A Win is a Win is a Fugly Win

Huh. Didn’t see this one coming for a mile. The Niners came out inspired and hitting as the defense caused 4 turnovers and the offense did just enough to overcome their own mistakes (3 turnovers) to beat a Rams team that has recently beaten both the Bucs and the Seahawks.

Rookie DE Javon Kinlaw got his first pick and his first TD. Jimmy Ward caused 2 fumbles, and Richard Sherman started the fun with an early pick. Even with all the turnovers, the Niner offense sputtered and stalled after their 1st quarter TD on a nice long run by the firestarter Deebo Samuel, and a 7 yard TD run by Raheem Mostert. Needless to say, having Mostert and Deebo back played a huge part in this game. Deebo had 11 catches for 133, including a huge 24 yard catch on the final scoring drive.

Nick Mullens, for all his shittiness, actually outplayed Jared Goff. 24-35-252, 1 pick to 19-31, 198, 2 picks. Our pressure affected Goff on the 2nd pick that Kinlaw returned to the house, and the D shut down the Rams for about 80% of the game. The pressure on Mullens by Aaron Donald nearly won the game for LA. He was in on nearly every passing play, tipped a pass that was picked off, caused the fumble on Mostert that resulted in a Rams TD, and got a sack to boot.

Jimmie Ward, he of the safeties recently called out by me for not creating turnovers, caused 2 fumbles and was all over the field. Richard Sherman played a solid game and got the early pick on an airmailed Goff pass. The D line stuffed the run for most of the game, and stood firm to get the ball back from the Rams after giving up the lead late. Holding the Rams offense to 1 TD is no mean feat.

The most curious thing to me was, after the Rams had run the ball down our throats late in the 4th quarter to take the lead, their next drive they went away from the run. We forced the punt, and got the ball back to kick the game winner.

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10 Responses to A Win is a Win is a Fugly Win

  1. unca_chuck says:

    And we are a team without a home for the next 2 weeks as the Santa Clara facility has been declared a no-trespass zone.

    Kezar is available!! That shit would be awesome.


    • Winder says:

      I think that would be great. That field looks better than I have ever seen it.

      Well I missed the whole game today and am pretty amazed that we won. Anytime we can beat the Rams is a good day. But me saying we aren’t gonna win another game is through.

  2. Irish Kevin says:

    I wonder if the offense practices passing the ball DOWN the field? Cause come game time it sure doesn’t look like it?

  3. unca_chuck says:

    More a problem of the O line more than anything. Donald got through before McGlinchey could get his hands up. The fact there were only 2 sacks is a bit amazing.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Took a walk around the field about 2 months ago with my son. That other pic is pretty close to where I sat for the games I saw there. Our neighbor had season tickets,


  5. Berger says:

    I was really impressed with Colton McKivitz. McGlinchy had a couple of series that I didn’t think we would recover from. I thought the Shanahan was very predictable with his play calling in the 2nd half. The Rams adjustments were to load the pressure for the formations we used. It’s the first time I remember being able to call our plays based on the formation under Shanahan. I think he was just simplifying things because we had only one full speed practice in 2 weeks. A couple of misdirection plays would have kept them more honest.

    We need to draft a QB in round one. From what I’m reading, there could be 5 good ones available with enough quality to be first rounders. I like the kid from BYU but I haven’t watched enough to form a good opinion. The one kid nobody is talking about is probably the most clutch of them all. He’s not one of the 5 being talked about for the first round but he probably should be. He’s Ian Book of Northern Women.

    • NJ49er says:

      McKivitz is a guy I’ve been waiting to see this year.
      He’s had some light duty sub activity.
      Want to see him get some extended duty going forward.

      He’s got some NASTY to him, which plays well inside at OG IMO.
      He got schooled a bit today against ADonald but, that’s something he’s gonna learn from.
      Aaron is a beast.

      Getting disappointed with the lack of improvement I’m seeing from Mullens however.
      He’s looking lost of late.

      • Berger says:

        I thought he looked good against Donald. He got beat a couple times but he did well. It’s McGlinchy who was get schooled by Donald. Shanny says McKivitz can play left tackle if needed. I like that. If you called out McKivitz before the draft I think you might have nailed this one. Good job!

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Welcome back, Bergs. Yeah, McKivitz and McGlinchey let Donald split their double team at least once, but the line problems are many. Richberg can’t get back on the field, and has spent most of his Niner tenure in the training room. Garland was even coming around some to replace him, but he was the next one out. Hruss went down with COVID then you have 4th stringer Brunskill.

    Their success or lack thereof is very hit and miss. The run game worked pretty well now that Wilson and Mostert are back. Rusty and fumbling, but back. It is the pass blocking that the lack of Richberg hurts the most. Brunskill is missing line calls, and guys get in untouched and it causes turnovers. We can’t pick up the simplest of blitzes, and teams rarely have to anyway due to the constant pressure.

    Mullens owns some of this, but o does the line.

  7. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is uop.

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