Game Day! Numero Uno!

Our season is about to start! Me, I think we play well and take the Bucs. I’m hovering between 9-7 and 10-6.  Based on our schedule, I think we can start fast. Whether we can sustain that is the question. Problem is, if we start slow, it’ll be hard to finish fast as our closing schedule is tough.

9-7 it is. If we can’t take the Bucs, we’ll be hard pressed to beat anyone. A 5 game improvement is about all we can hope for. I don’t see this team as a talented but undercoached one like the 2011 version. We are building. But we aren’t there yet.

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  1. Winder says:

    chuck- I agree, we are definitely moving in the right direction and if we can avoid the catastrophic injuries we just might surprise everyone. 7-9 and i think it will be a very fruitful year.

  2. 12th man says:

    Put me down for 9-7. Kawakami has them at 10-6 and in the playoffs. He also wrote the 2012 squad had 15 first and second round players, the 2019 squad has 14.

  3. Winder says:

    No matter how it goes at least we have some real ball. Time seems to move a lot faster as you get older but not when it comes to football, it took forever to get here.

  4. unca_chuck says:

    28-20 Niners.

    AB must be crazy like a fox to get to NE. Methinks he planned this all along.

  5. alleykat69 says:

    I need a few FG’s out of Gould for my fantasy team so I’ll say 23-17 49ers!

  6. Winder says:

    35-31 niners

  7. 12th man says:

    17-14 Niners. I will be surprised if the O can score a lot of points early in the season but the D should be able to clamp down hard.

  8. unca_chuck says:

    Cleveland’s sparkling new team gets stomped 43-13 by the Titans.

  9. unca_chuck says:

    Let’s go. See some defense.

  10. Winder says:

    Just like last year we get close and start making mistakes and we should have gone for the endzone on 3rd.

  11. unca_chuck says:

    Yep. hated that 3rd down call.

  12. unca_chuck says:

    Here comes the interminable PI review for every fucking play.

  13. unca_chuck says:

    3 penalties, 2 first downs for TB, and one lost TD for us.

    No pass rush.

  14. unca_chuck says:

    Jesus. Awful so far. A gift pick dropped.

  15. alleykat69 says:

    Jesus it doesn’t get any easier then that for Alexander on that interception!! What’s he got Roberto Duran hands of stone?

  16. Winder says:

    Just gotta hope we play some better ball. We should beat these guys.

  17. unca_chuck says:

    Playing like idiots. H may get thrown out.

  18. unca_chuck says:

    He did get thrown out.

  19. alleykat69 says:

    Just isn’t Alexander’s day!
    Helmet to Helmet ⛑ injection on the QB automatic call these days..

  20. unca_chuck says:

    Horrible defense. Wow. This is terrible.

  21. unca_chuck says:

    You cannot play 15 yards back like that. Horrible. Fucking horrible.

  22. alleykat69 says:

    Fuck Saleh 3&17 and he has his squad in the end zone coverage!!

  23. Winder says:

    fuck me

  24. rtfirefly says:

    Bend but don’t break baby!!!

  25. unca_chuck says:

    Inept on both sides. The Stupor Bowl.

  26. Winder says:

    Gotta love it

  27. alleykat69 says:

    Lol had would you like to be Cameron Brate right now 2 TD’s catches nullified by his teammates 2 holding calls Doctson!!
    Hey great strip by Warner for the fumble recovery!!

  28. Irish Kevin says:

    All this running the ball is going no where!!!

  29. Irish Kevin says:

    1st down with a PASS!

  30. Irish Kevin says:

    Back to the run and gain 2 yards

  31. Winder says:

    This is bad

  32. alleykat69 says:

    Jimmy totally telegraphed that pick 6!!!!!

  33. Irish Kevin says:

    2nd and 19 and you throw a 5 yard pass, you deserve to be intercepted

  34. unca_chuck says:

    If we can’t beat this team, we are not close to anything.

    Jimmy G with a terrible decision.

  35. unca_chuck says:

    These sideline passes are flat stupid. Unless the WR is angling away from the coverage. That was a duck. Oh well.

  36. Maggie says:

    Garoppolo fucking sucks, that’s a play any high school QB could read.

  37. Winder says:

    KS might as well take some chances

  38. Irish Kevin says:

    Getting breaks they don’t deserve

  39. Irish Kevin says:

    How many more times are they going to run on 2nd and 3 and get no where, before they realize they need to pass the ball.

  40. Winder says:

    This is getting pretty sad

  41. Maggie says:

    A flag on almost every fucking play. What a joke!!!

  42. unca_chuck says:

    These play calls are ludicrous. They have no faith in Garropolo toi go downfield.
    Another TD called back. 3 TDs called back.

  43. Winder says:

    pretty much just like last yearr

  44. Winder says:

    go for thefucking endzone

  45. alleykat69 says:

    Fuck all these penalties, now 2 TD’s evaporated for both teams..

  46. unca_chuck says:

    JimmyG throws the wrong way. Lucky for him or that was a pick.

  47. Winder says:

    at least we tried

  48. Winder says:

    i might put in mullens for the 2nd half just to shake the team up

  49. Irish Kevin says:

    so far last year Mullen’s looks better than Jimmy does this year, granted it is one game.

  50. rtfirefly says:

    3 TDs called back for penalties on two drives, settled for 2 FGs.

    2 TDs called back for penalties by Tampa on one drive which they got a TD anyway.

  51. Irish Kevin says:

    A chance for Jimmy to redeem himself

  52. alleykat69 says:

    Hell who needs Alexander?
    The backup LB has a blocked punt and now a Pick!!

  53. Irish Kevin says:

    Why isn’t Brieta in there more

  54. unca_chuck says:

    Nzoeche having a game.

  55. unca_chuck says:

    They HAVE to get 7 here.

  56. rtfirefly says:

    They don’t trust that swiss cheese O Line to go downfield.

  57. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. This is ridiculous. I hate these play calls.

  58. Winder says:


  59. Maggie says:

    Niners look like dog shit. WTF with the play calling???? A decent team would’ve run up 20 points by now on them.

  60. Irish Kevin says:

    Thank goodness Tampa is playing as good as the Niners, if the Niners were playing a good offensive team they would be down by 21

  61. unca_chuck says:

    Signs of life. This looks like a preseason game.

  62. alleykat69 says:

    Now we’re talking perfect throw Jimmy G to James for the TD!!

  63. unca_chuck says:

    “I’m Rick James, bitches!”

  64. unca_chuck says:

    2 picks! We matched out total output from last year.

  65. Winder says:

    love it

  66. alleykat69 says:

    Oh Hell Yes!!
    Sherman!! Pick 6
    This game already surpassed last year pick total I think lol?? 😂

  67. Winder says:

    ok D wake up

  68. rtfirefly says:

    First points the defense has given up all day.

  69. Irish Kevin says:

    I will ask it again why wasn’t Brieta on the game earlier

  70. Irish Kevin says:

    Threw it behind him

  71. unca_chuck says:

    Better pass and that’s a TD. But Goodwin has to catch that.

  72. alleykat69 says:

    57 yarder needed 57 1/2 unbelievable great kick but no cigar!!

  73. rtfirefly says:

    2 INTs, one a pick-6.
    2 Forced Fumbles

    With all the mistakes and the DPIs, the defense has played way better than last year.

  74. unca_chuck says:

    This run d is terrible.

  75. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. How stupid are we?

  76. unca_chuck says:

    Dropped a TD. Fuck. Nice stop. Horrible play calling by the Bucs.

    We should have 4 picks.

  77. alleykat69 says:

    Great goalie stand!
    Could of been a pick 6 going the other way but still heads up play..

  78. Irish Kevin says:

    Still running with 15 yards to get a first down, bad play calling

  79. unca_chuck says:

    Just give them the ball in the end zone and call it a day.

  80. Winder says:

    Fuck we just can’t play a clean game

  81. unca_chuck says:

    Brilliant call. Fuck this shit, Moore has to catch that ball.

  82. Irish Kevin says:


  83. unca_chuck says:

    Wow. Our 4th round punter just choked,

  84. Winder says:

    Wish has proven to be a good pick

  85. Irish Kevin says:

    Unless Kyle starts opening up the passing game the Niners are going to lose 21-20

  86. unca_chuck says:

    We started this drive nice going down field. Now we are prevent offense. There’s way too much time to be burning clock.

  87. Irish Kevin says:

    Oh yeah

  88. Irish Kevin says:


  89. unca_chuck says:

    There you go. Wow. Pressure. Winston is terrible.

  90. unca_chuck says:

    Should have had 5 picks today but I’ll take it.

  91. Winder says:

    What a game. our D’s stats are gonna be good

  92. rtfirefly says:

    First win in Tampa Bay since 1992.

    Broke a 9 game road losing streak.


    I’ll take it any way you slice it up.

    1-0 tied with the Rams and the Seahawks for 1st place, NFC West

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