Quarterback Roulette

Well, the first domino in the quarterback relocation program of 2023 got off to a rousing start with the New Orleans Saints giving Derek Carr a 4 year/$150 million deal with a reported $100 mill in total guarantees. Great for the Saints. Pretty fucking stupid for Prince Valiant and the Raydurs. Carr is pretty much the best guy available in these QB sweepstakes, and of course the Durs are the team jettisoning him. The Saints go back to being a legit threat in the NFC South while the Durs look to sink further into the sludge at the bottom of the AFC West with the hapless Denver Broncos.

Which means the Raiders will most likely throw a shit-ton of money at Jimmy Garoppolo. Jimmy is pretty much Derek Carr without the deep ball. So, a step down. But the rest are a step off the cliff. Wentz, Bridgewater, Mayfield, Darnold, Mariota, Keenum, D Jones, Brissett, etc. are all hot garbage.

It will be VERY interesting to see what Seattle has to say about their future re: their QB. Geno Smith had a solid season, but was quickly dispatched in the playoffs. By us. The players for Jimmy, who looks to get a deal equal to or better than Carr’s are the Texans, the Raiders, the Jets, the Seattles, and the Buccos.

Houston has DeMeco Ryans and some other familiar faces.

The Raiders have some strong offensive pieces (but a dogshit defense).

The Jets have a bunch of familiar faces in Robert Saleh, Nate Hackett, and Taylor Embree and a decent team that Saleh is building into something solid.

Seattle would just love to sign him and try to rub that shit on our faces.

TB just lost TB so they are looking for someone to fill his shoes. Like he did 7 years ago.

Miami is also a possibility as the health and well-being of Tua Tagovailoa is a major concern and their head coach is of course our old RB coach Mike McDaniel.

Where will Jimmy go? I’m not sure of anything at this point, but this is exactly what Jimmy wanted. He wanted unfettered free agency, and he got it.

16 TDs, 4 picks, 2435 yards, and a very solid 7.91 yards/attempt.

He also got a huge boost directing the 49ers to 7 wins in 10 starts before suffering his ankle injury. so he is in the driver’s seat regarding where he goes. He’ll get a big payday from someone. Given that he can call his deal, I think he goes to Houston. A team that appears to be on the rebound where things are looking up.

What do you think? I mean Jimmy’s the only QB worth a damn at this point in the QB sweepstakes. All the rest, including our future 3rd string QB is on the list of FA has-beens.


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  1. Winder says:

    Unless Rogers retired I think the Raiders would pull the trigger on him. I know his old WR would love to have him there. Nobody in that division can really compete with KC. Kinda like the old NFC West during the Montana years with NO, ATL, and the Rams, none of them could really compete with us. I have no clue to where Jimmy is going but I think Seattle just signed Geno so probably not there. I have read rumors about the Steelers but the Jets seem like the most sensible place for him.

  2. Winder says:

    I know it’s just ST but we have lost about 5 in a row I think. They sent 12 players down today so the team is starting to shape up.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    SPs seem to be doing fine so far.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Forgot about Rodgers. No idea what he has up his sleeve. The Jets apparently are gonna go balls to the wall for A-a-ron. He could reunite with DaVante Adams in Vegas tho. But as usual, the Raiders have no defense and they’ll be forever chasing their tails.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    RIP Gary Rossington. Lead guitarist and last original member of Skynyrd. A big part of my high school music scene. Saw them at the Day on the Green with Frampton.

    He infamously had “That Smell’ written about him when he smashed his brand new Torino into an oak tree after a drunken coke and heroin binge. He survived the plane crash and few heart attacks along the way.

  6. unca_chuck says:

    The battle cry of every concert in the 70s . . .

    F R E E B I R D ! ! !

  7. unca_chuck says:

    And BCB is scheduled to get his operation on Friday March 10th.

  8. alleykat69 says:

    Real bummer about Gary,I just watched a documentary on Netflix ( highly recommend)of the whole band from the beginnings just struggling getting recognized,when no label wanted them and many thought Freebird wasn’t any good?? lol, though my favorite Skynyrd song 🎶 🎸🎹🥁🎸 was “On the Hunt”…Yeah I atleast had the privilege of seeing this great band at Winterland ( twice) Day on the Green Oakland like Chuck as well..

    Gary and another survivor from the crash showed the grave site of Steve VanZandt and I believe he mentioned he has a burial plot for him and his wife near Steve’s as well.. The Brother/Sister team of guitarist Steve Gaines&Cassie Gaines backup vocals were tragically killed as well.

  9. alleykat69 says:

    As far as Aaron Rodgers goes he’s not going anywhere, he pulls this whiny pout every year but always ends up back in GB and will retire a Packer.
    Now that he’s finished his dark retreat listening to the Youngblood’s Darkness Darkness( great song) on a continued loop it’s back to the Pack with QB Jordan Love his personal whipping boy..

  10. unca_chuck says:

    He’s gonna waste away his last season in GB. And yeah, AK, On the Hunt is a fave. Ronnie’s onm point here. As is the whole band.

    Nuthin’ Fancy is a solid album. Two days after my 14th birthday. Party on, Skynyrd.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Crazy awesome live band. Workin’ for MCA is one of their hardest rocking tunes.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. Daniel Jones gets 4 years/$160 million to stay with the Giants? Are you shitting me? Frankly I’m a little surprised by Seattle and the Giants sticking with alias Smith and Jones. They both were underwhelming come playoff time.

    Jimmy is licking his chops right about now.

    I thought 5/$150 was JG’s number but it could be 5/$175 at this rate. Thinking Jimmy is heading to the J-e-t-s Jets.

    • Winder says:

      I think the injury factor with Jimmy might keep it down some or at least with some of the guarantied money. He might get some good money if the years aren’t so long so he can be used as a stopgap until a rookie can take over. It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens with Jimmy. I hope the best for him and maybe getting out of Shanny’s system will help him also.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    Don’t know what the effect of leaving Shanahan’s warm and fuzzy cocoon will be, but Jimmy may get the chance to open things up more. For good or bad.

    Per Trey Wingo, the Jets are talking to Aaron Rodgers.

    • Winder says:

      I think it would be fun if he goes to the Jets. It would definitely fuck with NE’s plans. I hope he does go there. I don’t think Buffalo or Miami would like it much either.

  14. unca_chuck says:

  15. unca_chuck says:

    Then this:

  16. alleykat69 says:

    You know what players are not feeling the love and I’m sure are pissed off 😡 in a position of less importance anymore are the RB’s ..Barkley,Pollard,Jacobs all got screwed over in big contracts for another year! Now Henry on the trade block wow,yeah lots of worn tread, but the dude is still a defensive nightmare to go up against..

    • Winder says:

      Agree, good RB’s make passing offenses work. CMC made our passing game shine and is worth every penny he gets. I think we are gonna end up missing Gould.

  17. alleykat69 says:

    Another ST game another bad loss 7-3 with 3 more errors now 3-9 yeah it’s just ST but like Winder has mentioned not too much excitement to feel any confidence! Even though reduced $9 beers are starting to taste flat..

    • PaulinAsia Banh Bao says:

      It seems like many of those games were lost in later innings, due to pitchers or position players that won’t be on the team anyway, and with send-downs starting, maybe the W-L record will start balancing out. But yeah, this game was lost in the 1st inning, as Kyle Harrison has had 2 not so great outings and is not looking ready for prime time. So maybe mostly scrubs reflecting those losses. But, as Dusty Baker used to say, even in spring training, winning — and thus also losing — becomes a habit. Dusty was never pleased when the team was losing games in the final week of ST. We have a few weeks to go yet…

  18. PaulinAsia Banh Bao says:

    I love it that Rodgers went into his, what, dark meditative cave thing, and came out with “Sure, I’d go play for the Jets”…. eek. Dude needs to find a new meditative cave….

    • unca_chuck says:

      The Jets are fairly solid. A good QB will get them somewhere. I don’t think it’s Rodgers, but hey, I’m not the one throwing millions around. They should go with Jimmy G.

  19. Locojuan says:

    The McCovey Chronicles posted this little tidbit –
    “Over at Baseball America, J.J. Cooper counted up the televised games for Spring Training. The Los Angeles Dodgers lead the way with 30 broadcasts, and five teams have at least 20. The Giants? They have six. Only the Colorado Rockies, Washington Nationals, and Baltimore Orioles have fewer.”

    I guess MLB isn’t that impressed with our offseason upgrades. This sucks, I really wanted to see these new guys and check out some of the kids that were invited to camp.

    • willedav says:

      I think they play the USA WBC team today or tomorrow. Otherwise I guess local channel is all Warriors or their G League team on off nights. They replay some of the games during the daytime. Why Giants aren’t on more idk.

      • willedav says:

        According to Chron, 6 PM tonight on local NBC sports channel and KNBR. Dunno how that works for out of towners. Not much of ST fan but I’ll check that out. Slush gives lot of twitter updates on them every day.
        fwiw in Athletic Brisbee has update on Giants former and current minors guys who play for various WBC teams, including Doval for DR. Meulens manages one of them. Joc is playing too.

  20. Winder says:

    The Giants have been the media’s step child for a long time. And it’s not just east coast bias either. I just hope some of our kids make a splash this year. Harrison’s had a tough time so far but it has to be good experience for him.

  21. unca_chuck says:

    I haven’t looked at the stats or anything but it seems like the SPs are doing fine so far.

    Blowing games late doesn’t bother me, but the errors are concerning. If they are late and AAAA fodder I guess it’s OK.

  22. unca_chuck says:

    And now Lamar Jackson was franchise-tagged. It’s non-exclusive, so that means other teams can sign him, but that is highly doubtful as there has been little interest in him for a straight trade before this point.

    Funny thing is, teams are coming out saying (colluding?) they WON’T pursue him. The Falcons, Panthers, Dolphins, and Commanders all said they aren’t interested. Huh? There are a bunch of teams including those just mentioned, and throw in the Raiders, Jets, Colts, Titans, and Texans that need a QB, and whatever you think about Jackson, he’s an MVP and a stud at age 26.

    Jackson apparently wants more guaranteed money than DeShaun Watson’s $230 mill. This is the sticking point with the Ravens. Another case of the owners throwing money around like confetti and thus setting unreal expectations down the line, but it sure feels like the good old boy network is in play as Baltimore hints behind the scenes to hold off on offering anything close to Jackson’s demands. Who knows?

    Who cares? Off season BS, but it’s very weird that teams line up to clamor that they DON’T want a guy with his track record.

    Any offer can be matched by Baltimore or they would get two 1st round picks. Since the bridge between the two is in flames, I wonder what Balt would do. So, someone either takes a giants leap to get him, or he has an awkward lame-duck season with the Ravens as he cashes out his $32 million and moves on.

  23. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up.

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