I tired to remember the categories from the old Brent Musberger / Jimmy the Greek days, so here goes.

XOffensive line 
XRunning back 
 Tight endX
 Wide receiverX
XDefensive line 
XDefensive backfield 
XSpecial teams 

Funny how this looks when you break it down. And you could easily say that we have the advantage at TE as well. Which I think we do. This looks like a wipe out.

It won’t be, but while Kansas City has some great players in Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill and Frank fucking Clark, the 49ers have great groups of players. No, our QB won’t snap off a 30 yard run, but he has won games with his arm.

KC is already talking about how the MUST stop the run. They may SAY that, but I can’t wait to see what their defense looks like when they step on the field. Will they bring up the safety(s). Pack the tackle box? If so, we should be able to KOTM (Kittle Over The Middle) them to death and then go after their DBs. They had a measly 5 picks all year. The old Bill Walsh philosophy of setting up the run game with the passing game. A la 1981.

Running back? Please. We have 3 guys better than anyone they have. D line? LB? DBs? Coaching? Intangibles. Can’t quite get a grasp on that one. WR and QB are the biggest pluses in their favor. Thing is, a dominant QB and WR group CAN change a game. But with all the teams we have faced, we have given up the least amount of big plays.

I think Kwon Williams plays 98% of the snaps, and Dre Greenlaw is out for most of it due to this. Should be a good one., but I think we bask in the end.

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11 Responses to Breakdown

  1. unca_chuck says:

    That’s crazy. DeAngelo Hall has my exact call. 35-24 from the last thread.

    Jimmy G is either the MVP or he’s cut after the game. Pretty funny.

  2. alleykat69 says:

    ^^^ I like the underdog role too!
    Considering half those supposed experts pick the Chiefs 14-7 in they’re distorted minds!

    • alleykat69 says:

      Yeah all the old Hanna Barbara cartoons were great!
      Besides Underdog, they’re was Super Chicken,Top Cat,Secret Squirrel&Morroco Mole,Johnny Quest etc etc

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