Well, We are Done-Zo

Jesus. Sure, the defense was terrible. Losing Dre Greenlaw was the death knell for the defense in the 2nd half, but Jesus fucking Christ, Shanahan comes up with the most garbage plays in the red zone. On the pick, which was absolutely God-awful, the 49ers had 3 WRs grouped together on the goal line. It happened later in the game and nearly resulted in another pick.

And, beyond that, on the motherfucking 3rd down pick, CMC was on the sideline.

Such brilliant coaching. Once again, stupid fucking penalties ruled the day. False starts, offsides, illegal formations. These pre-snap penalties are ALL on the coaching staff not getting the players prepared. 10 fucking penalties, and they all seemed to be killers.

People will point to the defense sucking, but losing Greenlaw was the reason so many screens and sweeps worked. And Reid of course adjusted the offense after their relative struggles in the 1st half.

Jimmy and Kyle both comported themselves badly in this game. Jennings had 2 huge stupid penalties, the special teams failed spectacularly on the KO return. The defense gave up a 3rd and 20, 3rd and 11, 3rd and 6, and plenty of other big plays. No pass rush. Not sure why we didn’t scheme up any way to get pressure on Mahomes. He didn’t have to run at all. Just pitch and catch all over the field.

Reid schooled Shanahan big time. Shanahan is absolutely clueless in the red zone. Outcoached and outplayed. Their offense crushed out defense.

Is this a wake-up call? Jimmy had decent numbers, but fucked this game up. The line was OK till it wasn’t. McGlinchey is a glaring piece of shit in pass coverage at RT. The safety? Please. Williams whiffed on his block, and Jimmy just doesn’t know how to throw a ball away. He took 3 needless sacks and fumbled because he’s fucking clueless on how to just get rid of the ball when the pocket is collapsing.

This may be a 6-11 team at this rate. Good teams are killing us. Bad teams are beating us. I have absolutely no confidence in Shanahan or Garoppolo at this point.

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  1. unca_chuck says:

    The Niners go from 1st to last in 2 weeks, and Seattle goers from last to 1st.

    Sure, we have a long way to go. But again, Shanahan’s team committed a ton of needless penalties, gave up too many big plays, and failed miserably on so many drives.

    And look at Raheem go.

  2. Irish Kevin says:

    Yeah like I commented on the last thread, when the announcers know what you should be doing to catch up, and they are saying that on National TV, that’s embarrassing

  3. Winder says:

    Sad day for 49er football. But you could see it coming the mistakes killed us. There is no quick fix for this. This game should have brought out the best of us instead of the worst.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Same old shit. Too many penalties. Too many blown assignments. Too many mistakes. Cue Aerosmith. Same old story. Same old song and dance.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Back to the music! When I first got interested in listening to music (and getting stoned. It kinda went hand-in-hand) way back in 1974, this was one of my favorite bands. Chicago VIII ( I think), came with a big iron-on patch (the one with the Cardinal) that I proudly put on the back of my jean jacket.

    This is pretty cool.

  6. Winder says:

    Had the funk bug the last few days

  7. unca_chuck says:

    That is very cool.

    Always liked the album George Clinton did with the Chili Peppers.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Crazy. Saw this show.

    • Winder says:

      Yeah, that little jazz into was what they liked to do. Their second album was a jazz album totally different from their first.

      • unca_chuck says:

        Yeah, that’s what I like about them. They tried all kinds of weird stuff. Just for the sake of trying it.

        Like digging backwards through time.

        Love the little feedback homage to Foxey Lady in the middle. Jimi ad Billy got to be good friends on one of Hendrix’s tours through Texas when Billy was with the Moving Sidewalks. I’m sure you all know this tho.

      • Winder says:

        No, i didn’t know that but I am sure ZZ Top were into Jimi since they were both unique 3 piece bands. I have only heard a couple of things from Moving Sidewalks.

    • alleykat69 says:

      Damm Chuck I was at that show too!
      Alvin Lee is just an incredible guitarist among so many.Winterland fantastic place and my main stomping grounds, ROCK&ROLL was the best ever back then and I was fortunate to see most of the best bands ever playing there are other venues!

      Side note btw I assume Jimmy G does lead in this bad stat..2 safeties for 2 point plays in a season is that a record? Just curious 🤨 if any QB has done it more..

      • unca_chuck says:

        That’s too funny. I have seen the Winterland Trower show I was at as well floating around the internet. Must have seen Alvin Lee 4-5 times. He played the Keystones a lot as well. What I loved about that place is you could stand right up next to to the stage. All the tables were behind the little dance floor area.

      • unca_chuck says:

        Hah! One a career is more like it. Gonna have to look that up!

    • Berger says:

      Great stuff. You were lucky to have been there!

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Looks like Mac Jones is gonna get Wally Pipped. They just pulled Mac for Zappe.

    Frank Zappe is killing it for New England.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    And now he’s sucking. Jones is looking less than human. Like a muffin even.

    Never get tired of this…

    • Berger says:

      You can never go wrong playing this song. It’s funny that you played Zappa. I was thinking the same thing while watching Zappe at QB! I was thinking they might as well play Zappa, he can’t do any worse. And he’s dead!

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