Frying Pan, Meet Fire

Here we go. One step from the Super Bowl. Again. Last year’ loss was crushing. This one would be equally so, despite in improbability of Mr. Irrelevant catapulting himself into the drivers’ seat of this high-performance offensive machine. The thinking is, Purdy has plenty of time to gain his footing, but as we all know, these windows can slam shut and lock tight at a moment’s notice.

Just ask the 5-12 Rams.

Yes, we have a solid team in all phases, but so does Philly. Games like these have a tendency to turn on fluke plays or the inadvertent turnover. Last week, Dak Prescott did us a solid by throwing 2 poorly timed picks. We only got 6 off them, but returned the favor with a fumbled punt by Ray Ray McCloud that gave Dallas 3 despite the great field position.

It very well could turn on a kickoff return. Something that nearly bit us last week, and a few other times this year. Gould either needs to get more touchbacks, or our coverage needs to lock in. There have been too many lapses. Despite Ray Ray’s fumble, the return teams have been solid.

Despite Philly’s top 3 defense, teams have scored on them. Washington used their run game to keep their high scoring offense off the field, and Dallas put 40 (and 420 yards) on them not too long ago. Amazingly, it was Gardner Minshew that put up 34 on that Dallas’ defense. I want the quick passing game used early and often to get the LBs on their heels and worrying about covering guys to open up running plays. We need to run misdirection plays as they play so well straight up.

I am glad that Purdy has the Seattle win under his bet as at least he’s shown he can win in a very hostile environment, and they don’t get much worse than Seattle. And he single-handedly took Iowa State to relevance in his time as a 4-year starter there. With Brock gone, and before he got there, they’ve sucked.

Niners 27 – Iggles 17

Cincy 31 – KC 27


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10 Responses to Frying Pan, Meet Fire

  1. Winder says:

    We just have to play our game, this years version of 49er football is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. We can beat these guys just as long as we don’t beat ourselves.

    chuck- you are right losing this one, it will be devastating especially if we lose because of mistakes. If Philly takes it to us then they belong there.

  2. Irish Kevin says:

    Over on Niners Nation, the writer asks is the season disappointment if the Niners don’t go to the SB. IMO, no they have played really well this year, 3 different QBs and the team still was a top team.

  3. Berger says:

    We would’ve won last year had Tart caught the interception in the 4th. It’s part of the game. Those plays need to be made when presented. We can’t flounder those types of opportunities tomorrow.

  4. willedav says:

    Unc, thanks for Billy White Shoes Johnson highlight reel. Oilers had cool unis/helmet in those days.
    Was that Dan Pastorini #7 throwing him TD pass?

  5. alleykat69 says:

    Nugget: It’s been 97 days since the Niners have lost a game.Included in the glorious carnage are 2 playoff wins against hated rivals, beating one of them twice, with the first happening in their stadium!
    Sorry Philly( not really though)You’re just the next obstacle.Were the team of Destiny and you’re in the way of unfinished business that’s getting finished over these next 2 games!
    Niners aren’t looking to go around you, they’re going straight through!!❤️💛💪🏈🔥

    • Winder says:

      Love the optimism kat. I feel pretty much the same way. We still have unfinished business with KC.

  6. blade3colorado says:

    Great take Unca . . . Go ‘Niners.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up! Thanks Blade! Welcome. Stay a while.

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