The Once and Future Quarterback (and Coach?)

Well, here we are. Jimmy G gets his kiss on the lips from Michael Corleone. I’m about 98% sure that this will be Jimmy the Picks’s last start as a 49er. He may not even make it through the game given the way things have gone. Problem is, this isn’t solely on Jimmy’s shoulders. A lot of the issues with this offense lie squarely in Kyle Shanahan’s oversized ego-tripping head. He is turning into his father. An impossibly rigid unyielding coach who routinely and needlessly imparted his will on players for small misdeeds, and minor screw-ups, and never bends to any outside feedback.

Shanahan’s play calling has been atrocious this year, and he continues to not do well by his QBs. Frist drive last game, Jimmy on the move was able to complete easy short passes that gained yards and set up the run nicely. The drive late in the 3rd quarter, Jimmy rolled out and was able to connect on a couple big chunk plays and score on 3 passes. Naturally those were the only times Shanahan moved Jimmy in the pocket. The rest of the game was throws to the flat, hurried balls that were defended, a couple picks, a bunch of punts, sacks, and a fumble.

So, the question is, when does Lance get his shot? Unfortunately, I don’t want it to be soon, because we already saw how Kyle thinks Lance should be used. And that is like Derrick Henry. He’s a 15-20 carry guy, not the starting QB they paid through the nose to draft.

This to me is another case of Shanahan flexing his ego and saying “I am bigger and more important than any quarterback that we happen to draft. He will run MY plays as I see fit. Your health and development be damned.”

And this is my worry. I’m sure Lance can survive the rigors of a typical NFL season as our starter, but not as a guy carrying the ball even 10 times a game. At least not on designed runs. Toss him. Put in Mike McDaniel as the interim guy and go get a guy like Nathaniel Hackett. He’s a proven offensive guy, turning every stop into a turnaround. He’s now the OC of the Packers, and is steeped in the West Coast offense, and zone blocking schemes, so he wouldn’t have to do a lot of re-tooling.

And the kicker is he’s Joe Montana’s old QB coach Paul Hackett’s son.

Or there’s Brian Daboll, the offensive architect of the Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen. Or Eric Bieniemy, OC of the Chiefs. All these guys are solid at creating mismatches on theoffensive side of the ball. Something we sorely lack. Shanny finds a weakness and ignores it. Good job, skippy.

There are countless other guys, Bryan Leftwich, Joe Brady, on and on, but this team NEEDS to get out from under Shanahan now rather than later. Before he does more damage,

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6 Responses to The Once and Future Quarterback (and Coach?)

  1. unca_chuck says:

    Days of Future Passed. Sure, it’s a reach, but this is for you prog rock fans . . .

    The last song on this album is of course Knights in White Satin. Haven’t heard this in forever. This is much more PSyd Barrett Pink Floyd-y than I remember.

  2. 12th Man says:

    With the way the team and Jimmy are playing, and the trade deadline coming up it makes the most sense to me to trade Jimmy for whatever they can get and live with the rookie ups and downs this year hoping he’s learned enough to be ready for next year. Same with the young CB’s, safety and RG.

    I’m not ready to call for Shanahans head but do think he needs to seriously evaluate where his team is as opposed to “thinking” they could have won 5 out of six because they simply didn’t.

    Even if they put a beating on the Bears it doesn’t really change the fact that Jimmy is in the tank, playoffs won’t last long even in the very unlikely event they get there.

    Great memories there Chuck. I’ve been to my share of soggy games at The Stick too but nothing worse than that Colts game. They really need to look at adding shade/ rain cover. I’m in Sec 135 and there is no cover whatsoever. Made for a miserable night game.

  3. unca_chuck says:

    The huge design flaw is no cover anywhere in that place. For sun or rain, short of going to the concession stands.

  4. 12th Man says:

    Joe Staley discussing Jimmy G:
    “A quarterback is judged based off of third downs — and situational football — when everybody in the building knows that he has to pass the football, the quarterback has to throw it,” Staley said. “Can you consistently convert?”

    Niners are just about last in 3rd and 4th down conversions. Lost 10 of the last 11 home games. I can tell you that almost nobody in the crowd has any confidence the Niners will convert anything more than 3rd and 3 IE a running play short yardage distance. Everybody around me understands a punt is coming.

    Staley is right and Jimmy has stunk on 3rd and 4th down.

    Shanahan is also right that Trey can’t play this week coming off an injury but I think he’s making a mistake not splitting first team reps and only giving Trey the scout team offense reps.

    It looks almost a certainty that Trey will be the starting QB sometime this year unless Jimmy gets his MOJO going PDQ, so get Trey ready already.

    Honeymoon lasted a heck of a long time but it’s officially OVER. Now it’s results time sticking with the vets or go to the rookies and buy yourself more goodwill from the fans who will understand the losses are a learning curve for the future.

    My 2c for what it’s worth.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    They should be preparing Trey to start this year as Jimmy G waffles off into the CJ Beater aisle.

    The 49ers are getting net to nothing from Jimmy. Ans, sure a lot of that is on the inept play calling, but still and all, Jimmy isn’t making plays to extend drives. If we have ONE negative play on a drive, it immediately stalls. One penalty, one sack, one tackle for loss, and we are guaranteed to be punting.

    Lance, if given the right plays, can extend drives with his legs, and still make plays out of the pocket.

    New thread is up.

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