Back to Life – Back to Reality

Is KC that good, or are we that bad? I think the answer is yes. This season is unfolding (unravelling?) a lot like last year’s season. High expectations smacked down into the dirt as the team flails around stumbling, bumbling, and fumbling victories away like farts in a hurricane. Injuries are a problem yet again, and since we are back under the shakey hand of Jimmy Garoppolo, we are the gang that can’t shoot straight, or play good football for more than a span of, oh, two games?

Funny thing is, the rest of the league appears to be suffering the same malaise. Not that I give a fuck about a lot of other teams, but half the teams in the league are at 4-3 or 3-4. Parity? Mediocrity? I don’t know. Carolina fires its head coach, trades away their 2 best offensive players and then beat the living shit out of the Brady-led Bucs. Green bay gets beat by the Heinekie muffler guy and the Washington Generals. The New York football Fucking Giants are 6-1? The Jets are winning?

What in the wide wide world of sports is going on here? The Niners were riding high 2 weeks ago. 3-2 and in sole possession of 1st place in the division. 2 week later? A disastrous loss to the fucking Falcons, and yesterday’s humbling and we are in last.

I guess the point here, in the immortal words of Matt Groening, “Keep your expectations tiny, you‘ll go through life not so whiney.”

I have considerably lowered any expectations for this team as currently constituted. Mainly because I’ve come to the realization Jimmy Garoppolo is not very smart, and Kyle Shanahan doesn’t know what to do about that fact. Every game follows the same script. Fast starts followed by offensive struggles, a big turnover, and a bunch of penalties. The only game the Niners didn’t have a lead in was the Falcons game.

Yeah, I’ll watch. I may even go to a game. But I’m not expecting anything less than fair to poor football at this point. I mean, they are their own worst enemy. Shanahan is 5 years in, and we still make stupid mistakes over and over. False start to get out of FG range? Yep. Have too many WRs in the same place at the same time? Sure. This team is undisciplined and inconsistent to say the least. As is Jimmy. Crucial drops are a forte.

We are too full of talent to be terrible, but at this point I would be surprised to see us make the playoffs. I think we are a 9 win team. Our schedule isn’t even all that hard. I just don’t have hope this team can play consistently enough to matter. I can’t believe Shanahan still has the team behind him. rThen again, I can’t believe Jimmy G is still looked at as the answer. Lose to the Rams and we might as well hit the Brock Purty era.

But boy, it would really suck to fall to the top of the draft and not have any picks. Thanks, Kyle!!!

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  1. Flavor says:

    this is certainly no blip as the KNBR talking heads want us to believe. We lost to Denver who is terrible. Chicago who isn’t good. And Atlanta, who just got torched by Joe Burrow. We are an average to below average team and there’s no fucking reason for it. Our coach stinks.
    I will say I greatly enjoyed watching Brady, Rodgers and Belichick all lose this week. Fuck all three of those fuckers.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, that was pretty funny seeing Rodgers face-down crying in the grass. I happened to catch that perfect moment. As for us, ever since that Super Bowl melt-down, I have little faith in Kyle’s ability to coach us back into games.

    It just keeps happening over and over where we start fast, dick around with trying to run the game out halfway through the 3rd quarter, and fade. Even the fucking Ram game was in doubt as we were only up one score and scuffling on offense until Hufanga sealed the game with the pick 6.

    All that being said, I think Garoppolo is an idiot. 5 years under Shanahan and he has not improved ONE BIT. Other guys seem to thrive under him. Jimmy’s still holding the ball too long, throwing ducks and fucks, getting strip-sacked, and panicking in the red zone. And LEARN HOW TO THROW THE GODDAMN BALL AWAY FOR FUCK’S SAKE!

    Yeah our line isn’t great at pass protection, but when in the end zone, have something quick and short. All the guys lined up on the right side on that play ran long slow-developing routes.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Never head this acoustic version f this. Amazing.

  4. Winder says:

    We were totally outcoached. We are incapable to adjust on both offenses and defensive fronts. There is a blueprint on how to beat us out there and it seems to still work. We have to change the philosophy of how we play and not be so arrogant to think we are that good enough to not change.

  5. Irish Kevin says:

    sity player going against the .
    He had at least one major fan in the building.
    “He’s crazy fun to watch,”
    Montana raved before the game.
    “The guy does everything you tell every quarterback not to do.
    He does all of it and he does it well. Don’t go off the back foot.
    Don’t go this way. Don’t go side-arm. Don’t go late down the middle. He’s one of the most talented guys you’ll see in that position.”
    acord lost at Levis for the

  6. Irish Kevin says:

    Montana talking about Mahomes

  7. Irish Kevin says:

    So the first thing the Niners need to do on offense is get out their love for the run game. When they drafted T Lance I thought oh boy we have our Russell Wilson, when the pass protection breaks down he runs, boy was I wrong, the only reason the Niners wanted Lance was so that Kyle could have another RB behind the Oline. So forget the run and make passing the ball a priority, and draft some linemen who can pass protect.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, another thing I’m supremely pissed at is they simply said ‘fuclk the line. we have a running back at QB” and let Tomlinson go and dicked around while Mack finally decided to retire.

    New thread is up.

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