Why the Media Sucks Hot Sweaty Balls

This is some of the funniest shit I have ever read from a nationally known sports ‘writer’. Mike Florio, a self-avowed and widely known 49er trasher, posted an article about how the 49ers ‘botched’ the rumors around who the 49ers were gonna pick in the draft. Botched. The Rumors.


The gist of the article states that, while the pick is the pick, the way the didn’t disavow the Mac Jones rumor was needless and unnecessary. In other words, the 49ers should have addressed the speculation started and fueled by the media involving what they would do with the pick they traded up for.

Again, the 49ers front office was negligent in not addressing the media hype around their supposed set-in-stone decision to pick Jones. The Jones speculation that the media drove into the ground for weeks on end. To the point that Vegas had us taking Jones as the odds-on favorite. The article is also full of speculation around Shanny ‘freaking out’ because he passed on Mahomes, Watson, and Brady. How he overreached by trading the farm to get Lance. How the organization talked Shanahan out of taking Jones.

Thing is, that ONE point has merit. The overreach. Whether it works out or not will not be known for years. And this stands true for all the teams that took QBs in the 1st round. But to diss an organization because they didn’t clear up a media-fueled hype-fest regarding their choice in the draft is absolutely laughable. And if we know one thing about Shanny, it is that he’s not talked out of things lightly, if at all. The blather was simply blather.

I thought Grant (ice cream) Cohn was the biggest hack in sports writing. Nope. The new champ is Mike Florio.

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  1. alleykat69 says:

    Yeah those 2 clowns 🤡 along with the rest of the idiots have no right expecting the 49ers to reveal their pick.And they did a magnificent job all the way till the clock hit zeros to pick the right guy Trey Lance..
    What I got the most satisfaction out of is the king of idiots Chris Simms, who was suppose to be so tight with his Buddy Shanahan, and basically saying the whole freaking time to anyone who would listen,that Team Simms&Team Shanahan will be drafting Matt Jones!!
    Talk about ending up with eggs and some ground up turds on your face! It was awesome to see how much of an idiot he really is..

  2. Lurker John says:

    Hey Chuck, I read this a couple of days ago when it popped up on my Yahoo app and came away with the same impressions. Florio also stated that the Niners could’ve just stayed at 12 and Lance would’ve fell to them, a very dubious assertion if you ask me. I think he’s full of shit and his disdain for the Niners came through loud and clear. And unless he’s a fucking mind reader, he has no idea what Shanahan was thinking or considering. What a dipshit.

    As for Cohn, I’ve read a lot of his articles lately and sometimes they’re really positive and other times not so much. Hit and miss for me. I know he has big shoes to fill with his dad’s legacy.

    Mullens to the Iggles. I like the kid, but I’m glad he’s gone. It was time to move on from him and CJ.

  3. Winder says:

    Fuck Florio and the horse he rode in on. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Simms knew all along that Jones was just a sideshow and set it up perfectly for Shanny. Chuck, i don’t think we will have to wait a few years to know about the Lance pick. The minute Jimmy twists his ankle we will see Lance in there and that just might be the Detroit game. I am so jazzed about this team and the only thing I honestly believe will get in the way are the fucking injuries.

    • NJ49er says:

      Agree Winder, Simms sold the smoke.
      Also, Kittle has already made another division worthy statement, about Lance, taking chances with tight windows.
      AKA the problem I have had with Jimmy.
      Reluctant to pull the trigger.

    • Lurker John says:

      Yep, injuries are the great wild card and I’m not confident at all that that won’t continue. With Skule and Moore already on the shelf, the trend seems to be continuing. Fingers crossed that this will be the year they finally have some good fortune. If that happens, I think this is going to be a huge season for the 49ers.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Grant Cohn is a self-serving hack like his dad.

    The article is mind-bogglingly self-aggrandizing. Like the 49ers front office went on the offensive to make the sportswriters and prognosticators look stupid. They did that all on their own.

    I myself wondered at what the purpose was to all the supposed chicanery, but the reality is the Niners said and did nothing regarding any of it, and had no reason to comment on it. They didn’t start the fire, they just watched it.

  5. unca_chuck says:

    Never a big Billy Joel fan, but some of his songs were pretty great.

    • Winder says:

      I had never really listened to that song before. I had thought Piano man was one of the worst songs in the history of songs so I didn’t pay much attention to him.

  6. Mike Snorio says:

    You’re way too worked up over a harmless article. Why are you so stressed? Grab a cold beer and let it all out. The San Francisco 49ers of Santa Clara are going all the way, baby!

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Snorio is right.

  8. Lurker John says:

    Good piece here from knbr.com on McGlinchey that gives me hope that he’s going to actually going to bounce back in a major way this year. He really delves into the things that affected him last year and he’s finally forthright about his response to the deserved criticism he received:


  9. Lurker John says:

    The negative Cohn article I read the other day was ripping Shanahan for not being accountable regarding the myriad injuries the Niners have been suffering through. I have my own thoughts on that matter, I’m sure we all do, but the idea that Shanny won’t take responsibility for it is ludicrous.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    That’s a very cool article LJ. McGlinchey’s season was a bit baffling as he was toasted fairly regularly in pass coverage. Putting on weight will help him and so will having better depth.

    As far as Cohn goes, yeah, hard to fault the head coach for injuries when you have 15 coaches and staff members dedicated to maintaining the health of the players. If anyone bears the brunt, it is Lynch and Paraage for putting together a substandard training staff. Then again, injuries were through the roof last season.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Oh Joy. Jordan Willis suspended 6 games for PEDs. The thinning continues.

  12. Barleyfreak says:

    Yeah, I read it and thought what a piss ant nothing burger this chump is. Next!

  13. NJ49er says:

    When times get tough….time for Soul….Man 😀

  14. Lurker John says:

    Love him or hate him, Joel is an accomplished musician, which always rates high in my book. He’s also a great songwriter, which may be harder than playing an instrument. I’ve liked quite a few songs of his over the years, but I don’t own any of his albums. Piano Man is a particular favorite.

  15. Lurker John says:

    According to something I read recently, can’t remember where, the Niners are near the top of the league for injuries for THE PAST 8 YEARS. They are beyond overdue for a relatively healthy season. They get that and they’re going to be mighty tough.

  16. Lurker John says:

    Chuck, you get the weirdest fucking trolls on this blog. Is this one guy over and over or a whole team of them? Bizarre.

  17. unca_chuck says:

    One guy. Given a guess, and the lack of humor, I’d think it was NoFear, but there’s also Bullitt from Skeebs blog that it could be. Neither are very adept at being funny. Shit, it could be Skeebs himself. But he’s a little better at humor than these pathetic attempts. Skeebs is too scared to let me post on his site for some reason, though so I’m not 100% sure who it is. The only other guy I can think of would be Spitblood, but he’s so long-winded and self-important that he would never be this concise. His posts were usually of the 25,000 word variety.

    Like the FB site “No Holds Barred Sports” or something like that, a site that purported to be ‘anything goes. Say what you want about any team in sports. I was banned in 20 minutes for a couple VERY innocuous posts. Funny.

    I tried blocking the poor little fellow but he just creates a new email and carries on. Sad, but he’s harmless and lonely, so I let him roll.

  18. Lurker John says:

    It’s one thing to not necessarily like someone, fine, but to expend all that energy to constantly create new accounts for what seems like years now is flat out obsessive. Like I said, bizarre. Most of the time I don’t really notice but every now and again I ask myself who would do something like that.

  19. Lurker John says:

    At least on Craig’s blog it’s usually Dodgers’ fans which at least makes some kind of sense, though I can’t imagine going to the trouble of trolling Dogpile pages. Life’s too short. And doesn’t Skeebers have a 49ers blog? You’d think we’d all agree on a lot of stuff regarding the team.

  20. NJ49er says:

    Funny you mentioned Spitblood Chuck.
    Getting more of Mary Jane of late and I find a recommendation from Spit years back to be quite the Nirvana.
    I find Widespread Panic quite a good groove.
    Thanks Spit, seriously.
    We connect at high times pal. Good shit!

  21. NJ49er says:

    To taste the razors edge is Widespread Panic.
    Buzz the edge of Nirvana.

  22. NJ49er says:

    Happy Father’s Day Gents 😀

  23. unca_chuck says:

    Hah! Thanks.

    Great version.

    New thread is up.

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