Trey Lance Out 3 Weeks with a Sprained Knee

Kyle Shanahan has a dislocated brain.

I tell ya, Shanahan seems hell-bent on shit-canning his rep as an offensive genius these days. Or even as a good coach. His play calling all season has been iffy. The Detroit game started fine, but the offense cratered in the 2nd half. The Eagles game saw the offense go nowhere for most of the 1st half. Green Bay? Same thing. 3 and outs, punts little offensive flow for the 1st half. Seattle? Ditto. Granted Jimmy G is not what they thought he was. Then there’s the AZ game. Trey Lance’s first NFL start.

What does Shanahan do? Put the entire game on his shoulders to do whatever it takes to win. So now he’s sacrificing his (the team’s at least) most coveted new player all for an early season win. Are wins important? Of course they are. But Lance ran 16 times. Most of them designed runs. Yes he got 89 yards. But he also suffered a sprained knee that will keep him out of action for a couple games. And he nearly got killed on that goal line run as he was put in harm’s way repeatedly by Coach Don’t-give-a-fuck. Eli Mitchell had 9 carries! 9 fucking carries!

Is this how you ease your new QB into the league? FUCK NO. Shanahan had him running all over the place. The routes didn’t have any outlet receivers as they were blocking for the most part. Kind of irksome to me was the way Trey got the Niners close, and instead of taking the early points, he had Lance roll out. Sure, if he was a little more seasoned, he could have held the ball a tick more and waited till the LB committed to Lance and hit Mitchell in the end zone. But he didn’t, and we all saw what happened. Instead of us getting points and Lance getting credit for a scoring drive, AZ took the ball and got a FG of their own.

Speaking of blocking, the line play has become a HUGE issue with this team. Brunskill and McGlinchey did little to stop JJ Watt or anyone else lined up against them. The 3rd quarter saw 5 holding calls on a couple drives. That Trey was able to overcome those and even get ONE score was pretty amazing.

I’m no fucking head coach, and I’m no goddamn GM, but I’ve watched the game for a long time, and what I see now in the NFL are quarterbacks like Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, Lamar, Jackson, and Josh Allen. All these guys have excellent arms. They are also mobile. Christ, we had Steve Young for fuck’s sake. The prototype for all these guys. Can they run? Yes, they can run, but they are NOT used as running backs! Why? because they end up like RG III. A guy who Mike Shanahan used and abused till he broke.

Did Bill Walsh design run plays for Steve Young? Sure. Maybe a sneak or 2 or a naked bootleg a couple times a year. Shanahan seems to believe he is the be-all end-all for offensive coaches in the NFL, but he frankly is dropping like a stone in game preparation and getting fucking points on the board.

The good news? The defense once again held a team averaging 450 yards and 33 points to 305 and 17.

Offensive genius my wrinkles white ass. If I’m Jed, I seriously think Shanahan gets the boot after this season. This is year 5 of his tenure, and there is little to show for his time here but a huge pile of injuries, and a clock-mangled Super Bowl loss.

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12 Responses to Trey Lance Out 3 Weeks with a Sprained Knee

  1. NJ49ER says:

    Just dropped this on the last thread before you released this one Chuck –

    My football credo Chuck…
    Protect the QB, sack the QB.
    We can sack the QB.
    We’re failing to protect the QB.

    I’ll try to be patient until we get through the next few games.
    I didn’t buy the SB hype so much early on, simply to see what we had post Saleh and, Bosa’s ability to return from the ACL.
    NOT at all impressed with the Offense.
    The drafting of Trey, combined with the spineless qualities of Jimmeh in general, may have turned the locker room in a toxic direction?
    Shanny is completely to blame for that scenario.
    Can’t expect Jimmeh to give 100% when he’s a lame duck QB.
    Should have made a deal for Jimmeh when they had a chance? Who knows.
    Jimmeh made that crystal clear at the podium after the Seattle loss.
    My calf hurts, it’s probably only a couple of weeks.
    He’s tapping out.

  2. NJ49ER says:

    If you’re relying on 2 QBs for a SB run, you really don’t have a QB you can rely on.
    Maybe Shanny thinks Trey will be ready by then?
    Keep using him as a quasi RB and you won’t have him when you need him.
    The WR carousel is concerning enough.
    Shanny can’t devise a passing attack.

  3. NJ49ER says:

    Deal Jimmeh to Houston.
    Take Deshaun for a year and let Trey understudy with a similar QB ahead of him.
    This rotation shit Shanny is selling is a pet rock gimmick.

  4. Irish Kevin says:

    Well the O-line is geared for running the ball, but the runner should be a running back not a QB, oh and the O-line does not, I repeat does not know how to pass protect. JG is a good QB, but the O-line has never given any of the QBs enough time for passing routes to be run. Now as far as Kyle is concerned he is trying to lose his job, we all have talked about the talent that he and Lynch have put together and Kyle should have no problem scoring and winning.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    The right side of the line is overmatched every game it seems. JJ Watt killed McGlinchey, and Brunskill was no help. And it is no wonder 80% of the runs go left.

    Still and all it is SO reckless to run Lance so much. Esp in his first game in the NFL. Shanny may very well lose the team in the next couple weeks if we have to start Sudfeld. What a clusterfuck.

    • Winder says:

      So many of our draft picks have bombed that I don’t see any help coming. Those 4th down turnovers just killed us. That was play calling. If we lose Aiyuk it just might bury us for some time. we need help everywhere.

  6. Grumpy Guy says:

    In five years, name one decent draft choice we have made on the O-line. Maybe, *maybe*, Skule since he was a 6th and did not cost us much of anything. One starter in McGlinchey who consistently is not quite good enough. No blue chippers. No reliable starters. In FIVE years.

  7. Grumpy Guy says:

    Also, point to a decent starter at CB. Guys from this year are too raw to judge, but ‘Spoon flamed out and that’s about it.

    Holes in our lineup start with our scouting.

    • NJ49ER says:

      Define insanity Grump.
      Definitely stuck on stupid when it comes to Offensive line needs.
      Thought for sure we’d have gone after a young Center this year.
      Sign a guy on his way out with no protege to groom.
      McKivitz and Banks may come around if they’re lucky.
      I’ll cross my fingers for now.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, the whole deal with not drafting CBs when there have been very good ones we passed on, while drafting TWO RBs? After the Joe Williams flame out? Center is a big need. Fucking 6th round Mitchell is ahead of Sermon in the 3rd.

    Over and 0ver they don’t hit the obvious picks. Again, though, the team HAS talent. It isn’t being used correctly. I guess this is as good a week as any for the bye, but how long will Jimmy last?

    Nate Sudfeld come on down!

  9. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is up!

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