What Keeps Me Hating Dallas

Fall on the ball ! ! !

Yes, the infamous 1972 30-28 playoff loss vs Dallas. Yes, we all know the details. I hadn’t even sat down when Vic Washington returned the opening kickoff 95 yards. Roger Staubach, replacing an ineffective Craig Morton. directed a 17 point 4th quarter comeback. He who shall not be named. Brodie’s comback from injury the week before. We were sitting in the south end zone, which just happened to be where the two Dallas 4th quarter TDs happened. Which also happened to be where John Brodie the week before threw 2 TD passes in the 4th quarter to beat the Vikings to get the Niners into the playoffs. The pisser? After the last TD by Dallas, the Niners got the ball on the Dallas 14 yard line. Brodie hit Gene Washington pass down the left sideline for a 45 yard gain. However, the play was nullified by a holding penalty, and they Niners couldn’t move the ball after that. That was Brodie’s last gasp at greatness, and I think that if he got to the Super Bowl in any of those 3 years, he’d be in the Hall of Fame.

So, with those 3 playoff losses, and the subsequent playoff losses in the 90’s, it’s pretty hard not to hate the Cowboys with a passion. Which is why it was equally as sweet when I went to the NFC Championship game in 1994 where the Niners stomped pistol packin’ Barry Switzer and the Troy Aikman led Cowboys to go on and win Super Bowl XXIX. Gonna have to find those pictures that day. I almost buried the ticket stub on the field, but no, I still have it, with about 699 other ticket stubs from the thousands of Giant and Niner games I’ve been to. I pulled a piece of the field up (the back right corner of the north end zone of course), and planted it in a planter box. That little piece of turf lasted about 3 years. The red paint eventually grew out . . . .

So, enough woolgathering. I sincerely hope that this time around, the Niners make a big fat statement and beat the shit out of the Cowboys. When the Niners did that to them in the 45-14 beat-down in the 1981 regular season, it was the beginning of the end for the Cowboys. After that year, they went into their own tailspin for 8 years. here’s to starting the downward spiral . . .

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  1. unca_chuck says:

    Another pisser? When we got home from the game, we discovered that our house had been robbed. We must have surprised the guys who ripped us off, because there was stuff laying in the bushes on the side of the house. We called the cops, and went looking around for stuff. When the cops got there, they pulled their guns on my brother, and almost shot him when he didn’t hear them say “Freeze!” I started yelling at them, and of course they turned their guns on me . . .

    So yeah, that’s why I hate the Cowboys.

  2. Spitblood says:

    I hate the Cowboys, too, but it’s hard to hate this group. They are such a pathetic group of underachievers, totally lacking any kind of leadership. I hate teams with great leadership and talent – like the now Packers. That’s what I do, I hate. I know hating. But I can’t hate such a dismal failure like Romo. Who can hate Jason Garrett? He’s a total joke. What about Jerry Jones and his huge monster marketing network that touches every talking head in America in an effort to sell seat licenses while simultaneously blowing Cowboy expectations

  3. barleyfreak says:

    Yeah — Unca — that was the third year in a row they took as out. I was 9, 10, and 11 and my undying hatred for all things Dallas was firmly rooted. That’s what made The Catch something that can’t ever be described — only felt. I can’t even hate the Rams as much as the Cowboys. But the Seahawks are climbing up the ladder of hate.

  4. Spitblood says:

    The Packers are climbing up my ladder of hate. The Patriot are on top right now, but the Patriots have been in slow decline from greatness since their Super Bowl with New York.

    The Patriots will always be a good regular season team, but the older players like Brady and Welker get, the harder it will be for them to get back to the big dance. I still hate ’em, though.

  5. winder says:

    I like hating the Cowboys, it just seems like the right thing to do. Spit is right when he says this group is nothing like the Cowboys of old, but who cares, if they win they will still act like they were all that and I find that hard to take. So, a thorough stomping is in order.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    The Pats? They don’t even register on my hate radar. They were soooooooo bad for so long, that I don’t really care. GB? Same thing. They were shit from 1969 to 1986. That’s an awful lot of suck going on. Even with our playoff losses to them. The Cowboys always seemed to re-invent themselves to be a thorn in the Niners side.

    The Redskins are hated for 1984, and Joe (break a leg, Joe!) Theismann in general. The Broncos? I hate them just for their fucking annoyance factor (I lived in Colo at the height of Elwaymania and EVERYTHING was Elway this Elway that, car ads, radio ads, print ads), and the snowball game (I almost went to). Ther Ram rivalry has gone away. the Raider one never happened. Minnesota was kind of hated in a lesser way. The Niners always seemed to kill them, except for the 1987 playoffs. The day Eddie almost fired Bill.

  7. Spitblood says:

    The Niners in the 80’s and early 90’s had some great rivalries. Walsh vs Gibbs, Walsh vs Parcels… good stuff. “The Catch” killed the Cowboys during the 80’s, but once JJ got to Dallas, I hated them with a passion never known to man. I would’ve liked to have seen Walsh go up against JJ. Seifert just wasn’t ready for JJ…. ever. Then it was Seifert v Holmgren and the Packers. For the most part, Seifert was serviceable, but not great. He couldn’t get over on the Packers or Cowboys. Walsh used to get over on the Redskins and Giants. That’s the measure of a great coach – can you beat the truly good competitors? Harbaugh has a long way to go with this team before he can assemble the right cast of characters to truly compete for championships. If he gets the horses, I think he has what it takes to game plan and adjust in games to beat the other contenders.

    • grumpyguy says:

      Seifert was actually an excellent coach, both in X’s and O’s and in teaching.

      His problem was he couldn’t draft. Take a gander sometime at our draft lists from the 90s, after Walsh left. It makes grim reading. There was Bryant young, and a few other good picks, but an awful lot of busts and underachievers. Eddie and Carmen played games with the cap and brought truckloads of Free Agents in, but it usually wasn’t enough – the exception being Deon’s year of 1994. Eventually, the continuing erosion of the roster brought about Seifert’s fall – but Dwight Clark could not draft any better. And so the Dynasty died.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Seifert was underappreciated, if anything. He had the unenviable task of following Walsh. By 1992, Walsh’s original guys were retiring/leaving, and the FO couldn’t fill the spots with enough young talent. Therefore, they went the FA route. Clark is on record in 1996 saying Walsh had lost his touch when it came to drafting. This was while he and Policy were laying the franchise to waste by stocking up on backloaded FA deals. They couldn’t get out from under that shit storm until 2004.

    Which leads us to NOW.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    I mean, how many coaches are there out there that have a 114-62 record (.648 WP) and two Super Bowl championships, that get less ink than he does? He’s also 10-5 in the post season.

    Granted, the groundwork (esp the 1989 Super Bowl) was Walsh’s, but by 1994 it was a completely different team that he won with. Seifert laid the ground work for a very innovative and punishing defense from 1980-1983 as the DB coach to his DC days whn his teams were always top 6 when it came to points allowed, and yards allowed. He invented the elephant position for Fred Dean, and later used it with Charles Haley. He played a part in all 5 Super Bowl victories.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Only Roger Craig’s fumble in the Giants NFC Championship game stopped Seifert from winning another Super Bowl.

  11. grumpyguy says:

    And it was Craig’s decline and departure that killed us in 1991. And then when Ricky Watters left in ’95, again, we had no plan B at running back. We had a roster full of guys like Derrick Loville and Amp Lee, who maybe could be NFL special teamers, but had no business starting at RB – because, you guessed it, we couldn’t draft.

  12. Spitblood says:

    That’s the great thing about Bill Walsh. I think Bill Walsh was the single greatest coach the NFL has ever seen – better than Vince Lombardi, Paul Brown, Bill Parcels, etc. Bill had an amazing eye for talent, then created the system for it (or vica verca), and he called the plays. The man did everything. Bill also defeated his opponents. Seifert, regardless of reason, didn’t defeat his opponents. He lost to them. I respect George and know he was successful, but more often than not Seifert’s teams lost the big one. His first Super Bowl? I could have coached that team to a Stanley Cup and a Lombardi Trophy that year. Look at the guys Eddie bought for the ’95 team on defense. Look at that defensive roster. Not taking anything away from George, but I was never impressed with him.

  13. Spitblood says:

    Derrick Lovelle ! I forgot about that douche. Amp Lee? Jesus. I remember we had to start a rookie rb fresh off the practice squad against the Packers in the NFC Championship game and on like his first carry he fumbled. Was it Adams? I can’t remember.

  14. robd says:

    if you don’t think seifert was a good coach you have to get a clue imho !
    dallas went from most hated to absolute must kill with that 1972 game CHUCK !

  15. robd says:

    if you don’t think seifert was a good coach you have to get a clue imho !

  16. robd says:

    dallas went from most hated to absolute must kill with that 1972 game CHUCK !

  17. unca_chuck says:

    Is there an echo in here?

  18. Spitblood says:

    Seifert lost 3 NFC Championships and was soundly beaten two other times by Mike Holmgren and Fritz Shurmur in the playoffs. And speaking of Shurmurs….. is that dude coaching the Browns any relation to ‘ole Fritz? Does the Holmgren /Shurmur connection live on? Anyway, Seifert was owned by Holmgren and Jimmy Johnson. Owned. They took his house and made him live on a boat in later years.

  19. grumpyguy says:

    Sounds like it.

    Seifert was a SOB, but Eric Wright and Ronnie Lott will be the first to tell you he knew his shit. We thrived with three rookies in the secondary in 1981 – and a lot was because he simply prepared them so well.

  20. grumpyguy says:

    Seifert needed good OCs to succeed. He could stop most teams, when he had the players (before Haley left, and when he had Deon). On offense, he did well when he had a Holmgren or Shanahan calling plays. Marc Trestman, not so much.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      What’s wrong with “he’s gone!” He’s kicking some serious ass up in Montreal.

      Alouette, gentille Alouette
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      Alouette, gentille Alouette
      Alouette je te plumerai

      • Spitblood says:

        My one Niner claim to fame was meeting Trestman in the airport in Phoenix. He defended himself saying, “It’s tough when you get fired after going 14-2,” or something like that. I didn’t have the stones to say, “Super Bowls were your standard in SF.” Man, how the mighty have fallen. Now we’d be happy with one winning season in a decade. I remember Trestman was wearing the cheapest shoes I’ve ever seen. They were like velcro Keds or something.

        Looks like Terrence Newman and Dez Bryant are out for this game. Could mean a Niner advantage if one certain qb can complete some down field passes. I know Frank would appreciate it.

      • grumpyguy says:

        Trestman has had another 15 years to learn his craft, get better at play calling, the guessing game with the other coach, etc. Maybe he just needed that time, Dennis.

      • Del Mar Dennis says:

        When Trestman gets fired from the Montreal Alouettes, it’d only be fitting if Eddie D. were the one to shitcan his ass.

  21. Spitblood says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Seifert was a good coach, but I also think (and always will for that matter) that DCs don’t make good HCs because they need, like Grump just pointed out, an OC to be successful. Most owners share my opinion that OCs make better HCs, particularly now that there’s such a high correlation between great offensive football and ratings. OCs like Norv, Shanahan, McCarthy and the like don’t stick around for very long. Dungy found an OC who wasn’t HC material. I think Seifert was good, but I think Eddie made a mistake hiring him….. and Vinny Cerato. But what do I know?

  22. unca_chuck says:

    I remember when Shanny left thinking, hmmmm, it would be nice to have him around to coach the team. But I also thought that about Holmgren . . .

  23. winder says:

    Hey rob, I agree about the must kill attitude and that we should take it onto the field this Sunday.
    I always thought Seifort should of done a little more with what he had. I remember we had a game in Green Bay and we were taken it too em pretty good. We got complacent and Farve and the stinkin Pack came back to beat us(with a little help from the refs). I never viewed him the same after that game.

  24. grumpyguy says:

    Yeah. If Walsh had stayed around another year or so, Seifert would have gone to Cleveland or wherever, and Holmgren would have followed Walsh. That would very possibly have been epically awesome.

  25. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Are we gonna see Crabtree again Sunday instead of Kyle Williams? If so, I’m gonna be pissed. I’ll probably be pissed already about sumthin’ else. This will ensure continuity.

  26. robd says:

    ” epically awesome ”

    or just a little better imo !

  27. Spitblood says:

    Crabtree better start saving his money. This is the last year Crabtree will make more than 1 or 2 million per year for maybe the rest of his career. Thanks Scot McCloughan.

    • Del Mar Dennis says:

      Mrs. Blood,

      There was a time when both you and I both coincided supporting the goddamn drunk.

      A) Scot McCloughan
      B) Spitblood
      C) Del Mar Dennis

      Sorry, that’s a “fargin trick question.”

      I’d like to take answer ‘A’ and shove him up the goddamn Hudson River.

  28. Spitblood says:

    Dallas is only a 3 pt favorite and the over under is 43? That can’t be right. Get your bets in now. I’ll take Dallas to the over in a two team parlay to avoid the juice. Seriously, that’s Spitblood’s “Lock of the week.” I don’t think the handicappers know what to expect from Harbaugh and Ginn. Dallas could score 43 on their own.

  29. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Get in the back of the fucking line. I’ve have the Cowboys -3 since Eve tempted Adam with that apple.

    We have two teams here: one is Luke Skywalker hanging on a thread, the other is Darth Vader marching to the be beat of 76 trombones.

    “76 trombones lead the big parade…”

  30. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Enter your comment here….Giants and Bruce Bochy, or 49ers and Alex Smith. Take your pick.

  31. Spitblood says:

    Gary Spitblood Points to the Obvious: There are some offensive changes comin’ to the Niners.

    How do we break it to Ginn he’s just a return man? How do we break it to Crabtree he’s in line for a huge pay reduction? How do we break it to our GM that he undervalues the qb position? How do we break it to our O line that even though they’re young, time is not on their side? How do we break it to Vernon Davis he’s not an assest? How do we break it to Spitblood that Delanie Walker is still on the team? How do we break it to Delanie Walker he’s just a special teams player? How do we break it to Jim Harbaugh that he needs an entirely new offense? How do we break it to Jim Harbaugh that Kyle Williams is actually better than Micheal Crabtree…. right now! Seriously….. Gary Spitblood foresees a lot of hurt feelings. He hates to break it to you.

  32. Del Mar Dennis says:

    Lorenzo Neal is a goddamn boob. How the hell did he get that spot on CSN? ED is a great analyst. Lorenzo brings the show to a screeching halt.
    If he picks the 49ers to win tomorrow… say goodnight, Gracie.

  33. unca_chuck says:


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