Training Camp?

Rookies can report on Tuesday, quarterbacks and injured players on the 23rd, and the rest of the players on July 28th, but there is a lot of grumbling among the players and the NFLPA regarding the safety of the game and how players can be safe playing in this pandemic.

Then you have the request that players be tested every day, and the NFLPA has already put forth not playing any preseason games. In all, no one is clear if the game would be safe to resume, let along practice but here we go. I think.

A far as testing goes, my daughter was tested 2 WEEKS ago and still no results. In other words testing is useless. Must be nice for these folks to be able to get tested, with results, at the drop of a hat, and us regular folks can’t get shit.

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10 Responses to Training Camp?

  1. Grandma Joke? says:

    I think I’ve beaten my meat into the ground.

  2. Sopphrosyne says:

    I am terribly afraid my brain is dying on the vine. Like my manly man hairs.

  3. Winder says:

    The clock is ticking down we will see if it can be pulled off.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    Hey, they are playing baseball.

  5. 12th Man says:

    Preseason cancelled. Not looking so hot for a full season.

  6. alleykat69 says:

    Yeah preseason games all cancelled in hopes on starting the regular season on time( good luck)also like in baseball the NFL is allowing for players to opt out if they so desire..

  7. unca_chuck says:

    Basketball in the bubble started as well, and this is a much better indicator of being able to play a game where close contact is a big part of it.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Football is by far the toughest of the three to play in this environment, but they
    ve had the most time to figure shit out. According to the players, it isn’t going spectacularly well, but the jury is still out on this.

    Guardedly hopeful if these other two sports can stay on track that football can follow suit.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Too funny. I didn’t see till now that the Redskins changed their name to the Washington Football Team.

    If they were smart they’d change their name to the Red Tails in homage to the all black WW II fighter squadron.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Baseball tonight! And Kershaw is already hurt.

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