Purdy Good News

Brock Purdy underwent successful intern brace UCL surgery earlier today according to Dr. Meister-brau of the Texas Rangers. According to Meister, Purdy can start throwing in 3 months, and be game-ready in 6 months.

Which would be June-September if all goes well.

Still want to see Lance get his reps in some meaningful games, but here we go.



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41 Responses to Purdy Good News

  1. alleykat69 says:

    Is it only ever unsuccessful if they bleed out?

  2. Winder says:

    So far so good. Hopefully Purdy’s not gonna get any ‘dear in the headlights’ fear out of all this. I have a feeling he’s gonna be fine. You know Lance is feeling the pressure to finally produce and if he just channels what he saw Purdy do last year we just might end up with a really good QB room.

  3. Crock Turdy says:

    And I’ll still choke the chicken in my basement.

  4. djloo27 says:

    The great Otis Taylor has passed away at age 80.
    I had to say this somewhere.
    He was terribly ill for quite a while.
    Now that he’s gone they’ll probably put him in Canton where he should’ve been for about 40 years…

    • PaulinAsia Banh Bao says:

      “Great” is correct, one of the best. Those late ’60s Chiefs teams were amazing, even for many of us who weren’t technically KC fans but just fans who loved watching amazing football. I didn’t realize he wasn’t in the HoF….

    • Winder says:

      Jesus Alou Passed away also.

    • willedav says:

      Out of Prairie View A&M, another one of those HBCU finds by Stram’s scouts, this one Lloyd Wells per wiki. What a cool player in great early days of AFL.

  5. alleykat69 says:

    Yeah The greatness of Otis Taylor seemed lost over times.One of my earliest followers of WR’s along with Warren Wells.The days of Dawson to Taylor and the mad bomber Lamonica to Wells really were special times now there all gone..RIP Otis🙏🏈…Good hearing from you Loo while we’re still upright…

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Hey DJ.

    Yeah. Didn’t know he had been suffering. Otis Taylor was one of my faves growing up. Lance Alworth as well on those wild ass Chargers. Same with Warren Welles.

    RIP Jesus Alou, youngest of the Alou brothers who all played together for the Giants OF in 1963. He was 80 as well.

    Screenshot 2023-03-11 at 8.06.14 AM

  7. alleykat69 says:

    I liked Jesus Alou more for his rotational neck antics in the batters box that pissed off a lot of catchers thinking he was trying to steal signs.
    He was definitely the goofiest of the 3 Alou brothers but still managed to hit .280 in his career and bagged 2W/S rings late with those dominating A’s teams from 72-74 as a bench guy…RIP Jesus

  8. Winder says:

    I still believe we will have a better team than last year but at the moment we have the worse record in baseball.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    RIP Bud Grant. Stoic presence on the Minnesota Vikings in their glory days of outdoor football. Never got the prize, but his teams were nearly always great. Chuck Foreman, Joe Kapp, Fran Tarkington, the Purple People Eaters, Carl Eller, Jim Marshall, Allan Page, Paul Krause, John Gilliam.

    Fun teams.

    • Winder says:

      Yeah, some real football.

    • willedav says:

      Always in short sleeves on sidelines in frigid Minnesota. Vikes had cool players (Tommy Mason the other Gene Washington) and I liked those old school helmet and unis. Tarkenton was amazing scrambler avoiding pass rush.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    The Rams are trying to get out of salary cap hell by trading Jalen Ramsey to the Dolphins for a 3 and TE Hunter Long.

    Say what you will about how fucked the Rams are, they did get that goddamn Super Bowl win. They’ll be dogshit for the next few seasons, but mission accomplished. Kind of annoying that they snuck that in while we have been so close so many times.

  11. alleykat69 says:

    Kat’s latest breaking news,yeah baby
    The 49ers have signed F/A Eagles DT Javon Hargrave to a 4/84M contract (40M guaranteed at signing) Wow this will on make the DL even stronger as they can move Hargrave all over the line as well as Bosa’s bookend..
    And some bonus update …Niners RT Mike McGlinchey gets a ridiculous deal 5/87M ( over 50M guaranteed at signing) with the Broncos…

  12. alleykat69 says:

    And Jimmy G just signs with the Raiders for a 3 year 65.5M( 34M guaranteed)to lead the dysfunctional Vegas Raiders..Well he has Adams& Jacobs at least..Good luck Jimmy always been a class guy..

  13. willedav says:

    Drummer Roy Haynes is 97 today. Played on recording with Bud Powell back in 1949, with Coltrane in 60s, and the fabulous Out of the Afternoon with Rahsaan Roland Kirk. Still swinging!

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Hargrove is a great get. Thought Jimmy G would get more, but hey $22.5 mill ain’t couch change.

  15. unca_chuck says:

    Kinlaws prolly gone now.

    • Berger says:

      When Kinlaw came back from injury at the end of the year he did not look good. I think it killed picking up his 5th year option. He is going to have some time before camp. I hope he gets his fire back.

      • Winder says:

        I hope so too. I though he was a for sure lock when we got him. I didn’t know about his knee.

      • Berger says:

        I’m guessing he was out of shape. If he comes back as the player we’ve seen before, he will back up Armstead and Hargrave and, oh my, what a rotation of D tackles!

  16. alleykat69 says:

    Lucky to get a 6-7 rd pick for Kinlaw now still on his rookie contract.Shit he’s only 25 but injuries and little production sucked.Could just use him in a rotational role for depth then dump him next year.But Niners will likely try and move him and eat shit for moving on from Buckner, still can’t see how they couldn’t rework contracts for cap purposes to keep him?

    • Winder says:

      Yeah, since Kinlaw isn’t gone by now we will probably give him another try this year before bye-bye. We also lost Ridgeway to the Texan’s. Picking up that DL from Philly probably means we aren’t gonna use our 1st pick on a DL player. I have been thinking lately that from now on we should always trade our 1st round picks for 2nd and 5th rounders. Except for Bosa we truly suck with 1st rd picks.

  17. alleykat69 says:

    Holy crap Batman the 49ers are signing QB Sam Darnold to a 1year deal.That QB room is getting crazy now! Needed an insurance policy with uncertainty with Purdy’s availability I guess.
    Pecking order right now QB1 Lance,QB2 Darnold ?QB3 Purdy? But who knows if QB guru Shanny can get the most out of Darnold and move him to the top spot??

    In other signings they are bring back S Gipson 2years and DL Givens for 1year good moves

  18. unca_chuck says:

    Darnold is strictly backup fodder in case Lance goes down before Purdy comes back.

  19. Winder says:

    Does anyone know whether the Niners get compensation for Jimmy, McGlinchey. and Ward?

  20. Winder says:

    Giants have won 2 in a row. I think that’s the first time this spring.

  21. Locojuan says:

    The Giants seem to be almost season ready. Seeing kids like Schmitt and Sabol doing good makes me feel somewhat optimistic for the future and also Bryce Johnson in CF with 7 SB is pretty exciting stuff. Still, I keep having a nagging feeling that I’ll be looking forward to football season by sometime in July, hope I’m wrong.

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