The St Cincinnati Day Massacre

This game was very reminiscent of the good old Bill Walsh days of beating Cincinnati.  I mean, who can forget Bill Walsh and Roger Craig skipping off the field arm in arm after a last-second victory in Cincy that harkened back even further to the Alley Oop days of YA Tittle and RC Owens?

Cincinnati always seems to be our foil whether it be regular season games, or Super Bowls. Yesterday was simply a methodical stomping of what appeared to be a vastly inferior team. Cincinnati was coming off a hard-fought loss on the road in Seattle. A game that gave them hope that their new coach had the team on a new path. A game that the Bengals had an outside shot of winning but for a terrible fumble call late in the game.

Yet the 49ers came in and imposed their will on Cincy’s turf (a vastly empty stadium) and on Cincy’s O line from the first play, a sack by Arik Armstead. The sack gave SF great field position, and on our 4th play from scrimmage, Goodwin lined up at the TE spot, and was left uncovered for a 39 yard strike. Cincy quickly struck back when we busted a coverage of our own, and gave Cincy a 47 yard chunk play,  but after that, it was all 49ers.

Offensively, it was reminiscent of Bill Walsh. 313 in the air, 259 on the ground. Garoppolo threw for 297 (1 sack), 3 TDs and 1 pick. Brieda and Mostert combined for 204 yards rushing, and Jeff Wilson went from the practice squad to 2 rushing touchdowns in 2 days. Deebo Samuel had 5 catches for 87 and a TD, and Goodwin 3 for 77 and a TD. George Kittle even got into the act with 3 for 56 yards.

Defensively, the Niners pressured Ginger all day and forced a lot of quick and inaccurate throws. Dalton’s numbers weren’t terrible, but Cincy was fighting an uphill battle as our 24-10 half time lead quickly jumped to a 41-10 lead. The run defense, which tired badly in the Tampa game gave up an astounding 17 yards to Joe Mixon on 11 carries. 1.54 yards per carry. Ahkello Witherspoon continues his resurgence as a lockdown corner. K’Waun Williams though, not so much. He was toasted early, but seemed to settle in as the game went on. Our LB play was stellar as Kwon Alexander and Fred Warner combined for 13 tackles. Even more impressive was the defensive line. Our base D, with Nick Bosa cycling in and out got 4 sacks, and innumerable hurries. Shit, even Solly Thomas got into the act.

Next week is our home opener, and should be a solid test against what appears to be a beat-up Steeler team. Goodly or badly, Rothliesberger is out for the rest of the season with a fucked up elbow. He was sucking pretty badly anyway, so I’m not sure if that’s a good thing for us.



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  1. unca_chuck says:

    I would be remiss to not mention Ronald Blair’s excellent game. 3 tackles for loss, and I thought he had back to back sacks, but the stats say 1.

  2. alleykat69 says:

    I like are chances for a 3-0 start.A rookie QB coming in to our house should lead to disaster.Double up on JuJu if needed, stuff Connor in the running game early, and force the new kid to throw and the picks should continue..

  3. unca_chuck says:

    Getting Jason Verrett back would be huge. He was a healthy scratch yesterday. The hope is he can play the slot next week as Williams was toasted early and often, and Witherspoon and Sherman are playing very well.

    I don’t understand the NFL’s reasoning around only allowing 46 players who can suit up for a game. With the attrition rate of the average NFL player, they should allow all 53 to suit up.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    It was DeFoBu with the 2nd sack. It looked like 98. It was 99.

  5. Spitty says:

    I told you guys this is the year of the champions! We’re going all the way and you boneheads keep ignoring my optimism! Told you so!

  6. NJ49er says:

    I’d be in for any option to obtain Minkah from Miami without giving up a 1st RD pick.
    Players and future option(s) sure.
    Highly doubt it but…..?

  7. Winder says:

    We actually looked like a football team yesterday. Been awhile. Should be able to handle the Steelers this week. They will be a team with nothing to lose though and sometimes that’s troubling.

  8. alleykat69 says:

    Winder, agree the Steelers have nothing to lose, but their banged up and now their top RB James Connor is gimpy ( but will play) so could be shutdown by simply putting 6 in the box and force the Rook QB Randolph to throw the ball more which should play to are advantage…

  9. rtfirefly says:

    The Steelers led the league in sacks last year. We’re going with a 3rd string left OT who got eaten alive in preseason. That’s my only concern in this game and it’s a big one. If we can scheme around our glaring weakness at that key position, we should win this one handily.

  10. unca_chuck says:

    Skule isn’t as bad as you think. He should be OK. I think we go with quicker passes, and if we can run, the pass rush will be negated anyway.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Funny thing is, as of now, Pittsburgh is ranked 30th in defense. Sure it’s a small sample, but NE crushed them. Seattle did OK as well. I mean, they won, right?

    My problem with this game is the problem I had with a lot of previous coaches who would shit the bed for games that were statement games. Games that if we won, they hype would have been justified, Singletary, Nolan, anyone recent not named Harbaugh had a big problem with games like this. Juuuust when you think they’ve turned the corner, pffffffffffft. A debilitating loss. Actually, Harbaugh did do it. Against the Raiders a few years back.

    This isn’t a trap game but it is a game that has far-reaching ramifications. If we win, the team will be looked at as an up and coming team. Or at least a semi-legit contender. The hype machine would start to point at us. Expectations get all wonky and shit. Giddiness sets in. Super Bowl talk. Cats living with dogs!!! Anarchy!!!! Armageddon!!!

    Again, sure it’s early, but Cleve very well could be a hot stinking mess, and Washington is Washington, so taking this Pittsburgh game could very well put us at 5-1 when we face Carolina.

    Even if we lose to LA and Seattle, we could 7-2 after 9 games. Then it gets tough. By then will we be a well-oiled machine?

    I guess we have to determine which of these early games was the outlier. The penalty-filled debacle in Tampa? Or the crushing Bengal-stomp?

    Time will tell.

    • rtfirefly says:

      Atlanta and Carolina can’t even get out of their own way and we have them both at home. Still two games against AZ. Gotta take at least 3 of those if not all 4. As for the rest, yeah that’s a mean schedule.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    Curious to see how Mayfield does. The Jets are no big deal, so if Cleve can’t take them, they are in trouble.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    Even more so with QWilliams out.

  14. Winder says:

    AZ put up a hellova fight against Balt yesterday. They are a young fast team that isn’t going to be easy to beat. For us to go anywhere we at least have to split with our division. But who knows, by then we could be a team of walking wounded or so could anyone of the other division teams. Since we really don’t have a lot of backup strength we’re probably gonna have one of those week to week scenarios. I love the way this team has been playing so far.

  15. unca_chuck says:

    The Jets are awful.

  16. alleykat69 says:

    No doubt about that Chuck, and now it looks like the QB broke his leg to boot! Could be a Joe Theisman moment when they cut to commercial..

  17. alleykat69 says:

    And now it’s Luke Falk?
    I would say their Falked!!

  18. NJ49er says:

    I’m making plans to order myself a Kittle jersey. Dude is a baller.
    I’m thinking Deebo is going to supplant Pettis too, for the same reason, he’s a baller.
    Might be ordering a Deebo jersey too. 😀
    Our bye week could be an early window to make some deals if willing partners come calling.
    Thomas/Pettis/CJ perhaps?

  19. rtfirefly says:

    Minkah Fitzpatrick from the Dolphins to the Steelers for their 2020 1st rounder. Just in time for our game.

  20. alleykat69 says:

    NJ, yeah I’m ready to deal all 3 of them.
    Think Jaguars would bite for Jalen Disgruntled Ramsey?
    Same goes for Fitzgerald from Miami?
    Also how do we entice a deal for LT Trent Williams now that’s Joe Staley’s out for 5-6 weeks?
    And if you get the Kittle Jersey, don’t you have to get that gnarly “Joker” tattoo as well??

    • rtfirefly says:

      Minkah just got traded.

      • alleykat69 says:

        Yeah just caught that..
        Miami gets a 1st rd pick from Steelers as their fire sale begins..
        Gotta suck to be a fan in Florida with Miami&Jacksonville stinking up the state..

      • NJ49er says:

        Just glad Seattle didn’t get Minkah. I’d have loved him in SF.
        Felt he was/is Earl Thomas-like.

      • rtfirefly says:

        I love the Trent Williams idea but there are two big problems that likely kill it:
        1) Dan Snyder is an idiot. More, he’s a vindictive idiot who hates Kyle Shanahan;
        2) We have big contracts for key players coming up soon. Our cap space bonanza is over. I don’t think we’ll have enough cap space left to keep him.

        Believe me, I’d love to have him.

    • NJ49er says:

      Jalen would make an interesting addition for us too AK.
      Watched the Cincy game today and was impressed at how Kittle went after his assignments in the blocking game. Relentless. I appreciate guys with attitude and, I don’t wear a jersey until attitude is obvious. Kittle comes to play.
      Pettis didn’t impress me as a worthy high Draft selection and…..hasn’t come close to changing my mind.
      Hurd had that same ‘Huh?’ factor, as a high selection too but, he does seem to have some attitude about him. Call me cautiously optimistic.

  21. alleykat69 says:

    Not a big fan of Jalen Hurd, just think he’s average at best..My Pick in that the draft the 49ers should of taken over Hurd is on my fantasy team and killin it!! It’s Redskins ..Scary Terry McLaurin from Ohio St! Kid was 4 year starter there and is a baller now,4.35 40 speed,with solid hands, in on 62-65 plays Skins ran the 1st week( that’s 90% of snaps) close to that in week 2.Skins even dumped receiver Doctson after seeing how good he is..

    • NJ49er says:

      Hurd was a complete head-scratcher to me AK – and I do a LOT of Draft analysis.
      So call me curious to see what they have in him. I will tip my cap to Shanny and his ability to find PnP RBs for his system. Just thought Hurd went too high, as I also thought of Pettis.
      Deebo was my prime target this year and looks like a keeper so far.
      McLaurin was a no brainer for DC and Haskins so….there’s that.
      The Draft is ALWAYS a crap-shoot and, the odds are against hitting on many gems.
      So far, I will say Kittle, Breida, Mostert and Blair might be the best kept secrets to come into the SF locker room by way of Lynch/Shanny & FO Crew.
      Not bad in the grand scheme of things so far.

    • unca_chuck says:

      I think Hurd will be solid to great. Haven’t heard a thing about him lately though.

      • Jalen Hurrd says:

        I told you not to hype me up or else I’d quit on the team. I don’t play hard for suckers with big ol’ beer bellies.

  22. NJ49er says:

    Just foe sh!ts and giggles, I looked at the top number of games played in the NFL, as we know the League is attempting to celebrate (Market) the 100 year anniversary.
    See what (if any) bearing, comes along, with respect to the ‘history’ and finale of this years’ seeding….

    • NJ49er says:

      Most games played…
      Chicago Bears 1,386
      Arizona Cardinals 1,346
      Green Bay Packers 1,352
      New York Giants 1,321
      Detroit Lions 1,249
      Washington Redskins 1,218
      Pittsburgh Steelers 1,208
      Philadelphia Eagles 1,204
      Los Angeles Rams 1,151
      San Francisco 49ers 1,018

  23. NJ49er says:

    It would be nice to recoup the 2nd we gave up for Dee somehow.
    Pettis or CJ might be capable of that value, (with the right timing).
    Philly might be a good place to shop Pettis?
    But….Anyone willing to ante up is fine with me. 😀

  24. unca_chuck says:

    Dee Ford tweaked his knee in the Cincy game. Not clear what his status is. Today’s a day off anyway, so we’ll see what happens tomorrow. He was apparently ready to go back in, but with thee game in hand, it wasn’t necessary. The good news is Nick Bosa played 31 out of 70 snaps in the game and came out feeling fine.

    D line played a monster game. I haven’t seen a sustained pass rush like that from the base defense since the Justin/Aldon Smith days.

  25. Grumpy Guy says:

    The good thing about our pass rush on the edge this year is that NOT ONLY do we have Bosa and Ford, we have Blair to back them up. He’s pretty solid for the third guy there. And the inside is deep too. And our starting LBS are solid with the emergence of Greenlaw and picking up Kwon. Mark Nzeocha is not terrible in reserve, and the 49ers are quietly excited about Al-Shaair in the long term. This defense is capable of taking a lot of pressure off our offense, which is good, because with our issues pass blocking on the line we’ll need that. Keep Breida, Kittle, and Garoppolo healthy and we might even give the Rams a real run for their money in the division this year.

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