67-22 vs the NYs

So much for the Big Apple. If it wasn’t for the myriad injuries, this would have been a wildly successful two week stint in the mistake by the Hudson. Budding contributor TE Jordan Reed suffered an ankle injury and a knee injury in the space of 3 plays, and Emmanuel Moseley left with a concussion as well. As it is, you could say that the nascent quarterback controversy, should it rear its ugly head, started yesterday. Nick Mullens threw for 346 yards on 25-34, and one TD pass. BDM threw passes to 4 different WRs for a total of 11 catches for 162 yards. Something Jimmy G hasn’t done this year. Granted, this was the Giants, but their defense isn’t nearly as inept as their offense.

Our passing offense looked better and better as the game wore on. Brandon Aiyuk showed brilliant speed on a jet sweep for a 20 yard TD, and caught 5 passes for 70 yards to boot. He looked just as explosive as Deebo Samuel. Jet McKinnon and Jeff Wilson looked perfectly capable in the absence of Mostert and Coleman. McKinnon had a very nice 10 yard TD run, and Ross Dwelley chipped in after Reed went down with 4 catches., and Jeff Wilson contributed a nice 19 yard TD.

Defensively, the Niners forced two fumbles and a nice INT by Fred Warner. The only offense generated by the Giants was on the feet of Daniel Jones. He was a very pedestrian 17-32 for 179, a pick, and 2 sacks. No run game to speak of, outside the Jones scrambles. Jason Verrett even had a solid day, for fuck’s sake. Sure, the Giants were down Barkley and Shephard, but by the end of the game, the 49ers were down 12 of 22 starters, so no one can cry injury playing us.

Kurt Warner said on Thursday “The 49ers are a C league team. The Giants should have no problem beating them.” Sunday night, Warner said “The 49ers are so deep, they easily handled the Giants.” Nice reverse there, Kurt.

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  1. NJ49er says:

    Agree Chuck, looking forward to having both Deebo and Aiyuk on the field together myself.
    Given the sampling size of Mullens we’ve all seen, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to having thoughts of Nick replacing Jimmy down the line.

    We still have a major need for a top flight CB beyond Sherm too.
    Dee and Witherspoon, along with Pettis, are fast becoming expendable IMO.
    Lynch has covered the bases fairly well for the here and now.

    Gotta seek some sort of youth movement for the Secondary long term now.
    Lacking the presence of Bosa and Ford means the DBs have to pick up more slack.
    Not sure we’ve got the horses back there to keep up with the better QBs we’ll be facing soon enough.
    Good for our schedule, at least for now however.
    Time to get some reps for the bench while our starters heal up.

  2. unca_chuck says:

    Yeah, the hope is we get close to healthy at some point this year

  3. Winder says:

    Fuck kurt Warner. The news about Ford is really discouraging. Might be time to just cut bait and go in another direction. With 3 games under our belts now it shows that our OL is coming together. Very important with all the injuries. i would go and start Nick this coming week and make sure Jimmy is healed. i hate to say it but at times he looks guy shy. Don’t know if it’s the knee issues of the past or what but there is no room for hesitation. He has to learn to throw the fucking ball away.

  4. alleykat69 says:

    Yeah Winder I agree that it might be time to cut bait and let Dee Ford be chum bait for Sharks!’
    The guy just can’t stay healthy, missing more games then starting( hmm sounds like Jalen Hurd, but atleast he’s younger whatever) now I’m wondering if the Chiefs new about his issues before they made the trade..

  5. alleykat69 says:

    TE Jordan Reed MCL Sprain Injury goes on the DL missing atleast 6-8 weeks!
    As they continue to drop like flies in Ninerville!

  6. unca_chuck says:

    Damn. Dwelley’s next man up. I think Kittle should be back next week.

  7. NJ49er says:

    The Athletic’s Greg Auman reported the 49ers are signing tight end Daniel Helm off the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ practice squad. Helm, 25, spent time on the 49ers’ 53-man roster last season.

  8. NJ49er says:

    Nice breakdown of Kinlaw by Baldi –


  9. unca_chuck says:

    My son showed me Aldon Smith’s Baldi breakdown. He is having a monster year so far, and leads the league in sacks. Seattle was triple-teaming him at times.

  10. Irish Kevin says:

    I say bench JG Here is the top-five in passing yards through nine NFL starts (since 1950):

    1, Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City, 2,810

    2, Andrew Luck, Indianapolis, 2,631

    3, Nick Mullens, 49ers, 2,620

    4, Billy Volek, Tennessee, 2,591

    5, Kirk Cousins, Washington, 2,536

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Injury report to come out today. We will get an idea of who is ready. Ford and Nzeocha are out. Jet likely to play with rib contusion, K’Won Williams, Jimmy, WItherspoon, Kitttle are all unclear.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    New thread is upppp

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