint aka Coast Guard or “49ers Security” give a shit what anyone said last fucking year. Capice? Naw you don’t capice because yer paranoid delusions demand that what I’m explaining to you be DENNY”S FAULT.. Ah right…just settle down Laz you wont feel a thing when Nurse gives ya yer daily vitamins… Thorazine 100 mg, right? Nurse double that, this motherfucker is escalating during the full moon. Again.
      You see Lazarus being a sociopath and a paranoid psycho means ya NEVER gotta say yer sorry (no you aren;t) for one abusive attack after another on your victims. II’s yer victims fault right? BUt NEVER something YOU, ASSHOLE would ever need to take responsibility for.

      Asshole, that’s you Lazarus

      • phil fan says:

        Triple that to 300mg Thorazine Nurse. Clearly Jack Off will never Stop fucking with his Vics =or us- until we got him paralyzed.

        You think Vince Lombardi would put up with this clown as waterboy for one second? No he wouldn’t.. Yet here he is paralyzing chuck’s blog, pointing the finger and rarely taking responsibility. Spitblood was honest compared to the great Dr. LAZARUS, Raiser of the Dead

  14. twinfan1 says:

    BTW, do you have special outfits you wear when you hatch your plots?

  15. twinfan1 says:

    OK, back to football-those of us correctly predicted that the Niners would be in the playoffs will continue. Oh? That’s only me? Pay attention next year..

  16. unca_chuck says:

    Jesus Christ, Mike. Itching to rant, are we. I predicted 8-8 and the division.

    As far as your pics go, I’m sure you have many others like it. Including the dog autopsy photos and tailpipe teddy. Dennis I know isn’t serious. It gets old, but yer shit today is odious and you are baiting.

    • twinfan1 says:

      They’re photos from a simple web search. Don’t tell me what’s on my computer..
      But I was out of line today and apologize. Accept it or not…
      But being an an apologist for a man who has threatened the life of our CIC is what’s odious..

    • twinfan1 says:

      Yeah, and I was going to to dissect Zito and feed him to sharks- THAT was serious, moron. BTW, have you figgered out that the Saints aren’t playing Atlanta next week?

  17. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Did you guys see our opponents for next year? All the Big Boys are on the road. Enjoy the 13-3 while it lasts. I might have to go with 7-9 again next season.

    St. Louis
    N.Y. Giants

    St. Louis
    Green Bay
    New England
    New York Jets
    New Orleans

  18. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Shit. It boarders on cruel and unusual punishment to have to play the Pack, Pats and Saints all away from home. If I was still a season ticker holder, I’d be pissed as hell to miss out on seeing Rodgers, Brady and/or Brees in person.

  19. twinfan1 says:

    “I might have to go with 7-9 again next season.” Why deviate from this year’s successful call, eh?

    • Flavor says:

      Agreed. Dennis, your predictions don’t hold any credibility when it’s all based from a bizarre, twisted hatred of the qb of the team you claim to like. You still haven’t ever explained how you root for Smith to fail yet still root for the team to win– makes no sense at all…

  20. unca_chuck says:

    Thanks, Mike. It was 3-13 for Dennis. Really? Yer bitching about next year when you screwed the pooch this year? Nothing better than getting a jump on idiocy. You have a 9 month head start. . . .

  21. unca_chuck says:

    Crazy thing is, the Niners have played GB in GB in 2009 AND 2010. We may end up there this year, and get them in GB AGAIN? I’m sure it’s another fucking Thursday game.

  22. unca_chuck says:

    Shit, that schedule looks like 12-4 to me . . .

  23. unca_chuck says:

    Shank! Criminy, bad deal there. Stanford better pull this out in OT.

  24. unca_chuck says:

    Double-shank. Ouch……..

  25. Nipper says:

    Good game despite the finish. Both teams could move the ball. Poor kicker ……I bet he feels like shit and will for a long time.

  26. unca_chuck says:

    Williams is a red-shirt freshman, so he’ll have a lot more opportunities . . .

  27. unca_chuck says:

    N E W P O S T

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