One For the Ages

In a game no one expected to be competitive, the 49ers and Raiders got into a shootout of pretty epic proportions yesterday as the 49ers outlasted the Raiders 37-34. The normally stout Niner defense gave up 254 yards and a 100 rushing yards. At HALFTIME. And, if not for the early goal-line stand, the lead very well would have been 24-14 at the half.

A lead the Raiders got anyway as Jason Stidham sliced and diced the Niners secondary, mostly Demmodore Lenoir on DaVante Adams, and ran effectively. The vaunted 49er defense was definitely caught sleeping and overlooking this Raider team. Jacobs ran well, and play action burned the D relentlessly to the tune of 500 yards given up.

So, is this a scary-ass game that exposed our weaknesses? Or a wake-up call to the team that they can’t overlook anyone at any time.

If anything, this gave our young gunslinger Brock Purdy a chance to show what he can do when the defense isn’t suffocating their opponent and the kid is down 2 scores late. Well, Purdy came through with flying colors. Purdy had like 75 yards passing in the 1st half but had scored 2 TDs. The 2nd half saw him throw for 200 yards and finally lead the Niners to victory after overcoming the 10 point deficit and the late missed FG by Robbie (not so) Gould.

CNMC had a huge game running the ball for 121 and a score, and 72 receiving yards, Jordan Mason added a TD run late, and Brandon Aiyuk had a big day as well going 9 for 101 and a 16 yard scamper late. The defense did get shredded, and I didn’t see us adjust by blitzing at all, but they came up with big plays late to seal the deal. Neither team got a sack, but the 2 picks by Stridham were a direct result of the pressure put on him.

So, this game was a great learning lesson for Purdy to overcome adversity, and for the defense to get this shit game out of their system. Pretty much a best-case scenario where you learn some things, but still get the win. Turn the page. Learn from the mistakes. 9 in a row.


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10 Responses to One For the Ages

  1. unca_chuck says:

    Picturing Flav’s dad running down the street in his t-shirt and tighties still has me laughing.

    I just can’t figure if there are suspenders involved. . .

  2. Irish Kevin says:

    Wow, this player could be dead! Not good

    • willedav says:

      Yes Looked like helmet hit to chest and head snapped back. Wow don’t see how they could continue game tonight.

  3. Irish Kevin says:

    9 mins on the ground getting CPR. This is scary, game suspended, players and coaches went to locker room to decide if the game should go on.

  4. Winder says:

    I like where we are at now. I don’t see any panic out of any player whatsoever. The whole team seems to have a ‘we got this’ attitude and pedal to the metal on the field presence. I feel more confident in this years team right now that at anytime last year. I like Jimmy but he can’t do what Purdy’s been doing.

  5. Irish Kevin says:

    Hamlin had a heart attack, in the hospital sedated

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Hope the guy recovers fully. That was pretty scary.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, that play in the end zone especially I think Jimmy takes the safety. Or even a strip sack.

    Instead, Purdy gets away from the pressure and throws the ball away. Purdy has much better awareness in the pocket and dealing with pressure.

  8. alleykat69 says:

    Damar Hamlin is still in critical condition in ICU unit as he was intubated with a tube down his throat with a ventilator machine. He originally back in 2020 setup a go fund me account for underprivileged kids, toys for tots, and other charities. His goal was to reach 25,000 as of now his go fund me support has reached over 5 million dollars! All the prayers in the world Damar and your family!🙏🙏🙏

  9. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up.

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